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Romans 2 – Love that Hates

Chester Clark III


It seems hard to believe that a God of love could actually hate, but the Scriptures reveal otherwise. God hates those things that cause His children pain, separate them from Him, and disrupt the unselfish peace of His universe.  The problem is that we as humans often hate what He loves, and love what He hates! In this sermon we explore what it is that God hates – and how we can be more like Him.


This is the second in our series on the Book of Romans.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • August 24, 2013
    11:00 AM
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no usually after you spend your lifetime focused on something studying something becoming good at something you might have some affinity toward that which you know I I think of general and then president Dwight D Eisenhower successful harbor I spent time studying and mastered you might say the science of war but this is one statement that he made that probably stands out in my mind as much as any other because I hate war as only one who has lived it can only one who has seen its brutality its stupidity today were going to be talking about love that he now that may seem like a peculiar juxtaposition of words in love that hate hate surely is inimical to allow surely someone can use those two words in the same sentence as if love could make but indeed I believe it's true love and hate and today we're going to look at three main principles in a flesh them out from our study of the book of Romans even be looking at the chapters were of enrollments we started a couple weeks ago looking at Romans chapter one women looking at the latter part of Romans chapter one and also in Romans chapter two and worked to find three profound and distinct rooms I believe it has anything first of all work and I find that God is a God of love and God 's love oh I love the scent centers in fact Jeremiah 's message to a wayward Israel from God was this I have loved you when I'm relaxed and allowed and with loving kindness at night the I love you with a a love everlasting love therefore I continued my faithfulness to you one translation God 's love for us has no beginning and no ending a human in those God forbid should be separated from memory eternity by their refusal to except his love keep on them because they're the heart is the place in his heart especially just for then we are familiar with the best-known tax in all the Bible what is it John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life of course we know John overwhelmed by this for the individual life writing the vessel of first John he says simply God is love but there's another surely we must we must recognize that truth is that sin separates us from God in fact you have your Bibles and I hope it happens things were going to be spending some time not just in the book of Romans but in other places in the sacred word Isaiah chapter fifty nine adverse to the that the prophet expresses in a very succinct and clear way the consequences of sin it says in Isaiah chapter fifty nine and verses one and two are you there behold the Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot save noisier him you cannot hear your new goodies have while separated you from your God and your sins have hidden his face from you you see God made man in the beginning of friends went on over that story are familiar with it man chose to disobey God 's word to disobey God instructions say and it wasn't just the act of eating a piece of fruit arbitrarily it was an act of the heart where Adam and Eve chose to read now they chose to do wedding mill was the wrong thing to do disease and ultimately has to do with our hearts doesn't it has to do with the decisions that we magnetically active in the perspective of our hearts and our enemies and because of that sin they were driven out of the Garden they were separated from God and we tend to as human beings we can do read this story from a very very human centered perspective always had terrible that Adam and Eve had to leave the bar isn't it terrible that needs first son was the murder of their second son isn't it terrible that the only new software thorns and vessels and parent pain in childbirth and all these things but we rarely spend much time thinking about what's in cost and if we could somehow this peel away the blinders off our eyes and see what's in cost sin welcomed the heart of a loving God lovingly created our first parents and then had to be separated from sin separates and sin is painful to the heart of God you know when we read in them in later in the book of Romans Romans chapter six hundred and twenty three that that the wages of sin is death there are some Christians who are even critics of Christianity is seen as a a a judgment all AUS is some objective decision by angry who is not liking people who rebelled to saving the wages of sin is death what do you punish them with but I believe this is the statement of facts about God who is broken by the truth that's separated from him his loved ones have no source of life his loved ones are separated from him and apart from salvation by his blood will be separated from him for he see what God hates sin because sin separates him from his play his loved ones friends say separates him from you and from the whole plan of redemption the whole plan of redemption is simply calculated to restore man with God the ones of Jesus coming a living and are at the point of his ministry now on our behalf as appointed him coming again to take us to where he is is because he is living with us he wants us to be with him he wants to be restore since rates is from God the praise God there's a plan to be reunited so first God is love and God loves sinners second sentence separates from God and third we must recognize that God hates sin as only one who experienced it can hate you and I can say you and I and maybe some veterans Avenue and I knew not been in the trenches we can say we hate war but only as White House Eisenhower said it has only one that thinks reinstatement could hated not tell you this morning my friends Jesus Haynes has only one who has experienced it can hang you soon while we think that we are doing fine in this life in this world while we think that everything is going fine where bandaging our wounds and were living a life in denial Jesus has hastened the full measure of wrath of God against the East and what truth eternal separation feels like he hates sin as only one who experienced it can how one is to make something very clear