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Righteousness by Faith

Chester Clark III


In this practical message Pastor Clark explores the intersection of faith with our daily lives.  The experience of Abraham,  expounded upon by the apostle Paul, brings us clear insights into what it means to live by faith.  Join us as we learn lessons from the man the Bible calls the “Father of those who have faith.”

This is another in our series on the Book of Romans (Chapter 4).


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 28, 2013
    11:00 AM
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it was nineteen thirty eight win that off because the United States a storm was brewing most of the forecasters said that it would be staying in the Atlantic one Junior intern meteorologists and Connecticut said that he thought there was actually a high-pressure farther out in the Atlantic in combined with a high pressure over some of New England this would force it to make landfall around somewhere around Connecticut or New York but nobody paid much attention to him out in the Atlantic of course is the rather primitive equipment that we had at the time we didn't realize what was going on this journey was building steam and leaders September twenty twenty first when a farmer from Connecticut received a package in the mail containing a barometer that he ordered from we took out the barometer from its packaging look at it and instantly he knew something was wrong they sent him an effective barometer tries he could tapping it in hitting it and shaking it he couldn't get the Mercury to come out of the bowl knead lightly sent me a wrong thermometer barometer in Sony 's wit and packaged it back up and took them to the post office to return it to the company he bought it from before he made it back to his house his house had blown into the sea this is your team still stands on the record as the fastest forward speed of any storm to hit the United States now are we passing some Europeans with faster wins but the storm itself usually travels fifteen or twenty miles an hour the storm of traveling seventy miles an hour in fact that morning Katharine Hepburn some of you know that any was near a vacation home in New York Connecticut and on Long Island sound it was sunny in the morning and she was swimming enjoying a nice fall day when to her surprise the sky became dark and the storm began blowing in the ways began rising and she made her way to back to her house she wrote of the experience our house our house for twenty five years were all gone it was something devastating and reelected beginning of the world or the end of it and I slog been sloshed crawl through ditches and how long to keep going somehow got drenched in bruised and scratched completely bedraggled finally got to where there was a working phone and called that your gain of eighteen thirty eight was sometimes called the Yankee clipper of the Long Island express or simply the great European of eighteen thirty eight it became a count of forty five yard gain on the jerking scale and made landfall as a category three it was estimated to have killed around eight hundred people and caused over fifty seven thousand homes to be completely destroyed or heavily damaged as a loss of three hundred and six million dollars in a in nineteen thirty eight which today's money twenty thirteen would be about four seven million dollars water insanity correct that as far as cost that it was not nearly as much of a here again is just the coast wasn't so developed as it is today in blue ships out of the CN trains off of their tracks making the endowment along the entire seacoast was tremendous it was a here again that would be remembered for many many years no as we think of that barometer we begin to realize that the Yankee farmer actually had a working barometer he just didn't believe the atmospheric pressure should be that extreme he didn't trust them to get a look outside and it was sunny he thought everything was going well and the barometer must be defective the other sometimes it mean our Christian life are tempted to trust what we perceive or what we think or how we feel you understand what I'm saying we see reality we sense reality Coulter defines reality and yet something else is described in God 's word how hard it is for us to trust God 's word instead of what we can see and think we know to be reality for me back in your Bibles to Genesis chapter fifteen were talking today about righteousness by faith Romans chapter four Romans chapter four we've been talking about Romans even eventually falls when explaining the via the whole plan of salvation and he uses an illustration in Romans for the video takes from Genesis chapter fifteen to wrangle back to Genesis and were going to look at this story that Paul borrows from heavily in Genesis chapter fifteen new member three Romans a few weeks ago we were looking at that passage and partly describes in Romans chapter three describes that there is a righteousness by faith which is spoken of by the law and the prophets remember that the right is my fate the grace and the righteousness of Christ is actually not just a New Testament and Paul listed that in Romans chapter three the law and the prophets of the Old Testament about the love the great salvation by grace through faith righteousness by faith through through the cross of Christ is taught in the Old Testament along the province and this may be another passenger that he's