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We Believe – Church Organization

Chester Clark III


In this follow-up to “One Body” we explore the biblical evidence in support for church organization – on a local level as well as global.  A brief recount of early Adventist struggles for church organization is also provided.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • July 20, 2013
    2:00 PM


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this morning we talk about the church as the body of Christ training and as the body of Christ calls us to love one another as he has loved us we're going to deceive this afternoon be looking at another aspect of his counselor his will for the church and that is to be organized for it to have a particular way and objective to operate relatively desolate church or have a brief overview of history for those of you who like history will take about two thousand year journey about a minute and a half and will come down to the present day and examined the message work and organization for God 's people today so that's the plan thank you for joining us and blesses foreheads forward for father in heaven thank you for giving us your word thank you for giving us the opportunity now living in two thousand thirteen to reflect back upon the history recorded in the Bible and the ways in which you have guided and led your people we want a printed buses now we think you in Jesus name amen so I will begin with the New Testament church and so owl almond I meant to share with you some pass this year about them on the screen if you have your Bibles we can look them up together but workers can recall here first of all the commission that God Jesus gave his disciples as he was ascending as he left in Matthew chapter twenty eight in verse eighteen he gave a small group of people I wasn't very many there were just twelve disciples and seventy one eighty hundred and twenty never get out of that room later but there weren't a lot of people there as he was leaving best with the family perhaps a few hundred but compared the size of the task really need them it wasn't a very large group he says and Maddie twenty eight in verse eighteen Jesus came and spake in and saying all power is given unto me in heaven and earth go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and the son of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things of the right to manage you low line with you always even under the end of the world now for your disciple of our disciple living in and in that day and and thirty one A.D. I think that we would have probably looked at Jesus and said the whole world I mean you recognize the disciples at that time didn't have any church buildings they were well they were still seeking to bring the Jewish nation along with the with them in the proclamation of the gospel one the Jews rejected Christ began killing his followers Stephen and a few years later they had even less to two count on they weren't often allowed to preach in the synagogues and churches of worship they didn't have any type of communication networks besides sending a message writing a letter and having somebody taken they didn't even have not only did they not have satellite TV didn't even have the USPS you know the Postal Service so if you want to send a letter you had descended by my snail mail snail right to have someone taking their pictures and visions okay maybe they use some of those who had enough but the reality is this is a this was indicted Norman 's task about the word writer this was a huge undertaking to take the whole gospel to the world teaching all nations telling them about the things that Jesus had taught never to go on will you how the early church did this what we're looking for his afternoon 's clues as to how they were organized right because it would've been easy for some people to say while I know Jesus I knew Jesus I mean Peter good is that I know Jesus he is thinking talking to this to work this way and John could ascend line of Jesus to add I think Jesus would do this and you know that if I is the one who replaced this could have said well I was there you know I I I I was I was allowed well that I was a part of I saw this engine and so forth and I think we should do this it would've been very easy to understand knowing the human nature of these well-known individuals we call the twelve disciples or apostles it would been very easy to imagine for the church in this fragmented and at least one directions but instead they were united in fact that's why church was a blast on Pentecost because they were all in one accord they they were all trained in another room they are all in one accord they were they were working together it wasn't as though Thomas who would go as a missionary to the far Eastern act and always Latin on vellum Western shores of India he would make it all the way across to Jim and draw the tonight we can't stay tonight via on the eastern coast of India where he would be martyred as a missionary for Jesus a good assembly now I'm going I'm going all the way it assign the world like you I want with the stunning where all just individuals saved by Jesus and awaiting at local churches but what we see happening in the church is we see a network developing that amounts to a a a will to leave between not only individual members and church but churches and the world mission the this is an exciting thing discovering books and book of acts was with love in the first chapter fax verses twenty three to twenty six acts chapter one twenty three twenty six and we see here the organization as they began to replace Judas is that they might be pointed to Joseph Gold bars of us who is surnamed Justus and math bias and they prayed and said it will now Lord which know the hearts of all men show whether of these two new chosen he may take