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A Pattern or a Person?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 23, 2013
    7:00 PM
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father thank you so much for this moment thank you so much that we can come before you and that we would not want to open your word without first opening our hearts was real in our hearts I pray that you will indeed speak to us as we have just sung together and that your words may come alive this evening may not return to void accomplished in with you please try accessing your precious name amen all right we'll take your Bibles this evening and turn with me to the book of Romans the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke John and you can put an accent right after the accident the book of Romans and turns around men's chapter twelve ability and two and three and I want to first got my first in chapter twelve as we set the stage for our presentation this evening Romans the twelfth chapter and take a look at verse two Romans twelve and burst through a millionaire you can say alleluia Ireland there will be stuck the developers do so and do not be conformed to this what do this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God so we have the words with and for us here and these words tell us that we are not to be conformed to this world the great work or conform you have to remember this is a difficult one I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it right I'm not a theologian I'm just a lay preacher but it says suspicion not sealed and I don't add that you don't have to remember that this is what it means and it is important it means to conform oneself to a pattern to conform oneself to a white to a pattern so when it says in Romans chapter twelve in verse two don't be conformed to this world it says that we I want to have learned all this while now this one has a lot of patterns and that in our presentation yesterday as we look at the teaching from Romans chapter one we discovered that there is a fundamental problem with humanity and the fundamental problem with humanity is that the time needed to worship the created a lot of them to create start a quick meeting we tend to our actions belong more to the things that God created man to God himself the giver of those things we use a couple of illustrations yesterday we talked about we talked about work we talked about you know that our physical bodies and how we often times stop at those gifts you know we like the way but we we we don't really always thank the giver of all that and finally likely to do work in but sometimes the glory of that work goes off and not to God and even physical exercises often find abuse when you look at competitive sports and things like that so they just is taken out of its frame in which God has given and what happens to that gift ideas perverted now this is a fundamental problem that humanity has taken is experiencing and it is displayed there in the first chapter of the book of Romans now actually turned the Romans chapter two when you can turn there with me when I can continue our study tonight is what we are going to find out is that this is a problem that is not just a problem to those that do not know God as a matter fact this problem slips and very easily even into those that are professing to follow God sometimes Romans chapter to want to take notice what it says in verse one Romans chapter two in verse one if you dare let me hear you say a man any permission to read I want to move too fast but you guys a younger fast enough the facet and running but fasting getting to the placing of will him ha ha I want you to always went back to the proved to me that you can really exercise again answer I'm sure you will do that tomorrow you can be ready right okay Romans chapter two verse one this is what it says therefore you are inexcusable oh man whoever you are the judge for what and when at very few judge another you condemn yourself for you who judge practice the same things now if you don't remember that when the book of Romans was written whole didn't like chapter one and said okay that's enough for today know my homework and go to bed now and tomorrow all right Romans chapter two this was not how the Bible was written is not how the letters of Paul were written as a matter-of-fact later on people that basically come to compound the Bible together in the books together they gave the chapter divisions and one for us to more easily find passages so sometimes it's very helpful as you study the Bible to not think too much about those chapter divisions and so basically the four apologists continuing into chapter two and three chapter one we have this for trail of this this this great human problem that that there is a worship of the creative other than the creator and then Paul in Romans chapter two inverse one in the continual fall he writes that he says but you who think you're okay you're actually in the same situation you going through the same year that the judge others actually being judged yourself now what holds us here in the book of Romans in chapter two and also chat chapter three is he describes the problem of all humanity both those that believe in God but also what are those that deny God but also those that actually believe in God not talking here about the Jews but of course you know we could shop it would be easy to narrow it down to just say okay that's enough to do so doesn't I than the description of the Jews in Romans chapter two is really a description of the believer today I want to take notice of as we jot down in Romans chapter to drop down to verse twenty three and twenty four listen to what it says Paul writing to the people Darren rumble to the Jews and the Gentiles the believers and unbelievers he says in verse twenty three you who make your boast in the law do you dishonor God through breaking the law for the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you so there's a problem and the problem is not just what the unbelievers that are