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The Waldensian Secret

Robert Weis




  • October 12, 2013
    2:30 PM
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father in heaven surely give us a high and holy calling and we thank you for privileging us with his opportunity to live in the last days Lord we pray that we be found faithful and calling your people out of this world and inviting them to the city in heaven the new Jerusalem where we'll all dwell in peace and harmony may Jesus be lifted up we thank you for being here as you promised messy things in his name amen I have heard of the Waldensians can almost everyone has heard of the Waldensians what ideas were a group of Christians and they were heavily persecuted this is in a time when the Roman Catholic Church was writing throughout Europe and there were going to cities and towns and they would conquer the city or town and they would ask everyone you want to accept the Roman Catholic faith and if you did and I was piece and if you did not then you would be destroyed and so on it is a heavily persecuted because early on they had the Bible translated in their own language which is very rare back and this time is in the first few centuries they had among our language so when these Catholic priest and internetwork time about their faith they saw there were some discrepancies as of now we cannot agree with some listings is a heavily persecuted laughter while the persecution got so intense that the wild Indian split some of them started they said okay will convert other so there's no way those is in no way were continued their tortured and persecuted they fled to the Alps in Italy and they basically carved out a living in the countryside there they built houses in the rocks on the mountainside they built schools colleges and this is where they lived up in the house in northern Italy now I can I had the opportunity we as a go to go on this tour of Europe was called the great controversy tour we had to go to all these different sides of the Protestant Reformation in life father was a house where the law than England and so it's a mystery there and is a picture of the college I wanted this didn't happen this knowledge and take it up into the mountains to keep it to himself they built this little college this is a picture of a very relentless in the great controversy made from the rocks of the mountains and this is where they would go and they would study the Bible and these things so they can go as missionaries to the rest of the world throughout Europe this is their classroom it was basically a little hole in the rock fusion rock table and a revival than the center table and when I wanted to sign up to be missionaries are busily signing their death for because that's how persecuted they were there and sign up to go under what was called a bar I wasn't wanted to work for uncle in the subject their mentor that would teach them how to execute missionary work in a successful way is there interesting the way that the Waldensians when another mission work read about it in the gray controversy here on page seventy one it says to have made known the object of their mission would have ensured its defeat therefore they carefully conceal their real character every minister possess a knowledge of some trade or profession and the missionaries prosecuted their work under cover of a secular calling usually they chose that a merchant or peddler they carry silks jewelry and other articles at that time not easily purchasable say that distant marts and they were welcomed as merchants where they would have been spurned as missionaries all the while their hearts were uplifted to God for wisdom to present a treasure more precious than gold or gems they secretly carry about with them copies of the Bible in whole or in part whenever an opportunity was presented they called the attention of their customers to these manuscripts often an interest or a Gaza word was us awakened and some portions gladly left with the those who desire to receive it can you imagine if some badness today went as a rare expensive jewelry thousands of visitors would think that you have lost it right unsuccessful form of agile methodologies you be doing the last of the wild engines do they found is a rare jewelry and they would take it into cities now their clothes they had this this mile in our own language and soul is very precious to them they would stay up late copying the Scriptures and they would sell it in two different positive close like we have pockets here that you can see they would hide in there calling so that if they were found you can find the Scriptures and then you can imagine how long it would take a copy something like that to be very precious to you is either selling this jewelry then I would look for opportunity of an interest is aroused and scheduled things and they would share that Scripture with these people they were selling to and they would take that Scripture and I would move all now they were caught they are basically kills ahead be very careful about this in the coolest thing when the coolest things on the whole trip was this this on the last is a little pouch inside of it you can see is a ring and on the top of the ring is a box and the inscription and Museum and one of the announces is a ring containing a miniature version of the book of Psalms on parchment LLP is a paper right as the book of Psalms written out it's so small that the ink was and it was written with a hair follicle that they dipped in ink and they run out I was is a miniature version of the book of Psalms on a parchment and this is the type of thing they would do it sell this jewelry and or have a little piece of scriptures hidden inside this incredible so that legend has it as long as John Calvin but is there any museum and so this is the type of work of the Waldensians were involved in downgrade conversely this is a side note it says in the Waldensians kept the