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Reality Check!

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 28, 2013
    5:00 PM
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him we are so grateful that we can come before you this afternoon was so grateful for this week of prayer that we have had in the Sabbath that we are having right now together thank you Lord that we can again go to your word and I do pray that you will speak to us that you will open our minds and our hearts and lawyer that he will show us your will for our lives prepare as long as we are about to partake of the bread symbolizing your body in the end and a great use signifying your blood and as we remember when you went through for us two thousand years ago Lloyd made is not just be merely a motion or a pattern of religious activity that may be truly an experience like that brings us closer to you Frank pray this in Jesus nine amen couple of years ago my wife and I were traveling on playing as we do often and I worked with the last ten years my wife and I have that have run a ministry together called living water I haven't told you so much about that but that's basically a traveling of preaching and teaching ministry we also teach at a Bible school in Norway if white Americans but here as that parenthesis if you would like to know more about our ministry you can go to our website which is W WW living water one word thought and how and that we have material they are both the Norwegian which won't help you so much but we do also have a lot of material in English or German or Swedish so you can choose your language but that for the most of you English will be a first language of your best language and ever you'll find a lot of material there if you're interested we have videos audio messages rival studies also updates of where we are in what we are experiencing in the mission field in different parts of the world if you'd like to follow along you can check out that website living water and how housewives you can also find it find me on Facebook not very often based the experiences that we haven't fields I love the to keep in contact with you and I was like to say wherever I value not we don't meet again let's recently need of the tree of life amen now we were on this we run it on a plane and sit next day this nanometers with conversation and of course many times the question goes well when you do for a living I always like to hear that question because that being at minister of the gospel it's very easy to get right into a spiritual conversation and so we got into a spiritual conversation and that this matter he said he know it he was interested to talk about these things and add the conversation took a turn that we started to talk about all the origin of life and death we shared some thoughts my wife has some thoughts about creation and what the Bible says and that is the truth pause for a moment of silence for a moment and then he turned Leslie said that these words he said all Christians I know don't actually believe the Bible and he said I know a lot of Christians but they don't actually believe what the Bible says having we were obviously sharing that we believe in natural expatriation week followed by a seven day a day of rest of you to sharing these thoughts with him and for him this was like no and it was it startled him because he only met Christians that followed the traditional patterns but cannot actually believe this book to be true or to be taken literally and I believe that there are a lot of people in the world like that a lot of Christians in the world like that I sadly a lot of ass and just like that we follow a pattern of religion but we really need to ask ourselves the question we need it we need in a sense to have a reality check do we actually believe this book to be true him we believe this will return what kind of impact does that have on our lives too often we live our lives and segregate and we have like to well we have what we call what we think is the real wild things are tangible around us David and work in friends and and and our career and our families that's the real world and that we have kind of the spiritual world that many times this gets our attention once a week when we're in charge and so indeed it is so easy to compartmentalize these two well and so we have the real world what we believe to be the real well and that now that we enter into the spiritual world so we hear about angels and miracles and healings and and and and God and an old these kind of things but that we can jump back into that what we charmed real world when we go about our life from day to day time seeing this phenomenon as I travel and so prevalent within Christianity I believe it is important for us to just take a pause and have as it were a reality check I mean do we still believe this book do we still believe the teachings of Scripture the lanes at Methodist preacher Leonardo Ravenhill he put it this way he said one of these days a simple salt will pick up the book of God will read it and believe that in the rest of us will be America's or something and those words because I believe that we as Christian as the Christian movement has moved forward from the first century as we now two thousand years separated from that great event of the other death and resurrection and ascension of Jesus comes a point where we went we religion has taken on all kinds of forms and traditions and patterns but isn't still the reality that we live our lives than does the gospel form the framework in reality in which we exist really the question I think I believe I believe I share this staff this club at graduation couple months ago so you will remember as buydown someone said that Christianity started in Palestine as a fellowship and with good reason the name of philosophy and losing Italy and became an institution and moved to Europe and became a culture and a new U.S. Senate became an enterprise