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We Believe – Buried Alive!

Chester Clark III


In 1896 the “Society for the Prevention of People Being Buried Alive” was established. One of their primary objectives was to get laws passed requiring strong smell and putrification before burial. They were afraid of being buried alive! In the Bible, however, we discover the amazing truth that being buried alive – spiritually – is not something to be feared, but celebrated! This kind of burial isn’t cause for fear or sorrow, but for joy and thanksgiving! Join us as we dig deeply into the Word of God to discover these beautiful truths of renewal and regeneration. This is another in our continuing series of We Believe messages from God’s Word.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • August 17, 2013
    11:00 AM


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it is all about and that's so thankful for him today you know our topic today were studying I've entitled buried alive probably most of us haven't ever been buried alive in fact the closest I've ever come to being buried alive is no doubt at the beach government of the agent dug a big hole and try to cover yourself with the sand never done that I remember the teenager doing that and we went we would have a lot of fun making sculptures opens up of our friends you make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger laying there in the sand it was a lot of fun just to do different things on the problem is that if you do that when the tide is coming in you realize that while fairly easy to get sand on top of you and get into that hole it's not easy to get out of that hole in short order and a couple summers ago I had that experience a big way became unexpectedly while I was buried in the sand with my nephew much to his delight and I got a wave crashing over my head it's a very helpless feeling of course my niece wanted to experience it as well so we had very hurt now this is all fine and good but a number of years ago this was an actual fear that many people have the fear of being buried while they were still alive as medical science was in its infancy and his people were beginning to understand that in fact you could be unconscious and still alive and you could be revived through Reno through CPR and other methods even if you are drowned they began realizing that people were being their review weren't really ready to be buried the we were bad at all and this book was written back in the near the turn of the century than twentieth century is now been reprinted if you're interested in getting a copy there's a new version that's been reprinted it's not your typical bedtime reading that you would want to read about but it's very interesting than that nonetheless and is written by a number of people who had various of involvement with this idea of being buried alive Walter had when lived from eighteen fifty four to nineteen thirty two he was a doctor and a pharmaceutical chemist he was also a member of the London Association for the prevention of premature burial founded in eighteen ninety six Williams have another offer lived from eighteen thirty to nineteen seventeen he was a British businessman and wide ranging social reformer he cofounded the London Association for the for the prevention of premature burial and the last author here Edward Parry Ballin was a doctor and was almost buried alive he actually didn't die until nineteen oh two when he was actually very but earlier than that Anna and earliest experience of back-and-forth about it read this latest doctor while impersonating interested in the important question of premature burial in consequence of his own very narrow escape from live sepulture having been pronounced dead from drowning and prepared for interment when consciousness happily returns on spontaneously and so Doctor Ballin had a particular reason to want to write a book called premature burial and how to avoid it I'm thankful for the advances in medical science we've seen since then aren't you to me it doesn't sound like a very very positive thing to be buried alive but you what were going to explore in the Bible the day is the amazing true that there is a positive aspect of being buried alive and that's found in Scripture in Romans chapter six appeal turn with me there again and they were to be looking a lot of Scripture is a lot of text so you're welcome to follow along but it's going to be a little different than my typical message were going to be looking at a lot of passages like but most of them on the screen where you can follow along there as well in Romans chapter six all rights or do you not know that is many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his therefore we were buried with him through baptism into death that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life volume but a very positive spin on being buried alive visiting Paul says look there's an aspect there's a spiritual sense in which we ought to be buried buried while we were yet living bearing wall were still alive at this spiritual burial Jesus was literally bearing rising went into the great war of buddy also came out on the grade and as we are spiritually buried our old man dies so that the new man can rise to walk in newness of life all of this mean he he in fact figure to be treated on a regular basis even writes that I die daily event right is a constant renewal of that death and resurrection with Jesus coming and going in the water symbolizes the death