Sabbath if you go to law then he knows now that they know we never get the status while that is not exempt it always gets Sunday until my wife and I were there two years ago the first Anna Anna Elder a lot of the encounter took us around eczematous scientists to discover that a wild ending used to keep us out it validating the great controversy and so their sign to study these things out and see what Mrs. Y runabout in a hundred years ago was true and so is fascinating the way to the Waldensians would take and they were share structure with people and the secretive manner now we fortunately have some liberties in this country where we don't have to go to those extremes I've been missionary overseas and when I left I didn't think I was signing up to and when we share Scripture with someone or not looking around your behind us is that okay and this is the type of thing you wanted to sell it but today we been granted some freedoms and we want sake advantage of them is a passage in Deuteronomy twenty eight I want to read and you have your Bibles agree there with Ms. in Deuteronomy twenty eight this is the chapter on the blessings and cursing that Moses spoke to the children of Israel and it's fascinating here in Deuteronomy twenty eight what the Lord says how he says that he will bless his people and was a star in verse one and seven Deuteronomy twenty one initial come to pass and thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord our God to observe and to do all his commandments which I command you this day that the Lord thy God shall send thee on high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come on thee and overtake thee and thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God and I start listing the blessings blessed shall you be where in the city the first blessing blessed shall you be in the field Mister cropped your agriculture less obvious truth our body in the further grounds for like cattle he increase of our time and the flocks of thy sheep blessed shall be thy basket my store blessed shall WNL Zen and blessed shall not be monogamous out will scan down the verse thirteen and the Lord shall make thee the head and not the tail and also be above only and shall not be beneath if thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord our God which I commanded this day to observe and to do them the guys I want to make you the head and not the tail that's the leader and so I think of this passage I think of a dogsled and one of my favorite quotes is the leading changes only for the view changes only for the lead on if the rally started running and misled NES in the front all the ones in the back is looking at the backend of an argument and view changes only for the lead dog God wants us to be ahead and not the tail and he's given us a formula found all throughout the spirit of prophecy that will make us the head in this world and I want to show you today some specific applications of that formula how a company in the world has taken this formula and they are being wildly successful with it and right now we're trying to catch up when we should be ahead but before you want to introduce this formula for evangelism in the cities through a video of those who together by the beehive about our evangelism that Elder Wilson gave at a talk just a few years ago and is is an evangelistic outreach and he is a is a skill you are in a century he is young like all a hi how that is a life time since she will during the past two years the Lehigh San Francisco has been a many lines that I should never have been carried forward by our love is there these included visiting the sick and finding homes for poor boy is the same as teaching the truth house to house literature and classes on healthful living there is a set of the children has been conducted in the basement of the Laguna Street meeting House for final working as own and medical mission was maintained on market Street near the City Hall they were frequently operated as a branch of the St. Helena sanitarium in the same locality was a health food store near the center of the city not far from the whole building is in which was open six days a week and entirely a set along the waterfront ship mission is very gone at various times are ministers in large all singing thus the warning message was given me as I under the guidance of the Holy Spirit for a receipt in the country in every division around the world that is this quote success I will welfare ministry silicones welfare ministry one eleven one twelve so I went on out you can find all the actual addresses of where these places were in San Francisco now in the restaurant that they had a market street is where the four seasons hotel is today in San Francisco Sagan serially had the prime properties of the cities of hundred years ago much of this was destroyed back in the earthquake and fire and was never rebuilt and so this is really the only place or receive all of these different components of our benevolent come together and we have not been able to duplicate it sends and so just to summarize basically we have this model the genitals touching on where we work the cities from what we would call it out poster somewhere out in the country to get into the cities so the outpost would have a farm and I could with what would cause a health resort a car lifestyle center sanitary and something like that and then sometime of educational component where people can be trained to continue to replicate this model and citizenry outside of the city outside of my wife and I live about forty five minutes outside of Atlanta I would live in Gwinnett County Butler renting a place with five acres and it feels like around the middle nowhere it's amazing and it's very cheap it can be done living outside the city and commuting in forty five minutes is about muscular guy that the work all the time so is very doable to live outside the city and then to go inside the city she says we should