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What Does God Remember?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 25, 2013
    7:00 PM
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are we thank you for this opportunity to open your word we thank you Lord that we can come before you and we can invite you to speak to us as I pray that your work may come alive the season and the will speak to our hearts to our minds that the truth of your gospel may go forth unhindered for this is my prayer in your precious amen all right I'll take your Bibles in turn with me to the book of Romans this has been our book of study during this week together and that typically Romans chapter four and this is where we going to see continue this evening we discovered so far in our time together that hauling is this really the first three chapters of the book of Romans to emphasize and show the condition of humanity and our great need for Christ the great need for salvation he didn't just practically the condition of humanity without Jesus and it's not a very flattering picture not at all as a matter of fact the first three chapters make it very clear that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God that we are all under the condemnation of God 's law but then you're introduced to the person Jesus Christ as we come towards the end of chapter three the Gospel really revolves around the person Jesus she lived a perfect life fulfilling the law and then he suffered the panel seen on the breaking of the law which is that so he bore our sins and paid the price for them so that when we put our faith in him we are no longer under the combination of the law but Jesus stands in our place but that whole asks a very important question when it comes to the end of chapter three I wouldn't look at chapter three verse thirty one this can be countered I want to write for so look at Romans chapter three verse thirty one do we then make void the law through faith certainly not on the contrary we establish the law so Paul asks a very important question well if it's all about putting faith in Jesus is all about putting our confidence in Christ and not companies in our own abilities aware it's about faith in Jesus what is the role of the ones we make void the law of any act of his own questions at any fifth certainly not these on the contrary we establish the law but the law is no longer established in our own hearts in our own works with our own little checklist as we talk about that now the law is fulfilled because of our confidence in Jesus our trust and faith in Jesus to perform those works in us to live his life in us this is getting into in chapter four as it gives us a very practical example because you might say while I'm gone I still have a hard time connecting all these theological God 's and the flexibility gives us some very practical examples in Chapter four we have a person that went through this experience to fully look at the ceiling as a person Abraham Romans chapter four revolts around the person Abraham and so let's take a look at this would just pick it up verse one Romans chapter four beginning in verse one what then shall we say that Abraham our father was found according to the flash to question forty eight was justified by works he has something to boast about but not before God bursaries for what does the Scripture say Abraham was a senior Bible would alleviate he believed God and it was actually to him for righteousness verse four him who are the wages are not counted as bracelet is that to him who does not work but then leaves only town who justifies the ungodly his faith is accounted for righteousness upon us saying here is that he's bringing to the attention of the believers to Abraham the person Abraham was with Abraham that did he was he found righteous before God because of all the good work I think this is basically the question and answer is no because in love ourselves with already established that in the first three chapters of the book of Romans in and of ourselves when we can boast of anything that had befallen the combination of God 's law and how much we try and try over and over again to help fill out the checklist above commands but we will always come short we will always if we truly look at the law in its magnitude we will always fall short we will always remain sinners in the sight of God is no ability in an all ourselves to actually keep the lights and impossibility but we don't stop there the gospel doesn't stop there but we can fulfill the law is only one way by allowing Jesus to fulfill it in-house it is a power outside of ourselves has appalled at saying no a man is not justified by his works as an aggregate who in a moment at the life of a run and we will find out that Abraham had a kind of moment in his life more than one moment with you try with his own works to be justified before God but it didn't really work very well Abram had to learn a very pivotal question that you and I also must learn that simply to trust Jesus and to trust that Christ in his life can be lived out enough and there's no other way for us to establish the law we do not boast of any works in and of ourselves no Abraham was to why not why were his own works but he was assisted he was made that he was justified by faith and that's where that's what we read verse five and then read it again into this versatile but to him who does not work but believes on him A who justifies the ungodly his faith is accounted for righteousness so we put our confidence in Christ and his works and it's interesting because this is the true gospel includes wireless blasts it's not our works but his works and so is not the true gospel is without works but whose works are they obviously we must put our confidence in the works of Jesus and not in our own now in Romans chapter four we had a very practical example in the life of Abraham where she had to slowly for his confidence in God 's promise because God was I knew something was getting in the promise that they humanly speaking seemed impossible and that this revolves around the promise that Abraham receives as well as his wife Sarah that they would have a son now when this promise was given and you can read this in that in the first book of the Bible and the story of Genesis when the promise was given they were both at home and at an old age and humanly speaking they could no longer have to chop it was impossible impossible to get this promise is given by God you Abraham Sarah you together a benefit shall remember this promise that our neighborhood he was taken outside and when speaking to him and the Lord said to look up into the