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Sin is a Four Letter Word

Kameron DeVasher
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Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • October 12, 2013
    7:00 PM
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Dylan father Lorna think you so much for this Sabbath day though the precious hours are coming to close look at this brings us another week we can work for you once again the Lord keep us to be faithful help us be faithful and make as useful for your cause and Lord help us to become citizens of your kingdom even now as we look forward to and hasten your sin coming forward pray it introduces thing a man this great epiphany came to me from desire of ages page twenty a very opening chapter the very opening up paragraphs and the grand opus on the life of Christ the desire of ages we read there is nothing save the selfish heart of man that lives unto itself and and then she starts talking about the birds in the trees of the no bird that cleans the air no animal nose up on the ground but ministers to some other life there is no link of the forest or lowly blade of grass but has its ministry every tree and shrub and leaf pours forth that element of life without which neither man nor animal could live in man and animal in turn administer to the life of tree and shrub and leave and yet understand this is a telling the story of the life of Jesus why is she talking trees and shrubs leaves and any flowers breathed fragrance and unfold their beauty and blessing to the world the sun sheds light to gladden the bows of worldbeat ocean itself the source of all of our springs about the receives the streams from every land but takes to give the myth the sending from its bosom falling showers to water the earth that it may bring forth and bud but you talk all about those natural thing very the Angels of glory find their joy in giving the street gone from trees and shrubs and flowers and birds up to the Angels the Angels glorifying their joy in giving giving love and tireless watch care to souls that are fallen an unholy heavenly beings will the hearts of men they bring to this dark world light from the courts above by gentle and patient ministry they move up on the human spirit to bring the lost and the fellowship of Christ which is even closer than they themselves can know but turning from all lesser representations we behold God in Jesus looking unto Jesus we see that it is the glory of our God that she is about five years with the glory of God is it is the glory of our God to give interesting this grand opus on the life of Christ you said here's the great name the glory of God is to give I can do nothing of myself that Christ the living father has sent me and I live by the father I seek not mine own glory but the glory of him that sent me now here's the things that can't afford me and maybe it was just me maybe it's nothing to be view in these works is set forth the great principle which is the law of life or the universe so right in the middle of her diatribe about flowers and shrubs and trees and birds and missed suspending and angels descending all these different things she says and now we turn to Jesus me say that campaign is the great law of life for the universe all things Christ received from God but he took to give a she's describing for the nearness of the constant this is the continuing theme between the flowers and shrubs and trees and the Angels and now Jesus she said the common bond between everything in God 's creative universe and she includes animate and inanimate sentient or otherwise at briefing God is designed in this universe to receive from something else and then give to something else to receive to give if the great principle be law of life for the all things price received from God but he took to get so in the heavenly courts in his ministry for all created beings through the beloved son the father 's life flows out to all and through the sonnet returns in praise and joy in service a tide of love to the great source of all and I love the sentence and thus through Christ the circuit of beneficence is complete representing the character of the great G giver the law of life the law of life according to Mrs. White is this receiving to give and she describes it in a marvelous raise a circuit of beneficence no beneficence and benevolence these are not terms that we often think of today but it simply means the doing of good for others benefiting someone else besides yourself giving and she describes it as a circuit with this one takes and then against Anderson takes into gives and the whole thing is a completed circuit with Christ's as it's it's it's main focus was he received from the father he gives away and he comes back around through Christ Eric that's what she calls the circuit of beneficence the great love I know if I don't know that I would've thought of that I but well I'll be through the great love the universe is love I got up rape love that kind of begs the question what is love let's do a quick Bible study and figure out if we can understand biblically what the definition of love is and doesn't harmonize with Mrs. White's talking about shrubs and trees and flowers and angels and birds and Jesus does it all fit together what is love and how does it work together well in first John personal with understanding of first John twice the apostle refers to God not only as love will leave or love anybody says God is what love God is love its self God is love so what is what is love what is that mean for us to go to first Corinthians chapter thirteen the love chapter I say like that because you always hear it in the context of human affection and