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Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • October 11, 2013
    7:00 PM
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if you would please take your Bibles out of Chapter 11 were to begin their limited civil context for our methods night a little context for methods tonight will begin in Luke Chapter 11 but what we basically done is studied how the Lord works in heaven with a message entitled the ministry of angels then left leaving we look at how the Lord wanted to reflect that model of ministry on the earth and he established Israel not only the sanctuary but also the entire camp at the reflection of the working order of heaven and I believe this is so important to the Lord because we see in Luke chapter eleven Jesus gives this model prayer not be basing each message tonight 's included and tomorrow as well on this very small but I think powerful message model prayer which says in verse two Luke Chapter 11 so he said to them when you pray say our father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come and notice the snow you are will be done where on earth as it is where so it's incumbent upon us to understand how the Lord worked inhabited forever to do is work correctly on the art and we saw that in heaven the Lord uses not just the Godhead and not just the four living creatures note that the twenty four elders the central figures of leaders in the quarter that out in the camp there are literally hundreds of millions of angels that all through Scripture Angels are the ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation we saw last night of course but that exact same model of organization was in the Old Testament church and tonight is simply the logical extension as we move forward in time to the New Testament church forces founder Jesus Christ and the apostles who ministered in his wake after he ascended into heaven so that's the basic structure of our series and now as we dive into assisted study of the word let us begin with gracious that my father would we thank you so much for these precious hours of Sabbath rest thank you for this fellowship it provides they could we can come apart in the safe and beautiful environment and in now lower commune with you through your word I asked the special blessing that you not only pour out your Holy Spirit instance of the general atmospheric allure that you would send your Holy Spirit to each individual heart convict us of our need of you and our shortcomings and Lord teach us to be ministers for you as you would have us do for he prayed in Jesus name amen so now what it attracts into the New Testament of course as soon as you're interested in it just let your introduced to the central figure of Scripture which is Jesus Christ Jesus Christ begins his ministry I want to set the premises by the Jesus Christ was a walking a living breathing training center for Christian workers he was in what's much more of a teacher than he was a preacher Eddie was a trainer and equip her of other people basically segment model of heaven that both ethanol and bringing it to life in his very person he was a training center for Christian workers Matthew chapter four let's illustrate this point in development through Bible study night Matthew chapter four rings on verse eighteen Jesus starts collecting his first disciples some of the earliest recorded activities after you in the same chapter records the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness shortly after his baptized then he goes back and announces his ministry publicly in Nazareth and then it says in verse eighteen and Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw two brothers Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a net into the fee for they were fishermen in verse nineteen records then he said to them follow me and I will do what makes you notice is that if you follow me on the turn you into something even they follow me and watch he said follow me and I will make you fishers of men was using the analogy of what they're already doing that you think fishing for fish is great waiting fishermen on the turn you into that if you follow me notice the following Jesus is training following Jesus is training to do ministry quickly was that those were the only one to pick up verse twenty one going on from there you thought two other brothers James the son of Zebedee and John his brother in the boat with Debbie's father was Zebedee their father mending their nets he called them and immediately left their boat and their father and followed him and likely Jesus use the same line of introduction follow me and I will make you fishers of men on the very opening of Jesus ministry he's making people into fishers of men this becomes a theme throughout the rest of the gospel record suitable to John chapter three right from the start Jesus starts employing his disciples as is ministering spirits to those who will inherit salvation just a few commanded the angel both in heaven now you come to earth and does the exact same thing John chapter three after the encounter with Nicodemus we read in verse twenty two after these things Jesus and his disciples came in the land of Judea and there he remained within and baptize a keep that in the back of your mind Jesus and his disciples came there and baptize now verse twenty three John also was baptizing and on your Salem because there was much water there and they came and were baptized so for a very brief amount of time the baptism ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ overlap there relatively near each other and it was almost knocked competition in their minds of course is complementary to other people thought as competitive but that's exactly the problem verse twenty five then there arose a dispute between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purification