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God's Sustaining Power

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 28, 2013
    11:00 AM
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I was so grateful to be here and I want to ask your Holy Spirit to guide me now your son promised that when we ask we will receive and Lord we ask because we know that in and of ourselves we do not know what to say we do not not not we do not know how to present you rightly employed as we surrender our lives to you we just invite your spirit to take control and so be with us this morning Lloyd your spirit speak to each one of us individually here and then we discern your voice I pray in your precious name amen amen all right well I like it is really Saturday and we can begin our time together in Romans chapter able to go to some other verses as well this morning which is a notice of Romans chapter eight in verse twenty eight this is a very well-known scripts to many of you maybe some of you know by heart yet often times floated perhaps in difficult circumstances to gain encouragements Romans chapter eight and verse twenty eight says and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and to those who are called according to his purpose to continue to read in verse twenty nine for whom he for news he also predestined to become to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren moreover whom he predestined these he also called and whom he called he also justified and whom he justified these he also glorified to see if we can understand a little bit better what Paul is saying here what the Spirit is saying here and I believe that these verses what it does when we read them and we can't will this is a bigger concern sometimes we think of the Goss call as merely a man stealing our lives maybe even a moment in our lives that we can look back and say something that's where the gospel began to work in my life so we put a date to let our time to do it we look back and we say how old was at this moment in my life to have this experience with the gospel but I believe as we think then you're not at a bigger picture all the gospel we will find out that it extends even beyond our lines it is fascinating the docile started with God thinking of you even before you were born so got has a larger plan a bigger picture anything that we can tap into that picture we can grasp it a little bit better we will see and realize that God 's sustaining power has been with us in upon us all throughout our lives and that he is allow circumstances to shape us and mold us to bring us to himself sometimes I hear people share their testimony and I know that he needed well probably uses language myself we'll say things like that I went through this and this and this experience and then I found God to give her that or maybe you've even said to yourself I found God but actually to be more correct the more scriptural we should say God found me a man when we do not find God it's not a hide and seek game God is not hiding somewhere out there is never a thought has revealed himself in many ways and he has been pursuing you you will be pursuing God God has been pursuing in an and so when you came to the acknowledgment of God and he knew you long way before that before you were born you're in the mind of God existed in his mind as photographs this larger picture will all know why we really help us to experience a paradigm shift in our understanding of who God is God knew me before I was born appointed the very place where I was born the circumstances around my birth he he knew where I was born how is that umbrella the things that would happen in my life and God wants to shape only circumstance in order for me to come to the point where I say God I want you in my life I want to stop for a moment and allow you you're interesting in all my life I want you to take a hold of me and so it's not whining dog is not claiming that I believe if you look back for a moment on your story on your experience on your life you will be able to trace the hand of God as he's been pursuing you as he wants to take a hold of you and accept the seventy when she went when Paul is talking to the Indians he says to them that had gone new the boundaries of their dwellings and their appointed times in this landfall is really saying that God knew where they were born when they were born the circumstances around their lives and all the purpose that they would use that language and accept the seventies but they would go after him that they would be laughing that it would search after and maybe we just think about the circumstances of your life maybe if you look a little bit more careful you will find the fingerprints of God alone grants and I think of my own life I was born in the country of New Zealand I don't have a kiwi accents I apologize for that but I grew up in New Zealand but I was only ten years old when my parents they they they they moved back to Holland we as a family moved back to how my parents were actually dots out when they got married they decided that they wanted a whole new start a new beginning and that my mom had what's once a nature documentary on TV or New Zealand as you thought it was absolutely stunning as I said to my dad why don't we go to New Zealand and that when you look at the below you will find out that Holland is about as far as Pakistan away from New Zealand as you can guess you just pick up into the error and you end up in New Zealand many people call it the end of the well and as I sat here at opening night of the week impressed that people go into the world but those that are from New Zealand note that at the beginning of the world MNS lifetime starts that's when I began getting an amen for the Kiwis here are a couple