stars and Abram looked up and you can just imagine what it is beautiful my sweetest see nothing but stars ensure that you can experience out here when you don't have much lights around you just beautiful scenery of seventy starts I say costar so show your descendents be this was the promise now when the promise was given the fulfillment of that promise seemed in possible and how can a man of Sarah and old age or have a child and the only way that they could do is believe a promise that humanly speaking seemed impossible but I say no the story goes they are limited Genesis agree that Abraham and Sarah with a good idea of what they believe these two p.m. good idea they thought that yes okay is given this amazing promise but that's how God to establish this promise because obviously she needs our help he needs our works as so as they do they came up with this plan Sarah said to Abraham no one wanted to have a child with my maidservants Hagar and that this will be certainly the child that documented with his promise that we can have a child and so they have a child and does anyone remember the name of the child is now exactly Ishmael and that when they have the child is not a smoke rose out and that the Lord speaks to Abram and said to Abram you and Sarah have a child and is as yet as Ishmael make Ishmael lived before you set again God reiterates the promise no you and Sarah are going to have a child and even then silly it comes to the point where Abraham and Sarah they have to believe that this promise though it's humanly speaking seems in Kosovo and they do believe that promise eventually and they have a child and the name of that child Isaac exactly do you know that whole in his letter to the coop to the Galatians and to go there now for time 's sake but in the book of Galatians chapter four Paul take Tucson saw a threat Ishmael was the son of that servant Hagar and Isaac which was the son of Abram and Sarah and he uses these two sums to illustrate the two continents in Scripture the covenant is in agreement between two parties and when you look at the theme of Scripture it is a theme that runs all the way through from Genesis to Revelation and that is the theme of God 's covenant he wants to establish an agreement with Ann and Paul uses this beautiful tonality to siphon out this is well before this is the two covenants that we see in this narrative of Scripture in this story as so often we fall in the category of the Ishmael commented on what is also turned the old covenant in which we believe that we must do some things in our own strength in our own efforts in order to how establish his promise but falling over and over in his letters trying to bring us to the point that we see that it's not leaning in that we can bring to God we must trust only in the promise of God and this is illustrated by the sun I think because it was nothing than Abraham and Sarah again to have that something was definitely humanly could do to make it happen it was God 's miracle in their life that enabled them to have that child and so we see here a picture of the two covenants and the company that gone once you and I to enter into is the company of implicit trust in the word of God even though it may seem possible I like the illustration or ataxia true story in Scripture but I think also it is very it isn't it a great illustration of how this plays out in our lives and that is when the disciples were on the water they were very aware of how to oh one of the disciples with Peter and you remember that Jesus came walking out and he was walking on water and walking on water something that is humanly speaking impossible right and Peter sees Jesus walking on the water and Jesus calls out to Peter and says as because of the word of Jesus which has power Peter trusted that word okay Jesus has come then I will go because of what he dramatically is also able to to establish and so he steps out of the boat and he actually does something that is humanly speaking in Google he walks on water now Peter like you and I had a singing major by nature he thinks that he cannot walk on water just like you and I by nature have a sinful nature that means that we tend to sense that if there's anything that we had that as human beings and sending it seems to be very natural it's just this is just what we do and we find it very clearly established in the book of Romans in the first chapters now all we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God we send when we put our confidence Jesus and we believe his promise we can see what humanly speaking is impossible and IPO walks on water so we can walk in obedience to the law of God and you know that it's just as in possible human speaking to walk on water than it is to keep the Commandments of God the ten is impossible but it is because we have confidence in Christ has because of his perfect life that is now live in the trust as promised and we in obedience upon his promise that we're doing something that is humanly speaking impossible and beautiful thing about this is that when we claim the promises when we step out in faith this is what God written and him us now here in Rome is before as part of this study when you read about the experience of Abraham you read about the faith that he hadn't gotten out and I read this passage that the first comic book you know what I remember a different story about a life I remember that he doubted God starts but obviously here in the book of Romans as Paul light on the inspiration of God what he brings to our attention is not the time that Abraham doubted God but one God remembers is the faith that Abraham had in his promise methods we did together on this before I think the looks adversely enough in verse seventeen Romans chapter four beginning in verse seventeen as it is written I have made you a father of many nations talking about Abraham in the presence of humor whom he believed God who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did first eighteen who contrary to hope in hope believed that he became the father of many nations according to what was spoken so shall your descendents be and not being weak in faith you did not consider his own body already dad since he was about a hundred years old and the deadness of Sarah 's womb she did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith giving glory to God verse twenty one listen to this language and being fully convinced that what he had promised he was able to perform and therefore it was accounted to him righteousness the first I read that I thought of Paul don't you remember that that that Abraham and out of the promise of God don't you remember that he see