part in this ministry and apostleship from which Judas by transgression fell that he might go to his own place and they gave forth his lot there lots and the lot fell upon Matthias and he was numbered with the eleven apostles need see what's happening here why was the important why would be important replace juries okay to retain the number twelve and Jason Lambert I mean they were baptized three thousand and eighty reason updating the organism leadership in the church so they needed replace Judas who had been called by Christ and and mentored by Christ and given a particular you might say influenced by that time it is with Christ and they were going to be replacing Judas with Matthias and then because of the line of because of the mandatory commission in other words you're saying the mission of the church drove them to want to make sure they had an organization that would be keeping one for all the blessings to be able to reach the world and I think you're right and all the senses are rife that the fact as it is not just about people here not having a personal relationship with them we discover already this early in the mother back it's also about having a human opponent organization babies apparently had some semblance of understanding and reason offices that turned right these offices of the apostles even though Jesus had called Matthias and that life had been one of the disciples he was to be chosen now by Christ to take the place of budget is very interesting acceptor six verses one through seven the meetings we look at accidents have a few minutes this afternoon so were going to move quickly through the book of acts acts chapter six verses one through seven and this is a story about when that the number of the disciples were multiplying don't you like that word that you wish churches would multiply today and adding members is not good enough Margaret book of acts the members were multiplied that happens when everyone is drinking and each one wins lunch so in those days when the number of motorcycles were multiplied there rose a murmuring among the Grecians against the Hebrews because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration the twelve through the twelfth eleven disciples left math five right that was at so obviously in these twelve have a function that is different from the rest of the church members is clear this is pretty plain in in the book of acts of war yet the twelve here what's going on and they have a responsibility to take initiative to do something about it on a leadership and bought his will as ordained and legal leadership in the New Testament church as is as well call the most of the apostles of the disciples unto them and said is not reasonable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables so already they not only have different offices they recognize their different roles that different people nobody had different rules novices and Paul how would be the apostle who would speak widely on the gift of spiritual gifts on the subject description it's right and we read a lot of his and his message today the Church of England botnets are not eligible Pauline even become a Christian much less written his epistles and yet the disciples knew the apostles knew that the church function together and there were different people that would have different roles and receivable that they are trying out on as leaders in the church recede and they are there the people together they are looking for decision does we will give as a result will look out among yourself seven men of honest report form the Holy Ghost and wisdom to me my point of this business but we will give ourselves to prayer and ministry of the word and so they chose seven who ordained as deacons and it says in verse seven the word of God increase in the number of disciples there's that word again that word multiplied the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith itself we see what were seeing here is that there is structure and organization that is emerging and early Christian out and we continue on the backs asked fifty nine and were going to see verses ten through eighteen accepting nine versus ten to eighteen and this is one of my favorite passages because it really underscores the importance of the body of the church and it does away with this notion that we can just worship God as individuals and not be a part of the buyer accepted nine is a story in the conversion of Saul Tarsus he would become Paul the great the band was human not only begin the Christian work in the Greek speaking world in the room in the Roman world and in the Celtic speaking world he would also write the majority that is no doubt besides Christ the most influential influential thought leaders of the early Christian church to be very very significant conversion takes place in the road to Damascus and you have a story how there was a well-heeled led by the hand is blinded by his and his encounter with Christ in the Damasus wrote in his lead in the Damascus input in the home and the he couldn't see any getting your drink for several days three days at first and then there was a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias and to him so the Lord in the vision Ananias and he said behold I'm here and the Lord said to him arise and go into the street which is called straight and inquire the house of Judas for one called Saul Tarsus for behold he prays and he has seen in envision a man named Ananias coming in and putting his hand on him that he might receive insight as what's going on Saul is heading towards the masses to kill Christians recently than the bottom line right he's breathing out threatenings and slaughter 's and he had a reputation that precedes them in his is on his way to Damascus is going there to catch Christians and prosecute them for their their their thereof you