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1 The Sanctuary Prayer

Jorge Baute
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Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.



  • October 11, 2013
    7:00 PM
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my contact with the sanctuary took place when I was nine years old my family my my mother was Catholic we should embrace the message and I found myself going to the Adventist church and house in the city church I remember as a boy nine years old going there and they were having a BBS and the VBS was on the sanctuary and I haven't seen too many and secondly I seen any since that that PVS but I remember some of the a lot of work on the craps and one of the crash was the art of the covenantal and he actually had a wooden cutout the air of the ten Commandments with a xerox copy of the along God glued to it now when I was growing up my mother taught us that the Bible was wholly and she taught us that the law of God was wholly as Catholics we can read our Bible but we knew it was Hollywood and read it because I'm the priest told us that we wouldn't understand it yet the Bible held a prominent place in our home and I remember as a boy Windows Vista and Commandments I was holding in my hand I remember how odd I was because I was holding a document now out nine years old again I understood that the universe was governed by that document a health plan at nine a.m. roasting was so impressed by this that I was actually holding God 's law and man as I think the sanctuary left in its impression in my life now for reasons that are that fall outside the scope of our gathering here I walked away from the Lord to a misunderstanding and and in my twenties I came back to God and I was temperatures to lobby for the issue of the sanctuary I encountered that there were those that said it was important and others that said it wasn't there it also said it was real and understand that it isn't and I decided to do something very unusual I decided to study the matter out for myself and when I did I discovered that is not only realized extremely important to us and I discover something very interesting that you really can't understand the Bible very well unless you understand the sanctuary for the simple fact that the site of the Bible is immersed in century terminology and the Bible writer assumes that the reader understands the sanctuary at such an item to be share with you some of the things that I have come to know about the sanctuary and this is going to be a blue means this and gold means that presentation facility I seek for a practical one in many of the presentations listen to and there's nothing wrong with that I found listings very interesting I'm struggling with sin and I want to know how this information can help me as us I hope to do this evening I wish it would get you quote still before we get into our representation the first comes to us from the great controversy copies for radiant I see both of you of the three quotes on sharing it here we read the century in heaven is the what the very center of Christ were in behalf of many it concerns every soul living upon the earth it opens to view the plan of redemption bringing us down to the very close of time in revealing the triumphant issue of the contest between righteousness and sin it is of the utmost importance that all should thoroughly investigate these subjects and to be able to get an answer to everyone that after them a reason of the hope that is in if you want home to find the sanctuary in the very center of activity and have been in your salvation minus anything if so this is something that needs to draw attention and in the it brings out even more clearly the subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God on Nina knowledge for themselves in the position and work of the great high priest otherwise it will be exercising with your vet otherwise writing you know why she has such a huge vocabulary because she struggles for precision in her right I like classifieds exaggeration is line so she struggled for precision so when she says your impossible it's not an exaggeration she is meaning that word otherwise would be impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time or to occupy the position which God desires us I hope that your presentation normally this presentation enters into servicers were compacting it here will strengthen your faith in you encourage you and so I think David summed it up best in Psalm seventy seven thirteen when he said your whale God is where is in the century David was a student of the sanctuary and their newfound hope we all know about his fall from grace and he was in a sanctuary that he found hope in a Savior that would forgive and cleansing and syllabus present in in the presentations that I'll be addressing this saw this weekend I'll be looking at will be looking for things first with a look at the sanctuary as a model for prayer were you aware that the century actually teaches us how to pray and what to pray for it dies with Elisabeth this evening the next thing to look at tomorrow during the worship service is the duties of the in the century teaches us how to walk with Jesus Aldo learned there that the century teaches us how to have victory over the power seen in our lines the thirteen will look at in the afternoon is the good news of the judgment and gotten it is good news no people it is very interesting we hasn't gotten us we can say that October twenty two eighteen forty four the journey began and we don't know much beyond that the will to take a look at the components of the judgment and will relearn is is that it is good news now many of us weekly to the judgment we think of it as a very fearful event were to discover that that there is a fearful event but it's not God that which is here is not thought that moving learns that even the devil to find out with the fear factor actually is it is not his job in a find that presentation very helpful and informative than the last one I entitled it why Jesus went where you aware