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Revelation 2 and 3

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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verify about Revelation two and three the messages of the seven churches accepting that were not really like the tots Laodicea because that is the subject of the entire lecture tomorrow when we introduced the class we talked about how in revelation one we know that the process revelation began about the time of John and by the contacts of the properties themselves we can persuade that they extend the time of the second coming I'm using that for slices introduction to just suggest to you that that seventh message to the seven churches are themselves like this that they begin a time John the apostle and as they proceed through the Christian age in one hour there is no chance we can get through the two chapters in the kind of detail that you are to study them so I tell you you want to assign yourself to study the because there are not some replaces the Bible were after given a revelation you find something like this he that hath an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the GC that I get some priority in the Bible to this particular part revelation that you ought to give a special attention to ought to listen to it especially Sullivan names you can memorize them but they are at Ephesus Smyrna Artemis Tyra Sardis Philadelphia Laodicea nobody can find in your Bible relation to insert things go through the emphasis seemed nearly able to will discharge is gone again a commendation and an implied or a plain review something we appreciate the something he doesn't appreciate so much about the church you ought to find it instructive for you as a teacher in the future as a Sabbath school teacher to notice which against first night I guess first against the combination first he typically lives are with a commendation then he gathers a grid view then he ends with a conditional promise that implies that you can recover yourself out of the snare you've fallen into my set aside again because it's describes all seven churches when Christ is going to give a rebuke through his messengers he prefaces that review with a commendation then he follows up the review with a way that the church can redeem itself that is that you have falling yet to those overcome this out flyers that you can overcome even if you have these problems those the phones can overcome that more profound than I can make sons that tell you if you stay to both educational mice right until financing principle described their that commendation warms the heart for review and that if she do it rebuke someone give them a way to redeem themselves so don't feel like the be continually under your condemnation if you kill like you're underneath someone's condonation it puts distance between you and them but if you feel like you can restore the relationship that distances brought back together so what positions do they separate us than what the promises and overcome residue provide a means whereby at least in our perspective that separation can be healed tennis moves ethicist in particular Revelation chapter two or look in verse two Jesus as I know your works maybe I ought to point out to you that that is an introduction to many of the churches look for example at verse thirteen where he says the program he says I know your works lookup of verse nine we says the Smyrna because I know your works look at verse nineteen reset the site hierarchy says I know your works does Jesus nor works the first thing he says to us not to be on her mind the first thing that might prevent us from many falls is to realize that Jesus knows our works on the other hand we think about the fact that he knows their works we typically think about it in the negative sense he knows our bad works but if I can say this is simply as I understand it Jesus is not a negative person while he notices are bad works it does not distract him or blind him to our works of charity our prayers our efforts to forward his cause he notices the things we do for him the sins that we resist in his name he knows our works illustrated in this verse I know your works and your labor and your patients what was the early Christian church like the early Christian church was a working chart in fact to find the best logo is not enough in Paul's writings and Colossians that the gospel was preached in one generation every creature under having what combination is Christ in the early church they took missions seriously they want about the work they were given to do Jesus had go you and to all the world teaching all nations and what they do they went to all the world teaching all nations because I know your patients and how you cannot bear them that are able to describe father related to those over them and under them those over them were persecuting them wrongly and how did they handle that they bore with it patients with but maybe it had an impact on the relation to those doing wrong inside their own body is a right for the church to discipline its members it's right as part of a commendation at the emphasis they had a strong church discipline he said you cannot bear them that are able to be better for our church today if we could not bear those that were evil on the other hand there is a correlation between the commendation in this verse and review pecans just after finishing verse two and you have tried them which say they are apostles and are not and hast found them liars theologically this is such an important part of the verse if you are to Dale or in the future we face Roman Catholicism and that Protestants claim that they go by the Bible only Catholicism claims that goes by a combination of tradition and the Bible I assume but had skin the field of the days there is an argument that is very embarrassing the Protestantism it goes like this you say you believe in the Bible only how