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Chester Clark III


The daily services of the sanctuary included a number of pieces of furniture in the Holy Place. In this lecture we study the candlestick, the table of shewbread, and the altar of incense.  Learn how these pieces of holy furniture and their daily use can speak to us of God’s plan for the Christian’s life.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 13, 2013
    6:30 PM


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tonight we are going to be looking at a little different part of the sanctuary were many shifting years in the courtyard of the holy place and so I I recently had a tendency to I don't know about the ones doing the kids programming there there pushing the thing that we do in wartime obviously as far as the heavenly sanctuary were merely sanctuary to provide the children and it seems like a bit of a rush even to try to do it in just a few nights a month and we are planning to see her wearing something that your option to come to me would like to have a graduation program funding agent unless the list Saturday morning and our final lecture around speaking during the eleven o'clock hour here on the sanctuary once again and will have the programmer the kids would be sharing with the done thing learns that you are able you're welcome to be part of that today were going to be as I mentioned looking at the holy place ministry in the heavenly sanctuary in one thing you've probably noticed already is that there are more than one lesson you might say we can draw from each of the different symbols and sanctuary and he got almost goes without saying because we just think about the sacrifice for example we have to land in the lab representative Jesus and then we also have the freedom and race represents Jesus as one piece of it is that people might like to read the sanctuary and try to have one we either and a source without it doesn't really that way when the sanctuary in anything we think we see Jesus I remember what I love about things raised the morning looking things right in one scene changes and that I went to see that even in the holy place we see Jesus and that's a wonderful thing about starting the sanctuary and so as we enter the holy place we find there was a article of furniture that we might notice first if we were going and to see me my first leave the menorah or the seven crashed candlestick with its sunglass that were kept burning perpetually in the sanctuary and the reason we might notice at first simply because it is like shedding light for us to see the rest of the articles in the holy place writer and so this is this is what I actually as we find our way through the sanctuary and indeed will begin with a huge night counting and finals it happened to Exodus twenty five and we'll read Moses instructions to the Israelites in with Moses the God 's instruction Moses is the kingdom of Maureen God recognizes annexes twenty five continuing on with verse thirty one Exodus twenty five hundred thirty one says this and usually make a candlestick of pure gold of being work show the candlestick we need his shaft and his branches his goals is not since flowers shall be of the same all over your old now when you think of that and then when you look at the amount of gold that was actually used a talent or so for all of these vessels and so forth were made in the campaign and it is pretty apparent that what he means when you talk when he talks about your goal doesn't necessarily mean solid build to understand the difference you are to make a solid gold do you have no down into the various shapes and connected together whereas Reagan were it would probably be hollow so that even eliminated whom of this was this was required skilled craftsmanship Canadian branches out a beacon gold model tasks goal to beat in the less what it says here that says Michelle of Bijan works on the candlestick be made a shaft and a branch of his goals is not flowers shawl begin work and so this would be a process whereby a craftsman when taking gold and begin shaping and molding and I you know but I shade and by stretching it in and beating them back into itself and making whatever shapes that he would want to be in and out as we continue on we look at some of these instructions not to read all these verses here tonight but it was developers thirty seven axis twenty five hundred thirty seven is not something the seven last thereof and they shall light the lamps they rather they make in life over against it and hung throughout the snuff dishes there are some unique your goal and notice what he says and look at dominating them after their pattern which was showing you the most is gone now when God and God benefiting in the vision or some sort of a blueprint or trying to win that one there was a pattern shown Moses when he was a mountain of God and God is telling here made in awarding the pattern that's been given to you and so is branched seven brass candlestick was to be made of pure gold in the jungle nonetheless now if we were to have any confidence in what the candles they are what any of the articles of furniture looked like particularly if you might say in the the Temple of Hera during the time of Christ it would be so rash him a second reason is that here you find a any engraving that was done to commemorating the trial is over Jerusalem and he googled around a you will see the picture if you go just across the street from the Coliseum the ruins of the Colosseum Max Maximilian 's arch to the smaller arch of Titus is as it was placed over the no way that they would bring the the of victory that they would bring in Concord people into Roman it was an invasion of the forums of you know from the Coliseum to the forum you would have to go pass to David