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Heaven On Earth

Kameron DeVasher
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Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • October 10, 2013
    7:00 PM
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you were with us last evening I gave this one is a Vanessa Simmons is any review for those of you who are new this evening can be brand-new and you have to absorb it very quickly to build on top of a little chapter eleven Jesus tells his disciples a model of how to pray that they ask for the request the Lord teaches to pray anything when you pray and give them what we now know as the Lord 's prayer our father which art in heaven hallowed be your name thy kingdom come invisibly focused on thy will be done on earth in what manner as it is so basically the Lord Jesus said to the father Lord my desire the prayer of my heart is big your work would be done here the same way that it's done there that you're working on here now that the burden now shifts to understanding how it's done they are so we can operate here correctly initially spent last night looking at out heaven is just chock-full of Angels now there are members of the Godhead and you have the four living creatures the twenty four elders we get back again the vast majority inhabitants of heaven are the Angels and they are the ones according to the want to do all of the ministry for the sick and afflicted of the hurting people Christ through the ministry of angels my basic premise last night was the god wants to work the same way on earth as it is in heaven the ones to use it as his foot soldiers in winning people to him and so with the call to stand apart to individual labor that we may proclaim that you as the Bible says may proclaim the praises of him brought you out of darkness into his marvelous light so building on that heaven operates this whole week and were to do a very logical sequence whenever curriculum structure we go from heaven which we covered last night now living of the Old Testament and see how that picture of heaven played out within will go forward in life and ministry of Jesus than in the early church and by the week in order to land the Seventh-day Adventist church and would make an appeal entitled repeal as an outsider told you last night you will win a soul for Jesus this year you as an end of the not so learn not salt not your church you will win someone to the power of God to his to his truth to his church that's the that's the objective going to be thinking about the appeal so that you can commit to it intellectually I don't want to just have a weepy song in some sort of the will store the enemy can cry like this is an interest right finally I'd like so cool okay that's not what I want our deep-seated understanding intellectual commitment it says Lord I get it in a unwanted do it through your power makes us that I was two minutes review before we start tonight 's message over this begin with a worker heavenly father I ask would be here tonight I would ask that you would bring your word to life tonight but we ask the same Holy Spirit who inspired his writing will now inspire our understanding sharpen our minds the Lord where it's necessary soften our hearts to understand and apply your truth in these last days of Earth history boy praying in Jesus name amen if we had thought we would cover the history of the church in the Old Testament the church in the wilderness the children of Israel it fascinating is reminiscent entire message a lot to do about how God used Egypt as an incubator for his people right and if you have people how long were the children of Israel slated age of what the typical answer four hundred years with some of the light was difficult like a Roth four hundred years right of four hundred and thirty the video would calculate you go by you know the call of Abraham to the login I four hundred and thirty years the vast majority of that time was not an agent and it sure wasn't perfect session Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph finally go than in Egypt and yet the epicenter this way when he got out and got a pretty good position out of it right and he was a reminder that death and his family came down and I can read over the next effect was just a quickly that I love speaking to young or youngish people write as you can keep up if I speak faster okay with that yes fantastic I sometimes write what is becoming a message with older people badly they like to let exes chapter one they very encouraging every preaching of the methods all that they heard of it okay exits after Windows Vista these are the neighbors want extra chapter one verse one these are the names of the children of Israel who came to Egypt each man in his household came with Jacob in it with all the names of the family there an notice it says here verse four I may prescribe all those who were descendents of Jacob or how many centimeters this is two hundred and fifteen years and a four hundred and thirty years are halfway there and it reached a big number of seventy for the next two hundred and fifty years when they come out with the mixed multitude including a push in two million so they go from seventy to grab two million and two hundred fifteen is the first two hundred and four seventy two two hundred fifty years the next two million plus another two hundred fifty years there something in the water what's this and by the way it wasn't as soon as Joseph died and got things got bad what's his verses and Joseph died all his brothers and all that generational holes segment the population but the children of Israel and watch how to use language is almost as if language failed to properly say that they really really really really grew but the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly multiplied and grew exceedingly mighty and the land was filled with them they like here's the thing they started up a seventy they got agent and my were things took off and just explosive you can see how the Lord was leading you basically use the land of Egypt as an integrated one of those other harsh impractical to Neverland in the ocean right he was always in the result of the Lord 's blessing is that the Egyptians got worried because they became so strong