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Dying in Order to Live

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 27, 2013
    7:00 PM
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him we come before you with grateful hearts the come before your Lord anticipating that you will speak to us as we sung in that song Lord we desired to hear you to discern your voice and we ask as we open your words will open our hearts and our minds and it will teach us these beautiful trades from your word that we may understand the gospel more fully embrace it more hardly an void analyze many forms by you that we may be like like the clay in the hands of the potter you may shape us and Melissa and fashion us until he represents your son Jesus Christ that he may be seen in us and to his life we believe the mouse so thank you so much for guiding us throughout this week in prayer thank you for the Sabbath that is what a great joy moment to rest in you Lord I pray that tonight you'll just remove all distractions from our minds and that you will allow us to experience the Gospel we ask this in your name and then all right we'll take your Bibles in turn with me to Romans chapter six and will be starting there right there in verse one Romans chapter six verse one as you know I live in the country of Norway and my wife is a Norwegian and I live in Norway I like it very much it's a beautiful country and one of the things I like about Norway is it has four seasons for all countries we have really the four seasons throughout the year in Norway we we do have been the winter is definitely the longest of the four we actually have about forty five months of snow and that is pretty desperate he called and we also have very very short days in the winter actually our shortest days the sun will come up about nine in the morning will go down at three in the afternoon so you may have about six thousand lives but then on the other hand when we have our summer we have very long days in Norway you can experience the the midnight sun and which really means that it is very in the middle of the night and it's just amazing that they hardly got started some aware we left we did a little bit myself in Norway but in the summer and some of the longest days in Lenexa get documented is now outside the experience that the country where I'm from when you have a long winter with many months of snow and frost and ice and cold weather you start appreciating the spring even more I've always appreciated the spring is my favorite times of the year but especially for the last ten years since I moved to Norway I appreciate the spring even more because when spring comes around in the snow starts to melt and the flowers are coming out and this is just as breeze off of warm air just like it is justice yet the life and and but but not last the life that comes in the spring is is is a beautiful lesson that we look closely at at at at these four seasons in winter followed by spring it's a beautiful lesson about what the gospel is all about and tonight I titled this message dying in order to lead and what I find fascinating each and every time when I go out into the garden in spring those tiny little scenes that they did everything just drive they look bad and you are even in the ground and you know you cover them with soil and eventually got springs forth an action starts growing nights if it's a miracle every time there are miracles in nature that sometimes we just taken for granted right but he really think about it these are lessons of the Goths oh Don if you look around this chapter sex we find in Romans chapter six a very pivotal lesson a very pivotal truth when it comes to the gospel in order for us to fully live with Christ and Christ living in house first what must take place if there must be a death to self something must die in order for Christ to live in house just like in nature you see the cycle of death and life in the winter everything that is covered by the snow but none in spring it's for it it springs out who gives life again the bus they come forth and it's just it's just a beautiful cycle of life and it has all the lessons of the gospel writing their ability to Chapter six and verses one and two Paul the apostle says he asks a question he says what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound in the answers his own question in verse two peace is certainly not how so we who died to sin live any longer in is talking about dying to sin must die to sin in order for Christ to live in the house just like to see its playlist Loyalist covered like a barrio but then springs forth and gives life now the very same question is asked when you talk down to verse fifteen basically chapter six in Romans chapter six and was fixed verse fifteen brings us to a second illustration with a look about them here tonight and Paul asks the same question almost identical question but what he says what then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace and he answers his own question certainly not the similar question in verse one and a similar question first fifteenth and basically kept six five two hi Paul hitting two illustrations of what it means to die to self or means for you for us to allow Christ to live his life within us and as you move into chapter seven and basically the first portion of chapter seven the first six seven versus pulp is a third illustration of what it means to die to self in order for Christ to live in half as a little of at least three illustrations denied a falling entity that's all in a cover as the first illustration is written is about baptism the first illustration of Paul gives us an illustration of baptism which is really a picture of dying to self you go into the watery grave crazy out of that watery gray is like that