actually you know I read with Sarah and that they had a child with the maidservant of Sarah like white wine we supply him this is a beautiful thing I've titled this message this evening what does God remember what does God remember my friends when we put our confidence in the promise of God God remembers your faith in a face amen to that isn't it amazing that here we haven't inspired record of the life of a rough one is a say she did not wait for the promise of God she was fully convinced he put his trust in God 's Word and God 's promise it's so beautiful when a thief on the cross his whole life was a mess and people looked at him and ended the way that he was dying on the cross that I thought he was dying it was better he would never be born and yet what he terms that Jesus and his last words are useless member me right wing outcomes to the kingdom remember me and Jesus assures him that he will remember him and what does God remember about the thief on the cross is a not all not all that visiting in his life but God decides to remember that they are that man on the cross is not amazing God will will will remember your say when you put your confidence in him as in effect on his promise as part of his covenants but only when we quickly got a you can keep your finger in Rome is before them because many show you what what the covenant of God is all about we hope that these verses yesterday that we developed another angle to come in on from another angle on this evening it turns receivers chapter ten keepers attempt chapter eleven verse sixteen and seventeen this is the covenant that God wants to establish with you and with me this is the agreement that God wants you and with me keepers verse sixteen seventeen we read the following this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them we talked about yesterday how God does the work of taking his commandments and instead of us being on the combination of the law takes the same amount is unknown places them in our hearts and we are no longer on the combination of the law because now the law established enough as the life of Jesus is established enough but look at look at the covenant as it continues because verse seventeen says that he asked so not only is even a right our hearts and our minds but he asked her seventeenth their sins and their lawless deeds was a senior Bible I will remember no more that is beautiful that is powerful friends when you enter into this agreement with God this account it did two things for you I'm going to write my law in your hearts in your mind to you you can't keep my law is impossible for you but I will do something in your life I will bring Jesus as I will live my life in you and Jesus perfect obedience is now manifesting your life is his work that I manifested in you when you believe that promise and on top of that he says you know about all the things of your past I will remember them no more blotted out what I will remember is your trust in me what I will remember is that you hold on the promise no matter what no matter what it looks like you hold onto that promise is that it looks impossible you hold onto that promise even though it takes a long time hold on to that promise even though even though all things to all seem against you you hold onto that promise don't let go if you don't let oh well I'm Jesus will be made manifest in your life and your sins will be remembered no more like you got a hole on the promise Abram and Sarah had to hold onto the promise that they would have a child even looking at possible that the claims of the promise and you and I explained to the promises of the gospel and only when we claim to the promises of God 's word with the gospel go unhindered in our life let's look at something else here quickly before we close in London and drawn out tonight so and so economy as long as yesterday evening but I want to bring one more thought before we close when we look at the life of Abraham there were two significant moments in the life of Abraham one we just looked that that was the promise that he would receive a son and he did eventually receive a son with Sarah but there was a second significant moment in the life of a room where he had to put in place a trust in God anyone know what and when I'm thinking about both that yes okay that's also a very good one that was even before we could definitely add that one but I'm thinking of another one yes the sacrifice of his son Isaac so here he has his son dishonest growing up and then we read in the book of Genesis chapter twenty two you can read the starring that God asks I asked a friend to take his son Isaac to go to Mount Mariah and to sacrifice his son there again we find in this story see that the trust that Abraham has the promise of God but we just quickly go there Genesis chapter twenty two and is a specific version I want you to take notice of the trust that Abraham had seen the promise of God Genesis chapter twenty two and Abram is making his way to Mount Mariah with his son Isaac and several of the sentence and they come to be to come to the now they run things either he goes out of his mouth in the service I left behind at this point but just before they make their way up the mountain Abrams is a very interesting to the servants their applicant verse five leave it is first five and Abram said to the young men is a service that were with them stay here with the donkey the last I will go young and worse yet at I will come back to you is that what it says was a senior Bible and we will come back to you how do God spoken to Abraham that he had to sacrifice his son and yet Abrams that we will come back why because Abram now believes that God is going to do a miracle she does not know what miracle is to be liked but even if he would have to take it in the life of his son she has such a place of trust in the promise of God that even though it sounds like would be taken going to resurrect his son again or what I thought to provide another way you don't know what that way was good be but he trusted that he was going to come back with his implicit trust in the promise of God they come to the top of Mount Mariah and that you remember the rest of the story Abram is about to take the life of his son 's trusting that God is going to intervene is about the deal of thought that he takes his son and yet at that very moment God intervened and gone and done points a run to a round that was stuck with his horns is in the bush there and the rabbit replaces Isaac which is again a phenomenal picture of the gospel because our courts and our sacrifices will never be enough they'll never be enough on its again what can we bring