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Respect for Messengers and Revelation's Overcomers

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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let's feel her prayer our father in heaven lasted by the power of your spirit to help us understand the holy Bible as we studied I think you and I asked for that gift in the name of Jesus in the very beginning an overview of me getting an overview of Revelation two and three were negated by observing something that is consistent in every one of the seven messages to the seven churches one item is that the messages are given not directly to the churches but to the messengers of the churches and under the angel of the church of Ephesus under the angel of the church of Smyrna what is the Greek word Angel me means messenger the messenger here's a message to the messenger of each church the first point I want to bring out is that though we ought to be kind to every living human is all what we do to the least of our brother something we've done to Jesus thou Jesus identifies himself with every living person more particularly he identifies himself with his messengers so that an insult given to one of God 's messengers is an insult receipt is given to Jesus himself look at your hand out our review some statements that are from the Bible will save us some time and turning pages if we read from the handout were looking at Matthew twenty five versus fourteen forty five and the King shall answer and say and then down verily I say unto you that as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brother and you have done it unto me then shall he answer than say Sandy you inasmuch as you did it not until one of the least of these you did it not unto me there's the first coordinate that what Jesus verifies himself with how many persons in the inanity unifies himself never when humanity so that you cannot be routed to the uncultivated you cannot despise the untalented you cannot harbor a grudge against your brother or your sister and I mean literally brother and sister you cannot be contrary in action or thought to one of the people in the Rutland of humanity without any receipt is it done to Jesus and when you do something kind for someone it as we get his receipt as if you had done something kind for Jesus Picard has to question how would you get closer to Jesus with this truth presented in answer to you what might you do to get closer to Jesus yes no and that's it do something kind to someone by seeking out people to show them kindness you drove you draw closer to Jesus and qualify yourself to be in the right side of the sheep and the goats division look at the next passage Matthew ten he that received Matthew is a speaking to the apostles receive it me can I receive it may receive a patent that sends me and in the same story is found in Luke of Allen's and we despise that you despise with me and Matthew continues to receive a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet 's reward and he receive a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward so the first half as Jesus identifies himself with everyone humanity but more particularly who does he identify himself with that's why his prophets his messengers his righteous man more particularly identifies himself with them the next passage versus alliance for furthermore that we beseech you brother and exhort you by the Lord Jesus that as you have received of us how ye ought to walk and to please God so you would abound more and more for you know what commandment we gave you by the Lord Jesus is interesting how did you give the command that's right the command that was given through God 's messenger is as if it is from Jesus he then despise that he therefore that despise it despite that despite it not man but was a say God who also hath given unto us his Holy Spirit this is the point that God 's messengers pray for and receive the power of his Holy Spirit and when they are treated with disrespect God relation is that his spirit has been treated with disrespect to the point of denying that the disrespect was directed against the human agent what Allstate despises not man but God like you to read that in your own later run a skip it and go to the Revelation one sixteen on the third passage the third passage what I'm saying is that you are despising because Jesus fails men with his Holy Spirit then when we resist our treat the messenger this respect were treating his spirit with disrespect moving the revelation one verse sixteen and Jesus had in his right hand seven was a say stars what are the stars revelation is explained in the same path as the stars are messengers and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword and his countenance was at the sun shining in his strength then verse twenty the mystery of the seven stars which thou sauced in my right hand and the seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the messengers of the seven churches and the seven candlesticks which sell stylized are the seven churches and then the inverse temperature verse one under the angel of the church of Ephesus write these things saith he that hold that the seven stars in his right hand who walked up in the next of the seven golden candlesticks the summary of these three passages this Jesus presents his messengers as if they are specially held in his hands as if they are just prized possession he identifies himself maybe so you have firsthand the first handout in the semester wondered what TI H I sent for sense for this is his identity cards this is a quality that Jesus uses it later to describe himself when he introduces himself to the seven churches and this is one of them one of his identifying characteristics that he is the one that called his messengers and dwells with his church he walks in the midst of the golden candlestick took up in this class were not studying the writings of Ellen White I want to read you something here that illustrates the truth or just noted in the Bible I have been carrying a great burden for the people in Battle Creek last night I was laboring most earnestly in prayer and here he noted that know that the L in light of the profit will cut labor initiative children prayer and how did she do it RSS articles marked the commission