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We Believe – The Gift (Part 2)

Chester Clark III


In this study we continue our morning discussion of the gifts of the Spirit, and specifically our discover that the gift of prophecy is the desirable gift that is to be present in the Church until and especially at the end of time.  Pastor Clark shares his belief that Ellen White is a fulfillment of this prophecy.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 14, 2013
    2:00 PM


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father thank you for this day thank you for the masses if your son thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit once again we just want to pray you said that you would get the script those who ask for more willing to give good gifts to children that bother willing to Phillies it's in your spirit community even outside afternoon meeting at lunch keep us alert weight help us in a blessing from her time in your word and bring Jesus a man but today I want to take some time this continue this topic we began this morning we remember the reason that the gift of prophecy is needed is because they can't separation between man and God the beginning it wasn't God 's intention that there needed to be any type of no special communication are different indication everyone should be left face-to-face orientation that's how God designed us to be in the beginning but since shattered and separated that relationship shatters and separates relationships the data that is what sends us and the Bible says in Isaiah fifty nine burst to your iniquities have separated you from your God and that is why we have the need for communication between God and us new sense of hidden his face face from you and faithfulness in artifact that fence separates us from God God is proactive in trying to find ways you like that you know he could be good the seven folding his arms then saying all you come and thought maybe one but God is constantly seeking to restore that communication between himself and his people and God found a way the way that he chooses to communicate is through men and women who have only called if the prophecy specifically the Bible records many conversations when the Lord in different Bible characters I'm of course it wasn't face-to-face communication but it was still special messages that he gave to them sometimes I spoke through the Holy Spirit sometimes by angels at times through people he choose chose to be his messengers but the most frequently chosen channel that God used to communicate with his people has been the channel of profits and profit this is a million women who are speaking for the Holy Spirit of God 's behalf Amos three percent in cells asserted Lord God does not bring unless he reveals his secret to do to his servants the prophets right and so God has chosen them as they tools you might say to reveal his messages and review and interests according to Amos property of the bylaws that second Peter one twenty one for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit got had profits of course even before the flood in Noah's day because Jude fourteen tells us now in the seventh from Adam prophesied about these men also saying behold the Lord composition out everything and is spoken of as a prophet by listening back to even reference a book of being elbow is not part of Barbie and Ken and I don't know that we believe in a corroded that and nonetheless unit is a first-person mensch I had the gift of prophecy but there were others in act three between one is spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began know another prophet foretold the destruction of the world by the flood hundred and twenty years reporting the past that because he was given the gift of prophecy he had a special communication with God and after the flood we find many profits and processes including Miriam and Deborah Jeremiah and Isaiah Ezekiel and many others they were teachers of righteousness they need moral and ethical instruction to God 's people their spiritual guy speaking for God and God revealed his message to them through visions and dreams and this is one thing that he talked to well God spoke specifically to Aaron and remember there is some jealousy about Moses and numbers after twelve by God said if there is a prophet among you either Lord make myself known to him in a vision I speak to him in a dream and in the fact that he's actually pointing out that that's how he communicates the profits they should Moses my servant like if I speak to them face-to-face Moses had a relationship with God he was even greater than the less we use it for the definition of a product properly represent a gift of prophecy as we as we would call it at work the prophetic gift they are wanting to have visions and dreams this is this is one of the characteristics of a profit sometimes God 's messengers were in structure to speak for God they gave a message verbally other times they were to write a record or recorded message for him in fact the Bible that we hold the day is actually the byproduct of these prophets and the written records that they left a written message that they left that doesn't mean if you have a a book written and mean there many probably didn't have a book written eliminating the problem confronted David is notebook even even even John the Baptist Elijah and many others had noblest part of the Bible but their message was nonetheless inspired and every author of the Bible is a part of God 's plan all spoke or wrote for him and were moved by his Holy Spirit of through them God sent a love letter to his children on earth in fact I believe the inspiration and the gift of prophecy is God 's way of saying one of one of the way he communicates his love for us is like giving a gift of prophecy he wants to keep in touch with us and especially wants us to know that he is looking