here as we look again at wrong I want to make something very clear God loves sinners but he hates sin God hates sin because it separates his beloved from him must turn in our Bibles that Romans chapter one and were going to remember that a few weeks ago we were talking about that the power of God that is under salvation to the Jew first and also the great Paul was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and then he wasn't ashamed to be counted the follower of one who died upon the tree he wasn't ashamed to have that stigma attached to him in fact when he came to Corinth we saw he determined to lay aside the sophistries and that a number of the smooth sayings in the great preaching of oratory he decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified why because in Christ crucified there is power in the blood of Jesus there is cleansing for our sins in the blood of Jesus there is peace that passes all understanding in the letter dated the power to make the center hole and not just to to as you know we require that all change our hearts to give as video moving the inflated the blood of Jesus Balthasar moshing I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ is already comes to the middle part of the Romans chapter one is just given this introduction is talked about how he wants to preach the gospel in Rome also but he says in verse eighteen for the wrath of God that the hatred of God the anger of God is revealed from heaven against all last ungodly people analysis not only does it all we can to superimpose that idea upon God but the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all of this a friends ungodliness and unrighteousness of men is not the people that God is angry at the people that God gave their his beloved there is great we are his beloved where his creation but the righteousness rates aspirin and he hates and he he he he stated enough to even tell us about it in fact as we go on as we look at these verses we notice that this theme comes out clearly it's not the people that God hates but the sin in fact I think that this is a distant fourth enough rested contemplate for just a moment God loves sinners amen he hates sin amen but why is it that we as humanity at things completely backwards we can't allow sin and hate centers the true am I telling the truth we have we happy on the side of the heart of God in our natural carnal hearts we love this sin and hate the sin so there's something that needs to be done in our hearts Paul is writing this moment that this letter to the Romans and easy speaking of this rather the righteous God against the unrighteousness and ungodliness of this world as Paul's writing this letter remember who we run into is writing into the Christian church in Rome is riding into the believers there who are being bombarded by Jeanette Thiele to Christianity that is hostile to godliness he is it is a culture that is inimical to morality and disdainful of selfless truth and human rights this letter to them saying the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness canopy even the ungodliness in our culture we see around us I can just imagine the letter being read in Rome in church on a Sabbath morning and the people in wrong ability was argumentative there is they were they were loose and burns in this culture that was as inimical to everything they believed it was like swimming upstream to try to live a godly life in Rome Rome was a comparable corrupt place it was an affluent place in the wealthy places many statues as there were citizens are everywhere educations opposing supposedly there was there was the science and all the and that Arden and all the philosophers and all the temples in all the different rituals and there is power Clinton but it was all in contrast to the religion of Christ and as we think of Rome in those days you must not think for a moment that the sin Paul is describing to the Romans reading the first chapter of his letter here was only were only sins that were carried on in secrecy under cover of darkness no income to the point in the Roman Empire where sin was open and when it was linked it was in your face it was it was not just in secret the sens and use of as were not carried on against minors are slaves as someone suggested but these are abuses that were practiced among aristocrats openly and brazenly notice what he says in Romans chapter one and verse nineteen because that because what may be known of God is manifest in them for God has shown it to them for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse because although they knew God they did not glorify him nor were thankful but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened professing to be wise they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things therefore it says God gave them up to the unclean is less of their hearts to dishonor their bodies usually these were these were serious sins of all the dressing I think we have to be honest right calls being blocked this was not something that was his constant network they were out of move in the culture know all is going counter culturally moneywise the church of Rome and he says these are these are sins that the wrath of God in heaven is directed against I wanted to share with you how how a society in the highest levels of Rome had begun to pay underneath them as legitimate and even the the perversions of natural relationships had been intended they were attempting to institutionalize in the place of marriage this is what this is what Tacitus says of me wrote the translation course of his Greek history Nero was already corrupted by every last natural and unnatural but now refusing any surmise is that no further degradation was impossible for him for he went through a formal wedding ceremony with one of the perverted game called Boris was with another man beginning or in the presence of witnesses put on the bridal veil dowry of merit that wedding torches all where they are ending everything wasn't public would even an actual union is nailed by that is the culture in which the church with living room and which Paul was addressing this is a history of what was going on at this was a tough thing for the church can you imagine can you imagine it was in this social context of Paul addresses them any rights the believers in Rome with a reminder of the wickedness of the world they live in no matter how culturally acceptable in the world or in the church setting maybe it is still something that is hateful some of all readers were undoubtedly agreeing with the apostle Paul imagine being in church on Sabbath morning