that the century actually explains the reason for the delay in the second coming that it will to find out so with that introduction I would like to begin with the words prayer vigil by your head I would like you father I am so thankful for the rich privilege that you bestowed upon me this evening to present this profoundly beautiful subject Lord we are grateful so much for the Sabbath you get into us the reminder not only that your Creator but also our Redeemer the father this evening as we gather in this room we invite your presence Lord thank you for your dear son that you gave so that we could have life in you we ask the Lord Jesus please feel your presence do forgive us our sins wash this precious Latin conference in your righteousness we asked father this evening for your bright shining angels to encompass this room at the shyness in your presence father we know that this message is important to us you want us Lord to understand you designed and created it for us to understand how you plan to separate us from sin to redeem us to take us home Lord you know the feeble instrument did you have to work with this evening and so Lord I present myself to you that you will speak through me this evening and it all here will hear your voice now father I don't know what's taking place in the hearts of his dear people in the surrounding you do I don't know what they need to hear but you do it so I pray that each one will receive the blessing that you desire to give this gift and this evening I thank you for that so much and ask it on Jesus precious name on the bill again the sanctuary to the children of Israel as a mechanism of instruction so that they would understand how God was going to deal with the same problem I appreciate the sanctuary because it does it in such easy terms you know many people come to understand righteousness by faith by studying the writings of Paul book of Romans I can't understand it to the sanctuary the sanctuaries the kindergarten presentation of the plan of salvation and its and its visual so that because were visuals we can follow it very well today the sanctuary point size to what Jesus has done what Jesus is doing and what Jesus is about to do in a manipulative very practical approach and that is as a model for prayer and I like this model for prayer for two reasons one is that I consider myself the poster child for ADD my mind is all over the place and going really fast to get there and I know about you but when you start praying you find yourself suddenly working on your grocery list or even falling asleep and the sanctuary going through the sanctuary as I pray helps me to maintain my focus is a springtime of God in it my mind is wandering can bring it right back nowhere left off and continue my my conversation with the Lord the other reason that I appreciate the sensory model for prayer is that it teaches me how to approach God your God is holding and were not in the whole idea is for us to get there in the sanctuary prepares her heart for that very fact and then of course as I mentioned it also teaches us what to pray for now I'm not to say that the sanctuary model prayer is the only way it isn't if you look at the Lord 's prayer and even the prayer of God Daniel you will find very similar elements in the prayer for me I appreciate the order and am also very visual now you have handouts I given to you and you can work through those three dollars and and rights any of your notations you may have in and I and all my presentations are to be this way does Elizabeth PowerPoint I like having handouts for several reasons number one you get to see it as I'm presenting it and you can use it later for study or for sharing it with others and so this is a good prison to the way to present him in my thoughts now what are they looking at the sanctuary from three perspectives first I present to you the ministration of the priest what Israel was to understand their world and a look at how each furniture as we move through points to the work of Jesus first the work of the priest and the work of Jesus lastly how it is a trigger for me in my prayer life or share this quote with you and the great controversy page five nineteen says that Satan will announce that all of the big word is it's pretty encompassing site will knows that already can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacks therefore he and then he advanced every possible device to do what an crystalline reliving the last with me knowing I is living at the end this is it he wanted with the end would look like this is excelled were living at the time when the devil is engrossed in the minds of the people of this last generation with all kinds of devices at the hearing that is the absolute truth but so there's ever a time to refocus it is now and so that one of the very first things we find in the sanctuary is the timing for prayer and the century began each morning when the sun crested the hill events began it would be a priest looking for the sun to cross the horizon that he would blow the shofar which was a call to Israel's worship and on that time the people of Israel would look to the sanctuary and begin to pray the devotions would begin that day is a time of dedicating their lives to the large and they would end the day the very same way Jesus followed this example we find in Isaiah fifty first forty five these words the Lord God is given me the time of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary he awakens me what morning by morning he awakens my ear to hear and learn why the more why and when Santa when does the warrior put on his armor before or after the battle before when I have learned is that you have your devotional life at the end of the day you can end up with what I call the loser 's prayer Lord I'm sorry I did sorry I did that I am sorry I did that rather we want to begin the game with the Lord so he'll give us the strength to do the victorious that day at about you but I have discovered that when I ask out to awaken in the morning to spend time with him he takes that are very serious he dives