and they came to join us at him Rabbi he was with you beyond the Jordan to the room you have testified behold he is baptizing and all are coming to basically complain if he has set up shop just down the street and you're losing business they're all going to have of course John the Baptist gives beautiful answer and we want to study that now the basic reason I must decrease and he must increase he saw this as the natural transition like a Venn diagram overlapping it's time to move on a pass the baton to the one who is to come after me or shortly thereafter Jonathan mentions alludes to in verse twenty four there for John had not yet been thrown into prison basically John Jesus called the greatest of the prophets and all of Scripture had one purpose to point out behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world start up a movement to prepare people for his coming and as soon as he was at done with that to move out of the way that was his entire ministry is to lead people to Jesus and move out of the way he understood that no chapter four continues what does not therefore when the Lord and know that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John a carefully ludicrous to parenthetical statement but it's important to our theme so Jesus himself did not do what how many people in Virginia was ever baptized zero Jesus never baptized anyone who did baptizing his disciples once he was inundated into fishers then basically just go set up shop if you will to use no better term but he went to his ministry but he would always consistently over and over use his disciples his followers as the active agents of the message of the ministry 's fascinating now without into this a little bit deeper go to Luke chapter nine Luke chapter nine and will start with verse one we often think that Jesus sent out his disciples there were apostles after he left but that's not true it is true that that occurred with FF the first time it occurred he started training them on how to do their ministry long before he left again I believe the premise of the Jesus of the walking living breathing training center for Christian workers Luke chapter nine verse one then he called his twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases he sent them to preach the kingdom of God to heal the sick and he said to them take nothing for the journey to the status quo bad no bread no money and do not have to tunics apiece whatever house you enter stay there and from there depart and whoever will not receive you when you go out of that city shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against them so they departed and went to the towns preaching the gospel and healing everywhere basically Jesus didn't say negative about new Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria the end of their Internet which is where I'm about to go go ahead of me and takes it all catch up I want you to start putting these things into practice what you've seen me do now I want you to do preach the gospel to the very things that Jesus set up and South quoting Isaiah chapter sixty one it was his purpose is that now I want you while I'm still with you to practice to do it again in fact that's not the only time he does that turnover just one page Luke chapter ten the very next chapter verse one through to records and these things the Lord of court and after these things the Lord appointed seventy on Thursday also other than whom the disciples the twelve who would already gone out to me after that number seventy also and sent them to buy two before his space into every city and place where he himself was about to go through the Jesus legend and send them out as a good luck and eighties when on the rest of his ministry minimally a plan a follow-up plan you start do the things I thought you put into practice the things you've witnessed that range of ports no go I had a particularly training wheels on your villages the ministry and I'm in the follow-up and likely fixing stuff that went wrong it's okay but go to work at least practice going to work all be behind you all come up and help but you need to start now in fact look what he says in verse two then he said to them the harvest truly is great but the what is the work laborers the workers fast with you those with missing those labors so obviously waste training them to do is to be a laborer for the gospel you will go out you don't need me here now you would think wealth motives we only have a certain amount of time with you what to do is set your feet academic setting it teaches all these things when equipped with and then when you go then will start what makes a very tech interesting statement about training Christian workers resealing observation that it is in the water and not on the land the man learns to swim right into the water that you learn to swim that's a certain amount of logic to it yes like if you saw summoned practicing swimming on the land it would I thought about you know but you don't even have to see me because I would look in this is recorded but you get the picture someone practicing on the land for swimming psychologist training for Berlin server when a river just swings up on you but that's what you do he said if you want to learn how to swim its revolutionary get in the water too many Chris unless our preaching just about now but I'm not hold in just a little bit okay we talk about doing ministry on the LAN we need Christians in the water that was all in parentheses were coming back now it is not the punchline never were getting there the workers are few by the way just an interesting type of the Old Testament facility Jesus was just simply fulfilling the Old Testament not writing a whole new law maybe twelve apostles there were twelve leaders of the tribes of the families in Israel yes and you know there