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The Last Good Riddance

Chester Clark III


The whole point of the plan of salvation is the final reunification of God and man – and the destruction of sin and its effects.  In this important message about Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, Pastor Clark explores the biblical message of the cleansing of the sanctuary from the accumulation of sin – and its meaning for today.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 15, 2013
    11:00 AM


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this week we are nonetheless be able to be studying the sanctuary and I know some of you have been able to be a part of our vacation Bible school for the whole family and each evening here in the sanctuary we've been exploring some of the aspects of the sanctuary sanctuary furniture we've gone a little bit about journey through the sanctuary this means we last started in the courtyard and gone through the holy place and into the mostly place and the last time we were studying about the ark of the covenant and how it is used on the day of atonement and today I want us to just focus for a little while on one aspect of the sanctuary that is a very important aspect of the sanctuary it's one of my favorite studies because I believe it's very relevant for the days in which were living I don't know about you sitting here this morning but I believe were living the last days of the service history at least of the history as we know it I believe it has many many more years many more millennia of history yet to be unfolded but it's going to be a very different history than the history that we are experiencing today it's going to be a new heavens and a new earth who is the Bible promises where in Wells righteousness you see the problem is that sin has derailed God 's land for his creation you didn't intend for it to be this way he created man in the beginning for his for his pleasure for his society to be able to have fellowship and relationship with them he greeted us as emotional beings in his own image she is an emotional being he is a relational being he is not just one guy is one God who is the rewrite is a is more than one he is a relationship and we are created in his image will also be in a relationship and specifically to be in a relationship with him and sending rail plan since separated us from God the province is your sins and unique business that rated you from me and Don doesn't like that separation the whole law school the entire plan of redemption is calculated for one thing and that is to get rid of the separation between God and his creation that of the Gospels all about to reunite mankind with his creator God that is what the purpose of the plan of redemption is an gospel as it was presented in the sanctuary in symbols and ceremonies the gospel in the sanctuary reveals the truth about God wants to separate not just people from himself a sinner separated him but he was a separate dissent from his people so that there can be a reunion between God and his creation the man so that the sanctuary is all about so we're going to look in and a little of the few minutes that we have today were going to look together at what the way in which the final ceremonies of the sacrificial ceremonial here dealt with the separation of sin from God 's people so we been on this journey and they were to be spending time mostly here in the holy place as we think about what I mostly place as we think about what took place at the very end of the sanctuary process now you remember and I didn't want you weren't here you are probably well aware that when a sinner brought a sacrifice to the sanctuary he was to confess his sins on the head about landmark deliveries but in in practice to transfer that those sins to the innocent sacrifice just like me when we confess our sins we recognize that in our sins are going to cost or they didn't cost the life of an innocent sacrifice the blood of Jesus Christ and after confessing those sends he was a sinner himself would take his knife in my provided by the raising the center would actually slice the neck of that sacrifice in the blood would subverting out to be caught in a receptacle thereby the priest was representing the life that was being shed things will this innocent life was ending out of the sacrifice and as that one was taken into the sanctuary entrance it symbolized the transfer of Zen from the center to the sacrifice and from the sacrifice to the sanctuary and so you have not only is the blood being taken to the sanctuary but also that the flesh of the LAN cell would be taken part of the B&B burn and part of it would be our would be taken to the praise and they would actually even as part of their diet that was part of their vision was a portion of the sacrifices that were offered and so the priests themselves were bearing the sins of the people you might say throughout the year there was this accumulation of sin now Pierce said and that's a good thing right because no longer and I a am I responsible for those sins I have gone to the same stream I think I transferred my guilt from me to the innocent sacrifice and in the process which of them has arranged to take care of those sins and being justified by faith at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ amen and there was a bear was a a remedy for the sin problem that that was to be out was taking place in the camp of Israel now when we think about me sacrifices and offerings some might say well God is such a glory God asking for all the sacrifices and wanting all of these offerings and all these lands to be killed isn't that sort of the business sort of just sort of grotesque isn't that a brutal and certainly animal rights activists would have something see about that they write this is not a very pretty picture but said it is not a very pretty picture friends that's the point that God is try to bring to his people and it has a high cost from the living is a price to pay for said sin may seem to be gratifying but it is costly I remember one time I was in Norway and there