forward to the time and he will no longer have to be dropped when he will have face-to-face communion once again with us all the authors of the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke John Paul Peter James Jude and others were part of that plan all had the gift of prophecy and of course there were others during that same time who were still speaking with God we believe would happen if the property is well Simon agonist Barnabas Anna in fact the Bible records the date the there were not only men but we have the fourth daughters of Philip which recorded in acts twenty one verse nine is for daughters of Philip which did prophesy all were instruments values reveal his will and encourage the early Christian church and the question we might ask is what happened why do we why do we see a AAM interruption in this plan of the prophesying and the gift of prophecy what happened that such prophesying came to them in the Bible says in Proverbs twenty nine euros eighty where there is no vision the people home even people who are happiest to notice how you are easy to law our our contrasted in Hebrew poetry you have you have these have yet either satellite synonyms and seasons so to think of it you you have you'd have thought phrases that would be parallel phrases saying the same thing and sometimes on the other hand and raise a litter the opposite and this is a view up to solve the problem is he is very great frequently in your e-zine that will not use it whether no vision the people perish the exhibit a lot easier to these are two opposed situations and so we can assume that one of the ways that prophecy and the vision would perish with me as we forgive Loblaw as it is God 's people stopped obeying him they no longer will have problems and in fact the Bible would conclude that look at a couple of verses as we go along not many generations past until the church became careless compromising and unfaithful to God and to his law into his word and the just like Israel of old when the church apostle cries something happens to my report in this way the law is no more that connection again with the law they need not just the ten Commandments law but the reading of the Bible studying the Scriptures blog Moses is remembered along from the Old Testament prophet phone log no more Arab profits no longer find visions from the Lord is the time of apostasy so you can see that it only makes sense doesn't that if the church is not listening to the messages it already has why would God send an additional messages that make sense if you are writing some letters and they didn't even bother opening the envelope eventually like to say well when you read what you got in all things related and that's one of the way God is not that he doesn't want to communicate with us but if we're not valuing and treasuring the prophetic gift that we arty have he's not going to be able to communicate with this further lamentations jetted to in verse nine so the early church adopted pagan rites and ceremonies and practices and the start of the fundamental truths of the Bible the teachings of God the law of God one by one the spiritual gifts were with help from the church and this is what history reveals during the time of the ages of the churches sometimes be referred to as the dark ages the Bible and the gift of prophecy was so disregarded that it was it was hard to find a Bible the Bible that exist to be chained to monastery walls where they could be taken are read by anybody but a few months it might have interest in them and the common people were forbidden to read or even to own the Scriptures only the priests were allowed to read the Bible and the Bible is largely retained in the original languages such as Greek and Hebrew or Latin as the Latin Vulgate of been translated into those in the back of a few faithful Christians remained true to the Bible is truth despite persecution and they are to share the shared portions of the Scriptures they possess many of you heard of the Waldenses Wallenstein memorize portions of the Bible so when they would visit out of missionaries they couldn't carry a Bible with them they would be certain death but they could carry about with them though was stored in the memory and then often than they found someone they thought they could trust the risk of their life with some Perl in truth they would get you have a chance to write out those verses maybe you short passage or chapter or maybe from when the Gospels these were treasures that they were able to share with other people they planted the seeds of the Reformation long before the reformers ever came about when reformers named Wycliffe course first annotated Bible in English because the politics of his day which was the liquid was able to survive a guide to natural death but not too long afterwards have twelve hundred years later when spiritual and political fortunes of England had changed they actually exhumed his body they got him up and they burnt his bones because he largely because of his role in providing the Bible in English language to the people reroute was in it that's how strongly they felt about not having the Bible read by common people and having that the church be the medium of salvation Martin Luther one of his great contributions also he translated the Bible into German and course Calvin French reformers translated the Bible to the common languages of the people and then the more it seemed like the church persecuted people are having the Bible more people one the Bible and the Reformation spread like wildfire through parts of Europe as people began to diligently search the Scriptures old truth and then forgotten for centuries began to be discovered the features were bought brought to attention the people in a great religious awakening ensued for example the concept of salvation by they by grace through faith remember the story of Martin