are also seventy elders and that Old Testament who Jesus affect us look this up we got a little time not going anywhere it's Friday night went for a family medicine finale hinted and not preach right okay numbers chapter eleven verse twenty four something fascinating numbers eleven verse twenty four so Moses went out and told the people of the words of the Lord and he gathered his seventy men of the elders of the people and place them around the tabernacle then the Lord came down in the cloud and spoke to them and took of the spirit was upon him and place the same up on the seventy elders and it happened when the spirit rested upon them that they prophesied although they never did so again what an interesting thing with the Lord gathered together the seventy and in the Old Testament with the spirit on them and they prophesied in Jesus that after establishment twelve let me send out seventy stitches strong now commenting on who chapter ten in acts of the apostles we read this statement I mean I'm sorry and aren't commenting on Luke nine and looked in the sending of the twelve in the sending of a seventy what was his purpose and what was the mission was the vision price wanted to cast what is now actually apostles page thirty two when he sent for the twelve and afterward the seventies to proclaim the kingdom of God he was teaching them fair duty to impart to others what he had made known to them and so he was trying to defend your job is to do it I've trained you to do again this is extending in tomorrow Jesus job was not necessarily to do ministry though of course he ministered he definitely saw a big portion of his work one of the primary mission of his life was not just to do ministry but to train others to do ministry thanks again what's this he sent forth when he sent for the twelve out of the seventy four two to proclaim the kingdom of God he was teaching them did their duty to impart to others what he is made known to them and noticed that in all his work and how much of his work everything she did have this objective in mind in all his work he was training them for individual labor to be extended as their numbers increase and eventually to reach the uttermost parts of the archipelago break that down a little bit in all his work he was training them for individual labor and noticed this individual labor is to be extended as their numbers increase the brain for some reason I bring this out is that apparently individual labor by disciples of Jesus to lead people to Jesus was not a stopgap measure until they could build mammoth institution it was the methodology it was supposed to continue know how matters small or large the church everyone works for Jesus that was to be extended till the whole world heard the message of Jesus Christ that was the methodology why with the methodology to go that's how the father doesn't work in heaven beside it in the office which is that this is my mission is not just to do ministry to train people to do ministry is a living breathing training center for Christian workers John Chapter 11 John Chapter 11 as we continue to flesh this out a couple interesting points in the resurrection of Lazarus it isn't so weird that the man was raising the dead with a gay adolescent resurrection blesses Noah finds something interesting there honestly raising from the dead is by far the most interesting thing that for our purpose tonight I want you to focus on just a couple of passages verse thirty eight of John chapter eleven then again Jesus again groaning in himself came to the tomb it was a cave in a stone lay against it verse thirty nine is critical to Jesus said take away the phone 's interest take away the stone now of course Martha the sisters Andrews God said to him Lord when it's time to Stanford 's been dead you can get for four days Jesus said to her did I not say to you that if you believe that if you would believe you would see the glory of God they took away the stone from the place for the dead man was lying and Jesus lifted up his eyes and said father I thank you that you referred me and I know that you always hear me but because of the people who are standing by I said this that they may believe that you sent me verse forty three now when you said these things he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come for and he who had died came out but it adds this bound hand and foot with grave clothes and his face was wrapped with a cloth Jesus said to them loose him and let him go now I'm not particularly sure perhaps Doctor Haas up until you help people work put together in their grave clothes but I don't know if they were bound in such a way that their whole body was found in the legs together or they just wrapped each link individually so that it you know you could walk if you have such inability but the picture that comes to my mind is a picture of someone who's just wrapped up with his face covered in his feet down together his arms it is this great miracle Lazarus come forth he wakes economically give me a minute to take it and Jesus specifically makes the point somebody please go help the man go take off those great quotes now appoint a grant here is verse thirty nine verse forty four she is obviously has the power to you specifically stay away so that people would know that Lazarus was really really bad completely one hundred percent not just sick of is really tired with just dead literally smelling bad debt and unemployment be hyperbole as the Scripture tells us yet Jesus just speaks the word last to come forth dead man is raised to life so my question is if he has that much power that much authority to command even death to fully incomplete life back in a gentleman beginning move the stone and why didn't he come out if of all the things with the grave clothes off why do you fortunately the prophetic voice that gives us