weddings and all these things but I think that there's something bigger in mind and just natural affection here for scrapings chapter thirteen notice as we start going through here you'll start to pick up a theme first it seems that the thirteen will start to prefer sports love suffers long and is kind love does not envy love does not parade itself is not puffed up does not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth it bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things and of course verse eight love never fails notice that love is not in the end NV is wanting stuff for real for yourself right love does not parade itself that needs to show off for itself love is not puffed up popped up his arrogance both look to think big things about yourself love does not seek its own fit my needs it puts the interest of others ahead of itself apparently love according to the biblical definition is a life of self lesson this putting others ahead of yourself basically true love gifts for others intake instead of taking for itself and you'll notice that this manifestation of love is not just natural affection and if not simply a good will towards others or cheerful disposition both things are very lovely and loving but love itself is deeper than that love always manifests itself in an action you got it do right it's something manifested something demonstrative point that you probably don't even have to look it up but it's in your Bible John chapter three verse sixteen for God so what that he noticed that love results in giving God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son Galatians chapter two let's look at another one before football the author of our love chapter there goes on to explain Galatians chapter two verse twenty he says I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God and now you can affect who is the son of God in the son of God who loved me and did what gave himself for me gave of himself right away this is a fantastic is a little aside this is a wonderful wonderful theological foundation for the divinity of Jesus Christ right if God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son in the love is the principle of giving of your self if God had to create something to sin he's not sending himself and actually it would be mostly it would actually be it I would actually be a promoting Satan 's lies about God things that God is a withholding he doesn't love you doesn't care about you is not self-sacrificing gods that I am too self-sacrificing love I'll create someone goes in and did I would make sense but if Jesus Christ is the one with the father if they are co- eternal persons one God in three persons and he sent his son which is an extension of himself that's truly self-sacrificing love Jesus which vitally is why not only because you know she's been goats and bulls can't take wasted wine angels life couldn't sacrifice of my favorite friends we didn't just need a sinless sacrifice think about it and Angel has never sinned but still could not be our sacrifice or could not be a savior because the argument wasn't with the Angels it was with God himself so God himself gives of himself in his only begotten son God so loved the world that he gave when God gave Jesus it was actually something from him and by the way it doesn't say that God so loved the world that he loaned or you let me borrow or be donated for a time friends Jesus Christ was given as a gift to humanity he is our brother for eternity and if ironic and unfair that if you be only we get new bodies right for he is the Lord of Morgan new bodies but Jesus Christ will have scars for God so loved the world he gave of himself that the path that the Galatian chapter two I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me notice also greatly God the father gave his only gotten some of the sun gave himself they were together in this fascinating Ephesians chapter five to turn to the book one book to the right in talking about practical manifestations of this love he counsels husbands and wives Chapter five and verse twenty five husbands love your wives and he says to what extent just as Christ also loved whom the church and did what gave himself for love always result in giving true love doesn't take true love gives true love is self-sacrificing course Jesus himself explained that in John chapter fifteen in verse thirteen John chapter fifteen and verse thirteen he says greater love has no one than this is that if you want to know what real love is about the nth degree grade there is no way to top this kind of love greater love has no one than this then to lay down what one's life for the entirety of all you are weird 's higher life lay it down for someone else that the apex of love the zenith of love is self lesson of self-sacrifice or other the only good oh two the two the epistle of first John not the gospel of John first John and I thought about that Bible studies interested we got the other a few months ago and she's not particularly familiar with all the books the Bible and I told her to go to first Donahue said now that is that the big John or that one the little Joseph Littlejohn 's okay so go to the first Littlejohn chapter four and verse seven and noticed the logic with employed here beloved let us do what you love home one another why for love is of God they never want to give it if you claim to be of God and God is love then you better love one another because God is love so simple so logical beloved let us love one another for love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God he who does not love does not know God for God is love .net for any plenty of Christians who claim no God but are not particularly loving Donna