worshiping the creator rather than the Creator the problem is also defend God 's Josh at WR judging the audio actually doing the same and that's what Paul is saying he does on any described in the end in the last part of the chapter take notice of verse twenty eight and twenty nine he says for he is not a Jew who is one of the say outwardly nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh but he is a Jew who is one what inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the spirit not in the latter whose praise is not from man but from God now Paul is getting to something very critical here and sometimes we didn't know sweet weight as fast as we say wow you know this was in the old covenant and is talking here about your circumcision and those with something that the Jews used to do and this was a problem that they face in the first century was that he still wanted to go on with a wave with their patterns of religion but this has little to do with me today but Scripture is for us today and you we can take this passage we can apply to articles what's the problem here the underlying problem that Paul is describing is that they choose they had an outward form of religion but they lacked inward change you will form you have that are the change of heart and this is exactly what Paul is tapping into here and that is so relevant for you and for me because we can have the right output pattern of religion we can do the right things at the right time with the right places we can do we can say the right things but is there really has gone really been able to impact our hearts has God been able to change our life I titled this message this evening a pattern or a person a pattern or a person and that's a question that each of us has to answer in our law had we conformed to a pattern of religion or have we actually accepted a person into our lives and that person being Jesus Christ this is the big question that we all need to ask in order for the gospel to go forth unhindered in your life you must make sure that you accepted a person and not merely a pattern elegant dishonorable detritus of understand this a little bit better here in Romans chapter summary and verse twenty three dozen very well known persons sure when I read this first admitted he will go yes I've heard that verse before maybe some of you even know it by heart is very simple it says the following Romans chapter three verse twenty three and he didn't even finish it up I started let's see if you can do that without looking in your Bible for all have sinned anyone finish that you are thanks very got so this is what Paul says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God now it's interesting in the book of Romans which is this amazing picture of the gospel Paul uses the real chapters the first three chapters we don't have time to read all through the window and you can read it in three chapters he displays the condition of humanity and the commission on believer those that are following up religious patterns and displays their condition but he shows them how they are lacking a person and that person is Jesus Christ is safe the good news of the gospel is only as good as the bad news is that so I'm important for Paul that first of all we understand what what what we are without Christ that we actually start appreciating Christ in a world today sometimes we do evangelism we got before we say Jesus settings and people say well that's fine but I don't need salvation I don't need to be saved because they don't understand their condition without Christ and so the message Jesus saves means very little if they don't understand first the condition they're in without Jesus was anything and so that's why in the book of Romans as such it is such an amazing way in the first chapter the second chapter and the third chapter Paul describes the condition of all humanity not just those that are denying gone altogether but even those that are following religious patterns but have not experienced the person of Christ many sums it up in chapter three needs as we all have sinned and short of the glory of God that includes everyone every single one of us sitting here tonight every single one is including myself have fallen short and excellent order for us to understand this because the good news is only as good as the bad news is that many give you an illustration of this you need to illustrations and I think this will help you understand this imagine that you were going to a beach on a beautiful sunny day and he were going to enjoy your time together with your family and your there on the beach and you decide to just walk a little bit into the water and the waves such as splashing on your knees and it's a beautiful day everything is just perfect and just enjoying those of the scene and day and nothing nothings wrong it just just having a great time and suddenly there's this big strong guy and he runs up to you the water pools you out vines into the beach onto the beach etc. I see you now will you think about that person like you lost your mind I was like I was practically okay I do not need you to pull me out of the water analysis enjoying the water splashing against my knees now any picture another scenario here one on the same beautiful day you decided you want to go for a swim and you start swimming into the ocean everything is fine but then suddenly it he wanted to as you turn around and will swing back to the beings you send in your being pool away further and further and further in the typist is drawn you away and you realize you can get back into how hard you try no matter how much you exercise you just don't match as so as if it actually you see him back in the dance dance you see this you see above and you're like all my only chance of the way they can any of you going to limit under the unit agreement and he sees you and the boat is coming closer and closer and closer but I think as long as I can just managed to stay above the water for a little bit longer and then there is this great big guy he looks out his army