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We Believe – The Gift (Part 1)

Chester Clark III


Before Jesus left He promised a gift – the Holy Spirit. Through this one Gift would flow countless other gifts and blessings, and these would equip the Church for its ministry in and to the world.

In this message we explore the spiritual gifts brought to us through the Holy Spirit. We discover there is no one gift that all receive, but there is one that we are told to especially desire!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 14, 2013
    11:00 AM


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there was a time in my life when I see that the fair bit of time traveling and when traveling there often is you know you have a chance to get to know people a new place spend some time ministering there of course they want to express their gratitude and appreciation and so they will find a way to give you a gift note I'm talking about and in in different cultures those gifts can be different things yet as you might well imagine in some cultures you know they will give you some photographs and other cultures they may give you something like a you know some sort of a carving her a piece of wood in in other cultures they may they may give you some article of clothing which is very different than an article of clothing that you and I would normally wear I remember one time there was a group of us in the country and they gave us all local clothes and is not just that they give you close they didn't want to do put it on and where it for them they take pictures of it and say these are some clothes like you would normally be seen in redefining fashion as you might say but the other times I've gotten gifts that well they were really really beautiful and really really treasured in fact I have boxes of them at home more than I could probably display little carvings little things sometimes they give you gifts that you really don't know how to use some of those gifts I must confess never made it past the airport some of them wouldn't fit in my luggage some love them wouldn't go through security you know there's only so much you can do to take some of these gifts home I remember there was one there was one man in Russia who during the course of my meetings there we were studying in the Bible the DN the Bibles instruction that we shouldn't use I saw her icons in our worship services and this man particularly in good good very sincere and very earnest Orthodox believer he argued with me very to him mentally about misuse of what they call icons and Orthodox Church they'd send you notices just this is just as just part of our worship service and I'll never forget that on our last day there it wasn't a any type of a going away party is just part of items one of our events and meetings of this magazine down the front and people were all there people are watching and he gave me a get back I brought a gift here for you today gave me this gift was it wasn't it's a beautiful gift and dummy has written on the back of it something which I can't read is in Russian I can make out my name just a jerk a lucky and he has his name and he has the net I can make out the name of the city were en route stops in Siberia but again it is good and he wanted me to see wanted to see what I would do because this he let me know is an icon Winchester Clarke taken icon wouldn't accept the gift this was the challenge we gave to me and I had to explain to them it looks like particles part that had tonight except that the minimum would these beautiful picture of of Jesus but accept it as a gift is a picture not as an icon because I don't worship or use the things in my worship I pray I pray to Jesus directly who though he is a spirit we can trust that he is real and Jan and I have no hard and because of his right and that because of that in remembrance I'm often reminded of him I just came across this affected my what my sister was here a couple weeks ago she brought a box of things Mark and Salve found in the closet or something and this was one of them and I remembered that man is it we are talking about a gifted and Jesus as he is about to leave the disciples he began thinking what can I do to assure them of continuity you knew there was a drastic change in his and their experience he knew that they had become accustomed to having Jesus in body in person if they had questions they could ask them and that they often did any of them are reported in the Gospels if they had problems they could come to him for solutions and they often did sometimes they had ideas some good ideas some ideas and they get down those ideas off of Jesus and Jesus could tell them either you know that's that's wholly inappropriate giving behind me Satan or you could say that a great idea no as they are they were accustomed to Jesus being there now he was going to be gone and notices need to drive me to John chapter fourteen in John chapter fourteen we begin to the notice Jesus he's easing of last week of his ministry many people don't realize about the book of John the majority of the book of John covers only the last seven days of Jesus life beginning last week and going onward back on weight to the judge on chapter nine or ten or somewhere around there but we do get a John Denver fourteen Jesus is obviously thinking about the about the made the fact that he leaving and he begins in John chapter fourteen any and number of places he makes this type of statement he talks about John chapter fourteen and verse sixteen he says even as his and I will pray the father and he will give you what another comforter now you have to wonder what is he mean by another comforter another means there has to be more than one site that was the first comforter that he is going to be giving any of these are drinking in the Holy Spirit is going to be another company who is the first company Jesus right in fact he is called life and when the names of Christ and so he's going to give you another comforter that he may abide with you how long for her now this has got to be good news and the disciples of the disciples had had not yet