insight commenting on this Christ could have commanded the Stoneham to remove and it would have obeyed his voice that alone is just that school begins talk to the rock and it would've just obeyed if there were no watch he could have been the Angels who were close by his side to do this so I could have a rock move itself they could have the Angels were right there and ever ready under the ministers rim right they did a foot soldiers they couldn't move the stone at his bidding invisible hands would have removed the stone but it was to be taken away by human hands with the lesson for us Christ would show that humanity is to cooperate with divinity now notice this principle you have to think about it from what human power tend to divine power is not summoned to do didn't quite hear your what human power can do what he has given you the ability to do and honestly none of us can even live without him starting is upright in getting us going in in him we have our being I get that but what he has given us the ability to do what human power can do divine power is not summoned to do God 's not to do for you what he's already given you the ability to do goes on God does not dispense with man's a piece strengthens him cooperating with him as he uses the powers and capabilities given him any good we see in the inspired counsel here's your profit volume two page three sixty five when it talks about the taking off of the great was the significance about the same lesson human hands are again brought into requisition to do the work which it is possible for them to do got nothing to do for you something he's told you to do and given the ability to if he's given you lag is not an easy like a puppet he says get up and walk Mark chapter six Mark chapter six starting with verse thirty five or twenty six number thirty five of again likely story hopefully every story life of Jesus is something familiar to you but for the first thirty two global context Mark chapter six verse thirty many apostles gathered to Jesus and told him all things both what they had done and what they had thought and he said to them side by yourselves for a deserted to a deserted place and rest a while is the returning from mission work so they were to come apart have a little respite for there were many coming and going they don't even have time to eat so they departed to a desert place in a boat by themselves but first thirty three the multitudes saw them departing and many know him and ran there on foot from all the cities to get the picture the going across the boat and you can look on the shore will dust clouds try to run around they could guess with the landlord and be there they arrived before them and came together to him so soon as they get up the crowd with a left is now back again first thirty four and Jesus when he came out saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion for them because they were like sheep not having a shepherd so we began to teach them many things another parenthetical statement I genuinely desire for the Lord to give me an increased sense of longing for the lost in that if I am having a really bad hearts higher day from literally doing ministry if I go home to escape in a crowd followed me there that my first reaction be to have sympathy on them and just keep working this is what Jesus had a continues on Spurs thirty five when the day was now far spent his disciples came to him and said this is a deserted place and already the hour is late send them away that they may go into surrounding country and villages and buy for themselves bread for they have nothing to eat and Jesus notices this half pitching moment with the vendor thirty seven but he has said to them you give them something to eat you and they said to him shall we go and buy two hundred and with the bread and give them something to eat but he said to them how many loaves do not go and see it with Jesus of just all gentleness and self course is using it as an opportunity train when they found out they said five into fish then notice that is what he does he then he commanded them to make them all sit down in groups on the green grass even if they have everyone sit down he hasn't sit down in groups while we continue study why would you consider any groups what is Jesus about to do course in verse forty they said they sat down in ranks in hundreds and in fifties Sibelius would've taken some time yet five other people get together and fifties and hundred hundreds in the disciples of their practicing putting them together in these different groups and we had taken the five loaves and the two fish he looked up to heaven blessed and broke the loaves and gave it to his disciples to set before them and the two fish he divided among them all so they all ate and were filled and they took up twelve baskets full of fragments and of the fish now those who dream the lows were about five thousand men review and Herald March twenty nine eighteen ninety eight when Christ fed the multitude each one of the disciples was given a part in the work Christ as his father 's blessing on the food and it came but the work was not left to one man who was the one man in this reference Jesus right each one was given something to do vineyards the spiritual application so it is now God has given to every man his work and he expects all to do their part faithfully when the truth is presented God does not design a one-man show to the greatest part of the work no man should put himself and his work in the place of God one man's voice must not be heard continually while others stand by as onlookers all are to labor for the promotion of the work every available power is to be used to carry forward the great work by legal effect of the groups of fifteen hundred why would they group together that way well let's continue on sides of the Times January twenty two