start centers of influence which could be in the form of a restaurant or café a health food store a co-op or sometimes a lifestyle based health clinics and if you look at mainstream society this cool trendy thing the general site on our we all can't want to be in the cities this is where that local produce where the lifestyle medicine being fit exercising CrossFit right these extreme workouts people are going to shape and you want to know where their food comes from they want to know that's locally want oats organic they want to go to these retreats out of the country were these health resorts licking it well for a week two weeks at a time and now spend a fortune doing this was a booked up all around the world who do seven things in order to get in a more irrelevant but you can see how they all work together as allies of the ABC of educational site is what the knowledge of agriculture okay agriculture you need to support a health resort for those people are coming out in one eight you need it to support students at a school you need to support a café a health food store you could grow all of that food you remain them I am both ends right selling zero sort your source oriented people you can see somebody comes in your café to augment my doctor does put me off items as medications that I'm about to die what do I do I need help in either actual stores are you talk to people about his experience and a sorry your food I start seeing that you're making a difference and say any dispute what you really need is you need your help resort for three five seven days and you're really any better there and teach you how to live how to exercise or to put your plan for your lifestyle and also people are doing of the world and being wildly successful in savanna 's economy dropped the ball on this and were trying to pick it back up and get to where the head once more so does a company is doing all the things I said and I want to provoke selling extreme jealousy malloc in the store and you guys even though it and on a show video here of it as she is and is a sixteen minute drive is always hold him might be surprised by the minimum William Dwyer I'm a little health store and will you will you ever been inside a whole foods never understood like devotion of its customers we should probably start with a color place just looks delicious squeeze the produce department resembles an animal moon day and this is not an accident in fact the whole foods is that it starts long before they put you sign over a perfect stack of rainbow chard how do all that are starts out here and do know is that we go this report is available absolutely beautiful truly great master was Bob is a whole foods field and quality inspector will grade while Harvey is a whole foods larger hopefully there like major-league scouts but instead of driving the random ballfields looking for pictures they are farmers markets in search of the conscious line for are a nice Peruvian chocolate passion will allow Harvey scours Leon Walton drives hundreds of miles per week is going on today he's looking for up-and-coming bagel artisans on her more socially responsible playmakers on organic and why will you listen to that chemical remittance unit cost is a lot less important than ideal like fair trade no preservatives and humanely treated livestock values which attract the kind of person willing to pay eight bucks a pound from the goal is a will there maybe a lot of so-called liberal elites probably reading the labels and whole foods and sometime labeling the man who created whole foods John Mackey on an individual Somali conformist Mister Stephen that he sometimes does he know quite live up to their stereotypes for example so why are you living in a vegetarian co-op but now calls Obama care fascism he is a health-conscious dog practice article are zeros and is all that is very co-op and he started up a flight entered sex is a wiped it out behavior F for two years with his girl Friday the basics are now the dishwasher and I felt with Gus started yelling he had quite a hardware to did this come to him and i.e. eddies vegan these helicopters you heard the cultlike devotion of the logo for the industrial and this is what they're dealing with our message right all these forms should be some that as far as vision B-schools of these guys are going to because we had the most beautiful produce we have the best tasting produce and when I'm doing right they're going to the world and I I'm just so provoked a jealousy when I walk in there because everything is beautiful and has an economy was so and in this place looks like regarding with vegetables and bands and we want we want to get back there and I and siding is interesting that sometimes you have this perception of vegetarianism of health food stores all we need to learn a girl to like that's old-fashioned like them I worked a hundred years ago right like mechanical trades is not really in any more and is huge right now in urban areas this is the trendy cool thing to do to grow your own food is sourcing locally and veganism is huge among among wealthy influential people like you have to have some amount of education right to know that you need to eat healthy and so this guy 's a vegan a bylaw shark tank investor show sometimes you knows Damon John the founder for room to some I was given some foodies I got MS and this is my family 's vegan my kidney vegan I just been supported as those issues may strain and so I want to see about him today than the message that God gave us their own white is a total measured message specifically for this time her sister I got has set us up to be ahead and not the tail and since we haven't taken hold of it the people of the world are which is an absolute shame and impulses is doing this which is this a smack in the face it's called saloon which is the Spanish word for health and they have these cooking classes that they set up in a separate room and their grocery stores