of the old man and coming out of the water symbolizes the the the resurrection of the new man on talking about the Christian belief in Christian practice of baptism now our Baptists are baptism of understanding Chris him words and with John the Baptist who was a running profit and who appeared in the wilderness of Judea and boldly preaching repentance remembered he was the forerunner of the Messiah crowds of people gathered to listen to him factor readings in Matthew three verse five then went out to him Jerusalem in all Judea and all the region round about Jordan and were baptized of him in Jordan confessing their sins you see John the Baptist came onto the scene preaching repentance and preaching baptism and there was somebody who heard about him there is somebody who heard that John was bare and inviting people to a revival of the Reformation including a washing away their sins symbolized by baptism Jesus over Nazareth working in the carpenter shop he heard of John the Baptist and he made his way also to the Jordan River you remember the story right and when John caught sight of Jesus remember when John caught sight of Jesus he recognizes in his cousin Jesus somebody that was much more important spiritually than he was he says behold the Lamb of God is taken away the sin of the world Jesus is pointed to by John and John identifies him as the one who takes away the sin of the world John recognized that those sacrificial lambs in an awkward day by day year by year in the sanctuary service they themselves could not take away sin the physical ceremonies that we might observe the only point to a spiritual reality those lands pointed forward to Jesus the true Lamb of God who could take away the sin of the world and so Jesus comes to John and Jesus asks John to be baptized in the can you imagine the scene noir just announcing that this is the one who we waited for the one who is going to himself me our sin bearer the one who would sacrifice the Messiah the one who can take away the sins of the world and then or that one we get into coming to you if you are John and asking to be baptized can you imagine and I can only imagine what John was thinking and feeling when Jesus said to them says I need to be baptized by you Matthew three verse fourteen now this was a strange request because John was drinking and driving arise the backside for the washing away your sins now why would Jesus need to be baptized in Jesus in the Senate promised one Jesus has no sin that need to be washed away by itself John given a little bit of delay and argument with Jesus in fact thing harmonica baptizing and usually baptizing me and Jesus responds let it be so now it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness you see Jesus Jesus our wonderful Savior is not only our substitute dying in our place on the cross Jesus is also our example giving us an example of a life that we can live that we should live Eden he insisted on being baptized as an example for us he wanted to identify with the life that we have to live you want to believe the perfect example for us to follow and so John baptized Jesus and the Jordan River burying him under the water in bringing him back up again the Bible talks about it it says and as soon as Jesus was baptized he went up out of the water at that moment heaven was opened he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove alighting on him and see what happens the Bible says that Jesus came up out of the water and at that moment heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon him and this marks the beginning of Jesus ministry in fact the voice from heaven says this is my son whom I love with him I am well pleased here in the baptism of Jesus you find the complete document represented the do you have a son being baptized by John in the Jordan River and the Holy Spirit in the form of a down visible form of a dove coming down and anointing Jesus and you also have the voice of the father speaking from heaven saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased Jesus comes up out of the water no longer to go back to this carpenter shop in Nazareth nothing wrong with working in a carpenter shop but now he had a special work to do you become anointed as the Messiah the Messiah from the Hebrew root comes into a Senate meeting the anointed one similar to Christ in the Greek of the anointed one and as Jesus walked up out of the water and stood with dripping clothes on the muddy banks in Jordan God recognized him as the Messiah 's anointed one in fact this marks the beginning of his public ministry as the Messiah Peter would later say in his sermon in acts of how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with our went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil or God was with him so Jesus began his ministry here at his baptism and he himself began teaching also that people should begin their spiritual lives with baptism as well we find in John chapter four verse one and an adverse to the Pharisees heard that Jesus was gaining and baptizing more disciples than John although in fact it was not Jesus who baptized but his disciples you see evidently have an approve of his practice Jesus approved of this practice and his disciples were baptizing before he would leave he would tell his followers go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you and low I am with you always even to the end of the age the New Testament church immediately followed Jesus instructions and sometimes the record records that