was given me by the Savior it is not new they have rejected but need their Savior you have nothing to retract of the messages that you presented during the General conference held at Oakland enter in the Berrien Springs making you have homework to do a same order you have nothing to regret in the words you have spoken and written to the leading medical missionary workers I have for you is still more decided messages to bear those of nightlights of the messages that I have given my messenger to bear had insulted the one who gave the messages are people this is unquoted or not when Jesus any longer our people need to humble their hearts and confess their sins and be can Vernon they need to fear and tremble lest God spirit be withdrawn from them and they'd be left a hardness of heart and blindness of mind because they have rejected the word of God has given them the message is that God has sent have been born line upon line precept upon precept there's more you can read there but the summary of why wanted you to understand is that it's a small understanding how you relate to God 's messengers because who speaking to the messengers of God by his Holy Spirit and what is the sin that is incurable it's the sin against the Holy Spirit when we make light of God 's messengers we wound the spirit we ensure our own soul the next statement from gospel workers generous provision is made for veterans that thought for their country these men bear the scars of lifelong infirmities that tell of their perilous conflicts there forced marches their exposure to storms their sufferings in prison all these evidences of their loyalty and self-sacrifice give them a just claim upon the nation may have helped to save a claim that is recognized and honored so how should you relate those American citizens who wounded soldiers that you need they deserve real honor from us the wounds that they bear they bear the rest of their life because of what they were trying to do for their country God illustrates the fact that they do receive this kind respect the government and uses it to contrasted with the way the church relates to the those are the burden of the message but what provision have Seventh-day Adventist made for the soldiers of Christ our people have not felt as they shut the necessity of this matter and it has therefore been neglected the churches have been thoughtless and though the light of the word of God has been shining upon the pathway they have neglected this most sacred duty the Lord is greatly displeased with this neglect of his faithful servants are people should be as willing to assist in these persons when an adverse circumstances as they happen to accept their means and services when help Son of Man is giving God 's messaging is a he is a powerful worker people glad to hear him at least some are so he is incapacitated by injury or sickness or poverty and now he's having trouble so they look for someone else a priest at Embassy can't do it any longer set the limits of their responsibility now there's a mutual obligation to those who've worn themselves out or invested there means to their own detriment into the work of God God has laid upon us the obligation of giving special attention to the poor among us that these ministers and workers are not to be ranked with the poor so that we owe charity to the poor members of the church we do we should take care of those two are poverty-stricken but when the ministers because they give of their time and talents and so are receiving money as much as they could another appointment or because they give generously the cost when they are hurting for means should we think of them as like the poor ones in the church let's notice as they are not for why they have laid out for themselves a treasure in the have been set to fail if not you may have served a conference in its necessity and now the conference is to serve down skip a paragraph of the billing this as it is now it is now the duty of God 's people to roll back this reproach by providing the servants of God was comfortable with his essay homes with a few acres of land on which they can raise their own produce and feel that they are not dependent on the charity 's other brother is help it if you like to depend on other pill giving you stuff since I just given them an allowance every week that makes them feel dependent what's the church do for them given the competence in the volatile home give them some property where they can grow a garden and take care of themselves self-employment visited these are speaking of incapacitated ones by being worn out for help your age often these ministers need special care and treatment and understand our sectarians shouldn't be happy to provide a room for them take care of in the little cost and not charge the regular price for those were greatest recording imported from gospel workers page four twenty seven four twenty eight also you can find in the Southland the testimonies page two ninety two two ninety three that that's there after the fifth paragraph is not in the seventies testimony location you can find was there there so this was our first question the class that Jesus identifies himself with everyone but more particularly he identifies himself with his messengers he bears them lot we ought to relate to them with restart the altogether special pair we ought to honor them for the sacrifices they've made for our benefit as his church and when they are incapacitated would we owe them service our second thoughts in this seven churches the messages to them each one of the seven churches and ends with a special promise to those that overcome these promises though beautiful are not the only promises to overcome resentment revelation in fact revelations and most precious promises are to those that overcome this just review some of these the first or the first few are not revelation God forbid engage let God be true but every man a liar as it is written that down might this be justified in thy sayings and might just overcome when thou art judged this is not God and not about you is gone and overcome her God the father is going to overcome in the conflict with evil and when particularly is the time for him to overcome its ways mean Josh it's when he is being evaluated that is that the sparse time for him to