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A Perfect Mirror

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 24, 2013
    8:00 AM
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father what I have greater privilege it is to come before you and to call you our father our Lord what a great privilege it is to open your word I do pray that as we open your word that you will open our hearts that you will open our minds and then Lloyd very truly yours you have in store for us but you will instill it in its enemy not just merely be a theoretical truths that we understand with our minds but the truth and embrace with our hearts and experience in our lives as we ask for a double portion of your spirit this evening we pray these things in Jesus name amen all right but we are in our series the unhindered gospel and we've already come to our third presentation here in our evening and meetings here we started on Sunday with the first reservation yes they are second and here we are already come to our third presentation and I titled this message for this evening a perfect mirror a perfect mirror what will you do is we're going to pick up basically what we left off yesterday I wouldn't continue to examine the role of God 's law the ten Commandments in the life of a Christian and I actually preach this message in a variety of countries that couple of months ago I preached in Germany representative in Norway I presented it in and actually quite a number of different countries in Europe and the feedback I've gotten to know some messages get more feedback and others add that this was one of the ones where I've had people come up to me this is not to my glorious to the glory of God the dataset now that was very very helpful I always wondered about the role of the ten Commandments in the life of Christians it is just really clarified for me and that so that is my prayer that will have the same effect this evening what I what is the role of the ten Commandments in the life of a Christian I would examine in the study were now this is the real Bible studies I hope you have your Bibles with you tonight can you show me your Bible this evening a man very good even need it so if you don't hope I will make sure you sit next to someone that dies so that you can follow along and we are going to begin our journey together in the book of Romans where we have missed the boat that we been studying together and turned to Romans chapter three Romans chapter three and we can read verses nineteen and twenty we already look at these verses in our presentation yesterday and read them again and then we're going to continue to develop this theme of the ten Commandments in the life of the Christian Romans chapter three verse nineteen and twenty and here already we have a picture of what the ten Commandments data what the law is given for and I'm reading here from new King James and you can read along in the version that you have now we know that whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law and this expression is coming back a number of times description when you look at what that exactly means under the law now to start again now we know that whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God verse twenty zero four views of the law no will be justified in his sight and his A just talking about God for by the law is what you might say these the government with the knowledge of sin exactly by the law is the knowledge of sin so according to these two verses here in Romans chapter three verse nineteen and twenty what is the role of the law the law through the law comes a knowledge of sin hunting if we would not have the law is we remove the law we would not know what Satan is when you think about it the gospel is the Goths in the gospel is good news that recently what the word means the gospel is good news about a Savior right that saves off from sick and how do we know what sin has we know what sinners because we have a law that defines what sin has now unnecessary war what is happening Christianity today whenever the law is removed it gets really really difficult to even define what the gospel list because like Adobe no effect so we have again we have that gospel which means the good news on a savior it saves us from sin and sin is defined by the law if you remove the law what happens to have a possible good news about a Savior essays but you don't know what you can save you from and that is if you don't know what it is a new problem what actually the good news right so it's very important since the first role of the law and we find it right here in Romans chapter three verse nineteen and twenty is to define for us what tune is happy with me so far is about yes okay very good now we can look a little closer here yesterday I use this illustration about the law is like a mirror remember that illustration that when you look into the NARA it's like you are looking into the law is like looking into a mirror up and the law is not to show you how righteous you are vaccine righteous you might looking in the mirror and you denies that your jargon that there's something wrong and that the law is there to show that it's a perfect marriage one of those narrative that reveals everything again I know you yeah you guys travel here and viewing injuries they in different places and different homes that you come into her different hotels and places in different mirrors and saw mirrors they seem to Neil Moran and I'm not saying no I mean and down for some reason sometimes the light is just no really in such a way on the merits in such a way that you see everything for some reason ladies still like looking to those matters I don't know but some merit as they reveal how great thing you know everything and the law got such a narrative reveals everything about your life everything everything about your shortcomings everything about her since June it goes so deep that it's delivering notice of your heart and it shows that we are in need of a Savior we are in need of Jesus Christ now that's the first role of the law that the first function we could say of the law to reveal to us that we are sinners and revealed us that we are in need of a Savior okay but many people stopped there I said okay the role of the law now