referring to inject Rodriguez is one that is certainly comes to an chapter four notice of me in Genesis chapter fifteen in verse one after these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision saying do not be afraid Abram I am your shield your exceedingly great reward but Abram said Lord God what will you give me saying I go childless and the air my house is Eliezer of Damascus 's servant was the one that would take his belongings his will was made out to a well he was a believer Eleazar but he wasn't he wasn't of God 's people he was he was from Damascus neighboring southern love you have given me know while spring indeed one born in my one born in my house is my air and behold the word of the Lord verse fourteen and saying this one shall not be your heir but one who will come from your own body shall be your air then he brought him outside verse five and said look now toward heaven and count the stars if you're able to number them and he said to him so shall your descendents be this was spoken to Abraham who was an old man he was getting up in years and he was he was still childless he and Sarah not been able to see and I can imagine them going out on a dark night talking with God had never been out under the stars of God there's something about a clear night when the committee 's lowland and and the stars are so visible in your prominent place where you can see a hundred and eighty degrees of sky from horizon to horizon it when you see that an attitude of creation you feel very very small and I can just imagine this is where Abraham was on that night thereof and in as he was out in the desert perhaps in a place where you can see very clearly in the stars were just like milk in the sky is having this conversation with God is asking God why doesn't Western with children may not be the bread all of us had we've all perhaps had those kinds of prayers why God can't you just give me this one thing that I need Abraham is in that conversation with God out of the starry heavens it cannot does look look over the stars look up and see how many they are accountable and try yours your air will not be one who was born as a servant in your house your hair will be one of your own your own descendent and your descendents to God that would be at the stars of the sky now and tell you that a brand-new one thing Abraham knew that was impossible Abraham David that he inherited toward having to be an old man the Bible doesn't end there the Bible says the next verse of chapter fifteen in verse six and he believed in the Lord any account of it to him for one of their new believe in the Lord of it counted to him for righteousness you see my friends God plan it is something rated with Abraham Barnett a purpose for calling and how the current localities where his own family and friends would of been a corrupting influence got called about into a land where human lives as strangers and I can tell you that as I studied the life of Abraham I've been very impressed that Abraham was able to live a life of singular fidelity to God and to his word even though there was nobody else the court that he knew on the face of the planet has shared his notice of audiogram even Sarah Sarah did not have the same walk with God that Abraham had his own wife if you look at the story for example Genesis chapter twenty one does Abraham Abraham take your son your only son Isaac whom you love and going offer him is not in the Rye Abraham did not dare we consider the Sarah Sarah didn't have that closeness with the God of the universe and yet Abraham and I don't say this dispenser all I'm saying is that Abraham had gone out life free from early Chaldees not even knowing where he was going trusting God to guide a remnant had opportunity after opportunity to build great to know that God would trust would leave him in a trustworthy manner and now God is giving them another opportunity like this is telling him I'm going to make your seed and rate I'm going to be and when you make your ability when you send North Venice will last all nations he's going to give them a sign that would separate him from the rest of the world the sign of circumcision but I want you to see here that even before Abraham obeyed God and in accepting even before you have this ceremony where he obeyed and took a three -year-old female Golden three -year-old man maternal that when a young pigeon in this ceremonial meeting in healing authorities and any of those things the Bible says he simply believed God and got accountability for what righteousness you see how that Abraham however Abraham was accounted righteous was it because you may never got help getting a series now you're saying that without happened is because he is a convinced daughter or earn God 's righteousness no not at all he simply believed I like these enough over these is easy for us to believe things in their cell evening it is a lesson blame God when he promises that is unwilling to do anyway right is easy to believe God when what I said is not in the realm of the impossible but when God says something that seems humanly impossible they are viewed in the league because to do so requires the ball today I wanted to explore more the subject I want to be turning out in Romans chapter four will be spending most of our time here in a few minutes we had together in Romans chapter four will keep of a finger there they are her visa paper there is no becoming back to a number of times but Abraham it says in verse one of Romans