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Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 22, 2013
    7:00 PM
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I had a father in heaven we are so grateful to be here we're so grateful to commend this week of prayer it founded the Academy thank you Lord for this privilege of sharing your word I want to pray that you will send your Holy Spirit to guide us may the spirit inspired to write visible to record Scripture made that same spirit as he chops tonight and throughout this week Lord I know that's a need there is not this ability to communicate your trade but it is only because of your spirit this is possible and so I ask that you be with us in a very special way that you will speak to us for I pray this in the precious name of Jesus Christ but everyone say a man all right concerns in your Bibles to the book of acts noted against the Romans chapter one but I want to start our time to get a little Tabasco to the very last chapter of the book of acts and that is a monopoly just as the access twenty eight wow you guys are good acts twenty eight sweeping their when you look at the very last verses of that chapter asked twenty eight looking at verse thirty and thirty one now at Stony Brook apostle Paul and that he finds himself here in Rome not by his own decision but he was actually a he was taken captive and as you might avoid recall the story and he appealed to Caesar and so to Caesar he went here is an wrong and she rightly would we read the following about the apostle Paul in the very last two verses of the book of acts acts chapter twenty eight beginning in verse that he listens what it says and then Paul all well to hold years in his own rented house and received all who came to him preaching the kingdom of God and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all confidence no one targeting him it's interesting when you look at the great integrate language the last word in the book of acts is the word eludes costs annually means it means unhindered sexy look at that original writing the book of acts was written in the Greek language by language also wrote the Gospel of league and the very last word is that is recorded in the next course is different in the English language but in the original language the last word is the word I'm hindered anything away from me I hinder it interesting that we have the book of acts which is the story of the preaching of the gospel in the first century all stuff is going on we need a visa this is one of the most exciting stories the memory is one of my favorite books in the Bible and yell you read about how the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them in the upper room and how they go forth and they speak in different languages imagine and everyone is hearing the gospel and the sick of being healed and churches of being raised in opposition then feel Paul the apostle that once was the right persecutor of the church becomes the greatest apostle of the church and that he goes forth into uninjured territory he get some beans and tell the stock happens to him but despite of all the opposition the gospel goes forth me unindicted it gets kind of the theme of the book of acts be hindered in the hope and every time that the enemy thinks that he has eight is able to hold back the gospel something happens and gone interviews and what once seemed to stop the gospel we need our enough call in the apostle Paul is this amazing guy and really through the move by the Holy Spirit and used by the Holy Spirit he was really unstoppable you know if you would say to Paul a rotatable only going to be chewed he would say well I do not consider the sufferings of this life to be compared with the glory the answer to you if they would say to call well you know we're going to kill you he was a guy is Christ if they would say okay will keep you alive he would say no what would he say the latest crime strife and suffering and even to die to die is gain with the latest Christ didn't really matter if they would say to them I will put you in prison he said well I'll sing and convert regards the other was no way to stop Paul in his preaching it went forth the gospel went forth on hinder now this is interesting that despite all the difficulties and especially when you come to the end of the book it was a very very challenging situation the poll found himself as a matter fact is accepted twenty eight you mean how Paul is now a captive in Rome in other words he's not afraid to walk around is not free to go out into the marketplace as he did many times and just witness to the people there he's not afraid to move into a city and to go into the synagogue and preached to the Jews and the Gentiles he is now limited as a matter of fact he cannot leave his house he is waiting for for this trial before Nero that of the great Caesar of those days the great ruler of the Roman Empire but while he is waiting in his house at home that was rented they are in Rome the Bible tells us that he preached the kingdom of God with confidence and that the Gospel went forth unhindered that powerful when what the enemy off him the end of the story but it wasn't the last word back to the word unhindered and human yarn two thousand thirteen here we are found to view Academy in Canada this happened in a row actually if you were in Rome this summer by the way was letting when it was an amazing experience to just see those sites and and and and and just you know understand a little but more about that history but just imagine you know this is the first century this is Mrs. in our hundreds and hundreds of years ago the two years ago and here we are we can look back and we can see that despite all the despite the imprisonment of Paul apostle that the gospel has gone for unhindered ampersands throughout the centuries right up to two thousand