resurrection of Christ right there is new life in a dying to self in order for Christ to have the second illustration involved is that when you look at the second portion of Chapter six deals with an illustration regarding slavery will see what I want one that all entails in just a moment and then the third illustration that soldiers in the beginning of chapter seven is probably some of the most difficult verses in the Bible to understand why I don't bump into a lot of people to say what what what was Paul getting to it in Romans chapter seven and for a long time I myself have a hard time understanding it because all necessary theological at times limit complex language that even Peter says that one of his letters you know Paul is hard to understand and that the loving energy was where I I I believe you're as smart as my group here and what does it take it bit by bit you break it down and see if we can if we can back our understanding around the third illustration that Paul gives is an illustration of marriage and again this illustration of marriage is also again at tapping into the same truth that we must die to self and what the price to let for this is the main teaching that we find running throughout chapter six also in December we must die to self in order for Christ to live in the site itself in order for Christ illustrated by baptism illustrated by slavery as we will see in the story what we're all about Steve as illustrated by this marriage act abilities of illustrations in Romans six and the first illustration about visible reading couple of verses here and him to read from verse three Romans chapter six and verse three two enough to know that as many of us as work time into Christ Jesus were guys needs with what was is that into his death right therefore we would party with him through baptism into death that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in what in the newness of life writing newness of life verse five for if we have been united together in the likeness of his staff Sergeant Louis we also shall be in the likeness of his resurrection knowing this that our old man was crucified with him that the body of sin might be done away with that we should no longer slaves of sin now called the associate illustration of baptism he says when you are baptized you are baptized into the death of Jesus and just as you go under the water and that's why so important that in baptism is not a sprinkling because that wouldn't illustrate a real barrio it's it's it's completely under the water if signifying entry into the death of Christ up and coming out is illustrating or signifying the resurrection of Jesus we talked about this a little bit yesterday when we studied Romans chapter five that Jesus when he died and when he rose he united himself so much with humanity so that he says that him comes out that his resurrection becomes our resurrection we are invited into a new family and this this is this we signify to those around us that we want to belong to that family when we decide to be baptize we decided we want to show publicly that we want to do that we officiate the death of Jesus and we appreciate his resurrection that this is our only hope that we want to be united with him in the family of God so we are barring to come up out of that watery grave and it is a picture a beautiful picture of the old man died in one of Christ to live his life within us but of course baptism even though that is that one time experience usually while there are times that people rebaptized but it's not something you do every week is not something you do every month is something you do every year it's usually a one time asking your life and death but nonetheless this am and the experience that it portrays the picture that gives to us is really something that must be experienced every single day in Nepal the apostle in another place he says I die anyone think that is daily I die daily so the experience of baptism pictures of dying to self is not just something that happens once in a lifetime in the life of the Christian but it's an experience that we must go through daily that's why Jesus said things like death I'll just read this first viewing John kept twelve in verse twenty four Jesus said verily verily I fancy you except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone but if they die it brings forth much fruit so in order for it to bring forth fruit something must happen to that seat it must die so we see the sin nature we see this end we see the gospel revealed in him the lessons of nature around us and this is to be our experiences well Jesus himself said to Mrs. holes in your cross and follow me and they knew exactly what that meant because they had seen people walking with crosses and they knew that led to the death and Jesus here is is is giving aid is symbolic picture of the experience of Christians experience of a follower of Jesus there something that must died when we follow Jesus it's the old South private sin it's our old nature that wants to do what we want to be as we discovered already in the book of Romans this is our 's is the most natural thing for us we want to want that's what we're past that sending and yet now he's a status down from heaven comes to this are to said because of my death in my resurrection you can take up the cross and follow me you can die to self and this is not something we can do ourselves we got back to sell ourselves this is something that God does for I like to think of it this way you know you cannot crucify yourself right like if you just pick up your cross and follow me increased device of claim I get one e-mail in there but you don't need to be able to do the rest another was the work of dying to self the something that God does in the house and then something that God does in the