calling a liar but biblically there should be some evidence of love in your life if you claim to know God because God is love it just simply makes sense with love one another for love is of God Philippians chapter two chapter two starting with verse one and again Paul comes back to this idea of love leads to selflessness and putting others works Philippians two verse one therefore if there is any cause relation in Christ if any comfort of love but if you'd been comforted and in the love of Christ if any fellowship of the Spirit if any affectionate mercy to fill my joy by being like-minded having the same love being of one accord and of one mind and notice how we said here's how you be loving mercy let nothing be done through what selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also to the interests of others love is not a flight of fancy is not a feeling is not unnatural affection it's a deep-seated theological principle that governs God 's universe that lets you receive to give by the latest is embedded in the law of God if you notice when Christ was asked what is the greatest commandment he says love the Lord your God and the second one is like it love your neighbor as yourself if you look closely at the law of God and this is probably commonly understood but the first table of law outlines how you give to God right you give all you give respect remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy those are the things you outline how you love got the last six outline how you love other people but you know what there isn't there is not a third table of the law that outlines how you love you right there is no eleventh commandment that says watch out for number one write what you think you do you write usually whatever you want to do you know you take care yourself you bet about number one you take care your best not in God 's law anywhere think of it who takes care of you according to God 's law I mean it sounds good right but there is nowhere written in it who takes care of you and all is just you take care of others it's an implied if you take your mother we hope that you don't worry about who they give you you just think about it right fascinating engines that love is why the apostle Paul can talk about how love is the fulfillment of the law if the grand central principle of the universe now the great difference well applicable more text chapter sixteen of Matthew Matthew chapter sixteen I really appreciate the very first duty of the Christian Matthew chapter sixteen at the Chapter sixteen starting with verse twenty four then Jesus said to his disciples if anyone desires to come after me look at is the very first word let him deny what himself if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me if you follow Christ you have to deny your self self has to be left in the dust and then you walk with Christ self has to be left in the dust your side of the same from the great chasm that is the difference between the creature in the create for the big difference between Christ and Satan aside from the creator created the great difference between Christ and Satan is Christ himself less Satan itself it and every other thing in the universe the entire gray controversy is a war over this single which idea will win which governing principle of the universe will win out self lesson this or self -ish net okay we illustrate this Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen of the prophet recalls the fall of Lucifer needs considering it verse twelve I visited fourteen how you are have fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you who weaken the nations for here's why he was cut out of the ground it was what was going on inside of it for you have said and by the way where is he saying these things in your hearts is not necessarily overt things and get a take a guess that there is very stuff going on in your mind right now perhaps even if not being shown on your face that you could probably be thinking either wonderful bots are terrible thoughts are completely not thinking about what's going on here thoughts right but the whole time I mean you in setting class is enough you know how to develop a space like totally interested in but you have no clue right now apparently Satan was saying that in his heart for the things going on his heart for you is that in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the mount of the Congregational are the five North I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high I I I this been said yet Satan had an eye problem self Minnelli go back to Philippians chapter two and we look at the difference between that selfishness and selflessness of Jesus Christ Philippians chapter two verse five and were encouraged let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God I need up to show off a new exactly with what he knows people who are confident in themselves don't rather talk about themselves all the time Jesus Christ and what rep I buy that I don't know did you notice on this I got it you out of using you probably didn't know pretty humble enough if you have to tell people your humble available right he didn't ever flex up monthly never had to show it off he never had to say I you probably know my dad never never right who being in form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God he knew exactly what Oedipus Lex were stretched forth but made himself of what our you know the age of social media and Facebook and twitter and whatever the Twitter twitter things are out there everyone wants to make a name for themselves and the rest of an image or reputation in a look to them on a sounder than the listing poetic or sportier whatever sassy I don't know but