Luther made his program is the wrong thought he would do every good believer should do everything appreciate it he made his pilgrimage to Rome and there he found himself on the soft stylus onto the Holy Spirit 's it's it's a scary face the Internet in a small chapel across the street from the from the church of John Lateran in Rome and that staircase is supposed to be the very staircase that was imposed to call that Jesus walked out on the night of his betrayal and trial and it was miraculously golden stone marble staircase it was miraculously transiently transferred from Jerusalem to Rome as I recall the story by Constantine 's mother but any rate there's a there's a belief among those and that shirt that those who climb the staircase on their knees with her saying the rosary making prayers a step will have all of their sins forgiven and there's even during the days and went with the plaque there next the staircase the basis if you do this during the days of Lent it's plenary and gold so it's everything and Martin Luther was there on that stairs with one of the saddest places I've ever been in Rome students people still crowd of so many that when one person has been moved they all have moved is there kneeling on the steps and there's it covered the stone steps with wood to protect me know that they wanted people to still be able to see the stains of blood supposedly blood of Jesus from the steps and so they have a Plexiglas windows and everyone when they did the stairs they kiss that window as they're saying their prayers at it this is what Martin Luther was doing and if so many that his staircases on either side of it on other one a son Walter so that overflow for the people that can't fit all master case the same forgiveness is offered to investors and Martin Luther was doing this when he was a far flash through his mind Scripture that he read from most Bibles change the monitoring well what was adversity remembered the just shall live by faith and so one by one these trees beginning to rediscover salvation wasn't a function of the church it was a function of faith of the center in their Savior and agreed religious awakening resulted in a few hundred years later another great religious movements from all denominations to place some of them are Baptist summer Methodists and Presbyterians and many other persuasions they were searching the Scriptures and and praying for light and down as they discovered things like the second coming and they also discovered in this movement the fourth commandment of God the great Memorial this creation the Sabbath commandment they read that read the book of Revelation and a solid description about people in times here in the pages of the same keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and they continue to study they were impressed with keeping the commandments of God involved in the Bible Sabbath now remember what does it say when what what what was contrasted with this is where there is no vision the people perish thinking that keeps the what the law is even looking to buy his which contrast and compare Kass commandment keeping an prophetic right and here is this movement for hundreds of years as the no movement no large group of people who have kept the Commandments of God anytime there's going to be repeating the commands about in the right elbow Revelation tells us and that's what we see is this liberty will continue to study they were impressive keeping the mammoth involved keeping the Sabbath and they accepted this moderation proclaimed the Sabbath truth to the world but what about the prophecy with the reinstatement of commandment keeping with there be a renewal of the gift the gift of prophecy would God raise up the special gift of prophecy among the end time Sabbath keeping people wouldn't it be reasonable to expect a short notice what he said would happen the last days that shook on it afterward that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall want about life and your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see visions before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes in the last days we would expect that there should be the gift of prophecy in the church notice of this would take place just before the great and terrible day of the Lord just before the second coming of Jesus God 's people are to have the gift of prophecy in their midst at this closing our first history community to do with the church at Corinth we read this morning so that you I know it waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and specifically remember talking about the testament Jesus or the gift of prophecy is any relation twelve or seventeen the Dragon was wrong with the woman went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ cargo characteristics of God 's people the last days they will have the faith of Jesus they will keep all God 's commandments they will have the gift of prophecy or the testimony of Jesus as also all the preparation for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy so according to Revelation the church that remains is God 's channel communication from Jesus in the last days is characterized as having his face keeping the commands of God and being blessed spirit of prophecy I believe it simply tells the God still cares about us God still wants to keep in touch and he still wants to send us his love letter he still has something to say to us even in this generation but you might ask what about the possibility perception how can we tell the difference in genuine prophet of God and a false prophet obviously one of the sign last days before his and there would be false about right but the good news is that Jesus warns against false prophets that means is that your profits because if he listened this morning if Jesus knew they were to be no profit in the last days he would just say beware of profits but