we know that were sinners Jesus saves us where to find that the gospel was but it is worn for up to probe a little bit deeper because the one .exe the second function as we don't discover this evening now I you are in the book of Romans I invite you to charge the book of Galatians the book of Galatians as a couple of books I had to go through the book of Romans any of the four the first letter to the Corinthian church and you come to the second letter to the Corinthian church and right after second Corinthians you have the book of Galatians and God Galatians chapter three Galatians chapter three we can read from verse twenty three S&W wheel Bible study so when you look at especially now the beginning of this presentation will look at a number of Scripture so that we can lay a firm foundation to understand this topic of the role of the ten Commandments the role of the law in the life of Christ and I think if you really pay attention this evening if you just don't write the law even silently mouthing the lobby distracted that you will follow along carefully I believe that this can be for many of you revolutionary but you will have like a new understanding all about walking your life and that is my prayer it makes some deletions take notice of Galatians chapter three and I'm beginning to read from verse twenty three Galatians three verse twenty three but before faith came we were capped under guard by the law we were under the longest same expression that we read in the book of Romans unfortunately and we were kept on the lot for the faith which would ask would be revealed therefore firstly for therefore the law was particular to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith but after faith has we are no longer under a tutor are no longer under the law some translations say now what does this say because this tax has been highly misunderstood with a Christianity for many people a second there you have it easy when we price of the laws no longer needed the one leads us to try to win no longer in need of the law once we have Christ but what is the tax actually saying when we look at it a little closer what it's telling us is that the law again is giving us a knowledge of sin it is giving us a knowledge of our need for Jesus right we were under the law but what you want to do when you are under the law the law condemned us recently recognize our condition and so we put our faith in Jesus and Jesus life of perfect obedience and his perfect sacrifice is now bear in order for me to be forgiven when I put my faith in him I'm forgiven as his life stands now the place of my life no wonder that when you look a little bit closer at this but here in Galatians chapter three we have a picture of what it means to be under the law and to be under the law is really to be condemned by the law were condemned by the law we realize our need we put our faith in Jesus okay now I want to keep your finger in the book of Galatians and come right back there in a moment but I want to go to another tax in the book of Hebrews so you keep your finger in the book of Galatians and you go on in the Bible and then become eventually to the book of Hebrews and down to the Hebrews chapter ten and now we're going to look at the second function of the law the first function of the law to reveal sin right like America that's look at now the second function of God 's law Hebrews chapter ten verse excuse seventeen Hebrews chapter ten verse sixteen and seventeen and we read and follow this is the covenant that I will make with them after those they says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write that then he adds their savings and their lawless deeds I will remember no more so here we have a promise in the book of Hebrews that God wants to take his law he wants to take his commandments and what you want to do with it he wants the right and somewhere when you want to write than according to this passage we just read in our heart 's right to get together this way once God wrote the Commandments on stone when he gave to Moses but here we read in the book of Hebrews that God wants to do something more than just writing the Commandments of Stone wants to write it on our heart now that's a function of the law is really that it becomes an experience in our lives again first function of the law the law is like a mirror and it condemns us of our sin it shows us that we ascended it shows our need of the person Jesus Christ in that sense it leads us to Christ the capacity relations that but then as we embrace Christ the person that will why Christ comes into Jesus lives out his life in and Jesus the law perfectly and so Jesus coming into 's is really the law coming into a peanut that is as it is quite fascinating that we put our faith in Christ in his perfect obedience that perfect life of Jesus now becomes ours now we're going to examine this because it is now go back to the book of Galatians would look at a passage that I think will clarify what we're talking about if you kept your finger the relations go back to the good relations and turned to chapter five Galatians chapter five and we going to read from verse eighteen Galatians five verse eighteen we read the following but if you are led by this direct with the phrase here you are not was insane your Bible you are not under the long-awaited wave went already come to that expression the number of times now under the law is under the law but it's really talking about is that we are not under the condemnation of the law and so what it says here in Galatians chapter five is that if we are led by the spirit which is really being led by the life of Jesus we are no longer under the condemnation of the law why not but let's continue to read look at what it says now let's talk down to verse twenty two but look at what it says in verse twenty two but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness and boldness gentleness self-control and here comes an interesting phrase I saw what a survival thing there is no law there is no law like first we are unlivable and suddenly then there is no law was listening this means that there is no condemnation of the law any longer when the spirit controller remember the law is in its first function like America right it reveals our sins