everybody wants to be kind and known as a have an image cry segment of the made himself of no reputation the plane got taking the form of a bond servants and coming in the likeness of men this is not manner his original eugenic glory this is what thou than years of sin and which the original would've been a step down for Christ right but this one that's really what you want you know Isaiah talks about them being like a root out of dry ground no that's not pretty but he wasn't here to be prettiest used here to show us what God 's character and coming the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross the great difference between Christ and Satan besides the creature Creator for divide is Christ operates exclusively on a platform of selflessness and Lucifer Satan operates exclusively on a platform of selfishness Christ would give everything including his own life if it were necessary where Satan would take everything including Christ's life if it were necessary to accomplish its aims this is the great divide and each one of our characters will be formed after one of before the other we will become even more like Jesus and his selflessness or more like Satan and his selfishness these are the only two options this falcon talk about you either be a slave to Christ or up slaves then you're going to conform you're going to obey your going to bow down to someone something so which will it be in Paul urges let this mind be in you as though we have a choice about it but were not predestined to be there this one of the other Blue Cross would love to become conformed to be image of his son he doesn't go with force you out of the thing look here's what selflessness looks like here's what selfishness looks like you choose whom you will serve fascinating unless speaking of this great law of the universe continuing on desire of ages page twenty one read and heaven itself this law was broken sin originated and self seeking Lucifer the covering chair of desire to be first in heaven he sought to gain control of heavenly beings to draw them away from their Creator and to win their homage to himself thus he put a short in the circuit of beneficence never everything else gives to any receipts to give receives to give at some point you started this receiving to receive it wasn't flown back to the Lord like his position was that the covering cherub the right-hand man of God if you will and he was the private at all the praise within the back and he was supposed to presented to the father at some point he just kind of want some of that for me he started taking for himself selfishness in fact in manuscript release volume three page three thirty one would revisit beautiful little forward sentence all sin is selfishness all sin is selfishness you name it you can save anything you want and it falls under the heading selfish you did that because you wanted them I had me more extreme forms of abuse or they were just little things like little pay back a little visit but you wanted something different than what God said or what would devotion to God with your devotion other B will beat you to will nothing but instead you wanted for you that's then all sin is selfishness for the title of the message is sin is a four letter word self sin is self -ish now with the second Timothy chapter three second Timothy chapter three will start with verse one we talk about signs of the time signs of the Lord 's return signs of the second coming the least I can't speak for you but I know that my mind often goes to natural disasters earthquakes hurricanes or political military unrest wars and rumors of wars and those are very very valid pestilence disease all kinds of things but I want to show you this side of the time it may not always get the attention of the other ones do and if your check second Timothy chapter three verse one but know this but where the Scripture says to know this what should we do we should know this and that in the last days perilous times will come to get something up it is earthquakes and and and wars in an disease for men will be lovers of what's that thing themselves is like talking to be terrible in the last days men will be lovers of themselves and in everything else that falls out of that seems to be the result of that self-love which is a great discussion to have is love for yourself really love it love is the principle of giving to others what another great great thought about the Godhead good argument for the Trinity if God is love and love of the principle of putting others first then he cannot be a rigid singularity you need others to be love that make sense okay so I got became love once he created something to love he'd always been love it's who he is and is very essence and love requires others fascinating anyway for men will be lovers of themselves they goes on the list it's been incredible lift devices lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal despisers of good traders headstrong hottie lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God 's pleasure for themselves you either love God and yet lull you to love yourself and how to become all that stuff now notice that the directive applications are times that in the last days these perilous times will another thing that people only start discovering to love themselves up in time but apparently it will just like the other sides of the time become more intense and more explosive newbies more obvious men will be lovers of themselves in our day this is what we should be think and noticed that against selfishness seems to be the root of all these Satanic fruits but also notice that is not talking about this event or the pagan or the ungodly being like this if it says verse