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Uriah and the Precipice: 1888

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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past as we speak this evening that you would highlight those points of history that are most significant for us as a people I think you and I asked that given the name of Jesus to begin with tonight I'd like to offer you extra credit in this class if you need or want extra credit audio verse or you can find to sermons by David Fiedler in the history of Minneapolis eighteen eighty eight and I have them on my computer just like take him with your little flash drive if you will listen to them and let me know you dead together they'll be worth as much credit as one of your hand in which all those things but address history things and if you find them fascinating I was listening to one of them in the office and there's a siren the background of one of them and it made Mrs. Clark get up to go see what was going wrong then our eyesore talk today is about the history of eighteen eighty eight in Minneapolis for the most interesting things that went on in a history that it doesn't and the repercussions from what I have Nate and eighty eight still are beg all over the place in fact of the another lecture following through on this topic later in the semester let me get started so biographical background about this Jones and Wagner all make it brief you might have noticed that did Jones grew up with an Adventist no Army Captain and was converted and longest-serving of Fort Walla Walla did Wagner Robinson and administer a dad in thank you with a doctor trained that all of you medical school these guys became that buddies and one of the most interesting things will find written by Wagner 's the statement of his own testimony a good part of it what was referred to in here on in your reading Wagner 's own writing of it is fascinating he says that he was in a camp meeting there was a speaker speaking we doesn't remember who the speaker was his ever remember thinking about the speaker or saying when suddenly he had a revelation the new can't tell when he writes that whether not he saw the vision or whether or not exist in his mind 's eye that public towards the latter and what he saw was Jesus hanging on the cross what he understood was that Jesus had died for him and it was an overwhelming experience such that at that moment he decided me to decision that looks like you did not turn them back from four decades of his life now was to develop the rest of his life as much as he could to to think you are either one of them from your reading was one Miss Johnson all right so Wagner decided that when he was starting his Bible it was this may looking for whatever he could find easily looking for something in particular you'd be looking for a revelation of the righteousness of Jesus in the Scripture looking for that Mozilla can you decide decided that he would spend his life trying to make it display and others as he could find himself written there are human studies with a purpose and that would be to teach I could give you any suggestion that would be that you will learn more if you study with an intention to teach I feel like sharing with you all the things that I'm reminded of that service is listening to Mister Fiedler but I feel like a good chunk of you will probably find your likely to end up listening to a sermon as your hands okay not just not do it Wagner act when he began his study one of the books he spent a lot of time and that was Galatians is very reason he which is Galatians in particular Galatians has a lot about the gospel Galatians as a whole all is the book written because people had a misunderstanding of the gospel was apparent in the book of Galatians that they started out with a good understanding and then they degenerated to a worse understanding and then they received a letter from Paul to help correct understanding in the letter Paul says if anyone preaches any gospel to you other than that which we had taught let him be accursed and then he goes on to communicate that even if it was an Angel that preaches to other gospel let the angel be accursed so that there is only one gospel in Galatians three speaking of the gospel Paul says that the law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ clinical loss underground makes the Los Angeles evangelist was an evangelist to bring people to Christ here you have the lot was logged in it brings people to Christ 's value convert people to bring them to Christ that is to allow the Lord is perfect doing what you exactly but there's nothing it happened on the lobbyist had a lot brings you to Christ and what concerned Adventists was what's the next but after faith came we are no longer under a schoolmaster so that according to a number of address evangelist in the eighteen seventies and eighties plays into the hands of and I know me and those who say there were no longer under a law because they came at the cross while Wagner would say that the argument is bogus now go with ended faith cometh across lesson faith is in the Old Testament read Hebrews eleven we called the faith chapter and how many of after the cross expresses to talk about zero are right now to get some generalities I definitely think that at the cross thus the sawdust medicating but they can talk across when the space listen that comes in your experience at a certain point in your life was a time in your law before faith in your life when you have faith at times this is why it's this is what Paul Paul Paul now this is what Wagner understood so what is the purpose of the law you could say like it says in the Bible that the law is not for a righteous man but the law is for the lawless and disobedient what's the log of the lawless and disobedient and brings in the Christ the need to defend Wagner low bit brethren and one for history the Law brings people to Christ the Bible says the law is for the lawless if you think that's true just for a moment if the law is for the lawless one is the law no longer for you is a very apparent it's when you're keeping the law was it says in Galatians two it says that we through the law are dead to the law in other words it's by keeping the law the law no longer condemns us law is no longer on your case when you are harmonizing with it when it's written in your mind it's not condemning these things were clear to Wagner and he wrote about them and he