at agency is beautiful he set up the display tables TV monitors and a cut in a child like fifty eighty bucks I had to come in and learn how to cook a meal so now everyone like in advance you have to book in advance and there though they all have different programs don't do yoga classes on other nutrition one oh one oh take people on food labeling our food reading of the labels through the store will show you what you should buy what you should beware of what you need to put together your diet you can go learn what you should pack their kids at launch you can go on a date night with your wife or your house then you can take advantage of how to cook together I will take UGG how to cook from France and Italy and all over the world it is amazing the things that they're doing through this salute cooking class sources are more about that here's more the classes there nice skills kids cooking cats in the summer another run for Friday cats are these cooking schools our kids can come during the day they learn how to cook with their families at home in a healthy way basically whole foods is started on healthy living on healthy eating and Iran all the separate programs also that now at your churches what are some of the outreach programs that your church is doing right now some of his razor Hanauer P would you say that you hear about a verse someone a volunteer outreach program in church with a prison ministry excellent anyone else Renner okay random acts of kindness long lines of a health affairs Diane found this okay going to the nursing home singing Delilah studies of exercise programs allows feed the homeless a lot of the programs I've been to and churches recently we been going door-to-door passing out flyers and like that I'm not recently downtown Atlanta it almost nursing home singing things like that in all these things are excellent things we should be doing a man but I want to show you something from the spirit of prophecy that blew me away when I read and cry sunglasses face to face as those who belong to the higher ranks of society are to be sought out with tender affection and brotherly regard men in business life in high positions of trust men with large inventive faculties and scientific insight men of genius teachers of the gospel whose minds have not been called to the special truce for this time these should be the first to hear the call then the invitation must be given somehow the slide the rich shall be first why would we want to give the gospel to the rich first oftentimes our churches everything that were doing is geared towards reaching poor people which is fine did Jesus reach out the poor people amen so then why does Ms. Lysenko Rich the wealthy the influential the men of inventive faculties and scientific insights to be the first to hear the call harder for them to get to heaven they might need more time goes on we OKs is expensive use of the poor you always have a visa made at expensive consular aging oven their sphere of influence that's exactly right the fair rental here are the birthright experiment once basically he recently left the top they use all that well all and fonts all that power on a inventive insight sides of the brain and they say okay guys I met with use every thing I got was put into the work and then go so much faster right the Lord has put it in our power in connection with them to hasten the second coming which is some ongoing thought if you think about it we do not display faster by what you and I do every day in God 's is the first to hear the call is to go after a wealthy and influential in so many of our churches were looking at the bottom of the pyramid which is fine but how many more people could we reach everyone after the top first and then use all their influence it would be like multiply editing our hands so we can reach more people faster and this is the type of thing that whole foods is going to go back to them that programs like the whole loan program will give money to local option for doors no-brainer process or the solemn note of them long to get their small business started they have a whole kids foundation where they will give grants to public schools the putting gardens in their school no grand salad bars out of the school system so the kids have something healthy to eat for launches his incredible things they have micro loan project that from either works well for that reason can't can you right now is going over there and are looking for people to give microloans through thorough countries to help and start living all these things that were doing which is not doing the same scope because of not reaching out to those wealthy and influential in using their resources were picking up the same top few people rightly offer the same viewing other things we love her more money for this he knew of it might might list the server reaching some secular worldly businessman and in using his resources that we should be doing according to the fair processing now Gemini were in this health was in Boulder and the whole foods and voters like the Disneyland Vulcans it's incredible and reenact or walk into the store of the Governors this timeline of the health food history in Boulder Colorado and this is the picture we see in this is about as clear as I was for us we sought and it's a serial blend a substitute for coffee manufactured by Colorado sanitary and food company Boulder Colorado this is the first picture on the wall in this timeline of health foods aware of the Disneyland of hope resides in Boulder Colorado and sedans like sanitarium there's only one group of people use that word we haven't made up that word right John Harvey Kellogg sojourn in Wizard of Oz found and sure enough some banners for the first ones to bring health-food to Boulder Colorado now there is no more Colorado sanitary manner needless to say but there is a big Disneyland whole foods as just another kick in the pants right where seven Venice today this is our