even thousands were baptized in a single day but what mode of baptism what type of baptism that Jesus followers practice after he returned from to heaven and we would assume that they would follow Jesus example that's an assumption that were to look in the Bible in the Bible record and were going to discover what the Bible teaches about baptism in fact Paul would later write one Lord one faith and one baptism meaning that there's only one true way there's only one to say here's another there's only one to true faith and one true baptism and the date the book of acts records one very detailed account of baptism and this was after Jesus left this earth it's recorded in the first part of the book of acts at a historian Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch he remember the story how the work was sent to walk along the dusty road to Gaza and as he was walking there he saw the Ethiopian treasurer of mean candidates a high ranking official at very fortunate man who would than in Jerusalem worshiping he had charge of all of the treasury of the Queen of Ethiopia that time a very influential country you come to a dangerous and worship and now he's on his way home these readings at Isaiah scroll and having trouble understanding what the school is meeting what's written anything so Phillips sees them he runs over and he asks them do you understand what you are reading now I would have enjoyed your reading summons comes along and says hey you understand what you're reading is a strange question to be asking but this is what I call a divine appointment and sometimes it just happen that way sometimes sometimes God this puts the word of the right words a note and in and in our hearts in our mouths that we might fade into the right time and dream had that experience of oneness with a divine appointment not in place so there for this purpose and even though it this might be an odd question just come to somebody you don't know I have when he asked it it was apparent that God simply because natural out the natural fact that the Ethiopian treasurer didn't understand what he was reading he was struggling with this Isaiah scroll is adding a hard time understanding what was being spoken about and so the treasure quickly replies how can I unless someone guides me as we invites Philip to join him in his chariot is as filthy as it is easy reading from Isaiah chapter fifty three he recognize this is a prophecy of the Messiah in God of Jerusalem it may address where he got the scroll of Isaiah got a very valuable thing to be leaving Jerusalem with him but he's on his way back in the preset explained in Isaiah fifty three June had been the priest and believe the Jesus was the Messiah they were still looking for Redeemer from the Romans not redeemed from sin now Philip had the wonderful opportunity of explaining that very passage of Scripture and telling him the good news about Jesus that wonderful that we have a senior to tell others about you know of a lot of people today look to be very satisfied the life they're living but in fact there's emptiness we know there's an emptiness that only Jesus can fill in as Philip explains this to him he would you like to prevent Bible study bumping along the dusty road in the back of the chariot of Philip explaining he'd been there he seen Jay's kids seeing Isaiah fifty three was fulfilled explain to misread her all about Jesus and then they must talk about baptism to evidently because the Bible records the Philippine Ethiopian saying developed see here is water what hinders me from being baptized that this man was on a mission as he wanted to learn something spiritually as he was being led by the Holy Spirit to understand more of Jesus now that we understand about Jesus he wants to follow Jesus and Jesus example was to begin new ministry a new phase through being baptized here is water what prevents me what hinders me from being baptized he asked Philip and so the Bible records and Philip said if you believe with all your heart you may and he answered and said I believe that Jesus Christ is a son of God or ask your friends what about you you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God and so stopping the chariot Philip and the eunuch went down in the water and he baptized him you notice a similar language is similar as Jesus baptism Jesus went down under the water and is as he came up out of the water here that Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch they go down into the water and are baptized and says when they came up out of the water the spirit of the Lord caught Philip away and he went on his way rejoicing why was he so happy because another person found the joy peace forgiveness salvation only comes from Jesus Christ what a wonderful thing you see that's what baptism is all about baptism is bearing an old life of sin and starting a new life in Christ and clearly immersion baptism by immersion is the mode of baptism that was practiced by the early Christian church in fact there is no evidence in the New Testament for any other type of baptism the Greek word about seasonal simply means you did or to immerse to plunge underwater and this is common sense any ball has used that being the symbol of burial to represent to describe baptism right to be married in what we knew when we marry somebody do we do we newly sprayed them with some water and some dirt newbies bring a little dirt on them if that's what it meant to be very willing and have those books written about premature burial and how to