and Wanda you have to go through the arch of Titus Titus was the Roman Emperor conquered and destroyed leveled Jerusalem in the year seventy A.D. and decide what kind of cars in wrong you will see this distinction may die during a time of kindness of a commemoration of the victory over the Jews and what is in the Roman soldiers carried out a simple before it was burn their carrying out the menorah in the seven branched candlestick and so we had a pretty good idea to let the candlestick life during the time of Christ and he would assume that it was similar throughout the rest of the sanctuaries and the sanctuary services we we have this week we notice that the branches of the net they were all of equal height these artist 's conception is anywhere centers holiday slowdown is nothing wrong with that this one is showing all the branches of equal height see some of those those different you might say along the five branches that send needed more ornate you can see little little better view than closer of what it might look like and the again I'm not sure exactly and we don't know who made this engraving but it was made in a bike I commemorate his victory and so it would've been a contemporary artist at least of someone who would've seen as of this is some evidence that we have that would indicate what the menorah that seven brass candlestick when actually have looked like during the time of Christ is found right here in the city of Rome in the art Titus and then I don't know when I when I travel if I my interest in history I guess so enjoy places like this I particularly enjoy biblical history when you see places of the Bible mentions only see items that are available in major that are as adorable as well as always very fascinating for me and so I enjoy that a lot so here we find that this candlestick is made out of gold hair sunlamps and there is different utensils to use Windows lamps these lamps were never to go out they were to be continually burning they were to be refilled daily and as a part of the duties of the priests labeling keep these laughs and heating lamps burning others on a number of things we can see here has some holes and let's just take a little bit of time to look at the examples we once again we can see that it is probably counterproductive to be dogmatic about one thing that everything only one thing there are many things we can learn policy analysis system versus in the Bible about gold and this is helpful because their candlestick is not the only thing the golden century so we'll will than so as we move onward on his first volume of the Revelation were noted Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three this is the message of Jesus depicted in hand will be looking at an estimate that it is scanning them among the seven candlesticks Revelation chapter three revision two and three gives these messages to his church throughout time and inverse eighteen we read the following Council meetings and by me gold and that what they say gold tried in the fire thou may see the rich and white raiment and always be closed and the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and anoint thine eyes with eye salve that thou me see while some people might say what you mean Jesus I calculated by me that sounds like me you know we need to be making some some may be offerings are doing some D's are going don't remade or something to have this gold is tried by fire but actually I'm not what is trying to say that you're in your notice here Isaiah chapter fifty five when he talks about buying this case is not enough by Brad as without money and without price we don't think in the way that Wednesday meeting and buying something and it must be some sort of financial or some sort of transaction but when it comes to buy spiritual things we already had purchased for us and it's a matter of convenience but what is he talking about this is by gold tried in the fire must turn back to first-year chapter one verse a similar phrases used your first Peter chapter one verse seven and then we find that this gold tried in the fire can be symbolizing release something that from our experience notice of the universe and that the trial of your one of the say drown your phase being much more precious than gold that parishes the living tribunal fire might be found in the praise and honor and glory at the hearing of Jesus Christ so here you have the apostle Peter telling us that our faith is like gold tried in the fire our own Christian experience as we are living for Jesus were going to go through trials are not identity something they don't understand is everything sometimes it seems like we cannot bear you for the promise is according to Peter the promises that it will just stay in the fire who allowed on July are hard to try our faith he will bring some clean wood out of that even as precious more precious than gold the parish is to bring forth any theory has been tested and try and then you might say that the gold tried in the fair care in the fire is the character of God is reproducing us Jesus himself horses represented by the ability journal writing and that he himself is the most worthy of Leavenworth valuable of an anything we can think of commodities and so Jesus is purely is truly representing represented by the goal but our experience also is to be constantly refined and purified so that we can become more like God and so the goal represents both the righteousness of Jesus which he had important talk more about that in the holy place as we see the holy place we must see that there's so many things that represent Jesus in his experience not just as God of the universe that are as a human being coming here to live and die and so it will represent Jesus I can also represent our own experience as we are tested