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Of Mice and Morality

Chester Clark III


Spoken of more than 180 times in the Bible, the Ark was the most mentioned piece of sanctuary furniture – and yet it was only utilized once a year! Join us as we explore the construction of the Ark, its contents, names, and uses. This is perhaps the most important part of the sanctuary – and we want be sure to understand it!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 14, 2013
    7:00 PM


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well things were not going very well in Israel the children of Israel had crossed the Jordan River they had the partially settle the problem I the tabernacle in which they had along the way and they name their journey through the forty years of wandering they set off Shiloh but there wasn't a lot going on the process of settling and occupying the land and had sort of stalled and to make matters worse they were attacked by the Philistines and the story begins in first Samuel chapter four Eli was the high priest and this time his sons were quite wicked men who he do nothing to curtail and as they Israelites went to defend they are recently settled territory from the Kings coming from the West from the Philistines they ran into trouble and in actuality the battle went very much again about what they were thinking about what they could do to try to try to turn the tide to try to gain the victory over their enemies they are these painting countries when they come to light they bring their idol there are what if we were to bring our own God with us maybe then the Lord would find for us and we would add three over our enemies the Philistines and so they went back to the tabernacle set of their Shiloh and they took what they considered organizing widely considered this what is the most same Karen of all the articles of furniture so sacred that none of them had ever seen in fact even when a priest was to go into the most holy place or well we'll talk about that when they were going to mostly place once a year that special ceremony there was to be especially large cloud of incense filled the tent and when the priests were to accept the tabernacle to move it from one place to another they would actually we know this from the records of the rabbis they would actually want backwards with the covering for this article of furniture and not actually look at the helm this piece of furniture in such high regard the furniture of course that I'm talking about we know as they are or the Ark of the covenant the ark of the testimony there's a number of names that we can look at and so the Israelites as you can see that the small script there is your life draw yard Mrs. Mrs. the two sons of Eli they brought Shiloh where the sanctuary in Minnesota so they come into the promised land they brought down the valley here where the Hebrews the Philistines and then editing the work in Canada this isn't far from where some years later in the Valley of the law David would like to live in fear of not too far away googled to the West and so they probably are down and instead of having the set of having the effect of a hold of the art bringing the victory they were soundly and even more completely defeated using government needing a good luck charm to his people when he was meeting with their heart it was meeting there there there on their hearts their mind zero means so the Philistines and they conquered me in July and is one they actually are and they took it all away down along the old Weaver C Goodman only now here all who wait God now they in the city of Ashdod there was a special simple the house of Dagon Dagon was there God-fearing in Ashdod and desolate live there in the house of update on not even themselves daring to open the cover that was over this golden artifice and the next morning when they went into the temple update on House debate on the actually discovered their idled their God had fallen off his pedestal and was prostrate and down towards the article you can read all about it for same four and five six and then they were quite quite perturbed by this lady no one think of it so they quickly and carefully put their God back up on its pedestal and thinking it must've been some you know freak accident that brought this about the next morning they went in and not only hinder God data there got the ball in the same manner but now is and he was in pieces and they had a few good repairs and they started getting the idea is not of Israel that we thought our guys were great eventually we would need them in battle when he has something argon radon and before long they began to have a plague the disease that even causing fatalities so quickly they got rid of the art of this time is down again noted around it it would take will present with you I wanted and down the gas of the problem losing the inhabitants of the city also had the faith laid off on them that they had an action and so they sent the art all the way up to Enron and the people in crimes at all you know they are we are going to hear his reputation had preceded easy they brought the ark of the God of Israel to us to select a and our people out of the responsibility in the in the book of verse annual and percent among CR continued to be in felicity up and there continue to be problems there continue to be these legs and and ill fortune falling upon the quality of a gap in the pre- semester in our Bibles the first sign of chapter six let's read here first Janice presented every six what happened when they gather their wise men together from across the land of lithium and it says in verse seven percent of chapter six and verse seven and by the way you mean conductivity you remember what happened that they were teenagers in their history and a new listener does not left as God of the Israelites verse seven says now therefore make a new