know leaving the Jewish faith or at least you know not being in harmony with what the elders and rabbis of the Jewish nation teaching and so as he goes to Damascus he needs Christ on the road he's blinded and in the process of these three days or is not eating and drinking gotchas in the vision and a person named the is going to come in and healing Ananias and then God does Ananias and says what is thanks all songwriters always right I'm sure all the believers Re: news on probably hurting the company right and they were waving their interviews they were afraid of what saw might do and they were probably trying to figure out ways that you keep from meetings all know they didn't want him to know where they live they didn't want him to know who they were and they were scared her life as a had here is a nice Ananias is getting his message from God this is his response he says I heard by many of this man how much evil he is done dear saints in Jerusalem and I he has authority from the chief priests and buying all the call my name notice what God says and I go thy way for he is a chosen vessel unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel for I will show him how great things he must separate for my namesake itself and I went into the house right on straight Street where God told him it would be lovely straight Street is one of the few streets in old town Manassas still there pretty much like it was all standing on Sherlock Holmes I know the loans are not the end of the street is still the same street and some of the some of the terrain and some of the architecture is still Fahrenheit the nonstick streets region scene where the house of his name where he was staying at the house of Judas in on straight Street I don't know that second-place Missouri Saint Street was pretty clear that in the name since antiquity and also replacing the wall where he was let down her basket of the exact same place but them the wall still there at least some of the wall that was there all day and so here they are they are on their way any NIC goes discrete Street he finds the house of Judas he finds all cars this is his infamous and he says I come here and then sent here and you need recent years for your site and what we see happening here what I want to understand this is a powerful powerful lesson that God is teaching the early church Jesus did not need to send Ananias the self he could have he could have killed Saul anywhere you wanted to pay with Hannah he did not need to send a nice we might argue that it was for her and I is benefiting as they strengthen that uses weighted vest and witnessing is that but the fact of the matter is I want to underscore this if you read the book actually possible to see this emphasized as well God was connecting soul with his organized church with me you see the church is not just all about individuals with relationship with God about uniting with the people of God and Saul need not only to know that Jesus was in fact the Messiah the Redeemer that he was persecuting and that this follows were true he needed to also be contacted with the people of God with the Church of God and that is what God was doing when he said Ananias to heal the soul and to connect him with the church accepted thirteen let's get fun down here a few more verses accepted thirteen verse one it says now they were in the church which is at Antioch certain prophets and teachers as Barnabas and Simeon those called Niger and Lucius says Irene and me many and who had been brought up with hair the tetrarch and soul and a minister to the Lord and fasted and the Holy Ghost said to me separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them and when they had fasted and prayed they laid their hands on them and sent them on their way services on three years ago over after Saul 's conversion and song now who will become Paul is set aside by the church in in Antioch with a special mission he would become a missionary he would go out as an evangelist to try to win others the gospel of Jesus right about what we see happening once again here is there's order and organization it wasn't as though song harnesses that hang like a great you know we should be bridging give us a corner embrace arguments the church would abridge another rather run came together now lately we might mean these words glibly but the reality is what we see is a group of people working united together and we see some sort of structure protocol and organization taking place to send missionaries right how they do their work the whole world and you have local churches local churches who only have it all influence a small town here we see them now ordaining commissioning sending people out not just to work in their community but to work out into the larger community they are now reaching out in the world and is that what God said would happen to be witnesses to me in Jerusalem Judea Samaria and eventually the outermost parts of Europe it wasn't just get this very clearly it wasn't just that there were people who had a bird related on their arsenals we shared in the body was a church in a sense it were people it was people that can help them and adding a firm when God was calling them to do I'm sure wireless and Paul were also convicted of able to go out and emissions right but the shards the Bible records on their connection level or tell the Holy Spirit and the church to send them so what we see here is order and organization taking place in a very specific way numbers of remarkable way the other two instances of organization also in the book of acts that lead us to conclude that the church was organized with some sense of order and organization not just the local churches and these are the two Jerusalem councils we read one of them in acts chapter fifteen and then we read about the other one back in acts chapter and see when