and try and eleven purified to become more like him many verses we can look at to that extent we don't take time tonight also notice with me back in the book of Exodus will looking back in Exodus about what the last word to be filled with Exodus chapter twenty seven of the chapters after the instructions on building the lampstand exegetic twenty seven we notice in verses twenty and twenty one Exodus twenty and twenty seven twenty and twenty one thousand dollars shall command the children of Israel that they bring the zero oil all of these and for the life to come out the way to burn always in the tabernacle of the congregation without fail which is before the testimony Aaron and his sons shall order it from evening and two morning before the Lord it shall be a statute for ever and do their generations on behalf of the children of Israel and so the instructions here were that there was a specific fuel the fire to delight any land will deal with that all and how that loyalty taken from the all to be very specific instructions to begin business to be beaten up from the olives have no other process was used I suppose squeezing in a very similar pressure of some sort be very similar but this is a specific says vegan and this was the way the oil was to be taken and once again we can see a representation of Jesus Jesus of course was beaten for a living we can read about that I page fifty three but we also find that typically you don't have the moral is a lot of things something or someone is the Holy Spirit and we can put some text in our notes for that Zechariah chapter or Zechariah and next-to-last book of the old testament just before Malachi the last Zechariah chapter four we actually find a sanctuary seen and that we won't get into explaining it Joshua led the Hebrew name for Jesus is seen standing there so forth in chapters three and four and notice with me he says that verses to Zechariah four verse two twenty seven Jeanine what do you see this as I've looked and behold the candlestick all of gold with a bowl on the top of it and its seven lamps there on some types of the seven lamps which are on top era is a little bit different symbolism inside the sanctuary is clearly the same type of thing right is candlestick and also their seven hikes feeding them to all the trees stand by and one on the right side available on the other on the left side thereof and then he asked what these are these are these are channels through which the oil is being fed to the lampstand notice whether in response it is and he asked what all this represents for six this is the word of the Lord under Zerubbabel saying not by my nor by power but by what my spirit saith the Lord some scholars as they look here in Zechariah chapter four they actually see a another image you might say of the courtroom and yet the lampstand and you have these channels through which you oil is flowing to the land and then there are these two witnesses to all of trees standing on either side of it there's a couple of ways scholars have understood this one is to understand that these two olive trees represent actually the similar to the two angels listed next to the throne of God I was one of those angels was very visitor lost his position of course when he said and done someone else who we would assume was the second-in-command must've taken his place and I suppose that replaces listener with with a another angel but we see that there was one particular angel and this is a little bit of I guess you might say in my heart speculation is not time to go into all of the research behind it but you remember that there is one particular individual who has been instrumental in communicating visions and dreams to mankind Gabriel and some scholars are in the game rules is filling the role that Lucifer would fill entities to Angels Mexico Nevada not just there for God 's glory but in the case of humanity in the case of the ball and the redemption of man these two angels looked serving special purpose in communicating the Holy Spirit and the message of the spirit to mankind very interesting study we could do another way of looking at it and please elaborate some scholars who seem easy to as being the New Testament of the Old Testament communicating together the truths about Jesus through the Holy Spirit of course that the oil is always there in any case we see that very clearly there's another similarly happier that life and if there's anything of these symbols regarding the lampstand that we can clearly see points forward Jesus is real life writer and relatively three different things of life represents that will start with Jesus and Jesus was set up in John chapter one and verse nine that was that true light which lie to every man that cometh into the world so while we might look at others will I'd rather living in this life represents one thing becomes very plain right-of-way and that Jesus is the ultimate source of all life Jesus is where that life comes from and so it is we read in John John Denver one verse five received this a number of times before meeting with Susan him of life and the life was the light of men the light shone in darkness the darkness comprehended it not many goes on he says the same John Gever witnessed to bear witness of the light that all men through him might believe he was not that light John the Baptist but he was sent to bear witness of that light that was the true light which lie to every man that cometh into the world of the Jesus we can see very clearly is represented by the light from the candles and definitions of right and get almost everything else thinks Ray we've seen as temples of Jesus and Jesus is certainly in the New Testament and and and use those and and and certainly he himself claimed to be a light or the light of the world