chapter four what shall we say that Abraham our father has found according the flash for him Abraham was justified by works he has something to boast about but not before God for what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness all he is quoting Genesis chapter fifteen verse six now to him who works the way it is not counted as race but has definitely put it this way if you work for a in your job for forty hours a week you get paid for forty hours a week right if you work fifty hours a week in a paper fifty hours a week at least if you're on an hourly basis right but if your employer were to choose to pay for fifty hours even though he works forty hours that would not be something that has all of you will write that would be a yes it would be something you didn't deserve which is the definition of the race racism narrative favored deserved favor right so so Abraham do it it says received this righteousness not because of his works if you receive them because of work would not mean he doesn't race because of that I went to him when he received it by grace not because of works but because he simply believe and he makes his AE makes this illustration this was a very white mint illustration for the Jews not understand neither Abraham 's descendents these are the one there's originally holding on to obedience of the law that Abraham was the role that Abram him originated and especially such things as circumcision you know you have to be circumcised Paul dealing out of Gentiles coming into the church and the Gentiles some of whom are uncircumcised the Jews wanted to make certain sizes he had to be circumcised you got anything in your insecticide and the ending the argument of policymaking is simply this way was Abraham accounted righteous he was not when he was circumcised but before winning the league 's salvation is by grace through the and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast of as a very clearly envision Shepperton is so a appalling the Romans chapter four is trying to argue that Abraham was justified before he was circumcised and even the father of the faithful so means you are justified we are saved apart from the works of the law we are saved not by obedience we are saved by grace amen we're Sage by the cross of Jesus Christ by his blood by his sacrifice by his ministry now in our behalf those of me verse thirteen Romans chapter fourteen in verse thirteen for the promise that he would need a air of the world was not to Abraham were to see through the law through obedience but through the righteousness of faith for if those who are of the law are heirs faith is made void and the promises made of none effect because the law brings about wrath but where there is no law there is no transgression therefore it is of faith that might be according to grace the promise might be sure to all the scene not only to those that are of the law on circumcised but also those where the faith of Abraham was the father of us all Abraham became known as the father of the faithful because of his belief in God he believed God could do the impossible skin down to verse eighteen who conquered a hope in hope believed so that he became the father of many nations according to what was written so shall your descendents be and not being weak in faith he did not consider his own body already there since he was about a hundred years old or the deadness of Sarah 's womb he did not think about those things he didn't dwell on the impossibilities be dwelt upon the promise and it says in verse twenty he did not waver in the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith giving glory to God and being fully convinced that what he had promised he was able also to perform therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness being fully persuaded that what God from you was able also to perform I want to do this think this morning about this experience of Abraham I think it's an experience that God would want us to have today and as I think about components of Abraham 's righteousness by faith I realized that sometimes it's well sometimes it is the experience of sometimes we William Godwin it seems humanly feasible but do we really believe that God is able to work miracles miracles and not talking about you know that there can be all kinds of miracles got me providing for our needs putting food in our cupboards or gas tanks the greatest miracle is that God changes like me Christians don't believe they don't believe that God could really change there are either not bad people in Iran they go to church and they believe a lot of things but they don't believe that God could actually read create a new heart in them and make them somebody there you can so you can excuse us just the way I is my personality swim always been my family Christians aren't perfect it is forgiven and I'll get me wrong if you think your purpose in the wrong gators is a problem but somehow some time there to be something in Hawaii they are so accomplished that we depend upon the what else you have not yet experienced righteousness by me it is just what I can know how I can improve myself how the self-help and in all the different methods and thoughts and everything else that I can do there is a problem because I got the bad news is while I can improve myself and change myself I cannot I myself is but God promises to do that do we believe it do we experience miracles in our lives stated that I would propose to you today is believing God 's