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The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast, Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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fast days we study the topic of the seal of God and of the mark of the beast that you would be our future I think you might ask for that gift name of Jesus and the handout I gave you his day but you should know that's not done I suppose I guess that will be about twice the size of this and I'm not going to use it so much in talking to you is your career when I'm done your Bible 's revelation revelation chapter seven Revelation chapter seven Danielle began by making a point about parenthetical prophecies unrelated the first part of this lecture what I mean my parenthetical prophecy I mean that in the revelation you have many events that are traceable history books the rise and fall down Glenn Persia Greece Rome the papacy the rise of the total European tribes became Europe the rise of America and then the very final dance days that can be traced in history books as far as we know but that also and then Revelation are some of that cannot be traced in history books you have the investigative judgment the cleansing of the sanctuary the same thing you have a ministration of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary is for Revelation chapter eight versus two through four José tries intercession you have there described by opening of the book of Daniel and the Advent movement that's found in Revelation chapter ten while the defendant has really hard to find his history for example then you have a iPhone enough examples one hundred indicate except relations on and you have the sealing of God 's people Ms. asked plainly can use seeing Jesus interceding for us in the heavenly sanctuary zero drawings and newspapers reported on in their report on the ceiling is going on so enough people they carry for the Limited in the judgment they won't know what probation closes in Daniel and Revelation these kinds of historically in invisible events are all thin connected to these kind of historical events in such a way as to show us where in earth history to look for them so revelation seven is a good example you have the six seals and the one described inventive judgment the six one describe the signs that show is coming is near and then even is coming and in the seventh one is the trip to heaven and in between them is the revelation seven the sealing process was it tell us the tells us that here is an invisible process that's going on that in time it relates to the six seal that is the signs of the end of the time crisis economy and answer the question who shall be able to stand you can say Revelation seven as a parenthetical prophecy because you have six sealed before it and once you laughter and this one is stuck in the middle and Revelation ten you have sick before one from that after it is stuck in the middle I put it after the conditioner out of a spell listening record thy seals are interestingly named when you look at Daniel chapter eight you have sanctuary animals horns than the lambs and goats and a cleansing of a sanctuary and a pagan sanctuary in a daily North Earth Day is worded in sanctuary symbols because what the subject eventually as a sanctuary knife in Revelation six through eight and watch how this book held together and closed everything is spoken of in terms of seal the first seal a second seal a third seal of the fourth seal of Betsy also seal but once it all about the focus of the prophecy is on Revelation seven it's all pointing to the sealing of God 's people it's all about the same that's enough to get into relish and some just go forward from there relationship for seven look at verse one and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the art holding the four winds of the errors but the wind should not blow on the seeing around on here nor in the sea nor in any street do you find winds blowing anywhere else and then revelation on the sea words that it is these Daniel Sabin exactly that when blowing on the sea is what brings out new world empires that is chatted cataclysmic wars and problems now we come to just before the end of time and there are wins ready to blow on the earth the rate allowed but they're being held back for something verse two and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom was given to hurt the earth and the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the city nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God and therefore had what is this time of trouble waiting for this one and for God 's people receive the first semifinal license on an end time is that the ceiling process is the immediate predecessor to the time of trouble in relationship for seven you have the time of trouble immediately preceded and being a held up until the end of the ceiling process what you find in Ezekiel nine you find there a ceiling process and the solar process is followed by the slaughter of those that are sealed what you find in Daniel twelve eleven twelve you find a message from the East followed by the close of probation the time of trouble where's this message come from version seven Angel ascends from the from the East one try to communicate is that it is not just in Revelation seven but that is consistent with this issue is talked about the seal of God is what immediately precedes it is a silly processor neatly perceives a time of trouble observed one more thing with me in verse three who isn't that a sealed it is so hard to ask you which comes first the servant of God or the sealed servant of God you would say the guys are words you are a servant of God before you are sealed and in Revelation seven there's nothing more clear than that possible that many sorts of God do not have the seal you can learn a lot just developing there are many sorts of God that don't have the seal was comfortable waiting for its waiting for these two categories become the same one categories called the service of God categories called those that are