putting to death that selfishness putting to death that Fry brings death that said in order for him to live out his life in 's I love what it says in Galatians chapter two verse twenty oh three this for you it says Paul holds speaking here many of you will know this verse by heart I believe it is not hard to say out with me fail out with me I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I live but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flash I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me I confirm supplied with Christ calls us young when I was studying that person I was trying to this Saturday experience of what it means to die to self I thought Michael is there some illustration in the Bible that can help me to understand this and as I was pondering upon this text relations where it says that we must be crucified with Christ I thought to myself was there someone that was actually literally crucified with Christ and the answer is yes was that the thief on the cross right when Jesus was crucified there was relief to execute individual that will eventually be happy with being crucified with Christ is there something in the experience of that thief on the cross that can help us to understand what this symbolically means in our lives as we are eyes as we are to die to self and one for Christ and that is interesting when it these days Tuesday's work were crucified with Jesus on each side the Gospels tell us that initially they were reviling Jesus both of them both of them wherever you have what was speeding down on Jesus and eight and they made fun of him he ridiculed him but then one of the gospel writers league he tells us that one of those these change started to happen in his life now he was they are dying and suddenly he realized over the way that Jesus responded and and and and perhaps you heard some of the teachings of Jesus and a starting line through his mind in this man is not guilty I'm guilty I'm here because I'm guilty but this man isn't there something special about him something special about them as it turns to Jesus and he says those words he says remember me when you come into the kingdom Jesus turns to him and says he and affirms to him that yes he will be remembered and he'd will have a place in paradise and I thought to myself what is the experience of this man is going through this the moment from what he's actually going through is that he is now dying to self this from the thief on the cross dying on the cross twice first to die to self and that he died to Mitchell that but on that cross as he turned to Jesus he realized his own sinfulness his own is only for salvation and he turned to Jesus confidence in Christ if you're dying to self in order for her to get to receive the method of the assurance of Christ that he will get a place in paradise is giving up the old man dying on the cross and praise God he died that before he died little that the great question for each one of us here today is Wednesday within a diverse and I pray sincerely that each of us May first experienced the death to self women because dying to self frees us opt to invite Jesus and to have Jesus in our lives living out that he can live out his life in 's and so the thief on the cross by on that cross twice he gave up at him and when he gave up when he surrendered he was filled with eighth with a joy even though he was suffering those last moments you have the assurance of a place in paradise now dying to self we has to do with surrender that has to do with surrendering asked to do with coming in repentance to crisis his eye off I was wrong and and and I've come to the point where I see that I cannot do it in my own strength I surrender it's the white flag of thing I give up but I want to use analogy you will work in media and I would come down to Romans chapter six of them this week the frail looking studying lessons in the book of Romans and I think it's been quite clear in each and every chapter that we've studied so far that it is this something that Paul reiterates over and over and over again it's the truth that we him ourselves cannot do anything good that we ourselves cannot be saved and because of our goodness or because of our work outperformance that we come to the point where we understand our brokenness our wretchedness and recently rely upon a power outside of ourselves and in Romans chapter six we come to the point of full surrender yourself becoming repentance before Christ asking for him to take over one of my favorite books is steps to Christ and I know that you've made a wonderful production on that constantly with both music and testimonies and on page forty seven of stuff surprise many of you will be familiar with this quote and then read on I think it just reiterates so much this experience that we come to when we actually fully surrender than he read it free here specify seven many are inquiring how am I to make the surrender of myself to God you designed to give yourself to him but your week in moral power in slavery to doubt and control by the habits of your life of sin your promises and resolutions are like the ropes of sand you cannot control your sponsor impulses your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and fourth-seeded orthopedic pledges weakens your confidence in your own system sincerity and causes you to feel that God cannot accept the bottom of the next words Jesus but you need not despair I think whenever I read this I think you know so many of us if not all of us can relate to the family of every single one of us can relate to that if he wanted to do what is good but the power reflecting and you feel that your commitments are just like reps a sense of slipping between between your fingers I do wonder how my going to get this peace that Christ promises to experience