was a young lady coming to my classes and and she was said to me she then and in and sort of the bottom of the what the world has to offer and she thought she was having the time of the drugs and with all the lifestyle the parties is designed to me one thing I learned when I team decries I learned that in the world the more fun you have the higher the price we have to pay afterwards but with Jesus more fun you have the better you are our letter you are off afterwards is a totally different experience God 's time to communicate through the sacrifices but there is a there's a price to pay for sin and said that price of course was paid by Jesus Christ in fact he says and percent of fifteen verse twenty two the provinces have the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord is a God was not intending their citizenry this constant stream of slaughtered bloodshed that wasn't his purpose the purpose was that as we recognize are the cost of said that we will allow him that we will allow him to make us new insight out and ride his lot in our hearts that we don't have to constantly be be going to the temple with our slaughtering 's and our sacrifices he wants to change out what he wants is what he wants obedience obeying the voice of the Lord that's what he wants he wanted to teach them that that was the purpose of the sanctuary service that was the purpose of the sacrifices he wanted that to be a part of their own experience people to obey is better than sacrifice and to heed than the fat of rams God is not a narcissistic God simply want to have all of the sacrifices offered for him no he wants our hearts you get to you once our hearts that's what he wants but once a year as as this accumulation of sin and handling of the sanctuary going on deliveries all year long once a year there was a special ceremony which was to was to symbolize the eventual good riddance or getting rid for other of them from God 's people now it every year these cycles of ceremonies the Passover and feast of trumpets and feast of Pentecost these the lung of an bread and the Yom Kippur atonement all those ceremonies would just recycle at the begin date after every are right and just begin again so we can see that God was trying to teach us something and we get to the end of that cycle it would represent what's going to happen at the beginning of the plan of salvation that makes sense this is a is is a a year that is that is a tight horse symbol of what God would do in future for example we have Jesus coming at the Passover lamb specifically on the ceremony of a passive and how we studied the things were this week and over and over and over we seen the things wait for Jesus right to land points and using the priest voice of Jesus for that matter most of the furniture in the Temple questions of the light of the world the bread of life Jesus righteousness mingled with our prayers all of it is is is representing Jesus but they are also besides articles of furniture we haven't spent much time on the ceremonies that would happen throughout the year Jesus was represented particularly Jesus first coming as the as the lamb to the slaughter was represented by the feast of the Passover and it's no coincidence that Jesus presented himself for his final death the sacrifice was the time of the Passover that Jesus died the Bible records that that Jesus died in the evening at the time of the evening sacrifice the time of the Passover suggests that Lamb the Passover landmines in the temple was about to be slaughtered there was a you can read it in your Bible there was a mysterious hand for the thing the veil of the temple between the holy place the more mostly placed torrent on the bottom of my think of several hundred -year-old male would be easy to care it was about six inches thick this was not just a little flimsy open to these of fabric this was a heavy-duty woven veil and it was poor from the top to the bottom and the deep the startled priest were left with a view into the holy place and that the that in their shock and amazement the Lamb Passover lamb they were about to be killing actually speeding their grass and all was assembled the fact that there's those ceremonies had come to it in because the real Jesus the real lamb of God had died there was to be no more animal sacrifices no more celebrations of these fees that appointed forward to two Jesus true coming in the true gospel now we can look back and we can see the meaning and we can understand it ourselves without those feeds and so on the day of atonement however there was a a a a a special event that had to do with the cleansing of that accumulation of sensitive than coming to the temple on your long and getting rid of it forever in October to look at here today is a couple things I wanted to point out some of you read we talked about this last night but the Ark of the covenant was in the most holy place of lovely things right and I find is very interesting at least misunderstanding in the dimensions of the Hebrew sanctuary would have to be the choreography my energy was bisected in half and the center of the court of the first half the court would be the altar sacrifice the center of the second part of the courtyard would be in the mostly place and especially the Ark of the covenant it seems as though these two events are particularly working in the grand scheme of things the plan of salvation the death of Christ on the cross represented by the altar sacrifice and they are in the continent where in the final reconciliation of atonement atonement without between God and his people would take place this arc of the covenant you remember was created and was given their specific instructions given at the house to be treated and there were to be there was to be the mercy seat on top of the art to a German German on a chair up on either side of the mercy seat looking toward one another with a wing covering the mercy seat and God said in Texas at the twenty five that is where I will meet with that is where my presence will dwell this is where the sick actually resided in the sanctuary in the wilderness and this