and and so he does awaken me each morning to spend time with him so let's take a look at the sanctuary as a model for prayer the very first thing entering into the gates of the outer court we discovered the entrance right there on the site and it was here when the repentant sinner came to the sanctuary that the priest would meet him there at the door the priest then would share with the repentant sinner the role that he was about to play this game makes to us of Jesus in John ten nine Jesus said to us I am the one the door if anyone enters by me he will be saying John fourteen six Jesus said to him I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me it's very interesting by the way you'll notice that the sanctuary is is there surrounded by Doctor that curtain separates the outside world the Lord within the reality is that sin separates us in the right century tells us but when we come to Jesus we see that the unification is beginning already going back to the language that something appeared in fact I acted as I just have a little fun with you if I have one of those gizmos that you know the little marketer you know as wine was the gate on the east side that is a good answer and that is the right answer garnish it with you another reason is that yes there were some very good with the computing it was the competing religion of the day by the way it is today to his son worship is still the competition do this quickly open your Bibles turn to the book of Genesis you remember the store were going to chapter three the river the story and the needs fall is recorded in chapter Steve and I went up turn your attention to something here that's rather interesting Genesis chapter three in Genesis three and a pickup in verse twenty through the voluntary taken place the result of the sin has been explained in part now the rest of the verse twenty two the Lord God said behold the man has become like one of us to know good and evil and now these two put out his hand and take of the also the treated like they need forever to imagine or River sinners can you think of a worse state how merciful it was for what the Lord did next therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken to we drove out the man and he placed cherubim at the East of the Garden of Eden where you place them so much that the flaming sword which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life by the way was the only garden the keeper mounted in the sinful state but also nature the way was open I wonder they could come back to see as many of you sent out to the East gate so when they wanted to come back to worship the Lord which direction would have to come West so he symbolizes the walking away but the West is coming back in the sanctuary shows us to step back to the so though it is true that this points out to us the competition of the religion of the day which was Sunday worship but more than that it reveals to us the process back to the father and it's going to end with a festival called the day of atonement the one that created the creation of United once again I reported that day and leave the day to be very sent to continue so King David who studied the sanctuary shared with us what our attitude should be upon entering into the century Psalms one hundred and one two five and have it appear this to us make a joyful shout to the Lord all you lands serve the Lord with gladness come before his presence with singing know that the Lord he is God it is he who made us and not we ourselves we are his people and the sheep of this past year and two into his gates with what Thanksgiving and into his courts with what we pray be thankful to him and bless his name for the Lord is good at his mercy is everlasting and its truth endures how long to all generations and so what happens is I can my time with God worship this is the prompt for me to begin by thanking and praising the Lord there is a difference between thanking and praising with Bangkok him rascally praise him for who easy he has his attributes and as we are thinking about God in his goodness towards us and praising him for his attributes a funny thing happened our problems begin to shrink in our God begins to grow quite often we magnify her problems when we do that we shrink our God but as we praise him and as we think about his fitness suddenly he gets bigger and a promise that small I love this quote and prophets and kings page two oh two that says that if more praising of God were engaged in now once this whole and create and say what was with steadily increasing the reality is we all have something to thank and praise God for all of the steel and if you find yourself so blue that you are struggling to the output at a bank for apples being thanked him for bees to see tasks whatever I just go through and and humidity makes for interesting Olympics the comment that when we thank and praise God and angels of light draw near now that's true what happens when we murmuring complain lonely magnifier difficulties it's amazing something to think about so I begin by thanking and praising which calibrate my thinking and prepares me attention to his presence the scene we encounter is the brazen altar that's found here in the outer court as we walk in and it is here that the priest when he encountered the forgiven sinner would be would share with him the role is in a plan which imagine if you will essentially their right and middle of Israel teeming multitudes probably two million plus people beautiful symmetry the way they were all organized and the sanctioning the middle of there in the scholars tell us that the distance from the tabernacle to the closest hand was probably about two thirds of a mile credible Plaza space week that is derived from the do what was recorded for us in Joshua three for the distance between Israel and the cat and the architect of the covenant so imagine if you will you are a sinner you just realized something you've done wrong and you get your LAN and you begin walking towards the Tabernacle and as you do you come to the Internet Plaza enters for two thirds of