Word even when he promises the impossible theologians can cobble and contradiction but if God 's Word is clear God is always the phase takes not at his word Faith is believing God 's Word even when I feel otherwise in other times in my life my been very discouraged I seemed as though according to my feelings I would never be able to be saved not according to my feelings I would never overcome where God wanted me to overcome I would never I would never meaning that any different than I that I found myself every day my human nature does seem to be overwhelming at times I just got discouraged and that's when we need me when the discouragement when God 's word says something that we don't need only if they gods word says to me if we confess our sins he is what faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness first John chapter one verse nine even though I may not feel forgiven you know I may feel like the worst center life they ice of God 's word because God 's word has to be of greater credibility in my life that even how I feel God 's word is the barometer my friends that we live by how not always see how they are in the sky now we feel in our bones are in our hearts God 's word is the barometer that tells us how anything is believing God 's Word even when I feel otherwise sometimes I despair is God 's word say don't be discouraged he is able to see the pattern holds all who come to my hand don't be discouraged therefore he says those the father sends me will come to me and he the company Jesus says in John six I look for no reason no wise cast out on the Jesus friends those who believe in him and first John John chapter one verse twelve says those as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God these promises of Scripture are for you there for me and we can believe that they must be our barometers now sometimes what a strange meaning of scriptures sometimes were not discouraged sometimes I feel like were on top of the world when everything is going well you know we still need our barometers because the Bible says also in the Caribbean that have nothing to the status take heed lest he fall so sometimes I need a word of God they key me trusting in God 's ability to say I don't feel like they could be saved at a time letting God where the driver keep any entrusting that I am not worthy myself and that no matter how many things I can't do why I still need to see but on every peach and evil circumstances I need the wrong I need to be incurred in the word of God they is believing no word even when he promises the probably impossible faith is believing God 's Word even when I feel otherwise righteousness by faith is obeying not sold that God will do what is wrong but because he has done what he is from I want to be very clear on that point the phase that brings justification is not the first upon works but neither is it found without some but without obedience because once we had been saved by the grace of God that we can't stop reverse and Ephesians Chapter two verse eight nine for by grace you saved through faith but not of yourself the gift of God Christians as for we are his workmanship created was that sound like that unlike divine power that unlike impossible for me to do yes for we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works there's a miracle that takes place in our lives something that you and I cannot move ourselves beloved just bear with me here I want to underscore this you were coming to church and of our religion is things that we can give ourselves our religion is a religion of works under what your theology is about Germans don't believe in legalism if your religion is composed of things you can do for yourself is not the miracle but not wanting to be he says I will take out the stony heart out of your flesh output in a new heart a heart of flesh that that's a miracle and we need near us I mean my daily life so that righteousness by faith you may also that God will do what he has promised but because he is not what is wrong so when I feel as though I am not forgivable when I feel that my sins are too many integrated my hardest to hard when I become discouraged saving drafts the promises of God and believe that he is able to forgive me labeled as a defendant greater say in here than I am a sinner he is in his race is greater than all my sin please grasp that and doesn't wait until we know that it is it is it is reality the favorite of mine when you act as though it is true whether the order not because God is always only make it a little simpler for you all use may not sin salvation illustration wedding is just as just as just as applicable suppose some days this isn't just opposing this is real some days I wake up and I'm not good for anyone here ever had that experience get on the wrong side of the humanity type which abetted the wall causing upon right side of the known get on the wrong side of that is in you feel angry the world anything that crosses you is bound for the extinction you know this is one of those days but what is God 's will for our lives what is pulsating living force for rejoice in the Lord on the days you feel good notices he says rejoice the Lord all waves and again I say rejoice well all the time and when you're busy rejoicing that's what Paul saying rejoice in Lord always again I say rejoice will this day is not a good day maybe I thought I'd rejoice right what is God 's will got well is not words is rejoicing would always know and I didn't myself