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Face Temptation and Win

Adrian Zahid



  • February 17, 2007
    10:00 AM
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morning Ivanhoe is a pleasure to be able to speak you again and indeed it is an honor to do so this morning the sermon I have in my heart that I'd like to share with you this morning is has been it's been kind of a burden and I want to share for a while and there's some things in the sermon that might strike you as a little hard but just stared at me I'm on your brother in Christ and that listen to me is the title of her sermon this morning is free as temptation and when I'm not an expert in facing temptation but I know I want to win do you want to win and we can only win if we are connected to Jesus Christ in others this past week there was an important day that that happened and it's a very important day for a lot of people in the Western Hemisphere utility that is Valentine's Day and the week before was an important day for those of us who work at the behavioral medical Center because Jago the joint commission showed up at you not one day and they were there for three days three long days and in those three days I learned to say things the right way and to act drive anywhere world-class facility and we really do her job will be passed praise the Lord but obviously certain way that you see things and husband love Valentine's Day you know that everything is soaked with the correct length try to think of the term that you could use for Valentine's Day politically correct term in and is what I came up with I hope you it's all I think God has a should be renamed it should be called relationship awareness day what you think because of that day this is the day when girls all over the Western Hemisphere want to know that their husband or boyfriend their fiancé knows that he is in a relationship with her is that right you know we are in a relationship with Christ each one of us and we have someone who wants to sabotage the relationship he wants to make sure that our connection between Christ in us is broken because if he can do that and he succeeds desperate the Lord as a sermon sermon I asked if you give me strength and that you lobby of the listeners and send your Holy Spirit to guide us into drive home those those truths and Lord help us to make sure that we are always connected to you because without that connection we can never go anywhere we can never set up the double I ask this in your precious something that would mean your Bibles to first roentgens chapter can first Corinthians chapter ten I'm going to first start off with some yes a little negative but then I'll also you a story from the Bible of how it works and I'll end with something positive first Corinthians chapter ten this chapter over here has to deal with a little bit of history of Israel and it is written for special group of people and that special group of people are named in this chapter first front is chapter ten verse eleven it says know all these things happened unto them for example simplified of who did them are for examples and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are are we living at the end of the world yes we are time is of an essence and its passing by every passing day we're hearing more and more bad news from all over the world and things are pointing to Christ return as of this chapter was written for us for reason and to David and find out that reason and I see how it was applied in back in history and how it can happen to us as well prescriptive chapter ten verse one forever moreover brethren I would not you should be ignorant how all of that all our fathers were under the cloud and all paths of the sea and all the got to Moses in the cloud and in the sea and all of that need the same spiritual meat and it all drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and duck rock was Christ secure receipt is a group of people the children of Israel be were a few may call it there were seven day Adventist they had been baptized they went to church they ate of the same spiritual meat they drank of the same spiritual drink they drank a price they follow the rock which is Christ and somehow in verse five we have business work but it says but with that many of them God was not well pleased why was he not well pleased to find an up-to-date for they are overthrown in the wilderness there is a person in this world today who takes delight in severing the connection between you and Christ if you don't take your eyes off of Christ and focused on something else and he has and this is how he does it there is five ways that he uses five disc collectors that he uses to disconnect you from Christ the first one is a fatal look that fatal desire that's called lust and we find that here in verse six note these were our samples didn't happen we should not lust after evil things as they also lasted the second one is idolatry and it's found in verse seven meter EV idolaters and some of them as some of them as it is written these the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play next is fornication that the fatal act of friendships idolatries of fatal commitment and will be looking at that as well and in the next step is the next way that he can try to disconnect you is a fatal act of friendship which is fornication and neither let us commit fornication as some of them committed and seven one eight three and twenty thousand use another way that he disconnects you and this is tempting Christ in a presumptive faith that fatal presumptive faith you let us tempt Christ as some of them also tempted and were destroyed of the serpents and in the last or not least is a fatal spirit that murmuring against God neither murmur ye as some of them also murmured and were destroyed of the destroyer of this chapter is based in numbers chapter fourteen and local dirges really quick numbers chapter fourteen verse one to see how this happened to the turn of his research on individual they had journeyed through the desert and ever right of the border some of the promised land and are just about to go in and they sent out the