do you know which books belong in the Bible define a profit somewhere in the Bible tells you which books line the Bible why do analyses books and reject others check your history Protestants because the Council Nicaea 's church tradition because the writings of the fathers tradition you hold over the Bible and the very fact that you accept the book that's in your lap and reject other parts consistent interest in the argument I want to know the argument is bogus in the basis Revelation chapter two Revelation chapter two sides to that ours church age two hundred years before the Council Nicaea that while the false profits and true apostles were alive what did the early church did it tested down and found those liberal liars too that is the testing of joy both profits was not conducted after their death during their lifetime they were compared to other writings they were judged by those writings and accepted or rejected on the basis of those writings what were the first writings in the entire Scripture the ten Commandments I mean particular the ten Commandments and who are they written by God 's own finger once that revelation was given every subsequent revelation was jive in Harry on the basis of the first revelation and the New Testament was not a change in the pattern the rumblings of the New Testament were judged by their comparison with the old so that at no time at no time as the church were dependent on a man or a group of men to determine what does and does not belong in the Bible the Bible has been judged by itself in the Roman argument is entirely washed up zero anyone who wishes him say that again the greatest and I can finally why do I accept this Bible as it is written I accept its when I'm young because it was handed to me by the church but how did the church come to the conclusion originally it was by comparing the new revelations to old revelations you might say that I maybe I should my own purposes go and recheck their work and maybe would be wise for you to know why that you reject the apocrypha are not in harmony with the all revelations but the church does not depend on the Council Nicaea court in Revelation chapter two the first church age jobs which writings were Scripture in which marked if I want to develop the argument further I would go for example to second Peter three where you find that feature using the word Scriptures refer to the writings of Paul to show you that the apostles themselves I was very identified which books belong and do not belong as inspired in what we call the Canon that the rumor going more never nominated to Revelation two and three so I know leaving this and say if you want more help with this asked me some other time outside of class now be happy to try again moving on to verse three and you have born in half patients now does our patients look familiar to you what was inverse to here it is again verse three is because the first Christian church was an especially persecuted church in my part of the ten persecutions they began in what we call the church of Ephesus and is a charge that suffered how many apostles were condemned to death everyone didn't kill himself know they were all can they didn't all they were all successfully kill there all conduct will be diverse we need to move well versed really to finish up and sorry for my namesake you have labored the software also this is a repeated and you have not painted as soon as you read that have not fainted you have an idea about the spiritual life of the early Christian church negative they were a Christian Christian church because how is it that a man avoids painting in the Bible Hebrews twelve in the case is this what by considering Jesus by considering the contradiction of sinners against him lest you be wherein an faint in your mind what was it about the early Christian short you are thanking their apparently they had a charge that was considering Jesus compared to the later charges at least apparently there is a passage that they did not consider well enough in Romans eleven were told behold therefore the goodness and severity of God toward them which fell severity but for the goodness if thou continue in his goodness let me I just quoted to you let me take apart a little bit Romans eleven indicates that there are two qualities of Jesus you need in particular to consider in your life to have a spiritual healthy life one of them is the severity but certainly severity has exercised towards those that fall what's the other one it's his mercies of the Lord there is goodness the goodness of God 's mercy which is towards you what did you think of the relation yourself his mercy what should you think about him in relation to those the fall is justice the church of Ephesus fell on the side of considering his justice overmuch in his mercy not sufficiently the result was they could not bear though there were evil but also that they lost their first love it out of it's certainly interesting to you because Laodicea Church falls off the same offense but on the other side overmuch considering his mercy and not sufficiently considering his eye was a harshness it sounds negative his severity the quote the passage towards them which fall verse five says something that says remember therefore from whence you are falling and reading hands and do the first works I skipped verse four but how are they to rate to rise from their fall do the wife not notice with the waterfall was nevertheless I have somewhat against you because you have left your first lot so the fault was to leave the blog and what is the rise to do first works the fall was that they lost their live and the recovery is that they do the first works there some instruction in math personal touches something on our first works were our first works like their works of love second of all what is love like it's like your first works with rebels say love not in Word but in deed and in truth here is a church that