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The Keys to Gotham City

Andrew Allen




  • October 12, 2013
    1:30 PM
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my father we thank you so much for this time together regretted it you will speak to us show us how to make this practical and wages thank you in advance for sending the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth we pray this in Jesus name amen afternoon everyone my name is Jared Thurman and Jason Churchill and I are excited to share with you something that we are both very passionate about which is urban missions on the reach of the mass of the population for the first time the last things fifty years the majority of the world now lives in the city and Mrs. this is unlike a government before his two people farmed now hardly anyone knows of farmer delivered a different world and there's different things that need to be used without a retrieval or a look at some of us today the first part is called the keys to Gotham city in the second part is called the Waldensian secrets is a two-part presentation I'm getting of the first part lay the foundation and Jason is in a share the second part of the Waldensian secret sewer to jump right in evaluating why in the world the keys the Gotham city maybe you're familiar with the Batman comic books and the matter very closely much everyone in the room okay all you little history that has a finger to see it's very practical writer artist Frank Miller has stated Metropolis is New York in the day time Gotham city is New York at night locations used as inspiration for the filming or for comic book illustrations for the VI city of Gotham have included New York City Los Angeles London Chicago Pittsburgh Newark Tokyo and Hong Kong the reason for that is very specific writer Bill finger says on naming the city Gotham city I flipped through the New York city phone book and spotted name Gotham jewelers and said that fit Gotham city we didn't call it in New York because we wanted anybody in any city to identify with so everyone can identify with Gotham city one reason being because many cities of always been portrayed as parts of Gotham on different continents of the world now got the city has New York City is kind of interesting because the nickname for New York City was known as gospel long before the comic books give it to about and introduce this name in nineteen thirty nine the comic books but the nickname was popularized in the nineteenth century having been first attached to New York by Washington Irving in the November eleven eighteen oh seven edition of the sound lagoon the a periodical which lampooned New York culture and politics so there was a reason for this organization a minute why there was the reason for this the talking about New York City Ellen White make some fascinating statements one of those the Lord desires a center for the truth to be established in the great wicked city of New York at evangelism three eight nine one those who bear the burden of the work in greater New York should have the help of the best workers that can be secured here let a sensor for God 's work be made and that all that is done be a symbol of the work the Lord desires to see done in the world at evangelism three four what God wants to do in the entire world he wants to use New York City is the law managers don't recite a wicked city New York Minnesota talking about every person that there were deftly throwing the people and you were of all the sex trade in rate and murder in anger and lasted all these sins that they we can bring up so it's not necessarily every person in New York but there are some evil things that take place in the large cities of this world sex slavery is an awful one I began to study more of recently it was he going God city like every city on that concept most recently the portrayal of Gotham city is that of a dark foreboding metropolis rife with crime crime corruption and a deep-seated sense of urban decay does that sound like oh six so that's the reason is what you think Gotham city is every city in and what is it that we can learn from this fellow light make something is a very profound about this culture in this climate there were living at this time in a dedication page two twenty eight she says at the same time anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law not only divine but human the centralizing of wealth and power the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interests and claims that be the unions as an example that the spirit of unrest of riot and bloodshed the worldwide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France if you want to study what happens when cities really revolves against religion and society as a norm go look at the history of what took place in France on the removal anarchy and when we see these riots breaking out that's just a taste of what that's about a little more about the history of God is his greatest practical the history gotten the word is pronounced go Tim or Galton were to see where that comes from the second the interesting thing is that Jesus talks about a profound parable of how the world will be divided at the close of her sister and one thing about the name Gotham city Irving took the name from the village of Gotham Nottingham shire England a place that according to folklore was inhabited by fools the villages name derives from old English gap or goat in hand or home literally Homestead were goats are kept and is pronounced going to a similar name which is not undergone a pronunciation shift I find it interesting that the most popular city of the DC universe this is another statement is known often as the capital of the world you are look this up on Wikipedia things New York City known as the capital of the world you could throw commerce capital the world and there you could throw fashion capital obviously doing with Paris