another thing we can understand and this is in some ways just another way of describing Jesus Limassol and library related lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path that installment nineteen Jesus is the word right though this is a contradiction this is just saying Jesus life the world not only through his time here literally interacting with his disciples but now as we study the word of God Eli says through that gives us understanding byword is a lamp to my feet and the life of my past another way we can understand this automatic chapter five verse fourteen and Jesus turns it around in the sermon on the Mount the longest sermon Jesus never preached and he says you are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot do now is interesting because while we want to make very very clear that Jesus is the primary understanding of his life that was the true light and only only because Jesus is the written word the light absorbing the land of every right and only because Jesus is the true life is the church or are we also like wellness makes it so there's nothing in ourselves nothing in the reviewer church collectively even immediately on ourselves that would make life only as Jesus is abiding in our faith and yet Jesus says you are the light of the world now the turn with me to the book of Revelation music artists ever in the last couple nights that book of Revelation is replete with sanctuary imagery and were going to see it once again here tonight Revelation chapter one and were going to notice a picture of the sanctuary and working the beginning let's begin the first well John says in Revelation chapter one verse twelve I turned to see the voice that spoke with me and being turned I saw what is the seven golden candlesticks where is it is in the sanctuary what is the sanctuary represented course to represent what the true throne room of God and this is where John is taken in vision and an index of the seven candlesticks one light under the Son of Man close with a garment down this foot Hassan Goldberg wants of what we moaned and groaned this will description of Jesus but Jesus is seen walking among the seven candlesticks as I said is represented by the seventy six but here is also walking among and there's so many different layers of symbolism that we see here and that will notice your revelation particularly what the candlesticks are being used to represent notice with me in verse maintain overwhelming and seventeen for completeness here not Jesus says for I am the first and the last I am he that lives in was dead behold I am alive for evermore amen and have the keys of hell and of the net of that right things which are seen in things which are things which are being hereafter the mystery of the seven stars is on my right hand and the seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the angels or ministers or readers you might say of the seven churches and the seven candlesticks which you saw are the one seven churches and in Jesus goes on to the next person begins without this is the first surgeon on a Smyrna tire and so forth looking at each of these seven churches nominees were the literal church is but they were also representing different eras the time in Christian history in fact the only an evening back in just a little bit it's hard to it's hard to separate the study of the sanctuary from the study of prophecy and the two areas that I both really really enjoy my diving in the revelation was outstanding the first of all that it will work at a disadvantage of life and is now going through primary school and looked challenging but would you mind to be the life of Daniel which is which is the first symbolical in time for the Daniel B series of visions danger to the image starting Nebuchadnezzar you are that head of gold and down time last season and out of that the kingdom and the time about them and you can reset it basically goes over the same thing the problem and the same thing understand that the pattern here is not so easy consecutive prophecies starting with last left off noted in our large format as a host that is in itself won't get into the prophecy but in Revelation we see the same thing happening only revelation it assumes we learn the principles in the book of Daniel and her principles the video today and an revelation again seven churches again betting cover the time of the prophet down time in and he goes with seven seals and seventh trumpet sound as well so we see a hacker 's onset of the book of Daniel in keeping in the book of revelations of when we get to the book of Revelation we see these these seven churches representing God 's people in the Christian era and they are represented by lampstand candlestick so just like Jesus says you are the light of the world John the regulator of Jesus here is affirming this makes sense he's affirming the church is also represented by the blasting lightning the world of course through the power of the Holy Spirit will is because Jesus was the true light every man who comes into the world of the esophagus meaning that we can do ourselves not at all because Jesus through his mind as our not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord and so the wind the church is represented by the by the candlestick is well here now will look at one more personal revelation before we move on Revelation chapter two verse one the very next verse under the angel of the church of Ephesus write these things says he that holds the seven stars in his hand walks in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks we saw this earlier in chapter one also where is Jesus he's walking among the seventy what people are comforting to know no sometimes life especially in this fallen world and redistributed and we might we might tend to feel