to God God provides the sacrifice we cannot provide the sacrifice and God is teaching this three lesson in this whole story and the rat him through Jesus all the sacrificial animals that were sacrificed for a picture of Jesus that was supposed to come which took away our sins the sins of the world he shed his blood for us and for what happens in the story God provides the sacrifice God provides and Abraham with his competence in God 's provision by a rapid his confidence in God 's promise and this is when you and I must be in order for our faith to be remembered phenomenal chapter in the Bible and Hebrews Chapter 11 one of my favorite chapters in the Bible will go there now for timesaver you can read it maybe minute he will be familiar with the start thinking receptor that is basically the records of men and women throughout the story is not the narrative of Scripture that put their faith in God the faithful chapter of Scripture by faith you know you hear about Rahab by faith to hear about David about Solomon about David about Abraham about all these individuals that by faith Noah and what they did by putting their trust in God 's word by putting their confidence in the promises of God I liked it I like to think of that chapter this way Hebrews Chapter 11 is God 's remembrance this is what God remembers God decides to remember the faith of these individuals will reason Hebrews Chapter 11 I read about Rahab and I remember something else from the story in Canada the story in the Old Testament I remember that he was a harlot I read about David and I remember something else in the Old Testament I remember that he was a lie and he committed adultery committed murder I read about Samson and I remember a different story in the Old Testament but God ultimately when it all comes together and we ask the question what is God remember he remembers your site he remembers when you put your confidence as word and promise that the company was established I will remember your sins no more you put your confidence in my word you are assured that I will bring it to pass and I will remember their sins no more what is it that you are carrying tonight with you that you want God to forget for something in your life subchapter in your experience they just think to yourself right now I wish I forget that and you know God knows everything he knows what you did she sees you twenty four hours a day seven days a week there's nothing you can hide from God what you think you can hide from someone else you can't hide from God God knows what you what websites you're visiting on your computer guy knows what what movies you might be watching when no one else sees God knows what all you have Switzerland's various situations knows what books you're reading what you're doing God knows he knows everything and at the same time instead of condemnation God is inviting you to surrender his abundance of Jesus constantly constantly put your confidence in me and whatever chapter you have in your experiencing he wants to have forgotten completely I'll think I'll remember your face I'll remember that you put your confidence in my words that's what I want to remember answer tonight if there's anything in your life that you want have event that you will say God to get this please remember my faith what a beautiful moment here to wicked prayer that we can recommit our lives to him and then the beautiful moment that we can say God I want you to remember that trustee I trust a word though what your word says it many times I think to myself it seems impossible for my life and you let me say that to God it seems impossible can handle that because he knows it is impossible for us in our own strength at the very point that he wants to bring you to a you see that is not possible in your own strength these they know what this is in your power your sister immediate and I want to say you know what I have a chapter like tell me what that chapter is diagnosed but accepted my experience one forget me know if I want God to remember that my statement is where this evening that you want to say that I want God to remember that in light we have a special prayer that God will enable laughs to have the experience of Abraham to implicitly trust his word all the way however difficult it may seem at times to build our lives on the firm foundation of God 's Word MS but we kneel together as if it's possible I really like the to close out our time together this evening was aware to print and you will be wonderful father in heaven we come before you and we thank you for that amazing story of Abraham this man that you use mightily in the past but what we also realize that you are not a respecter of people and that just as you use a brand so you want to use us today and S Abrams put his trust in your promise so we want to put our trust in your promises what you word the Scriptures are full of promises and build at times for us we seem impossible actually they are impossible in our own strength but we believe that you can establish these promises in our life and we believe that you can forget the chapter is because your promise to do so that in which we have done our own way father just help us to put our confidence in your word and may we in the light of all of this experience the kindred gospel may we see Jesus for who he is the one that has come to this life lived a perfect life I that at him price of all our sins and shortcomings so that we can trust in that perfect sacrifice what may we trust them and may we bear the fruits in our lives of true repentance as we come to the foot of the cross but thank it would delay before you those things in our life that we would be ashamed about anyone else knew but we know that you know I thank you that you take that you remove Lloyd by the blood of the lab and to cleanse us that you give us a new start thank you Lord for this confidence that you have put in and not not not not enough speakers and us there is no confidence to be gained but it varies from us that you've given to your son that we can take a hold of May this be our confidence may this be our strength may face be very driving force of our lives since a thank you Lord that we can come before you tonight thank you for this week of prayer thank you for the ways that you've been speaking to us so far I thank you for the impressions of your Holy Spirit upon our lives help us to discern your voice and be moved by nurse there is perhaps celebrated her precious name that everyone say this media was brought as a audio choice website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio person .org


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