nineteen oh two again speaking of the others experience Christ received from the father he imparted to the disciples they imparted to the multitude and catch this end the people to one another as God blesses Jesus Jesus as his trained workers but the workers have already organize the people into their any given to the group and the group 's bassinet to themselves it's a fascinating model of ministry that God raises up his workers but they are supposed to put other people to work just as Christ did his ministry so there to do their fair supposed to carry on the training ministry that Jesus Christ himself it goes on to say so all were united with Christ will receive from him the bread of life the heavenly food and imparted to others you listen carefully now you can keep his law on glad it doesn't end there but none can keep his law without ministering to others wasn't this the less of the rich young ruler all these things I have kept I never dishonored my parents would never give my wife I've never have never stole anything never killed anyone attempt the Sabbath they have never think about every commemorative think of and you like quite both the perfect now get everything adept to other anyone awaits that this is the same lesson here none can keep his law without ministering to others again cutting to the end of the page the church was not blessed just to be blessed it was blessed to be a blessing when I hear for us we're here to develop the character of Jesus and Jesus is all about others come back to that tomorrow night John chapter seventeen of the close of Jesus ministry I wanted to say that this is from the very beginning to the very end the burden on his heart was not only doing the work of ministry the training others to do the work of ministry John chapter seventeen in the prayer to Jesus prays coming to the close of his earthly life reviewing what he has done in praying for those who will come behind John chapter seventeen in verse eighteen he says to his father as you sent me into the world so in the same manner with the same job the same way that you sent me as he looks at me into the world I also have sent them into the world notice is that the same way I was in here now I'm sending them out there they are to simply replicate duplicate duplicate my ministry in the world Matthew chapter twenty eight the great commission were all very familiar with it Jesus parting words in this gospel record verse eighteen and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and honor you would think if anything now I have all power I can do all things so I will do ministry knows that all powers been given the authority is given me so I'm a tell you what to do all authorities been given to me in heaven and earth now go therefore and make this type of all nations baptizing the name of the father and son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you I thought you you teach them and they become disciples and if you did it right individual like I did and they'll be discipling other people at three one gives to someone else and then that person give the Seminoles give to someone else something that the white refers to as the circuit of beneficent you receive to give Jesus as you've been with me I've been training you now go do what you know to do acceptor one the beginning of the early Christian church the last recorded words of Christ by the by Luke your next chapter one and verse eight the thesis statement for the book of acts will be building on from there but if that's there Jesus said but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me tell people about me give it these people like I thought you're been a be living ambassadors for me to get a little mini needs if you will people do see you and they than to see me there to listen to unity taught by you like I thought you be witnessed to me in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and to all the ends of the earth so we see acts chapter two the church is born so were transiting up from Jesus now those apostles that he trained what was their ministry like what happened in the early church doing a quick survey of the New Testament accepted to the day of Pentecost comes there fully converted they are empowered by the Holy Spirit just as Jesus said they wanted Peter stands up this time he has a good speech to do as a something fascinating to say if the present truth message he read the Bible you study accepted to that Pentecost sermon can we just talk what were people I wish the Seventh-day Adventist church were more Pentecostal guy back it is we that hang out there explain myself right now when you typically of the word Pentecostal you have some certain images come to mind right faith healing holy rolling Big Bang gone everything is he okay on speaking in tongues the holding I want Pentecost like the Bible teaches it had on the day of Pentecost Peter stood up to preach empowered by the Holy Spirit and he preached a Bible -based message twenty six versus thirteen of which were direct quotations from the Bible is eleven of those verses of the twenty sixth were explanations of what they just heard from Scripture and two verses were in appeal no one got healed no mention of music whatsoever and in fact what made them confused with the fact that they didn't understand of the fact that they didn't understand somehow the devil has taken this day of Pentecost and is turn it into something completely the opposite I want is the advent of speed Pentecostal as the Scripture teach it we are present through the Bible -based messages that everyone is lit on fire with the Holy Spirit not a crazy chaotic way to organize for service to go and do a thing of the appeal either I just had to say accept it Julie preaches this message and watch what happens as a result of this message accepted to start with verse forty one then