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Revelation 4 and 5

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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prayer for him and her father have I asked to talk about the scene of the throne room revelation four five and she would inspire as possible what is true and what is that thinking and I asked for that he is Jesus personally about revelation chapter four roughly half the floor and begin looking for his wife Revelation four five and all of a sudden I feel this is the other valid to say and it is readily a worse one was an interlude in chapters seven so I guess I will write about in his/her professional liable in relation to the first line he was one of the policy on revelation four five an overview of the entire section and will be in a word in verse one Bible says after this dialogue and behold a door was opened in heaven and the first voice which I heard was as more of a trumpet talking with me the door gives you an idea of where you are there is a place in heaven it is spoken of as having the worst places that what the heavenly sanctuary and if you go further on in this chapter we find unmistakable evidence that were in the sanctuary and ionization rate is I will help in the book of Revelation we find references to it in this prophecy will relish for five revelations sixteen Revelation a in Revelation is a legal line of the book verse two and immediately I was in the spirit while being noticed in the first one in the first one is that I heard a word the voice of a trumpet talking with me was that Heather I will show the things which must be here after Ms. ask you question his revelation for a fixture in time of Christ's Ascension into the heavenly sanctuary is not because how's introduced to John about eighty ninety something or one hundred and that cited here is a picture of things are going to be late verse three and he signed first to immediately on his atmospheric and behold us for all of us that have no Sarah place about with my throne means that in heaven eleven Daniel seven is next thrilled I sat that happens they are beginning of the judge and one sat on the throne and UNICEF was the look upon like a jasper sardine stone and there was a rainbow round about the throne inside my template emerald and roundabout is Romer for twenty C upon the seat myself for a twenty elders sitting close in white raiment and they had on their heads crowns of gold and out of the throne proceeded like Nissan thunderings and voices and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God hear me out interesting and somewhat him what first of all where the sanctuary and now with these seven lamps burning before the throne which room in the sanctuary of the seven lamps burning before the throne that's only a summary reader throws our staff it must invest heavily more like that is wrong to move another establish and pointed it out with most like placement is not overthrown in the holy place certainly not have thrown in the way is as strong as wheels and movement in the South this first client is very interesting out of the throne proceeded and landing on my brief invoices is seen here before I define a revelation phase the software is required is again in Revelation eleven the ceramic verse nineteen reminded in Revelation sixteen is flat time is not followed and added to it as it is like asking this in a solar observatory was here for five thousand there were light names and thunderings and voices now turn your files are revelations chapter eight Revelation chapter faith will looking at verse I am the angel was sent to serve and feel the fire of the altar and has to get his and him fresher in a similar thing going on and there were voices and thunderings and lightning was added here in our White House the Chapter 11 Chapter 11 and verse nineteen and the Temple of God was hoping you have been as ever seen in his temple now we find an example in Revelation four refunded the world in relation for Emily to refine the temple opened in heaven and there was seen in his Temple the archivist testament and there were like means and voices dreams and that was the same authorities of that wealth is out here great hand in Revelation chapter sixteen Revelation sixteen in here why have to begin reading in verse eighteen this is the seventh flag as it's happening prices start herself as you can see it in the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air and there came a great voice out of that was a safe out of the temple from the throne said this is the temple of heaven so where is God 's throne the plans are going on the regular customers with someone having the players and the subtitles on and I greatly sad it is a sad and there were voices and funders and lightnings and there was a great earthquake closes lower use of our question is where is this hail first nineteen and the great city was divided into three parts and the cities in the nation style and great output in remembrance before God together under her the top of the one hears is and around every island fled away and the mountains were not found in their fellow men a great hail out of heaven every stone about the weight of the talent and men blasphemed God because of the lack of the hail the light of the hail was exceedingly likely to summarize the one making these passages are smarter than my own heart right here and here and here and I think I'm right here I reserve the right to stay in the revelation here I will tell you what that these phrases are describing is something that happens after the revelation just before Christ's second coming something that happened to have an related something that happens on earth where is the voice come from that comes from having thunder from white to proceed from there what's going on are the same time there's a great earthquake and there is great hail that was when remembrance before God and his saints help us to find some nice policy no as this doctor 's throne now all the snow was going on in the son promised to help us next Tuesday the seventh way there are and what is in following our future is teaching just be listening on with his sources said the sources of the sort that the question is what you will or will or five the question is when this is because I is revascularization this is is