comprehended that Jesus is leading you know is Justin and Man John chapter fourteen just a few verses earlier he said I'm going to prepare a place for you it and the disciples Thomas says what can we go with you and you know we don't know how you're going how do we know the way and so forth and an Jesus message is sometimes felt like throwing up his hands these disciples just couldn't get place promising them word that they would recall later evidence that they would experience later he's promising them another comforter that would apply for over human verse seventeen the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it sees him not neither knows in but you know him for he dwells with you and shall be in you I will not renew comfortless I I will come to you and so Jesus here promises his disciples he would then become harder now this would be mean over the next few days the last few days of his time with them he would repeat over and over if you look in John chapter fifteen John chapter fifteen and verse twenty six John fifteen in verse twenty six just the next chapter Jesus says but when the comforter is referring into that if the father is going to give them when the comforter is come whom I will send them to you from the father even the Spirit of truth which proceeds from the father he shall testify of the of me and you also shall bear witness to what Jesus is saying that Goodman that when the spirit comes in the governor comes is not this is going to keep you company eight A two other things that I have time to you remind me of how I handled certain situations I never heard of being Christlike or being like Jesus or maybe even being Christians you know that that that believers in Antioch were the first ones that were called Christians and we believe it's not just a derogatory term because they think they talk about these on the time it's because they reflected the character of Christ they were everything they did reminded people of Jesus and how is that possible well and Holy Spirit would come that would remind them of Jesus now this is a gift that would be when the church for how long run recess so you may set your hand they walk how the world okay I understand as they sent Peter and Nino Thomasson and Philip then and then the others I understand they think it was easily moving out here so is there remind them a certain person the questioner with the challenger with certain situation and the Holy Spirit remind how Jesus did hear that how Jesus responded that how Jesus would reply and they could be quite I given the gift of the Spirit we get that right how about those of us living two thousand years later we didn't spend to bring happiness of Jesus we didn't see him as he was healing the sick and teaching the people will the good news is while we were there we do have the record and then and the spirit which was given to the church is still given to remind us of Jesus how does he do it now as we spend time in the word of God it's just in my paper but with the gift of the Spirit that on paper can be translated to living like Jesus and I can think over the gift of the Spirit in turning me on paper into an understanding of who Jesus is and what he would do what he would say how he would live in fact Stephen Clark clearly elucidated in the following chapter John chapter sixteen look with me there the next chapter John chapter sixteen and again the promise is repeated verse seven and on work John chapter sixteen verse seven nevertheless I tell you the truth it is expedient for you that I go away for I know if I go not away the comforter will not come unto you but if I depart I will send him unto you not have some question about what Jesus meant by this person I know we don't have their something were to ask Jesus when we get to heaven right we'll have a complete understanding I'm wondering if it is it is the Holy Spirit could not be there because Jesus of their phentermine doesn't make the most sense because it seems the Holy Spirit regarding working in Turkey and in the Old Testament will talk about that hello why but what I think what was the truth what is the saying was the church would not be able to receive the Holy Spirit would not realize the need for the Holy Spirit unless he should he leave the spirit would not have to confine himself that he knows Jesus when he became a human being who took on the American no longer have it some of the qualities of God like omnipresent before he became human like father like this I suppose Jesus I believe Jesus could be everywhere at once at something we don't completely understand what we believe right after he wouldn't leave the comforter would have that you once again and would be able not just be in Jerusalem and Capernaum are aware of it was one builds a time we start until he says it's necessary for you that I go away but if I ever find themselves not only the comforter will not come unto you but if I depart I will send loves you and when he is come notice he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and judgment ascended because they believe not enemy of righteousness because I go to my problem you see me no more a judgment because the prince of this world is judged I have yet many things to say and do you but you cannot bear them believes Edwards Anthony don't you wish sometimes the disciples just been a little more mature and Jesus Goodison was not his heart and big benefiting from the tube is recorded here you know I think that it really is because of our because our hearts are sort of slow to learn and sometimes hardhearted as a lot of things Jesus wants to teach us you can't teach them all at once the problem is howbeit when he verse thirteen John sixteen thirteen howbeit when he the Spirit of truth is he will guide you into what all are and what a wonderful promise he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak of himself but whatever he hears that he will speak and he will show you things to come he will glorify me or he shall receive of me and show it unto you and so we were to summarize some of the things of the spirit as where we learn from these passages the spirit is