to live by I need a miracle every day is a new day a new miracle is needed as I give myself to God we become his workmanship again created I love the web picture created in Christ Jesus and if any man be in Christ he is a new creature Paul says right that one of being we want to be antichrist all promises of God segment is everyone first one and leave it is all the promises of God in him are you a a nine when you're in Christ every promise in the word of God is yours you can experience it even if it's in your business with God 's word is creating so I I I I give myself to God even on the themes I don't feel good and I should lose because I give my life to him I choose this moment is something organizationally that is just what the world know how I I don't want to be one of those tricky parts utterly transparent say like this I really don't believe the doctors in Princeton act as though God is able to do was posted I call it a some may call hypocrisy by calling eight to get it I advised put a smile on my face what I don't feel like doing because of my faith I got word says I'm a new creature and even if I don't feel happy just like I didn't feel forgiven I can live like they know what happens when when you listen on your phrasing and with limited was limited in her singing a song and same kind words of the people do you know what happens it won't take very long before your feelings of whatever it is unmodified and feelings before that becomes eclipsed by the true joy toward and they has gotten the victory sequence of problem is we don't recognize these opportunities for what they all we don't we don't see these are simply opportunities for faith can be developed in the three let them pass by our faith just becomes more and more anemic and weak we should praise God when we got on the wrong said that because this is a chance for faith to gain the victory over the best why Jane says my brethren count it all joy when you fall into different temptations knowing that the trial of your faith works patience instead what we know we find a division of a relatively weak then we put off every weight we let the world know where angry at it and we missed our live by faith we say this another way when you wave and his trash and eighty on Sunday coming in the window and the birds are singing and heirs fresh like it is today and the world seems to be smiling at every turn and you feel on top of the world you have no opportunity to exercise a do it rejoice in the war in those days is not a miracle right with me is not I know I'm talking about something on my own I can be happy the miracle comes when God 's word says do we believe that God is able to do the impossible still I want miracles if I want to experiences miracles hi we have got to start recognizing opportunities God gives us to have their and allow those miracles to happen in our lives both rises by fate is obeying even when I don't feel like obeying I don't believe in democracy at all not at first I believe not his first and I asked God to make me a new creature in Christ Jesus some people say well you know when you feel like we did when you can't help but believe obey than usual they listen in God 's word says it will be because I'm a child of the key he saved my life you understand what I said past tense I'm not saying he's going to love and obey him or me I'm hoping he will somehow they he is my Savior and more it is my joy to obey him Jesus Edison well maybe one in my commandments and my faith sometimes this is a lot of people who believe in a religion of right with my feelings I'm so am I telling the truth is a lot of people that are not merely well-meaning I've been there many times I can't myself I need his reminder over and over and over again it's not righteous by faith to do what's right you feel like doing with its righteous by faith when you don't feel like doing much right you give your heart to Jesus do it because you and he'll take care your heart you can't do a leopard can't change his spots resulting in skin you can change your heart that God can change it if you give it to them and act as if he will he will he will write my faith is obeying him I don't feel like obeying the weather challenges one of the obstacles to experiencing life is by faith the first I think is a diminishing belief in God 's word it is no wonder that in today's society you are seeing constant barrage of attacks against the credibility of God 's word from inside Christianity as well from outside Christianity there's all kinds of new ideas about inspiration you have all kinds of ideas that young there's even going so far as to say Christians well this sort of Christians they think that it's a huge movement within Christianity becoming very popular the idea is that God 's word is not inspired by the thoughts are not inspired words are not inspired ideas are not inspired it was the people who are inspired and they had encounters with God until revelation is our inspiration is an encounter with God 's experience and these people these men and women in the Bible it had these experiences they recorded in their own faulty human language those experiences were because what we're supposed to have the same types of experiences and whether we are going in my experience is just as valid as the authority of the items of Scripture NEC however absolutely contradicts what I think it bases my experiences and as a foundation God 's word as found in the Bible is being attacked on all sides and perhaps