he said beware of false prophets which gives encouragement that there will be true prophets in the last days of how can we tell the difference in a genuine prophet of God and let Jesus warned us against the false prophet the possibility of deception is always existed even the Old Testament there are false prophets right now there's always been false and true ones we don't have to be so concerned about letting the false and so if we understand the characters of the true prophets will be able to recognize the genuine gift and God does the Bible give specific characteristics that identify a true prophet a true prophet 's message will be in harmony with God 's word remember the Bible tells us that the law the testimony as a chapter eight if they speak not according to this word it is because there is what no light in them as a gentry verse twenty so the first test is in Michigan harmony with God 's word the second testing that a true problem predictions must come to pass more people don't know we do understand that there are conditional policies and especially when it has to do with judgment incident is repentance that will be changed right none of them Nineveh was predicted to be overthrown because of their sin I what was their response they repented right and so no longer could they be a liberal because of their sins because they repented of their sins and so they named the fact that profits some properties are conditional upon a spiritual response does not mean that is not expected profits writings or pictures to come to pass you're my favorite time in the word of the prophet shall come to pass then shall probably be known the Lord has truly sent him one of the reasons that God is given the gift of prophecy is to build up his church and if we are to discover the true gift we must discover the true church they are linked together at the end of time rumored relationship with twelve person team of person is twelve fourteen referring to hear prophesies speaks intermittent edification and notification comfort in that prophesies and buys the church verses three and four that chapter so another generic accuracy of a true prophet after profit will exalt Christ the son of God and the Savior of mankind notice me first John four verse one beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out or are gone out into the world every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God and so we see that the false prophets must exalt Christ is the son of God another thing they must bear good fruit true proper prophetess to me known by his or her life and works either who knew will recognize them or know them making Jane says Matthew chapter seven in verse sixteen verse eighteen a good tree cannot bear bad fruit bad tree cannot bear good fruit of based on these passages it becomes obvious that not everyone who professes her claims to be a prophet of God is a true prophet so what can we do we should apply the tests right we should examine their lives in the writings and see if they had if they agree with the Bible if the date matter that the tests if they went to thank God again even if they don't then we should follow Christ warning and watch out for them be careful for them knowingly share your story of how God chose to keep in touch with his people it was during the great religious awakening in the early nineteenth century there is tremendous interest in Bible study and prayer in the prophet Daniel Revelation were particularly being studied with great interest they told Bible students study these prophecies and eventually came to the conclusion that Jesus would return in their day we speak and this is the Millerite movement as they continue to say that he settled on the date of October twenty two eighteen forty four however October twenty two came and went without Jesus return the glorious second coming did not take place it was that it wasn't most bitter disappointment it was a provoke much ridicule and scorn in scoffing misrepresentation and later as they continue to study the group realized that while the prophecy had not failed their understanding of it had been not not been correct they had thought the sanctuary to be cleansed in Daniel eight fourteen was this earth that they continue to study they began to understand the century in heaven that was to be Clinton's there were was that final demonstration of God 's character love is a listing place of the final final movements of versus treatment plan of salvation excitedly than later the annotated sanctuary message and then began to find more truths that have been forgotten for Saint for centuries and is at this crucial moment that God chose to reveal working in the property to his people and it's really an amazing story my life and I've been reading biography series of the last few weeks of work on a worship fastening storage of food can hear the early part of this movement and and how divisions in the gift began to be given God chose a frail seventeen -year-old girl and gave her a vision of the triumph of God 's cause no harm and was given her first vision in December of eighteen forty four soon after the great disappointment but even two months later she was shown the Advent people traveling an elevated road to heaven with a brilliant light from Jesus illuminating the pathway as well as interestingly there is also a light behind the scenes of using the brilliant path is an artist 's conception ECGs of lying about dad is also bright light behind her it was the midnight cry was the method the Bryden is there really the message of the Millerite movement and at this point many of the millwright are administered they were called were being discouraged really think the whole thing was long and they're ashamed of the of the movement there are ashamed of their message this vision in fact Ellen not want to tell revision largely because most of the people that she knew