car and take to milk cows on which there is some know you and Tyvek house to the car and bring their cabs home from them and take the ark of the Lord and lay it on the card and put the jewels of gold which you return timber trespass offering in a copper by the side of that and send it away and that it may go to what the jewel of gold jewels and gold and they were talking about there to put in a box beside the art notice with me timbers for a westerly to trespass offering which we shall return to him talk nothing out of Israel was God here there gets cold but this is I said on display here what's up that's offering which was returned in Matthew five Imran and five golden mice according to the number of the lords of the Philistines a white pages five zero five teams of the Philistines originated by these which had made up this confederacy of felicity of ash Ashkelon Gaza Acheron these five cities and during seven months in the in the building territory they are needed to at least four not all the five territories been handing them off to Egypt they are there and there Randy might say and they all are now ready to get rid of it and so one golden mice one golden Imran for each of the cities on the kings of the Philistines for the plate was upon you and all of your lords so that's what they did they had they hit this car a brand-new wooden heart rate is to have two cows and recently had passed ever tried to separate the mother cow from its cash it's not an easy proposition and so this is what the wife of an integrated it into the cabs and and and took them away from the mother cows and they turned him loose those guys did the Bible records the date headed straight towards the land of Israel and they need away all away down this road all the way to well I guess but they cost less and less they were starting to enter the Israeli territory in the end there were some who actually working in the fields on going by and they need to a art there for some time and eventually made its way to conjecture where it stayed for a number of years about nine miles from Jerusalem they would stay there actually until until David would bring your up to the tabernacle once again and so the Philistines were doing the very best they could to seize the God of Israel they put in the side of the ark in the box beside the article of these five minus now as we look at why this article was so important to Israel why they thought it was going to be powerful and why eventually that the Philistines had to return it we have to begin to look at what Jesus God says about building the Ark and Exodus chapter twenty five once again were not look there exegetic twenty five and something we noticed the very first night I believe that when the Lord said and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them the very first thing he asked them to build or data and instructions on how to build what we are it is my counterintuitive because he would begin again with a nominated the courtyard after leaving the building by the outer structure and then you will start the night table and then build house leading to the enemy when God began instructions on building our something for us to notice at least he says in verse ten the Jamaican artists and letter occasional into humans and have to delink their qubit half-brother out if even half the height thereof you shall overlay it with pure gold within and without some overlays NASA make it upon a crown of gold round about now this is very interesting because I'm a little bit ahead of myself but this is where we is it easy for us was the overlaid within and without according to the rabbis some of the records and behalf of the accident as they need a goal box communication box and the Goldbach salicylate concentric boxes inside of each other would live inside the outer gold shell and then the that inner gold shell him even into boxes that are covered the top of them is an extensive overlap on the topic and when around and of course the describes the the rest of it as well verse seventeen doesn't make a mercy seat of pure gold and to humans and a half suddenly derivative and half-brother of enough to make to the Germans of golden beach at work doesn't make them in the two ends of the mercy seat on one turn on one another trip on the other end even the mercy seat you should make the Germans on the two in thereof and the two chairmen so stretch forth their wings on high covering the mercy seat with their wings and their faces shall look one to another toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the chairman he is almost as if God is really wanting the whole focus of the sanctuary to be right here between the Germans and looking he given very specific instructions as to how their legal and even where they looking another interesting and be looking towards each other towards where his Shekinah glory with accident well let's get down verse twenty one and also put the mercy seat above upon the art and in the ark thou south of the testimony that I shall give me will read about that in just a minute something wasn't over in five PR now remembered on my Philistines said they were the modest side of the yard in a box right and someone even conjectured there may have been there may have been in the way those outer boxes were made there was room for something to be placed but that's that said difficult act to prove the point is there was only healing missions here one thing that was fulfilled in the art and were now looking at other places where further instructions were given and there were other things in the art as well visibility in the archives of the testament I said in the first twenty two and there I will meet with the what is a they will make a sanctuary that I may dwell among if there is any article of furniture which was was was especially to fulfill the purpose of the sanctuary that in the goal of the