the doubles most effective attack within the church has been just to keep us from reading it or we believe it but do we know itself as for today we need God 's word Bible says faith it says on one nineteen verse eleven I word my hidden heart that I might not sin against you if you want to exercise faith the Bible tells faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God or we need the word of God in our hearts in our lives today I want to pose you that we can trust God even above are very senses I'm reminded of a passage in second Peter chapter one Peter is describing how he knows that he did not follow cunningly devised fables and he says in first Peter Jessica Peter chapter one and beginning with verse sixteen he says this he says for we did not follow cunningly devised fables we may known to the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but were eyewitnesses of his majesty for he received from God the father honor and glory when such a voice came to him from the excellent glory this is my beloved son in whom I well please and we fear that I was there I meet her and what you heard the voice of God from heaven and would not be building would you believe God existed and you heard him speaking rumbling from a rise in our lives and the voice of God like many waters and here he says for we heard that person we heard his voice which came from heaven when we're with him on the holy mountain first nineteen nineteen Jane says we have also a more sure word with Peter 's trying to say here is what is and is affirming as it was to be there and hear the voice from heaven rumbling through the sky we have something even more reliant than what we see what we see we had the prophetic word behalf the word of God your senses might be for you but God 's word is true this guy might be clear the barometer doesn't lie God 's word we can trust it with our very lives now many of you have no nothing what they nothing bodily in your heart and your mind if we're honest with ourselves in every single line there is an element of disbelief I sometimes doubt why I love this story is found in Luke chapter nine this is not an market night as well both of them the story of the father bought his demon possessed under the disciples remembered that is right after the Transfiguration mount it was just talking Jesus comes down from Mount Peter James and John in and there is his father this distraught father said look I promise on the disciples they can't feel them using the definite name he throws himself on the water he throws himself of the fires that kill himself they could help him the father sees Jesus coming down the mountain and see that they need heard about the date of the people that revealing we look at Jesus this sense is that if these guys can help them he certainly can help people retire yet simple plainclothes yet Dusty feet with plain simple sandals known namebrand anything Isaiah says I'll don't know exactly how to work with Isaiah says there was no beauty in him that we should desire him he didn't look physically like a king he certainly didn't look like God the father sees Jesus coming in they could do it father says that Jesus if you can help my son please do something Jesus Kopp at first word only two letters if the response given with Luke chapter nine response Jesus gives his it in return if you can believe all things are possible to those only possible route you lose the power of the store them in a positive is faith of all the leading before we see her after receipt of fool anything can anyone can believe the miracle takes place after sticking place in other words faith is not about us experimenting and experiencing it's about the leanings of the mechanics in a sense if you can believe all things are possible those who believe and I don't want to flash the Holy Spirit through the father 's mind that illuminate in those dark chambers of doubt and unbelief and he realized that because he was sitting there thinking this man couldn't help me because he has so much unbelief and doubt and distrust in his life is my guess on my parish and he cast himself in the PNG that is what I believe and then he realized that wasn't quite true help thou mine unbelief know what I'm choosing to believe your to do with the parts of my heart don't often on my fearful desire of ages page four hundred ninety Ford says those who pray this prayer can never perish never bored I believe help solve my in our mind in every mind I would daresay there's both police and you and I have power of choice willpower given to us by God to choose to believe and ask God to deal with unruly as after this that we had Jesus giving this example if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed and I would like to say I is is is another sermon but I would like to say that if you're out of your faith is advisable mustard seed and your unbelief is the size of the mountain if you pray that prayer Lord I believe the little master seed of faith that I got I believe your word is for me I believe you can change in my heart I leave you to work a miracle in my life and I say me and your team even if it's just a mustard seed in your unholy thing your heart is like a mountain on me at all God means and he will deal with the mountain you simply exercise the mustard seed there's faith and unbelief in every heart friends but we can choose which we will allow our will we can choose faith as his father did another challenge to rise my faith is unfounded confidence