and so light of everything opened up with a monolith on the soap this is how teachers comes it into play here but now after all that time the Lord leave them out of Egypt any anyone's to make and not just a special family but a holy nation and a holy nation and he establishes them as his people and God would be here their God and they would be his people now exist chapter twenty five will be our next stop as good as his chapter twenty five in verse eight will likely passage is very familiar to us and it says in verse eight and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them of course backing this up as a twenty five in chapter twenty comes before that logically and that's where you have within Exodus chapter twenty the tenth minute of this chapter nineteen the Lord bring them together and give them assignment to make you lose great people this great nation your any system long to come and speak Alonso basically assembling them to give them the law and now is going to organize them into a picture and I will explain this okay so the Lord says now in verse eight let them make me a sanctuary the first building he wants them to make is his own house and it's my sanctuary with the make is a trick that I may dwell among them his dwelling place on earth and notice in verse nine he doesn't say go therefore and get creative writing of the say that it always has according to the pattern according to all I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle in the pattern of all furnishings just so you shall make it effective the pattern for the tenth there's a pattern for the stuff in the fifth all the furnishings all legal German and being actually how you can ignore the rest of the book of this example of course with a golden calf incident that needs by necessity we recorded there the rest of it is about the establishment of God 's dwelling place the most holy Place the holy place the courtyard all the things that go along with it to every article and were talking that I mentioned learning very quickly knobs eventually just like that and if you look like it's made of these materials justify this by this and is extraordinarily particular about this thing as Seventh-day Adventists we understand that pattern came from where had that with which it is our Scriptures Hebrews chapter eight Hebrews chapter eight the apostle Paul I believe writing here again about the centrality and and and priestly ministry of Jesus and all of our fatalities that above the angels we saw at night one with Hebrews chapter one is greater than Ministry of greater than the preseason the real thing he's the answer typical priest if you will and now in verse of chapter eighty brings this home verse one now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens a minister and losses of the sanctuary and other what the tabernacle none of that near the one hundred for the false tabernacle that is not true versus false business shadow versus substance right the one on earth with a replica it was a scale model it was a pain but it wasn't the real thing it was pointing to just like the lambs that went through that service they were not be living that brings the salvation of a point just to be an object lesson if you will write but now Christ is gone from desert back to have been and he serves as is as you use a Minister of the sanctuary and the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man he goes on to say verse three for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices therefore it is necessary to this one also have something to offer for if he were on earth he would not be embraced as of Jesus was just another baby born he would not want to be I don't know what he would run up to me we would not have been a priest why they need any more priestly garland presented in this earthly sanctuary right since there are priests who offer the gifts according to law and noticed where they serve who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things some person say about what is in heaven patently clear that the sanctuary with the courtyard holy place mostly placed on the altar and all the different furnishings and accoutrements all of it was supposed to be a snapshot picture if you will of heaven now I'm getting a lot of acting as the sick for he that season you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain so what was Moses shown when he was on the mountain have been presented since is a gotten a show you what you're going to make it tonight John was shown heaven will see that in a minute here here I will show you things Moses had a very similar experience apparently the Lord met with them and he says I'm good to show you my house and I want to make it exactly like this the reason he was so particular in every element because it was a copy in a shadow of what is in heaven it was supposed to be a little reflection of heaven here so if you just get creative and make me whatever you want to be leaving the what do you think I'm a bigot like all of this is a well with you and being show you a little piece of heaven now all of that we've covered at some point in our studies in our lives and hopefully that wasn't new information some what I will share with you now I learned right here in a classroom at Southern Methodist University from where the good professors here I has offices in a settlement thank you for you taught me I'm stealing just it is gone no it is it is a trademark this is wiped away as well as share with you some of this is the picture I always had the God wanted to show people what heaven is like and so he built his house the church building if you look at the sanctuary we've come to meet with God in everything that is in the rest of the campus Estrada here in the wilderness in the desert and I guess you are with your family is anything that was just kind of vague and nebulous like I didn't really have much more concrete in connection for me but I want to show you something that really really impressed me I hope that impresses you let's go to the book of numbers numbers as we continue our study by the way that the title of placement it is heaven on earth appropriately enough numbers chapter one and appropriately enough the book of numbers begins with a census or accounting of the people