sanctuary it would've been the ark of the covenant of course that is not the only built as a part of his instructions there I will meet with me and I will commune with you from above the mercy seat from between the two Germans withdrawn the ark of the testimony of all things which I will give you a commandment under the children of Israel ends then he continues on with other articles of furniture so where was this are to be placed remember we were look at a cutaway here is that we come into the courtyard and the meaning he offered sacrifice later in the holy place and table showbread and the menorah we have the altar of incense here which actually remember was on proceedings after six is talked about as being a part of the holy place service as well as being located in the disheartening apartment mostly places will be located in the morning please will see that again tonight in the book of Hebrews and then and now the most holy place the most innermost sanctum you might say animal sanctuary of all who the whole building the whole plan this is where the art of God was to reside and I will show you one other drawing which may use the menu and this is sort of a scheduled viewer to make a scale drawing of what the sanctuary was supposed to be how ruthlessly mutilating our position here is the and efficient it probably took that over me actually nor sound so forth but here's the entrance on the east right and you would come in the sanctuary any notice of your life that you hold what is a hundred he decided to give it a unified effective and draw a line fifty he was invited to give this and head of the center of that again what is the very center of that part of the sanctuary they feel the altar of sacrifice in the center as you continue on through the sanctuary a area through the courtyard we would find the labor and then about the midway point of the sanctuary we find the beginning of the tabernacle and in the game I said this half of the courtyard the very center of that half reside in the art again God is so ordered he is and he has everything so neatly laid out and I believe there is a purpose that he's lying the focus of the people to the altar into the ark where salvation process begins you might say and where salvation process in the beginning and completion of the whole plan of redemption let's look on at some other things that we can learn from about the arc tonight what does the word translated art used to describe the art in the Old Testament meanwhile there's an English man a number of times are confused when I was architect for the same word in Noah's Ark is the same wording used to describe Noah's Ark as the ark of the covenant tabernacle are particularly and this is the same also in the Septuagint and Greek translation of the Old Testament we also have some interesting terms by the way one one one time where the work work are confused which innovation can gain version it's not the same word is when Moses was born remember he was put in a basket and contains the different word not a same word can describe here but there was another time Dennis is a Joseph 's coffin when Joseph was placed in the compound very long to be taken back to the children of Israel when they would leave some four hundred years later the date you were to describe that coffin casket they put Islam in what the same word used as the ark in the time of Joe Lasch the Temple was in disrepair and second Chronicles Jeffrey twenty four we find that the member there was a collection check plays out so that the people who put in their offerings and the generosity of people exactly enough to do a renovation course in the cleaning of the temple lay down the law God of Moses and they read it to the people have brought about a revival Reformation wonderful chapter in the history of Israel but that collection chassis is the same word that it is to talk about our in the Temple in the tabernacle and so widely with what we would sort of I guess we would conclude from that is the word art is used in the Old Testament to describe something to contain values about people that make sense it's it's not so much like we need a bit of art and now that is leaving the unit associated with Noah's Ark exposing their testament but it is simply a way it's sort of like a bolt the work involved in English you understand what that means right you can put something valuable in that ball and that's what the word would mean in the to the Hebrew reader and the Old Testament reader this is a this is something that protects something valuable what was sold by those to be placed in that article will look at that here in a few minutes so what is interesting about the art is that it was met more than any other article of the sanctuary this is little high because the other articles of regular use on a daily basis in every single day three hundred and fifty nine days in the Hebrew year and then every few years there was an extra month to belong here to keep on the earth the solar calendars but three hundred and ninety eight and they administration of phrases would include the altar of sacrifice the labor of the dead every morning then laughs were trends in oil was filled in the evening saying they showed red and not every day that at least on a regular basis every week at least the show meant was they can be placed in fresh social read every Sabbath the altar of incense was used every single day and only one daily year was the ark of the covenant news and yet its mission I had an eighty five times more than any of the rest of the articles of furniture very interesting now let's look at some of the names that the art is referred to as is not just called the markets called the art and usually some other word is is added to that and then let's look at some of those names is called the holy Ark in second Chronicles thirty five and verse three it's also called the art of his