the new licensees S let me go out and we continue to read here what you need to understand is the true force of the well this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice and everything depends on the right action of the wealth something almost three and the patents on the right action of the well know you must make a decision a choice to belong to the family of God you must make a choice to surrender to die in order for Christ to live a news you must make you must you must exercise your will say God intervened in my life I cannot do it without you but with you all things are possible what I see my own weakness I recognize my own frailty I need you more than anything else I want to die to this old man things you can take over that you can take control and so please Lord put to death South the findings of that so that I made their mark in your life that your life would be established in mind this is an active decision a choice it's using the willpower exercising the willpower everything depends upon it now when it comes to the illustration that Paul gives us in Romans chapter six we see very clearly FTSE for tracing here and run the statistics of this is not just a one time experiences as a daily a daily experience each morning as we got up and we pray to the Lord we can pray Lord this day I surrender my life we start by surrendering we surrender with a lawyer this is my will I want my life to belong to you I give up I know that I am my own strength can do nothing but through you all things are possible I believe your promises and live your life in me and that moment that we are surrendered will you surrender we actually voluntarily and in and hold onto networks and then come back to that voluntarily with pickup across the following Jesus we are on that cross now Jesus was he when he was crucified was he voluntarily on that cross yes I believe so many ask you this I think Jesus was hanging on the cross didn't have the power to step down from across yesterday yes yes he did not affect when they came to taken captive in that garden of Gethsemane remember that suddenly some angels appeared in the and all those soldiers they just felt like that when I mean Jesus do not have to say give himself into the hands of all of all of those soldiers right in other words Jesus submitted to this Jesus will voluntarily on the cross and a step down any moment and actually when he was hanging on the cross we read that that the Pharisees and the scribes they were saying you know if you are the son of God come down from the cross it was tempting him to come down but he stayed on there for you and for me to think about this when Jesus says pick up your cross and follow me that the voluntary act rights I mean we can choose to do that or not we are we are creatures that had been given free will rejoice so we can say is no I don't want that young to stay in the family about all we can say yes I want that I picked up the cross I die to self I follow Christ but because our cross is voluntarily picked up listen very carefully we can also voluntarily step down from it in other words when you go throughout the day and you surrendered your life in the morning and you are spiritually speaking here symbolically speaking if you're on that cross you crucified with Christ you die to self prices living within you when the temptation comes you'll find that person makes that remark and you just want to blast them or that person does something and you you say that you just sell us about something and you know what's wrong you can decide either to hold onto that thought and the moment you hold onto that thought you actually exerting yourself from the cross you coming down from the cross all are it is a Lord I surrender that talk to you I asked for you to empower me to stay on the cross to do in this situation in this circumstance in this trial in this challenge I can represent you and not me and that's the choice it's a choice if the action size of the well and it's not it's nothing you are doing it in your own power but you are allowing the power of thoughts floating through you when you say on that cross this is the message of Romans chapter six of yourself in order to have Christ can only be represented in-house when we die to self and others look at the second illustration but don't let us look at the list of the six we got down to verse fifteen this is incredible wave in Nepal pictures this is the first meet at him here in Romans chapter six I believe it will just further enforce what we're talking about here this evening Romans chapter six beginning in verse fifteen what then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace certainly not do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey you are that one's slaves whom you obey whether of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness so there is basically a question of when you belong to hear where you are you slaves are very obediently for seventeen the bank that so that those you were slaves of sin yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered and having been set free from sin you slaves of righteousness so the question is are we slaves of sin or are we slaves are righteousness is a remarkable story a while ago Alban English Mandarin in the mid- eighteen hundreds he traveled to California from England to California and that he was searching for doll during the gold rush and that too in order to provide for his family back home in England and so many months it took a long time but eventually he found some and he was so happy so excited in order to bring what he had founded and wanting to get to get the money from what you found the goal is to bring that back in once apply for his family in England but was traveling back from California to England he stopped in