who were part of that movement had been part of an ornament no longer believe that the then net message they had given was true and so is embarrassing for her heart for her the seventeen -year-old girl to come in the messages that actually the way you begin the thing about this is wrong in fact that message is like trying behind us is the light shining from but we should be ashamed of the message of eighteen forty four very interesting vision that she received and this was such an encouragement to the small group of scattered at the believers who would eventually later become known as the Seventh-day Adventists of Ellen White soon Ellen Harmon soon married James White another young Bible student and for more than seventy years she spoke and wrote and taught and counseled for God although the scope of her ministry was was quite astounding what she claimed as her greatest work as she put it was to be the men and women to the greater light the Bible her role as he sought was to turn hearts back to the word of God to show people the word of God she wrote about her ministry for example page one twenty five millimeters unit of the Bible the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater night she would have many dreams and visions in public especially in the early years if you look at the life from nonlife you'll notice that while C's had probably some somewhere between three and four thousand visions as I recall the vast majority of the public visions were in the first few years of her ministry and then you might ask why is that well in the early years they were obviously in the skeptics of people that needed to see that this was a genuine manifestation and so there are many many times and she in a large public gathering would have visions people offer who were skeptical of her gift would be present to win be there to try to deceive it was actually true the Bible records the quality thereof the vision Daniel for example when he was envisioned his breath left him okay so when a person is in a vision but ending and receiving a message from God his there is this operating and you might say well that's not possible for someone to live for an hour hour and a half to three hours long the vision out reading but the skeptic after skeptic where their doctors included to did everything they could in their day to try to make sure that she wasn't actually bring some were actually allowed claims allowed to come in examiner she's on the floor sometimes you have extra human strength like this picture shows her holding a honey like the overhead for forty five minutes and Judy Holden 's Bible overhead and without being able to see just uses the five foot two inch young lady now been able to see overhead what she was Neil she would turn the page in the Bible to the past and that she was quoting Angelina have it linger over under the under the words as she quoted them passage after passage after passage and so you can see in this picture someone's on a chair trying to see what if if she's actually reading the right person Xerxes misquoting it to someone else who is singing you see the folks there on the side they trying to distract your listing and really really loud writer ears and she would keep right on talking right on quoting exactly what the message that I believe it would be sometimes promised strength is gone and she would sometimes be laying on the floor receiving a vision and sometimes talking about what's she saw sometimes not but the doctors would hold the mirror in front of her face just inches breathing changing allowed one fellow was a skeptic to both in closing her mouth for an extended period of time and there's only one thing that you could include the days of this a supernatural note Saturday from one square another race this baffles me today and those who rejected the prophecy of I could be halfway with leaving us it's got either all or none needed assists in the this is of God this is of the devil and the whole movement would be as well just some poor criticizing the word of God she wrote clinging to your Bible as a re- and stop your criticism in regard to the validity and obey the word and not one of you will be lost to his will she's pointing men and women to the Bible as God 's word no woman author has ever written as prolifically as Ellen White her message is a counselor proof received from God were shared with his people through numerous books magazine articles tracts pamphlets and personal letters her writings include it Council on victorious Christian living on diet and foods on the homeland marriage on drugs and prenatal care on child guidance education and the list could go on and on many of her writings have been validated by modern scientific discoveries she's been quoted by professors doctors news commentators and others as an authority in many of these fields in fact some of you are familiar with the with the documentary that was done a number of years ago now called what was it called Campbell forty seven I think Doctor gambles off of the China study a well-known researcher and then he had a chance to read her book Council Knights includes any send virtually everything that has been validated by biomedical science the question in England is that of Doctor Newman Linda the question that he has is wise in her life this book receiving wider publication because he recognizes how far in advance of her time she was scientifically a Doctor Clive McKay says Verizon online had been fired because they provide a guide to nutrition that comprehends the whole body eighty sixty four zero tobacco is a poison of the most deceitful and malignant time they understand this is in a time when doctors were prescribing smoking for health ailments for lung problems this was a timely this was not a well-known true in fact as he says it is all the more dangerous because of the fact that promises them are so slow