supplies we know the story and his wife came back with bad news and two of them connected good news so often we human beings the focus on the bad news and they lost their connection with God they lost their site on thought and has as a result they forgot what got it done in the past for them what he was doing in the present for them David began to fear for the future that always happens to those of us who Satan gets to disconnect from Christ does he misread numbers chapter fourteen verse one and all the congregation lifted up their voice and pride and the people wept that night and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron edition said to them one God and we had died in the land of Egypt obligor that we had died in this wilderness wherefore the Lord brought us into this man to all by the sort of wise and actually should be operating when it be better for us to return to Egypt and they said one to another let us make a captain and let us return into Egypt the children of Israel were brought out of Egypt by God he made he did a lot of wonderful things many miracles to bring them out of Egypt he parted the Red Sea he did everything for them to the relevant through the wilderness but these people they forgot what bought it confident they they took their eyes off of what God was doing for them and they focus it on something else and as a result they began to murmur began to complain as collective first rent the instructor can and let's see how exactly is Satan use these five different ways to try and disconnect you from price step number one in Satan 's plan is to try to get to lust after something what is less and less as the desire it's an abnormal desire Matthew five twenty eight and the other Matthew five twenty eight Jesus tied lust with something else Matthew five twenty eight Jesus said but I see on to you that whosoever look at on a woman to lust after her hath committed and oh three already in his heart for that keyword over there whoever looks so lost as to do with site would looking with with thinking in your heart or something but it has to do also the desire and what Satan will try to do is eat he will try to make you lust after something only knows that what God has to offer in a relationship with him and heaven far better than what he has to offer and assert what he doesn't see you try to talk up the value of what he has any tries to get you to take your eyes off of what God has for you and place them on what he has for you and then he gets you to create this desire your heartsick I want that and he's offering I want this person I want this car I want this house I want the status I want this and so you goal for that James chapter one verse fourteen says but every man is tempted when he is drawn away from his own lust and is enticed so what do you do when Satan comes to you and he has this desire this is thing that he shows you want to create this desire in you what should you do message to young people verse based thirty says to have the religion of Christ means that you have absolutely surrendered your all to God and consented to the guidance of the Holy Spirit the surrender of all your powers of God rightly simplifies the problem of life it weakens and cut short a thousand struggles with the passions of the natural heart if you focus your heart on Christ and on what he has to offer for you and you say I am dedicated to Christ and I will not take my eyes off of him did things on that better here short vowels and temptations policy conditions of thousand struggles with the passions of the natural part one estimate Vice President Claussen circuit three verse two license chapter three verse two Paul says set your affections on things where above or below about not on things on this earth that is the advice he has for us we are to set our section on things above on the whole and the future and ended things of God 's love or not on things on this earth because of things on this Earth will one day be destroyed but what Satan will try to do is to try and comment you and he'll try to make you want something on this earth and if you're not careful you will get you that is the very first way that he tries to get used to lust someone told a story about some people never shipwrecked and what this is really an illustration not really a story but the three islands and is RNA where you need to go under there you can find safety to his helicopters to to take you off the island you're not lost there is either number two where if you land there appears there's pirates and there is really bad people will kill you and number three there is wild animals and the killing belt out a island be are really close together an island seas off on the right side says you're rolling you get this instruction you know I would need someone to go and use of the ordinance and water rowing there someone in the boat says why we go to reside in C I think I see is the one responsible you know everybody in the bullet is going to say no that's other one because it's way out there is whether we know they were supposed to go this way and coordinate savers posted August one person says but I would be the one on the right hand side is full of undecided I invested on diamond in the middle that one was the more the most dangers person because if it is slightly off where you can end up Internet end up on the wrong island as a saving with less interest slightly off on your affections Satan hones in on that and he comes at you and he finds something that he can use to get you and if you're not totally set on Christ your heart and your minor not totally surprised he has stepped over to or a different way that that Satan sees it will try different ways of getting at you the second way that he'll try to get you first read this chapter can is to try and make you idolize what is an idol and I'll is something that takes the place of God United Bible times they would see when they built an altar they would go and grab a pic of some some rocks and they would put the rocks together and make it into a certain certain way and then they would get something some sacrifice and they put it on there and agility