rights but then as we embrace Jesus Christ and his character and his perfect life is now reproduced in-house now because often our faith in him we are no longer under the condemnation of the law the one note on the condemns us when his life is lived out in-house until the Lord has really two functions first it is to lead us to Christ to show us our need for him to show us our sins but the second function of the law is that it is to be written in our hearts and establishing our lives and some times when we talk about the gospel people will start with the first function of the law is so important for us to move on and to allow that law that was once a mirror and continues to be America's as we fall every time the mirror reminds us that long reminds us of our need for Jesus but there must be something more and that is that when the law becomes a part of us went gone right sit upon our hearts and this is through the person Jesus Christ now with this in mind turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Psalms and I thought in the middle of your Bible so if you just open your Bible kind of in the middle you you'll probably end up somewhere there somewhere close to the sounds and turned to Psalms chapter one is a six year that I think will kind of you know have a new meaning after what we've just looked up to gather songs chapter one and began in verse one is a song of I believe that the update I think it's updated we don't act at precisely no listen to the experience of the songwriter here at the following Blessed is the man who walks in the I also love the ungodly nor stands in the path of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful but he is the light is in the law of the Lord and in his law humanities day and night first three fees shall be like a tree planted by the river of water that brings forth its fruit in season and whose leaf also shall not win there and whatever he does shall prosper so here we have a description of the excess or description of the experience of a person that in the law now anything meditating upon a day in nine of me ask you something the pneumatic faith upon something then I did know I is something that continually condemns you and continually tells you that you are a sinner a very big sinner the lighting that is so so what what what what how this person here writing this off how could they come to that experience of safe actually double wanting in the lockdown because not very enough but it doesn't really make much sense to delight in something that will continually condemn there is a deeper experience here with the law guy with the will of God yes in his first function it shows us our need for Christ but then there something more because the law of God is not only a perfect mirror of reviewing our same but is also a heartfelt revelation of the character of God and this is what we get to spend the rest of our time this evening in examining how the law how the ten Commandments are a perfect beautiful revelation of God 's character and inexperience that we are to embrace and cherish and I think that once we understand that we can because they all know what you want at once condemned the one that was once under I now embrace and I will love it and I cherish it and I followed him I wanted reveals to me who God is so less time to really find the manager anyone out after this one are there together and we discussed how a fresh love at these ten Commandments you know what happens is in the first function of the law the ten Commandments a condemn us as sinners we are under the law in the second function of the law the ten Commandments become ten promises to become ten promises to look at how public promises God is giving us through the ten commands and maybe you always thought asking your Christian experience that the ten Commandments are really like this you shall not be found on you shall not and it's just like a bird it's nothing that you ever thought of delighting and it's nothing you ever thought of meditating upon the night is something that you know you thought Lopez just a list of things that I shouldn't do in order to get to have maybe maybe that is been your experience but let's see if tonight with a fresh look at ten Commandments at the ten Commandments you can actually see the character of God and the beauty of what God is trying to raise to each one of us so Exodus chapter twenty and unnoticed start in verse three which many times that's what we do there we have the First Amendment when it would start in verse one because wanted to respond to they in verse twenty two we find a key to understand the rest of the ten Commandments so let's go to Exodus twenty beginning in verse one and God spoke all these words saying I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage so before you God gives them the Commandments before he even utters the first commandment God reminds his people that she is the one that walked them out of you him them out of slavery now when I was a young Christian I first started reading my Bible I read the ten Commandments I read this passage I thought to myself now for quite these ten Commandments I don't know how that can really be you know how they really do fit into my life especially when I started reading the beginning of the chapter I thought to myself I've never been a slave in Egypt so obviously you know this I don't know how this relates to me I'm still later on as I really started studying this a little but more deeper and praying to God for a greater understanding of his commandments the Holy Spirit convicted me and showed me that we had all been slaves I have been enslaved community now you might not have been a slave in Egypt but we've all been slaves of sand and a picture of each other and the enslavement all DOS people in Egypt is really a type quality a picture of something much greater and that is the slavery of them and how we delivered from our sin well what happened to the people of Israel what happened to the Hebrews think about it Moses came and he said to Farrell let my people about the disparity that not immediately right as a matter fact I thought it worked these incredible miracles in each and the first play was poured on Egypt but if that results in the accidents the first way not