of them and so I was born in New Zealand I grew up in New Zealand and my father he was a carpenter and he is working he sustained our family but that's some difficult times came in a couple of the conference that he had a spell through leading into a very very difficult situation for my family to the very point where it was really when they couldn't do it however they couldn't pay their bills anymore and they will looking into going back to Holland but at that time this is such a pivotal moment that I see in and in my own story of how God intervened and how God showed his love in a very very real way to my family because it was just prior to them returning to Holland that was a Christian family Seventh-day Adventist family that said you know we want to help you to get back on your feet and so we are likely to come into our home and you can stay here when you cut and slice that you can figure out things and that he can just look into how you're going to move on from here as a family we moved in with them and it was really like an anthill because what I have four siblings and his other families had five kids is a you can imagine what that's like but we lived there for a couple of weeks for a few months I believe it was during this time we saw practical Christianity put on display and we talked this morning and that is not enough it's one thing with all the clichés of Christianity but it's another thing when you actually know him when you know Jesus and how do you know him when you see them on display in the lives of others amen and here we our family could see a display of Christianity a practical Christianity in helping us as a family to figure out on interview Max and eventually my and as a family we moved back to Holland and that's where I spend most of my teenage years in the Netherlands when I came into my late teen years I had the conviction very strongly that I wanted to serve God for the rest of my life now as a teenager I really had been living my life with one foot in the world in one click in the church you know what that means you know going along that route enough off of the church life but also going along the routine of what teenagers as in this while and when it came to the point that I really made the decision Lord I want to give you everything I want to belong to you I want my life to have meaning and progress and so I went to this camp meeting and really start my heart when I heard these messages about also about the shortness of time and I thought to myself not yet we are living in sometimes and I want to be a proclaimer of the gospel now this decision matured as I came into my early twenties and as I shared with you earlier in this week of prayer I was baptized when I was twenty and I decided to go to a missionary college admissions school which was in Scandinavia at that time I will never forget that when I made that decision to go to this mission call it you actually saw the education I was given that time in order to go there and be prepared to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do that people I might start thought I was going a little bit too far they got that e-mail updates one thing for you to be you know engage in Christianity in the church maybe Pratt and without believing the best but we are really just stop your education right now I'm going to this mission collects and then what will happen after that how you live your life when he can induce that's just a little bit too radical pencil out here that even from church members that you know that that's updated and doing and of course from family members I would hear you know how even a Howdy what was going to do after that school the way to go and how you pay your bills and he'll is an easy chair and in him that in that idea that you have their and I remember very well and there were a few handful of people to support in this area very well that I started even doubting if this was a wise decision to take as a young man seated to basically go and to get to get to the school that I knew very little about but I didn't know that it was a preparation to share Christ and that's what I wanted with my life but myself is it true that I'm radically the tree that I have lost the plot that that this is not something that I should be with my wife and it was at that point that I have really prayed to the Lord and I pray that the Lord would speak to me I said I could give me anything from us and assurance that I'm on the right track then I know that this decision is not something that I that I have made but that you want for my life and I prayed earnestly as a thought I have no words here I believe that I want to build my life upon it and now you need to speak to me I took my Bible I don't I don't I don't recommend that you do this always but it is like for me at this moment and God really wings the times of ignorance I said I think nonviolent hope that nothing you've got to give me something I open it up and I open it up to link to chapter twelve I want here this passage with you this morning seek and turn their lives after twelve and MIB moments in your life where you say you know it wasn't his first inspection was this passage in Scripture that sustained me through that moments perhaps even for the day besides that nurse is a you know this passage I read it again and again against remember how sustaining power help me out encourage me all here and leave chapter twelve was just such a passage that really sustained me in ways that that that that I can even begin to comprehend it's it's it's just overwhelms me which of the twelve and take a look at verse twenty two now the moment they opened up within the Scriptures and I read this I was worried like crazy I was learning about what my feature was good was minimal