because all these different reasons of why New York City is the capital of the world for a short period of time is actually the capital of the United States a lot of people know what is best so this parable that Jesus describes is on the sheep and the goats and Matthew twenty five verses thirty one to thirty six specifically it says and before him shall be gathered all nations he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats the Celts shall set the sheep on his right hand but the goats on the left organist see the reality of it is we all by nature or goats stubborn naturally wanting to congregate in certain ways and it's easy to say well yeah it often city people who live in the big cities or goats I'm not the reality is we all have these tendencies we have to realize that we have to realize you know what without the grace of God I would be a goat eating trash like I what's I'm not as brought me Ms. made me a sheep so we do this either this parable that Jesus goes is for our benefit we can't get too high and mighty to say while shame on those goats but I'm a faithful shape now only by daily transformation can God keep us a sheet otherwise we're goat and people can easily be transformed from a goat to a faithful sheep by something that can take place in their lives so we need a total transformation every single day or we go back to where we once were eating the trash and living on experience I can tell you that this experience of being a goat and hopefully Lord 's leading me to be a chef a full sheet that it's it's not always easy to go on a journey of transformation is a lot of times you don't know where you belong and data that is kind of in my story over the last two years I started to be very antagonistic to preachers that would preach a message of love of Jesus Luz and here's another one of those messages and really frustrated by no any truth any deep truth and where that usually can Lisa wondering if they let me know about you you become very much focused on the law and and legalistic aspects of it because you're fighting against an extreme but then you have another set and I like to call it like to railroad tracks you have another point of view which is I want nothing to do with legalism or the law I want love I want to feel that Jesus loves me no matter what might you know my wife our ability into the David Jesus loves me I'm addicted to this if I'm smoking this eating this doing this I just want to know if you knew they did no matter what Jesus loves me that I'm saved in my cents so I like the proposes are two railroad tracks and at the end of the day love is the name of the those tracks so they never railroad track both of them have the name love stamped on them God is love and God 's love but they can come across very differently is what I share with you something that helped me see how close they are yet how far away they really are the we can love people even though they're sending or we can love people only if they stop sending and I like to say both of those can get muddled up in these camps LA starts the conflict of the Asia series of God 's love she ends it with God 's love the entire essence of Scripture is God is love you love this so much this is what he's done for us this is what he can do in your life this is what he will do in your life and administer a long time if reached well you know if there's a crisis coming and I love the cheap love cheap grace no that's the dangerous deception I didn't really understand it as much as I have recently and we talk a lot of things about emergent church and some of that was mentioned this morning all these different things but a statement that help me really see how close this is to the real thing is another great controversy on page five fifty eight it's as long as lots of fun is the chief attribute of God notably that sounds good I can raise two hands and say that sounds good luck results on as the chief attribute of God but he goes on to the stop there it's as but it is degraded to a weak sentimentalism making little distinction between good and evil God 's justice his denunciations of send the requirements of his holy law are all kept out of sight this is the new definition no access of spiritualist and I like to say it's literally three half feet from what true love is all about so we have to be very careful with which camp we keep our feet and I know that there are two ditches on the side of the pathway of truth while being the foundation about the vessel not with this message is about but I want to challenge you to really study that out because this is at the end of the day this is what it's about the love of God but what does that love do in a life how does it change me so that I treat you a certain way how does it interact with you in your relationship with others and with God and this is what it is all come down to how we love got how we understand he loves us because Spiritualism 's foundational principle is love going to have to understand it's that it's different but it's it's like a railroad track coming on the same pathway okay Jesus makes a promise with his principles of love because I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it Matthew sixteen verse eighteen of us a strong present lighting primarily dealing with death nothing can stop his power to resurrect us either from the old life or in the resurrection they are probably the primary application of a theologian but however bit of proposed that the gates of hell been set up around every major city in the world and uses active promise I will build my church and the gates of the city 's will not stop us from winning souls that's a promise because we look at these great cities of Tokyo and Delhi and Shanghai and if you try to do anything and then whether it started business start a church or live you know that the regulations can almost seem impossible so Arden window to easily reach people in