replace it it's a can right now something happened during the templating you might remember this in the story very interesting they obviously resort you take a lab and the land had to be without blemish another was at the apartment when healthy labs it was a picture of Jesus and they were to take that land which is taken on the tenth day of what became later the first month of the all the Hebrews and if they were to take that land and for four days they had lamb ready and on the fourteenth they are basically the lab it took the blood of the laminate and remember what they did with that they put on the door posts right and then the angel of destruction came to the land which was the template and every time the angel came to a house to a home where the blood was on the doorpost he passed over that home and that's why we call it the feast of Passover he passed over the homes where the light was on the doorpost now this is a beautiful typology of this sacrifice of Jesus because the land represents Jesus died for our sins for our trespasses and so when you fast for the story you come to that gospel story Jesus did you know that he died exactly on Passover did you know that by the way he came into the city of Jerusalem on the times a day he talked publicly for four days just like they have the lab set aside for four days and exactly on Passover he was crucified and so he fulfilled the Passover Jesus is the Lamb that came to take away our sins and it was because of the Passover lambs that they eventually will lead out of Egypt let out of the bondage and slavery of sin into the wilderness where they then receive the ten Commandments but think about it before the Commandments I get than Jesus has already set them free and GSS has died for it is in the typology here has die for them if the lab isn't it is a picture of Christ at the what what God is saying is remember that you are slaves and he jets but I set you free before the first commandment is given reminds us that Jesus has died for us that Jesus has set us free and that when we put our faith in him our confidence in him that we can be set free and then going goes on you are three ten Commandments at the very foundation of the ten Commandments is the sacrifice of Jesus right in the Old Testament a picture of what was to come the sacrifice of Jesus and each and every commandment that follows is only possible because of the car because of the sacrifice of Jesus it is because of what Jesus has done that I will have no more possible advantage and one God while my father my heavy fog is because of the sacrifice of Jesus that I will not bow down to great images is because of the sacrifice of Jesus and I can go on and on and on all ten Commandments that is the foundation now let's look at the first commandment verse three you shall have no other gods before me and you know in the first function of the law where the law condemns where the law reveals our sin yes it's like all have many other dogs and many other things that I'm interested in more than I'm interested in God and I know we talked about the first night I we talked about how it is so easy to worship the created Robin the creator and we take the gifts of God we pursue those and we meet our God and so this really becomes these gifts become middle baccarat so yes the law condemns us of those actions but that leads us back to Christ but that as we look at the second function of the law as we looking at it from this is so beautiful and Don is basically saying here you don't need anything else I will be everything for you thou shall have no other gods before me you don't need any other God will be enough I will do everything for you I will be better than what you could ever imagine I will surpass all your expectations I will fulfill your deepest desires I will show you the true purpose of life I will fill your greatest needs I will quench your deepest bars I will satisfy your deepest longings I no been there for you it's a promise now that's something you can do either all I want to meditate upon that day and I don't know about you but but when God says to me you don't need any other thoughts I will be everything when I understand the commandment of the promise I want to embrace that I see it as a revelation of who God is and it's no longer something that condemns me because of something I want something I want to pursue with all the energy that I have Alexi and the other commandments revealed the same thing the next amount of the reason overtime sake but the second commandment is you shall not have any of you shall not bow down or make yourself a carved image short bow down select interesting the word image where you witness at first appear in Scripture does anyone know where the word image first appears in creation exactly now God created everything in a succession of six days but in all which is great it was only one object of creation where he said let us make was that in his image man is interesting insight that bigotry and arguments or less make a planet in our image or less megastar in our imager let us make this fish in our image the only object of creation that was made in the image of God was male and female you and I are made in the image of God now that image has been marred by said and that's what God wants to do and this is really again such a precious promise because God wants to reveal himself to us so that might be holy and we can be changed again into the original image and this is a tax and you don't have the turnover time Satan owns the reader is second instructed to reverse aging it says the following but we always unveiled face beholding as in a mirror of the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same he was from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord now there's this role in Scripture and is really something that we just also know from from experiences in life and holding we become changed right by that which we behold that have an impact on our lives now we when we behold God and the character of God we are changed into his imagine otherwise his character is representative not because of any power or strength that we have in ourselves but because of the work of the Spirit in the life of Jesus now how is the second commandment than really a precious