piece of furniture is mentioned hundred and eighty five times in the Bible last time we studied four five six different means it is called Arkham the testified arc of his strength arc of deny to Yahweh there's a whole bunch of different ways refer to a hundred and eighty five times more than any other article of furniture in the sanctuary now this is ironic you would think because the rest of the articles of merger sought daily use or at least weekly use there was something happening every morning every evening there were sacrifices there was learning the priest washed their feet in the labor before they went to the alternate to offer sacrifice and again before they went into the tent sanctuary with the blood and on certain things on certain occasions they would wash their wash themselves repeatedly some sometimes on the day of atonement I think it was seven times abuse the priest they themselves and then no less than ten times I believe they would watch that being their hands the labor was used all the time they aren't all they're burnt offerings was used all the time altar of incense candlestick trimmed and filled morning and evening but the article of furniture mentioned most of the Bible in the article of furniture used once a year once a year that was the argument this is the focus of the earthly sanctuary was in the Arkin Arkin cut in the day of atonement and so we can send some of the importance we saw how leaving the word art is simply something to hold valuable something precious to be placed and another that which was placed in the ark of the covenant was particularly the tables of the covenant in fact when the when Moses or Aaron were given instructions to put the Golden automatic and Aaron spotting budding rod in the ark of the covenant it was always in reference to the tables of the test of my tables the gun that was to put the Golden art knee before the before the testimony put the ironic but it before the testimony so the main item you could argue that was to be housed in the art wasn't able to testimony give me an axis twenty five thirty four Neurontin ten you'll find exactly what those people testimony where those the two tablets on which were written what the ten Commandments you see in the holy place and answering the mostly place right there with the Shekinah glory where God will was the standard of righteousness holiness and the center out of the courtyard it would seem impossible that we the sinners could overcome that presence that the whole point of the sanctuary the whole point of a sanctuary to bring us back into reunion in June at one with God and on the day of atonement of the blood of the sacrifice would be sprinkled on the special day on the related mercy seat of the Ark of the covenant you can see the holiness of God and the price that is eighty percent coming hand-in-hand mercy and justice have kissed together the songs stated that the sandwich I should be paying the penalty for Christ has paid the penalty for now and when that blood was sprinkled on the mercy seat it's as if to say that sacrifice is an that sacrifice is sufficient even in the presence of holiness that is accepted and you and I are accepted in the beloved it is well settled I wanted to look down Leviticus chapter sixteen while you looking there I just want to bring your attention to this little plastic diagram but the biggest chapter sixteen in Hebrew literary Hebrew literature a literary device they often use was a chiasm and a chiasm has ascending and descending corresponding concepts and then they ate tax the heat of the chiasm where it reverses and starts matching in reverse order what it's just been saying the piggyback chiasm is the bottleneck the Hebrew writer is especially trying to it to emphasize and this is found out Hebrew literature we read the Old Testament for harder for us to read it because when we read the Old Testament were not reading it in the original language in the original language much of the Old Testament written in verse form so some like poetry song I have some of the newer translations your Bibles lastly have the particular inverse in in the know instead of being justified and I centered and you can see that it's a verse form and a knife because it is a old the writer Brett wrote is not as distant like the rest of his block of text many medical Road in verse form was when we lose the poetry and some of the rhythm and timing and in all of the Hebrew believers understand it was written in verse not in the regular pros so as you as you read a lot from these verses will include high what they are trying to emphasize that the apex of this and here this is Doctor Richard Davidson 's diagram where he explained the day of atonement chapter sixteen of Leviticus is at the center of a classic structure in the book of Leviticus the whole point of the book of Leviticus revolves around Leviticus chapter sixteen so I wanted is read together with you a few verses from Leviticus chapter sixteen and I were going to look at some of the things that were going on there in the ceremony of the Day of atonement Leviticus chapter sixteen and were going to really begin reading the first eleven says and Aaron shall bring the bulk of the sin offering which is for himself and shall make atonement for himself and for his house and shall kill the bullock of the sin offering which is for himself the legitimacy here Leviticus sixteen is whereas during the year a comment is made for the people the transgressors those who sin today there's any comment made for not just the individuals but for the entire congregation and when the priest and for the Temple itself very very interesting only on the day of atonement verse eleven Egypt take a sincere full of burning coals of fire from off the altar before the Lord and his hands full of sweet incense being eaten small and bring it within the veil and he shall put the incense upon the fire will cloud of incense may come in the mercy seat that is upon the testimony that he die not and he shall take of the blood of the bullock and sprinkle it with his finger upon the mercy seat eastward before