five having a form of what the godliness on the outside on Jeff the number jumped good to see you good evening happy vespers whenever having a form of godliness going to the routine but inside the lovers of themselves bolsters plat prattled blasphemous unthankful unholy unloading bubble but on the outside of a form of godliness it sounds very very very much like their spiritual forefather for himself who said in his heart I yet he was an ordained minister in the courts of heaven but I will send I will exalt I will do this on the inside in his heart and apparently in the last days there will be a complete manifestation of the character and oftentimes we think they'll be a complete manifestation of the character of God the friends also be a complete manifestation of the character of Satan in the last days while looking for Lego is to be a final generation will represent the character got an absolutely believe this will be a people rappers of the character of God but you have to understand to the same degree that they represent the character of God there will be a full development of the character of Satan in this world Paul says in those days perilous times will come and will be lovers of themselves yet it will be dressed up as godly reclaim Christianity but in no way Christ like now on the other hand the book Revelation in the midst of this self loving form of godliness everything seems great the whole worlds okay with an effective whole trend of the world self self self self self self self interview you start thinking about again commit the social media and all these things everything is about to talk about a Celtic picture myself looking myself in the mirror myself myself myself it is a recruit used to go down it is like here's my blog it appears my blog about me a picture of me that I of me in a mirror looking at me and him are right about me in your tag me an author pictured looking while the brothers up on looking for me for one out me me me me regret mercy however Revelation chapter twelve number Jesus has greater love has no man than this and they would lay down their life right lay down his life relationship to twelve in verse eleven speaks of a faithful few who records described as they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony the gimmick of act that premised witnessing to other people in the salvation for them and you they overcame him by the blood of a lamb and by the word of the testimony and they did not love what their lives to what point really given up right fairly in the church with a form of godliness is dubious selfishness but Satanic yet on the other hand is good to be a remnant would represent the character of Christ and be self less even unto death just a couple more statements were almost done I wanted to share this principle has been some mental much to me in acts of the apostles page five fifty one we read this statement if you ever want to know like how I know that I've arrive in music whichever specific I've arrived un- Christlike but the completeness of Christian character is attained when the knife know what that rest let them to begin up I know completeness of Christian character is obtained when the impulse to help and bless others springs constantly from within it's a very simple premise Christ likeness is attained when you're like Christ apparently for Christ to help and bless other springs forth constantly from within as just what is about that's his nature that this essence that's his character and the completeness of Christian characters attainment in both the help of less others brings with positive commitment is the atmosphere of this love notice again doing a blessing for others is defined as love this love surrounding the soul of the believer that makes him a savor of life unto life and enables God to bless his work supreme love for God and unselfish love for one another this is the best gift that our heavenly father can bestow weeping about what I want power I want this I want that does ask for the love and character of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift ever so knows the this love is not an impulse on again she was seen hundreds of the that maybe something but that's not love right it might be zeal it might be excited it might be completely fine but don't think it what you felt in love because love is not an impulse love is a decision if the principal love is not an impulse but a divine principle a permanent power stop bleeding is not fading it's just who you are the unconscious crew part cannot originate or produce it only in the heart where Jesus reigns as it found we love him because he first loved us in the heart renewed by divine grace love is the ruling principle of action the apostle Paul says that we are so living in this world we are citizens of heaven and I'll show you one of my favorite Texas Scripture with the first John chapter three first John chapter three chapter two and I want you to notice this this process language this is just notice how carefully worded it is beloved now we are children of God right if you come to Jesus Christ it has to be is repetitive your standard aspirin use or he will give it to you now you are child got add but in addition to that and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be the value can be a child of God now and still be different later on you see that women now where the children got but it is not yet been revealed what we shall be brought he likes we don't know what the final product looks like but we know this box we know that when he is revealed that the reference to the second coming we shall be what notice it doesn't say we when he is revealed we shall be made like him so it says it simply says