promise to say you don't have to wonder what I'm like and she reveal what online and you something many people in this world wondering what is God like what is gone exactly life has revealed himself he has revealed himself in the Scriptures we go around and wonder what God is like every single page of this book reveals something about the character of God and got the same dress you don't have to you don't have to carve out an image you don't have to wonder what I'm like because what happened ancient time sixty carbon images that they said this represents God now if we might not do that we stay while we too sophisticated for that we don't actually make this image of God we do it in many other ways maybe we don't make battle images but we have mental images in our minds we create pictures of God there maybe not according to Scripture but gone in the second command is really safe you don't need to do that you don't have to carve out an image about after I will reveal myself to you I will make you know what I am like and when we study the Scriptures we can know the character of God it's a promise that you can embrace the third commandment and verse seven you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain and this doesn't have to do with just the way that now the name of Abu that is implied in the Commandments Windows a little bit deeper here when you study the name of God interesting that the name of God is connected with again the character of God and one instance of Moses he asks God recessed shelving your glory and read about this in Exodus chapter thirty three he says show me your glory God and God says to Moses I will not I will proclaim my name seen and in the very next chapter axis thirty four calls Moses up on the mountain you may remember the story he puts them in the classroom the rock and God passes by before he holds his hand before most of it Moses would see the full glory of God he will be evaporated he would guide instantly and so God passes by anyone God does he proclaims his name he proclaims his character after the name of God is moving the character of God he read in the book of Revelation that the hundred forty four thousand may be a part of that group before the logo the ones that are living when Jesus returns they have the name of God written on the way the hearts of God engraved in their mind in their hearts and so what we see in them in the third commandment is eighty four unless a guy that God is in a reveal his character he's going to reveal his name from the fourth commandment the Sabbath Commandments and that this commandment is a fascinating once again we see here a beautiful progression as well since you don't have to have any other gods before me I need only any other I will be everything to you I'm been a revealed myself to you second commandment under review Mike Harry continued to use their commandments and the fourth commandment onto something amazing he shows us a pattern of life a pattern of life remember that God created the world and how many days six days and what you do on the seventh day he rested please send by that date to send the findings to set aside first shall use the 737s life and then he invites us to do the same you might ask you that yes we can work and we can envision we can build and weaken exercise and to do everything we want for six days and in the Senate is a special day for God it set aside for specially now I want you to take notice of this I went to read the whole commandment is for time 's sake here I believe you're familiar with that but when you look back at creation God creation starring and when we first read about the South don't decide to sanctify time and and and the I want when I want to do in the next minute or so I really need to think very very carefully so I hope you and your shot reminds a sharpened and ready so you can pick up one trying to share here so the first thing that God sanctifies is what everyone hi okay let's try that again was the first thing got to find time exactly now good God is good couldn't I have sanctified something else yeah because setting out this is a real beautiful flower this is the elder Bush retreat this is the sanctified us to be holy enough or he could've said he knows this certain place in the Garden of Eden this is to be sanctified this can behold place that he couldn't sanctify the object he could've sanctified a place could've done one of the Goths and the flights are and what does that say about the character of God now listen very carefully in many religions today many religions today either a place is wholly or in object is holy which means in order for you to experience the presence of God or the presence of the supreme being you must go to that place we must have been objects that God was saying you know God is saying something very very significant here God is saying you need to go to a place you need to go to object how come to you time comes to you him you are welcome listings the Santa Fe if you are locked in a dungeon because of your faith no one can take from you the seventh day it always comes .com 's Don thinks the initiative God says I'm a guy that comes to you I will take the first staff remember in the fall and when enemy ran from the presence of God Watanabe Keychain and he said where are you he followed he thought about that is the God that we start and God is sanctifying time shows that he takes the initiative to come to us wherever you are on this planet even during seventh that it always comes it's always coming it's coming right now just a couple of days coming Dawn takes the initiative to seek us out and then noticed another look at the next amount is more than we could say about that what time is slipping away here let's look at verse as well which we come now to the fifth commandment on your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you cannot hear a big amen I'm sure you have wonderful parents and anyone on the name of payment this is a commandment with a promise by the way that we directly find here in the very passage itself that your days may be long now at again I wish I is beautiful progressing your command number one says I will be everything you need to have any other gods I will be everything for you commend you I will review