message the undertaking unfortunately and so we we really got become aware of this and see God is given us a plan for success when you take it and run with it so now it's on talks about some things that the world is doing what we should be doing and knowing talk about we artists are doing in Atlanta we're going to be opening a cold pressed juice café called supernatural use supernatural does everything to be organic and be all-natural as can be local as much as possible we want to open up a small coal present use café in the middle of the business district of Buckhead sorely assays Atlanta's very cheap rent but in a good location a high-rise ordinance are servicing people were in the office like Fannie Mae now Wells Fargo a lot of investment banks things like that particularly walking my everyday and people are looking for health-conscious as it is his wealthy men are looking for there was a new documentary came out years ago called fat sick and know that I may receive a secondary visit follows Australian guy he is hundred pounds overweight he has an autoimmune disease and is very sick missing that one foot in the grave and he goes on his cross-country tour across the United States he does nothing but drink juice for sixty days and he made a documentary about it and about eighty nine people watch this video and since his video came out juicing his cock exploded in the mainstream now we've been using for a long time out for lunch on our lifestyle centers and Senator indirect we know that that's good for you condensed nutrient dense high density produce is good for you that's the original died God gave Adam and eight we just haven't taken a package it in a way that the mainstream like a I need some where media has on and so I was earlier here on the juice craze right now in the world is and is and is is is is is is him he's unknown companies looking at peace is to say jail houses in Los Angeles with more J Michelle other nature and glass fragile history magazine critics of creatures living ever drink market will talk with any of the twenty fifteen the top a billion dollars Starbucks is not evolution fast to try to get refuses like to talk to John Lynch is obliged by sequestration is an initiative set up pipelines with new blended juice drink my fisherman I want to go Clancy J Clinton program that cost sixty five dollars a day and is now selling and holding cofounder Eric says most of the clients are women I are using a blatant lie yeah Goldman Sachs we do tend to be and specifically ending out in the end banking group and kind either group I think there's kind of evidence in a runner had come rather a competition with everyone call at but we definitely see significant numbers as Griffin engaged and interested I is I can't like my questions redelivery or organic cold sweat glands like your door forty eight dollars a day delivery or you can buy one bottle perspective the lending and expansion of my good friends are people who are doing it LB and I tried it in LA last renamed I know who would take over and I got lately I find that is why I think he was in I K I have been exhibited in the morning read naturally are going to summarize article are cleansed four years ago when the Paltrow 's goop .com is promoting a clean program but I don't understand be careful going over in my later life sugar in the vernacular might cleanse and doing a client 's site you can say that posits a string or a consumption and Jerry McDonald's inimitable so against it this is something well glad the site is interested right moments I like your local bank downstream and this is something of these people are highly into either services sadistic one out of three people in the United States will get cancer and one out of four will die from it is about to replace heart disease as a neck as the next as the biggest killer in the United States and with Doctor Tim Reasoner said that I recently and we know it loading the body with nutrient dense foods is good for you people who are sick right and so I think this is just a fad I think as people continue to get more and more sick and I see their food supply being deteriorated that there got to be looking for answers for places like this we been doing this for a long time in our lifestyle centers and we know it's good for them as well I put it in a way that's attractive to mainstream people where he put it right in the center of their lives where they can get easy access to value ministry I just have made up lies places do delivery note also place like a business office another lunch and learn when they come in with Jews they supply the office now given thirty forty five minute presentation on detoxing on how drinking the juice will make your blood flow better open your system out make you smarter more productive at work and things like that and then we can hopefully generate these conversations or we can show people the relationship between physical and spiritual help because they are interconnected all of these guys are connecting using the spiritual health is just things like yoga and Buddhism and all his New Age stuff that we don't subscribe to and so we can share with them the truth that will give them peace that nothing else can offer them surely we have a photo for success and at and so also going to start a smaller these where he can manufacture the juice and then we can put off little plants in different parts of the city where we can just put these in the center where people are walking and other offices where we can come in contact with more and more people and eventually would love to connect this with a health resort outside the city Oregon sent people for three five seven ten days so you need to go detox out here or we have presentations on spiritual health and rehab the chefs on staff or you have hydrotherapy saunas things like that we no harder for the body and tossing it from all the pollutants all around us and so you can see it there's just a huge