sealed until the two categories are the same time of trouble is not coming in Revelation chapter seven all right let's go forward from there what we can develop from this idea that the servants your sort of God before your sealed listen you become a servant of God there are certain things a change in your life for example that spirit of God is active in your life it's by the spirit that you overcome the lust of the flash 's so as a servant of God you're not a separatist sentiment Romans six work by people who are victorious over send out a sealed I say it's as plain as day in Revelation seven and in Ezekiel nine that there are people who are servants of God are not sealed as of yet and could they die before their seal with a Soviet sort of God they would but what searchable waiting for so that there will not be anyone in the category that are servants of God are not the most gas and things I haven't said yet let's leave this for a minute and just melts mother thoughts so far way way back in the Bible in Deuteronomy which is the origin of so much that's in the New Testament God gives the ten Commandments subscribe and Rummy five which reviewed there you might say and then were told that these things are to be asserted their army six this look at Deuteronomy chapter six coming just after the giving of the ten Commandments Deuteronomy chapter six of her looking at verse four hero Israel the Lord our God is one Lord and I also love the Lord thy God with all thine heart in the fall vice fall and with all thy might not one six six is worthless I command thee this day shall be in thine heart one of five and six have in common God is looking for a part religion were to love God with all our soul dollar my bizarre heart and his words are to be in our hearts where his words to be and it's these words but you should know which were just talking about these words if the ten Commandments Deuteronomy chapter five where the ten commands to be there to be in the heart stopper may go to chapter five just back a page for you for you and look at verse twenty eight and the Lord heard the voice of your words when you spoken to me and the Lord said in the me I have heard the voice of the words of this people which they had spoken unto you they have well sad all that they have spoken what was of the people it's that's right a suburb may keep your commandments verse twenty nine old that there were such a hard and down that they would fear me and keep all my commandments always but it might be well with them and with their children's forever God says they said the right thing with their lips but what's the difficulty was to prevent them from doing the right thing it's what's in their heart they don't have the right kind of hard for the service such a hard design that is there such a harder you could have someone we would obey God 's commandments it is impossible that a chapter six discusses it there is a heart that has the Commandments in the heart verse seven and you shall teach the Commandments diligently on your children you shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and went down and when you rise up and you shall bind them for a sign upon your hand and listen and they shall be was a say as frontlets between thine eyes or something literal in the verse and something symbolic bind them for a sign in your hand but what about in the four had it as a sign of the four head knowledge you're trying to do when you put them on your hand and when you put them all around me talk about everywhere were you trying to do else cases trying to get them in your mind try to get the segment was to be like that sign between the eyes that is in the four head and you shall write them upon the post of thine house and on thy gates that's when I make the stock sank in four months so in Egypt you have legs coming the plants are kind of trouble on Egypt and when the plugs are over God 's people are going to go to Canaan is a similar to the book Revelation a time of trouble on the world and when the time of troubles over God 's people go to heaven and how do you escape the seven are the ten legs that fall on Egypt you have blood written on your door posts that is assigned and when the angel seems that sign was either the slaughter and Angel passes over you is it a picture of the seal of God is read my site the picture Ezekiel nine there you have slaughtering angels and one of for the letter from Martin or not come near anyone that has the mark but what is it and to run a sexiness be written under doorpost is the ten Commandments what is to be in between your eyes as the ten Commandments in and when the Bible characterizes in the book Revelation those that do not accept the mark of the beast the other materials messages the warning about the Mark of the beast has a characterize those that don't receive the mark of the beast says here are they that keep the balance of God there are some other contrast regarding the mark in the ceiling are worth noting the mark of the beast can be observed by men and men see the mark of the beast again a mixed bag of answers on a table and looking at for data in Revelation chapter thirteen you can buy or sell unless you have the Linda malware to evaluate whether or not you have the Mark Vado because there are they have a law about it and the law says that you have to do it if you don't do it your disobeying the law the market of me is something that can be observed by now but there is no such indication that the seal of God can be observed by the Nelson syndication you could make a conference about it this is a fundamental truth of Scripture that man look at on the outward appearance but God on the heart member that in your handout if you find references to Samuel somewhere what is the what is the difference in the market and the seal is that man is looking on the outward appearance but God is looking at the heart he's always looked at the heart what if you looking for the heart she's looking for the CL is looking to see if the ten Commandments have been written there that's was very apparent about some other