is that acts chapter twenty twenty one and so there is there is a is a you and so what we see is that when an asset of fifteen there is other than this there is a disagreement and takes place in the church shouldn't be too surprising their humans weren't they were perfect and it says in verse one the certain man was teamed up with Judea topic relevance except you are circumcised that matter Moses you cannot be saved and says when therefore Paul and Barnabas first two had no small disputation he disenchanted disputation with them they determined that Paul and Barnabas and certain other than should go up to where the Jerusalem unto the apostles and elders about this question what does this tell what this tells us use even though Barnabas and Saul had gone off in the far-flung reaches of the world there was still in in understood accountability the larger churches make sense so when this disagreement came up in the territory that Paul Barnabas were pioneering meanies they were coming to Jerusalem causing these troublemakers and love of God is here we were commission Danielle were saying the reason is out while interfering with this letter to our thing about this know what they said was this is very strong we believe this is legibly we don't believe you the most you have to follow the whole law of Moses nor to be saved we believe that there is been as public they later those ordinances of the meal to the cost right is no longer difference in June Gentile between male and female slave or free and so there's a there's this very strong sex of their convictions on this matter and they they are they are doing God 's work at his bidding being sent by the Church of Antioch and by the way they were right history bears out to all Barnabas were doing the right thing they were teaching them the way they should be and there's a question about all the one who wrote the rest of the New Testament it helps understand why should I uneasily he is inspired by God to do that help us understand that and so there's no question they were right but they weren't so why they couldn't be in some mission in subjection to the larger church what larger church they are the church right know there is a worldwide ban this right is not just the church of Antioch the symptom is not this the church they are in in Asia minor that they are establishing and that they they have found but even that connection goes back to the brethren in Jerusalem who had very little to do with Paul's conversion and nothing to do with his being ordained and sent out specifically but all of them recognized where part of one family there was there was a sense of organization even in the early Christian church eyewitnesses make sense and so there's this dissertation is the brother in Jerusalem acts fifteen using the Jerusalem Council later policy called again in the Jerusalem Council in both instances are examples of organizations in the early church else was a organization or something with a gap in Obi-Wan recognized by the government didn't have a 501(c)(3) are tax nonprofit that's true the following talk about here I'm talking about is the fact there was order and organization and it was done in a way that would facilitate a global work is making sense why because the church was given a global job to do now let's let's take a little bit of a picture of the Christian church and what it was meant to be first Timothy chapter three verse fifteen let's define what the church is here very briefly first Timothy chapter three verse fifteen I like this that this passage because it helps me understand what God expects of the church and what have we defined the church it says this is Paul writing to Timothy says in first Timothy three and verse fifteen but if I tarry long that thou me us know how you ought to behave yourself in the house of God which is the what church of the living God the pillar and what an ground of the truth and down in mine and my dad Marge inflate it says the ground so the like the foundation the stay of the truth and so the church is defined here by Paul at the pillar and ground of the truth of this mean that everybody in the church understands all truth equally and fully know what it does mean is this is how I understand it I believe the church as defined by Paul here the church is the entity or the the the big group of people to whom God through whom God Nielsen truth in the world is one that the church in the tendency through whom God reveals truth to the world I'm not clear to say that there's not different ways of understanding the word church we can talk about a local church church building we can talk about the what some people call the invisible church meaning anyone who is born again no matter what denomination even then even if they don't even really along a Christian group learning we can consider them part of the body of Christ the spiritual life price and there is invisible church in my car but when it comes to church organization God has to have a visible group through whom he chooses to the Senate vote life of the truth to the world and at half what I see here happening zooming defining first Timothy chapter three verse fifteen now if we look back in history to try to understand how that happened we see that God has been a number of things similar to look at that history just a brief second got a number of things to try to reveal the truth of the world originally after the fall of man the antediluvian 's for God about God and they and eventually even though I was the library happened that that pre- flood history even though the Methuselah who overlap with Adam for many years was still alive they still forgot about God they they went their own way through the veil worn coming and many of them are probably God believers getting many of them were considering themselves to be God 's followers but they were