myself you need to make an image I will show you lamp number three I will show you my name my character command and before I will come to you write to them and apply this into the implications of this picture of God that was received so far in these first four commandments is now applied in the personal life and so we doesn't start as the Christian experience I starts in the home but beautiful promise that Christian to be young to be a missionary in going to Africa for going to Asia you can be a Christian in your home or business warehouse arts and the Commandments the original 's beautiful progression of when we understand this about not only embraces about God it will have an effect in the whole life Commandments the sixth commandment what it would take six seven eight together here first thirteen fourteen and fifty needs a very short ones to have a number six you shall not murder Commandment number seven you shall not commit adultery commandment number eight you shall not steal now it's interesting again tax the significance here on the progression the character of God is revealed in the first four commandments this applies itself in the home life when we embrace the character of God and are in our lives and now as you look at the six seven and a dramatic that really has to do now also with society as well right not only an whole life and society so this is this experience that the character of God the Lord God being written in our hearts is experienced that will be seen in the home and it will be seen in society will be seen by those that we encounter day I day now yesterday we look at Matthew chapter five and so when you go there but you might remember how Jesus basically enlarged these commandments particularly the one who is also home murder and now someone commit adultery remember that you'll doesn't have the canals that we sometimes think of those I can check off if I'm doing well in any command that I never murdered a person am not married so I can't really commit adultery 's ongoing final goes but what did Jesus in Matthew 's advice and way way way way before you think that you are doing fine on both Jesus and if you're angry with your brother you have already committed what murder right and if you lust after that woman that is you have already committed adultery so Jesus expands the wall in its first function and to condemn us to show us on the enough Savior I'm all for a moment tease us right but as we embrace Christ and we move into the second function of the longer becomes a promise across the globe the promise now is the promise is that God is not to work only on your outer behavioral patterns but God is actually to change your heart where everything springs forth were all starts at the bottom murder starts in the heart and mind stealing before you take that object we have already thought about it when you want that thing but adultery that doesn't just happen at once first you have lost it right so God gives us the promise that he's going to deal with sense not in the outer action only but he's going to change our hearts and our mining this my friends is a problem it's a promise as a matter of fact what we wanted we won't go there now I had a passage in mind we could want to but it will come in the next Commandments would try to bring this end but I hope that you see here that picture of what God wants to do in our lives it's a promise God is saying you don't have to murder because of my power and even lets go beyond that you don't have to be angry with your brother you don't have to steal that object a little even further I can even empower you that you even don't want to steal it in your mind and you don't have to commit adultery but that's illegal further thoughts as I will I will promise you that if you cling to me that I can even take away those faults that you haven't lost after that person now the thought of itself of lusting after the person is not sin that's temptation we need to also understand the difference invasion were all tempted but when we surrender ourselves to God and allow him to take possession of our minds what would he do he will allow us to conquer that temptation and all right now let's look at the next commandments here in Mexico first sixteen number nine you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor the lessee shall not lie now the opposite of fear and false witness would be severe a true witness and basically these promises that God is scanning is resulting in giving a true witness I want you to turn in your Bibles to the passage in the book of living and tell me a link to chapter six living chapter six and verse forty three and I will come back to see Exodus twenty but look at Luke chapter six verse forty three to forty five what is the promise that God is giving us here he says thou shall not bear false witness by giving us a promise that he can allow us to be a true when that happened when the lid chapter six verse twenty three to forty five it says for a good tree does not bear bad fruit what is a bad tree bear good fruit for every tree is known by its own fruit for men do not gather figs from thorns nor do they gather grapes from the bramble bush a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good and evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil and now here comes the catchy of the last part of that part of this verse for out of the abundance of the heart with your Bible say his mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart the mouth I didn't see the progression what is God when he wants to change our hearts right and actually changes our hearts and what's can account for income for the true witness so the Commandments national beer witness God 's giving a promise something you don't need to be a false witness because when I change your heart out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks in an announcement to the last command and this really wraps it all together in a beautiful way let action and the number ten twenty seven twenty and the very last commandment here verse seventeen the commandment thou shall not covet you shall not top it wasn't meaning to comment to become it is to want something else that is not yours you know you you you you want something more than you don't have my