published down in the eighteen eighty six and the signs of the times this is mentioned in your reading should have done you know he was right about his future and you could get the idea from listening to some people speak that if you're right there's always right to publicize their semi- communicate you can get the idea that if you're right it's always right to publicize that isn't so there is a premium to be put on harmonizing with your brother and there is a value to presenting a united front to the enemy and affect your rights is not a good enough reason to publish if you want to find one that you can read the letters that only wrote to Wagner rebuking him for republishing his views however when a light did review him for publishing his views she sent a copy of it to someone else that was to George but this might be very practical for you in terms of what to think when you're reading the testimonies what to do when you're a test for someone else here Butler opened the testimony written address to Wagner but sent to him also and he read that Wagner should not have published his views Butler so he's wrong was that a fair conclusion you might've come to it yourself if you than him when anything deeper than we do sometimes deeper doesn't media the smarter it just means you have to look at what it says realize what it doesn't say and so Butler wrote a book that was basically appointed by points reputation of what Wagner had published but the long Galatians he is in license yes you can listen eighty eight materials that you in fact nearly every significant document connected to this topic is in those materials I highly recommend reading on their fascinating fact I brought a few pages of them right here that I expect to get some of this reading to you today from the design hurry up some year ago Jones and Wagner heard developed their ideas I did finish a story I so held White wrote to but learn I said Butler Mister Butler and Urias Smith wrote to them both and let them know that since they had published their views that in all fairness now Wagner must be allowed that publishes so the name of Butler's book the first little one was the log in Galatians and had a subtitle something like was that the moral law or was it that law that was particularly Jewish something like that Wagner 's book was called to John also said just reading the title sounds better doesn't it and Wagner really was a very gifted mannequin the communication that you didn't have to read the book just look at the two titles learned almost decide which one you like better so so Wagner because of some things on land written and ended up being invited to speak at the eighteen eighty eight General conference in Minneapolis your book went into an pretty much detailed issue of Jones and elementary in the Huns Michael just leave that one but if there was any goof that suit was made a picture book highlights it what was Jones is goofing that little interaction and we read the Bible for strength and eight one knowledge rivers to knowledge puffs up the charity edified we have to watch it when we learn a lot of things that Washington's college you learn a lot of things would be very easy for you when interacting with someone who hasn't learned his many things to treat their ignorance with disdain or maybe even with that down looking picky when really it on a humble you for the fact that it's not your fault you know as much as you do not make any sense to largest Medicaid but come into Wagner because his story is more relevant Wagner presented the lessons and he profited from the state of his friends that he mentioned Galatians three the law of the schoolmaster his lectures submission your reading or not he skirted the issue because he had a purpose of studying Galatians three analysis revealed GSS and the gospel but is there plenty of Jesus gospel material outside of Galatians three there's plenty of it in him he was capable of presenting the beverage in his goal and presentations of lifting up his Savior without stepping on the minefield any debt it got hacked and wisdom is a winner and who's was exhibited for example by Martin Luther Linux when opposing fanatics in the sixteenth century he preached six sermons or when expected him to attack them pointed on point he ignored them as if they weren't even there and defeated them so I think your book mentions I know it Dick is a high interest in my eyes when I read it is any cry don't make many people cry about how Johnson Wagner responded together to let that Mister Morrison that tries to rebut them in a way Sagan yeah exactly say I've seen the Scriptures they read further that meeting what they did is they sat down in the pew one God as if he was going to read the Scripture readings for the sermon he sat down and I was expecting the next one to get up and give the presentation got up and spend his regular talk but there was another Scripture reading turn turn they read that when he sat down they just went back and forth like that until they were done that was all remedies are men that God shows to bring a special message to his people you get an idea of where their power came from the teachers of oratory and of argumentative skill will never teach you that method to read the people that had so there were a group of men who felt very intimidated that now your lesson does go those going to some important history to when people came to that meeting was everyone carbon neutral is for online daycare the two sides and make a decision anything but neutral there were several signs that prevented neutrality and one of them was a rumor by the way that when the Bible says that receive not an accusation against elder except the presence of two or three witnesses that very Scripture what it provided much of the difficulty in eighteen eighty eight something to prevent another difficulty might have been born what happened is way out in California a man had been observing Ellen White and her son Willie White and Jones and Wagner they were altogether in about the same place and he dear was of the opinion of course that Wagner was Ron and his opinions this man began to see that Willie was coming good friends with these two renegades and it can you be good friends with two young men like that when they're doing what they're doing without buying into their ideas at least sinless man you can't of course Willie White is very much in cahoots with his mother but it went something like you're going