the mass centers of population has passed its totally best Ellen makes that clear the easy window as fast now we're in after work in a time of difficult enough to really emphasizing here today else the points that are made are very strong statement the first one do you not know that unless you carry the truth to the cities there will be a drying up of means of general commerce both in nineteen oh nine page one thirty six thousand another confirmation that language is talking about according to the Federal Reserve as reported in the Washington Post on June eleven two thousand twelve American soft forty percent of their wealth dry up from two thousand seventy two thousand the fulfillment of this is taking place how many of you feel your more broke now than ten years ago and raised two hands I was even in college it is so much for difficult to start a business now to find a house to do anything so much more difficult this is taking place people used to say it on you five thousand dollars for your mission trip to ligament village church and you can go to India for a month that it now I give you fifty bucks but times are tough on businesses suffering that it everything is more difficult now I believe it's a fulfillment of that so we have this situation rightly been called into these cities to reach the population and yet at the same time were often they were statements that say get out of the city the reason they were those things to okay so then we had this issue what we do and essays out of the cities and confused enough the question many people are dealing with right now John be in the country or should I be in the city and I can say from starting this a lot it is a deeply spiritual experience trying to figure out what to do and maybe even put your home for sale our Lord I want to move to the country people are sincere about this in your home doesn't sell perhaps say that my family and I would let her homes for sale for four years now we have this desire to what I want to catch it with too often the desire is there but I don't matter we know all the details now there is to cancer this one will argue one side will argue the other unarguable disorder clear management seventy six nineteen oh five hello I said there is not one family in a hundred who will be improved physically mentally or spiritually by residing in the city I think it's clear why the richest of the rich who live in the Northeast they come in from there country home into the city I believe this is literally a God-given desire to have a country home and the City Hall on the new earth we are told we get a country home and a City Hall the dominant all this I believe that's a desire of the Council as though leave the cities what are some of the reasons people are to get out of the city was just awesome out there somewhere also picked health reasons okay raising children what it was influence of the surrounding of billboards and advertising whatever may be okay and reasons one would want to live outside of a major city banker Jack Ryan okay raise a garden atmosphere in the city feels oppressive okay okay yeah thank you for sharing this so there's no some reasons other shows on National Geographic Sharon showing the proper stimulator the peppers this is not some common or simple little thing that's confined to add into the right now the world is prepping for a crisis this is not confined to Adventism so we been told all you know what you need to get out of the city 's work and liking it did come into them and go out unfortunately I seem to often that we move so far out that we forget this principle working the city on Jason 's to speak you more about the application of starting something in the city and Jason lived three hours out how practical is the brand wake up at three in the morning to get into the city by six with no traffic to work all day to be done by seven to get home at ten thirty to get up at three he will be James light in a very short amount of time i.e. dead before the stock so so than this creates a predicament of the city live in the city is the open thing up at six a.m. and closes at nine thirty p.m. the understand the predicament that this effort is that this predicament like what we do so some of us we say no and unfounded conviction and I'll was a deep down this is what got me start up while there is a crisis coming I'm no idiot I can watch CNBC I can license a look when this thing goes down this week this is those that this thing is out it won't be goal that you need will be led at the gunship building bullets very accurate assessment that's the world that secular science when the crisis hits it's chaos anarchy is what all this for a second because oftentimes this is where the whole plan goes I we have an example of Stephen Haskell and his wife living in downtown New York City in their sixties or so no one says of his work you are where God needs you not get out of the city you are God needs you now I want to tell you that all the reasons we listen to live out of the city are very good reasons and are excellent reasons actually vera a hundred reasons I get right down right now why you should live out of the city but we have to consider this concept adjacent to talk about of what about what about the restaurant serves what about the diocese meet his seventy nevermind study to validate us to guide us whatever maybe and oftentimes I don't mean to say this in a wrong way but the Lord did not die for the trees of the Northwest part of the United States were many said that Mister Hyde he didn't die for them and I don't believe he's never coming back until we realized I think we need to live out of the city and I think there's three very key components that I'm convicted on the qualify someone to have in a country property number one where the homes are close together these are spare processing homes are close together we can grow your own food and is a thoroughly