friends this is again a beautiful promise because what God is saying here is that when he becomes everything to us and he changes our hearts when he changes our lives we will not want anything else this was like the ten Commandments are framed by the First Amendment and the town the first command of God as you don't have any other gods before me I promise you I'll be everything for you and you all through the sequence of these commandments of beautiful progression of the Christian experience the beautiful progression of the character of God when you come to the cabin and buses don't covet you don't not need to come anything off by the way if you experience that you won't comment you uncovered my frenzy will come to the experience if you embrace the gospel unhindered gospel you'll come to the point in your life when you will basically say I don't want anything else but God God is better God is so much better better than a videogame that Internet movie better than a boyfriend and girlfriend better than the best feed you can ever imagine better than anything better than that prestige career than you think is so important for you better than the past gone will be everything and you'll just say I want you more than anything else I want your will be done in my life you have revealed yourself in a marvelous way in a beautiful wife I cannot imagine a life without you I don't want the broken sternum that holds no water I want you to the living water that scales my stars I don't want to go back to the wealth of emptiness again I want you and nothing else when you are you because Jesus has died he given his life for you and for me what else could have given one more coherent on what what what what you want today that he has already done giving his son he's given everything you have been for you and for me and how we can embrace that we can take all of that we can live in this is the promise is revealed in the ten Commandments the ten Commandments are a revelation of the tribe to go and my friends when we understand this as ten promises all like the wind in this all I want to pursue that I want to meditate upon this yes at times what a fiasco when I fall and yes I do fall and yes I do come short and then the law again reminds me suddenly that I'm pondering that I need to go back to my Savior that I am a sinner but I want also the experience of all of the warming written in my heart where I see the character of God I understand what what he's like and what he wants to do in my life really want to experience tonight we use our experience and very shortly before you close your the ten Commandments can even be experienced in the progression that I just don't we just study through to not to get together or are they can be experienced in the absolute opposite direction and we enclose with this body of the great great enemy of God Lucifer that Mendenhall great controversy broke out in heaven you know that he broke every single commandments all ten of them he broke in succession but not from one to ten from ten to one basically went in the opposite direction enough what was the first commandment that Lucifer brought she comforted the position of God he said I want to be like the most high he wanted something that he did not have he broke the ten Commandments and that led him to break the ninth commandment because what he did he's not why the character of God started nearing full swing this I'm what he did after that while he sought to steal the position of God member number eight by then he brings his relationship with God which in many ways like the spirit of the voice command number seven then he saw even to murder Michael Jesus Christ and revenue you you read about them raving war that broke out and happen so he sought even to murder about to take his life remember number six back when he was cast out of heaven is range continued against the family of God that were made in the image of God he broke member number five made an attack on the family of God that is the holy time of God the staff that he attacks the very heartthrob enable by misrepresenting him to member number three he created a new image of God Commandment number two and ultimately he makes himself document number one but this is powerful need I get this before you close there was one staff that he is inevitably has to take because we came out of the slavery of Egypt and we made progress in this way but Lucifer is making a progression this flexibility on the Louisiana insight and a question for you and for me is which way are you having a following Jesus are you following Lucifer and I believe that each one of us here tonight and wants to follow Christ I must believe that I do believe that I know that God wants to do something in your life but allow him allowing him space in your life give him your all now is the time to do that don't delayed to wake up tomorrow and we connection the next week or next month to your heart to him what a beautiful time to give your heart to him in a week of prayer like this and maybe you know even right now that that that God has not him all a few things in your back maybe someone here tonight wants to say I would give them all because he's worth that he so much better to say that he so much a matter in hand let's pray together what we kneels with gracious heavenly father thank you for your word thank you for the power off your Scripture the revelation that you given up yourself language is one essay together you are so much better than we could ever have imagined Lloyd there are things in our life where we would cling onto so many times but we realize tonight where they just broken systems it can hold any water only you can give us the living water that will quench our thirst Lord help us to belong to you help us to embrace you may become everything for us I pray for every single student here every staff member all of us together Lord may we experience the hindered possible I appreciate that you could've started working us and also completed fully trust and believe that prayer is the name of Jesus but everyone say and this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to restart and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. on universal .org


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