and obviously when Noah sent his message they rejected it right so God start all over remember what happened how long it takes for the world to forget about again not very long in fact a company that is by the time gone them down and saw in early counties one young man named Abram and Abraham had had found favorite island I must like vanilla demonizing gun but I understand Abraham lived for at least seventy five years of the goodness we differently Abraham know what was alive for at least seventy five years of a man's life Noah Simons may have nearly almost out of the debris you should and letting the moment of it talking about very closely remove the flood how can I forget so quickly right how can they forget as Obama counties as I find some way to preserve my truth indicated in the world and so he chose to use a method we call patriarchs right and this method of patriarchs would choose a family line wherein the firstborn son would inherit a birthright which included the spiritual leadership of the family the ancestry of the Messiah as well as two thirds of the physical possession of the author and Abraham Isaac Jacob and finally the children of Jacob Wright the children of Israel what would their purpose what was the purpose of God in choosing the patriarchs and later the children of Israel God 's purpose was to use them to reveal the truth of his character to the world that clearly we all agree on that God 's purpose must use the page rocks are made of the children of Israel to reveal the character of God the world now did that mean that all of them were vertically converted and had all the right is the truth look at the look of these patriarchs problem right we see them in the twelve sons of Judah taken a look at a look at the children of Israel I the children of Israel called out immediately were entrusted with each where they are converted know the ones of the children has been working very mean the rest of the phase I know they were altogether they are those who were converted I believe her to be on the analysis can be lost and in like a hater like that might be the nation 's run will be lost they'll be lost with the extra burden of having been entrusted and knowing the truth and not containing about twenty cents the churches get an awesome privilege seltzer and what Paul talks about some of Stephen in his sermon acceptor seven hundred thirty eight notices me how he describes the children of Israel in the wilderness now the word church is not a word we find in the Old Testament Hebrew word and so no congregation as the words used using Old Testament but notice how he said acceptor seven verse thirty eight he says this is he that was when I was in the what the church in the wilderness with the angel spoke to him in the nine with our fathers we see the lively oracles to give them to us what is even called the children of Israel back I is the church that doesn't mean there are converted as a me now perfect there are some apostate in there and having some shaking since purifications and all the rest right through the church because they been given the responsibility to be stewards of the truth stewards of the law and to share that blessing and the news of the Messiah with the nations around them so let's just take a real quick overview of church history we see via the the Jewish nation rejected Jesus and his message writer and so what I understand is that after that time after thirty four eighty the end of the seventy weeks of dance at the nine the hand of the time in which they were given opportunity to accept the Messiah and Internet time the gospel went to the Gentiles and accept reimbursed for records of those who are persecuted everywhere scattering that preaching the word of God there were scattered everywhere and down as they began sharing infringing the gospel was taken not a knowledge of the Jews but also to the Gentiles and this would lead Paul understand that the Jewish nation and forfeited their their birthright my faith is like Esau forfeited his birthright the Jewish nation had given others do and they were no longer the channel through which God would reveal his truth to the world they could be again they not only killed the Messiah they refused to own up with it too and they began telling his followers and now there's a new visible church owner this makes us that the Christian church are they all perfect now infecting me he reinforced Clinton's chapter first in chapter one the first verse talking about church and all the Church of God one we won't turn them save time called to be saved he says and yet we know there were some pretty bad things going on corn that need to be addressed and dealt with before and because fellowship from the church but they were the church and God got at court now as time went on you don't happen Paul even predicted before he died that after my departing ravenous wolves not sparing the flock member that and even from among yourselves teachers will rise reversing soap among even within the Christian church Paul predicted there would be an utterly apostate and leadoff disciples to them taking them away from the true teachings of Jesus himself as that happened it are stalling church the apostle that also a church went into decline I referred you to first in his chapter one verse two and our management enemy does slides so as as as the day apostles were word had become the bid the visible Church of God they soon passed in their graves and the church team to time of apostasy right in which in which there is a falling away falling away from the truth the medicine was revealed as Paul Collison and his letter to Thessalonians and so there came a need eventually for calling out the visible church the Christian Church letting the need for calling out and got through that time you can read about it in relationship to twelve o'clock preserve