and so now the getting of the details once all of the book of Exodus is all about the sanctuary the book of Leviticus is about the services of the sanctuary primarily analogous the book of numbers and expands beyond the sanctuary to the camp and start counting the people out there all of them okay now start with chapter one is the first fifty two now originally gave the last two books the Bible Exodus and Leviticus up and talk about the Lord 's dwelling place the Lord 's tenth analysis start talking on the other tips in Israel proceeded to the children of Israel shall pitch their tents everyone by his own camp everyone by his own what that word standard according to their armies but the Levites shall camp around the tabernacle of the testimony that there be no rap on the congregation of the children of Israel and believe that chunky charge of the tabernacle of the testimony so all the other families that tribes were good together as a family unit groups and tribes there but the Levites were supposed to be the closest around the tabernacle it tells us why first vote there's no wrap on the congregation apparently there the ministers that bring you into the presence of God and also logistically pragmatically they care for the Temple rights of the sons of Aaron withdrew the priestly ministry the rest of the Levites would do that tangible work and they would keep all the different things going and that was their work best when they would live it was in proximity to their occupation but I'm a nickel back to this idea of this camping next to your family and with the standard what is that well says in verse fifty four thus the children of Israel did according to all the lord commanded Moses so they did so we move into chapter two how do they execute the command and the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron saying every one of the children of Israel shall can't by his own standard and here's a synonym beside being alone was of his father 's house Bishop kept some distance in the tabernacle of meeting now it seems to work standard and emblem of the father 's house the implication and was lunacy is fairly straightforward every family had standard or an emblem and has a lot of synonyms we could modernize it with with an icon a logo a symbol in a manner of flag they had a as a new data desktop that my family with the picture right you look at it and not exploited and Edwards is a good thing the picture now before we move on I wanted widely in the Lord do this why would he have everyone kept my flag will first of all it's thinking from a practical standpoint large who logistically I spent four years of my ministry in central Florida are there any Floridians unite expensive you will relate to one of uncle aunts everybody else is probably visited Central Florida for a little bit right okay if not locate it is still down they go to take a look of very very big very flat in a lot of warm all the times he can go there and that's where apparently the world has decided to put the largest theme parks on the planet you know you have Disney World Sea world at the time you have view Bush Gardens I've been these massive roller coasters and funnel cake extravaganzas in a and equally large to the attraction are the parking lots window with the attractions right now these barking letters that they don't expect you to park your car and go in expecting to park your car and then get a ride to the place right they literally have shuttle buses and stuff with him around because you're so these things are so big and beautiful park your car and walk to even get on the golf writer visited at my day so they understand you to park your card will take you there and I for instance drive a silver compact SUV now imagine a nice hot summer afternoon the Disney World massive monolithic arcing I drive in my compact silver SUV parked it eight or nine thousand miles from Disney World and I get a ride on the two of us not all day riding the rides and in what it within the good not health message things are that you do it is the right thing and they expect as they built this thing right you come out and you're got a sugar thing ends in the year do you think you having fun with your sunburn and miserable and if you think it's a very confusing blend of experience and Yukon house and all you see in a shimmering Florida Sun is a bunch of twinkling little cars right and I'm looking for that one compact silver SUV of the ten thousand better their right literally could be thousands of the exact vehicle could be there how do I find my car will get is limited to keep Bobby to start watching it I drive a lot you know that the long days work right interestingly even the people who organize these parts understand that you are not defined at your scumbag silver SUV when you're done with Magic Kingdom one of there they understand that and they built a structure in an is extraordinarily biblical you're not supposed to look down to find your car when you park your car you look up and you see you like to see in a sombrero or something but they had a flat right or a dull letter with some silly chipmunk with others in thing right and you're not looking for your car amongst the hundreds around there you're looking for that one thing and so they ask you where you're headed and unlike you many now six or something and they take you there and sure enough when you find that in you know where you are relative to that time the emblem that matter think about your closer Chilean people out in the wilderness on the desert floor and they're all intents how do you think every family will have a a banner and place as an adjunct to another place with the whole thing is structured so that it works harmoniously his brilliance now watch how does in fact it is not just all right every man for himself don't hand me the century that we might be here in the rest of the debtor 's years to take your flagging ghost stick it in your abdomen that's your territory that thought how I operate let me show you some fascinating as it continues verse of chapter two still okay verse three on the east side and your were to make yourself a little outliving demonstration USA that this is the territory of the tabernacle sanctuary okay on the Eastside which I will do opposite for