to hear rumors that Willie White influenced Helen White's writings and if you want to read one of the most fascinating reputations of the argument at the same time learn so much violence history I recommend a book called Willie White and Ellen White by Jerry moon I have it in my house if you want to go sit down in that library and read some point it's his doctoral dissertation is just on the topic the sick no as a doctoral dissertation had plenty of time to research it expects really going on so this this man sends a letter forward to Battle Creek saying watch out these guys are coming to the General conference and they have carried Willie White with them and that intimating that a lie is being dragged into this I tell you that is not a well thought out idea if you believe the old one as a prophet if you can believe that how life can be dragged into a policy logical position today and be dragged into the point of presenting it than what you do with your Bible since you can go back and find out which chapters of it were written under the influence of the Dragon football theological position that it transcends to run communicating print cardigan in the Bible you have the things written by Jeremiah if a profit can be influenced to right wrongs that and you don't know the history of what happened around each chapter how do you know which chapter Jeremiah can be trusted and which ones are defective the answer is the Bible is pert near worthless if you take that position of course it isn't so I'll suggest to that was one of the fundamental issues in nineteen eighty eight was confidence and the testimonies one of the fundamental issues and always has been one of the issues ever since that time so when that always showed up she wrote about how she treated at the conference by her own name testimony was terrible she talked about old friends they gave her the cold shoulder she talked about people who showed her no respect it was the hardest experience of her life and for the rest of her life when she would have another experience of people being close to what she had to say was perfectly hard off and she would say something like it was like the spirit of Minneapolis in expressing your background and memory that I like that's it use it like as a a measuring base for other future negatives that was it for a long light was like that experience to get listen now even nor not to this point come afraid if I keep going on like I am around fun will get to it one of the man who ended up going on the wrong side of this issue was Darius Smith Urias Smith who had been likely offended just before the meeting where the precious truth was presented so was he likely in front of mind a hero well watch it yourself ladies and gentlemen if someone gives you particular offense make sure it's not a trick of the devil to unfit you for the very truth that you need this is a letter that was written in eighteen eighty nine to brother Smith your brother Smith last night I was awake at midnight with a heavy burden on my soul for you I saw you walk up on a path that almost imperceptibly diverse from the right way a noble personage stood beside me and sad Uriah Smith is not on the brink of a precipice but he is in the path that will shortly bring him to the brink and if he has not warned now civil soon be too late he can now retrace his steps he is walking like a blind man into the prepared net of the enemy but he feels no danger because life is becoming darkness to him and darkness light his only hope is in being undeceived as for yourself it's on page three thirty six nineteen eighty eight materials I awoke and thought it must be daylight stunning lighting the match looking at my watch I saw was only twelve o'clock this morning I have writer article in review now there was no call whatever for you to write as you did you place Elder Jones in a false position just as Elder Morrison and Nikolai and yourself and others placing the placement Minneapolis the rest of that letter is missing on those words suggests the next year after the conference which was late in the year Jones and Morrison and Nikolay read about them on your chapter all of them began speaking about Jones in a way to make him look like a dangerous man a bad man and that they had expresses they can relate the greatest character look bad they did that here was the other side of the coin he was a courageous man a studious man fighting for the truth finally do his best to save us as a people in fact just before this experience he was largely responsible for saving us from a national Sunday lot Joan was being used by God to communicate truth is that we needed that God has a man is using you should watch that you don't watch that man from the state as God takes as an offense to himself when he was going on with your eyes Smith notes three half the road he was taking was it directly off the right half it's written like it so gently goes off the chill procedure changing directions however it goes off and where does it come to a class and apparently when you're walking for the cleft there is a stay at which you can stop and you can turn around but is there a point when it's too late to stop and turn around and he was danger to pursue this danger now and so she said he needed to be undersea that was his only hope this is a few months later another letter I said a few months it's actually seventeen months later but the next year eighteen ninety from page seven ninety one dear brother Smith I've been remarkably exercise in regard to your case several times during my last will round of labors I have been greatly blessed of the Lord but at times your case is been presented before me in a very clear light just where you are standing I've carried the burden with but little hope that I could do you any good a golf separates us I look back and see how you gather darkness your soul in the time of the college difficulties have you come out clean that matter the Lord presented your case before me at that time and did you believe and act in the light given had you fully accepted the testimony and heeded the warnings there given you would not be where you are today have you and Brother Gage McLean work in confessing that you are wrong to Professor Bell have you not done this the wronged you committed against him if you have not done this the Roger committed against them are registered in the books of heaven can you afford to let this matter stand as it is and you come up