has followed from its first love and what she's commanded to do is to do her first works there is a threatened verse five that if you will not repent I will come into the remove your candlestick out of his place nowhere are the candlesticks in relation one to regardless thanks for just as in the midst of them villages Jesus isn't going to move the church will stay within the churches that I have to move verse six but this new have that you hate the deeds of the Nicole Leighton 's which I also hate if you go to church history you'll find various opinions about the Nick Galatians the one that sounds most probable to me is that they were in anti- domain group I want so you're how much you can know from Scripture alone about the answer about the technical agents first of all how does Jesus feel about their works Jesus hates their works Colonel versus Jesus Hayes Bible testifies that he loves righteousness and hates iniquity or lawlessness to be particular Jesus hates their sins one of the early church have going for them they could not bear those that were able the Nicole Akins were a class that evil deeds that's interesting because you find a nickel Layton 's again looking for than just a moment look at verse fifteen speaking the church of target mess so you have also them that hold the ones that say doctrine of the Nikolay tends which thing I hate is how Jesus does not like much about the Nick Galatians was he hates in the church of Ephesus he hates their needs Wesley Haden Church of programmers notations very apparently the connection between the two they have hateful teachings that link the hateful works but as they have teachers that lead to sinful works that's close enough to the anti- know me and then perspective on history like it's as simple as I understand the early church was not buying into an final mechanism but there were and I know in teachers ninety MySQL does antinomian meeting non- loss is the Greek word for law and I know me and means against law that is to deny that the laws finding you get an idea that those that were against law were not put up with in the church of Ephesus but my youth to get the perkiness they were accepted by everyone except Jesus I shouldn't say everyone but the charge comparatively with accepting their doctrine my time to get the purpose so that comparing the two we find that there was a fall from the big knowledge now the authority of the law between emphasis and organize menu moved to chapter verse age you come to the second church Smyrna Smyrna is notable as it is Philadelphia for being a the only two churches that Jesus does not repeat that is the church of Smyrna was entirely a commendable church in parallel the red horse in Revelation six they suffer persecution Jesus tested them to be faithful unto death and I will give you crown of life so when was the church undergoing its worst persecution is most serious persecution was under the Emperor heard thy old completion you can destroy the first syllable of his name is die and will help you remember thy oak beech and and he made an effort to exterminate the Christian religion between the years of three oh three and three thirteen three oh three and three thirteen A.D. those years were predicted in a prophecy in this passage this is where you find the first time prophecy in the book Revelation Revelation chapter two and were looking at us verse ten fear none of those things which you will suffer behold the devil shall cast some of you into prison that you maybe try and you shall have tribulation ten days be thou faithful on the death and I will give the crown of life it's just interesting Roman history when you get this later in the church early Christian church but look at verse nine for something else I know your works in your tribulation and your poverty but you are rich I know the blaspheming of them which say they are Jews and are not but are of God synagogue of Satan here's what I learned from revelation to verse nine say here's my learn that Satan 's church is professedly Christian that I don't look for Satan 's church in the spiritualistic haunts or in Thailand him for what to say the synagogue call itself Jews and leaders in the church was being persecuted that was recognized as a makes sense to us already segment have a church in a time of the persecuted Christians that does does not because we find that what it all say militiamen agree already work I knows this lung Institute he said that from among you will arise moving on to verse twelve unless summarize arguments and Wi-Fi read by talking about the primary metaphors used in them since I hired to gather described in that agent extends from about three thirteen eighty and tell about the time of the Reformation and the there is a phase shift in the middle of that time that is findable in history if you understand these messages what I have in common they both have a false teacher in Prague and that the false teacher is called beta-1 and they both have a government in the church program as the government is represented by daylight and five fiber the false teachers is Jezebel a little bit twelve the Bible this Jezebel claims to have revelations from God were told that she is not profit this Jezebel incidentally this is the only place in the New Testament we find the Bible using the word to teach in connection with a woman in reference to women teaching a price and send that I repent of it going forward repenting precludes me doing that Jezebel while he is not named the implied a cane that goes with them it is a half the stories unveiled in Jezebel how some parallels as do these prophecies but in the passage your revelation to they help more parallels and contrasts in both cases is as that they changed their charge to eat things sacrificed unto idols and to commit fornication and are they both have the same message doesn't unveil them are doing the same thing not eating food sacrificed to idols is such