New Orleans and he was supposed to get to know about from there up to New York and then over across the ocean back to England and is dating New Orleans he had a free afternoon and so he's just walking across the marketplace they are in the city and suddenly he hears shouts in the distance as he walks closer to see what is going on and right there in the midst of the marketplace there are slaves of being solved and then there are a man standing all around underpinning prices for it for these slaves and that at least just stop staring he just for a moment takes in the scene he just horrified by what he hears about what he sees because there were two men specifically benefiting for one slave a woman's leg and they are actually even as they are bedding and saying telling everyone what to do with her once they own her and so there's that this matter is hearing all of this a so horrified that he actually decide he's can apply her to set her free and he does much more than the last one and he has to use all that he had just pull all the money that you just gathered yes I California from his of both circulatory communities able to purchase a slave and the first thing that seems 's when she's given to him if she spits in the face and he just calmly he watched the latest that he takes her by the arm and he takes her down the street and he goes into a room and she does not know what's going on but he signed some papers and eventually he comes back and puts this paper in her hand and says to her your free your free now foresees taken by surprise by these words for a moment she just can't imagine what is taking place but once it sinks into her mind that she understands understands that he has purchased her in order to set her free cheese balls on her knees in tears running down her face she says to him I will serve you the rest of my life will serve you the rest of my life is that really picturing the gospel in many ways Jesus has paid the price for our sins and it is a high price my friends if the life of Jesus himself and by purchasing of you showing us his love and his compassion and when we look at the cross and we allow the cross and the truth of that and that and the enormity of it to sink into our minds our response should be the same we should respond and say Lord I want to belong to you forever I want to serve you forever I will be a slave of righteous ill success leg is undefeated it's of course not it's a very ugly word when we think about what happened in the past and the estate is going on under the full control of someone else and normally that is that is correct that but when it comes to Jesus we can say amen and hallelujah to be under the full control of Christ is something beautiful women I think this is this is him absolutely essential in the gospel at how wise is not our own but they belong to Jesus and we are under his full control their surrender ourselves to him and so what we find here in Revelation chapter six in the second illustration here is an illustration of how slavery either we are slaves to send born to be set free from price and we are slaves of righteousness we have allowed the work of Jesus to change us from within that window bound by the shackles of sin any longer but his life is now being lives in hours is the second illustration that focused glasses this illustration of slavery and again illustrates so well dying to self message we die to self when we understand what prices down we understand what he has gone through the morass so easy to become immune to this you know it was when we hear and allies we grow up with hearing that Jesus has died for us because we inherited heart of so many times it's very easy to just become immune to it I know about that I know about the love of God and of allergies this is done for me I was just kind of cheating out only here at the danger my friends become immune to the gospel the gospel is it has such a beauty in such a power that we must always always pray and ask the Lord don't make me immune to this man I understand it more May I embrace it more fully made maximum attendance may I see it's open my eyes Lord touch me over and over again I may see it and understand it in my experience and hold onto Buddhism I know to go to Romans chapter seven into our third illustration and amendment right now it's not an easy one so you can put on your thinking caps now and that I believe this would take the step-by-step and with the foundation that was already late I believe will be able to understand this illustration as well focused limit theological here but once we can him roundly saying is actually very very beautiful very significant and very central to what the gospel is all about the Romans seven and was considerably through the arts and then we will take it point by point Windows 7 beginning in verse one D not know for I speak to those who know the law but the law has dominion over man as long as he lives for the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives but if the husband dies she is released from the law of her husband so that if while her husband lives she marries another man she will be called an adulterous but if her husband dies she is free from that law says he is no adulteress though she married another man therefore my brethren you also have become dead to the law through the body of Christ that you may be married to another to him who was raised from the dead that we should be afraid to God for when we were in the flash the sinful passions which were aroused by the law would work in our members to be there for you but now we have been delivered from the law having died to what we were held by so that we should serve in the newness of the Spirit and not in the oldness of the latter makes sense all right let's see if we can understand there are basically