is not very significant the journey of Christianity was happen is a long way in the course of two thousand years with picking up all this package by our we need now and here we are two thousand years into this faith we have a lot of test forms our worldview it is formed perspective our understanding and that's why many Christians predominantly most Christians in the wild they follow the forms of Christianity the patterns of Christianity maybe it's a philosophy maybe it's a culture medium and enterprise natives this maybe it's that but the real question is is a framework through which you view reality you need a reality check I need a reality check I need to ask myself the question do I actually still believe that this book and if I didn't believe this book am I healing the world around me through the Scriptures are the Scriptures as it were the glasses through which I understand the world around before and actually understanding the world around the more based on what I perceive to be the real world and so we compartmentalize our lives within these two well we shift between these two well as you know we we spend most of our time in the real wild and on the Sabbath or once in a while a conference or week of prayer or something we enter into that spiritual wrong but that's exactly what it remains rough a mom for itself separated from what we conceive to be reality my friends this is a miserable way of living your life and it is so important to sellouts of the gospel and to not buy into what I like to determine I hope you remember this interesting case theology I believe that we we we fall into this because of what we do is we say well just in case I'll plant one week in the well-known that the best of the world but you know the picture of half it is really beautiful I want to read is about eternity if that is true I really want that so all my other leg in the spiritual world but downhill I only put all my backs on the spiritual will because just in case someone have a good life here now so we buy into what I like the time they just in case theology but my friends the Scripture leaves no place for that kind of theology and Alabama is that it leaves no place for a just in case theology is about half what it ignores other of the words of Paul he asks us to sell out for the gospel to live in one world and one will allow you that God 's world to be in your Bibles to first Corinthians chapter fifteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen and when you take a look at first well the company first wow I want to listen to the language of Paul here because the gospel only go unhindered in our lives once we live in one world and one will the loan and that God 's will need a reality check this is what Paul says first drink is fifteen beginning in verse twelve now if Christ is preached that he is being raised from the dead how do some of you say that there is no resurrection of the data obviously this was and that was going on in his day in a somewhat believing that it was no resurrection of Paul he is arguing this immediately makes the following point listen to this for thirteen but if there is no resurrection of the dad in Christ is not risen and if Christ is not risen then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty yes we also witnesses of God because we testified of God that he is raising the price we do not raise up is in fact the dead do not rise if the den do not rise in Christ is not risen and if Christ is not raising your say is what futile and you are still in your sins then also those of fallen asleep in Christ Harris it in this life home in this life only we have hope in Christ we are all now in the most credible a strong argument he's making year in other words young if it is not true that Jesus actually lived and actually died and actually rose that is not true that your believing this saying that according to Paul in the most pit of all of all people if it's not this kind of thing like now I'll just live a good life because that even if it was not true at least I had a good life according to Paul that's not really the case because when we sellout the gospel when we visually commit hundred percent for the gospel this is all or nothing there's no place for a just in case theology is no place for it to the world you don't dimensional be allowed to live in this well and aluminum in this world the Bible makes it very clear that there is one world and God 's will when I stepped into a monthly step into it and we go more and we believe that we live according to let the gospel will move falling unhindered I wanted to take notice of the first your very first reviews chapter fifteen just a couple of pages to second Corinthians chapter because second Corinthians chapter four I believe really pinpoints what we're discussing here this afternoon and really gives a picture off of what the enemy is trying to do in order for us to fall into this just in case theology second Corinthians chapter four and signal this fall verse three four second ring is for first three and four but even if our gospel is veiled it is veiled to those who are perishing first for whose minds the god of this age has blinded who do not believe that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ with the image of God should shine on them what is going on here and gone at this age which is obviously the devil Lucifer Satan himself the enemy of truth what is he doing according to this mercy is blinding the line of those that are not able to see the reality of the gospel the beginning of the gospel this is exactly what we are seeing taking place in our world today the enemy is blinding our minds so that we do not live in the real world and the only while the biblical world and instead our eyes are blinded for the realities of Scripture we find ourselves buying into this this understanding that well you know maybe it's true then and and and maybe give some more to my life and maybe it gives