as letters being read I'm sure some of them were singing men and given creation of all tell it like it is called sin by frightening we need to cry aloud spare not right I can just imagine that but any satisfaction with all the improving was rather short-lived because we turned gently to Romans chapter two Paul very quickly and he takes the magnifying glass off of the culture any places it on the church and he says this means garbling words can hardly believe the apostle wrote he says therefore you are inexcusable oh man whomever you are to judge for you who judge practice the same things what are you talking about call we world out there we see the description you get a advantageous positions what are you talking about were just as guilty we go to church on Saturday we pay our time we know this and that what can you possibly be meaning how can you say that we do the same thing about diversity continues on but we know that the trip but the judgment of God is according to truth against those who practice such things and do you think this old man eulogized those practicing such things and doing the same you will escape the judgment of God for you that you despise the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance you see there are many of us find myself in this because I have to he would go on in chapter three does they all have sin and come short of the glory of God if there is anyone here who think they are excluded from this this letter is for you so my favorite gestation bridges are monsoon love Jesus I'm simply sharing with you Paul wrote friends right on drug policy as outlined in the forget me talk about the power of the gospel data of the net we talk about non-English we are in God will rise in the blood of Jesus Nepal here had for a very specific reason chosen to dwell upon said anything has Christian believers I sure to watch Livingstone 's novels out there we many baptize me we win we changed our friends are not culturally and any queen theologically acceptable but were sinners Paul says don't think you can judge those out there because you are so few items we need a Savior this is Paul's greatest point goes on and he says in verse eleven for there is no partiality with God no partiality with God you see I believe that calling this passage is intentionally attempting to start a the church members in Rome and maybe the Holy Spirit would speak to us here still today going self righteously into some sort of turf perception of God 's hatred for ourselves for instead of just their sins just as they are agreeing with Paul may thought midsentence and then enacts as they're just saying amen operation he turns around and puts the new and he's he's he's showing them that their own condemnation echoes Paul stops their thoughts in their tracks and says don't pat yourself on your back thinking your different world truly struggles difference in the world his words ring me to a startling conclusion two thousand years later in two thousand thirteen that conclusion is that really were all Westborough Baptists with a penchant for hating everyone else's while loving and excusing or even being blind tomorrow but there is no respect of persons with God Proverbs chapter six we find a list member were talking about love that hates Probert chapter six A final list of seven things the wise men fixing things he didn't have the delete key back then you know so instead of trying to create visually Windows 7 actually either six things of God needs no seven seven says and notice what he says those seven things are hockey eyes a lying tall hands that shed innocent blood a heart that devises wicked plans feet that the litany case to run to evil a false witness who breathes outlines or one who does sows discord among brothers I don't use reflect on this list is a little different than what we gotten almost chapter one hundred how many of these sins are will we might call church safes and is not within your thing Arthur movies sins you when I could be regular good upstanding members of our Christian community and still be due it's a sobering thought for me it's a sobering thought for me even those that we are really guilty and we might say well I don't don't tell lies I don't shed innocent blood I don't make hasty run to evil but that if we look at the last part of chapter one Romans chapter one verse thirty two and he brought that that a lot wider than we thought and when we're first listening to a sermon chapter one and verse thirty Jimmy says to those who knowing the righteousness righteous judgment of God that those who practice such things are deserving of that not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them the King James has pleasure in those who do them in the same there are many of us it would not go it alone and let me enjoy watching some television what every one for Christian how can we not repaying when God 's name is taken in vain outgoing Army pain releasing marital infidelity will be paying when we see it we seen deception lies and falsehoods entertainment in our culture today GetAFreelancer leaving what we want to do those things but to walk too many Christians take pleasure in those who do and were entertained by you and Paul say who you're just askew is heavy stuff is fun for me to show Proverbs eight tells us in verse thirteen the fear of the Lord is to hate what narratives pride and arrogance see and the evil way and the four-hour mouth do I think it's while getting closer and closer to my heart now it's something as innocuous and ubiquitous as prime God hates pride Lord have mercy in fact I would go one step further friends God hates pride I believe even more strongly than he hates the socially often condemned outright sins of the world and the price object lessons I read this statement there is nothing how much nothing so offensive to God or so dangers of the human soul as tried and self sufficient of all sins it is the most helpless the most incurable be honest with you this morning the sermon makes me uncomfortable these truths come close to home their unsettling unnerve me rattling to my sense of well-being but I keep remembering the truth that we started out with that is that God loves sinners greater than God 's hatred forcing is his love for sinners and I can prove because of not hated sin more than he loves sinners he would not have been willing to accept sin in this class with me the cross of Calvary proves once and for all that God and love for you and me got love for sinners far trend in a letter to his great hatred forcing because he wasn't willing to say because he loves you and hate mice