to the judgment with the actions were performed against him in every particular to confront you Professor Bell that's not Jones or Wagner Journal number two chapters go we talked about the development of the school there and Battle Creek and it was Uriah Smith one of the teachers there here she had had experience of Minneapolis and there he had taken a wrong position then he was in danger as he walked into the darkness did affect the way you relate to other people do not always to us this is the same letter but a little further down Elder Smith the exercises of the past night prompts me to write I know that you have been walking and not in the light you have had evidence and might have had a much larger array of evidence if you had had any room to receive it Jesus the precious Savior has a come again and again he is sent to the very like you needed but you did not place yourself in the channel work could be communicated to you you gathered about your soul the covering of unbelief tell you cannot distinguish light from darkness and error from truth never never will you change this order of things until you possess the humility of a little child this will never be in till you fall upon the rock and are broken self then dies new habits are formed strong inclinations and propensities or overcome enemies within without are ready to spring and the life and overcome you without me said Christ you can do nothing do you decline the contest the refuse to fall on the rock if so there is not the slightest assurance in your case that you will ever recover yourself out of the snare of the devil your attitude has encouraged the state of things in our churches which you have not measured the result of your course and you're working on the same line since you left Minneapolis has made the carrying out of the work given me of God to do fifty fold harder than it needed have been you have barred my way oh how little did you know the assault of your work that has been opened before me when you stated the sister why was influenced by Willie White eighteen Johnson EJ Wagner you have planted in hearts infidelity and that has been nourished and has borne fruit you will not be pleased to read the harvest Satan takes everything of this character and makes it a living active agent in destroying faith in the gray work the Lord would happen to do every soul that fully takes your words and believes them are correctly represented by the words of Christ I would that you were either cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth decided opposition would have done me less harm stopped there for a minute you're right Smith is his case on dangerous the mighty man who helped raise up our church who help develop our doctrines who was a friend of Ellen White defended her against opposition for years from some of the strongest defenses of her in our publications when she was attacked by detractors this man she's writing him as if his case is getting close to hope what was the thing he didn't make her work fifty times harder he wrote suggested that Ellen White's writings her teachings were influenced this implies erroneously by her son and Johnson Wagner this is from page 's eight hundred same letter why your particular case agonized my soul so continuously I cannot define again and again have I seen the blindness was upon you to an alarming degree I give you up to the hands of Jesus and then think I have not more to say not another word that I find my soul torn with anguish and I'm weeping and praying with strong crying and tears take not thy Holy Spirit from him all that something from thy spirit break the spell all that you would surrender your will to God 's will oh that you would tremble at his work where is your preparation to be obtained that you may stand in the day of the Lord nowhere but low at the foot of the cross oh it is not too late for Ross to be righted do not confer with flesh and blood do not say there are some that I do not understand of course there are your mind is clouded but take one step that you do see and then you can see another old Kindle your taper from the divine altar before it is everlastingly too late remove the stumbling blocks at once without any delay when God helps you you will be helped to see your own weakness and inefficiency and the glory and majesty of Christ what was going on in own life mind several times she thought I've done all I can do on this surrender him to Jesus Miller words my work for him is done what would happen again she would be compelled to write the Jesus love Uriah Smith that he went when Uriah Smith of the the latest fashions even in stages not a incomplete and more complete but to a few men from more than more general to try to undo the damage done he works dresses like to undo the damage his relationship with Ellen White was restored but he could never undo the damage because if you read the end can write book Adventism renounced he has letters in their originally him later I Smith derives in his darkest days in Dudley never had a burden to explain that the righteousness repudiated those letters are there in record for all to read we will develop at a later time the doctrines of eighteen eighty eight the power that they have how the world could've ended soon after and what has been happening because of it but if I could leave the lessons from this lecture primary ones it would be the danger of rejecting lights from God 's messengers how do Satan lead men to reject the light he leads us to mock people for their character defects to mock them for their immaturity and use the spies that he leads us to cherish the things that seem dark to us and to refuse light because we can't understand some things anyway Ellen White is not alive to send you a letter like she wrote your eyes we have a letter she wrote to him and we had a reason we would want to go over the process foreheads forever our father in heaven I want to thank you especially for finding a way to reach the hearts of that very dark soul demand for bringing back from grave danger and I ask a gift for those that are here that whatever trap the devil sets for our feed that you would find someone or some way that would alert us to our divergent path she would put burdens on your servants that we would have a chance to turn instead you're right I thank you for the gift as evidenced in his life and ask for some hours in the name of Jesus and


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