an interesting topic and new Testaments because you could make a case for it being a wicked a case for it being that be nine in the New Testament was also not one place a double underdog I idle is nothing and when you get food from the shambles don't have to they offered to idols just eight for the sign over new find the authoritative church in Jerusalem saying don't eat things sacrificed to idols and then Paul saying it is much as you can harmonize with that the reason not to do that is for the sake of others who might be offended or hurt by this practice kindness in my conclusion for you to evaluate food offered to idols is a gray area and how did Satan introduce idolatry into the Christian church according to the prophecy in relation to it wasn't by sermon in favor of idolatry history plays out the truthfulness of the Satan works through a series of almost imperceptible gradual descents into idolatry maybe someday you'll get a chance to study that they are wondering how could I constant up in the church inhabit the imperceptibly slow that began this way they began to honor the mock martyrs by going to their graves and then they would adore the greatest part of honoring the martyrs and then I was dangerous and so they thought about going to be you could just do it in church into a picture of the martyrs and they are during the pictures in memory of the martyrs they never got beyond that theologically the practically became playing idolatry in the course of a couple hundred years how do Satan introduce his evil plans and the church is through gray areas the fuel opener on what are you doing today you will learn to recognize when someone says what's wrong with this that the very fact that it seems like there's something wrong with that but it's hard to define this evidence that your playing with a satanic delusion what a to do bring an issue over issues that are very hard to define where the other what is your safety stay away stay away from the drive for their something more that a food offered to idols or something else as they are you talk them to commit fornication on a more shallow note you can think of James for verses one to four million not the friendship of the world is enmity with Christ whose were therefore be affirmed the world is the enemy of Christ and him to look at James chapter four James chapter four look at verse four says that you adulterers and adulteresses know ye not that friendship of the world is enmity with God whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God spiritual adultery in this verse is rape murder simply friendship with the world but on a corporate level throughout the prophecies of Ezekiel and Hosea and Isaiah spiritual adultery is the union of church and state and even the book Revelation later in the what do you find that valid this can down because she is committed fornication with the kings of the earth spiritual fornication is the unit of church and state how to make my fitness program and does not have a common talking of church and state and they brought in idolatry it through the gray areas but what is the difference between them it was their method of corrupting them or their position from which they corrupted the church by a Latin at the past they like that is bailout was a teacher serving the King to corrupt the church in history it's just not hard to identify Constantine the clergy he promoted the church was suffered as ufologists who was very long a profit that serves they like to corrupt the church was there a king who exercise authority over the clergy by influence to lead them to corrupt Christianity that's Constantine us just the simple summary of history that Jezebel 's relation to the king was quite different Jezebel control the state workday lounge serve the states Jezebel control the state provided for the difference between partisan fight Iraq and partner mess the beast and the woman are walking side by side in fact Iraq the woman the beast I can draw Omaha tribe so would you put a year between the two of them is not so hard therapy this again not be done with this program on the inside higher needs to charge paper ages were similar in doctrine there were similar in corruptions but a major difference lies in the title program master was a battle going on inside the church and or false teachers trying to corrupt it when you come to fight high road that evil has vanquished the good and evil is in charge of the church Mrs. Mikula more what it says about Parliament by Tyra Revelation chapter two and were looking at verse thirteen I know your works and where you dwell even where Satan 's seat is the site and have a seat yes a geologically as a geographical location of the center of his efforts to control the world and in the type arguments and became the center of the Christian church now that's not so hard for us to identify just by going to history what Sadie became the center of the Christian church in the time of Constantine I was wrong you hold I know your works and where you dwell even were Satan seated as you hold fast my name and hast not denied my faith listen even in those days were at the test was my faithful martyr who was slain among you were safe and well what is the difference primarily between Smyrna impertinence in Smyrna the part that persecution is going from outside the church but wasn't coming from in the terminus is coming from the church was after this mean against the fathers and tie hot against the father that's after this means is that metaphorical name was being persecuted on at time of Constantine those who were more resisting that you search in of authority by the Bishop of Rome you know those by a certain name is that unless we call the mold then since when that he became too great in the valleys sees me in the what I call the valleys it's the planes around Rome Piedmont area where they do they went to the mountains is it that we think of is that none of that