pulls you into the bug because I safety now unity and told the rest of your life a man now what's the difference in these two scenarios in the first scenario you didn't need salvation he didn't need to be saved in the second situation you realize that you needed to be saved this is exactly how it works with the gospel my friends in order for us to appreciate the saving work of Jesus we must first understand that spiritually speaking we are drowning without she's him anything without Jesus we have holes in them and come short of the glory of God we are in a very very very bad situation and we can help ourselves there's nothing in costs that we can actually save ourselves the only thing that we can do is to put off full trust in our Savior Jesus Christ now I want to share another illustration that might help because on or before I do that with the passage here if you're still in Romans chapter three I want you to take notice of this processing description that Paul gives us all humanity and would start in verse ten Romans chapter three verse ten this is what it says as it is written and yet she quoting here from the Old Testament is using these verses to describe the condition of humanity he says the following is none righteous no not one is none who understands there is none who seeks after God at all turned aside they have together become unprofitable there is not who does good no not one dirt road is an open to with their times they are practiced deceit the policeman asked as upon their lips whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness their feet are swift to shed blood destruction and misery are in their ways and the way of peace they have not known there was no fear of God before their eyes just describing just a little bit of what humanity is like without Jesus Christ now how do we know that this is the condition of humanity how do we know that now if you're still in Romans chapter three take notice what it says in verse nineteen first nineteen now we know that whatever the law status talking about the ten Commandments it says to those who are under the law that every mouth may be stopped and all the well what you say become guilty before God in other words how do we know that we have sinned and come short of the glory of God because of the law boy that ten Commandments so this is like a mirror here and we come to do another illustration that will help you understand this the law got my what he tells us even in the days of alumni like America so if you have worked outside as you know whether it be in the garden or even working on a car whatever it is and you just really usually very in your face and you come inside in the evening you walk into the washer when you look at the mirror now and the mirror every meals to you that your journey and that you need to wash your face and into things either the site and watch your face that fixes the problem all are you can break the mirror and you don't see it any longer the problem is no longer barite or if the problem still there the problem is still there they might say well who are currently do that I mean that just makes no sense but you know the path of Christianity is the Christianity at the Y which has little to ask the law of God in sending of law that reveals something about us but not does not very pretty picture let's just get rid of the law of God and in getting the win of the one God the trauma and has not been solved because what is that one is that the function of the law the function of the law the function of the tendinitis is to mean feel that we are sinners and that we are in need of a Savior and so the law has a purpose to lead us to Christ so that we go into recess in order to be washed clean in order to be purified now with this foundation that was laid now here the book of Romans one ago two another passage in the you so you can turn back in your Bibles to the first look at the New Testament book of Matthew and turned to chapter five and how many of you know what we find in Matthew five anyone know what we find that sermon on the mount astride a sermon on the mount so I want to look at a couple of verses here because what happens is when we follow a religious pattern we look at the law of God and we tried to somehow you know make ourselves keep the law of God so that we can basically check off those commandments and sometimes why not say it like that but inevitably this is what happens if we're following a religious pattern and not a person it would be like okay we have the ten Commandments okay I can like it reveals my condition but you know I'm actually doing pretty well because if I look at the ten Commandments no one of the Commandments is thou shall not murder I've never murdered a person so that's already clicked I can check that one off I'm doing pretty well and that you might say you know what it says you know is not enough to bear false witness he is not supposed ally but you know sometimes I told you don't have a white lie but I'm not a liar right and this is the racism that went away it's easy for us to reason when the following and religious patterns and commands like the check like that checklist again they find that one of the final that one okay I may left live in that one but at least I keep the other so that makes up for it and this way of thinking my friends leaves us a way from the experience of the Gospel wants to give us and hear what Jesus says in Matthew chapter five Jesus comes along and he basically magnifies the Commandments as a basically saying if I could just put it in my own words you thought we were doing okay to me show you how you're actually doing and look at what he says for example in verse twenty one and twenty two when it comes to the Commandments regarding murder listen to what Jesus says in Matthew five first twenty one and twenty two these are the words of Jesus so it was a decent read in your Bible than these words are in red Jesus as you heard that it was said to those of all you shall not murder is quoting the commandment eleven murder shall be in