easy access to the city is not three half hours and I'm saying the realistic in the south as the environment I see I'm not talking about fourteen and a half hours in the middle of Washington state or Idaho are all these outback in this country now I would be clear we have been called not to live in the cities to follow the conviction though if you are someone who feels compelled I need to work the city this may be for your current job it may not be for an evangelistic type restaurant it can't be so far that it literally kills you before your life needs to end nuts was happening so visitors never friend who the other day just broke down he said I see all these people moving to the country their marriages are falling apart are getting sick and many of them are coming back was because of a certain distance and we have to say ourselves is it is it because I'm afraid of what will happen because of the end of the day there will be casualties in this war there will be sacrifices that need to be made and I think there are some particularly those with young children they all have no business in the city raise those children because were in and need them before the planet becomes extinct let's be honest really need young people and and the amount of children being raised right now ice I'm scared for what will happen next thirty years need to go as far away from reality as possible raise a child we need them to replace us when we die off I hope am being sincere I leaving country living soon as my home so I'm moving to the country but I'm not moving so far that I can commute to help in its exam is it will burn you out and I'm convicted I usually talk about health warmers are in a dive before the crisis than we realized because we aren't healthy for stressing out about the crisis it's not even here yet when we don't realize an original statement in the there's no crisis coming until we do something the crisis is a reaction to something the remnant will do will make that clear to you magically five shows us the work that we have to do before us Isaiah fifty eight makes it more clear and it's the work in the cities on use all forty one overs one is as blessed is he that considers the poor the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble what a promise we want protection from all the crisis that we can conjure up which there is a crisis right now we are sheltered from it in North America we look at morning of the book thank you for sharing your time I are the Angels even working right now around the world I say yes many places I say yes but when I read a statement I have to say what is that statement about areas this is the home missionary November one eighteen ninety seven the church also taken up this working every conference to the powers of thought would you been so fully occupied in devising plans which cannot succeed as these definitive words cannot succeed which have not the endorsement of heaven had been put into devising plans to carry out the very workable Lauren and calling them to do in reaching the people where they are witches in the cities no work what a been borne by many is that about a few this work is the work the charges have left undone and they cannot prosper until they have taken hold of this work in the cities and highways and hedges then so is one of us are sick after we take over the work in the cities this is what's about to happen then angels of God will cooperate with human instrumentalities and a religious system will be inaugurated to relieve the necessities of suffering human beings who are in physical mental and moral need Jason Jarvis of inverter sorrow I do stop and pray I did realign my religion and say Lord then the Angels will cooperate enough slide seems like our efforts to start working in the Lord basically with a loudspeaker unless you take hold of this work in the cities where my people are if you do this then the Angels will cooperate with you then a religious system will be inaugurated an inauguration is the beginning of something as I know this is heavy and when I read is like what what is this look like it's a map that we know what we need to get some big evangelism events go wow this is it that's not it people are tired of hearing the message preview have ever turned on a televangelist okay the mere feeling says that this is your facial expressions like to see her feelings thank you discussed of your students discuss the like that man is twenty one thousand people in the building they pay him or throw up it were not for the writings of Ellen White and studying the Bible in my own life I would be an angry anti- Adventist atheists I want to be honest with because I see that religious element in the world I want nothing to do it so the last thing that we need to be doing is just more preaching we done that we been on the road he would start other people want to see does the gospel actually have power or does Jesus does love us in the least me a drunk theodicy untargeted drum I thank you for your message that Jesus loves me and maybe I'll say I am tired of being a drunk attire to be addicted to pornography tired of going back to cocaine I'm tired of beating my wife I'm tired and my husband beating this is what liberals looking for does this thing have any power at all as autumn leaves it's neat really is neat click next channel and his other was doing let me just drown us out with something that makes them feel good right now I'm tired of this title in the world needs to hear the principles on Isaiah fifty eight Matthew twenty five they need to experience it in the only way to do that is one-on-one not a phone call not anime a lot of text all those things have their place but the way this message gets around the world as a people say I've been with John Sally Jenny they are totally different we were we were in traffic and some he cut us off and what you know I don't given what finger and it is said