alone and forsaken one might tend to feel like this things are going as they should but the picture here which is worth a thousand words is that Jesus being with his people and something of that picture it's not that Jesus is somewhere removed and he just singled to he's with us he said I will never leave you nor proceed right I'll be with you to victims of the age let's move on now to the northern side of the tabernacle of the holy place and here we find the table of showbread and now remember which side is the wood siding Lucifer want to set his throne above site in the north that's right and we understand this particularly to be a location symbol where they throne of God itself is in this table had a roundabout is innocent symbol of loyalty exercise twenty five once again exit twenty five and read verses twenty three and twenty four X is twenty five twenty three twenty four this is the instructions that Moses received you shall make a table or similar occasion with two cubits shall be the length thereof and a few banana and cubit the breadth thereof and a cubit and a half the height thereof now some overlay it with pure gold and make it thereto a crown of gold round about and also make a border of an handbreadth round about now shall make a border around to border thereof round about and he went on to talk about for me herein and so forth and here is a table of showbread was the main the same high mercy seat on the art interesting and that it was also the same height as the grazing that was suspended in the burnt offering altar of burnt sacrifice now whether they are significantly better not that I find very interesting often partisan divisions and my own imagination have led me to think that this table of showbread was like a low-slung almost like a like a wooden call the tables in the living room and put the coffee table you almost like a copy of my imagination but even reading the description he was actually amusing I had mercilessly goes on the part of the company once again making us wonder about this whole this is where the throne of God was is located in the new sanctuary the art being the presence of God and the sides of the north you go all the people shall read as well now if we did we look into the sanctuary will remember that this is placed in an office setting of the candlestick opposite of the golden candlesticks and if we turn to Exodus chapter forty you'll see how this is described and how it was to be taken care of exes chapter forty and the first twenty two of this is how describing how Moses obeyed the Commandments of God in the building the tabernacle and says an accident reporting verse twenty two any of the table in the tent of the congregation upon the side of the tabernacle northward outside of the mail any cigarette in order on or before the Lord of the Lord commanded Moses anybody Austin on occasion over against the table over on the side of the tabernacle southward and so that the tables in the north of candlesticks on the south he like the lamp and so forth now there is some indication for some instructions given in accident and that is about taking care to read there's a particular recipe that will look at it here to matter is referred to but some of our understanding of this table is shown in red is to us from the Michigan from the monotonous ride I is about how they'd took care of the sanctuary service and we do understand that this was replaced there was a fresh red meat every writing and on Saturday this is a read and be replaced this accident we replaced the old would be taken and eaten by the priests and this was one of the things that they did now if we look at this this is what this symbolizes Reagan Reagan room well I just wrote back in April but will be here to Josephus records because the fetus actually saw this article of furniture being carried out of the Temple dizziness was the historian a Jewish historian who was the destruction of Jerusalem and recording much of it in his antiquities and he actually described and went back wrote down his verbal description of what the table of life as it had in the also the lower half of which were completely easy resembling those which the Dorians but for their next case that the upper part of the table were brought into a square form and from what I can understand of what scholars think the Dorians other than the days of these women then you know how you have a picture with the sloped out ways to go down in his feet this is essentially what Josephus was describing here and in one place is described as the one looking like the we pay and with that curve and when actually in the bottom and diseases describe the toss is being squared off as we got closer to the table of somewhat similar to some direction we might still see today now what does this is red representing many John chapter six maybe this is the classic chapter on bread because Jesus over and over describes himself as the bread of life and that we can see that in a number of places here in John chapter six look with me for example at first forty eight John Jeter six in verse forty eight I am that bread of life your father city manager who is dead this is the better skins down from heaven that a nanometer of not dying I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any man eat of this bread shall live forever in the bread that I will give is my flesh which I will give for the life of the world he goes on notice with me tally continues on and he is driving the red solid red and white as if I had a hard time how can we your flesh and drink your blood this is a hard saying I any explain this in John chapter six and verse sixty three he says he says it is the spirit that quick the fret father profited nothing the words that I speak and do you they are spirit and they are