the mercy seat shall he sprinkle of the blood with his finger seven times he shall kill the goat of the sin offering that is for the people and bring his blood within the mail and view of the blood as he did with the blood of the bullock and sprinkler before the mercy seat and before the mercy seat notice verse sixteen and he shall make an atonement for what was to say the holy place because of what the uncleanness of the children of Israel and because of their transgressions in all their sins very clear why Bibby and taking place because throughout the whole year there had been a constant flow of forgiving sins coming into the sanctuary and the blood from those sacrifices sprinkled before the veil sprinkled on the horns of the altar of incense were as it were you heard of the sins but friends in the real plan of salvation that God has been hearing out the last six thousand years or so since the fall of man in the real plan of salvation there is no intention for there to be involved in heaven somewhere containing the records of this terrible era of humanity when there is sin in the world is not going to be some museum window and see all our sins still there recorded no there is going to be a time listen carefully there is going to be a time when the board 's is washed from the curse the plague that we call the only records and the only memories of sin are good reminders we seen the scars in the hands and feet and in the side of RC there will be no more rapid of sin no more memory of sin no more evidence of sin will know that we are redeemed but what would it be throughout strategy can be pulling up memories of disgraceful deeds in Boston actions and words that would be heavenly now there's going to be a cleansing and what's been symbolized here in the day of atonement is the final good riddance of sin there is a so there's a atonement made for the holy place because of the sins and so shall you do for the tabernacle the connotation that remains among them in the midst of their uncleanness of a continue on will notice that her seventeenth shopping no man in the tabernacle of conversation when he goes into make atonement in the holy place until he comes out as made in common for himself for who for himself and for his household was a talk about a song about it the high priest and the rest of the priests writers his atonement made for the tabernacle for the priest why would priests need atonement I mean they are doing God 's business they been watching their cell the labor they been symbolizing their own holiness and bring them about God 's business but the fact the matter is they had been bearing this in the people and their doctrine and neither is Jesus the Bible records in Hebrews chapter nine a chapter that is specifically devoted to discussing this passage in Leviticus sixteen and David Tillman at the end of the project the Bible says to those who look for him will he appear the second time without sin and salvation as Jesus is no longer when he comes as King of kings and Lord of lords is not to be assumed bearing Savior he is carrying the sins of the world is finished and finished with that end of the day and come in finish with the final ceremonies that we are discussing here in Leviticus sixteen he says he's a blowout were thinking to go out under the alternatives before the Lord and make an atonement for and shall take of the blood of the bullock in the blood of the note and put it on the horns of the altar round about and just sprinkle of the blood upon it with his finger seven times and cleanse it and how it from the uncleanness of the children of Israel need understand what's happening here the day of atonement is to cleanse the sanctuary the day of atonement is to take out record of sin then they're in it flowing into it throughout the year at Declan and I thought the Bible says is to cleanse it from its defilement from the uncleanness of the children of Israel verse twenty and when he has made an end of reconciling the holy place and the tabernacle condition of the altar he shall bring the live goat and we'll talk about that here in just a minute so what we can see is that throughout the years and the same is transferred to the sanctuary on Yom Kippur the day of atonement which happened once a year atonement was made for the sanctuary for the priests and for the people now what would this be symbolizing we can talk about the fact that sin is going to be done away with but I want us to see very clearly what is happening that the transference of sand from the sacrifice of blood to the sanctuaries of what symbolized me with me symbolize what happens when you and I have a center confess our sins and are forgiven and then the preclear that's what happened when the lamb is sacrificed in support of symbolizing how can the real plan of salvation weekend by faith in Jesus lay our sins upon him and as we lay our sins upon him according to the type or the symbols they are transferred to our sin bearing Savior and their transferred to the sanctuary you know that there is a record of our sins that is kept I mean God has for you and let's just look at a couple of things that we can see Chapter three Chapter three Jennifer and your Bibles there asked chapter three this was mostly good news acts chapter three and we're going to see how there is a blotting out of sin that takes place and the Bible even reveals winning will take place accepted three and verse nineteen Mrs. Peter preaching to the people I says in Exodus three and verse nineteen repent to you therefore and be converted that your sins may be what blotted out and then when they said I will happen when was times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord now peters using a phrase unit is very great familiar to the audience is using a phrase that's talking about the latter rain the times of refreshing and this is talked about in prophecy elsewhere the nonsense in this in the times of refreshing and in the spirit and what we determine the Bible sometimes termed the latter rain easily without and what the Bible he reveals to us is that there is a special time at