strength in second Chronicles six and verse forty one also we see that it's called the part of our God and that the word Elohim the art of Elohim is there mentioned thank you your Elohim we continue on we see in Joshua three hundred thirteen call the ark of the Lord and that's Yahweh or Jehovah it's mentioned none her old ways Yahoo Yahweh when the ark of Jehovah we also see a call to the ark of the Lord God and this is how deny Jehovah in first Kings Jew in verse twenty six the different names of daughter being connected with the ark of God and what you know those names mean different things we're not going to be different meanings of the names of God we all reflect qualities or characteristics of God is also called the arc of his testimony this is this is a number of times he is in fact when God is speaking other indexes twenty five giving Moses the instructions of how to build it God calls it the art of my testimony very interesting and this was because of something that was to be put into it which it was to hold something very valuable the testimony and will look at that here in a few moments the ark of the covenant of Jehovah very interesting isn't it the argument and we couldn't have a whole study just on the covenants and how that relates the Ark of the covenant and the ark of the testimony needed to concept that believe it or not are closely related and so these are all different names that are used to describe the art and from them we would draw some conclusions now I mentioned earlier that historians believe that from Rabbi 's records of the art was made of three concentric boxes of Goldilocks medication box and then a goal blocks that fit inside the media and the outer two boxes so that vacation was completely wrapped in gold is completely surrounded by gold in fact the mercy seat this is a description from Josephus antiquities book to read I believe I want to hear but I think it's three in the notice of the mercy seat form the lid which is attached to the arc light golden hinges after a wonderful manner what was every weight evenly fit into it and had no feminist and hundreds exact conjunction in other words the hinges in the way they are put together it was you couldn't see the scenes it was so perfectly done enough of that Bible records that many artists to build a sanctuary God gave them special gifts they were able to do it in a way that was it was it was very remarkable the way in which the Temple sanctuary with its furniture was constructed so this was a is a beautiful piece of furniture and of course it was to be kept in the most most holy place there are three things that the Argentine and I want to turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter nine hundred look here he was ninth at the New Testament record and then we go back to the Old Testament and find the evidence that Paul is no doubt siding or referring to it's interesting once again were looking at how much sanctuary language and sanctuary knowledge there is an indigestion right in all holes Paul simply being a rabbi being a part of the Sanhedrin being a scholar of the Jews Paul particularly happy and in that grass century service in this week 's writing about the book of Hebrews is pointing to the meaning of the ceremonies which the Jews and then going through for centuries but not comprehending anything proving that they wanted forward to Jesus he's writing this book especially to his own people behaviors and so he present verse four he's talking about what is in the sanctuary and I'm a citizen of his something here will reason context here because I want you to notice a corroboration to what we read in first Kings chapter six verse twenty two last night with the altar of incense included in the mostly place that is what Paul says the first covenant had also had ordinances of divine service in a worldly sanctuary for there was a tabernacle made with you talking about talking about the sanctuary in the wilderness of the first where was the candlestick and the table and the showbread which is called the sanctuary or the holies the holy place and the second veil the tabernacle which is called the holiest of also Paul simply referring to the holy place and the most holy place of the earthly sanctuary and notice he said in a holy place there will come a piece of furniture he says there were two I know we we know that there were three but Paul Ling a student of the Scriptures in a state of the ceremonies and student of what it happened back there first things the Hebrews understood and inherently that the quality holy place literally containing the altar of incense the longest part of the ceremonies of the most lovely place notice Lisa's the first tabernacle there was a candlestick in the table showbread and the second veil there was the holiest of all which had the golden sensor that the altar of incense there sat on that table the sensors after and the Ark of the covenant overlaid round about with gold where it was the golden pot that had men and errands Robin Hood and the tables of the covenant so what are the three things that we find in the ark of the covenant according to Hebrews chapter nine verse four first of all is what is a gold heart of man so let's look back here at Exodus chapter sixteen and will find that story now it's interesting because this is this is a story that occurred before the ark was built before the tabernacle no but is reported evidently after Gainesville so you can understand there's some there's some details here in the story that are exactly chronological than exempt exit exit sixteen in verse thirty three this is talking about the provision Iraq is the made for the people format remember six days in the week it wish it was there in the morning and I think that more than one days worth it would spoil not want to teach them to be industrious to the early risers to be self-motivated they were