it would take to take time to dig resources maybe will cost some money and they put it up there and maybe set it on fire of any club when asked from heaven or something like that but it building an altar takes time having an idol in your life takes time your resources and your money having gone your life as well he requires your time your money your talents are reasons your life and if you do not have God as your person as as your main focus then you are going to devote your time and your energies in your efforts to something else and that is what Satan tries to get you to do because if you don't make you focus on something else and make back your God then he has message young people versus a check page twenty eight says in the history of Joseph and Daniel has felt they could not be tempted to turn aside from the course of integrity they valued the favor of God about the favor of an praise of princes and God love them and spread a shield over them easier to read on ashamed display their true colors even the court of the king in character in their words into practice as they confessed their faith in the Lord God of heaven he refused to ball to any earthly mandate that detracted from the honor of God is a difference between goals and follow God and those who follow the prince of this world those of follow God they have to focus on God to have their affections and their hearts and bought and they will not let anything severed their connection with God and matter what it means what happens axis twenty verses three to five is very clear you have to go there it's this first and second commandment it says it and it pretty much says it anything that disconnects you from God is a nine anything that takes your time and your effort and your resources that should be devoted to God and you get one and I think that's an odd you have any idols today the third way that Satan will try to get you into the fatal act of friendships first page of chapter ten verse eight it says that is not that is not a leader let us commit fornication as some of them committed and fell in one day three and twenty thousand he's referring Paul is referring to a story that happened our long-ago individual in Israel he never ever in this area and in this plane and there is a king that wanted to he wanted to curse like to get some proper to curse those people the children of Israel and so he called a prophet over and the problem is bailing and Bill infected person what happened was enabled to curse is unable to bless a bit about a different way he said you know if you really want to get those people have your people intermingle with them let your girls Golden Aaron and seduce the young men are that their young men common play around with your girls and you get them that way and sure enough they did relationships are one of the key ways that Satan gets you see if you do not have the right friends and the great crisis of your life you will turn to your friends and they will give you bad advice as of the two people in the Bible who who had bad friends first one is fun first things Chapter 11 first things chapter eleven and verse one first things Chapter 11 verse one it says that King Solomon loved many strange women and they goes on to say in verse two of other nations concerning the Lord had said to the children of Israel you shall not go into them neither shall they come into you are shortly able turn away your heart after their gods and did installment is married because of political alliances no Solomon Clave under these in the are you married for love he was looking for love and he married these women for love first for and here's a result the sound result of marrying for love with people that you shouldn't marry in the first place for it came to pass that Solomon was old that is wise turned away his heart after other gods unconscionable but it happened and his heart was not perfect we got with the Lord his God as was a part of David his father so what happened to Solomon Solomon shows to let himself venture onto forbidden ground and he went and married women who he knew would take his heart away from lethality was strong enough and he married them and love in his soul collated and because that's the most natural thing to do and as a result over the course of time when he was old his wives turned away his heart from God is going to the next chapter chapter twelve and B have Solomon son Andrea Bowman went to Shechem and all that Israel came to second to make him king and be here this oriented it goes on to say that can be no street it is its Encarta this chapter where did the people came innocent heart you going to treat us and he returned to his old advisers and they told him make it easy for the people and and they will serve you forever but then he turned to his friends and they gave him less different kind of advice and advice they gave him was this and now where is my father laid you with a heavy guilt I this verse eleven I will add to your Yule my father chastising the but I will chastise you with scorpions a very bad thing to say but his friends the friend that he cultivated and he went with with friends in the great crisis of his life gave him the wrong advice and as a result he lost more than half of the kingdom are you endangered today of losing the kingdom of God because of friends because of relationships that you are in think about the one the most powerful ways that Satan can get you is through the fatal act of friendships but good friends on the other hand good friends there there and in the moment of prices they can tell you to your face back into the can so you know whatever your name is often the Adrian what you're doing is wrong turn around and and the confessor sent or you you have godly parents and your parents can tell you what you're doing is wrong and you change your you have godly teachers or you have a golf godly spouse when you can confide your heart with and only she can know what he can know what's going on in your life and they can pray for you and they can tell you what you need to do and they can encourage you to think they can be there to give you for you but if you do not have