that we shall be like him and why do we know that will be like him for we shall see him as he is who will be able to look on him and his holy character dirt and it will harmonize and resonate with the character we've developed here we go from this world to the next seamlessly so the other concept in life business development of Christ likeness and at the brass tacks of the most core value is simply the principle of love and love at its most core value is receiving from God and then giving to others receiving to give give give but Mrs. White but the so simply she said basically the paraphrase the principle of Christ is give give the ruling principle of Satan 's kit gets past the big difference are you a giver or against her ass the big difference apparently in heaven were all supposed to be givers we illustrate this point the story is told of other gentlemen who was commissioned an artist was commissioned to paint a picture when it is one contract the two pictures one picture of heaven in one picture of hell to paintings one of heaven one of help bill think of heaven without how you illustrated painting how can I get this idea across to thought is a resource drawing out a picture in painting and getting altogether and he doesn't at the same time and in one he put a beautiful law the one of hell he puts his beautiful long banquet table in one of heaven he does this view the long banquet table and he starts to develop even about the net is beautiful gorgeous trees and as everything is lovely animals are happy everything is great both pictures the same thing and on both of these tables is hot of the most delicious vegan food you can think of if this is wonderful you have both heaven and hell below us and all of the good thing everything good and lovely inglorious and split of everything that would just be a dentist in glorious and wonderful both pictures big banquet and around the banquet table he drew people in both pictures the big effect the only difficult the bigger the only difference between the two paintings was the condition of the people and how they were all like sour skinny emaciated sickly impale his really hoping this is just of this video but the aberrant heaven though everybody's in a happy and joyous in and then rosy cheeked and I plump but not backing on things like healthy it radiated just enjoying the example of Benin vigor and vitality and what made the difference well you have to understand the other thing in both pictures he gave both groups of people of the same defect there was a physical deformity that they both had in common neither group of people was born with operable elbows right they had a shoulder and wrist and fingers just I love that show the illustration on a video that I eyed look at you thick and slightly revealed by the and what happened and how was people would get the food glorious splendid mood and just couldn't make it work no panic and anger God I needed a and finally exasperated half sulked and for this banquet that they could not enjoy heaven thing problem no elbows you get it out of the they were all fat and happy but made an effort at that admit to being wrong like you have been ever was that Susanna take care of me how my needs can be met I don't know if I can either a rough think UW through all you can do to get a nap assured if the problem is the the physical makeup of heaven and hell or Christ and Satan that's the big difference the big difference is an inward different to the character one operates on a premise of selflessness and one which operates on the premise of selfish nests and alter you something very honestly about that not that anything is been deceitful at this point but in all honesty I'm a little bit sometimes touch concern about our peels to heaven in a only you can have it and when you get there you're going to get a man said and you can straighten called in and inspect the children I get to fly down the neck of a giraffe for some of the dolphin or whatever the glut and I don't doubt that will be that fine yellow to get wingman to travel in both things are wonderful but that's surely cannot be a motive for going to have it the motive going to heaven is to be with Jesus because we become like Jesus because I have been feels like all except now home is beautiful and glorious it happens to come of it fantastic you know table of food in a mansion and it's got the giraffes and all the things there but the primary motivation for heaven is not what I can't do for myself is because I become Christlike and that's where I would fit in with other people who are Christ like think about this in heavenly places appropriately enough in heavenly places page two thirty three in heaven none will think of self nor seek their own pleasure we never read that statement we talk about heaven I don't know maybe nobody wants to come and think about it folks in all seriousness if you found out that heaven was about not about getting for you but about giving for others would you even want to go the purpose of his life is to choose this day whom you will serve and what character you want to be formed after what pattern you're been a mold your life that I can operate on a platform of selfishness the kids get we can operate on a platform of self lesson this to give you the issue in all of our doctrine on archaeology which I'm a huge fan of our doctrine beyond the all of it leads to Jesus and Jesus is love itself love personified in heaven none will think itself nor seek their own pleasure but all from your genuine love will seek the happiness of the heavenly beings around them by the way don't apply all vital sigma black happiness but I'm not going to be happy yes you will it's just somebody else is going