given to cover the believers may ask Jesus the Spirit is given to remind us of the acts and the teachings of Jesus to translate those that ink on paper into actual words and acts that we can be like Jesus today to bring conviction of sin and guidance and ensure that not just in the truth into all truth Jesus said what I what a powerful law spirit can do for us to bring about our adoption and have a family let's look down Romans chapter eight alleging to see this this is another promise of the Spirit not spoken by Jesus but the apostle Paul in Romans chapter eight I want you to see that this gift that Jesus was a promising has a has a has another name here not just the comforter which is the spirit of truth but here in Romans chapter eight in verse fifteen want you to see this in Romans chapter eight in verse fifteen Paul says for you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear but you have received that what spirit of adoption whereby we cry on the father as part of the head that God is as weird dig into the family of God this gift is getting better is this we become brothers and sisters of Jesus the son of God and we can you are not the father is on the father that's the sort of like saying top of father or daddy father and having battery problems today and sorry evidently hold on one second so we have the privileges of crying on the father notice with me the verse before that in verse fourteen it says for as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the what sons of God Silva led by the Spirit of God we received this gift of the Spirit of adoption if we are led by the spirit of God he says we are the sons of God is powerful is a powerful than me and to the spirit be adopted into the spiritual families of the island supply the proposed use they met not only does the spirit not only the spirit able to adopt us but according to verse fourteen the Spirit is also able to lead us in our database here to walk without access for as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God so when we wake up in the morning we don't have to feel like replacing the day alone because Jesus is with us through his spear and he said he's going to lead us because were the sons of God John Denver one verse twelve says that as many as received him that's receiving Jesus to them gave he power to become the sons of God that power comes from the day by day moment by moment that we might be led by the Spirit of God and so I'm just so thankful that we have that privilege to be led by the Spirit of God my still dying thank you God is good to us to give us a gift like this to give us the opportunity to live and to grow in him the Spirit is important given important to adding his power to our witness to the world acts chapter one verse eight with me their acceptor one and verse eight and were going to see what God promised the spirit would do for us acts chapter one and verse eight and this is what the promises reader says that you shall receive what to say power you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost of the Holy Spirit is coming to you and you will be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth in other words the Holy Spirit wants develop on the church once it was given the church was to get the church power to witness this is quite a list of things the Holy Spirit is given in I think the get-go his birthday and thinking that God did not leave us comfort less but the Holy Spirit was sent to remind us of the words of Jesus to teach us about sin and righteousness and judgment to bring about our adoption in the heavenly family delete as day by day in our spiritual life and to give us to give power to our witness to the world back this power was to be given in a remarkable way just a few verses later next chapter to an verse one we read the story it says and when the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting there appeared unto them clothe and tongues like as of fire and it sat upon each of them they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave the matter is this is an amazing experiences and then tongs of fire filling the upper room the disciples filled with the Holy Spirit given a head case me in what just begins on not a lot of misunderstanding I believe today in the Christian world about the gift of tongues we read the story here I was his read is going to talk briefly about gift of tongues were talking about some of the other guests the Holy Spirit brings to the church but it says in verse five they were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews devout men out of every nation under heaven this was the feast of Pentecost one of these lineages would come without thinking the Passover and we will stay until the feasibility and cost fifty days later but there would be many Jews from many different parts of the Roman Empire gathered in Jerusalem and they would be there to celebrate the feast of Pentecost and it says when this was noise about verse six the multitude came together and were confounded or troubled in mind because every man heard them speak in his own language get the picture these journals of comic on the temple to pray the disciples of the Emperor and the goat out of the temple and they're talking agent these people are amazed because he'll did they come from remote parts of the empire and yet these uneducated fishermen these disciples of Jesus were speaking a language they can understand and it says in verse seven they won't they were all amazed and marveled saying one to another behold are not all these which speak Galileans and how's your week every man in our own tongue wherein we were born driving the need to life and dwellers in Mesopotamia Judea Cappadocia and Pontus and Asia Phrygian and Philly and Egypt and the parts of Libya rounds Irene and strangers of Rome Susan Brock like streets in Arabian you hear them speak in our town the wonderful works of God would not be amazing I be amazing I was there and I think one of these foreign countries and had trouble understanding the Hebrew and I was hearing out preaching in my own language this and that would just be fantastic