danger of the judgment this is what Jesus and Augusta seeks staff this first twenty two but I say to you that whoever is I agree with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and eleven says to his brother Robert I shall be in danger of the council but whoever says you fool shall be in danger of hellfire is Jesus doing here to say okay you thought you never learned if you are green in your heart if you have hundreds was a brother or sister you have already transgressed the commandment now at the joint down a couple of verses and go to verse twenty seven and twenty eight in here Jesus does it again with another Commandments this is what he says you have heard that it was said to those of all you shall not commit adultery but I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in now suddenly now that's listing doesn't work anymore because what we thought we could kind of check off as we following a pattern of religion accounting for eleven vessels made of not doing so well in on this but at least something better than that person needs to compare ourselves with each other we think while we balance it out suddenly doesn't work any longer because Jesus as you know you're guilty we're all guilty because what you saw leaving your thing that even your sops lead you into this him will say wow this is not a very flattering methods this is not a good message but my friend this is important and important part of the gospel because again when we understand that we are in need of a savior in a clean house even more to Jesus because we know that without him we can do anything and so as we now go back to the book of Romans I want to take notice how in Romans chapter three we move now from the pattern of religion to the person of Jesus Christ Romans chapter three and I just love these verses here that would in a raid we got to get up in the various well let's just pick up again in verse nineteen so we get the context here look at how Paul now makes this transition and leads us to what really matters the person Jesus listens what he says Romans three beginning in verse nineteen now we know that whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law and every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God would establish that the walk ons like America we are all guilty of all transgressive all come short verse twenty there by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in his sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin is not possible for us to make ourselves obedience in the eyes of God but that verse twenty one this is what it says but now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and upon all who believe for there is no difference now Paul is saying when the righteousness of God was revealed to us in the law we working that now Jean the righteousness of God is revealed to us in a person Jesus Christ and when we put our I will be we are now justified in the eyes of God and now we move from following a pattern of religion to following a Harrison DC the difference in how is it with me this evening is not getting too complicated I hope so when we follow a person this changes everything because now this send is the one that starts empowering us to live in obedience to God it's not the checklist anymore is not laundering quite fine on that one I'm not doing so fine on that one but only something better than him are the something better than her and you know we go through these notions is an outward motion and but the heart and the mind is not changed but Paul says no it's not about a pattern of religion it's about a person and when you put your faith in the person Jesus Christ that lived a perfect life opening all the commandments of God in his life and paying the perfect products for your sin he took your sin upon himself he died on the cross when you put your faith in the perfect life in the perfect death of Jesus now his life becomes your life and now the life that he lived he starts living in you and can you live in obedience yes you can but not in your own strength but is now in the strength of Jesus Christ of France is so important to come back to the basics of the gospel and because when we start understanding these things the gospel will take on the whole it will be a whole new experience in our lives one what needs to happen is that we need to let go of the pattern of religion and we need to hold to the person the person that can empower us to live a new life this is the location now why don't we share with you is very short but it's just to the point she says and that in the book in heavenly places page fifty four says the following we have I say is to follow Northside we have only one and that is Jesus Christ not powerful when you have six patterns to follow we don't have five patterns to follow we only have one pattern to follow and seasons makes a whole lot less complicated so we don't have to live our Christian lives the checklist we don't have to live our Christian lives and following these patterns of output notions of religion up up up up just out with me to know the gospel go so much further than that it's putting our faith in a person and that person empowers us and that person changes are very thinking he changes our heart he changes our mind he leads us into obedience but not because there's anything in class because we put our confidence and trust in him is and this gospel can go forth in your life hindered when you put your confidence in the one many times happens is we choose while there but a pattern of religion and for the person in our closing minutes together I want to just go to a passage in the Old Testament that describes what many times we go through in our lives I think it also will help us this passage to see where we can come back to that one pattern Jesus Christ returning if I was not in the old testament book of Jeremiah the Old Testament book of Jeremiah and going to chapter two Jeremiah chapter two and when you're there you can say Maranatha nor that means but is not happening the Lord is coming a month