a mile there is nothing and as you're walking other people are watching you entered the tabernacle are probably wondering under what he did there's air pressure in every generation is a natural and get away from it so the repentant sinner what arrived at the gate the priest would bring him into telling his role and after understanding his instructions he would place his hand upon the land confessing his sin this is extremely important do not miss this two things that are to follow that's the line in the sand in the century to understand how this has been worked on following SOC places Hannah Malan and confesses the sand his skin is transferred from himself to the Lamb then with his own hand he had to take a life of that land and as Hezbollah was editing editing away the priest would come in with the bull and which hatch that blood in the bowl and now symbolically the Senate was on the center that went the lamb is not transferred to the bulk and then the priest would take that blood and would take it into the holy place and would sprinkle as before the altar symbolizing that the same now was transferred where to the sanctuary the Senate lot away forgetting the land lost his life but this soon now is recorded and placed in the sanctuary how does this experience point is that Jesus the author points to Christ's sacrifice on the cross John one twenty nine reminds us the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said behold the Lamb of God who takes away what the latest in the world and so during this time as I'm walking through the sanctuary of the brazen altar I asked the Lord 's forgiveness for my sins and I am asking them to search my heart and I'm looking for the last twenty four hours of my of my day to see if there's anything there that I may have done or said because sin separates us on thinking about my or my interactions with others my wife my children my students staff I am going through the events of my day to make sure that there is nothing that stands to my soul and my Savior the next all the next all items that we come to is the labor of washing now before the priest would minister at the altar or in the tabernacle he would first have to water experience you would first wash his hands and his feet that would prepare him for service how does this point is to Jesus Jesus also had a water experience before he began his ministry in Luke three twenty one and three at twenty three we find these words it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he prayed the heavens were what they were open and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said you are my beloved son in you I am well pleased not Jesus himself began his ministry at about thirty years of age and so Jesus also had a water experience he was commit serve as before he went and began his ministry by the way it's interesting how it mentions thirty years of age if you look at the Levitical system that was the age of the priest before he began his ministry no coincidence there whatsoever if so during this time in my prayer life as they come to the labor I recommitted my life to Jesus you know we get our life to Christ I would assume that because you hear is not a one-time event it's every day as we stand to begin my day I begin it by recommitting my life to Christ I'm asking to take my heart and I love that prayer that Ellen White lays out for us and I just kind convinced that but don't take my heart because I can't get it present sound like you to get your teachers cannot keep it for the take myself my un- Christlike so enrolled in the atmosphere for the rich the flow through me the science for every commit my life to Christ by asking to take control of my life my thoughts to help me into creating me a clean heart after that I come into the tabernacle I do in my mind into the holy place and you'll see the three items are the furniture that is found in the holy place and the first one that I stopped out in my mind is the lampstand in the West End was the only light source in the holy place there were candles viruses and makes an oil was the source of life for each one the part that the job the priest was to ensure that that life never went out it could never go out that was part of his job but how does the lampstand plainest to Jesus John eight twelve Jesus so I have the light of the world you follows me shall not walk in darkness but have lacked the light of life and of course the oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and of course reminded as well that churches alight in the world and there to be found to shine for him in involving six testimonies one seventeen we find the spot we need and must have fresh supplies every day all had hidden is what can you imagine have you ever had to wait for someone does that make you anxious perhaps even frustrate you is and it has occurred to you that heaven is waiting heading is waiting for channels through which can be pouring the holy oil to be a joy and a blessing to others and so here I asked the Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit I asked him to fill me with the early and the latter rain you know today there are a lot of enthusiastic administering them up with a letter and I think it's great we need to be doing it for not praying for the early rain the lettering 's meticulous a bit of good night because the lettering only brings to perfection with the early rain is not interviewing is not character development and so I pray for the Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit because they need to be filled with the Holy Spirit I asked him to give me a heart that is sensitive to his voice heart that will yield to his leading up to last for and I need that you knew better I know I do and asked the Lord to give me such a hard and help me to to be a witness for him so as I begin my day I am asking be filled with the Holy Spirit why because the century prompts me to do so the next time we come to the table of showbread and the table of showbread we have twelve loaves of bread each representing a type of Israel and table of shoulder was