the truth law so much of the visible church as through as through at a rather invisible group of scattered people hiding in the mountains to retain the Scriptures and an extra police but in what they weren't all in one place I'm going up the truth there are some people who believe the Sabbath there's some people wondered about the incident there are some people that visited above and about salvation but they were very few who all in one place understood all the beliefs of the apostles at the understands that make sense we talk about the Waldenses and there were some qualities through release the history we have they didn't understand those things there some something different parts that understand driven it wasn't Justin and Justin Italy and France is also in Africa China and other places the truth was being preserved in little groups of people but what was the visible church if we republish for three and this is the nail startling to some of us some of my conclusion as I read Revelation chapter three two and three in the seven churches seven church as are the visible through business as we read about the seven churches who we believe they represent the people of God in different eras right knowingly misrepresent as we meet the seven churches we also description in Revelation two and three of the woman's we see description things you suffer that woman Jezebel direct rule over you I recommend that that's hard for us to really comprehend because we're so used to thinking about the Christian church during the Middle Ages as being apostate but it was still the it was still invisible group of people who got given the truth to take the world I believe they're going to be judged on the basis of related the first calling out a bag with reading studies of interest for yourself that's my conclusion is calling out of that in a public way would be at the beginning of the Reformation where you have no cow going home to home and teaching in the villages and hamlets and castles about the true way of salvation he had Martin Luther nailing his ninety five theses yet John Leslie later teaching about righteousness by faith and obedience have all of these truths now coming to to to a degree they hoped and beginning to reform the church may realize the church would not be reformed and they began calling other people out of the church right is coming out about a lot and and definite fall of Babylon and so does the church rejected the message of the Reformation there came a message to come out of the church and then began the Reformation are reading reading and reading the seven churches when you read about the church of Philadelphia you see a you don't I don't believe that we see any one group of people that we see the Reformation itself as being God 's invisible group of people who are working is working to take the work done truth of the world this makes sense he's working through them but I think you would have a challenge because a man named William Miller would begin preaching about the second coming and you know the churches that had that had been sick out of their previous denomination Roman Catholic Church churches that it said were dressed down the Bible the Bible only the word of God because they hadn't this had been a part of their treatment part of their beliefs they reject the message of the second they did and then plan will not all the details that the Bible record an entire message said that one is fallen his fall I believe this is the second full of battle and win win the churches of the Reformation rejected the messages of the word of God is further like to God bring them and led to an new call to come out into again and organize visible to the people through whom God has given his entire message now let's let's look quickly at the hat at what the message of what that what the sequence of things took place was making forty four nineteen eighty forty four nineteen fifty those who had been part of the Millerite movement they began to understand the sanctuary message they also began to understand this in the Sabbath they began to publish what they had understood in eighteen fifty during nineteen fifties the membership expanded it they can call our membership there was no organization but the group expanded from about two hundred and eighteen fifty two about three thousand and eighteen sixty or so around that time nine of every average of thirty percent growth rate in those who were a part of what we call the Advent movement or the Millerite movement and a Sabbath of the Sabbath a publishing house they began to expand in Michigan they started a new art New York and New England expand in Michigan Illinois Wisconsin Canada and California but throughout this process of expansion they were among the early Adventists there was in there was a an environment of resistance to organization and then part of this scene because there was a debate over what type of organization is appropriate when they go the Congregationalism route some of the and some of the pioneers again like others had come from a conversationalist background or more of what about the use of sunlight and more like the Episcopalian church which had press injuries and conferences in general assemblies and so there was this there was this distinction of what type of organization if they were to be organizing the use Baptist congregation was versus Methodists and Presbyterians there was also a and think they had a shared experience in the early eighteen fifties most of them had been kicked out of churches for teaching that Jesus can come again at their churches and his trees tune into to say they can no longer be tolerated because they didn't believe this this link their teaching wasn't emigrating and so you are part of our group anymore and you can you can even find some of the records of the different families being voted