your that looks like a Stevia act that are on the east side is that the first three towards the rising of the sun those of the standard of the forces with what tribe Judah shall camp according to their artisan and list them all now they are these twelve tribes of Israel and you have four sides to this building so how many tribes do need around on each side three three now she would apparently is the main one on the east side is essential on the big flat one whatever the emblem you look for what adjacent to him camping with his armies says in verse five those who can stand shall be the tribe of Issachar and it was not then in verse seven then comes the tribe of Zebulon so on the east side event shoot up with Issachar and Zebulon adjacent measure the one main cardinal direction tribe .net and the needs to overhear now will continue on the pilot of the first to break camp we goes on to say so whenever they put down that says everything they had a sequence that these would recap first in the nose and one way around so whenever they say they poured on him nude march wasn't just a chaotic scene it was built to and detached all-around really cool with continuing let's go to the outside verse ten on the south side shall be the standard of the force is with Ruben according to their armies to a room and is the central and verse twelve those that can't next to him shall be the tribe of Simeon and in verse fourteen then comes the tribe of Gad Simeon Isaiah Ruben along with Simeon and gather the south side on the west side now will go on to verse eighteen on the website shall be the standards of the forces with Ephraim in verse twenty ten comes the tribe of Manasseh in verse twenty two then comes the tribe of Benjamin and finally on the north side verse twenty five the standard of the force is with Dan shall be on the north side according to their armies and in verse forty seven those who connect to him shall be the tribe of Asher and verse twenty nine then comes the tribe of Natalie and he goes on just to order them and list their names off okay to have the main tribe on the side cardinal direction east is Judah and he has two drugs with them on the south it's Brooklyn NES two tribes with them on the web it's a freedom to drive it on the northern dad with two tribes and so if you are and thanks where he headed out to know which direction you are facing and you know your family 's relative location next to the other ones right through the very organized way from the sanctuary can work your way and find your way home in a practical way now again were building a picture in the sanctuary which was the holy place mostly please courtyard everything until there this post is around this are the Levites and are further around argument is four cardinal directions with their banners and energy companies in other ones right now let's take another step further of course all of this was a temporary thing but once they got into the land they were supposed to establish a permanent sanctuary and he goes on to first Chronicles chapter twenty four first Chronicles chapter twenty four apparently there was a little bit more organization of further organization specifically of the Levites now tropically for will start with verse one now these are the divisions of the sons of Aaron again not just all the Levites particular the sons of Aaron and they were the priests correct so the priest will be further subdivided not to somewhere around what further subdivided sons of Aaron were made at a buyer who LEDs are in a similar but of course we recall what happened to identify who is specifically references that your verse two NA data by who died before their father and had no children which the reason you bring this up is because it affects the division of the camp this is mostly divided equally amongst the children right now and this is the first or even David was a dock of the sons of Eleazar and Hamlet of the sons of them are divided according to the schedule of their service you can see that this was still practiced in Jesus time whenever John was born to his father who was a priest it was his time of service right and he was was talked to by the angel messenger so those on and it just starts lifting them off first for these and other more leaders found this on the Bismarck Eleazar the son to Vidmar and thus they were divided so one had more one had left but they divided them up in this way the source listing them off and by the time you get down to verse of say sixteen and set out some seventy missal meanings I can't pronounce this is not fun will start with her seventeen for the end of the list right the twenty first to shake and the twenty second to gamble for taking the twenty third of July the twenty fourth two Isaiah how many total where there twenty four rounds of service members nineteen this was the schedule of their service for coming into the house of the Lord according to the ordinance by the hand of air in their father as the Lord God had commanded him to the Lord further organize the priests who would live near the tabernacle into their rounds of service and they had twenty four rounds interesting thought now let's put the pieces together if you were to go to Revelation chapter four hopefully you'll see all of it come together why was the Lord so particular about the organization of Canada of Israel again if you were there you would see in the middle the throne of God which of course the sanctuary the whole thing and of course in the best and the most liquids in the holy place you see those seven lamps seen over the fire the original it was and then out beyond that you see all the of the tribe of the Levites and divided right and you see these core cardinal direction banners music the whole camp is organized very particularly about the command of the Lord why does he get this particular with Revelation chapter four and verse one after these things as the apostle John writing from the island that was after these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying here I will show you things was mistake this is immediately other than the spirit in the hold of her own set in heaven was the first thing if these the throne said another of the very first thing by the weather they were supposed to build on earth was