four subjects or more roles within this illustration that Paul gives less first of all he saw a woman that has a first cause the woman to have her first husband and a second husband and then he talks about the law here now if we are able to identify these four subjects I believe that will be able to understand illustration of Paul now in this in this illustration you and I are represented by the woman and then this is something that you will not only find in this illustration is minified to go all the way from Genesis to Revelation and there's this beautiful picture and at the believers of God they are like a woman and I like the bride and Christ is the bridegroom in this latent apparatus to take place right between Christ and his church this is no new idea that many passes a week ago to illustrate that some will represent hereby the woman that we have the that the law and the law is dealing with the law and findings of a man and woman together remarried so this must be the ten Commandments the long God writes and says that that that that that this woman cannot go and marry another a second husband when she's married to the first the law does not permit that you not allowed to commit adultery that would be breaking the Commandments of God okay so when the woman and the law is the law of God in what was then the first husband and was the second has been in this illustration let's go to verse four and it will be very clear with her second husband is firstborn therefore my brethren you also have become dead to the law through the body of Christ this is best that you may be married to another ability the second husband and it describes this other the second husband to him who was raised from the dead was that Jesus right so Jesus is the second husband suggests this now where the woman in the parable in a parable but illustration where the woman and there is a law and the law binds us to our first husband and found it binds us in such a way that we cannot marry another when the first husband is alive and he only only time that you can marry again is when the husband 's rights under the same law that bounded your first husband will bind you to your second husband doesn't make sense is the law doesn't change but the only way for you to marry again would be when the first husband would die now the second husband according to let's face it Jesus says we Americans are the first husband but who really want to be married to the second and we want to be united to Jesus even until anyone with Christ and the ultimate heart of the gospel right that we are united with Christ this intimate unity with Christ is resembled boastfully in a marriage beautiful and so what we are seeing in this tax is yes we desperately want to be united with Jesus and we really want to be united in marriage to the second husband but in salsa bowl it's impossible while the first cousin lives and so there's only one way only one way policy is to be united with Christ the second husband is only one thing that must happen and what that the first husband must first husband died right now we need to find out who was the first husband I would diversify diversify for when we weren't in the flash this sinful passions were aroused by the law aroused by the law were at work in our members to bear fruits and now this is significant what Paul is describing here is that the first husband is itself it's the old man you don't do it we are united to something not closely most intimately it's really selfish pride said and as long as the first husband the old man the cell privacy and is alive in us it's not possible for us to be united with the second with Christ's and so again the illustration is bringing us back to this core message that Paul is developing Huguenot chapter six and into chapter seven and that is we must die in order to live all must die the first husband must die so that we can be united with the second husband with Jesus Christ amen and this marriage this unity can only take place when there is first a death to self and so we find this as a very fundamental principle that the gospel rests on King is something that we can accomplish in and of our own strength is like okay like I know what to do after die to self get to work I will die to self so that I can be united with the know it's surrendering it's letting go it's a lower leagues of himself to death in my life crucify me with the note that that that the selfishness and pride in my heart they felt that stony hearts and replace it for a heart that beats in harmony with yours you give me your life renew me in your spirit this must be our prayer this must be the burden of our hearts and our first experience with Christ has in store for us as a witness in mind I wanted just look at a couple of verses in Romans chapter eight before we close this evening over the Romans chapter six and the first part of Romans chapter seven here and illustrate what it means to die to self in order to live for Christ three illustrations all is given as an illustration of baptism illustration of us being a slave of righteousness the illustration of marriage each one is pinpointing the crucial trade the fundamental trade that life very hard the gospel finds itself in order for Christ and then I look at Romans chapter eight as we look at the first couple of verses in this chapter listens what it says Paul brings us together here because there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus is in Christ Jesus that's really what that marriage is all about reunited with certain price who do not walk according to the flash in America the first husband and walking according to the flesh but according to the spirit of the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death I believe free Southwest diamond bursaries for what the law