avoid it is just about a little bit of dirt sprinkled on you that would be of great dreadful fearful thing right now when we bury someone we put them under and we cover them up and that's the way it ritually baptism was meant to symbolize as well an actual immersion that sees it means to be getting underneath it he placed underneath not simply to be to be anointed or to be to be sprinkled and it symbolizes it represents the death and burial the resurrection of Jesus this is what Paul says or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death the symbol of his death for ICC Jesus died for Hussein's hour since there is no way that Jesus can save us and let us pay for our sins are you clear on that sin separates us from God eternally sin brings that the Bible says the wages of sin is that it is not trying this takes some sort of an arbitrary subjective decision out of the air what should I do present all film know that what God is doing in all God is not trying to trying to decide the punishment from as you wait for Aileen Van brings death because sin separates us from God God is the source of library with no map and so my sins if I would bear my sins myself it would mean internal separation praise God I have a savior who died in my place and while I cannot die in my place for my own send what I can do it except his death in my behalf and when I set my depth in my behalf I symbolize that I get a public testimony in the world that I've gotten that by being born again of water and of the Spirit by being baptized know ye not that using that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death we accept his that as our own therefore we were back buried with him through baptism into death the good news is that Jesus when he died did you stay in Joseph's tomb that he is staying very in fact he the wind when we are baptized with Jesus into is that the old man dies and stays dead but there's a new man who rises to walk in newness of life that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life only baptism by immersion ninety nine following detracting with me only baptism by immersion a complete burial could adequately symbolize the death burial and resurrection of Jesus and our participation are accepting of it as new covenant believers in him that I asked the question how important is this New Testament right of baptism is it really necessary to be baptized many people of asked me that the years and so I will look and see what Jesus taught there was one item a Jewish leader by the name of Nicodemus who became secretly to talk Jesus John chapter three member that story is one of our favorite passages from it we have John three sixteen the best known person and in the whole Bible and as this is the conversation went on the Nicodemus asked Jesus Rabbi we know that you are teacher come from God as for no one can do these signs if you do unless God is with him no Jesus answered he saw through Nicodemus is flattering and he says to him most assuredly I say to you and the last one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God you can imagine I love the way the Bible records the stories because for me because I grew up reading the Bible up in the church and that these stories are so familiar sometimes it is the back and say okay what if I didn't know this story what does that actually happened to me when it's a little bit of a shocking recent response by Jesus will read but you know we know you're a good man your teacher sent from God for nobody can do the things you do except he's from God with annotated truth must be born again you see the surprise on Nicodemus 's face what were in fact come from Jesus Jesus didn't mess around that Jesus didn't beat around the bush Jesus went straight to the root of the problem or the root of the heart of the matter and that was Nicodemus trusted in his goodness and his position in his religiosity in his type pain is going to church every week and what he needed was a new heart he needed to be born even even somebody as a leader in the church this morning and even your pastor needs to be born again it's a daily experience it's a regular occurrence and Jesus says I'll be surprised what I'm about to tell you you need to be born again in fact unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of heaven Nicodemus and his astonishment surprised at the way this conversation has turned it already says how can a man be born again when he is old to answer a second time of his mother 's womb and be born Jesus answers them most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water and the spirit cannot enter the kingdom of God here Jesus is talking about a spiritual rebirth that is witness to buy baptism by the symbol of baptism water and the spirit no doubt Nicodemus the proud religious leader the variously anticipated entrance to the kingdom of God by virtue of his being a natural born without you they didn't have the legends about St. Peter guarding the gate back then you understand this Peter wasn't well is around but he certainly wasn't considered a saint but I'm sure that they had similar legends Nicodemus Woods said order but would've thought when they get to the when I get to the gate of the heavenly kingdom whoever the sink is it probably would've been something like Saint Judas McAbee 's or something like that he's going to look at and since they all nicotine so come right on but Jesus is no you must be born again or again of water and atmospheric Jesus is telling him there is nothing that can