because he loves me and take my son he was willing to say bring on Chester said I'll think I'd rather have that sin and experience the full measure of the cost of and be separated from gesture would back how much he loves you he loves you greater than his lover he was greater than his hatred for your Zen NX good news friends because of it can only understand the love of God for us and we can all only understand who we are and it's only a matter of simple no-brainer decision to accept in sourcing from the audience is easy if salvation could be distilled in the two concepts without a wink and but it is always good because the two concepts the concept of sampling and understanding of God understanding of me but there's one thing that remains a decision to accept that loving God who loves me more than he never felt so is not about knowing these truths these facts it's about making decisions based to except Jesus as my Savior from ice recognizing my sin is just as lethal and just as badly as as you as the sin 's of the sinners that I look down my nose on my sin to Jesus to the cross my sin is fatal for over my sin God hates the lives of me are you thankful for that this morning I thankful to God loves you is a God loves us too much not to tell us the truth easy I'd rather be saved and then loss but if I'm going to be lost I'd rather be lost no one I lost them Nancy and God loves us enough to honor and decency to tell us that we need home we need a Savior there are many voices in this world that they are Senators Norm Olson is his average don't worry about it done down here here's good as anyone else in an but God says no I I love the one that I guide for Matthew chapter seven this Jesus said that many will come to me and that paying a lawyer for Hadley on all these things in your name have we prophesied haven't we cast out demons had worked miracles and Jesus will say to them probably the saddest words in human history apart from me you who practice lawlessness I never knew you there's only one thing I can think of this worse than being lost and that's being lost thinking you're being saved Jesus doesn't want so he tells the truth he loves us enough to tell us the truth love leads this did do what is best for someone else what love means us to do difficult things love leads us to be honest even when it hurts let me just to warn of danger and it is in love that God gives us a message of warning for his last a church rent close with Revelation chapter thirteen in relationship to three Revelation chapter three I believe is God 's message especially for the days in which removing and God loves you and me enough that he's willing to write a special message to the lukewarm church the latest in churches it's called in the book of Revelation says in verse fourteen angel of the church to the angel the church of Laodiceans write these things says the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of iteration of God as Jesus I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I wish you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm I and neither cold nor hot I will vomit you out of my mouth because you say I am rich and become wealthy and have need of nothing do not know that you are wretched and miserable poor blind and naked I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire may be rich and white raiment you may be closed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see and then he says in verse nineteen as many as I was thing is I'm a repeat and chase them from voting for really knows not all fluffy sometimes if the chastening of the review I'm thankful godlessness I'm thankful he loves me enough to rebuke and the chasing me and he says behold therefore the zealous and repent behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him and dine with him and he with me one of my favorite stories I've told before but I'll tell again to Little League though for your maintenance visiting the doctor and nurse in the pediatric office had a habit before listening to the little ones heart of putting the stethoscope on their middle years and letting them ascendancy with they could hear their life their eyes always light up with all they listen to the run another of their heart and she never got a response quite like even though because as she gently talked the stethoscope in his little years and place the other end on his chest and he said she said listen what do you suppose that is in vain and little eyebrow furloughed for a moment into a line in he looked puzzled and then lost as if in thought and this mystery was strange of deep in his chest and then David's face broke into a wondrous ear to ear grin as he said is that Jesus love that story because it reminds me of how to become a little job and when we're faced with conviction to recognize Jesus not he says behold I stand at the door not only one is even churchgoers fill the evenly eighty one hears my voice and opens the door all coming to him and dine with him and he with me he wants to be reunited he wants the barriers of sin to be broken down he wants to be with his people Hezbollah but about eleven A willing to open that heart stored in the day that Jesus I'm falsely unfailing maybe one of this week I don't know what you hearts prayer will be but are you willing to hear that knocking and open the door is a Jesus come in let's pray father thank you for loving sinners more communities thank you for giving us a savior who demonstrated the power the links in depth address the height of that love will not let us go an everlasting love the July arrest you today father 's day become as the people needing the power of your blood we as people within a natural propensity to Haiti standard is not ours and even sometimes the love Arlington while we hated are sinners father we come meeting transformation of heart without needing a senior day you hear the heart prayer each person here I don't know if you wish when you do in your grace is more than sufficient I have other struggles another weakness is the Hindu and your blog will more of that class 's and make his widest now they become his church people with a propensity to pry the singing particularly I comes a pastor with a propensity to try and I ask that you would see me to save us from Arsenal 's education to do thank you for that love thank you for that one think that salvation and thank you for even telling us about your person is a pain in the energy is a this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more certain than please visit www. on universal .org


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