they felt it but I'm never seen such patients we were downtown this guy jumps as the gone and and the guy sentences is having what you really need is an food what you need and people will start to see something is different about these people what why is it what's different and we can show them it's the message that I'm reading it's Christ that has come into my life and I'm experiencing something new and this is where I live this is what I eat this is why I do it know we get to explain to them what our life is all about and I think it will be a totally new experience than what we have had but until we realize the purpose that Jesus is waiting on people to reach people with the message that even us we are spiritually constipated with all these messages we always hear like I've heard enough sermons peoples and the SRM e-mail I just want to automatically delete I don't mean here another sermon about solar street in the air I can teach a thousand people things they never heard that they are using the vessel of the world looking for people are sick people are done people are suffering I love the twenty three hundred days we don't have any for a week can you give me something to eat brother you need to be saved built and silly I'm speaking appears one who's experienced these things and not taking and robbing stories these are my experiences in the sky spelling and item are nine some gunfight anyway why can I just getting saved right quick and not worry about the rest of an ester selfishness total selfishness because I'm not patient enough signal the Lord has been patient with me I need a patient with this person so so there's a lot of work here and there is a reason we do so many things well accepted in major cities because the devil has camped his gaze around the cities because he says you know what the cities are mine this is whether so much of this is in the spirit of prophecy about six hours share with you in the latter half of this presentation why there is such an emphasis on cities I hope the first time is unclear I believe in living outside of the city I believe it should be reasonable where you could easily get in and easily get out and easily get back in that day and easily that may mean our hour after I give you got that in your great in a lot of cities are different lives next to an international airport twenty minutes from the city is in the middle of the wilderness what upstream for some of us we have maybe have to drive a lot but it has to be reasonable where it's just it's not killing is not wearing us out so though there is a balancer and I'll be happy to discuss them with you share with you my studies okay I want to share with you the history of the city what is the purpose of cities and that God intended for man to live in cities because at the end of the story there's a city coming to be our new home right was interesting I thought another quick study the first scene was built by two Elena was it God okay your friend to the new Jerusalem the old Jerusalem so renovation okay you diversity on this earth was built like you measure finalists visit the chain was the name of that city is not the name of the person using and a great example of how to win cities by guiding you a thousand words they say watch this day I took Enoch is the name of diversity Genesis four seventeen after the flood we have cities like site in the Nineveh and Sodom and Gomorrah and Babylon a lot of people know about the cities people live typically in the walls the cities the receiving measurements of the new Jerusalem oddly though my heart relive the walls as the ancient way they measured cities what people did like Jericho Rahab lived in the wall so it's interesting from his article is that Babylon has a lot of similarities at least in to the city of heavenly Jerusalem square the river running through it gardens everywhere he lived in the walls Golden city I don't think that God necessarily was the one who set it up but I think a high angel and then wants to the city knew it looked like so we see cities like Jericho and when you get to the promised land is God 's ARA everyone gets a city no he had a plan where he gave a want her own land our strata God 's plan for man was education forty three by the distribution of the land among the people God provided for them as for the dwellers in Eden the occupation most favorable to the development the care of plants animals the most favorable things for your character development or caring for plants and animals to care for animals you know quickly what evidence if you ever plan why they're so delicate and at the character builder in itself the second segment ministry of healing one eighty three says in God 's plan for Israel every family had a home on the land with sufficient ground for telling the hustler provided both the means and the incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life and no devising of men has ever improved upon that point to the world 's departure from that is owing to a large degree the poverty and wretchedness that exists today what profound statements of God intended man to live in regard slated awaited two statements I absolutely am in love with her these both in Isaiah if the righteous rule the world God 's people were everywhere over there for collectors of the Bible says Isaiah twenty seven six Israel shall blossom and divide and fill the face of the world with fruit and its prequel second as in Isaiah fourteen twenty one and what if the wicked rule the world repair slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers that they do not rise nor possess the land nor filled the face of the world with cities God he will rule the world the Philip Gardens performer junkies we can rule the world until the cities now my question is why ever thought about why is the devil always what about building settings why did Cain Raven saying a lot on building a city named Nina there