those who gladly received his word notice it was based on the word or what baptized fulfilling the great commission he thought of all things explaining the witness for Jesus Christ they fell by the way that was a powerful sermon he preached these are people just fifty days earlier who accounted crucify him and I relay the biblical thermostat that guy you crucified was your Messiah you killed Christ and noticed their responses what can we do repairs to the heart fascinating by the way it appears to the hearts and they repented Stephen in acts chapter seven gives almost the identical sermon to the leaders the Sanhedrin the Bible records that they were fierce to the heart same message same piercing in the heart but with these people repented and came back in the fold the others put their fingers in the ears shot of top their voices until Jesus us bringing to end the seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel chapter nine the time of probation had closed with the rejection of the truth fascinated also by the way more times in Scripture when people are as one man are unified or all in one accord those of the enemies of Christ more often than they are the followers of Christ Satan likes unity to go back and look at the story of Babel one language one voice there working together don't think that Satan is scatterbrained it hasn't he's organized for service and what the world makes us think that were discovered while willy-nilly and finish the work accept to verse forty two and they continued steadfastly in fate by the way are the believers the new believers the converts and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and the breaking of bread and in prayers then fear came upon every soul and he wonders and signs were done through the apostles notice it wasn't until he was doing with a one but continue on now all who had believed when I went back on the believers were together and had all things in common and sold their possessions and goods and divided them among all as anyone had need of a beautiful picture of church unity they were bound together by the word of God they were focused on mission and they lost sight of self there were giving for each other powerful cell verse forty six so continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house and ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart praising God and having favor with all the people and as a result and the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved so starting with a core group to add that you know she wisely experienced and a powerful method leg on fire but they didn't let it die they went daily went over the Scriptures studied out the red fellowship one another and through their ministry the Lord added daily those who were being saved he was working through the new converts to bring in other new converts accepted to now accept the six starting with verse one now in those days when the number of the disciples was the son is not adding with the word multiplying right if just one person does ministry once that is all what that would just be adding it takes multiple people adding to make multiplication and so everyone's working with churches multiplying the number of the disciples multiplied there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the Helen because the widows were neglected in the daily distribution not forgetting the even seen it and accept her to accept a sixth church is growing large new people are coming in strange new people notice there's some unevenness in the distribution the windows are talking and who they turn to fix the problem first and then the twelve sum and the multitude of the disciples and said it is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables apparently they were talking about the area before you go out on another missionary thing before preached the word Peter can you come back to stay here today and help us distribute Disney we need a divided evenly and you know there's more available we been here longer and they didn't give enough and just help us run the just help us manage this church that this welcome is that this church and the apostles that they well I guess that's my job as for the people expected me okay let's do hovering over this one little congregation is the little cottage the mega- church right Achilles three thousand plus his mother was you this is our work now as they hear and manage than the twelve Summit in multitude by some in the multitude of the disciples that it is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables therefore brother and seek out from where from among yourselves or what you seven men of good reputation full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom whom we may appoint over this business but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word and this is a very rare statement church work first five and the saying pleased the whole multitude wow that would be nice to know ever possess a fantastic idea they understood where this could go this is a difficult thing in the natural inherent temptation of humanity is look to their leaders are graphics are promised exhibit like let's think of it and I'm guessing they were thinking what would Jesus do they recall we know exactly would you do we were with them he would set off over the work and he would keep right and were supposed to be representing him you keep working here working it'll preach the word there that's our mission that's our method that's a message that we do now watch what happens and they chose Stephen it was also list them all all the names of those chosen to serve for six and a set before the apostles and when they had prayed they laid hands on them they officially set them apart ordained for this ministry then was the result of that organization then the word of God spread and the number of the