and scarcely perceivable it wasn't until almost a hundred years later in nineteen fifty seven the American Heart Association concluded what you know that smoking was a causative factor in lung cancer in you believe it is fifty seven not that long ago it was thought in her day the tobacco and cigar smoke were an effective cure for lung disease that we see that God gave her that information in nineteen oh two online one in San Francisco and Oakland would be visited by the Lord because they're becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah now do we find repentance after that they repent now so we would expect that take place on it where it was I would argue this was a conditional prophecy dislike about the conventional but there were no conditions to be met and indeed they did there wasn't repentance a revival of turning away from their sins and that in fact in April eighteen nineteen oh six at five twelve in the morning the great San Francisco earthquake occurred in the prophecy was true the predicted that predicted destruction did take place exactly as for cold Mrs. White's achievement there are more astounding when we consider the overwhelming obstacles he faced in her life throughout her lifetime on November twenty six eighteen twenty seventeen a twin sister Elizabeth were born in the little village of Gorham Maine hunting unison Robert Harmon Hart Robert Howard Baker he wasn't a wealthy man hard-working men he was a hard-working not about him and he elements the last of eight children or element movement were anyway I don't get any record for sure which one was one verse of the self and aged nine had an accident change your life forever as they were on their way home English major through Iraq and Ellen turned around just as the rock arrive at an hitter face is figuring her and causing severe injury those days of course the ability to treat was limited she was in it for a number of weeks and was not thought it was not thought that she would survive a bow she survives she was not able to continue in school when she tried to look at a paper that everything would just swim she couldn't hold her hand steady enough to write the girl that threw the rock trying to help bring a class is reading to her reading your lessons to her trenches there felt very bad what happened but then the publishing tried several times she was never able to continue her education beyond the third grade her suffering letter to consider spiritual life she came to believe that the personal faith in Jesus Ellen became about a student of the Bible and was attending meetings and revival meetings on its meetings and after Ginny Methodist camp meeting in Buxton Maine LA was baptized in the harbor there in Maine on June twenty six and forty two and became a Methodist member of Methodist Church later owner family not attended the meetings by William Miller Portland Maine and the William Miller was a former Army captain who would been studying the Scriptures and come to believe in the soon coming of Christ the founder of what became known as the Bill of Rights the Harmon family was convinced of the truthfulness of Miller's messages because they accepted Miller's message and began to believe in the second coming of Jesus they would actually be disfellowshipped dropped from the fellowship of the church the Methodist Church they belong to it was arranged so that they would be this felt quietly because the members of the Methodist church had a very high regard by Harmon family and it turned out that when they were called a meeting to be before the church only a select few of the church had been called in and arrested really knows going on and they were voted out of out of membership however after the great disappointment of October twenty two Ellen was devastated she wept and she prayed and she continued studying God 's word and then it was that she was given that first vision of God 's people physically you my faith not only expected a profit is how she do the work of God would have reduced seventeen years old frail sickly uneducated it's all the more glory to God is a bit when we see what God can do through even someone who is so weak she held her in her words after I had the vision and guide daily life and being illiterate I shrank for but I was young I thought they would not receive it from me although feeling inadequate and physically incapable of the responsibilities of this calling by God in faith she accepted the mission that God gave her that would last or lifetime her husband James worked together and sharing the life and you and the crew their triumphs and emotions which are shared in many of her writings she lived in a committed life committed to Christ the tireless servant and devoted mother she is with some of her family as she is near her death in her later in the center she was loved by her husband her family and thousands around the world in eighteen sixty eighteen eighty one James White her husband died in Battle Creek and standing by his graveside was Ellen pressing pledging to press on the work that they had continued it began together some of our life 's most beautiful inspiring writings appeared after this time she worked alone for another thirty four years and that her ministry took her to Australia to Europe to the United Kingdom on guiding counseling instructing believers and she went she passed away on July sixteen nineteen fifteen at the age of eighty seven and was buried in a cemetery in Battle Creek next to her husband a few weeks after her death a newspaper during this statement in New York and she showed no spiritual pride and she sought no filthy Luker she lived the life and in the work of a worthy prophetess the most admirable of the American succession so even though her voice is still than her pen is at rest the priceless words of counsel imagination she wrote are still alive today and I believe this