those good friendships you can be a lot of trouble fundamentals of Christian education page five hundred says great care should be taken by Christian youth in the formation of friendships and the choice and in the choice of companions take heed lest what you think to be pure gold turns out to be base metal worldly associations tend to place obstructions in the way of your service to God and many souls everyone but unhappy unions either business or matrimonial with those who can never elevate or and noble every year the statement but he's such a nice person he is a spiritual guide or she is a really religious girl I've ever heard a statement this is what missing says oh here never should gloss people venture on forbidden ground mirrors between believers and unbelievers are forbidden by God but too often unconverted young convert heart follows its own desires and marriages unsanctioned by God for where you and your relationships in your life take a look at your relationships and see if that person that you are with is guiding you towards Christ is in is and knowing you is uplifting you was that person in the long run to take you another path that you don't want to go because of the crisis of your life happens you will turn to your friends and to your family and if your friends and your spouse are not there for you if you do not choose you cannot make the right choice of your friends your spouse Satan will choose them for you and when he chooses them for you he'll make sure that the advice you get will doom you to failure it's going to the next step will year the next way that Satan can use perspectives after ten verse nine the other way that that Satan can use to get at you if it's not friendships if it's not on setting your affections of something else if it's not idolatry tempting Christ is that presumptive fate first Corinthians chapter ten verse nine presented September 's length neither let us tempt Christ as some of them also tempted to destroy the serpents how do you attempt Christ what does it mean to tempt Christ this total Matthew chapter four verse five C what the Bible says about tempting Christ Matthew chapter four verse five this is appeared in Christlike when he was being tempted by the devil what motivated him up into the holy city has set him on a pinnacle of the Temple and said unto him if thou be the son of God cast thyself down for it is written he shall give his angels charge concerning the and in their hands they shall bear thee up lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone cysts Jesus is standing at the top of attack on the pinnacle and say and would love to give and that pushed to send is that we can't did the good news is that Satan can never make you do anything he can never force you to do anything God can do here at Satan can do either you have a free will but he does suggest temptation is a net and is in evitable but getting in his Asgard Soto it has its price it over there and Satan was tempting him what would happen if if Jesus jumped over at the other base up the at the Temple the stones right and there is those if he had jumped it would have been genitive in Christ and Satan was trying to make him have this presumptive faith at all yet the father loves me you'll protect me and you'll save me unified do this have you ever been in a situation where Satan gets to say but God still loves me I know what I'm doing is wrong but he still loves me he will forgive me and he'll keep me from getting hurt even though I leave it ever been brought even though I feel this little thing the fatal presumptive faith is one of those ways that Satan can try to get you relationship or six verse seven says be not deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man so it that shall he also reap the last step that Satan uses a prescriptive chapter ten verse ten is that fatal spirit a spirit of the Spirit of crazy spread them murmuring is a fatal spirit when faced with the consequences of your actions because of your lesser desires whatever it may be you may be tempted to say why me why it's called letting me it happened that letting this happen to me and usually blame God and when you blame thought that way it says over here that some were destroyed and they were destroyed to destroy the destroyer is at hand he's ready to take Alice put all these steps together all these different ways see if you eaten if you don't get you through to last is gotten you and he has your affections are set on something else is the initiative idolatry is a different God in your heart and so you're starting a different on all the time even though you think of serving God the God of heaven which are serving something else if you can get to the fatal act the French of skills is way to let crisis comes in your life and then he's got everybody around you ready to give you that bad advice to make a fatal plunge if he doesn't get into that then he'll have you had this presumptive faith roots as well you know Augusta Leslie I noted us and he'll take care of me no matter what I do and and and and and he makes you fall that way if I didn't have this to make you how this whiny spiritedness murmuring spirit if this is why me know what is happened to me why what was going on in my life you know I can deal with his wife I think it's on the project I forget church I don't need this I also do my own thing but if you let him do these all together step-by-step see what happens firstly does is to make you love something set your heart on the restless and after that he will see you know what you said yourself I really want that thing that he's offering me as well do is I'll dedicate much hi my resources in my energy to get that thing and so before you know it you're working for your your playing pleasure doing everything you can to get whatever that goal is in your mind that is not something heavenly something that God wants for answer you I lies at the end and after you do that you have to give committed your heart that failed commitment to do whatever it takes to get the thing to mean the ends justify the means whatever it takes to get nothing and you're ready to commit that act