now some people have thought and that this is all respect you know we would have to respect those of us those of our brothers and sisters who view the Scriptures differently but somehow thought that what was being was the disciples were speaking in a heavenly top endeavor that idea the gift of tongues is a heavenly time and the decided feeding the different people from all these different disparate regions around the Empire were only able to understand that heavenly language as if it were their own language I'm a little bit of a problem with that first of all it said Bible says they were speaking in these different languages but secondly if that was the case the gift would not be called and gifted him the gift of years he understands everything is insane just as America miracle is you have to have a gift of years people understand heavenly tongue as if it was yell in your local dialect as of yet the disciples are speaking the Bible says in it in these different languages and they were all amazing Peter stands up he says in verse seventeen of her sixteen but this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel and shall come to pass in the last days saith God I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams and on my service on my hat and means will I pour out in those days of my spirit and they shall prophesy so block Peter 's you're saying that this is a fulfillment this is a fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel this was the gift of I'll get in the spirit and that he had the children of promise of the predicted wins it would come to pass turning out a first ring the instructor twelve and were having a Bible study today as you know this is a another's of our installments of the week believes theory is looking at fundamental teachings of the Scriptures as we understand them here and first read this chapter twelve login addresses this question of spiritual gifts and he talks about the gifts of the Spirit in chapter and chapter twelve verse seven it says that the manifestations of the Spirit is given to every man to profit from it verse eight forty one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom to another the word of knowledge by the Saints bridge another they are the same spirit to another gifts of healing by the same spirit to another the working of miracles to another prophecy to another discerning of spirits and to another different kinds of tongues to another the interpretation of tongues Alarcon challenges point out another thought if in fact the gift of tongues is meant to be simply the ability for humans on this earth believers in the church to speak the language of heaven why would it repeatedly be referred to as different kinds of Tom to catch that it is the language of heaven is only one heaven right now the only one with all the here repeatedly as he involves life repeatedly talked about different as it is a clue to what he's talking about but all these works that one of selfsame Spirit dividing to every man severally as he will these verses are to withdrew his eligibility times unpacked all of them but here you notice who chooses which would give me his believers receive the Holy Spirit is very clear he divides it to every man as he wills as he chooses them to Bible says this means also friends that the Holy Spirit is not just an influence like we had a spirit about us right the Holy Spirit is not just the influence of Jesus Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit has the capacity to make a decision your influence the spirit about you and me or Jesus does not have the capacity to make decisions and choose who's going to get what gets any sense the Holy Spirit is a person with the power of choice and chooses as the Bible says he chooses which gives we will receive and how we can continue on the last verses of the chapter chapter twelve verses twenty eight and onward and God has set some in the church first one to say apostles secondarily what prophets thirdly teachers and that miracles and it's appealing helps governments diversities of tongues where in the list of tongues appeared last isn't it similar to what he said in their apron by the chapter going on the team after was translation of the ability to interpret tongues and he goes like this are all apostles if any one of these is in the spirit going to be given to every single member is asking a rhetorical question we know what the answer is right is everyone getting negative apostleship no are all apostles are all prophets are all teachers are all workers of miracles have all the gifts of feelings do all speak with tongues do all interpret obvious answer to those questions are is what no soak with respectfully I have to say to my my brothers and sisters who believe that every single person who is filled with the Spirit should give it it should have the gift of time I think some of the Bible my Bible tells me my Bible tells me that we all receive different gifts one of those guess is that the gift of tongues and Paul by the way we want to underscore this but after this discussion because I want to show you an even better way and what the next chapter called Brisbane in thirteen physical love chapter know what's more important than the gifts we have is love we have one sitting if I could speak with tongues of men and angels if I give my body burned inside the gift of prophecy and explain every knowledge there is no under heaven if I don't have charity unselfish love for my brothers and sisters who annoy me and also Nevis church I'm nothing items like a unlike unlike a unlike a a buzzer that won't stop billing off ever had someone hard alarm clock in your room annoying we'll have time to unpack first twenty thirteen brothers and sisters but the most important thing about spiritual gifts are given to the church to share with one another to be a blessing to others and if we don't have the gift of love were simply to make a nuisance of ourselves God doesn't want that after first against thirteen he goes on and says in first chapter fourteen verse one follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts which one should we