we go they love everything with her cities are about power cities are about control in winter and then you stop realizing that so much and you become dependent upon there is the absolutely father that one you know it doesn't you can I think his statement is made that you can have any greater honest return for your hard work in growing your own food not possible now it's hard work it is very hard work okay so there's a reason the devil is all about cities it's about control and there's a reason that prophecy in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy the writings of Ellen White are so loaded with content about cities there's a reason and revelation is Babylon has fallen or is falling get out of her battle on this great city get out of the city there's a reason for that is a reason only began to get some cash and get out get out because of the control factor and in nineteen ninety two there was an agenda by the United Nations our not going into conspiracy so nobody is concerned here but usually conserve fuel of agenda twenty one what is the agenda for the twenty first century what we as humanity do because they know what you are at the end of the twentieth century and our resources are not as plentiful as they once were the industrial age things are happening things aren't like they I have been oriented in a 21st-century cell agenda twenty one is graded in Rio George W. Bush signs of Americans behind what is agenda twenty one it's all about sustainable development near thirty years in words you probably heard it's up to forty chapter plus chapter document on one other I can describe it anyway than socialistic means we can do this with come together we can make this happen sounds like we can do this we can make this happen and you know what it may be that we need to govern somewhat together bring this thing together must be unified because we are on an unsustainable course as a as a planet in your private property that's an issue the unsustainable irrigation is wasting water like we do it's unsustainable the fuel usage unsustainable commercial agriculture as it has become much water pollution in water that's being used in the farmlands are being taken up the pastures all these things were brought his concerns to say not Lynn we need agenda twenty one and we need to have something called human settlement zones because the environment is supreme we need to make sure we take care of the environment president signed it and executed on behalf of the United States Bill Clinton by executive order continued onward and created a Council for sustainable development and there were these things called Smart growth zones this should be where educating the children would be very important because people have to be in a re- taught reeducated to dwell in this new global society but it was never heard the word globalism for twenty years ago so we really started to hear it and then they said two thousand five two two thousand fifteen would be the decade of education for sustainable development the truth would be the collectivity decided and consensus would rule out with this a season of the sovereignty of nations start to disappear things like constitutions and bills of rights looked up and I have to take a backseat to sustainability the more highly educated people they consume more resources and thus their threat to sustainability that's a quote by Helen Regis this is a description I could together based on what I've studied about this in the city of the future we walk more we bike more writer trains more there more green spaces in cities their smaller apartments less fossil fuels less global warming their safety from terrorist VR use of technology cameras all over the city of Chicago would be an example of this which is the most dangerous city in the United States with most cameras signal out we do not necessarily want to say spying on people but we want to keep watch on the communications will go up large data centers and I will watch people 's e-mails in their phone calls in their text and you know it will remove cash it we can stop the drug dealers and the bats going on in the streets in a seer near field to indication payments would take over and we can use our phones for everything it will be an amazing world with these smart phones are appliances and become smart we can control our thermostats in Atlanta's little thermostatic controller iPhones the school schedule or but all the appliances they can even become smart to watch which energy people using those are using too much we can temper down a little but people watch the same movies the same big networks the same shows bellied the same food that the same sicknesses need the same drugs need the same Social Security checks welfare checks and disability checks in at the end of the day everyone should be happy but not realize that there try I'm dependent on the city to survive now I read as a person how is so goofy liger in a bowl that off on me I have to be honest with you I wrote this day after I got a little bit tidbits what more biking or walking parks and I said that's exactly where I will but somewhat utopian riding the trains leave the cars all walk like vegan restaurant every corner everybody's using same in the world is that heaven on the Odyssey I thought was pretty close to my description of that everybody's happy everybody controls everything in their whole life other iPhone is amazing and I realized their plan 's work because deep within Jared Thurmond lies so I said I throne with the city I would sit because the probably be growing organic food on the walls that some this is amazing and this this is therefore to get people like me regular Joe Schmoe 's essay I want to live there why would we have some no good farmer one to be inorganic junkie with five acres live in ninety minutes outside of the city with his Adventists saying is wasting water he doesn't know is doing other