deportations also not the right to commit that act to get what you want and so you will goal and will do whatever it takes to get the thing after he committed those acts and its consequences you see when you jump off the pinnacle was at the bottom there is those rocks is that there's that that hard stone floor menu hit those hard rocks of consequences also send you say ouch that really hurt and then you say why am I hurting the reason why murdering is because well I thought God would love me you know I thought I thought he would protect me and I took that job I did it I went to this relationship and you know or did this or did that and health sending you and you have this anger buildup and you and so you know what the reason why this happened to me is because of God he's coming after BG hates me he doesn't want me it is a loving it is exactly in the Bible 's telecoms I will take care of you all protect you I will let your free desk that has us don't look here I am my theater dust has installed my legs are broken everything 's gone wrong in my life where is God at that time to write to walk out of the church and gold your way because God did not work out for you if you let him do his steps altogether from last the fatal act the fatal desire idolatry to fail commitment fornication but they lack the friendships he gets his friends around you to make that they can take that advice when I feel those those at they make you do things to get what he wants our representative faith you know what I know what I'm doing is wrong to get this thing but God still loves me and who can't take care of me and so yeah this fails presumptive faith and then you can price and then when you're facing the consequences it's just natural that you murmur against God and you know what it all your best friends they come Roger to have his pity party and is a yeah you know God is just not the thing for you right now learn to just go and do something 's missing a look in the Bible about of the story and interesting story of a man of a general that was famously disconnected with disastrous disastrous consequences go to Joshua chapter seven Joshua chapter seven is a once in a disconnected from God when you set your heart is something else or whatever is very imperceptible you don't know that you disconnected with God and so here we have Josh are coming off one of the greatest victories ever recorded you know they shouted and the walls fell down I took a physics class and they talked about that because you talked about how the walls could come down and others over a million people never part of Israelites six thousand men alone came out of his out of Egypt as if you give each of each one of them were fighting men so they were above eighteen and if each of them had why is six hundred thousand is one two million and so there is over a million people cluster kids and all of them went up to surround the places they all shouted and then they may have my physique is that they may have created this perfect soundwave that they destroyed the walls but the reality is the reality is that it wasn't the people there was rife but in verse and chapter seven verse Jonathan Chernoff Israel committed a trespass and get christening for a Panasonic carmine the sun is out by the sun 's era of the tribe of Judah took the christening and the anger of the Lord was kindled against the children of Israel verse two and Joshua sent men subjected to it will not why did Joshua send men to AI who told them to send men to AI know what you DJs and walked into the into the quiet like you did before Jericho in and find a man with that the sword and asking for it twice the captain of the Lord of hosts know he didn't physically did you have heard from God there's something wrong and he should go out to fight right now but he didn't because he was disconnected from God but Johnson went out and he sent men and he said to them go up and view the country underwent and the men went up and viewed a anniversary and they returned to Joshua and said that not all the people go up and let but learn about two or three thousand men go up and smite AI make all the people labored with there for the art but detects over here but not all the people go up how did people went up to to fight against Jericho all of them when to fight against Jericho but here they say but not all the peoples it is the bad place is getting but not all the people go and then he goes on this that these people they went up to the spies in Memphis over there to say this failsafe not all the people to labor there since when did working is working for God labor sure for these people all that it was his walk around the place and shout and and believe in God and the walls came down since when has working for God become a chore but to these people it had a this had been omitted everybody favorite son and the experts a lot of times and we are in the church we just feel like you know that the pastor do his thing this can't be Madison that a breach all you know that person is dedicated as this let them do this and work hard you work his heart out and spend his energy notes to sit back and relax and kids I'm up in the labor forgot are you in that trap and so they went out this general is disconnected he hasn't heard from the commander-in-chief instructions for specific instructions to go to the city but he goes there and so they went up first for human affair about three thousand men and they fled before the man obviated under estimated the power of the enemy so often we underestimate the power of Satan to be go up against him without God helping us without him being our shield and as a result we refill and the men of AI smoke them about thirty and six nine thirty six men and four they chased them before the gate even unto this place and pronounce and smoke them into going down and where wherefore the hearts of the people melted and became as one they went to the city without God telling them to go they do not take everybody because he didn't want everybody to labor for God as they went up three thousand men and they underestimated the enemy and when they went up there and the presumptive