a nation of slaves that had only worked when they were forced to work and energy symbolic life with the help of the learn that work ethics right and if they didn't get up early that would vanish as a flaccid and it got hot in the name but the seventh day there was no man and God Herkimer every week regarding your Nexus chapter sixteen seven days they were told to prepare for it by taking twice as much on the sixth day and even though a lot of every other day because it overnight it was perfectly good when they kept it over night on the seventh day and so I got so many things in the manner provided for the foodie talk and work ethic he talked and the importance of keeping the Sabbath the rest of a notice of the inverse thirty three Moses says air take a pot and put in Homer full of manna therein and laid out before the Lord to be kept for your generations and so the Lord commanded Moses Abdullah commanded Moses so Aaron laid it out what is a safe before the testimony to be kept now again I would argue that this is doesn't make a lot of sense because of the very first word very first time that testimony is found in Scripture so when we think it's not hard for us to know is not a daughter sister Juanita you can connect nonexistent twenty five and God tells him to build the ark and I have so being that have taken place before are least starting to take place before is eliminated in place throughout time they were getting they are built it is reported at least afterwards and recording here that manner would be taken and put into the heart next to the testimony and this is what Paul is talking about when he says he was just a Niners board there was a possible manner and place there exes chapter sixteen verse thirty three the second thing that also was in the art in Hebrews chapter nine verse four it says it Aaron 's rod that but it is let's look in the book of Numbers Numbers chapter seventeen and verses one through ten we won't read all of those for the second time writing of the story of a challenge to Aaron 's authority your other Levites who of the house of coronation and done well they weren't all easily nice Levites and leave date in the Byron coral was a son of Levi they challenged areas of authority and they said were all men why can we be Marvin Applewhite and what can we be doing these duties and down as a result of this there was a test I guess you might say undertaken and each of the twelve tribes were to send a representative with a cut our branch arrived take an optometry and and exit on the receptor seventeen it says that verse five and should come to pass the manslaughter whom I will choose will blossom and I will make you cease from me the murmurings of the children of Israel whereby they murmured against you boy got optimistic about that his wife had a hard time stopping murmurings at least on this issue wiring that wasn't enough the ground of the Muslim men and all the rest of the one have a evidence so they may bring these long rod replace them before the Lord in fact it says that people assembled in the tabernacle of witness the Lord members eighty it came to pass that on the next morning on the morrow Moses went into the tabernacle of witness and behold the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi was bothered by the and brought forth by this and bloomed blossoms and yielded almonds I like that it just was with what you have flowers on it and that Aaron 's rod didn't just have flowers it had in and blossoms and fruit on it all overnight obviously a miracle of divine life right because no human being could have a detached branch blue much less have fruit on it overnight and so this is one of those things that was kept in the ark of the covenant in fact it says in verse ten the board said in the Moses bring Aaron 's rod again before the what before the test anywhere was an adequate for the testimony be the day Rod abandoned but it was the book before the testimony to be kept for token against the rebels and also take away from that shall quite take away their murmurings from me a guy going on and Moses did so as the Lord God commanded as a holiday reading the Scriptures he included that testimony ark of the testimony contained a testimony the and that automatically put next to the tests were performed as Rob but it was before the testimony they all must've been in the art the third item that Paul mentions in Hebrews chapter nine is the testimony themselves and the covenant itself he rejected nine converse for August went back there and redistributed wording right it says there was the golden pot of manna and Aaron 's rod about it and tables of the covenant so let's look at what the tables of the covenant were speaking out we are to read exercise twenty five per sixteen where God in him calls in the arc of his testament and he says in Texas twenty five hundred sixteen that doesn't put into the ark of testimony which I shall give you and we notice that an axis after thirty four and verse twenty nine Exodus chapter thirty four and verse twenty nine inch says and it came to pass through the twenty two this is not about Moses being in the mountain of God he was there were forty days and forty nights and he did neither eat bread and drink water he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant the ten Commandments and it came to pass when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses hand when he came down from Mount that Moses knew not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with them and the congregation were afraid of them so what is it what what what were the tables of the covenant of the test case tables of the testimony according to this passage in the ten Commandments and they were given by God they are in Mount Sinai and their destination was supposed to be the art that was that they had actually been built specifically for at least the next is