save us accept accepting the life that the burial and the Rex resurrection of Jesus in our place as our own a complete transformation of the line by the power of the Holy Spirit anything else would be inadequate notice he says about the same thing in Mark chapter sixteen verse sixteen he says whoever believes and is what is baptized will be safe and believes and is baptized will be saved now those are there those who aren't able to be baptized yes some people will say what about the people across it wasn't baptized with he he believed in Jesus and increasing Paul tells us that if there's first willing heart is accepted according to what a man has not accordingly doesn't know the words if you can't do anything about it and generating about it right they are the thief on the cross didn't have a choice to be baptized but he had a choice to be in you and I have that choice as well the first step in preparing for Bible baptism is believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose for your salvation that he is your Savior and your Lord in fact filled in the scientists also an Ethiopian remember is that if you believe with all your heart you may be baptized and civil leaders the first prerequisite to Bible baptism that Jesus gave his disciples further instructions and Maddie twenty first nineteen he says go and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son Holy Spirit Jesus gave us the second step in teaching precedes baptism some people say well doesn't matter don't even know anything about why we don't even know what truth all you need to know is that your in love with Jesus and accept them as you say during you can always learn all the I learned a few of the Bible afterwards and my response that is simply this how much do you know about Jesus and don't know about you don't know what Jesus teaches you don't know what days of belief in every doctrine of the Bible right he understood centers in Jesus it written represents who we is it represents his character it represents his passion for lost souls they represent his lad and it's all about Jesus and so and we want to know about teasing one upon level Jesus Lindsay was very clear to teach all nations and teachings changing precedes baptism he says teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you that's the responsibility of us as we prepare prepared for baptism in other words in an individual preparing for baptism needs to understand Jesus 's teachings and accept them more than a mere knowledge of doctrines is needed though we need to also commit our life to Jesus go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father of the son and of the Holy Spirit when a person unites with Jesus he naturally begins to live his life in a different way Raceway GZ you doesn't want to do anything that Jesus would want them to do and this change of heart we sometimes call repentance and is late Peter said repent and be converted therefore that your sins may be blotted out repentance is a recognition that our sins my sins my temper my pride might mean jealousy my sins I went to Jesus to the cross and repentance if I sorry if I could indeed have a sorrow for sin and repentance will will will will lead me to want when no sense won't tell me when you want to want in a different direction and ask for God 's forgiveness as well as his health and walking different direction so the prerequisites to salvation and the court is a vital part etc. Jesus as my Savior and Lord to believe in him to understand the teachings of Jesus to be taught and finally to confess my sins and to repent by following these steps in preparation for baptism we God has provided a way where we can we can have a new start and make and be made new once again to start anew and some in the last twelve when I baptized do I have to become a part of the church or am I just baptized into Jesus the good question but when when the multitudes came to that of the apostles on the day of Pentecost and have to be baptized notice what the answer was or what what the place accepted to persuade what we want then those who gladly received his word were baptized and that day about three thousand souls were added to then use them in talking if the church is in it they were being added to the church in fact we studied a little while ago and from the book of all of Paul's writing to the Corinthians we studied about how there are different people who receive different gifts in the church but we're all interested in his chapter twelve or thirteen for by one Spirit we were baptized into one what do one body and what that body is talking about enforcement as well it's a church right and so that the mechanism by which in the New Testament at least God ordained that individuals could join the body and join the church using when men and women accept Jesus Christ as their Savior they're not just making a commitment in isolation no God has ordained I want understand this I believe in passionately God has ordained that while he quit same us as individuals he is ordained that we ought to be split placed upon acceptance of him and a community of believers where we can be supported where we can see love and where we can grow now this doesn't mean that the church is perfect in fact I would argue I would argue that a perfect church would not be a good place for a new Christian to grow in the discouraging so instead of instead of looking around and seeing all the while other people are saying I don't want to give visitors a prewar accident you know these