tests there are some other test will give us some hints about the Mark of the beast and the seal of God the very first test that that the world was submitted to was adamant Eve in a garden in the garden there was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil they were told not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but there are some other things were told to the knowledge of good and evil how did a lot elect good for food and something to be desired to make one wise and there was a circuit the serpent wanted Adam to eat of this trait but how did he go about getting out of either the tree he got eased into the tree and ease became a media to convince Adam to eat of the tree that tasks we ought to know some things about it there was nothing in the tree that we can see that looks like a moral tests it didn't look like an issue of a reality the only moral thing about the tree was a God and said something about it that was all not admit the station between the tree and others and so the task was really not about the tree it was about the relation the word of God man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God so what happens when man came to part of the word of God and in a live via Mendon to follow that point man lives by every word if man it stops and doesn't live by a certain word than men doesn't live because man lives by every word now we go outside of the Garden of Eden but let's first go all the way to the end of time some time in the very situation again we have a circuit and that she put pressure on the world to receive the mark and does he have a medium of a woman he has a medium of a woman who is putting the pressure on the world and who are the hundred and forty four thousand they are those that pass for the ground where Adam fell and don't fall that is that they obeyed God even in that area where they see no reality themselves yes I'll say so differently you understand and better the command thou shall not kill does not test man's loyalties the word of God the command thou shall not steal does not test the loyalty the commando shall not commit adultery does not test the loyalty I mean they don't test the loyalty in the sense that the tree didn't even because we you see but it would be bad to tell or steel or commit adultery but the test in the Garden of Eden was a test that showed whether or not he would obey God when you couldn't see any sense in it and did not respect that makes one commandment more useful as a task than any other mighty address and you all to know that that great man I believe we'll see him in heaven John Bunyan for all the good things he wrote he also wrote a book called something like the seventh day Sabbath and it's an attack on the cemetery to I have anyone to read it he records is very witty and bright man and he has a number of arguments he brings to bear but the one that he is the strongest in him that he emphasizes the most is that there's no morality in the Sabbath that a that a man that is cultured and taught about how to love his neighbor love his brother will see not a liar Taylor Steele realizes its load to bow down to idols that the man's conscience can see the other nine commandments but here's the one that has no morality and it and this was the weak point in Bunyan 's argument that's exactly what makes it a test of living by every word that proceeds in the mouth of God what kind relatives of tests faith what is the seal have parallels in history but the mark of the beast also has some parallels in history particularly in the story of Isaiah Isaiah was a king that meant that he was over the civil affairs of the nation she had a palace also in the city there was a temple in who is over the Temple the priests ended God intended there to be a separation between the palace and the Temple administration he did so who was the first came to try to get those two things together was the first King that was so all right here are what really public result was of him trying to do the work of a priest is rejected of God now you come to Isaiah who for a much longer period of time than Saul is faithful in doing God 's work then maybe my SH reward himself for his faithfulness he decides to two come to a higher level of spirituality then that earthly administration can put in at any takes upon him the job of being a priest that is he carries a sensor and goes to minister at the altar this is the people who do this are symbols of Jesus except Isaiah is he's assembled antichrists what happens when he goes to minister at the altar for our purposes the most important thing is something happens and is for he receives leprosy words the market abuse part and who is this beast this feast is that very entity that has tried to unite things that God has put the part administration of a nation with the administration of the priesthood and putting them together Uzziah became quite a figure of database the book of Daniel is full of examples that are interesting pictures of the seal of God and Mark of the beast I'm thinking particularly of Daniel three and Daniel six what is the parallel to the seal of God in Daniel three what is it that mocks people for their obedience to the commandments it standing up standing not is this figure are the parallel to the seal of God and Daniel three just make our point what is the symbol are parallel to the seal of God and Daniel six is kneeling down one they have in common the chapters are written almost the opposite of each other to show something it is understanding and it isn't the nearly but it is the obedience of the command or the disobedience of a command the obedience of a command of God or the obedience of a worship command of the state my cities are parallel and mean that the Revelation ten oh three summary elements in common with the Revelation thirteen that hard to miss the parallels you have not only about one but you have an image made like unto Babylon you have meant going to the image but when it out of him is there really vowing to the King you of a command to all kindred nation tons of people to bow down