news form there's weeds he's watering those weeds in a way they throw away a lot of food at the waist that needs to be under control system and I realized that's what happened the city 's urban program in our brain to be cool and these down-home redneck things are fine ceramics and some out there the thing that people look down upon and this agenda twenty one I believe has worked the world is ready for this now there's a reason why not only people are our meeting soliciting a lot of you want to live in the city there's a thing in many cities call the white flight all alive people move out of the city does all these urban projects and are yellow low income people in the middle the city is accounting out there's a strict Catholic not everywhere not immediately is happening in Atlanta in a lot of places total reverse all the monies moving back into the city why is his arrest on every corner desk I'll pick up my laundry these people will deliver my food it's like I've died and gone to have anybody really got no traffic while regular that track I want to work agenda exactly so so I realized the devil is so smooth no wonder God was a serious look at a witch living in these places because here's some of the more logistical of it the water is polluted new NBC news reported that a video on it in about see it were done in a day of the drinking water of over forty fifty million Americans as pharmaceutical drugs and why they do that suppress people 's immune system making six José waited on the second of their supply is not that fresh air supply is not that good the city the food is old as organic and locally wanted to be also the food is old the nutrients or not there is uneven to the vegans runtime up meat and all that other stuff those one he really held the food is all the nutrients aren't there are you negative beautiful sound night 's sleep life ambulances all the stuff all these things are wearing people 's immune systems out his prophecy tells us those who subscribe to the biblical historical view that the devil himself is coming is Christ to heal people you don't heal people unless they're sick and so we has to wear down the immune systems and he's made a lot of us set of data start arguing with Jerry's family window eleven downtown Atlanta I don't remember I honestly believe everyone can live outside of the city it is a land and commute for the most optimal life that you can know some that may not be the case hassle clearly New York City there was some reasons are yet to be right there so not making a general rule and making a principal to this statement we need to live outside of the cities and work them get cars and better gas mileage realize on the dry then I'm a missionary to win souls adjacent to bring more this on to show you something in the Bible that the Lord showed me every time I study asking Lord show me something you never shown it before and whatever setting agenda twenty one and it's easy to go often to the conspiratorial canceled please show me something any is there crossing this allows for an approximate it is even down the Bible to them totally raw fresh element to the so Genesis forty seven is the story of event related with as God abandoning it never felt that experience I raised both hands God is abandoning is nowhere to be found in Huntington know why ever bleeding the first all excited I think Joseph felt that in a prison I was sold into slavery my family does own the unit is only rotting in this present in the good news is that God is working on his character is a must of been a little cocky brat like the story seems to read God is working on it a says not yet Joseph and anything that would unite not yet he brings him out of the prison and Joseph becomes the leader of the entire planet Pharaoh was just a name it is is that you run it you're the one interprets dreams Gulfport when we don't Joseph lays out a plan that can be a famine is to be a time of plenty during the time of plenty or neglect food agreement on the famine will have the food is the gameplay okay run with it I wish reselling fascinating of verse thirteen Genesis forty seven verse thirteen percent and there was no bread in all the land for the famine was very source of the land of Egypt and all the land of Canaan fainted by reason of the family because of climate change around the use flavor century language because of climate change there was crop failures this is why there's been subsequent issue in the Middle East the price of food has gone crazy for goal isn't worth anything lead is the name of the game get your bullets get your food and go this is what happened in Egypt climate change the place crop failures began out there was famine in the land that it says in Joseph in verse fourteen gathered up all the money so the famine increase the commodity prices and hyperinflation took place in the money failed at the reason money fails hyperinflation is not worth burning it says in verse fifteen and when money failed in the land of Egypt land of Canaan all the Egyptians came and adjustments that give us bread why should we die in their presence for the money failing so the economy is now collapsed and now they start bartering their goods and services in selling their assets take our cows they are cheap book they finally get to the point where they sing a lot we laid any private property anymore just take it whatever takes will will depend upon the government okay now what's amazing here is if they kept their lands and worked themselves they should have grown their own food but for some reason it says in verse nineteen wherefore shall we die before that eyes both we and our land IRS and our land for bread and we in our land will be servants of the Pharaoh give us see that we may live and not die that the land be not as the government control the seed genetic engineering is a totally different discussion of a topic of the seed is being made to a point