online so Jesus wasn't actually condoning any type of cannibalism he wasn't saying the priest seems to be offered me can literally nothing much that not all he was saying I represent the truth that if you partake of me you'll need to me and that is communicated words from the word of God then you will have to have life so here you find that initial remedies have a lot of time I can mention we could probably spend an evening on each of these articles of furniture that Jesus is represented by the bread there and if we look at how the rent was being made and described as the biggest twenty four and verse five only the finest of the wing was to be used and they actually used according to the mission of the accident is a screening process where they would take anyone the flower and the is the the description is as the row between two stones Silverlight will like a like a stone mill but they learned they would say in an basis today they would citizen again they would actually go through I think it was eleven sixteenths to lay down till they weren't in the finest most uniform flower almost like a refined flour and this was no more manuscript they were making this was like very exquisite read the finest finest quality that they could make as they were to represent Jesus and you might have you might look at how this was done is also representing how Jesus came in his humanity and his own character his own witnesses own testimony here in this world was round was refined in my faith through the pressure through the trials that he endured and I said gently fifty three particularly we find this prophecy he is despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted reason we hid as it were our faces from him he was despised and we do not esteem him surely he is one hundred degrees and carried our sorrows are wheezing and stricken smitten of God and afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed with me in the book of Hebrews Hebrews chapter five and verse eight Hebrews chapter five verse eight will couple of little verses here is remove through this degrees fire for saying this is what it says about Jesus though he were a son yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered an interesting he has himself went through the refining that you and I have to go through it removing any pressure filled world as well and because of that he is able to understand what were going through notices me in just the previous chapter Hebrews chapter four verse fifteen says for we have not an high priest who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin let us therefore come was a safe that is therefore come boldly into the phone of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need and produce energy it wasn't easy that we can become bread but because of that the people getting right and because Jesus went through the trials and troubles in the refining that he went through we also now have someone we can go to who understands what were experiencing and will go through it with us the bread was then to the mix with oil and with Salazar most of the things were done in preserving a course in quality about it and the bread was to be mixed with oil and salt that we may ground meat was to be mixed with oil insult and perhaps we can see in this once again the being in the mingling of divinity with Jesus experienced your Holy Spirit and his father were certainly part of everything that he did with the Mongol and look at our last article in the holy place in the art of the altar of incense must look now and Exodus chapter thirty Exodus chapter thirty and the first few verses must see how this is described in Exodus thirty versus one through three says and thou shalt make an altar to burn incense upon option K Scheuer does not make it appear that you shall be the link thereof in the cubit the breadth thereof forswear jumping into Cuban summing the height thereof horns thereof shall be the same and you shall overlay it with pure gold the top thereof aside through a roundabout and the horns thereof now shut make into a crown of gold round about now is very interesting because if we look at instructions given about the art is very clear that it was the place right before the veil that separated the holy places on the mostly place we see that of the same chapter it says enough outputted before the veil that is why the ark of the testimony for the mercy seat that is over the testimony where I will meet with you so this is where God said I will meet with you right is a local of the sanctuary and on a daily basis as the priest would go into the sanctuary and as he would take fire from the altar sacrifice out of the courtyard and you are in a reprise when from the last refill the oil and keep them burning constantly and even take fire from the altar put in the sense of the infant in the center and the sense of their on top of the altar of burnt of incidents but he says this is where I'm going to meet with you in verse seven and Aaron shall burn there on weekends and every morning when he dresses the last he shall burn incense upon it and when analyte lamps that evening you shall insist upon a perpetual incense before the Lord throughout your in generations he says he shall offer no strange incense thereon or are sacrificed on the offerings neither shall you pour drink offering there on the altar of infants was only to be used for instance and this is an instruction that I gave to Moses and that Moses was falling as he built the sanctuary now what was this instance represents as Jesus we found Jesus of course being represented in most things with the priest offering instances Jesus right hand presence of God right across that pale in the most holy Place was Jesus but what we will what is very interesting is that at times in the