reminded to Israel that God would supply them all and we need both physical as well as spiritual and of course how does that point is to Jesus John six forty eight reminds us Jesus said I am what the bread of life and so Jesus has promised us up to provide our needs not only physically but spiritually and primarily the extent of the word of God now right here during my prayer life what I do is I presented God the activities of my day my meetings my classes my students that I'm going to be teaching the meetings are really going to I go to every single thing that I will be involved in unaware of that day I asked him to give me strength to face today's temptations and trials was the devil ever blindside you it's amazing how he does he's pretty good at it you know he doesn't want like God it was fine when I spend time to lay my day out before the Lord the Lord will often bring things to me I usually have a three by five card and a pencil with me on during this time because God will bring to my mind things that I have overlooked he will also bring to my mind things in my day that I really don't need to be involved in I can put off but there are other things that I need to be thinking about and that will take place during this segment of my devotional time with God as I'm asking him to lead me to guide me and enter let me know what other things that need to be aware of he will do this during this time in my devotional my prayer time with him were reminded in Philippians four nineteen and my God shall do what supply all your need according to riches in glory in Christ Jesus and God does not will that God is willing to supply all of it how much of always all everyday when I need to does the next cases to the golden altar the golden altar stood before the curtain is a very interesting off furniture and activity there because it was at this station that the priest was brought closer to God than any other part of his work he was here why about ministering at the golden altar what he would do at the beginning of each day as he would put incense there being at the end and that incenses it was through the camp was a reminder to the people that God does hear prayers David reminds us of the incense was symbolic of our prayers if you need a reference for that it is found in Psalms one forty one verse two were David said let my prayer be set before you as incense and of course this points us to Jesus after his death and resurrection Jesus one of the most holy place opportunity to find sister there is one God and when the mediator between God and man and who is that Jesus Christ was in the Catholic background that probably doesn't have a lot of need to as a Catholic we had many mediators what a joy to know we only needed one and that one is Jesus and Hebrews seven twenty five it says therefore he is able also to say to the uttermost those to come to God through him by the way I like this when you been enough to say that he is able to save those who come to pricey but instead of this is able to say how that you like the fact that he met that the writer thought that it was for me that was for me to the uttermost those who come to God through him since he always lives to make intercession for then entering this time is when I make intercession we are of no relation to present the opportunity to approach God prayer on behalf of others and this is awesome you know you where this in fact I think this quote this next one will introduce about the same opportunity as me they wanted the money three forty six listen to this very carefully at the sound of fervent prayer St. Louis whole host is what you see above is from owning what the world is the devil know that we can than when we go to our knees to pray that Satan and his host some ninety miles as a whole host example why editor you know something is happening is that were accessing had been strategic air command when we pray listen and got acts you know in the military there is a term that is used it's called rules of engagement he heard that expression rules of engagement and what it is that you have rules for war that sounds silly but it's true there are rules for war after World War I there were no rules and that anything you need to hands-on they just threw it at each other included chemical warfare that after that where they got together decided that some of the stuff was really not a good idea and so I was going to keep around you can see what's there now I really hadn't know we use it that was part of the of the gathering of the nation 's inside I was not a good idea in more modern times in Vietnam United States used a weapon called napalm the world got together after that decided that that did need to be used anymore either so there's actually rules engagement now just as this is true in the state in the physical realm it is also to the spiritual my friends there are rules of engagement in the spiritual work he said God will not force itself into your life him the Satan cannot download meeting but forgot to be involved we need to be to pray and when we said we would really have someone else it would have a loved one who is not walking with the Lord in their life is in this is an interesting guy you can pray for them saying they said anything to the Lord but saw he is not asking for help in the Lord to save him know my friend making a spring on his behalf you myself as the Lord Orion to intervene in that situation itself knowing this and no invisible trembles I go before the Lord and when I print again with my family I prefer my beautiful wife which I wish I could've brought here that you can record for my children I prefer the Lord to place a shield around them to walk with them we also pray that they deviate from the straight and narrow retribution will come swiftly and mercifully upon reminds us because retribution is slow iniquity about and I don't want that for my kids I want them to learn and wants us to think I want them to think I also pray for their spouses on where they are I may have met them I do not have enough but were everything I prefer than I prefer their