people aren't perfect but they've was a lot Jesus and the one indwelling Jesus and what we are to be instead of trying to act like WordPerfect we are to be we ought to mean both normal and broken with one another go back and listen to that sermon a couple weeks and weeks ago on brokenness we ought to be broken and vulnerable with one another so that we can help each other grow you see even the annoying members who sit down with you run you don't look to your right or left anybody is not that proverbial proverbially speaking in any members of the church and we might become frustrated or annoyed with that therefore to grow from two it's not smooth seas never made great sailing ever heard that expression smooth seas never made a great sailor and in fact it is in the crucible of relationships family relationships church family relationships that God expects to help us grow spiritually and emotionally and so I'm I'm very committed to this concept of God Marine asked not just a salvation experience individually praise God that is true but he also brings us into a community whereby he will work to help us become one with him and ready for his kingdom and so the New Testament model gives us this example of baptism as a means of joining the church some people say what do I have to be baptized by telling this is like a new up a couple that fallen in love newly married just over two years still our honeymoon and Jane and I are very much in love but we never had this question do we have to get married now why because we loved one right and if you love someone getting married and is not sure young people listening is getting married seemed like a chore don't do it okay don't do it when God puts the right person in your life it won't seem like a chore don't don't double down that road is not really a hard decision to be baptized before love Jesus if we want to make a public expression of our love and commitment to him one time Paul and his coworkers Silas were traveling in the Windy City of the Levine this afternoon at a short presentation document history of Christian baptism and undertaking to some of the places where we can be evidences of early baptism but felt I is one of those places and all off-season pictures were going fine but nonetheless the Macedonian man calls Pauline 's dream over to help them and Paul and Silas head over to Philippi the city becomes quite aggravated with a preaching so much so that online attack them and tour off their clothes and authorities had been beaten not realizing that Paul was a Roman citizen they were taken to prison it wasn't really much of a prison it was sort of a done outsell on the side of the mountain and they are put in this heavy confinement and told us guards were placed there to guard them and jailer to keep them that they couldn't escape and at midnight remember what all clouds are doing they were singing the Bible is full of these surprising accounts we does Redmond with new eyes we probably will start and sometimes we read were so comfortable familiar with and that we don't actually irony of some of these conversations or that surprise of some of these situations Paul and five at midnight Rossini now I don't think I could be wrong but I kind of personally doubt the Paul and Silas had a habit on a mission trip awaiting up every night at midnight and singing nice is that I don't imagine that being the reality the written what I imagine this is my imagination so don't don't take it as biblical truth but my sanguine imagination hasn't such that they were in such a negligent way and rather than laying awake and moaning and groaning and becoming discouraged about the misfortune that had befallen them they decided they couldn't sleep they might as well praise Jesus and so they began singing not your typical sound that came from the cells in that prison or neighbors that their singing and as they are singing there is an earthquake in the again I believe this earthquake is caused by none other than the Angels counting both Melissa and Angel one hundred watt heavy they can walk and then the earth shook and in the doors of the prison team open and the chains fell off Paul and Silas and I suppose the other prisoners arms and the red zebra that the prison came running and seeing all the doors open in the dark not be able to see in these cells assume that the prisoners had fled and so is about to kill himself knowing that he's going to be executed or is is betrayal of duties when Paul cries out and he says with a loud voice do not do yourself no harm for we are all here the JGI was astonished what kind of men are still around after the jail cell doors and come open and their chains and come off after they've been beaten unjustly and suffered agony at the hands of their incarcerated others and they're not holding resentment or wanting revenge and action concern about him is the power of pollen size witness was not in the sermon he preached the need for the power of their witness was that even in their hardships they weren't thinking about themselves their something 's you see our witness can never have the power God needed to have if everything is going smoothly in our lives the power of our witness comes as we hold onto Jesus hand through the tough times and that when people see Jesus in us the jailers astonished there still here they're concerned about me he ran and got a live in return their cell and wanted to know what made them who they were and he brought them out instead Sirs what must I do see Paul responds believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved you and your household and it is no record stating that the jailer then took Paul and Silas in his own home he bade their wounds people dating their backs when it says these of them the same hour of the night and wash their stripes and immediately he and all his family were baptized easy related and related they wanted they wanted to be saved and they wanted to be baptized we recognize the truth the jailer falsely denotes night I believe her today I believe that Jesus is still calling for men and women who want to give their hearts their lives I really do I believe that he's appealing to you and to me to commit our lives two thousand years later the Jesus the Savior who died on tree and deacons have some cards are going to hand out this time I want to take some time to reflect on what your decision DeJesus would be the day you see he's appealing to you to join those like the Philippian jailer goals like Jesus who gave an example of baptized baptism and he is healing me the same invitation that he gave to the apostle but that the apostle Paul believed to the up to the jailer and why we waiting arise and be baptized and wash away your sins when and in him is at this time were discussed take a brief moment and maybe some of you I know most of you party indicating your commitment to Jesus through baptism there maybe some of you who haven't had that opportunity and I never want to preach about baptism without letting that opportunity be had for those who make your the voice of Jesus speaking to them on this subject and so as you as you as he get those cars just happened down in the row I want you to his reason care who will look at them together and once again has your thinking about this since it is an important decision it's a wonderful topic it's a chance for us to start anew in our lives I want to prayerfully consider your decision for Jesus today and there's there is a decision on that card for everyone here no matter what your background the matter what your experience no matter what your walk with Jesus is so I would have to act Jesus today Lord Jesus what would you have me do what would you have me to check if you haven't been if you haven't had a chance to follow his example and baptism by immersion I'm quite sure he's convicted today that you would be in his will for you to do that what are you waiting for what would prevent you from committing publicly to Jesus he died for us what why would we not do anything that he has heated he is asked so today I was just over this card very briefly and the first the first option says I understand the Bible baptism is a willful public commitment to Jesus being immersed under the water symbolizing the burial Guild life and being raised to begin a new life with Jesus and you understand that that's clear from what we've seen the Bible so far I would invite you just to check that box and to do indicate that the same of the second box as I never been baptized and biblical manner before but I desired to so publicly confess my love and commitment for Jesus I would like to prepare for baptism in the near future if that describes you then I would invite you to take advantage of this opportunity just check that box and and make that decision some of you may have been baptized before but you openly drifted from your walk with Jesus and you wander from your representation of him in your two cents a need for eight new start and so we have a third option there I been baptized by immersion but I've wandered from God 's love I decide to be rebaptized any renewal of my covenant to Jesus Mrs. is something that I urge upon anyone it's up to individual decision if they if they if you are convicted that you want to renew your commitment to Jesus then then I'm sure for one thing Jesus accepts that renewal and Jesus will renew his covenant with you as well a last option there is I would like to recommit my life to Jesus again today our choice default is the daily choices and to be born again of water and the Spirit is a is a is a choice we make an daily basis and so if you would like to reconnect your life Jesus today I was invited just to check that your card as well feel free to leave your name and address and if you'd like you can drop this card off as you exit the date of the ushers deacons by the door of the basket to collect them today is a special day guys brought us get the opportunity to make decisions for him and then whether that commitment or recommitment number lives Jesus invites us to make that decision and to renew that decision to live for him and and with him today I just want to invite you as you think about this decision what has Jesus done for you and what are you willing to do for him father in heaven that is the prayer of our hearts we want to grow and drawn near to Jesus whether it's for the first time that we're making a decision except as her Savior whether we lived long lives says Christian and we want to renew that commitment our prayers the same draws near help us to come closer to Jesus today this week but others might see Jesus in us that we might be instruments of his fees to share his message of his love and his saving power the world around us we thank you we pray for those who make decisions today we want to want to leave these decisions accurately we renew our commitment student the assets this media was used by audio force the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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