overcome for his size we prove right that's interesting to me because the Bible highlights a special time for us to overcome also in what is that time is the time we were being judged second Peter chapter two speaking of wine the classes as well they promise than liberty they themselves are the servants of corruption for whom a man is overcome of this same as he brought in bondage that principles interesting if I'm overcome by my loss then my lots are over comers and I am a slave if I overcome my loss than I am an over comer and what are my license my last Safari slave you will either be an over comer or slave and your appetite your passenger desires will either be overcome or they will enslave you that is something and you will overcome your mind or your desires and when the Bible speaks of a overcome resiliency about the class whose mind overcomes their desires for if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ they are the first part of the path is defined to an over comer is as one who has victory over his passions the second part describes how one does achieve victory over his passions how is it is through knowledge of Jesus we talked an earlier class about how that is the essence of eternal life the essence of eternal life is knowing Jesus knowing Jesus is how we become over comers over our appetites our passions our desires but if we do overcome my passions and desires today is that a guarantee that will be over comers until the end is very clear here that somewhere over comers at one point and lost her overcoming experience if they are again entangled therein and overcome the latter end is worse with them than the beginning so the promises of the over commerce are all late promises to those who overcome unto the man and not to those that overcame at one point in their life moving the first John chapter two I write unto you fathers because you have known him that is from the beginning I write unto you young man because you have overcome the wicked one is very different ideas old men because they have known the father and the young men because they overcome the wicked one if we learn and peter those ideas are not widely separated house of the young men overcome the wicked one by the knowledge of Jesus Christ of course John seventeen combine that with the knowledge the father what is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ and the sound of moving on I write and you little children because you have known the father dies and that we just said to the L elder people I have written unto you fathers because you have known him that is from the beginning I've written unto you young man because you are strong and the word of God abides in you and you have overcome the wicked one it looks like that we have to hear an idea about how it is the young men become over comers what is it that abides in them is by the word of God the Word of God abiding in us is a means to overcome we could develop that thought more we would with me that we would not complete and are lecturing this hour but it would be worthwhile for you the word of God is the means of the power for overcoming so where would you go for just a hint to get started with second Peter one forward be a key thought and talks about how we overcome by the power of knowing Jesus and asked the thought that whereby it is the knowledge and use us that's how we achieve great and precious promises yes the computer one four how do we overcome what my knowing Jesus but what is knowing Jesus do for us despite knowing him that we become that aware and confident in his promises that allow us to partake of the divine nature I hope that the just confusion the summary of it is the simple idea the word of God dwelling in us as a source of overcoming power first John four four you are of God little children and have overcome them but in the contacts who are them they are that those who bear and anti-Christian message is from the verse before how do we overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world who are the over covers this passage those in whom Jesus is dwelling now those of God in whom Christ is dwelling that's what I overcome because greater is he that is in you that's how they overcome maybe in some respects this overcoming is different than there were currently spoken of so far the overcoming was spoken of so far as an overcoming of internal problems internal difficulties and passions and appetites here we speak of overcoming external issues I wanted to alert you to that because I'm not sure how to resolve it whether overcoming necessarily involves both I think really the focus of the overcoming promises is on the first thing enough on the site first John five versus forty five for once whoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith who if you overcomes the world that he and I believe that Jesus is the son of God who are over Congress over comers are believers over comers are those children born of God because they are taking God at his word to this point with a look at passages explain what it means to be an over comer revelation gets a little bit more permission about how to overcome but for the most part it just illumines shivering beauties and gifts are given to the over comers will skip to Romans eight thirty seven ago onto Revelation all of the passages in italics are taken from the seven churches in Revelation two and three he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches to him that over comment will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God just think for a minute over comers are given the deed to the tree of life that isn't there so much implied in the promise that the undoing of the curse because the cars they were separated from the tree of life and where's the tree of life in heaven particularly in the passage words that if you have access to the tree of life you must have access to the paradise of God him or not when they were separate from the tree of life guys unless they take there from and live forever so forgive the fifth life what are we receiving a ninetieth ability to live forever a virtue what beautiful gifts to those that are over commerce Chapter two verse eleven he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches cannot overcome it shall not be hurt of the second isn't that the