parents during this time I pray also for my students struggling to understand and to know God to walk with my previous staff were finding way seeking to leave the young people to Jesus I pray for many during this time this is the time that come before the Lord and ended in the station the location of the altar reminds us that but this is what rings is closer to Jesus than anything the springtime event knowledge to selected messages through seventy seven I want to get a visual on this whenever you would picture you can get on with the throne 's room must look like surrounded by angels watch this ministering angels are waiting about the throne was that's what you will do I instantly obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to answer every prayer offered in living in character and individuality pitcher Jesus listening elsewhere as perhaps you are in your room by yourself wrestling with initial tears flowing no one knowing what Christ and as you are praying Jesus is listening and around the throne of these majestic beings of light who are listening and watching Christ muscles twitching waiting for the command in Christ turning to one in Angel 's response to the reality friends the sad thing is though how often those angels we can gain how little we pray were told that the Marvel at how little we pray when all heaven is at our command to help us so after praying I then enter the most holy place in my mind and there I find the ark of the testimony it was here that the visible presence of God between those angels and it was in this place once a year that the high priest came to cleanse the center member I shared with you to follow the sin and follow the blood that when the sinner confessed his sin it went to the land from the lab to the blood and the blood to the holy place and every year the Israelites did that was happening is that the record of sin was kept there there was a gang once a year is known as the yearly when the priest would go in there declares the sanctuary all that record of sin and place it where it rightly belong on as a result the scapegoat which was a representative of the Prince of darkness is this point is to Jesus and what we know as Afghanistan on October twenty two eighteen forty four that the prophecy found in Daniel twenty three hundred days arcane to an end signifying the beginning of the investigative judgment in a Daniel seven thirteen find the text that brings that to our awareness Daniel wrote I was watching in the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before him by the way if we had been reading a text on October twenty two eighteen forty four we would've been reading what exactly was happening and have which is an amazing thought and what does that do for me that reminds me that God is preparing the peoples of the home and that's at the sanctuary needless to get judgment is all about so during this time I ask God to examining this is when David understood and reminded us to do in Psalms nineteen twelve we find who can understand his errors cleanse me from what my secret fall of the weight of the call for judgment into my seventeen ninety ten we read the heart is deceitful above what above all things that we do need you can't find anything more deceitful than that and desperately wicked it was not just wicked it's desperately wicked who can know it either Lord search the heart I test the mind even to give every man according to his ways according to the fruit of his doings and a Psalms one thirty nine twenty three and twenty four search me O God and know my heart tried me and know my anxieties and see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the past where everlasting during this time I am asking the Lord to reveal to me if I have any pet sins that hang out any cherished Santino is very funny but really good at finding out the sins of others in point I got some mystery how we can see a wine in our lives as I started to do that is not only the chair he says that even those that are not even aware and asking the Lord to bring these things to my attention search me and trying gnome and see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the paths of righteousness bringing say in your suite as we does is I walk through the sanctuary in my prayer life what is happening is that I am connected with present truth because where ever Jesus is and whatever Jesus is doing his present trip as a century keeps it fresh in my mind is essential for healthy to keep my mind from wandering on it keeps me from falling off sleep if I mind is wandering back it also presents to me what it is I need to blueprint for the closing scenes of Earth 's history but also reminds me of what my seniors doing for me right now is selling in this presentation what we've done is created for your framework if you have a knowledge of the sanctuary this is a refresher if you can have a very strong one hopefully to strengthen you as we continue our journey to understand God 's plan to redeem you and me tomorrow would be looking at the daily experience of how the sanctuary reveals to us on a walk with Christ and how to have victory over the power of sin so I hope it was a blessing to this closeout work father you have given this to your people in particular to the last generation have given to us incredible detail helping us to understand who work in our heart and co-opt bring with you the father through this lovely prayer it brings us in contact with what you are doing not only in the wonderful father but will in in in in the sanctuary and more specifically within our own lives as a father I thank you for this opportunity anymore tonight I asked for a special blessing a rich blessing that even as we go home maybe things we learned tonight reverberate in our minds to give us a deeper understanding and greater clarity of your plan in preparation for tomorrow's presentation thank you for your good blessing restored into the home state is the solid Jesus precious money this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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