me some more purpose and meaning but I'm not really sure about it so I'll just plant my feet firmly also in the here and now because I got to get the best here and now I don't know about that I'm not sure about that but Paul is saying don't let your mind be blinded by the enemy but living in the great controversy I think when you look at the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation it paints a picture of a controversy that is taking place between truth and error I think the beginning Lucifer haven't rebelled against his maker to sell the third part of the Angels were drawn into this rebellion as we see how this is playing out on the stages of this earth him I decided to follow Lisa Furness was that since all the places and here we are six thousand years into this drama and here we are in our wise this great controversy is being played out we are all subjects in this great great drama of the great controversy and the question is are we going to allow God form our worldview I would then allow the script is to give us the right picture of what it can happen and what has happened and it is happening and is going to happen or I would invite him to what this world is trying to paint of a picture enough for many Christians even the miracles of Christ and the resurrection itself has been questioned and higher criticism will always ask questions about the word of God well wasn't really like that did that really happen I mean this certainly must be understood in an allegorical way or another and in a symbolic way in the creation but certainly not be six days on the fly all that couldn't have happened at all these kind of arguments you would hear over and over again this is even slipping into agreements and larger and it's just undermining the truth of Scripture is undermining the reality of the world and it's just forming a whole new well and what it's doing is whining our eyes to the truth of God 's word and my friends don't let that slip into your life you need to sometimes just put the finger on the pulse of your religious experience in your your Christian experience ask yourself questions do I really still believe that the truth if I do really believe this but that am I living my life in accordance to the true it reveals to me let us not be blinded by the enemy I want to thing noticed in the same chapter here second Corinthians chapter four all not only the Reagan will Wright controversy but it brings us in the reality of the world to come I love this passage here and talk down to verse thirteen the government says second Corinthians chapter four verse thirteen and seems we have the same spirit of faith according to what is written I believed and therefore I spoke we also believe and therefore speak knowing that he who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus and will present us with you on not speaking here that and maybe it will happen maybe there will be a resurrection life I hope it will be a resurrection it would be good at this time great story and a lot of difficulties in my life and I would really like that to be a resurrection that's not what he saying he's not even saying that I'm highly convinced that this could be a resurrection but he says I know I know this enemy resurrection I know anything I believe there is something to you his word I don't know if you realize this I'm sure you have we are living in a world today where it's not very popular to be certain about things and really easy to be sure about things because you should always leave a little room for doubt now that I am what happens is we have all these assumptions and their only assumptions we find ourselves drowning in our own assumptions what happens is we basically wipe away our own foundation of reality because we just don't we don't deactivate any claims because we live in a world without toppling to make claims who exactly believes something always leave room for doubt always leave room for another option always leave room for a possibility of something else but that's not scripturally scripturally we are to believe that with all of our heart they met during winters you know something is true foundation I mean this is not just with good ideas this is a book that as we are seeing more and every single area of our life not just in the Council to how you can have a better house Clark and that a financial situation are a better note whatever it may be this is a book that paints the picture of what has happened in this world the fall creation the fall redemption the final restoration of all things my friend is a real picture and sometimes we don't think about that enough we just need to pause for a moment have a reality check I still believe that Dwight actually still believe every single word that comes from you yes yes I do I want to and if we don't let them try out boy help my unbelief help my unbelief coming to believe this and to live according to let notice think about the that from us of eternal life that just blows explosive online we really start contemplating it and thinking about it God is going to restore all things soon is going to be removed I mean we're going to spend each carnitine with Jesus I mean can you ever tried to think about eternity and difficult right because everything has a man goes on but then in others and it's beyond that it is beyond happens beyond that there's no end to it I will always be with our Savior we will be in a world restored now send no suffering no thanks this is reality and my friends where they closer for a day closer I mean do you still believe that do you still hold on to that trademark or has it kind of just the common assumption don't drown in the pool of your own assumptions rather stand firm upon the word of God believe that claimant reality check for a moment and ask God to place these journeys deep in your our human relationships they got along to you the following you like your gospel so forth unhindered I want to live