in ourselves there are many people who do not experience righteousness by faith simply because they're good people maybe you read the book it was one other business books of the year two years back called good to great the basic premise of the book is that many companies do not become great because they're good in a set status quo because they're good with the great companies are satisfied just being good to become great and for many Christians I don't mean to be sacrilegious about using a business alteration that for many Christians today the reason they will never experienced life is likely because of the people and never cross their mind that they needed a miracle they can behave just fine in public they can come in church and in the right things and say the right words and press the right way why would I need a miracle and many people are living a life without miracles because they're good people in the Bible tells me my barometer says we study the feelings going on the seventh revision on the no not one were not meant as a righteous and all of our righteousness is of a crowd of our filthy rags right and agree single one of us needs a mere divine another challenge arises by the is unfounded discouragement about ourselves John six thirty seven I refer to that earlier all that the father gives me a will come to me and whoever comes to me I really says I will never cast no matter how bad I am Jesus is more than able to save me a friend of mine today no matter how discouraging may at times feel no one is who wants to be saved is beyond the reach of God he is still able to save to the uttermost all the God I God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever no exceptions believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life and God gave us his only son he spared not his only son but delivered him up for us all how Strauss is not with him also freely give us all the good God was willing to give his only begotten son you think he's going to stop it any other gift that you need no listen if you are in Christ if you commit your life and you get a life then he will do anything anything am finally possible which is anything anything he needs it it in order for you to be safe and feeling empty and I haven't we had to come here in the well do what ever it takes and we know it because the Army game is the greatest gift of all and Jesus Romans decorated Marine goes promises for life God spared not his own son but delivered him up oh how shall he not with him also freely give us a everything we need syllables as I persuaded nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus so thankful so thankful for that good news of God 's word we need to be in the word friends whether were the scourge to whether or to encourage the wiring money to live faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and righteousness like a is God working in his righteousness as we submit our minds to him and his cross into his word the barometer wasn't broken friends the farmer send it back thinking wasn't broken because he trusts the senses there was no way you write I would propose you today that we need to get reconnected with our barometers and allow God allow God to begin working miracles miracles something beyond our abilities for our experience but you I want my eyes not be on my weakness but on Jesus I want my heart to not be vacillating like this ways of the sea to be solid built on the rock gods word so that how I feel they change from day to day at how God lives through me is always the right one I have I need a numerical aggregate I need to I need a heart transplant everything version everyday I recognize the opportunities God gives me to live by faith instead of complaining about them phase one was perhaps father in heaven Abraham became known as the father of the faithful because he simply believed that you are able to do what you promise to do even though it was an absolute miracle he believed any trust what they you know the hearts of your people gathered here I don't know what they may be going through I don't know whether there discouraged or or maybe there the really good people name their been too encouraged I don't know but you know what you know our hearts I just want to pray for each one of us in the quietness of the sanctuary they might speak to our hearts and I us to simply trust you simply believe that you are seeing whether someone here who wants to make that decision wants to call out to you in their hearts the school organized trade show here their prayer hear their cry Lord when we leave here today I just pray that each and every one of us without an exception might believe knowing that we had been created a new creature in Christ Jesus and expected miracles did will good book on your divine power to see the candidate of ourselves we need Jesus we need his blood music power we need to stay in his word thank you Lord for being such a safe thank you for having such power think you were given as examples in the Bible for men like Abraham 's who didn't believe thank you also for examples of men like the father who prayed Lord I believe that you help my unbelief that occurred it is well thought we want you to take our hearts we believe we trust you to do with the unbelief a opposite love one another as set out in this latest incident not something you will is a a media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. on universe .org


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