out of membership of their Methodist or Baptist or whatever churches because they believe he is coming it's interesting because the day to those denominations also believe this is coming in one form or another but then this is a very controversial issue and so people weren't aware were persecuted for their beliefs by the organized churches and they said we don't want to stop to establish that again we don't want to go back there and George Storrs says for example the midnight cry of February fifteen eighty Dean forty four take care that you do not seem to manufacture another church knows church can be organized by man's invention but what it becomes Babylon the moment it is organized that I might agree with him and him talking about the organized by Nancy mentioned but clearly God led an organization of early Christian church and that wasn't man's mention so you have an opposition to create a mention that the uneven opposition to choosing a name will that work coming together studying the grown from two hundred people to three thousand people now and we didn't want to call and selling in particular I understand if you need your to be a visible group of people by God is going to take the message the world need to be a distinct people to and when you get into all of Mister coffee Council on this topic but clearly God would have them denominated set apart from the world with a name with a unique identity and notice what Roswell Cattrall said he read Genesis eleven saw that the builders of the Tower of Babel said let us make a name and even preach sermons and rent are wrote article saying if we make a name for ourselves caller self something that we as the foundation about and so there is opposition and that you understand what kind of environment as well as nineteen fifties God was moving God was leading his people but there was opposition to the there's opposition to the very basic parts of or of organization there are several things that unify believers during this time the believer saw themselves as members of the true church in other words they read in Revelation fourteen and three most messages God has called us to get this message we are fulfilling problem as an important understanding they had said we know that the message that we've been given this year it is a message for this time they were united in any doctrinal positions we talked about some of those briefly and nearly all of them it fascinates and forty four disappointment so they have that in common and they also send a time getting together that Friedman conferences sometimes in a member 's barn sometimes in the houses sometimes intense meetings where they would hash our study together different topics to be able to understand them better they also had dynamic and energetic young leadership and they have the visions of Ellen White which guided them when they met in passes there are some things that what they were doing to try to unify the people as well and while the major works they were using with the publishing work at first they were publishing their material and Millerite paper after the disappointment the day star was still available to them and so they start was published by Munich Jacobs in New England and this paper was still widely read and so the he early Adventists would use a snort paper than in Jacobs became Shaker and left the VI in the Protestant parish that he had had and then so they used ORL Crozier 's data on magazine or newspaper and they would publish and that but eventually they said that wrong we have to be able to have her own voice to convey their own clear message to the people who are studying together and James White was the one who is leading out in this and finally some funds were given and presses purchased but who would on the press will gain one hundred because there is nobody else that would step up he was long-running in organizing and have no citizen his personal name so easy what's happening of people giving money and coming to James White and James White of a young twenty something -year-old fellow who doesn't want that responsibility and by the way with that responsibility in all kind of gossip rumors and accusations and needs prompting himself as getting rich off the working interest in it was it was not fun for him and so she began to say we need some one of the struggle for some sort of organization we needed for several reasons one to hold property games why was very personally clear on that one is a certified ministers how do you know when someone shows up at your church or your home group or whatever it is on that morning how do you know that there are not wolves in sheep 's clothing oh yeah I'm one of you you know what the only way to know would be to have some sort of a constant togetherness eighties of the people that are certified but that's organization ministry and when we has a very organized bar or certified by you your you know what that was the prerequisite that starts to sound like we're defining a tree you know and so became very controversy over an opinion this was the need we had the also the challenge of dealing with apostasy there are people that moral lapses infidelity among ministers among church members there were no pastors to deal with it there no pastors there was no one had any authority because there's no organizations understand that there's a direct relationship between authority and accountability and organization some exams you have to have you have to organization mutually agreed-upon organization for there to be authority and accountability to that authority and so these are the three major reasons that the early administration began to say we need organization in Washington New Hampshire church began ordaining deacons in November nineteen fifty one this is what we believe the first of the officers that were ordained in a biblical manner