in the holy place for this kind of business Intel eighty eight forty four three is right now and will place the sense that he's been here business for just days until the day comes back to earth no probation closes for this Jesus God Croatia ago you know he's in whole or in all the information closes he enters the holy place again and here and I are all environmental that this is where Jesus is volatile like the following are in the holy place so many of us commoners of the revolution of one five is a description of eighteen forty four or just prior to the beginning of investigative judgment not how they harmonize the fact that Jesus is in the holy place of the fact that the I'm not sure they're wrong I just think they are here to do something I'll be sure right and going give you the more evidence that I know will that what happens is Wi-Fi I is one by is that there is a law sealed with seven seals and the question is who is able to open this book the answer is known has been found by heaven or earth element in heaven right now the other men have known that it had been found worthy to open the book and no men are even able to open the book and is very distressing all this Friday to the apostle John was a very fun no one is able to open the book he weeps that is all that we not behold the lion of the tribe of Judah has been found worthy to open the book that is why designers is the other because there are ten thousand times ten thousand Angels here Ross we find that in the judgment we had Jesus zero three five Jesus image on their behalf here Jesus opened the box world we find that so there really is quite a bit of evidence on the side of calling this adjustment scene I don't want to be little with all our might indicate you that this man who are found worthy to open this thought is the reason and when a man first get a fixture of the books of record when they first learned on what's in the books in a thousand years and for the loss just before then those that are alive drawn or the price comes back he has really just after the seven last lives are finished that's interested me it doesn't solve the issue but there's something more from Python 's lessons page two hundred and ninety four as some of you have your computer the nose look things up quite a way I is a possibly listen sure I'm right on Revelation Lebanon relish sixteen religion eighty is relation for you and I would say is less patient one hundred and ninety four him around as sad as I type I started similar shorter ones the Jewish people you are in a and and only he will and he is all I hear any and that is a class is in need of an upgrade in the and I sent her for that is the Jewish leaders of the Jewish people already the Jewish leaders made their choice their decision was right asserted in the blah was just saw in and sat on the throne the book which no man but it only lasted so this is what represents you will certainly not in the case of this book must be open for the job was to assess the book was nominated opening in all this vindictiveness this decision will appear before it down in the day when this book is unsealed by the law of the side of June we know from elsewhere in the Bible when a decision will report an alternate and they also wish your son and here you see the Son of Man is designing the clouds of war within Islam to another state and management releases I find you try to type in rather for bookmarks I find it is him as my computer is always in this phone the book is sealed the event for history as a key phrase and any other eventful history and in all are holy and that I will have all in a beautiful and John is a deliberately one is you is a and is a you is a you that is great for us otherwise so I will and will find this very moment in your ability to a he is okay I'm in twelfth risk of releases page two hundred and ninety 's six and are rated to you here that says they are in his hands on relations five one to three there him away to the role of the history of God 's promises the prophetic history of nations and the church here and was contained the divine assurances his authority as God 's commandments his laws the whole symbolic Council of the eternal and the history of all ruling powers in the nations in symbolic language was contained in that role the influence of every nation and people from the beginning of Earth 's history to its clothes this role was written within and without John says I wept much because no one was found worthy to open and read the book neither the level there are the vision as presented to John made an impression on his mind the destiny of every nation must contain a netbook John was distressed at the utter inability of any human being or angelic intelligence to read the words or even to look thereon his soul is drawn up to such a point of agony of suspense that one of the strong Angels had compassion on him and laid his hand on him assuring they said we cannot know why the tribe of Judah the root of David have prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof goes on to say that as the seals were opened there were no blank spots there is no more place for writing I'll give you a picture of what I understand when always a few other things together what is the most immediate life long ago that God the father rose to what the law and who would be safe what men would do and how they were doing what was going to happen every detail of every controversy from beginning to end in relation to me that is never shown anyone that hasn't been shown yet with an additional will be shown in the end is that God knew exactly what he was doing where the advertising where they were going this is the closest you will get speculation during the class called revelation and I heard you say yourself before you take it very seriously what do you know her start as fires of messages you know that in this book are the sins of the Jewish leaders you know the book is sealed say hi you can know that the book contained all of the eternal counsel of the of God in symbolic language beginning the beginning of verse has reviewed it with close that has a fascinating of all inside of it and John knew that I visit her principle we just read the question anymore thus allowing my own counsel find one on third on Thursday so were dropping this book and moving on Revelation