the Marriott in of the plan of salvation when God will inactivate blocking out of sins and what here's trying to say is look your sins can never be wanted out in their knock first what the numbers confessed and forgiven them a sense we needed it and we need to take our sense of the sanctuary before they can be blotted out a a Hebrew who did not confess his sins before the day of atonement would not have opportunity to confess the sin after the victim he worked with me on that in fact those of you not put their souls and make sure that they had they had made things right with their neighbors and with their God of war that income was over they were not the instructions whether from Israel not because God the hardhearted but he wants to simply illustrate the fact that once probation closes for you and needed no second chance there's no the Bible does not teach a purgatory in which we can go and if we have enough people praying for us are giving offerings towards her we spent enough time and will then be able to get out and go on to to to an eternity of bliss we have this life and if we want our sins to be forgiven penises repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord I believe that the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary takes place part of the cleansing anatomy century takes place in the blotting out of the records of the second of the righteous about the wonderful about the Bible says that so far as the east is from the West is at the bottom of the ocean that's how far your sins are going to be from you in the point is it's an infinity right these from West of us not at this point at least not the books of record are still there and friends if you and I were to say you know what I want to invest you as my Savior but I no longer want to follow him I no longer want his righteousness to cover me I'll take responsible of my own life those sins we confess that pass the finger can be blotted out the worker paid penalty for the market we can have it both ways Jesus died for our sins and we we live her own life it's easy that Jesus our Savior and Lord Rees nothing right and so there are some who will sadly at one time confessed their sins their names written in the Lamb 's book of life their sins are covered by the blood of Jesus they stand in the righteousness of God but for some reason they choose no longer stay saving relationship with Jesus and their something else can be blotted out in that case look with me in Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three and verse five Revelation chapter three and verse five and this is what Jesus says the true witness he says he saw in the church of Sardis but he's he's teaching a truth I think that is applicable for all time he says those who overcome him that overcomes the same will be clothed in white raiment and I will what is he saying I will not blot out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels so get this in the books of record in heaven and I don't know what they look like I don't how know how God deals with all this but I believe they existed in the Bible speaks of the record and judgment consisting of books of record right and so in the books of record our sins are reported praise God we can be covered by the blood of Jesus amen and they can one day be blotted out obliterated or however amen hallelujah I'm so glad that that promise but if we choose not to if we choose to turn away from the salvation that God is supremely awkward if we choose to not keep our our our minds surrendered to him our hearts surrendered to him then something else could happen evidently and is very strong inference of these relations reapers five if he says those who overcome will not have any blotted out it's pretty strongly inferring that those who don't overcome will have their names blotted out lands like you see what's happening here we had a choice some thing if you have confessed Christ as your Savior if you have if you have engaged in business in the heavenly sanctuary might say something is going to be blotted out the last thing for the very end of the salvation process either your sins are blotted out what your needs are to be blotted out I'm I'm thankful for Jesus and that I can trust with my sins that we blotted out not my name blotted out how much you libel says they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony I don't want you to think here because this is in it over that means anything that might even try harder it through Jesus Christ and through his drink and through his blood that we are going to overcome if we overcome it all right and so the Bible is telling us here that there's going to be a blotting out either of the sins or of the names but the net result is the sanctuary 's clients the names of the righteous of the names of all persons professors are blotted out and the sins of the righteous are blotted out as well a transference away from the same business of the sanctuary now as we see this as we see this going on we know we want to notice a couple of things there's something for us to do in participation of a sanctuary experience the Bible and instructed those in the camp of Israel to afflict their souls Leviticus chapter sixteen in verse twenty and Chapter twenty three told them and so they were due they were to be a part of that experience they are researching their hearts and in participating by faith in what was going on in the sanctuary they were also told to set aside those things agreed to pride self-sufficiency of all times on the day of atonement was not the time to be glibly living your life and thinking you are good enough now is the time to search your heart and so there were certain things in their lifestyle they were set aside that would lead them to thinking they were good they were better armed they were sufficient and they were to live a lifestyle for maximum clarity of thought and then we can look at that a number of instances is very interesting when we look at the beginning of exit limit is sixteen the chapter that describes the day of atonement in the game by reminding us of what happened to