to help you get there an year to help them but all from pure genuine level seek the happiness of the heavenly beings around them and noticed this simple premise if we wish to enjoy heavenly society in the earth made new we must be governed by heavenly principles if we ever hope to enjoy heaven there the society of Angels apparently many become like the Prince of the Angels Jesus Christ himself and develop Christlike character that doesn't seek for its own wedding gifts for others that the great law of life the great object of list like this the development of Christlike character map to understand that salvation is not simply or merely a transaction that gets you in the entire transformation of character they get that it gets you in to the society of thing that a transaction that gets you in the trance formation could see physically bodily physically moving people from this planet to heaven not a problem for the Lord right the transport process piece of cake and each one of us regulars getting get a new body finally the age I could use one not given in a heavenly one to holler and stronger and when great but you won't be given a new character on the way up because character is not something that can be given it has to be available over time and that's with this time is for bodily Satan has it out for young both Christ and Satan understand the validity of the truism that you only our young ones and both wanted to stake their claim early on so that Satan can start heading down a path of self self self self self crisis in a note remember your Creator in the days of your youth so they become more like Christ time a moneymaking appeal this evening as we close if you read some on your own and you will you we asked basically it's a two-step appeal but first what I highly fast this didn't make sense for we talk about tonight did you understand the message that now bears one appeal is about you and your personal walk with Christ and of the preacher of the gospel I cannot leave a place without asking there's someone who wants to be either a commit for the very first time Jesus Christ prepare to be baptized into one body wants to recommit because he wanted away and you realize are more that have been units in the first of what you would like to be his enemy appeals long later the first appeal is if you would like to either come that for the very first time already commits and more powerful meaningful significant way and you never have before during the appeals on the plate I like your announcement on a social worker but if you walk with the Lord is just fine but you want to strengthen you want even more activity for anyone to find what Lord how can I not only have this love is a theory in my mind but how can I ask the principal in my life how can I take this make practical pop up with the online thing and take the three Lord had been convicted by this weekend 's method is that I need to be doing for all that I need to win as well I need to reach someone up I don't want to go to heaven alone to take somebody with me I don't know who they are yet Lord you can point them out if that's the desire of your heart you want to learn more about practical ways that you can be more involved in ministry you can do something practical tangible you want to manifest that self-sacrificing love that's awesome you to come down I'd like to spend on this side of the loop if it's practical that you looking for here if it's a personal commitment or recommitment right here in video videos categories is fine to not looking for that big moment on television everybody is screaming down immediately make a general appeal these are very specific if you don't respond but if you want practical Lord teach me how to do for you instead it do for me I'm down here in Florida I need to recommit to eliminate or limit my liming a rebaptized overview raise the Lord was on the is your heavenly father Lord I want to thank all for so many things would you created us at all and you reading this when we rebelled against you and you certainly didn't have to do that Lord you love us and you gave your self for us and for that they are some down here who want to commit some part perhaps even the very first time and others have drifted away want to come back and make that commitment permanent or Ellis thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to work in their hearts I would ask you seal those commitments let it blossom into full-blown Christianity lived out in every aspect of life and Lord for those who love been walk with you but now they want to understand more how to practically serve you Lord I would ask that you give them wisdom you give them opportunity you give them courage and Lord you give them success as you define it but Lord help us to never become discouraged or this enchanted or happens to be never dissuaded from our mission but help us to keep our eyes by faith on Jesus Christ who loved us and gave himself for us though we may love others and give if the ferry our lives for the cause of crime would this prayer fear and lastly to did anyone here who has a shortcoming that they wanted to leave the cross we do tonight we want to be pure for the like but take these blank slates these humble clay pots and the use the brakes and if you have to but let your light shine out so they may see our good works and glorify our father who is in heaven that in the Lord we ask that you keep a head to make this useful as we not only look for but hasten the coming of Christ the Lord when that day comes not if but when that day comes let not literally we asked him to a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio person or


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