into wells anymore I want to live in the one world of know what I perceive as being real and now and now and then just visiting this spiritual world now my friends is only one world and that God 's world and is the world described in this book and if we believe it and what we doing is entering into the story entering into the starring the same God use me easier-to-use men and women of the past easy to be a voice for you in this very same chapter second Corinthians chapter four gives us the call to ministry I want to and with these verses I think they're so beautiful take a look at this second Corinthians chapter four verse seven because even though send angels to perform the work of spreading the gospel he is privileged top take part in this I just love these verses here second reviews chapter four percent but we have this treasure in number than vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us we are hard pressed on every side yet not crushed we are perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not for Satan struck down but not destroyed we have this burden treasure but the treasure of the gospel we have this treasure in earthen vessels not the treasure is is is is really in-house never than that I mean wow that God actually allowed us to partake in this work it continues to amaze me that they do work that the Angels would desire to do in the Bible tells the angels desire to look into the gospel that they desire to look into the plan of redemption and you and I have the privilege of carrying this to others but it's if we carried forth this gospel while we lived well while we live and what we perceive to be the real world renown and enter into the spiritual world the gospel will be hindered it will be hindered because people will notice that you don't really believe that they will notice it or not that's okay you can find the following but you don't really really really believe that but when we sell out when we abandon the just in case theology when we step into the only reality which is the reality of God revealed in Scripture we go forth with the gospel on hindered the world will be impacted and people will see that you actually believe this thank you actually build your faith on this my friends there is a black and white picture don't be deceived into believing that you can make farm claims when it comes to Truman era my friends the cable is truth there are truthful statement here that form the way we think about the world around us we must find them over and over again because higher criticism is becoming more and more prevalent and what it does is it just cast doubt upon this book over and over and over again what would basically doing is replacing ourselves about this book and was a welcome that really be true well you know I don't think it really happened like that and this must be understood symbolically in business the understood and you know as an allegory and this must be understood selling some stuff and we can basically just reason away the Scriptures is not hard to do that it's been done before us God is waiting for a generation that will take this book and actually believe that and I pray that you will be among those I pray that something he will be a place where this book will be affirmed over and over and over again where where where where USS students will be rooted and grounded in this book in this reality so that you can go for living in one world and that's gone will people will see the difference and all who will be spread unhindered and you will be writing chapters in the finished book of acts chapters of the rectilinear chapter can be added as a left my prayer that the gospel will go forth unhindered and you and I will pause for a moment that felt from time to time to just have a reality check and ask God do I truly believe that's not a lawyer to help my unbelief work in these the diamond bed according to add reword the proceeds out of the mouth of God and man when we pray together before we partake of that communion service lets with Neil as we pray father in heaven we are so grateful for your word be so grateful for every single word that proceeds out of your mouth thank you for the Scriptures that paint a picture of a world that is fallen into sin and get a world that is waiting for redemption and restoration and lower here we are in the midst of this story and I pray Lord that we would take out parts in this story by allowing you to deeply plants the seeds of your gospel in our hearts they may spring forth that we will go forth unhindered spreading the word to a world in need thank you so much for fountains you think you so much for the students here the staff here thank you that my wife and I be able to spend a week here and it's just been a foretaste of happened as we have seen and experienced the work that you are doing in the lives here I pray that you continue to allow this place to be a witness not only to Canada but to the world of what you can do help us to believe your word because all we will only have success as we continue to him in the one world thanks you have made and created and that you have pictured in your Scriptures as we thank you for this lord we commit ourselves to you this afternoon and as was and as we are about to partake of the communion service I pray that it may be a real experience for us not having of religion not a tradition not just something we do because we hear but that we will pause to think and realize that Jesus didn't exist two thousand years ago with the disciples and he said to this in remembrance of me until I come again what we believe you're coming soon and we want to do this Owen to see you face-to-face fairies asking a precious name everyone say in a this media was brought in by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more in you would like to know more about our universe the more certain and visit www. audio person or


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