where it can no longer reproduce so here in Egypt they came to the government they came to the powers that be answered please give us see when I have seen right I think that's her interesting the season centralized to governing the powers and authorities with that see they were taxed heavily basic will notice much you get as much of the taxes skyrocket and for sustainability reasons says in verse twenty Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh for the Egyptians sold every man his field because the famine prevailed over them so the land became pharaohs and as for the people you remove them to cities adversely but God has something special for his people says of her slice at seven and Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt in the country of Goshen there is so many reasons why God is given us the Council but he has this agenda twenty one is nothing that are repeat of what happened in Egypt and an eye I want to pray that we see the urgency that God has to say look there's a reason to do this work the Angels were waiting to cooperate of people that I love are in the cities the reasons to live in a country not just to protect yourself from a time of trouble you consider the poor people in the city I'll protect you in a time of trouble lot of our reasoning for leaving the city is very selfish for either negativistic on his request but when it all goes down there is no one in particular guidance and for those of us doing a lot of the work when I negative the country will be Iranian and dungeon cell like many of the greats of history now I attended this this is something that recently I've been studying and the I'm guilty of leaving a lot of urgency on the table so I want to show you little something hopefully keep the fire burning as Jason says are now Darren said were Arctic wilderness is a practical almost anyone's of strife right Revelation seven talks about when to start Revelation seven one to three and a diverse for basically the angle of insult release the lands and then Jesus says not yet hold hold as the description goes more depth in the spirit of prophecy by blind my blood my blood father hold back the wins Christ 's mercy looks of his people and sees they're not ready been going on themselves their selfish the only cure to selfishness was talking to Mister Chairman this morning the only cure is working helping people doing something that is the cure for selfishness and I am a selfish person 's alert us to get in the work all the time parts of the Windsor strife now this is a lingering fishing in eighteen forty eight the Communist manifesto was written by Frederick I from the Frederick Engels and Karl Marx was released in the world aging forty eight eighty forty eight revolution begins to break out all over Europe interesting eighteen forty nine January five after this year of revolution LA has a dream she saw probation at the point of closing the four winds are starting to be loosed in a Jesus gives the command of the four Angels to hold hold hold until the service of God are sealed as the Angels were loosening the wins over fifty revolutions were taking place in Europe in eighteen forty eight a torrent of revolutions ripped through Europe the storm all but swept away the conservative order that held sway since the fall of Napoleon in eighteen fifteen his member chaos preceded Napoleon for revolution on depressing dreams of freedom and of a constitutional government of the course of the spring and summer crowds of working-class radicals and middle-class liberals in Paris Venice Naples Palermo Vienna Prague Budapest Kraków Munich and Berlin topple the old regimes and began the task of forging a new order political event so dramatic and not been seen in Europe since the French Revolution revolutions are busting out around the world LOI has a vision the Angels are loosening the Windsor Star and God says not yet my people are not ready we have seen mass revolutions taking place in the last few years if it was that way once before I'm convicted with all my heart that it's that way again on about you and I was watching the air of spring events take place and occupy Wall Street actually went out there unbelievable claim it is thought I literally had his conviction we've not done the work until horrible feeling and it's like the Lord said stop there is no reason all those things should of stopped like that God is literally I believe one last time holding the wins of strife for us to go after these children he has in the city and for some of us an overview will be my own salvation if I do not get to work because this is the cure for my selfishness size receivers I hope you seen the case built that yes we have work to do in the cities and the time is short to do it because it's getting more and more difficult Jason is in a share starting in about five minutes on the Waldensian secret one group in history it a secret of how to get off this planet quickly it was long and is in a surety that in some very practical elements are taking place in cities today so they let me share the close of the work for you the father they do so much for letting us off all come together today the Lord laying the foundation for Jason is in a share of the practical okay we understand this issue and understand this web that the devil is in weaving to entrap us all but you've given us answers to be safe and have peace during the storm Lord I believe with all my heart you're about to do something magnificent on this earth your people reaching out to your other people who live in the great centers of population please show us that make it clear through Jason Crane Jesus and this media with my audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word we send audio and much more if you would like to know more about how he was feeling like the more certain it is www. .com universe .org


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