especially desire prophecy that interesting outcomes the prophecy and he goes on in chapter fourteen these discussing Rockland unpack all fourteenth sometime on Monday have a whole sermon just on Chapter fourteen in the gift of tongues in the history of modern glossolalia and him thinking and Christianity very fascinating history is a lot a lot of information we did in fact that once you notice a few verses here it appears that all the dressing a matter of order and an organization in the church in Corinth it appears that there were a bunch of people who spoke different languages would come to church in Corinth and Hailey wanted to let other people know that their language is important to and he says in verse verse ten representing fourteen percent there are may be so many kinds of voices in the world and none of them is without significance but then he talked about how they would come together they were all incomes and what is executive that verse thirteen wherefore let him that speaks in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret right notices me down in verse twenty seven if any man speak in unknown time let it be by two or three of the most by three and about my course and let one interpret noticeably say don't come to church I guess how this chaos is the cost of any other noise there is a break in their own language and everyone talking and doing different things at most you need to agree Speaker Dorian most he says and let them speak in turn right towards the one person speak and when they're finished let another reason speak write and when they're finished third person speaks editor not me but there would understand let them do what the command interpreter any the theme of the chapter is very clear let everything be done decently in order God is not the law or confusion but in order to peace and harmony visible church is right that's what is talking about it first went to fourteen is talking about this orderliness versus orderliness and is talking here about the gift of tongues being misused and abused instead of being a blessing it had become a curse and he says that there be no interpreter T silent in the church Lindsay himself God what I call upon church in court and so on so many different nationalities only different languages and Paul speaking here about water Venus and organization but notice with me again what he says he says here that there is a special gift that the gift of prophecy but this review here of the gift of tongues is only one of the guests there are different kinds of tongues we know that a number of places where in Paul's writings is also gift of interpretation not everyone receives this gift is given especially for evangelism it says in verse twenty two tones ever assigned not to than the bullying that in them that believe not given for reaching those who need to be reaching the message of Jesus whereas the gift of prophecy that same verse talks about it being given for the church 's abuse of the gift buying multiple speakers at once or without a translator is reproved by Paul here in first Corinthians fourteen so we notice again for spending chapter fourteen verse one follow aperture can desire script abyss or rather that you may prophesy evidently the gift of prophecy was to be one of the most important gifts in the Christian church in fact we notice it repeatedly it is spoken of as only second to apostleship gift of prophecy why would that be we see that in first read this chapter twelve verse twenty eight is that some in the church first apostles secondarily prophets and so on the more desirable gift is the gift of prophecy so I want to explore that a little bit with you today I want to explore with you the fact that the gift of prophecy was given especially for the church therefore tells of her assigned not those who believed the two unbelievers for a brisk twenty two says but prophesying is not for unbelievers but for those who believe a function of the old test of the Holy Spirit even the Old Testament was in the prophecy and turn with me their first Peter second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one and verse twenty one want to see this very important as resistance for this morbidity finding our way working away back to our Scripture today and you're going to see that God has brought us made it very clear that the gifts of the Spirit are to be present in the church even to the end of time first-rate SRW chapter one verse twenty one the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy men of God spake as there spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost to see that it was the Old Testament Scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit they were inspired by the Holy Ghost and turning out Ephesians chapter four Ephesians chapter four you're going to notice with me something very very important again similar to our Scripture for they are our passage in first Corinthians Ephesians chapter four teaches us how long these gifts are to be in the church the Spirit was given forever notice of me what it says in verse twenty is chapter four verse eleven any say any day some was the first one again apostles and some of the second one prophets and some evangelists and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the Ella at a finer building up of the body of Christ do we all come in the unity of the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God unto a what is a perfect man mature man unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ that sounds pretty much like the perfect church right are we there yet so we still need to get in the spirit going then it says that we will be no more children tossed to and fro and carried about with every slide every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive but speaking the truth in love may grow up into him in all things which is the head even Christ this is the goal of God for art for the church to grow up individual or team to a perfect man to a mature man and the Spirit is given these gifts are given to the church in order to make that possible in order for that to come about so it was also to be