people say enough wealthy don't if you don't get this college degree if you don't get that policy how you can make a livelihood of your life you know this this this this idea of yours it just sounds crazy I started buying into those laws of India what I might actually doing with my life as I open up and I read verse twenty two L firstly the Jesus as the ever I say to you do not worry about your life and I cannot worry about your life it's so easy to worry my friends do not worry about your life what you will eat nor about the body what you will put on the life is more than stated in the body is more than clothing consistent arrangements for they neither sow nor reap which have neither storehouse nor barn him how much more value are you and the birds and which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature and I was always very short on my days as an you know that anyone worried here about you know that would want to be a bit taller than ahead that you know and I just want to lie because I worried that anything tears after I like what you want to worry actually doing it it doesn't help anything and the word of God is so plain here listen as we continue to read a few verses twenty six if you then are not able to do the lease which one you anxious for the rest consider the lilies how they grow they neither toil nor spin and yet I say to you even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these in God so clothe the grass which today is an appeal and tomorrow is thrown into the oven how much more will he clothe you argue middle of a and do not see what you should eat or what you should drink nor anxious mind for all these things the nations of the world seek after your father knows that you need these things the punchline verse thirty one but see the kingdom of God and all these things have the added to you and I'm what an assurance that was for me at that time a young man about to get my life waiting and wanting to serve him not knowing yet in what capacity was getting his knee but knowing that I wanted to be a proclaimer of the message that he had given to me of the gospel and this tax relief chapter twelve just see all my decision particularly those moments in your life when you're not sure what happened next take the word of God and ask God to give you a promise ask God to give you a passage to sustain you because that's what he wants to do a man he wants to give you these verses scratch that in order for you to be empowered to move following and so I remember going to this into this mission college students missions go myself I started comparing my own story with the story of what I would read inspector was actually not that radical after all you just start reading the book of acts they find some radical experiences of men and women that that that gave everything to the widely read about and the disciples the apostles were first afraid and they are they are filled with the Holy Spirit and they go forth preaching with boldness and confident young PR and Johnny come to the template is a lame man they are and what anything to the Lehman Silver and gold have I none but that which I have I given to be in the name of Jesus rise up and walked I is incredible starring Peter ends up in the dungeon in the present of an angel comes by night and opens the door for him he goes out to me that the gospel cannot be hindered this is been a topic throughout the week the unhindered gospel in these incredible stories in the book of acts for a moment we take our story we put it in the midst of the story and ask you what people call radical might not be that radical after all if I just did that for a moment I thought to myself we have the story of Peter and John that that that healed the lame man and then you have Peter being freed from prison and you have your Paul being knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus in this dramatic conversion story is blinded but his eyes are open and right right in their Daniel went to a Bible college that's radical left are highlighted in a prison that next week right honey not that radical people think his radical today is actually ordinary or bordering on uncle glorying in the story of Max Wright has only just a little bit of that twisted idea about what is radical and don't black people him at all when you give everything to the end don't let people convicted that is radical when you say I want to serve in the rest of my life and my friend is not just a cliché it can be reality when you build your life upon the promises about what you can actually act upon this book you can become part of the story when you say maybe one of the starring feelings when he wants to write the book of actually continuing to write it even our very daily today we think about that Avastin with these amazing chapters of this book is an unfinished story my friend chapters are still being revenue happen I believe that one day when we got to have and we will have access to the full edition of the book of acts I can imagine just going through that in any of your chapter five thousand five hundred and forty three the story about you and that the story about you how you reaching out to see our neighbors are you reaching out to your friends are you reaching out to colleagues are you reaching out to those on the street that you don't know you are knocking on doors or what ever you are doing however God is using you you can be part of an incredible story has been written even as I speak this story is being read them it's the story of the fingered hospital will be talking this week about the unhindered gospel and its just so powerful because integrating the last word in the book of acts is the word and hinders and remained there in in in in in the last chapter of the blue Max