is one of the manifestations in fulfillment of the prediction of revelation that God would in the last days of the Google people that keep the commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus which is the gift of prophecy and I believe that this will continue these councils will continue to guide guides people to final victory Sunday lastly well I got been another profit night that I would have to say yes I think certainly could do nothing that says he can't do nothing has to I think that the bigger question for me is when my doing what the message with the messages are sent this just such a vast treasury there it seems we have a hard time even beginning to benefit from God has given us a tremendous gift a very rich gift her legacy to the world as a gift of love a message from God to earth from across the universe God of love who still wants to with his children here until Christ comes and then the lesser light will pale in the presence of Jesus is the light of the world number of years ago in the vast desert wastes of South Africa they lived a primitive bushman name listed Tsukuba Sakuma live in isolated life as a member of a nomadic people in one night he crept into the shelter and prepared asleep and suddenly the night became brighter than being a shining being appeared to Tsukuba and told him that he should find the people of the book he must find the people who worship God scuba it wasn't sure what that meant what book how can the reader that he found it of course he wasn't literate the language of the bushmen contain click send guttural sounds that were quite unlike the language of other African tribes and never been and never been written is never written language but the shining one as a group but would describe him who appeared to him said the book talks you will be able to read Tsukuba traveled for days with his family in search of the book he reached the hut of some Bantu tribesmen they knew the people of the book the farmers were startled to hear the bushmen somehow speaking in their own Bantu language they have a modern manifestation of the gift of time he immediately took Tsukuba to his master the past was deeply moved by Tsukuba story your journey is over the past tools but we have the book but that night the shining one appeared to Tsukuba again he said that these were not the people he must look for he must find the Sabbath keeping church and pastor will you patrimony it would also have a book would have a book and also for Brown books that are really nine the next phase of Kuba trade for assigned unionism direction for his journey and so when he did pray this prayer of cloud appeared and Tsukuba set off off after it began to follow this cloudless sky he actually followed this cloud for several days it appeared over a disappeared over a certain village their Tsukuba asked for a pastor Mallya and was quickly directed to his home after Sakuma told his story in the local dialect again and ability to speak a language that he hadn't ever been able to speak before passively brought out his worn by it Scooby 's scuba said that it but what about more books are really nine and turns out years before this the story took place in the middle twentieth century but years before Ellen White had written what we know as testimonies of the church not on the over number of years in addition of the testimonies that were bound not in nine separate books but in four volumes of seeing so many amazing as I have seen copies of those this turns out in one of those printings now my husband and me then reduced and before at which addition to think rationally ahead London's night of violence or the one only imprinted at four asteroid in the middle of South Africa had a four volume set of the nine volume testimony and Tsukuba search was over he found the people he found the Sabbath keeping people of people blessed with the prophetic gift and eventually he and his family were baptized and he became a missionary to his own tribal people see I believe God is working in marvelous ways today and I don't think that the fact that we have this message we can be understanding truth is any accident God is guiding us and he still wants to guide us today and I think likes of Google we should be able to recognize God 's truth we should be able to say this is it that you accept and receive the gift that God wants to give us would you like to have that experience the Bible promises and second Chronicles chapter twenty verse twenty believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his prophets and you shall prosper let's pray father in heaven thank you so much for giving us the gift of your spirit thank you for the each of the prophetic age of the spiritual gifts especially think that the prophecy we thank you that when your people are faithful to you that you give them messages remember that where there is no vision the people perish but happy is the one who keeps your law so we does want to pray that as we are living in the last visitor 's history and we might indeed despise not proper signs that we might test and prove all things and hold fast to that which is true we thank you for predicting that in the last days you would restore the gift of prophecy to your church to your people and there would be a commandment keeping people who have the testimony of Jesus we thank you for this is a biblical message this is an something from outside the Bible this is what the Bible teaches us and help us to accept the teachings of the Bible and be thankful for the lesson like you sent the plaintiffs of the greater light will afford in the day you'll come in the clouds of glory we no longer need to hear the messages of province problem is in what is this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to resend an audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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