to the image the corrosion thirteen you have the whole world and you have a few the standoff enough to the standoff requires promise that life they are Revelation chapter thirteen I really don't plan to make this a big part of this talk was fun to see that God put summary elements very common to help us see a picture of the mark of the beast and the seal of God so where we establish this firm as I know how mentors more we can say about it but it's that the seal of God is in the four had and the law of God is in the fourth the law of God is written in the fourth and by the spirit of the special work of the Spirit references for that are interesting second Thessalonians chapter two verse thirteen first Peter chapter one verse three to verse thirteen first Peter chapter one verse three commitment might be verse two list turned out one must look at first Peter of Titus McKay first Peter chapter one and verse two yet his first two numbers three first Peter chapter one verse two says that Columbia lacked the funding formula because in the context of the end of time who is it that deceives of course they have to give his face in the right verse but it comes out wrong everyone except the illest 's disease everyone is the seed except the alive so we want to be elected who are the elect once elected according to the foreknowledge of God learned one thing the people that are a lack of the ones that God look forward to say something about them what was he looking for me look forward through the sanctification of the Spirit and obedience unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ desperately New York from Hebrews represents the cleanup of the conscience that is character development what is God looking for sanctification of the Spirit and obedience Council of the other passage second Thessalonians two second Thessalonians chapter two in verse thirteen but we are bound to give thanks always to God for you brethren beloved of the Lord because God has from the beginning chosen you out of he chose choose you through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth what is the special work of the Spirit the sanctification of the Spirit 's work in my life is to sanctify me as the Spirit is working to do to sanctify me but what is this work is a vacation lesson is this the right can also log in my heart Camelot rewritten my heart if I never heard the law again according to Romans to enrollments to show the spirit is the one writing this law in the heart I'm not writing in my own heart the spirit is right there in spirit can write the law in those who never heard it if they will submit to the more all understanding that God is giving them if there's any other contribution I can make before we go further biblically it would be to suggest you that law God is not written instantaneously in the heart that it is written incrementally that is that the basic command thou shalt not steal is written in your heart when you choose to not steal but when you realize that the Bible and forces sharing the gospel and that you have a debt to do it and you submit that that is written in your heart which is also part of the second commandment of celestial gods worsen your neighbor Jeremiah twenty three and when you accept tithing the principle of getting one tenth of what you believe is yours back to God because it's his that principle is written in your heart as you submit to it and that's part of that same commandment that is when does God right principles and frontline is fully submit to them now anyone was a servant of God has submitted the some principles that is the spirit has been writing some things in their mind but are you a sort of God before you have received the seal of God it's very clear that we might I want to say the ceiling represents the completion of the process the completion of the process of the writing of the law in the mind I is it clear that you are a servant of God before the seal is in your mind as then we started I want to prove the defendant I just suggested but it's really up ahead of ways so I want to come and get lay some more groundwork for the market abuse and seal yes the writing of the law in the mind Saint Katie is that God has been ceiling you ever since you became a Christian and he's still ceiling you this by the Holy Spirit you could say that we are being sealed by us that work isn't done yet and when it's done you can say that we are sealed in a perfect tense numbers the work is completed here is where Adventists have had disconnected evangelicals is very clear in the Bible and the verses are in your handout in Colossians and Ephesians it's Ray cleared the ceiling is done by the spirit were sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise guys were sealed by the spirit was the earnest of our inheritance and of Paul speaks about those who are sealed he speaks about those who are sanctified but is administered on the sanctification person segregation yesterday as amended and on the ceiling no word being sealed by whom we are sealed he says in our place of the ceiling is a process that goes on and RCL is incremental in the Bible because you can set this to your Seo this passage is a classic one for us Isaiah chapter eight okay so they could rent out they are serving God and they are sealed in the sense that the ceiling work is going on and not in the sense that it is not yet finished us exactly what I'm trying to make Isaiah chapter eight and were looking at verse nineteen we can start their Memphis art that will miss it completely look up at verse sixteen it says behind the testimony seal the law among my disciples the disciples first resealed first is very clear their disciples first must be there to be sealed where they sealed with Rosen and the lot right the testimony the law but isn't this something that's helpful to us in revelation is away from revelation your servants disciples may need to be sealed this question what a Navy seal that the answer would be with the civil law among the disciples that outbursts and of the surprises in August what would expect since the