faith as it went up there to the gates of the city were beaten back by very determined enemy and thirty six men lost allies and verse six Joshua rent his clothes and felt that he or the MySpace before the ark of the Lord and he in turn of and the elders of Israel put dust on their heads unto even five cents evening they just found their face and is there is there but you know what's interesting is there a different evening and there on their face and yet they were to be there it is overcome with grief and humiliation and new that's fine you fail it's good to be in a position before God but there's something wrong to there is no talking back and forth regard is no crime but until you cry out to God and even your heart at least you know it's not that happen is up and answer and finally a evening it says Joshua said alas old Lord wherefore hast thou at all brought these people over Jordan to deliver us into the hands of the Amorites destroy us would to God that we had been content and dwelt on the other side of Jordan is not sad the leader of the children of Israel has lost faith discouraged old Lord what shall I say when Israel turned their backs before their enemies for the Canaanites and all the inhabitants of the land will hear of it and environ around us and cover name from good and what will Doug do want to die greatly still he is concerned about God 's honor and God 's glory but you notice he fell on his face and he was there to evening then when he finally said something to God God replied what a blessing person in the should just be up wherefore lifestyle dust upon thy face why are you lying down on your face talk to me and so God begins to tell him what he should have told what he would have told them had Joshua Aston but Johnson and ask him because he chose to set his eyes on this little city and think he could do it by himself he was disconnected from God a lot of times when BC a problem in our life we think all you know what we can do it ourselves we don't need buzz of Jacob helped me with that great your temptation but I surely can handle as for myself and be going to have ourselves and beard and beer resisted and beer defeated and then we are demoralized as a result got had a certain plan and he goes on it takes quite a few verses in a bungled food I know Alvin did very well and he goes on to talk about it but notice God has a plan and he tells exactly what is wrong with the children of Israel and he tells them exactly where they're going to find it and he tells them how they're going to find see God knows you better than you know yourself you may not know the faults you have in your heart even annoys up with you guys I know have problems in my life I don't know all the problems I have if I knew all the problems are probably just collapse and but God knows every thought every everything that behalf wrong in our life and if we let them if you're connected to him he will bring those problems might one by one and he'll give you the power to come though since and so got a specific plan and they implemented that plan were six injured Joshua rose up early in the morning and brought the children of is a writer tries the tribe of Judah was taken and then you brought for the families and eight of the fat it is their height and then they brought the servicemen and women and sadly mistaken and they brought his household Man Batman and eight in the Senate the Senate 's happiness on his errand of the tribe of Judah was taken and Joshua said to Aiken my son gave I pray to you glory to God of Israel and the confession and to him and tell me know what thou hast done hide it not from Aiken was clocked but he was unrepentant and figurative profit page four ninety six it says often millions of Israel there was one but one man when the solemn hour of triumph and of judgment had dared to transgress the command of God of all the millions that went in and destroyed Jericho until their inhabitants and took all the gold and silver deposits in which the treasury there is one man who chose to take his eyes of God and places eyes on something and Aikens consciousness was excited by the sight of that costly role even when it brought him face to face with death he called it a good leave Babylonia should guard he still felt that the garment was worth the lives of thirty men he still felt that the garment and those pieces of silver were worth the dishonoring of God that is where Satan brought him to and he acted death he felt that if anybody else was in a situation they would have done the same thing notice how he he he says this gives his confession and eight and answered Joshua and said indeed I have sinned against the Lord God of Israel and thus and thus I have done notice when I saw among the spoils of goodly devilish garment and two hundred shekels of silver and a wedge of gold and fifty shekels weight of fifty shekels weight then I coveted them he wanted he committed himself to getting and then I took and behold they are seated in the earth in the midst of my tent and the silver under is there something in life that you feel is worth hiding has gone project that point on a high seed in Russia the point that whatever he's offering you is worth more than heaven and more than God in the time to spend with God but you would rather spend it yourself but you know you can really enjoy the thing because if you enjoyed everybody will know that your fake as what you do is hide for the right time Aiken shows at that moment of crisis he chose to take his eyes of God he was among the victorious yet seen those miracles he walked across Jordan had done all that he seen the walls fall shows that prices to go ahead and take a thing take his eyes upon disconnect himself from God but the story doesn't end there he goes on to say that they went his tent and they found it of course it was underneath a stent a bride and a pilot info Joshua and then pay adjustment verse twenty five past descendents why hast thou troubled us the Lord shall troubled be this day and all Israel stoned him with stones and burned them with fire after they stormed them with stones where strikeforce when I want to be read is it says