president of the church until the very in first rent is one six seven said that as well as Ephesians chapter four and let's look then let's look at the at the gift that was given to the Prophet John I want you to notice here are couple of things drive me to the book of Revelation I wanted to focus on one phrase here that is found four times in the book of Revelation as well as in our Scripture today four times in the book of Revelation we have a certain phrase paired together two words in three words paired together that is of significance for a topic to date Revelation chapter one ninety there Revelation chapter one were going to read first verses one and two very first verses of the book of Revelation says the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to him to show under the service things less which must shortly come to pass and he said the fighters signified by his angel unto his servant John you see the order of revelation here you have God the father giving it to Jesus Jesus gives it to his angel is wanting to appear through repeatedly in the book of Daniel and Revelation I believe the same angel Gabriel you have anger than his into the draw I asked what it says in Revelation chapter one and verse one I'm honestly curious another thing I'm asking is when I get to heaven who thought up at the bottom of the symbols okay with it Jesus job they did Angel or that is in the Angels job he got what can happen and then he thought of the symbols and David Brock it is not really clear to me in the first to get it but I'm curious when and if one job to Gabriel if in fact you were given the job of making symbols for things and happen future this article well okay I need to go assist maybe swing my imagination works but anyway it seems as though Jesus probably the one who he makes it symbols of a release believe of course that it's the with all inspired but reversed to go poor record of the word of God and although what does it say testimony of Jesus Christ and of all things that he saw not everything in that verse points to inspiration easy that who bore record it says on the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all the things these eyes almost as if he's expressing parallel plots here notice labors nine the same phrase comes back and I John who also and your brother and companion in tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was in the island is called Patmos for the word of God and for the what if you say Bonnie Jesus Christ now what is the testimony of Jesus Christ that John is talking about he says he he's referring to the many had made it clear what this is I want us to discover what this is when we turn in our Bibles later in the book of Revelation we turn to first chapter nineteen and verse ten Revelation chapter nineteen in verse ten in their and this was as and I fell at his feet to worship him Mrs. John falling in the feet of the angel does not message from Jesus who got the message of God rightly got that sequencing in order to correct I fell at his feet to worship him and he said to me seeing thou do it not why with Angel not want to be worshiped by John very clearly the Angels Angels is a messenger right he's not gone Asian be worshiped John called me to worship and not only that John noticeably says in verse ten seen Adonai I am your fellow servant and your brethren who have what testimony of Jesus there's that phrase again I am of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus I'm like one of you know I love your brother Methodist met Jesus what is the testament Jesus and he says worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the one dispute or promising to make it very simple friends with John describes an island of Patmos John the prophet had clearly been given in the property that that plane in understanding the significant part of the New Testament he wrote the Gospel of John but the three vessels and John Hume of the revelation of Jesus Christ John had the gift of prophecy and clear that even John had to get the promising is getting busy as revelation of Jesus is given a revelation it is not the worst of the Angels in Boston this revelation things as now I'm one of you I liked one of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus Kessler Jesus is nothing more nothing less and again had been present in the church in the Old Testament pointed out over there moved by the Holy Ghost Wright is presently New Testament the Holy Spirit 's fire men and women of the New Testament to write down the writings of of of the New Testament so that we could happen today I am of your brethren the prophets I'm a vital says I love my brother who had a Tesla Jesus you see that race Revelation nineteen Christian Amos Miller I am of your brethren who have the testament Jesus turned of me now the Revelation chapter twenty two and verse nine the exact same thing happens except it is not clear already the angel now makes it very clear by the use substitution of one phrase for one word revelation twenty two John is about to fall down and worship angel in verse eight and then he says any see thou do it not for I am by fellow servant and of thy brethren what is a good meant what it said in nineteen ten I love I'd rather have the testimony of Jesus now he says for I am of my brother and the are you clear is this making sense who has the testimony of Jesus the prospects right him overpromising that very very clear in the book of Revelation book of especially written for the last days IM of thy brethren the prophets and of them was keep the sayings of this book worship God now let's look at one more verse in relationship to twelve is back up now to Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen and this is a description of God why they people like last day people are described it very clear what terms here Revelation chapter twelve and verse seventeen the Bible says the Dragon a Satan was wrong angry with the woman without time to study all those symbols revelation of woman Bible prophecy represents the church at your woman represents pure church and your woman represents a false church never forget that