Howell Paul will be just other for a moment doubted with a fax to the very last chapter but in the very last versus Paul it finds himself in Rome and he is under house arrest and yes despite of these challenging situations and circumstances the gospel is going forth with great power that's read acts chapter twenty eight and look at verse thirty and thirty one the last two verses of the him us him Paul Weller two whole years in his own rented house and received all who came to him preaching the kingdom of God and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all that was a senior Bible confidence no one preventing him to leave his house was on house arrest he was waiting for the trial court 's trial which happen in Rome and eventually he lost his head it was a habit but not alas in these last moments of his life what's happening the gospel is going forth unhindered unhindered unhindered is increased with confidence great confidence the story started in an upper room where disciples gathered together praying for the outpouring of the Spirit and it ended in a room in Rome where Paul can go anywhere but the gospel was going everywhere amen the gospel is being preach the gospel is going forth unhindered and the appeal or you and for me is to allow the gospel to go unhindered in our lives for partition to shine more in our experience and I think in order for that to happen it's good for us to take that step is to understand the larger picture the bigger picture of things that is happening his pursuit of youth and he knows the circumstances of your life and he is shaped those circumstances in order for you to know him and experience him and for the gospel to go forth in your life but the backcourt to Romans chapter eight were moments from this chapter a limitless little bit closer at these verses Romans chapter eight verse twenty nine for whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren more will you still knows he also call call those he also justified and whom he justified these he also glorified just think about it long before you were born you existed in the mind of God and God already had a plan for using free desk and use the word were actually predestined comes from the town of the world from being required for I don't know my pronounces resell which means to determine before to mark off before hand to press before it happens now of course predestination can be misunderstood because predestination does not mean that there is no choice involved it doesn't mean that God has just determine who is to be saved and who is going to be lost nowhere in Scripture is it suggested that God has predestined certain people to be saved and loss regardless of our own choice in the matter God predestined us all to be saved by initiating a plan by which we can all be safe it is up to ask to make the decision right to allow that planning to have affected our lives and yet nonetheless sometimes worthily afraid of this all of predestination because it's been so so misusing Christianity in China who shy away from that but the very fact that God knew us before we were born is a very important trait for us to understand the important rest to understand that God has has things in in in in in working in preparation for your life think about Jeremiah for a moment I just love the story of Jeremiah where God comes to him and even religion chapter one verse five uses the following to Jeremiah he says before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I sanctified you I ordained you a prophet to the nations and that just lost the will Jeremiah because he had his own purposes in his own plans laid out sadly this note I need before you were born before you are the wound I thought of you I think you to be a prophet God knows the end from the beginning he knows what's coming he knows where Israel is having he saw the need off a voice in Israel a voice of warning a voice of calling the people back to God and so he thinks about Jeremiah and the allows your life come into existence and Jeremiah young man when God comes and calls and says I need before you were born this is a plan and purpose I have for you and now it's up to Jeremiah to make a decision is even a surrender to God 's plan and ambitions not saying that this is just the case for Jeremiah so easy you know now that I was Jeremiah starring but certainly you know I'm just that you know and accident on just you know here wasn't really planned and I really know what to do with my life and my friends God has purposed each one of the needy you for you were born he thought about you and in his great plans he predestined you and he wants you to be saved but he wants you to surrender your life and to give yourself into a allowing them to work in you so that you can go forth with the arm hindered the call these verses in Romans which is so precious is so powerful they show that actually our story is part of a greater story and sometimes we just and what happens is when we hinder the gospel we basically think how silly that was okay the gospel was this moment in my life for this event in my life in and gone is going on no no no read the word really where the gospel is best the gospel is a bigger story it's a bigger picture it started before you were born and it reaches into eternity and you play this are you laughing I then realized that has surrendered to that and allow God to be the sustaining work that he wants to and and this is the sustaining power of God is so assuring about this message in a sorcery because then suddenly it's not all about me and my decisions in life and my situations in my challenges in my trials and it's actually about God has a plan it's about God that is writing a story and I'm finding that I get to be part of band that is just a