and Joshua and all the children is up to eight in the Senate Sarah and the silver undergarment and a wedge of gold and his sons and his daughters and his Austin 's asses and sheep in his tent and all that he had and brought them of the value vehicle it brought all his sons and his daughters went to bring his sons and his daughters and his family why is because he had cultivated those fatal acts of friendships that he considered this a conflict encouraged page one twenty have you considered why it was that all who were connected with eight and are also subject to the punishment of God it was because they had not been trained and educated according to directions given to them and a great standard of the law of God it gives parents an educated their son in such a way that he felt free to disobey the word of the Lord the principles inculcated in his life led him to deal with his children in such a way that they were also corrupted the punishment reveals that all were involved in the transgression you cannot hide sin without the help of your friends good friends godly friends don't allow their friends to hide since look at gosling versus Josh is right in verse eight God says in this very detailed is very specific he says and the Lord said unto Joshua fear not neither be thou dismayed as the key types of Joshua the book of Joshua take all the people of war with the Horizon club to AI and see I have given unto thy handpicking of AI and his people and his city and is Len and also that the AI as hell decided that Jericho all the people only the spoil thereof and the cattle thereof shall you take for a print yourselves and then he says leaving an ambush for the city see every cent fortune for Jericho they had to like all get together and surround the city walk around the city but for AI visit differently to capture that significantly in ambush every sin does not require the same way to go and charge you have to have gone to overcome every single sin but every sin has a different way of fighting against anything connected to God he will know that when you fail when they went against AI God has specific way that they were to take the city the same is with our sins and allies has a close here I like to turn back the first printing chapter ten verse transients chapter ten verse eleven this is now all these things happen onto them for examples and they are written for admission admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come wherefore let him to think if he started taking risky for but there's good news there have to not no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able but will with the temptation also make a way of escape that ye may be able to bear my dear friends make sure that you are connected to Christ so that when those temptations come at you whether it is true desires was to friendships awareness through that presumptive fatalist with spirit of murmuring of discontent whatever it is a failed commitment whatever it is you will remember that you know what this temptation is coming at me but God has made sure that there is a way of escape I just need to find and you can send a prayer up to heaven and God will come to you and he will be at your side and he will help you and revelation it says to him to overcome it I will give to eat of the tree of life then he goes on to save enough it wanted that and I will give you the crown of life yet over shall not be hurt by the second death yet over then keep my person to the entertainment will give power over the nations overcoming is what God wants and he wants us to be connected how is your walk with Christ this morning how much value do you place your connection with Christ restoration is about to happen in a few weeks but if you are not connected to Christ Hollow men and women take note if you have been with Christ how will you be able to bring them to restoration today is the day to make sure that you are connected to Christ we have an opportunity for you this afternoon if you would like to join us at the park it's in your bulletins where you can join us in prayer and you can pray for yourself you can have godly friends surround you and pray for you the problems he had in your life or things that you want to work on and they can help you reconnect with Christ I asked each one of you today that if it is your desire to connect with Christ today and that you would you would like to do that in a deeper way latest afternoon or if you'd like to do that right now because you may not be there this afternoon I like to ask each one of you if you feel it in your heart please tell me to pray dear Lord there many times that we would love to be in the best relationship with you and Lord we love you and be carefree you and me know that you love us back in return the Lord sometimes we do things that just just purchased part and it hurts us as well and it discourages us and Lord we had this enemy that wants to sabotage our relationship or connection the Lord we know that you have promised that every temptation that comes to us you will make a way of escape and that you will enable us to overcome the temptation Lord we pray that as as we go through life that each one of us will stay connected to you and if that be have never made a connection with you today but today is a day that we will make a connection with you Lord we pray that you come into our hearts that you never leave and Lord that when temptations come that you sound the warning in our conscience that we know to stand against the devil and Lord help us to choose wise friends and godly friends help us choose godly spouses serving the moment of crisis when we turn to our godly friends they will give us the right advice and instead of losing the kingdom of God will be a will to overcome and gain the kingdom of God but we thank you for in advance for giving us power over Satan you conquer him on this earth to your humanity and you and you given us the power to do that as well and Lord we thank you and we look forward to the day when Mobile to vindicate you as individuals has people in this Earth in Jesus name and


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