Old Testament this altar of incense is actually considered a part of a holy place where it was located in the most holy place and we see that first things chapter six verse twenty two where where this is how the revised version says the next he overlaid the whole household talk about Solomon 's Temple in order that the whole house might be perfect even the whole altar that belong to the inner sanctuary he overlaid with gold very interesting because we received the ministry of the altar of incident is closely related to the art of the continent right as closely related to the very were not worrying what was worrying on the mercy seat it is not the millennium approached the very presence of God they could not do it even in the priest cannot put himself in this instance that represented something very specific I want to just look at a couple of verses that is as elegant revelation that would help us understand what's going on here in Revelation chapter eight this time Revelation chapter eight if you all realize how much of the sanctuary found in Revelation it's interesting that some scholars are copulated that about seventy five percent of the language of revelation is actually borrowed from the Old Testament you have well we won't get into that but is lots of examples we give throughout the book of Revelation taken from Daniel taken from Isaiah and Jeremiah taken from the sanctuary but Revelation chapter eight and verse three says another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden sensor of this would sell my the altar of incense for sure and there was given him much incense that he should offer with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of incense which came with the what prayers of the saints ascended up before God out of the angel 's hand until this tells mitigate what song mingled with the prayers of the same and so we understand this to be talking instant once again to be talking about Jesus and his righteousness his mere that means little in our prayers and our prayers acceptable unto God and there was a special recipe no surprises here there's a special special recipe that was to be followed in the different herbs driver were put together an inground you notice a pattern here everything in the things where in order the week is ground and insisted the answer is to be mounted around a quarter past is all being tried by pressuring by by trial you might say right there's a specific recipe of hers that was to be concocted for this instance and there was it was forbidden that that recipe should be used for any other time you can just take it home they are like the smell and take it home and make that recipe uses for your cat no not at all this was only the use in the sanctuary service and when we get to song chapter one forty one we notice song the song misuses the same symbolism as he says is in Psalm one forty one averse to let my prayer be set for you as an sense the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice so that instance represented the prayers of God 's people or at least mingled with the prayers of God 's people would be ascending to the throne of God not very interesting I very comforting that instructions were given to the moving of the tabernacle suppose they were to strike fan day camp of Israel be moving to another location namely it would require processing is open down you can imagine those of you who were here we go Sunday remember the processes of putting up this tabernacle and we didn't have all the sacrifices Americans read everything else is modeled signal is not gold as not having and that striking the real sanctuary in Kenya and down and moving and getting awfully what they were carrying everything else the very last article of furniture to the alternate and I think I personally think that symbolic of the fact that even after the made atonement is completed will talk about that more incoming presentation God intercession for his people will continue we always have Jesus as our intercessory meeting pleading in our behalf and I think that's very very important to remember now as we were to look at this overview of the century once again I want us to do a little bit of a review and viewers in common with a lamb in the courtyard somewhere over here on the north side of the courtyard between the altar and tabernacle is where the slaughter was taking toys some of the delays are actually opposite it will then outline a most able to drive in line that matters and that here you see the slaughtering taking place in the center would come in and placed his hand on the head of that land and confess his sin by figure symbolizing the transfer of guilty the innocent sacrifice right and then with his own hand he would take a knife offered by the priest and was lifeboat of that sacrifice taking the life of the Lamb that would die in his place of course is pointing forward to Jesus right and add the rest of the ceremony went on as the trees would take some of that sacrifice and taken the ball around the altar of burnt offering as he was then taken and he washed his feet before going into the holy place and he would sprinkle some of it on the horns of the altar of incense before the veil of the center actually getting none of that right the free student center I only followed by saying I went into the sanctuary to the priesthood was ministering on the center 's behalf is very clear to you all the while talking to a and we talked last night about how the altar might represent our surrender also get yourselves as living sacrifices right we might see the alters representing the surrender of our life Jesus reminds immediately either as representing the washing believer of water by the word also in the exact same word from the Septuagint for labor is use my Palm with two instances