grid the greatest joy that I could ever imagine to be part of the contact into that and to allow God to do the work that he wants to do in my life I look at Romans chapter eight verse thirty one because I believe this can be a great encouragement for many of us morning Romans chapter eight verse thirty one in the end it has as we bring this person into this picture that we have of God and the story he wants to rights and how he wants to use ass in our land our lives to bring the gospel and hinders to those around us listen to what Paul writes in verse thirty one this is so beautiful he says what shall we say to these things if God is for us who can be against us we see God has a big story and the beautiful thing about all of this story this beautiful gospel which I have plenty before you were born has a plan we need to spend with him at infinity the beautiful thing is that God is on your side goddess that is not against us if God is for us who can be against us God is on your side when it comes to your salvation God is on your side and then God wants me to be saying God wants you to experience the fullness of the gospel now a couple of months ago I was going through very difficult time in my life and you know sometimes sometimes the mirror of life this is held up so clearly before we look into that we just recognize their own weaknesses and frailties I'm doing pretty fine with the latest these moments that you think all I come someone showing you know I wish I could be there but I'm still here no enemy at the moment in my life where I almost despaired and I thought no just not good I know this is a wrong way of thinking because we should be looking at Christ but sometimes we tend to look at ourselves we see our own weaknesses and you know what I was going to this inner struggle and Paul talks about the inner struggles that we can have as Christians we are hard pressed on every side is that but we do not despair enough we are hard-pressed for me not to discover you have these no lives were we thinking of how McKenna may get how to get it out is this truth whatever really you don't take on flesh and blood in my life will I ever be able to make this even more in my life I had one of those moments when I just remember my wife Sylvia she comes over and without saying anything she just younger arms around me and you know in that moment I thought to myself isn't that exactly what God does with us in God 's arms of a commitment sense they are right around you God is for you amen God is for you and this is this is an experience that that each of us will have to come to at one point in our lives when we recognize that you know we cannot do this on our own but God is for us his arms are wrapped around us is sustaining power is right there is hard to explain but God sustains us God is spirit that same day I read this I want to share with you here is taken from they stay with God page two twenty six and I just love the way that God encourages us at the very moment we need it you know we come to the point that we don't know what hullabaloo falling for the moment that were in despair almost despairing and not business just those words that we need listen to what I want right here in this book they stay with God she says today human beings stand before God defiled garments all their righteousness is as filthy rags Isaiah sixty four respects Satan uses against him his masterly accusing power pointing to their imperfections as evidence of their weakness he pointed scornfully at the mistakes of those who claim to be doing God service they had been deceived by him and he bags for permission to destroy them because grass picture here of the enemy that is just adding to destroying writing to destroy me pointing out weaknesses but I goes on to say listen to this but they trust in Christ and Christ will not forsake them she changes as well to take away their sins and to impute to them his righteousness he declares that through faith in his name they may receive forgiveness of perfect Christlike characters they have confessed their sins to him to ask for pardon and Christ declares that because they look and believe on him he will give them power to become sons of God their characters are defected but because they are not trusted in their own merits and excuse their sins because then ask for things yet is through the merits of Christ the Lord receives them he rebuked Satan because they have humbled themselves confessing their sins he refuses to listen to the enemy 's accusations he has abundantly pardon the penitent ones and will carry forward and then his work of redeeming love if they will continue to believe in him and trusting is a mentor that him that is that is accusing you there is an enemy that is going to have your weakness says sometimes you buy into that any start looking against obviously there's no chance for me there's no hope for me I met with enemy may able to live the life that I read about them here is just as it's just too far for my MySpace is waiting for someone else is not for me and when you have those moments my friends into trusting God and come to him and say I don't see how it can happen but I trust in you I believe in you and when we say that when we affirm that then Christ has promised on his promise and you know new grass his arms of the Mexicans around us and the accuser 's reviews amen the accuser is reviews and we can carry that we can press on crestfallen with the confidence that he that started in good working us we'll also completed and she has started he's been completed remember the bigger picture we got so much caught up in the moment of despair but remember God is at work allow him to work in your life even believing and trusting in God really comes from him I reminiscent of the