same promise the highlights a warning and imply something about those that are not over commerce will happen to those that don't overcome us rather to suffer the second half and more than now both of these passages highlight natural mortality that is that God speaking to the first and second Christian age indicated to them by his promises and warnings that immortality is conditional on overcoming verse seventeen he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches to hand over a comments will I give to eat of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name which no man knows saving he that receives it though this promise over commerce is much more metaphor than the first two because I don't want to take time in this lecture to try to prove the new metaphors suggest you a meaning to it and will move on from there but Jesus spoke about the manner in John six it was an illustration of man lives by every word receives from the mouth of God and what is hidden manna that would be knowledge about God that is not available to others does God give knowledge about himself is not available to others as you get that kind of knowledge over commerce the promises that he will that he died that he does identify with his over comers and give them special information what about that white stone things are written in stone in the Bible to indicate their permanence I remember something like that namely the ten Commandments and names in the Bible represent character in here men are given the name is the purpose of this name for Amanda Collett out and to identify them in a crowd is is is is a name for that kind of purpose likely use names that a parent is not that purpose as well as knows this name not assault what God has offered is a personal character to each one of us up you are but personal character personality different from anyone else's but you're like everyone else's and who does he offer that to those overcome in the world are granted that the world to come and it is a permanent promise that is affliction will not rise the second time that I just prove that to you no I did not what I do I suggested to you you want to find out that so you're going to have to study and verse twenty six and he that overcome that and keep with my works unto the end exact help us understand what's required of over covers the we are talked about from from what Peter had to say that is not sufficient to overcome it a point here's what I specifically the promise of a commerce are so over comers that continue to overcome to that end to him a lot give power over the nations revelation to embarrass quoting from Psalm chapter two but one of studies on to some pointers we don't get to it in this class the songs it was a promise of the gift of the father gives to Jesus and among those gifts are given to him as power over all the nations he rules another rod of iron he becomes the King of kings and Lord of lords and what is promised over comers they share the over comers that were oppressed by the kingdoms of this world this honored to have all the saints to execute the judgment written quoting from the end of the book of Psalms chapter three verse five he that overcomes the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels what promises made over commerce Jesus claims them as his own in the judgment were beautiful gift if your question is how can I be sure that I'll be the one that Jesus says my blood my blood father who is it that's covered with Jesus 's righteousness that's over commerce at about this point in going through the italics that ought to be apparent to you that those who don't believe in victory over sin has had blinders over their eyes of the most impenetrable nature smoothly on Revelation two and three of us want to be sure we get through this material Revelation twelve eleven is the one passage in Revelation speaks more about how and they overcame him him in this case it is indelible working through the Roman power and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony that was interesting here is that what the devil is trying to do is to destroy their life Revelation twelve and they overcome him does that mean that he failed to destroying their life now because it says and they loved not their lives unto death so I can overcome the devil even when he accomplishes the berries that he tried to do what is the devil trying to do in his overcoming of me he's trying to overcome my body but how can I overcome him by the word of my testimony and by the blood of the Lamb I can be a power for good in this world even by my death so that I accomplish more I'm quoting are paraphrasing ask the apostles page four hundred and sixty five when says there is that by meeting even death itself with encouragement unwavering faith we may accomplish more for the gospel in a few moments then we could have accomplished by a long life of useful labor that was a slight paraphrase yes Chapter seventeen verse fourteen these shall make more or the Lamb these represent those ten states that unites against Jesus and the end of time this will make more of the Lamb and the lamb shall overcome them for he is Lord of lords and King of Kings and they that are with him are called and chosen and faithful who overcomes Jesus dies in the final battle will help you be sure that your overcoming be with them who are with them the caller with him but but not all the Calderwood and because many are called but few are chosen who's with him the call the chosen and the faithful that is you can be chosen now and if your faithful year with Chapter twenty one verse seven he that over comment shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he shall be my son of the summer the new covenant promise Revelation six in Revelation nineteen are relevant to each other there about the church becoming overcoming church as a whole believe that it's almost a different idea in my talk more about it we pray will beget the seven seals look down the statements from the spirit of prophecy pray in faith this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith prevailing prayer is the prayer overwhelming faith in God at his word and claims his promises feeling has nothing to do with faith lesson when faith brings the blessing dear hearts and you rejoice in the blessing that it is