chapter four we are now in verse three and he that sat on the throne that is was a look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone and there was a rainbow round about the throne insight life is to so God can have anything he wants around his throne what does he happen around his throne he has arranged on their course read all him assemble twice as in the case of God is faithful reserve is faithful and destroys the rest is promised not slightly early game by flooding that they deserve Jesus had a grandmother point to win his version 's petitions before the father verse four and roundabout the drummer for twenty season 's top for twenty hours it is another issue of great speculation about who arteries for twenty oh one chapter five conversely and when it hit in the book the Ford reason for twenty elders fell down before the Lamb covering every one of the hardest files full of odors which are the prayers of saints the rest is that these men seem that the deal with the prayers of saints and I have those files and they sung a new song saying thou art worthy to take the bar and open the seals thereof for you worse lying and you have reviewed what to say your review to God I live out of every kindred and on people and nation saw the twenty four elders angels I'm falling means for humans is his right community so for humans that we know are you in price for a session there were pleased to learn taken up their graves over and when he died they came out when he was resurrected they witnessed all over with a seven anyone else is in heaven a enough allies and most of you know looks like if I read on Friday please is the same stone claims on leave from the name race or even all claim to be Jews yet so there we have evidence they come from different time frames prior to Christ's death unless they come from different ethnic that so who was the significance of these many mentioned in some places revelation there are trophies in heaven as evidence of the efficacy of Christ's life if you ever get a gut feeling that you wonder if the gospel really can work for people when they're so corrupt and Lola and fail there is some empirical evidence that already were already people who made it now you are immersed sexes is little evidence that for sea of glass and crystal this is wrong and roundabout drummer for these your life before and behind these forties they seem to be a metaphor they are not literal they seem to be drawn from the imagery of Ezekiel if I knew a lot about them I spent some time talking about I have been speculations and many others about them interesting speculations arranged in the fact that the children of Israel are divided up into four groups under formatters three five four manner nappies formatters have the same for images on them others are talked about by different characteristics of Jesus as illustrated by these entities anyway I don't know some going on I do know some things they say Versace and the four beheadings on six ways about him and they were full of eyes within and they rest not day and night saying holy holy holy God of all Lord God Almighty which was and is and is is a calming important for the four beasts maybe I'm missing what they're saying there might not mean that he is the convert my vicinity is a continuum of this and when those beasts give glory and honor and thanks to him sat on the throne who lives forever and ever the fourth twenty elders fall down before him the sat on the throne and worship him to live forever in him around before the throne saying you are worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power preview hast created all things for later I fear they are working I think we same revelation for and a lot we always take it out of this affidavit contacts that is the Bible was sent by people frustrated to the ground and worship chapter five verse one and I saw in the right-handed NSF and the throne of a book written within another sealed with seven seals this is a you are not dependent on the spirit of prophecy the book is there should be something else why don't you say you should lose your finger here and look at Ezekiel chapter two is a disaster if you are looking at verse nine and my wife the whole day and was sent to me in low a role of a book was very any strategy for me and it was written with the say within an without and there was written very and lamentations mourning and law alternative revelation five leaders were what we knows about this book is about this will have been in Ezekiel lamentations mourning woe is another thing in the Old Testament written within the best flying scroll right remember your religion was interesting that metaphors the minor prophets and it has written on this potential manifests on one side or on site of the when I put it all together I get a share of a book that describes God 's judgments against the writers of his commandments which looks very much in harmony with what we find in the twelfth line the next releases of Python plus one is like a video you know needs to be open when Jesus is ready to invest all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which ungodly sinners have committed against what is a separate issue from the goats when he is going to execute a guest on the judgment rested guys for the millennial Jonathan for the post L Johnson is shown when he comes back in all these cases this information is the available if you're looking for that signify a life or in this chapter you'll find that she refers this chapter many times and never hardly once had a tough talk about she talks about the lion of the tribe of Judah and Lamb that was slain to who is hearing a lot three chapters of his friends to whom the city of heroes on land as doctors of his grace the metaphors used here and she is our interesting that lie at the root of David and laugh currently in your Bibles to Deuteronomy Northrop Grumman mutagenesis Genesis Unlimited chapter forty nine this is the line of the type of user is first mentioned is not verse nine is United Airlines well from the frame I thought you were gone off he seems down he helped Carolina as an old lion who shall rouse the scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet it helps I hung and only him shall be made out to him shall the gathering of the field he is part of the promise made to Judah