interconnected web of ministries that can happen when we take up these principles in the spirit of prophecy what if we had schools are taught entrepreneurship where we can teach people how to go out and start these businesses how to do ministry from you from your work like the Waldenses that was their purpose wasn't a secondary purpose that I'm in a make a menu ministry I'm in a commercial while I'm making money it was I'm going to convert souls in the bonuses on medicine for myself on doing it oftentimes we had a backwards and so that's all we wanted we want this to be a self-supporting and endeavor that can put missions on a stable ground and we feel like this is a way that we can just make a start now would be amazing if we can connect this to a church plant or we could have not like a regular church with peers and your sign out front but in a retail setting or maybe the front of the church was like a little walk-up juice Café in the back was like a saloon where we had cooking classes going on a nutrition lectures and some I want to come exercise their different things like that and I must like no you come in gym shorts and a T-shirt on Sabbath morning on diagnostic and tie over that time possessed church but where it was in and in and open retail typesetting or people will be walking while the time they would get to know us to the program throughout the week and I want to say how one would you guys have in there that looks amazing I was a recipe for success because Ellen White outlined it and clearly she was right about so many other things and that we can see if you will the world taking so where you see yourself fitting in maybe it's not in a ministry in Atlanta maybe it's here in Chattanooga maybe it's in New York or LA or Tokyo or Paris maybe speak a different language and you want to go back and do this where you are using about everything that's involved in starting a business you have to with logos you have to make a website estimate promotional barrios in interval to present on these things you need people to cock all of these five people are closer farmers to make to draw the food educators as our schools sure it has a place and here for you for every one of us where we can find how God will use me to reach people in a secular society disaster people are right there in the cities and we need to come in contact with him Howard God using my skills my talent to use people whatever Columbiana bragged about in the allegory swing and Sardis encourages to go on and find out how you use you you know all through the Bible we had his example is manager brought up of God bringing Joseph in contact with fairly most powerful man in the world a time in a manner bringing Daniel in contact with Nebuchadnezzar the king or the time we had John the Baptist come in contact with Herod and at that time with Paul come in contact with Caesar the head of the Roman Empire God wants to use them fantasy wants us to to bring us in contact with the leading men of this world as we have a message for God died for those men whom I get angry at the things they do and frustrated and what we see on TV but God die for them he wasn't just like he loves you and I and we have to go in and reach those Ellen White which is going around Australia looking for a place for their school they found a spot she said everything about the space is perfect except is not really close any thoroughfares of travels Linux to a really good city so think about that think analogous of this morning when you're thinking about moving out to the country which you should do am I close the people where I can be used effectively as a minister of the gospel or Mike MBI here go my own thing how mile mile study may can be holy home less never to work right with you selfish we got a get out and serve other people so I share this last quote here from money since data this is often women called our cities are to hear the message but how slow we are to hear the instruction I saw one of the capital of that must mean that into Jesus since I saw one standing on a high platform with arms extended he turned and pointed in every direction sang a world perishing in ignorance of God 's holy law and Seventh-day Adventists are asleep who said that Jesus the Lord is pleading for laborers for there is a great work to be done their conversions to be made I will add to the church such as shall be saved many women in the highways and byways are to be reached we are far behind in following July God is given regarding the working of our large cities the time is coming when laws will be trained that will close doors now open to the message we need to arouse our SF personality Angels of God are waiting to give their wonderful a to all who will labor to arouse the consciences of men and women regarding the righteousness temperance and judgment to come how many you want to work with Angels now be a blessing when it says right there that they are waiting and is awaiting on you to go for a God 's command is not presumption of God said to do it right does it go for my people in the cities and so the best thing we can do is take him at his word and go do it so disclose a friend we can have a time of question and answer if you guys any questions about this discovery father in heaven thank you so much for being patient with us we thank you that your brought us step-by-step out of this world and you call this your people and Lord we want to go back now and call your people out of this world as you've done for us we pray that you use each one in here to save the soul who might win one more and another and another and you're coming might be hastened show us always fit into this grand plan of reaching people in urban areas in drawing them out to the country where you can see some more about search engine but we pray that you keep us faithful things and using this media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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