could not do it it was really the last God did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flash on the sand he condemned sin in the flash that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flash that according to the spirit another with what Jesus has done in his life is now made available for and there is no combination what a beautiful message no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus there's a story in the gospel where Jesus says those words to to a lady that was caught in adultery you remember Jesus answered her neither do I condemn the go and sin no more and that the heart of the gospel Christ removes the combination but he also gives us the promise that with him and through his power through his strength we can be victorious not because of our own strength but because we allow him to live his life in us because we die to self in order that he might live when you think about that story when that the woman was caught in adultery you never want to place she was thrown at the feet of Jesus Master with which we do with her and that he sits down and starts writing in the sand and design phases this is just a brilliant insight into what he was running errands is writing sins of those that was standing there condemning her in the sand just think about it that's the same person that wrote the law got in stone here's writing send just if they would understand for a moment the significance of who he was if they were just for a moment understand his identity and his mission they could understand that the sins that he was writing the sound he could wipe away what way the love of God is written in stone we need to wipe away sins that are written in San that's exactly what God wanted to do was exactly what Jesus wanted to but instead they walked away and the question is will you walk away aware you allow Jesus to wipe away the sins of your life you can do it you can do it instantaneously if you allow him exercise you will come to him faultlessly the foot of the cross ask for repent of your sins lay it all before and he knows it anyway you don't have to hide anything from him he knows it may your sins at the foot of the cross and you'll find forgiveness you will find peace and you'll find the assurance that combination this removes and that you will find the power there to live a new life in Christ Jesus and Taylor decided this way he said Indonesia 's position of life he must give me his grace and in the most difficult is grace is sufficient and then his grace is sufficient since I pray that you will put your confidence in him the new law becomes immune to the gospel but that the reality of a crisis on the impact you over and over again because it is actually in reality Christ is walking across the marketplace and its unit is installed and he purchased you you gave everything written on the question is what he did back when he can get back items are from the rest of your life it's worth everything and then that's when you're in heaven one day millions of years and have been it will look back on this life and really what is it that so shorts so short that the question will be what we done with that what was our greatest affection on this earth when we woke up or first all that around last thoughts what if we leave now wise for what would we spend our energy on maybe the gospel amen maybe the things of God it's worth everything it's worth everything in closing I would have aware to pray but before we close this letter so you make a very short appeal that is the following maybe do something your life that you realize that this hindering you from experiencing this death to self maybe if I'd been speaking the Holy Spirit is he reminding you of something that you say you note that very thing that you thinking about right now that the Holy Spirit convicting up that standing in the way you let that go to surrender that thing I can live my life in you but you've got to let go you've got to surrender someone says tonight I just want a surrender that whatever this and anyone else I want to surrender gracefully but pray that God will give us the strength to do that showing them together father in heaven we're so grateful that we can come before your throne of grace this evening so thankful for your Sabbath that we can enjoy together here's how do you thank you Lord for speaking to our hearts through the words of the Gospel book of Romans that retrace the gospel in such a marvelous way thank you Lord for the message that we can die to self and not because of her own strength but because you want us to experience this and you can give us the power to experience it death to cells that you can visit your life announced Lord we long for this and we freely knowledge this evening that there are things in our life that hinder that from happening and largely brought those things are remembrance and just want to lay them in the foot of the cross right now when I thank you that to the power of your offer of the cross into the sacrifice here's some that what you are it is it can be removed from allies that there is sufficient power in the cross thank you Lord that even now you are ministering for us in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary that we can come before you with boldness and confidence as a thank you Lord that we can layer lies before you help us to experience the fullness of the gospel then we go forth unhindered in our lives and be with us throughout the Santa Fe largest week tomorrow just enjoy this time together this day together I pray that your glasses everything that will take place to enjoy our hearts close to yours this refrain your precious name and a this media was gone audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio tours .org


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