first of all the lien representatives will position arthritis between you and say hello I have fifteen of these here we happen soccer is not part of Judah was going to be in overdue to Shiloh is going to come the Messiah 's lender as the King of Judah but who else is is that he viewed his along what Shiloh do is half known his the center point for the gathering of the people Jesus talking more about his position as a land of a slain and I apply the limited will draw on Shiloh and the line of the tribe of Judah are these two traces Jesus Cusick changes the law of universal user Josh that he is the one who attracts all people to himself in the Isaiah Chapter 11 Isaiah Chapter 11 University ended that day there shall be a root of Jesse was just as the father and which shall stand for in of the people the gallery is the together to show the fallacy in his rest shall be glorious is that half the date of the Lord shall set his hand again a second time to recover the remnant of his people versus well he's also an enzyme for the nations and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel they shall gather together the dispersed of Judah in the four corners of the earth him who is probably five is the lot of the tribe of Judah the root of David Dunlap as it has been slain in every case is a gathering point in every case he is the one that is that I collection of using NEF is the lawgiver is the Josh talk already an earlier lecture about how desire to not have to as the creation of the Redeemer whatever force creators after five for the glasses talk about something else is this that we have that picture of the seven seas a prophecy about the church when reparations in three rehab of prophecy the church and the very same age one two five season about the church 's universal parallel assets that beautiful chart and is all in one respect is present as the white horse with Jesus riding what colors the second horse that's red just like the bloody Smyrna who was suffering you have heard a message which is becoming harassed because of the work of Balin and figure Constantine literally then you have the church being installed really by death rather than Jesus why is view member reviewing class last semester as only half salon is one important principle from the story of Joseph Joseph is a man half six three his dreams Ursula Rafe because even though volume half extremist views me he interprets the extremes he has to appreciate her for so interesting because they all come in pairs that is he has two dreams initially in a person 's dreams wanted out has to do with food and food meltdown the another dream has to do with sun moon and stars and every represent the family hate your government bowing down to him and then we come to express the Pharaoh and Farrell has to dreams what is around the corner White House the corn that hears music videos then we have a dream of S accounts that bad sickly cows he's a good helping and you know it Joseph did not like the opportunity to explain to Mister Ferrell live his dream with you your Bibles to the book of Genesis Genesis enough energy to reference just a moment to Genesis forty one verse thirty two and for that dream was will your clients because the plan he has one side established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass through the Israeli bias is one that is the fulfillment right away and the other is that it was not conditional on this issue group it wasn't a conditional prophecy differently to all the right things over and hit all the right things McCain anyway why did two different subject matters one is the exact same green files the difference set of figures emphasize different aspects of the same fruit examine the effect of the livestock of eighty thousand affected that grants wishes the same kind of event slated by the very same information presented in the health to Daniel seven Daniel a manual of the other different things the figures in Daniel seven one additionally I thought Cochran of one nation over another one of the figures in Daniel eight emphasize sanctuary sanctuary saints for all figures are not the sanctuary they show the data set is primarily referring to kingdoms but he was referring to the sanctuary and now we come to Revelation and may have two pictures of the church 's history 's writings we find that these were not conditional prophecies it was certainly going to be that way are there some conditional elements on conditional prophecies there are for example there would be someone who would betray Jesus that was unconditional I him while I was who would betray Christ that will be a no someone started shooting on the other that's unconditional prophecy was a conditional part of it that's someone who's unappreciated and whose legal in the history of the churches there was unconditional element that was revealed revelation two and three and that violence is too responsible morning promises and who doesn't need a in connection with the start of this lecture will close my file seventh trumpet to the seventh seal for your Bibles revelation chapter eight and look at verse one Revelation page and looking at the first one and when he had opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour where he talked about when the seventh seal is open until later that day when that Jewish leaders made their decision face-to-face where are the inhabitants of heaven for the next seven days you know there are just above the surface of the earth another on the way back how long is a half-hour and figure follows if I very see your twelve hours to six months than one month is two hours than one hour is about fifteen days fifteen days is about to leave than a half-hour is about a week so why do we have a half hour silence after the sixth seal what is the status and seal is becoming us to the point of rocks on the six seal and his wife Connie is the lacrosse in behalf of these various life process is beyond the second doesn't go very far beyond the merely lose the fact that were not going to have immediately yes a E absolutely you the reason they put it in there because it doesn't anyone doesn't seem to fit it in with a Sinaloa Saturday yeah exactly and one of chapters one personal all right is in your head out of the selection below it has out a


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