twenty five God called to be part of his testament and referring to put things next to it and put it before the testimony that was that the purpose for the are you hold these tables on which were written the ten Commandments now we know what happened there was a bit of a problem with the first of nothing wrong with verse tables but when Moses found the children of Israel and around he actually threw down the tables and the broken so if we turn to Deuteronomy chapter ten we find that there is a record of a second table being in the Deuteronomy chapter ten and versus two through five will read little disturbed verse one at that time the Lord said unto me you need two tables of stone like under the first and come unto me and into the mount and make the ark of wood and I will write on the tables the words that were in the first tables which broke and thou shalt put them where in the art are from Exodus thirty four what was on the two tables of April everything is right there once again God is giving the ten Commandments and he's pieces I will write them and and put them in the ark and since I made a mark of seven wooden fugitives list unlike in the first and went up into the mountain the two tables in my hand and see and the new King James and other modern translations a N act to God he wrote on the tables according to the first writing the ten Commandments as the Lord spake into you in the amount admits the fire with a Assembly of God board even unto me and then an and so forth and so here you have the three I've done this that are found in the ark of the testimony where the golden pot of manna errands letting rot in the tables of the covenant according to Hebrews nine four one the tables of the covenant is about my name is moving into management Minnesota see them I guess but the tables of the covenant and have me remember that also Hebrews Hebrews just as crazy as ten on either side of this account of the tables of the covenant being in the art testimony we have Paul quoting this is the covenant that I made this drop in those days I will write my law and it's using the children of Israel trying to obey the law of God on their own efforts they essentially try to reform their outward behavior that got appeared and then on an exegetic twenty and spoke the ten Commandments they said all for the spoken we will do how far that anything is why the Bible says conveys and that is the flood of Bible says the new test the new covenant is built on better promises is not because God makes better promises New Testament is begin the old covenant people may try to do it on their own with their own promises and dots is not possible I want you to realize this is something that God is reserved for New Testament Christians because policies willingly Winnie closed and he was generating resentments and this is the covenant only two thousand is rough as they can I will write my law in their hearts but not in the innermost parts he's quoting from the Old Testament from Jeremiah Wright and so God wanted to do with his people even the Old Testament is a you you can make yourself a good person as well I should think that you can make use of the members we cannot make ourselves a holy priest holy obedience commandment keeping personally care but God promises to do what we can do from the outside in he promises to them from the inside the solar light of Jesus spoken unless almost night and found forty Mercedes I know I do thy will O my God law is written in my heart now the prophecy of Jesus all scholars agree that I how Jesus came with commandment keeping with obeying God 's will being his first desire and promise God gives us in Hebrews is that he will do the same for us he will write his longing heart of his job to do our job right if we learned anything last night in the sanctuary for noticing last night into this whole process is by faith in the priest by faith in Jesus we follow Jesus through the centuries right apartment that sanctuary journey which we are intended to follow Jesus through includes a trip into the most holy place where it is presence of God was and where the law itself was kept free things we can see about God from these items that are kept in the ark of the covenant we can see that there were and that the automatic budding rod with tables of the covenant we can see three aspects of God 's relationship with his people we can see God as our provider and you see that you especially during the closing era of the plan of salvation the last days there may be times when we are placed in difficult straits we don't live in an easy world do we but as we enter the most holy place as we look at what the Ark of the covenant we see that part of man will God doesn't need anything for its unit also ways to fill our needs that we don't even know about he can speak that it comes to do food Valerie says your bread and water will be sure we know that he can take care of his people write statements almost as I've been old and young and not seen the righteous lack or his seed begging bread God takes care of his long God is our provider we also see in that that the budding Rod that God is our source of life God is the one who gives us life and money saved in the log can you live you get connected state branch then I would propose to you this evening that God could even bring life to the dead are mine God is in the business of creating and he is the source of life and when we see the Ark of the covenant we see what's in it we see that Robin Hood and it reminded God can give a good thing life is good news and good news for me and I presume it's good news for each one of us the third thing that we see was that archivist testimony and we see that God is the source of our morality and he is our judge you know there's a lot of things we can talk about them we could spend a whole lecture gets on ethics and whether it's possible that internal