thrown the Ark of the covenant the mercy seat recovering cherubs which by the way was Lucifer 's old post of duty all every time he worked a related anything I saw on earth that Ark of the covenant mercy seat and that Angel covering don't think he didn't flash back to where he used to be goes on in pursuit meaning those in the spirit wheeled throne said it had and one sat on the throne and he sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne in appearance like an emerald so you start seeing this don't know what I forgot to tell you this is critically important I'm guessing you can tell me what do you just take a wild stab what he is saying with the icon the emblem the logo the banner what anyone thought the flag of the tribe of Judah line right we know that when the lion of the tribe of Judah Israelite is in Jewish history records what these emblems and standards were met is fascinating by the shooter was the lion then there was Ruben look like a man it was the face of a man right Ephraim was an ox or calf day and the animal Northside was an eagle why did the Lord choose those banners and those emblems of standards and place them around the century in that way is continue to do is call right when I'm in a quick analysis of the Lord on his throne in heaven verse four around the throne were how many grounds twenty four thrones one of the rounds I thought twenty four elders sitting so that the place of those representatives ministers in heaven they had a special place surrounding the throne divided into twenty four divisions verse five and from the throne proceeded lightnings thunderings and voices seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the seven periods of God Portugal by the turn Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation you find a lot of symbolic language you find the seven spirits annual notice that this is the Holy Spirit because when Jesus into the room looking like a Lamb as though it had been slain and I think those around Jesus except for one being as the seven lamps that are burning the seven spirits of God which are referred to as the seven spirits of God who are sent out into all the earth neither describes Jesus comes in any fans another helper continuing before the throne was a sea of glass like crystal in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures full of lies in front and back the first living creature was like a lion the second living creature like a calf the third living creature the face like a man in the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle okay now let's go with the wind picked up on this last night remembering a background in Revelation chapter five and verse eleven the on those what did John see then I looked I heard the voice of many angels and where are they around the throne the living creatures and the elders not immediately around the throne not a meal before lingered not at the point where they are beyond that but here's their voices and he looks and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice worthy of the land was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing so what you see is the throne of God with the seven lamps burning in front of it the twenty four elders around the four living creatures just happen to be the same thing the Lord established with Israel and beyond I was living that can fold Angels now I believe in the Lord as we have known for years the Lord established the sanctuary and a reflection of what is in heaven every one of a certain young because you realize that the entire town was supposed to be a picture of heaven on earth that God intended his people when someone else encountered them to get a little picture of heaven right Your Honor for the purpose of the church is to reflect what heaven will be like and what system they the people have this mistaken idea and a evangelical Christianity Israel was just chosen by God as to be visible people are blessed blessed with just a look at rebel like looking back in in Genesis chapter twelve the call of Abraham what does this say about this blessing why does he choose in what is his purpose with this people Genesis chapter twelve yes he was than and less than or what function thank you Genesis chapter twelve verse one of the Lord said to Abram get out of your country from your family for her father 's house to a land I will show you I will make you a great nation I will bless you and make your name great here it is you shall be a what sometimes we get this picture that is or was chosen by God to receive these as needed somebody to double lessons on you like on the glass ceiling you just enjoy on the video randomly to be a place and give you my presence and you are just getting my you will apply either of the world like we missed it you know we were not in the people but this is the view that the Jews intimate and have it right Ms. Atwood with the blessing of the Lord help Gentiles the sorry front of them not sorry just too bad it's just work on the blessed people know what his whole purpose for establishing was to bless others now exigent in nineteen verses five and six how were they to bless others Chapter nineteen Exodus verses five and six now therefore now that I brought you out of Egypt is about to get in the ten commitments about except the camp and all those things we just read about now therefore if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant then you shall be a special treasure to me above all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of what priests and a holy nation notice is not just a kingdom that has some priests if the kingdom that is a priesthood the New Testament the priesthood of what all believers apparently the whole camp was supposed to work for the Lord and showing people Jesus but somehow they got this idea as long as we continue to support the ministry and build up the tabernacle of the sacred Olympic men were okay veiled that we have a priest we have is the next and they started looking like the ministry was in there when in reality the ministries with the all-out air same thing we saw last night Revelation four and five we get a lot of attention as efficiently on the Godhead right and the four living creatures the twenty four elders who is a twenty four elders with but