disciples multiplied the defendant they multiply just as multiplied greatly where in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests were waiting to the faith so the church kept growing and growing but it's all right there interest which is exactly Jesus said to start Jerusalem then go to Judea and Samaria to the ends of the earth but as the church as lunacy in chapter eight please go there next asked after a as the church started to grow in Jerusalem adding then multiplying the multiplying greatly and now we've got this organization of local leaders all were firing all persons now this is great danger apparently is lurking in the church acts chapter eight verse one this is now immediately after the death of Stephen the first Christian martyr this is thus always consenting to his death and at that time a great persecution arose against the church apparently before then it was relatively placid and calm but now once the floodgates opened with Stephen the whole church was in trouble and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and area exactly as Jesus had foretold goes unsaid about man carried Stephen to his burial and made great lamentation over him and first three after Saul he made havoc of the church entering every house and driving off men and women committing them to prison so a great persecution of the believers unleashed and as a result they scattered from their comfortable Jerusalem church out into Judea the countryside and even into Samaria that would not have come naturally to them and I believe the Lord allow the persecution to come so they would do it they were supposed to do anyway by way which watch for sport therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word who were scattered on the apostles right look at first look at verse one again at that time a great persecution rose against the church was at Jerusalem and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea Samaria except to the apostles so this time the apostles stay by the headquarters if you will the conference office and the believers go out and Judea and Samaria and they start preaching the word they are preaching the word in Judea and Samaria commenting on this proxy apostles one oh five and one oh six the persecution that came up on the church of Jerusalem in Jerusalem resulted in giving a great impetus to the work of the gospel success had attended the ministry of the word in that place and watch the snow and there was danger what was the word danger the disciples those new believers the followers of Jesus not the path will be the new disciples there was danger that the disciples would linger here to loan unmindful of the Savior 's commission to go to all the world you know you ever get a bunch of believers around you is insulated enough you think your wedding forgetting that strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service other than the victory over sin constant therefore you strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service you thinking about the sin that you can't stop thinking about doesn't help you stop thinking about this then you can stop making about trusting the word will give you victory and the work for somebody else late yourself in the dust and go be a work for Jesus instead of educating watch the smell instead of educating the new converts to carry the gospel to those who had not heard it is apparently part of their baptismal vow part of the thing they were supposed to be in the DNA of a new converts with mission service over another pastor says this on me saying it but just an idea if soul winning were a prerequisite for membership how many here would we have to disfellowshipped thank you for not showing hands that would be incredibly awkward but think about it is soul winning a part of our theology of Seventh-day Adventists or is it simply receiving I went to look for the minority forward I haven't left yet praise the Lord a big right now have you thought someone else or we living in Jerusalem and the Lord needs another persecution watch this now I'm not just making this up instead of educating the new Congress to carry the gospel to those who had not heard of they were in danger of taking a course that would lead all to be satisfied with what it been accomplished to scatter his representative abroad where they could work for others God permitted persecution to come upon them driven from Jerusalem the believers went everywhere preaching the word now who are these believers obviously we know they're not the apostles but surely that doesn't mean everything one of the shows as the well spoken ones of the very educated whether the wealthy want to the influential of write up its wallflower introverts you don't really like to go knocking on doors among those to whom the Savior had given the commission go you therefore and teach all nations were many from the humbler walks of life men and women who had learned to love their Lord and had to it who had determined to follow his example unselfish service they made up their mind there to do it whether they felt like it or not to the lowly ones as well as to the disciples would been with the Savior during his earthly ministry had been given a precious trust they were to carry to the world the glad tidings of validation through Christ's last paragraph when they were scattered by persecution they went forth filled with a missionary zeal they realize the responsibility of their mission notice it when they started preaching when they started telling other people when I started working for the Lord then they realize that they needed to be working for the the Lord noticed that it had to join it to learn X it's in the water right so much time too much theory and the seven deadliest accident with the practical application good on but I'm seriously got training and trade we talk about it least