sort external ethics or whatever if there's a possibility of ethics without a God or external source you're aware of the controversies that Ben Carson got himself into a year to go to the neurosurgeon who said that he said at some point that evolution challenges us to find a source of ethics that our Creator without an external source of ethics that we have no definite morality another code of morality I love you all that is only miserable days he was scheduled in the graduation speaker in Marine because big ninety seven New Year's Eve the faculty signed edition speak because of this and he immediately replied he replied with such a forceful reply that it is it just ended there he gave a whole litany of revolutionaries ethicists who say the exact same thing that he just said and he and he just want after another after another after another of respected leaders in their field the day scholars and ethicists and by what we see here is that right there in the very presence of God God instructed ten commands on there is a lot of symbolism that we can see that we can see that any government has lost its foundation we can see that on but we can also see that God is our source of morality and he is our judge and especially as we think of red talk tomorrow morning about me but what happens when the art was used on the day of atonement is wonderfully beautiful ceremony that took place where the altar was the altar and the market joined hands you might say on the on the David and blood is on its way all the way to the art of the come right over the law and where the center would be condemned by the law the mercy and grace of Jesus satisfied that law and will I will talk more about that too much able to be here if not we can records for you the lot is our provider not as their source of life God is our judge the day of atonement the daily chum and interestingly enough I hope you can see some of this book of linen that is and I hope that it was a year from story from Genesis to dinner on the first five books we see an entire pack was a Hebrew literary device where they would write something like you have a poem with her poetry with like a PDA well the Hebrew writing we see lots of items and much of guilt and selected poetry newer translations that are set off into verse form instead of just justified text but Hebrew Hebrew thinking law and try and so what you would see we would see you would see on that Hilton progression and then a descending order paralleling the clock was built on the other side of the game for example we see the first sixteen of fifteen books of Leviticus you have all the sacrifices of things it would be done in the century offerings and so forth and the last half of the book of Leviticus you actually see more like how the priests were to behave young people to behave in different laws and regulations though some scholars look at this lacy there is actually high as in the book of Moses and specifically in the book of Leviticus where the first part of what we can generally speaking now as an pointing forward to justification and the last private book talking about how as a result of our life you might say we live our life in the very top of that book Hassan which is always the most important are that the author is trying to draw attention to the very top of that is the sixteenth chapter what is the value that is the time that is the chapter which describes what would take place once a year with the ark of the covenant ark of the testimony in the most holy place and so what I like to just sort of proposed to you is that the day of atonement being the last part of the dealing the cycle dealing with sin throughout the sanctuary near every year there were every day there were class are sacrifices and offerings made in since confessed and friends transferred to the sanctuary right and transfer to the precinct talk about that on that on our second night that of the blood and the sanctuary sprinkle before the veil inscribed your sins inscribed on the horns of the altar Jeremiah seventeen version one thousand citizen was being transferred a nice day Internet in a sanctuary regular represented in the figure as we can does this consensus in the transferred into the heavenly sanctuary right but for this sanctuary service archive .org or symbols were finished there was once a year and a anatomic and the damage was accomplished something very specific and I were discovered look at Harry briefly and then within a close here this evening the latest F-16 I just want to point out a couple of verses as we look at it briefly tonight at liberty sixteen and noticed with me verse must begin reading the first eleven and Aaron shall bring the bullet of the sin offering which is for himself and shall make an atonement for who himself and for his house so the priests are to have a special offering on the day of atonement specifically for himself and for his house for the priest to kill the bulletin offering and so forth if we continue on down and notice with me what he says he shall take us in servers twelve burning coals of fire from off the altar before the Lord and his hands will we be small and bring it within the veil a large amount of invention and legal threshold off the altar to be put into the sensor and the necessities of the incense before upon the fire before the Lord there in the altar of incense the cloud of incense may cover what the Mercy season is upon the testament and I'm not initially take the blood of the bullock that's the one you just killed for himself and for his house and sprinkle it with his finger upon the mercy seat eastward and before the mercy seat shall he sprinkle the blood it with his finger seven times then he will kill the golden note of the sin offering that is for the people and bring his bladder within the veil and doing that with the blood that legitimate the blood of the bullock and