seal is in the four had once written and before had us along God is preparing the mind and let soak fears of terrorist for your Bibles to Daniel Daniel chapter nine I know for some of you may refer all of you the assume your review for those relisting the vessel might not be safe anyway in ethnography Daniel chapter nine and wrote looking at verse four I prayed until the Lord my God and made my confession and sad old Lord of the great and dreadful God keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love him and them they keep his commandments just a few thoughts from their goal is the covenants honored to meet with him as God with whom does God keep his covenant just a clear is that those that love him and keep his commandments that the class with him God keeps his covenant the class that have the company confirmed that now look down at verse one T seven speaking about Jesus in his earthly life it says and he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week but who does not keep his covenant with so what is Jesus trying to do for the people trying to leave leave them to love God and keep his commandments because he's confirming the continent to them and who the company confirmed to those that love him and keep his commandments if we locate the life of Jesus that apparently was trying to lead people to love God and keep his commandments what's apparent following through his acts of mercy were to lead people to love God and his act of forgiveness would lead them to obey if they go and sin no more and his favorite if you don't repent you shall all likewise perish he says I will say tell them to repent was repent immediately stop sending or turn away from the eyes of the market prices link people to love God and keep his commandments and so would you say what is on earth he said if you love me keep my commands what was he doing this confirming the continent within Chapter 11 than in Daniel eleven Daniel Levin in verse twenty two speaking about Jesus the same time it says and with the arms of life shall they be overflowing from before him him there's the Roman power and shall be broken yet also the friends of the covenant so the Roman power words crucified Jesus for what name does Jesus give to himself when he's crucified is the Prince of the covenant he is the France that is he is the ruler over those who submit to his covenant will not make sense because his company is the writing of his law in the heart was level called a law Marvin called a royal law nor does the law of a king or of apprentice blues imprints this Jesus I'm Dennis too complex for humans is that simple again in verse twenty two Jesus is crucified as the prints of the covenant so what is Jesus trying to do in his life runners West Bengal in his mind how does he identify himself when he dies he is the one trying to promote this covenant of the law being written in the hearts now it's down to verse twenty eight speaking of the adjusted Roman Empire that as with all the apostasy of the Roman apostasy then shall he read to turn it into his land with great riches and his heart shall be against the holy covenant and he shall do exploits and returned to his own land verse thirteen for the ships have kept them so come against him therefore he shall be grieved and return it had indignation against was a site against the holy covenant so shall he do usually return and intelligence with them that is to say it looks like that after the time of Jesus the Prince of the covenant who confirms the covenant of the arise of a Roman apostasy that is going to cooperate with people that forsake the covenant was to cooperate with them because his heart is against the covenant verse thirty two as such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt my first thought is simply as I see it and Daniel 9/11 the battle is between the Prince of the covenant and the beast that hates the covenant note from the to the book Revelation may find again about in the battle is between the beast and that God 's people and where people are they summarize those that keep the commandments of God then why is the beast after them because the beast hates the covenant Beefheart is against the covenant his wife his heart is against that and a worse logon to be written is rewritten in the heart and and and now we find that the beast also has a heart that can be described as a heart that's against the law of God and people and receive a mark of the beast maybe when we settle these twice as well as we have were ready to introduce the idea of Sabbath into this the study what is the Sabbath we know it's a sign that Mister sort of skipped a step within the Sabbath is a sinusitis to seal there for the Sabbath is the seal but if you're a citizen of the sign what's more report is to say when it's a sign of the Sabbath is a sign of something with the signoff is a sign of sanctification the sound that is a symbol of sanctification it helps us understand segregation and it is a test of sanctification the Sabbath is the sign of sanctification that is the very one that was attacked by the Roman apostasy and why would the apostasy attack the sound because apostasy is against the covenant and the Sabbath is a sign of the segregation the God dots in the life I know for a fact that when I have talked for fifteen minutes tomorrow I will not have even gone over half the material in your handout yes so before Wednesday morning your assigned to read that thing that is today and tomorrow and the is it done yet what I tell you it's not as a lot of their that's enough for right now let me go to Miss Katie first I have one for you I said I together on election in Israel was a pleasant list for today are really perfect gift is so so the answer is I'm way ahead of you then I'll come back to those signs let limit come to this was however our father in heaven I asked if she would bless our time here that we could do away with an understanding of full understanding of what the seal and Mark is all about I asked that gifts in the name of Jesus


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