out time valleys didn't they work from there the days of the apostles they went there mostly the ninth century they began as the faithful man around Rome that resisted Roman influence that is when when the Bishop of Rome was claiming the authority of why got God on earth is not like everyone around there said yeah we agree facts interesting part of history that the area of of Milan which is nearer Rome was a Dial cease that historically resisted the authority roll-on after that authority and recognizes far away as England as far away as part of the lease I'm just going to slow look at verse twenty four verse nineteen when you notice first nineteen stating the firefighter at us as you might say the church under the reign of the papacy I know your works and charity and service and faith and my patients and thy works works twice the same person I comment on it and the last to be more than the first century is long after the six century there were still faithful man it around Rome even after the papacy gained its supremacy they were they are but what God said about the works of thy Tyra is that as the church age in fact I was closing there would be a brighter more vibrant church than when I opened it opened in five thirty eight one of the clothes I suggest you that that is the time of white cliff in the pre- Reformation notice it says in verse twenty notwithstanding I have a few things against you because you allow that woman Jezebel which calls herself a prophet this to teach and to seduce my servants does God expect his church to regulate those that can and cannot teach the members Sarah finally taught the methods applied hire the church is responsible for for bidding in the teaching of false teachers when you have against life Ira the Jezebel was allowed to teach and seduce went off to Timothy is that their mouth must be stopped when you look in verse twenty one you see Jesus talking about Jezebel kind of in a second person the way as if he doesn't recognize the papal church as his church and idea for space to repent of her fornication and she repented not behold I will cast her into a band within the commit adultery with her into great tribulation except they repent of their deeds and I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am he which searches the reins and hearts that will give them to everyone of you according to your works here the papacy was condemned long before the end of Earth 's history she given a certain amount of time she was given time to repent she can repent for what was destroyed immediately to spend on standard plan once the nation is doomed to still give them time to fill out their cup of iniquity it with the Amorites so they're not to be destroyed until the fourth-generation with the papacy it's after the final persecution looked on the verse twenty eight this has overcome mers like a blessing above what would normally be expected I will give him the morning star I dislike you know that many commentators have understood this to be a reference to John Wyclif what is his name and popular policy history the MorningStar the Reformation the man who began what became the rising of light in the midst of a very dark church history yet if you study this this phrase MorningStar in the Bible looks very much like Jesus but those are overly contradictory because you might remember our last lecture the Jesus identifies very closely with his messengers and those the receipt his messengers receive him and those that reject his messengers reject him chapter three chapter three is the introduction of the Protestant Reformation but so interesting how that gets moving and an angel of the church in Sardis write these things saith he that hath the seven spirits of God and the seven stars I know your works that thou hast a name that thou live best and art that is the name thought that the good name it's a good name but just about the same time it became the name of the Protestant movement the movement loss the characteristics are that that's name that was English be understood in the next verse two be watchful and strengthen the things which remain that are ready to die for I have not found your works perfect before God remember therefore how you have received and heard and hold fast and repent what is Jesus required Sardis that exactly at to hold fast to the truth that he has given them to not let it go what combination falls on the Protestant churches they have not even held fast the truth it was given to them and they've let it go I'm looking for verse I want to show you just one moment looking for the passage that says that output on you no other burden of a look back at chapter two twenty four thank you this is during the time prior to the Reformation unto you I say and the rest inspired Tyra as many as have not this doctrine thus the doctrine of Jezebel which have not known the depths of Satan as they speak I will put no other burden upon you but that which you have hold fast till I come shortly and simply we should be charitable regarding the errors were held during the Middle Ages sure to maintain the most basic doctrines was a difficult challenge for the church that God require of them high and significant developments he required of them simply that they fold the basics of what is required of Sardis that she move forward as you hold fast about it given her and develop there just is not time to finish so I'll close by saying that about Revelation three four five study that again later when we get to the six seal and regarding Philadelphia where it says that no man she's made here to open the phenomena shut up and suck no matter open the letter and address heritage do that today you are not an address heritage sublets or the anonymous heritage at some point you might want to ask me if you're not there for that lecture about that were talking about today and it you are dismissed


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