thirteen and he held the promise was given in the beginning of the book of acts of the gospel would go to the uttermost parts of the earth I considered another kind to be in that category which is coming to the uttermost parts of the earth I mean what else is there all are okay I from Alaskan air up there you know I was about to spend with your help I will April someone I called to do any naturalistic series in the north of Norway and so my wife and I went we were flying this plane to the north of Norway was the busiest was looking outside and everything I could see was his ice ice and snow but Daniel are there any people to witness to what we going and eventually we landed and had a look really like the middle of Israel while the end of the world and that we had a great time to myself when we where you know doing this series of meetings there in the north of Norway what would an amazing promise you him you know Jesus is with the site health weight injuries in the Holy Spirit is God come upon you go forth preaching in Judea and Samaria and into the other most parts of the earth and that happened and and and and he is sharing the gospel here in Canada sharing the gospel throughout the world to actually fulfilling that promise and the gospel would go forth unhindered just one page over to Romans chapter one and I know I have limited time here so we decided we basically just for one lesson from Romans chapter one this evening an enemy from verse twenty five Romans chapter one verse twenty five there is a alive that the enemy has succeeded in convincing people all that hinders them from experiencing the power of the gospel putting a look at this one line look at look at Romans chapter one verse twenty five this is what Paul says who exchanged the truth of God for the lie now and an year now he describes it and worshiped and served the creature longer than the Creator who is blessed forever amen what Paul says is the gospel is being hindered because people are worshiping the creature father then the creator must try to unpack this just for a moment how does this happen in society today you know when we think back of the original gifts that God gave to the human race in the very beginning what were some of those gaps let's just let's just call the rewind button let's go all the way back six thousand years to creation when God created this world or some of the gaps that he gave to mankind in the beginning continued Bingaman I will buy a new life itself yes the other gives specific guests freedom of choice very good anything else like what everyone involved say they could do what one would need to do they were they could go out and they could add yeah what they could eat light of all the trees in the garden except for one so it's obviously once again trying to be good to be and at the pleasure of eating I thought you know I didn't decide to put flavors into the city could have just given them a pill every day that would sustain the public did he gave them the gift of good faith right what else what else was on the gifts that we have there in the beginning and the Garden of Eden unlimited tax unlimited that's right yeah absolutely the Fellowship with the animals what about the fellowship with each other remember Adam was given his help me ease so if Allison Don was the first one that got performed at first marriage so the gift of marriage the gift of food without even the gift of war and we sometimes think about work as you know I don't know if I consider that again but it is really a gift from God and was given were in the garden and was a great and beautiful work to think about it for a moment these are all gifts that are given from God for humanity to enjoy think about that what it says in the book of Romans is that the truth and that the truth is to be exchanged for alive and what is that life that they would worship the creature while in the creator what has happened is that humanity today wants to pursue the salt listen very carefully without God himself not to think about it you know anyone in this world that doesn't like you know good food him him I have rather not necessary believers in God they like that they buy and you might not have time no people that are not believers in God but they still want at the open relationships right and they want boudoir they do they like to do use their bodies to accomplish things it's interesting what happens in this contest slips into Christianity as well the enemy wants us to focus on the creative Robinson the creator and created when it creates that they becomes an end in a north-south we miss the rest that God has for us think about her example is as if we looking at those at his gifts that God has given to humanity beginning of faith but when we exclude God from the picture happens is that original death when that is worshiped rather than the creator 's worship and that receives our affections Robin God receives our affections and what happened is that gift is to be perverted again is not to be used in the framework in which it was given to be enjoyed by Hawkins and when done with this the same way for example where work is a blessing but what happens when you detach works from God and God is no long-winded pictures and actually your affections and outgoing to what you are accomplishing what you are doing so that you can earn more money so that you can make a career and no glory goes to God and what happens to that work is preferred of it is no longer utilized in its original framework in which God has given and this applies to so many things and this is what Paul is saying the problem of humanity is in a bit want to guess but they don't want the one they gave began enough they want they are worshiping the created Robin and the creates more than no longer recognizing the creator and so this all you know what happened in this perverted and is no longer