we neglect alien Angel Elizabeth and fairly all of Christ's work for the afflicted and needy is done to the ministry of angels and I don't believe you wanted to replicate that system from heaven on the earth and put his people to work blessing on but is that a blessed to be a blessing that would left the building glass essence now even more specifically Deuteronomy chapter four Deuteronomy chapter four starting with verse five even more specific how they were supposed to be a blessing yes the frontline workers just like in heaven were supposed to be angels mentally the frontline workers were supposed to be the people in the camp and here's how this was the first five surely I have taught you statutes and judgments just as the Lord my God commanded me that you should what I according to them I get really is loss of the heel will bring your lives into harmony with them and that you will be a living representation of them you will act according to these laws now goes on the issue act according to them in the land which you go to possess therefore notices like you're going to be acting out my law so be careful by the way when you claim to be a Bible believing Christian please don't take the name of the Lord in vain if you're going to claim it follow through and this is what the Lord is think I've given you my statutes I just set you up I've made to my ambassadors in this world so act like Ms. Woody says therefore verse six be careful to observe them notice for this is a Eeyore with the answer understanding in the sight of all the people who will hear all these statutes and say surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people for what great nation is if it has gone so near to it for whatever reason we may call upon and what great nation is there that such statutes and righteous judgments as aren't all as our in all this law which I set before you this day notice is that they're going to seeing you there the encounter EU as an individual and they're going to get a picture of the God you serve so be careful because you literally ambassador for Christ in this world nothing that if someone stumbled upon the camp of Israel but never read the Bible that in the Bible had been written yet it was still in existence the right and they wanted and they can't they come over the hill to look out of the desert floor and the first thing I see is close to two million people just from thirty thousand feet they just working together harmoniously look at the structure you consider holding laid out which one way we can show you it would look something like this not that that it would come into the camp and you see all everything going on is my interpretation of it right but it seems to make sense the main tribe and the cardinal directions and there's accessing stuff and it's all laid out in the square based around this thing here in the middle and notice all roads lead to Jesus how should be it is any ministry that we do that doesn't lead people to Jesus we should stop doing it this is not a ministry it's a hobby right to meet us as a people hobby and input hobby ministry will you not ministering less really people Jesus is a very clear about that I and all around they would see the structure of man all these people are working together seamlessly as alternatives in the works right him what is this thing is not only start it would be interesting it would be weird in fact with the work that well not a word but it's a similar and old and New Testament is called peculiar emitting different looking you get used to it somehow we've lost three hundred seven seven one I know they were different praise the Lord were supposed to be polite and different than dark but it shows the way right okay will will get bigger immense later but now imagine if they walked into this camp and they meet some of the individuals and as they walked through me this crowded place like the hundreds of thousands of people right you're not one swear word but a different which I can walk to Southern on your once will I think we can shoot right though not know anything about that sanctuary did not know anything about that but already you sound for the no locks on the doors no divorce every single individual catalog on the moral law of God shaped their character as with anything Great Lakes now let's say that now when Olivia are the strangers doesn't like to apply for the plaintiff will become part of the great things he could do a lot nobody needed to you we won't let you work every seventh day the concern has the help they can make you work six but we give the whole day off don't know where the permanent effect it would be wrong to be the conduit and in fact here's the thing if you work the six years we take an entire year off I think now you wanted to what is early or have anything better it is other like looking on I know anything about that thing the middle but I'm with you and so every week I get a day off guaranteed absolute and every seven years I get a year off and you still pending about negative food as we find the people are this is what the Lord sent keeping statutes and judgments they been a little crazy but the brilliant and keep permanent to bring it leaving closer and closer unwedded when they got into the land of Israel and possess the land of Canaan they set of all these cities of refuge so that even if you accidentally were involved in a crime if you did something unintentionally you could run a big everyone is guaranteed a fair trial they want justice to be executed out of vengeance they wanted to be clear they wanted everyone to see why Justices on which by the way is how the Lord works in heaven why hasn't he destroyed Satan yet noted Isaiah fourteen easy to twenty eight I wish I had a time to do that series here both of those passages tell us why he was only cast out instead of being blotted out if so those who knew you might gaze at you and consider you you are good to be an object lesson we need everyone to see for themselves because the Lord and have a universal of sentient beings will never rebel against but have the freedom to do so if they would choose the only way to guarantee no one will ever make that choice is to let the whole thing played out justices can be done this can be genuine justice we serve a God