story in the Bible I just love it where it in Mark chapter nine it tells us about demon possessed boy and the father brings into Jesus and you might remember this story and that Jesus is the father that they must believe that he must believe he says if you believe all things if you believe all things are possible to him who believes in the response of the father there he says the Lord I believe help my unbelief Lord I believe how my unbelief as we don't sweetly when we shouldn't even trust in our own ability to believe in God we should rather fray Lloyd will will believe in me meaning you give me the power to sustaining power to believe in you following you and to trust the interstellar Romans chapter eight how want to look at verse twenty six verse twenty six which is another less than all how dependent we are on the sustaining power of God when it comes to our salvation Romans chapter eight in verse twenty six ago what it says likewise this Spirit also helps our weakness says that we do not know what we should pray we don't know what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered now that that person really gives me assurance because sometimes I find myself wanting to pray but you know I feel that my prayers like hitting the ceiling I feel that my prayers and is not able to put into language what is going on in my heart was going on in my life and experiences pain they wonder like like how beginning getting this experience some of really being eight oh able to see to say what is really going on inside of me and the promise in Romans eight is that there's a Spirit Holy Spirit is bringing those prayers of yours the Holy Spirit knows exactly what's going on inside of you is taking those words imperfect though they be taking those words even though you're not able to fully heal and show what actually is going on inside everything is worth bringing it to the father and in and in such a language that that that that is exactly communicating all that is going on in your life and your deepest beautiful I think it's just rest in that promise again we're talking this morning about sustaining power of God which is on display here in Romans chapter eight him really makes me think more and more that my salvation is God 's responsibility if the plan before I was born yet the planet reaches into internecine and I just gave myself to that black voters they got your last better than mine your purpose is that in life you purpose before I was born you want to spend eternity with me I want to belong to you I don't know really how to pray I don't know always what to say or how to say it but I rest assured that you are working in my life and I just wanted to continue to do your work in the amen I does one allow you to do your work in meeting your begun finish it like finishing and we are predominantly young congregation here this morning but for those of neither of it all in you will be able to look at your life to look back on your life is safe yet there were moments where it got sustained me there sustained me there you can trace the hand of God in your life and even when you're young there will be moments in Philadelphia six helped me through that you gave me the promise there that sustained me through that difficult moment you know shortly before I got married Sylvia this is about ten years ago this month XE year anniversary and we were in I sat on a summer afternoon we would gather with friends shortly before we got married and everyone had to share their favorite verse in that group and to our member that we both have the same person our minds immediately like that and that this was the first person and some of you even know it by heart he was the twelve rest one thing and I think of the count slaves exactly what we talking about here this morning I want to read it to you he presents well it just gives assurance that nothing else can Hebrews chapter twelve look at what it says first one into the therefore we also since we are so by so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith and you look at your life and say yes I can see the way that God is working in my life is the author of this journey that I'm on this story that I'm on my friends just as he started this working you so he's been and this working you and you need to rest and that these which are confidence in the sustaining power of God there's a larger picture going on here a bigger picture when you rest in that interview sure that what he started he will also complete he will sustain you in your journey some of your teenager later in your early twenties and you're in your early thirties forties and fifties are your or your coming note towards the end of your life whatever whatever time you're in whatever moment during your life you can rest on this promise that Jesus is the author and finisher of your face is not alone in what you can say okay thank you for starting this blog I'll be fine right now is you would have a difficult moments in this is many times how we live our lives we does not like living on the announcements which I was not going to fast now I'm coming to this or that now I need you now I need and and and and guys going like he always needed me there's never a moment in your life that he did not need mid-December graphic except they didn't take without my power is never a moment in your life that that that you are on your own I was always there for you it's like a little child is learning how to walk and you know calling him with his father 's mother is standing behind them and sometimes it sounds not even aware of who is holding them up many times this is how we live a Christian life we go around when unaware of who holds the South who sustains a twenty eight it's not it's not just happening that tomorrow morning