sprinkled upon the mercy seat the mercy seat and he shall make an atonement for the holy place because of what the uncleanness of the children of Israel because of their transgressions and all their sins so shall you do for the tabernacle of the congregation that remains among the minutes of their claims to God God says here on the day of atonement the priest is to make atonement which is just toward reconciliation are needed there was no word of the Bible translators could think of that really meant what the Hebrew word Mintier and so they need on their own word it's literally in English is just the traction of act one the bringing together of different parts that's what the word meant in Hebrew anything well we give up make work and so atonement is actually a a biblically inspired word that comes from the meaning here of this Hebrew and says he shall make an atonement for the holy place so noticed less than clean here or reconciled by the priests why all revenues and recently eating in those lands and symbolically becoming sin bin guess what Jesus is not only was there forever is that Paul has a book of Hebrews we comes again income without sin the second time the last last person he was just twenty seven so the final part of this whole plan of salvation includes dealing with the same as if United and sanctuary nestled really looking at it more tomorrow this is the priest is claimed in his house the congregation is claimed of made atonement for because of the uncleanness and the only place for the sanctuary is also clean cleanse and notice with me versus just get it out of her seventeen and then burst one zero briefly and there shall no man to be in the tabernacle the conversation when he goes into make an atonement no one place until he comes out and have made an atonement for himself for his household and for all the congregation of Israel were twenty when he had made an end of reconciling the holy place and O'Connor foundation and the altar you shall bring alive to and that's going to be the ceremony of the liability doesn't it kill it doesn't it sacrifice but as I counted tomorrow when we look at that in the last good riddance the getting rid of sin so once a year to the high priest was to enter into the most holy place and you sprinkled blood upon the very mercy C note that the symbolism that is taking place here here we seen the law being held the ark of the testimony right that is one of the things that are in the artifact I would argue that the ten Commandments the two tablets of stone are the primary thing in the artist as big as the other things were said to be put before them right it's always there always in reference that is able to think management is the Aaron 's rod that is and even though things to attend man's right at the hearing on the logon which is the standard of morality which we all transgressed and broke I also comes with the glory of God and what is sin is the transgression of the law we cannot we cannot just as the men are right that's what justice would be but here you have on the day of atonement the old Met to seem together meeting together of justice and mercy of the penalty of the law and the grace of Jesus the blood is sprinkled on the mercy seat and God is saying that satisfactory when one reaches on the mercy seat the rest of those sandwiches they invest on the sanctuary which been born by the priest they're all done away with finally and forever but I'm getting myself for tomorrow so this is a symbolism going on here of what takes place on the very last ceremonies to deal with sins and uncleanness of Israel it all started there in the courtyard of the second-fastest said that it was transferred essentially transfer to the priest it is on the day of atonement when reconciliations made for the holy place for the priests and for the people and as we're going to see sin has done away with eternally what a wonderful articulate rehab sanctuary from the beginning in and we've just had a very cursory look at a few of the items that we can learn about tomorrow evening were going out tomorrow morning if you're able to come going to have the yesterday as part of that program and then I'll be in a short message sharing about the last good written the very last activities of the day of atonement and what they mean for us was going for a father in heaven what a wonderful scene who you are standing before the law of God we are condemned but for your blood thank you for shedding your blood on Congress cross thank you for giving of yourself as a sacrifice thank you for the ways in which you plan to not only forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from our sins and board to to restore us one day in a world where there's no more send not even a sender a single before ever done away with what it's all here in the sanctuary but only had a few minutes tonight to get an overview that I'd is one afraid as we study the art of covenant or agreement touching on holy themes and I just want to pray for each person here with myself included that we might experience that covenant that new covenant that you want to have with each one of us as you promised you would you will change our hearts no writer along her heart and put it in our most inmost parts were not really that have to have to see to obey you out of fear or an order for a reward the Lord because you are our Savior and because of that blood in because of the miracle of new life that you worked in our hearts because you're feeding us every day just like defend Israelites of the men aboard help us had that experience the week in our home one day when we stand before the judgment that live my cover arson and Jesus standing before you might argue in our behalf that indeed it is just as Mercy Mercy one thing is known as a media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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