we a lot of preaching about it the Louisville last night you went in one assault for Jesus Christ I don't know I merely waiting for the latter he noted that the former rain never expired again if you don't have the latter rain yet okay just use the Pentecost Spirit is still there but there's something for a good appeal founding there are telling you the humbler walks about the lower class what ever you are Jesus said get up and go and do and in the doing you learn why and how it's good for you to saving other souls friend saves your soul when they scatter when they were scattered by the persecution they went forth built with missionary zeal they realize the responsibility of their mission it dawned on them this is what I visited and doing all along they knew that they held in their hands the bread of life for a fantasy world and they were constrained by the love of Christ to break the bread to all who are in need the Lord wrought through them notice that they didn't win souls the Boulevard one sold through them wherever they went sick were healed the poor have the gospel preached to them in heaven the Lord uses his angels as his ministers of salvation the Old Testament Whitchurch was supposed to be a living model of heaven itself when every member of the camp was an angel to represent the character and the law of God to win people to Christ by their life by their teaching and leading them to the center of the camp which is Jesus Christ himself when Jesus came he didn't just come to do ministry and to teach how to do ministry and he set his disciples to work in training while he was still there and they put it in practice and put it in practice so that when the day of Pentecost came and a power accident and they already knew what to do they watched Jesus and the early church was blessed because they were faithful to the commission and yes that the rough spots in the books the book of acts in the early church but through the persecution they started scattering in the new believers realize this is what we should've been doing all along and again Christ prayed to his father Lord may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and let me lay this down as we close tonight is God works that way in heaven and in the Old Testament and in the ministry of Jesus and in the apostolic church why in the world should we work like that even now friends Jesus is coming soon but the workers are few and I don't know why were not working in the focus they were all not working right I'm sure their people devoted earnestly doing what they know to do and what they can do people getting the training they need but when I talk about a little program or an event from side if I were talking about being woven into the fabric in DNA of who we are seven demonstrations the three angels messengers how many of us are actually giving the message that somehow expecting the work to get finished this is all laying a framework for tomorrow morning 's message as we look at that specific question what does the model of heaven in the Old Testament in the ministry of Jesus and apostolic church what does that how does that apply all of this is so far theory or history of how we bring it home and land right where we are now how do we go from looking at the whole thing from thirty thousand feet and what practical application of that out in my life in my church my experience tomorrow morning 's message is entitled doing the wrong job well and I don't want you to miss I don't want you to miss we later framework in these previous messages tonight is not the appeal but it's coming tomorrow and tell you all week with the appeals going to be I want to challenge you individually not your church about your school not your denomination at your conference you to win a soul for Jesus I'm not asking you to start a church planter started please don't start another branch of utilizing them enough of those and I love them I'm here at it right okay but what we don't need is another program both many people sharing the truth asking to be the challenge tomorrow morning 's message doing the wrong job well I hope you seen the picture the platform that we built so when the appeal comes it will be the natural extension of what we study such as tonight 's method by the way made since Gingrich and with the least logical okay you might disagree but at least you see it okay good I want to be thinking about these things starting on them and already start thinking Lord if that's the appeal how can apply my life how can I respond to it effectively I don't want just because everybody's coming out of many notable debit even Adobe conducts if that's the appeal for me Lord show me how to do it in my life starting now with our heads for work generally father I thank you so much that you sent as Jesus not just to do ministry but did teachers how to do ministry ourselves Lord help us cannot wait for a new preacher or a new evangelist or new leader to come along but Lord help each one of us to say here am I send me what the harvest is ripe I truly believe it I don't think that your word tells lies I don't think that it's mistaken or only for that time in that place in this time and this place there are people who need the truth of Jesus and the advent message or help us to look for them up as much as to wait for them but Lord help us to seek the lost and bring them Jesus and the person of us that in the Lord just keep us faithful keep us in the faith yes keep us faithful but more than faithful Lord lets go beyond mere faith with more beyond his staying here lords put it out there and make this music will remove all make us your Angels honor rate will this media was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more I like to know more about how humorous is more so than please visit www. 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