you wake up with a desire to praise God the Spirit of God working in it doesn't just happen how can I be competent at Semarang to be a Christian company confident that next week at listserv how can be confident that when they go to my next preaching appointment because without God is not possible it's only the sustaining power of God that makes me move always in his mailings only his sustaining power that wakes me up in the morning when even a designer to read his word and to seek him in prayer and so what you must do what I must do is say God I see that there's a bigger story at work here is better than I could ever have imagined I want to tap into that story he predestined me before I was born please thought about me just think about creation got caught something in a brought into existence by the word of his mouth nicely thought out like a selectively lied and was liked if I thought about that beautiful a variety of trees we spoken into existence he thought about evil flowers and animals and fish of the sea and birds of the sky will not always variety of animals and spoken into existence and ninety seven let us make man in our image he thought about that when you look like when he would be like the relationship that he would have with him he thought about the woman he thought about all of this brings it into existence everything is created first existed in the mind of God how can we ever think that we were not planned to be forever green law when you don't purpose to be allowed to coming to get you to come into existence so that you can be part of this as sorry as gone on display this character and I believe that when we start grasping just a little of what that means the purpose of God 's sustaining our lives this is portrayed in Romans chapter eight that will be like God wow this is beautiful this is real is something that just arrests on me my salvation is not resting on me is resting on you I acted as big as part of a bigger starting on a slap on a city like to thank you for allowing me to be part of the story is what happens when you're doing you started this journey I'm on I believe that you will finish it I believe that he'll bring us things were good and a man as long as we as long as we choose to follow him and allow him to do that work within a plan that he had from eternity will be established and I'm what you just need to do is don't wrestle yourself out of the hands of God don't wrestle yourself out of his out of his work that he is doing is Internet and analogy in the Bible that I love more than anything else is the analogy that you find in Jeremiah test aging works God is the Potter and Madison Clay and God 's pottery wants to shape our lives once the tape informant and molded and shaped it he wants his image to be reproduced in each one of us but you got to allow him to do that were placed yourself with the clay in the hands of the product allowed to work in your life how does that happen in a very practical way very practical way it starts in the morning when you say Lord you have a better plan but I don't know what exactly is the look-alike but I will just tell you that I belong to you and I want your will to be done in my life I want to see your promises really taking on effect in my life I want the gospel to go for unhindered and how many of you this morning him of his promise in Romans chapter eight and God is for you how many of you want to rejoice in that insane if you are forming who can be against me and in that promise I want to live my life I want to live my life with the sustaining power of God you say yes that the experience I want a man preselect we can enter into a story that is much larger than any of our lives it is a story discontinuing it continued to be written to be represented and on which we can be part of the unhindered gospel will go forth and we are living in solemn times as each one of you know the world is crumbling today around us and very very soon Jesus will come again very soon we will be holding face-to-face would you do with your next moments of life because it's really only moments what you do with you a few moments of your life that you have before you is all utter importance and God wants to use you to be a voice for handgun was used to be a conduit of his glory because there's nothing nothing greater in life is no greater joy in serving him no greater joy than belonging to him as the Lord Lord how can you use me in your cause how can I take the unhindered gospel and allowed to go forth unhindered in my life can ask that prayer and God will guide you and lead you and sustain you as he's promised us pray together father in heaven what a joy it is to come before you in your Sabbath day would enjoy this to know you lotuses look at some lessons from Romans chapter eight we are just reminded of the bigger picture Lord help us to grasp him your plan for our lives help us to see how you want to use us for your household the unhindered gospel to go forth thank you Lord for the assurance that you are on our side that whatever the enemy may bring before us as raising accusations that you were there too reviewed him as we put our trust in you thank you for wrapping your arms around us and for the knowledge that we can have not only the knowledge that the assurance that we can have in our minds and our hearts and abuses that you are therefore asked thank you Lord help us to read help us to rest our assurance on those promises and to move forward in faith thank you so much life for the work you have begun the work that you promised to complete thank you for being the author and finisher of our faith thank you name your son Jesus amen and amen this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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