parents to son went and did serve in the Temple drunk very ironically would start to talk about it until it's because friends it's a very special time in which we need to have an experience of every advantage that we can have to clear minds clear thoughts we have to move on though we don't have time to spend what is left in the latest set of sixteen once again and let's look at what would happen next on the day of atonement Leviticus chapter sixteen and were going to read here's a few more verses as we as we see what happened at the very end of the sanctuary process the biggest chapter sixteen and were going to begin reading the first twenty 's one of the reverse twenty since we for context here and when he admitted in reconciling the holy Place in the tabernacle carnation the altar he shall bring the live goat the liability here there were two goats lots were cast on them one would be offered as sacrifice the blood would be used to make atonement on the day of atonement the life that now something very different happens singular in the whole plan of the sanctuary there's no other sex ceremony hour or or you can go on a sacrifice but no other offering would even call it like this life the offering verse twenty one Aaron shall lay both his hands on the head of the live goat and confess over him what is a working confessing unhittable IPO all the iniquities of the children of Israel and all their transgressions and all their sins putting them on the head of the goat so what has happened is made atonement throne of a lot of these other sacrifices of course pointing to Jesus all the sacrifices these may sacrifice for the atonement made atonement for me for the holy place for the tabernacle can't vision of the congregation for the priesthood from some of the high priest and now he is transferring all of that sin the United through the year to the sanctuary and the priesthood is transferring it all into one place and where is that is why he's transferring all to live the very very interesting and it says that goes it says in the verse one twenty one putting them upon the head of the goat as so send them away by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness and the note shall bear upon him alternate with ease into a land not inhabited and he shall let go though the goat in the wilderness and so this is the beginning of the day of atonement and says in verse thirty on that day so the priest make atonement for you to cleansing the committee clean from all your sins before the Lord and in this beginning of the sins of the whole can onto the head of the live goat and is sending out into the wilderness what a bizarre ceremony someone scratched their heads in fact some people would ponder this and they said how can that life will represent Jesus when actually it never dives for the sins by it is not Jesus what can it represent because no one but Jesus embarrasses you understand that the struggle that someone had as they read this passage in fact it's very clear to others about this note does not represent Jesus and judicious Jewish literature of the that the name that is this note is called a cell is used to refer to the mine ours is no way that this work would have been used to describe the boat representing Jesus fast another note the one that is sacrifice is called the Lord 's government right and so there's a contrast here is very clear this isn't talking about Jesus is not killed or sacrifice as we mentioned but this and we would also point out that this this ceremony takes place after the date of his fingers point after the entire congregation and the tabernacle and the people in the priesthood of all been reconciled so is completed this time I get this ceremony takes place transferring all of the guilt that had been in the sanctuary onto the live goat so whatever we know we know this doesn't recommend retinas doesn't represent Jesus and we know that it's not this bill is not paying for our sins and him being our senior from sin because home is completed this time that clear that make sense and so as we see what it's talking about I believe this is a bit of another elimination right while my friends called this note of groups of like a garbage truck and it's here it comes to the tabernacle at the center can testify and it goes out into the wilderness not to be sacrificed because it can't overpay for our sense that goes out to suffer and die and to go into oblivion now if we look at what is going on here one is to just look in the book of Deuteronomy yet your Bibles with me Deuteronomy and were going to look at Deuteronomy chapter nineteen I think this is what God is trying to demonstrate in the plan of salvation a principal guys trying to demonstrate very very interesting it's called the law of the malicious witness the Deuteronomy chapter nineteen the law of the malicious witness it goes like this verse fifteen Deuteronomy nineteen verse fifteen one witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity or for any sin anything that he sends out the mouth of two witnesses or economic three witnesses shall the matter be established by a just and fair God is the beginning wanted informant society where one person get another person trouble is by thing I Sunday this note any residual of three witnesses right now beyond that God would enact a sneak penalty for any who would intentionally bear false witness notice what it is if a false witness verse sixteen is a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong then both the man between the controversy is the standard for the board agrees and the judges which shall be in those days and the judges on the militant acquisition and behold if the witness a false witness has testified falsely against his brother then shall you do to him as he had thought to have done unto his brother and younger sales going on here if you accuse me wrongly of something that let's say it's going to be capital punishment and you are caught falsely accusing me you pay the penalty that I should've painted it in my accusation adventure to make sense that the law of the malicious witness you are