the theme in the book of Revelation and it says that Dragon was angry of the woman went to make war with the remnant of received which keep the commandments of God and have the what testimony of Jesus Christ to give you a summary revelation twelve speaks of the Christian church history from the time of Christ to the time and in their view time of twelve hundred and sixty days or forty two months here in this when the church was going to hiding the woman would have wings to fly and will we believe this predicted the great time of people persecution between five thirty eight in seventeen ninety when those who kept the word of God have to hide the word of God it was actually illegal for a time to have the word of God is in your home but after this time there would be a remnant emerged so sometime after the beginning of the nineteenth century there me when a remnant of what the cost all church there would be a group of people ever heard would still have the faith once delivered to the saints it would mean to fight for Lindsay the vintage wedding taught and lived life to live and believe what he believed and noticed the two characteristics that are better specifically pointed out that this group of people would have new team the commands of God and they would what the Testament of Jesus Christ that means friends from our study this morning that means there should be a God blasting people and manifestation of the gift of prophecy are you with me know some people are critical of the gift of prophecy but apostle says despise not prophesying test all things approval and hold fast that which is true if there were no illegal prophecies of the end it are no profits within the time Jesus would not assist beware of false prophets it was an electronics right but clearly at the end of time there are still to be there is still to be the gift of prophecy and book of Revelation specifically defines God bless the people at having the prophecy now if you are teaching prophecy or your claim to be a prophet for your own benefit or because you just want to put some writings of some person or some or yourself above the Bible and shame on you that heresy but in fact the Bible teaches that in the last days there should be the manifestation of the gift of prophecy it would be heresy not the police which that is not putting someone about the Bible that is simply believing what the Bible says men noticeably are scheduled for the day this is our coordinate close with this first Corinthians chapter one I want you to see what Paul was saying here now as after maybe unpacking some of these phrases and terminologies and looking comparing Scripture with Scripture very similar to what Sedin Ephesians four these gifts were given until the end to bring about maturity in the church in the body of Christ the notice with me present in chapter one verse four I thank my God always in your behalf with the grace of God which is given you by the highest a thing the great example Paul put first things first I'm so thankful we come here today not because were good enough to be here but because the grace of God but falls also thankfully says in verse five that in everything you are enriched by him in all utterance and in all knowledge is ninety six even as the testimony of Christ was confirming what to say in court there were those who been given the gift of prophecy Paul is thankful and he says so that you come behind in no gift waiting for the coming the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ not bank the day and just like in court God who is faithful will not leave his church without gifts God who is faithful will not leave his people without comfort without the comforter the Holy Spirit who was given forever to God 's people do not search is still giving gifts to men he's still giving and endowing believers in all parts of the world with the gifts of the spirit there all differently on different strings different different abilities but God is especially given until the time of the in the gift of prophecy 's afternoon were to be exploring this more but I just want to invite you this morning to join me in thanking Jesus for the great gift of the Holy Spirit banking Jesus for promising to read turn to the father and in the comforter of not only that promising one day to return to us because is wonderful in the gift of the Holy Spirit is friends is something I'm long for even more and that's to be seeing Jesus face-to-face be able to cast my crown of his feet and saved only by your grace only by your mercy but I'm here today thinking that let's pray father in heaven today we just want to thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit word is so easy for us to get caught up in our daily lives we need that spirits remind us of Jesus we need that translation from ink on paper to what would Jesus do but only the Holy Spirit can give winning the gifts for evangelism what are the time when believers didn't speak any other languages but one you empower the church to reach the world through the power of the Holy Spirit Lord you can still work those miracles today we want we want to be used by you to bless others thank you not only for the gift of tongues and to give the church and thank you also to get the prophecy we thank you that men of old moved by the Holy Ghost spoke and wrote as they are moved and anything transmitted to us the testimony of Jesus we thank you for giving of Gabriel in his helping us understand this thank you for profit John thank you for promising to manifest this gift also in the last days in your church which is one of pray that you bless us as we we understand your word help us to be more thankful every day for the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit for the wonderful gift of Jesus for the wonderful promise you'll come again and receive us into himself that where he is we can also be looked for that way we pray to the power steering is a rethinking case in a a this media was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse as you like the more certain and www. audio verse .org


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