needed they are no longer able to basins into truly enjoy that death because it can only be fully enjoyed in the context of the acknowledgment and relationship with the creator so the first thought that I really want to share with you this evening as we look at our topical psychopathy now he remembered the unhindered gospel now what if it actually hinder the gospel what can hinder the gospel is when our focus is on the creates it and not only creates our our focus at times with the creative thing and we enjoy that yet but we enjoyed the outside of God that is a hindrance to the gospel the gospel is truly experience when we experience the gift of God which is all the things that you mentioned in the context of the creator I mean I isn't it amazing when you eat like your favorite meal is just amazing to think yourself while you bought phrased about having bought the flavors in that food Davis taste but it is to Bob and Lori for those things in a whore house when you and your committee doing a job and you just love to do a work that you love today that you can get Lori God for actually giving you the ability to do that work and we will we will experience the prospering of the gospel in our lives when we acknowledge the creator in all that we did and you know when we don't those things in and of themselves they become idols and we might not say that were worshiping them but in reality we are in fact my first time that I came to Canada was in two thousand eleven and that is because one of the gifts that God is given us is our physical bodies and outfitted the device can be also be used in citizen in it is an enjoyment to be able to to monitor access I finally like to exercise I love exercising I travel a lot my only love I looked at the site but you know what happens when God is out of the picture what happens is that the exercise becomes really all about self DC leading competitive sports right it's all about being the best is all about winning the game in two thousand eleven when I heard it when I came to Canada for the first time you don't this was a shocking arrival because we arrived in Vancouver and as I was waiting in the custom lines it was as clean and guess what was going on that screen ice hockey game and it was your area Vancouver to you sorry I don't know who they are okay and I Dallas and Abilene and then it's my turn to the customs of the custom officer he takes my past we looks my passport and he's what was more interested in the game than in the passport and then he gives me my passport back to you what he says to me is this just be careful in town tonight because that you know our acting loss is a jet he was just over at that moment I thought to myself well they lost again so what and that the people at the table that picked us up they brought us to the hotel that was staying we walked and on the screen was live scenes from downtown Vancouver police cars on fire if you remember the riots in Vancouver I myself am I looking at Eileen what's going on the city is being destroyed on ERC in over a tactical capitalism now but it's the twenty largest cities what's the capital of Canada exactly how I is not uncertainty here is the smallest capital may you have an outbreak of myself and Dan Gilbert is is is being destroyed because of an ice hockey game that is long what happens when it happens that you have on using your physical body of exercising has been perverted because God is no longer in the picture and now it's all about self right to see the how that happens I have to this and also so easily into our Christian lives it is so important for us friends to come back to the pure gospel of Christ and in the pure gospel of Christ first and foremost is the knowledge meant of the Creator in all things whether reading the gift of eating food the gift of war began of using our bodies what average gap that God has given to us we must acknowledge the creator because in acknowledging the creator will have a framework in which we can truly enjoy that death is an expense so that the gospel can go forth unhindered I see our times already I'm go so quick but we can continue our time together tomorrow evening or at least on this topic and the Romans and tomorrow morning within a look at the top of the prayer I just deployed to this week because I know that God has an amazing blessing in store for each one of Boston the blessing again as I said earlier does not depend on me and it doesn't depend on you but it depends on our heavenly father anything we trust a man we trust that he wants to do a work in our lives and so why don't we had a SS five we can hear kneeling together to have a word of prayer as we close our evening together him a father you want to thank you that we can come to this evening I want to thank you for this week of prayer that has begun on thank you Lord that you have a purpose and a plan for each of our lives and if you reveal that to us through your Holy Spirit to your word as we come to you I want to pray that you will guide us throughout this week that as we studied together that your words become alive it may shape us and hold us and fashion us in your image thank you Lord that you called us to acknowledge you and to enter into a relationship with you may we be your sons and daughters and I pray that we may acknowledge with all things in our life when we eat or drink the whatsoever however we do mainly due to your glory made a gospel be unhindered in our lives maybe experience you to the deepest level I just pray that you will guide us throughout this week that you prepare our hearts for what you have in store for us thanks for being with us this evening yes these things in your precious name amen this media was not a spy osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more assertive please visit www. audio tours .org


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