responsible involved in his knee for paying the penalty of what I should have to pay if that indeed was a true accusation and so it says there in this way you should put away evil from among you first wanting says the law that malicious witness I believe is being demonstrated in the last activities of the data tell you see my friends I have sent my life but I've accepted Jesus my Savior and his blood covers my sin there is however an accuser of the brethren is that if they see the one that tempted me to send the first place right while some of the week that great a job even without him him herself writing is set away with some of us don't need much help but he is the one with the instigator of sin and not only does he instigate us in our sins but also bands before the judgment of God and said there can be accepted back to heaven Chester can be there in those land that land where in righteousness dwells he said he videos of the brethren say anything Chester is not eligible to be in heaven while Jesus is saying my blood insufficient protester said Satan is a you take us recommend you take me another Joe Eugenie Halverson you can take him back and in the end of the judgment praise God pointed that judgment the whole topic I think the one who investigate judgment is been detained God 's people and to demonstrate that Jesus was used to fish that was taken from the altar taken all the way through the tabernacle and sprinkled on the mercy seat is at the end those who had faith in Jesus there sends our water that their names are but guests who gets placed upon whom to place the same of God 's people see I believe the scapegoat is a symbol of Satan and the final controversy saw quite final end of the controversy was end of salvation 's history Satan Bible says Revelation twenty is taken and bound and put in a bottomless pit you can have a millennium to bear our sins not any salvation or an atoning way to understand simply out of Justice in harmony with the law of the malicious witness he accused me of those sins of which I now innocent now seen bears the penalty that I should have to bear the point is the sanctuary 's claims God 's people are cleansed and eventually as fire cleanses this earth than the devil and his angels and vital records will be turned to ashes the whole universe is Clinton's say that in the last day of atonement is trying to teach us sin will not last for ever it's going to be good gotten rid is going to be put on the one who's really responsible Jesus paid my price I can be saved through him atonement is only through his blood but there is going to be a final transfer of punishment to the one who is falsely accused the one who has attempted the one who has made so many accusations against God 's people I don't know about you my friends that's good news to me the Bible says in first Peter chapter a second Peter Jennings reimbursed thirteen nevertheless we according to his promise look for a new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells all what a wonderful day it's going to be no more sin no more in addition you never have to wait is that true or not any telling the truth their allies is what you are again no more sin no more guilt no more pain or suffering no more sickness or disease or death all what a wonderful day that will be named person on chapter one verse nine our Scripture today he will make an utter end of that affliction will not rise a second time no sometimes with we are tempted in our little PR grains of no less than a century of experience were tempted to say God wiped agents along the Shirley wanting to end the purpose that God has in mind and that he will accomplish he will come in the final eradication of sin from human experience and once it is when such from this universe it will not ever happen again and affliction will not rise up a second time what a day of rejoicing that will be your guitar that out I want my fans to go beforehand judgment I want to be blotted out the times refreshing to come from the presence of God that your desire disinvited dyads with these we pray and ask God to make that a reality father in heaven today we does thank you for Jesus we think that he has a plan to cleanse us the camp of Israel to cleanse the sanctuary of the records that he's been to come again not as a sin bearer but without sin and salvation Lord intended transfer of guilt about dating that is not going to be two peoples can be to the accuser of the brethren justice will be served the law the malicious witness will be kept one day father this interview final eradication of no more no more sin no more suffering death itself is going to be cast in the lake of fire you promised the Senate will not rise up a second time more today we just pray that we might be part of that glorious day that we might be able to keep our hearts steadfastly trusting in your heart that we might be enabled to simply surrender or it's not the Miramar right gets in the way if we can just surrender to your love father you'll save us what is legally studied about the sanctuary and the only thing the center can really take credit for was killing the land we come here before you Jesus recognizing that the only thing we can take credit for your death we killed you slots on the rack something to marvel that you went willingly because he loved us Lord as we look at the sanctuary we'd is one of the part of this whole process is a folly by faith Interior Ministry and the most toy place I believe even now I pray vigil cleanse our hearts from sin they might be blotted out one day soon that you can become you can claim us as your own and that we can see do we create a new heavens and new earth we can experience you wiping the tears from our eyes and realizes there will never again in being more sorrow no more tears no more crying the former things upon passed away when we looking for that thank you for us to make snow Laplace Casey this media was brought to you by audio source a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and him please visit www. audio source .org


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