five three five billion five six and so we see that it is washing on the water that you guys were not following in his example and baptism symbolized by the recently when children could it be that eating the bread of life studying the word of God is a part of daily experience that we are to have us Christians we see the altar of incense representing prayer is anything a symbol of the mingled in the prayer of thy claims newly need to be spending on a daily basis time in prayer yes we do we see me all the candlestick the light of the Holy Spirit flowing through the people like the world are we called to witness for Jesus yes ER but I want you to see something I want you to see that all of this is only possible by phase as we follow our priest into the holy place are you listening if there is anything that some people might say won't pay will be saved by half it was at that time well Jesus said be born of water and are reviewed by baptism itself is twenty well I'm going to be safe and I literally than eighty eight ready to study the word of God that is living similarly but was letting one of Raphael stating no it it all starts out here in the altar with the surrender of and when you don't want to say he saw himself in a witnessing spring when our prayers by themselves I mean we seem to go to Rome you got to the south across from the nose of the Cathedral of St. John Lateran you have the Holy Spirit is where people will be praying specifically go after rush hour and about five five thirty in the afternoon people get off work in the scarcity so crowded that as who would nobody can move the staircase shown kneeling on stairs nobody can move about everybody moving to get his hands on the staircase and all saying the rosary and of course the drops of blood supposedly that help from Jesus on the marble stairs the schedule covered with their little party the fifteenth schemes of the drops of blood supposedly and everyone wants to kiss those windows not exactly must have unique situation but nonetheless you see these people praying in your heart breaks not because Nina Martin Cyr and God only knows her heart just they can go directly to Jesus and I pretty think and pray to him for the road snare and those prayers by themselves he can but I want you to see the sanctuary does not teach any type of a salvation by works yes I think we can learn lessons about spending time in other words any time and parenting time with putting all other applicable lessons a week and we can draw from the sanctuary but if there's one thing the listener does only one thing missing is actually himself the rest is done followed by phase is priestess for him the one thing the second of well yeah you can I was thinking the one thing center is responsible for killing the one and if there's anything we are responsible for that we can take credit for friends it's killing me now in open got a real life is essentially is a message that points us to Jesus as our help he is the bread he is alive he is righteousness is mingled with our prayers he is increased he is the water has his facts price for water we have shown ourselves until Jesus myths that are bragging rights we guilty in Las Vegas spent some time humbling our hearts maybe I would've that cross spiritually of course saying Lord we're not that you can say even like me and they produce energy it's all about him it's all about what he has done and can do and will do for us that matters the only thing we can really take credit for is for killing Jesus I don't find very many Christians going out and bragging about that thing that makes us feel more proud of our letter to better ourselves it makes us realize we have nothing to grab we can only look to Jesus we can only we can only accept his death his ministry in our behalf and that helped my only hope I'm thankful I have an IQ of spray father in heaven thank you for the lessons we learn from the sanctuary thankful thank you that we can seen in this very brief overview of the sanctuary so the holy place furniture they even we can see that it's all you yes we might draw less than learn about how we are to live one day at a time with the washing of water the word with the eating of the bread of life with the prayer of the rest of the soul that ascends with your righteousness to the throne of God with our witness or but ultimately where it is reminded that we can only do these things through Jesus anything that we try to do on our own would be it wouldn't just be know of no value it would be blasphemous we need Jesus so today I thank you that we have Jesus have a savior save to the uttermost all coming to God by him he's promised that those who come to him he will for no reason cast aside if he's promised that he is able to make us more than conquerors through him that loved us so today Lord we we realized that we have a high priest to who understands the pain of bruising and bleeding of being ground for flour beat in for oil helmet for instance because we have that kind of the Savior that strategies we can come he understands us and come boldly to ask for grace to help so today I pray for that grace and I will pray for each person here Lord only you know that challenges the struggles they face the difficulties they go through only know this is their lives Lord you know those I thank you that you will come near them and that you will help them through the channel the trial that you were able to overcome you the grace through the strength of your father I stank submitted to him that we also because we have US I recently found today I pray all is a media was brought osteoporosis is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about hothouse this is more certain please visit www. .net verse .org


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