of justice ergo people would see that like awesome place if cities aggression by the way they have a help message Brian and I see people who outlive all the other before no yielding to get all that is a vivid that I dipped in solving other people involved that's one of the things about the Lord using he wants us to we understand that the body in the spiritual side of men are not two separate things we don't believe in Platonic duality even though plaintiff insisted that they would say and we believe in the whole is a man therefore what we eat and what we drink we do it all to the glory of God and it keeps us healthy and happy because we serve a God who wants not always have a slight bit more abundant every single person was an ambassador of heaven and of course the closer and closer you got you come to that sanctuary message the center of the camp was Jesus Christ and him crucified in his mediating our behalf in the heavenly sanctuary the reason that we are like this is because he is like that and if you want some of this let me introduce you to Jesus Christ all was supposed to be a priesthood on paper to mediate for those lost people and bring them to Jesus by the way acts of the apostles page fourteen God chose Israel to reveal his character to men the purpose of Israel was trivial God 's law which is the transcript of his character to the rest of the world he desired them to be as wells of salvation in the world now the purpose of this weekend 's UI CSC the theme was chosen to stand apart that you may proclaim nothing in which search will proclaim that he will proclaim a bigger school of your what you as an individual will lead people to Jesus this was God 's ideal in heaven with the Angels that's their job in minister for those who inherit salvation he wanted to replicate that structure and system in the Old Testament I believe he wants to do it in his time before his coming to Jesus wants the effect when Jesus arrived they were not doing that you look at Isaiah chapter fifty eight and they were just there would seeking and fasting and praying the Lord says yes but is this the fact that I've chosen anybody knew the only some people will lord what are we seeing the Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit while he got more power suggestion just sitting here going through a vein paraphrasing of course when Jesus arrives he stands up in a hand in the scroll of Isaiah and the son of fifty eight which is a few chapters to the right egos Isaiah sixty one says the Lord has anointed me he goes on to explain his ministry to preach the good news commenting on this Christ object lessons page one ninety one every soul whom Christ has rescued rescued is called to work in his name for the saving of the lost city and every soul whom Christ has rescued is called to work in his name for the saving of the lost this work had been neglected in Israel which is rarely was there work and is just a rhetorical question is it not neglected today by those who a professed to be Christ's followers we look back at Israel that is really am so blessed I just brought not only Halloween a different we focus so much on what God 's grace does for me but what does God 's grace do for others you write when I'm just blessed to be blessed like all praise the Lord I locked up and was born into the right church with the message and praise the Lord I'm so glad of it we have enough testimonies of people who came in from outside appraisal of anything teslas people stayed we have plenty of I once was blind is wanting here I can still see right on the other certain but friends we are the spiritual Israel today and Jesus is not coming for the first time is coming for the second time he's coming soon and we are to be the three angels messengers and that doesn't mean merely giving a donation to create theater actor or artist those are fine entities I'm not saying neglect one to do the other you have to pick and choose no that's fine if you give your money to give yourself we're supposed to be a holy nation a peculiar people how light in a dark place and membership in a church that has that proclamation does not make you a worker is merely makes you a watcher we are playing watchers challenge might but people are churches we have a church followed members but not nearly enough missionaries membership in the Southern Baptist Church should be in missionary I thought Woodward interview Israel today I may not be a priest in the Miller Kaplan and I believe I do some an annual amount work in that place the Lord you put me out in the camp somewhere however my little corner of the shop is where my little spear of influence is wherever you bring people to me I will do everything in the Bible brings the wind and the Jews as the commitment industry the message makes sense tonight was a clear praise the Lord for his nominate a theoretical enough to make an appeal to one of land from God 's word the conviction in your heart with a special purpose that God expects great things and will do great things through us if we allow if we make that contact with the Lord we will see marvelous things to stop suicide has worked for heavenly father thank you so much thank you so much for giving us it is fastening your communicator you you could've just created the world and then left alone we could all just be deists believing in a God would never seen or heard from but is not the case you communicate you demonstrate yourself you sent your only son to show us what you like and what you created us therefore you own the patent pending bonus Angelini was where yours twice so Lord help us to act like it hopeless to understand that we are not our own but you have raised us up to be when ministers your Angels are people in the camp will represent your character to the world loaded there's some shortcoming in our lives that we need to reconcile with you help us to do so help us to actually be a living ambassador for Jesus help people whenever they encounter us individually though they may not understand everything in the theology yet something was a lot more Lord help us to be those in this time we pray in Jesus name of this media was brought audio covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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