Jeremiah chapter to see the notice of what it says here that this is basically gone speaking to the prophet Jeremiah he says the following first to go and cry in the hearing of Jerusalem saying says the Lord hear the Lords Jeremiah two person I remember reading that highness on here you the love of yoga throttle when he went after me in the wilderness in the land not sown and then in verse five this is thus says the Lord what injustice have your father is found in meat but they have gone far from me have followed idols and become idolaters enough to think of God is kind of this killer robot in the sky and just to note commands and does things but when you really read Scripture at times he would just be amazed with the emotions that that God has in the person that he actually is I think this passage is really puts gone on display gone is basically saying why did you walk away from me what I done wrong to you I want to physically gonzo was reminiscing upon the times we had with his people in the past but now his people and robbing chosen for the patterns of religion and for him as a person has a lot of say what what injustices have I done me why is that once you walk with me and now you walk with me know longer and then basically Jeremiah here I inspired by the word of God he pinpoints the problem in verse thirteen about the first thirteen listen to what it says for Mike my people have committed two evils how many to listen to these two they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters and ensuring themselves cisterns broken systems that can hold no water for their two problems are two problems the first problem is they have left God because they thought that the pattern was better than the person and then what do they do else they didn't actually made their own sister and to hold water this is such an amazing picture because it in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation you have this picture that had gone is the one that satisfies our deepest longings after a new longing that you know that can be expressed it is really one when when you're thirsty because when you're thirsty it's like the only dispute is that water water is like a need that everyone had is not like someone that can go without water for no it's only a very short span of time that you can go without water if necessary and Donna saying I will give you living water and yet here you have people that say you know what we don't want you as a person we have our own pattern and you know what we'll will make our own systems that can hold water but then it says in the passage that they are broken that will hold no water at my friends this many times pictures our experience how many times has God given us a picture of what his will is for our lives but we think to ourselves I have a better way yeah I know what you say God and that probably applies to see my friends it probably applies to my parents but for me this is just an exception I have a different way I just follow my own pattern and I think they'll find pleasure and fulfillment and joy in doing that and so we make this described here it's like making the system and underwater that God gives you don't wait we have something that can hold our own water we can find our own joy we can find our own fulfillment of the Bible promises of my friends this is a promise and will not hold water and and and and we must come to the point in our lives that we sing a lot how many give up because of my patterns are are are just not going to fulfill my patterns among many give what I really really need what only God can give me because the living one of my friends is the gospel of Jesus Christ and we must come to him and we must allow him to take away that first in our life the menu this evening cheers for the person I'm not the pattern now when you follow the person you will have a pattern exactly what the quotes that we have nonstick status to follow nor I have only one there is a pattern of the pattern if the person Jesus Christ his life is to be our example his wife is to be the very pattern that we want to make sure we match not a narrow span but in his strand because when we do that the gospel can be able to go for and hinder and so I just want to make a short Apulia before we close with a word of prayer how many of you recognize that yes you do fall into that temptation at times and maybe you're even going through it right now or maybe you have a portal you know that you that your affections leaned that way towards forming your own pattern forming your own way in which you think you find fulfillment in life when you realize that you want to come back to God 's way you want to make sure that your connecting with the source of living water and eighty six night I want to make sure that I'm with them amen amen but we pray together father in heaven I'm so grateful to be heard sounds of the really enjoyed my time here already I want to thank you for all of the students that he led here which I believe is no coincidence that all hand selected by you you brought them here with the purpose to train them to build their characters and Lloyd now we have this week of prayer together which we can study a word what a blessing and father this evening as we look at Romans two and three we see that you desire for us not to follow a religious pattern to follow a person and that is your son Jesus name we look at his life may we study his life and may the power of your spirits alas so that so that he and his wife can be live in us thank you so will I live in water we only think about our own systems because you promised me aware that they will hold no water but thank you that we can turn to you that we define the fullest satisfaction in you and that we can know that we are your sons and daughter that we can try out father thank you I thank you that your gospel will going on and maybe go forth we pray and ask this in your precious name and everyone safe and this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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