no more faith but feeling what's the relation of faith the feeling this may sometimes give way to feeling it is so you claim by faith that God will give a gift say the filling them with the spirit or knowledge of in your study of a certain passage when he gives you the gaps does that make you happy if you're rather different makes you happy so now you have more faith your happiness is a faith happiness is a good thing is a great thing to enjoy what you've experienced that faith precedes the experience it does not come after phase is when you hold on the promise before you are recognizing its reception going on for those listening to this I'm quoting from signs the Times November eighteen eighteen eighty six how strange it is that Menlo Park confidence in the word of their fellow men and yet find it so hard exercise living faith in God the promises are able that is there's plenty in them why not accept them just as they read he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things how do we overcome we read in the Bible verses that faith is the victory I referred you to second Peter one fourth says by promises that we get from knowing God that's how we overcome this is summarizing the same ninety help you recognize the distinction between faith and feeling you can be and overcome her without feeling from the floor plan of the testimonies page two twenty when you surrender yourself entirely to God when you follow all broken upon Jesus you will be rewarded by a victory in the joy of which you have never yet experience right so here we have a common experience of super victory maybe you have experienced that she's writing to someone who has apparently had that thorough conversion yet as you review the past with a clear vision you will see that at the very time when life seemed to you all later perplexity and a burden Jesus himself was near you seeking to lead you into the light your father was by your side bending over you with on our trouble love afflicting you for your good as the refiner purifies the precious sore when you have thought yourself first taken he has been near you to comfort and sustain we seldom view Jesus as he has and are never so ready to receive his hell as he gets to help us here's a question you may have about overcoming how your comes in answer would you like help from Jesus however much you would like it he would like you to haven't more than that however much it feels like he is forsaking you it doesn't so and if your afflictions are coming from him it's refining process paragraph two of the same reference what a victory he will gain when you learn to follow the opening providences of God with a grateful heart and determination to live with an eye single to his glory and sickness or health and abundance or want itself is alive in quivering at every touch itself must be crucified before you can overcome in the name of Jesus and receive the reward of the faithful was that meanness self is quivering at every touch I went often uses illustrations like this itself is that part of you that gets irritated when opposed that is hurt when neglected that is wounded when gossiped about self is that part of you that is busy defending your feelings and thoughts and rights and if you're going to overcome that part of you must die to summarize we set so far not close this lecture there are many thoughts in Revelation two and three will get them individually as we go but there is one thoughts are to thought we talked about the day the art throughout the messages one of them is that Jesus identifies himself with the messengers and communicates to his church through the messengers then we all the messengers respect while they teach us and more than that when they're in trouble we all didn't service the service they've done to us how is that that illustrated it's illustrated by the service given to soldiers who've been wounded or incapacitated by the service of their country that's a mental picture we ought to keep an armed I might help us in our relation to those who grown old or sick leave and not service we have at least one saying on this campus that at some point is probably going to become sickly and the label of the net that happens to her what will the church over care and concern as she has served the church will over service when we reject the messages that comes to become to the messengers those messages messages come to the power of the Holy Spirit then why are we rejecting a what are we slighting were slighting the spirit of God and that is very dangerous of the summer the first thought the second thought we look at was divided up into how to overcome what comes over commerce revelations for primarily the second thing what comes primarily over comers are only over commerce everything they inherit all things they get a solid character in heaven that never turns other than white there granted access to the tree of life into the paradise of God they rule with Christ on his throne their sins are blotted out price claims about his own in the judgment they overcome the wicked one on this earth they are with him the promises that come to the over comers are manyfold but not to those overcome and instinct rather to those that hold onto their overcoming experience until the how do we overcome why there are many hints but by knowledge of Jesus anointed Jesus that makes us makes available to us precious promises that knowing him but promises we hold onto them by faith that is let the word of God dwell in us richly these are the ways that we partake of the victory that is coming to us what keeps us back from it that victory comes at the death of self and self doesn't want to die to self we read about in that last quote from white is the same as the flesh we must overcome and will be read from the passage and Peter Fisher flash for your mind over comers are those in whom the mind has victory over the flesh but you our father in heaven I ask that you use these words so many of them directly from your messengers to provide an experience that we need to claim these promises that we can be those over comers that are not only called are also chosen and faithful those that are with you at the final end and I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus amen


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