after the children the adventures begin with there was no evidence church but this was the first seventeen in church anyway there coordination appoints Lawrence as a minister elder in September of eighteen fifty three and then there's a there's a pretty pretty long period of time before any other steps were taken in church organization and they did attempt to establish church discipline and yes this is for a full-time ministry not as part of a pastor over specific church but as pastors who would help to shepherd the larger flock they were there were those who oppose organization on the basis of the church state relationship if we organize the church and have structure and approved by the state are we making a union between Church and State revelations is not the right to adultery so there those who said we can reorganize on that basis eighteen sixteen at a three-day conference in September and a form of publishing Association much to the relief of James White who by now had quite a few aspects in his name and he wanted to do bold Zen into a shared corporations they formed a publishing Association the first official organization of the Athens church and they voted that we call ourselves seventh they Adventists it would be another year before the first state conference was organized in Michigan and the next year and a half or so other state conferences were organized until May of eighteen sixty three delegates from the state conferences that had been organized already met in Battle Creek and constitution of a general comments was agreed upon now at this time things why was asked with a personal conference has he declined even though he is the obvious choice and the fact the leader of these early Adventists declined because he had been the one pushing organization news life and one among the foremost voices saying the organization we having worldwide work to do we need not just local churches organized we need in organization between our churches to be able to prosecute the worldwide work that we believe Revelation fourteen sixty seven tells us we are to do where the three angels to get that message to every patient people and very briefly as a result of this organ is station and only about a hundred and fifty years as an Dennis church became the largest church geographically on the globe if you count the work that our disaster development relief agencies do we are operating in more countries than any other Christian group not despised group if you if you look at our educational system is the largest causes of the health system 's largest bus system and young women you must want Muslim good time why because of organization because people don't just give their monies when we give our monies of this church as a company archive your type doesn't company and goes to world church with structuring organization to implement a worldwide mission it's because I believe in worldwide mission requires a worldwide organization and and and so God was leading I believe that is led us in this way I believe many of her not Jesus who were never about otherwise because not only of organization of the type of organization that God led his people to establish on disclosing one passage of rubbish and fourteen a refrigerant couple times but I want to want to help us is to close on this thoughts here in relation fourteen verses six and seven says I saw another angel fly in innocent heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach within the lonelier every nation kindred tongue and people and sing a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth to see the fountains of waters I believe in church organization because this is how the New Testament represents the mission of the early church was accomplished in one generation God blessed his apostolate church to take the gospel is all that Dana and Colossians chapter one verse twenty three to every creature under heaven I mean that with the power the Holy Spirit and is falling and working together not just as local church but as a worldwide family accountable to one another I believe that God can do the same thing and fulfilled Revelation fourteen six as well and messaging go forth every nation kindred people nephropathy things can happen and I'm thankful that we can be in part thank you for joining his effectiveness is closer the worker father in heaven thank you for giving us the chance to share in your work as we think about church we know that you cause to be part of the body of Christ we know that includes a local church local church family wherein we can find fellowship and accountability we also know that the church is organizing a mission as we look at the New Testament church we seen clearly that there was an interdependency and enter relationship between not only members of between congregations in different parts of the world field as well and I just pray that you would help us not to try to act as independent atoms not to try to go do our own thing not to pretend that all that matters is a relationship with you even if that's where it all starts in the end and that's the most thing that help us to also realize that we're called called into the community of faith were called into to be a part of a work that into defective and peoples it may be as my semi reflection managing in our earthly organization was called the organized were called to recall to take this message not just to our families not just our neighbors but in fact were tasked with the responsibility of the whole world help us to be faithful to God help us to do the work that lies nearest and be faithful in supporting our brothers and sisters around the world thank you please bless us and the rest of us are paying the bringing of a room of media was wrong audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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