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Fear God

Benjamin Ng



  • February 24, 2007
    10:00 AM
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I have my sermon is nothing spectacular SCI and I know many of us have probably studied this message of fear gone before and some of her new last week even on my message is not going to be totally the same so I ask you nothing else I see give me your undivided attention as we look at this message of fear God because we told in the last days things old and you will be borne out from the Lord amen and so as we look into this mess is all the first angel this morning let's done that the revelations of the fourteen and stunning with us six we are told in Matthew twenty phone of the gospel of this kingdom shall be preached in all the world before Jesus can come back for a second time I will because Revelation fourteen six we see a number angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the to every nation kindred song and people it is a gospel message that goes to the whole world this friends is the message that we need to bring and begins with fear God now before we can actually preach this gospel we must understand and before we actually preach this gospel we must have experience in its fourth year God is a very very practical method in fact all three all the Angels messages are very practical and before we can set up on the pulpits what's each preach in whatever way we must have living experience in its or else we are simply hypocrites so what does it mean to fear God doesn't mean that we fear him in terms of Canada so we will ship them all doesn't mean that we have that typical onto that I hear so much we reverence and now I want to come with being a Bible so Genesis chapter twenty two the first instance in the whole Bible where we see the understanding of fear God be revealed to us Genesis one chapter and will get a star with bus one Genesis twenty two starting with bus one the Bible says and he came to pot off of the things that God did tempt Abraham and seventh again Abraham and he said behold here I am and he said take now thy son thine only son I exactly now while this and get the intellect of maria and offer and therefore a bunch offering upon one of the mountains which I will spell be all most three and Abraham rose up early in the morning and saddled his ass until two of his young men with him and his son Isaac and clay of the woods of an offering and rose up and went on to the place of which God had told him here in Genesis two is recorded that God speaks to Abraham and Abraham hears he says yeah and I'm going to some instruction upon what to do for that day is a sacrifice I sent thine only son whom thou longest wanted Abraham to go you are you sure in my hearing things or why God is what Abraham did know Abraham rose up and he went now mount Mariah is not a small mountain it was at least half a days journey together it so some time to walk their big gave time for Abraham to think about what he was going to do offer his only son Isaac but yes we know that he gets up to the mountain Alice get up with plus eight and Abraham said my son God will provide himself a lamb because it's an awesome father that was alive the sacrifice why would bring all this would but was eleven and Abraham says what God will provide and a canvas nine to the place which God had told him all and Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood in order and balance are exact his son and laid him on the altar upon the wood and Abraham stretched forth his hand and soak the ninth to slay his son Abraham stretched forth that means he was in the position ready to bring that knife down on to his son Isaac and then it says about eleven of the age of the Lord called unto them out of heaven and said Abraham Abraham from the morning until that time he got up onto Mount Mariah that voice never came back to him again became once this is obvious on either and then it's silence old layouts fill he is ready to kill his what lessons we learn here plus twelve lay not thine hand upon the lad neither do thou any thing unto him for now I know that thou fewest what caused a what happened that God said now I know Abraham that you fear what's so conflicts voice came and spoke to him told him to do one thing and Abraham without questioning rose up and went and only when he was about to kill his son then the voice came comes back as now why no that you can what is this lesson of Uganda will not hear from Genesis chapter twenty two obedience face Abraham believes in God and he obeyed but friends it is much more than that I want to tell you this that it is obedience even when you don't understand this forms the foundation of understanding the message of fear God Abraham didn't understand why God told him to kill his son it only few chapters but he said I exactly why Zach will be to see the many nations come besides you can't number them needed we built a number you see in his eyes as Abraham was lying there and voice comes to him I'm sure he did not understand but he still will be led as a sort of think that we need today that is what it means to give all this is that only the first portion of the first Angels message obeying even when you don't understand too many of us ask questions why more want anyone to do this why do you want me to do that why why why we we are so inquisitive naturally we divided evidence for a face that evidence of things not seen but here in the beginning deathless instant fluids hold that Abraham feared God you may put on questioning obedience didn't understand God and give him a reason why he may have presumed in his own mind and thought yes God will resurrect him again off somehow he believed the promises of God yes but he still obeyed even when he didn't want to spend this forms a platform of what I want to build upon this morning opiates even when you don't want to understand keep this in mind fearing God means to obey when you don't understand though let's go over to Exodus chapter twenty and post twenty this may not be new to some of you but let us go back to Exodus chapter twenty and post when he and father look into what it means to fear God Exodus chapter twenty verse twenty and Moses said unto the people fear not for God is come to prove you and that his fear may be before your faces that you want certain not so if you're fearing God you're not sitting what is sin it is a transgression of the law office John took the three of us for so if you're not sitting in a breaking Laura God is because your old banging even when you don't understand the victory over sin is tied in very closely with obedience even when you don't understand I can't tell you how the will created in six days I wasn't that he was able Adam or Eve the Bible says that in the evening and the morning was the first day God took six literal days to Craig Wo science human five goes against that we don't understand it but I still believe I can't tell you why caffeine is bad for you on a medical student I had an resistant video all well for testing to see me awake all when I think I can think I can study the Bible memorial actually awake caffeine is bad for you the Bible 's absorbed policies as it I don't know why but on the following systemwide hundred years ago sense of tobacco is a poisonous drop of data in an assignment back then but yet they followed and obeyed even without scientific evidence proof whatever maybe even when they didn't understand that his face for naught when you dim on evidence to prove yes maybe we need to eventually discover some can show others how then will we as Christians of the more enlightened we got the lens own day even when we don't understand and as a result will have pixie over sin and then Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen is as fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man so in doing that will obey despite what the world is thinking feeling saying whatever this because is coming a time in the future friends Sunday the Sunday more I can't give you all the details about what's going to happen and how it's going happen but I know it's coming and we all learned to obey the Sabbath fully today would be swept off our seats we need to learn this lesson 's of obedience even when you don't understand simple a face that probably sounds feasible to all of us because as we get older we like the sound wiser and we can't just say the Bible says the kids do that will sizzle does look here but as we get older while all this is the reason why we have to do this people try to change the eight-day week and they just too tired us what we need to know the Bible says what beginning Genesis chapter two and God blessed the seventh day it's that simple that is faith that is a type of faith that we need to have in order to fear God but let's go to deeper let us go over the Psalms a one hundred and twelve as I've been looking into this message of fear God I'm totally amazed at the gospel that we find in here you know friends it goes beyond just the mere keeping of components and obeying and not sending some hundred twelve plus one it says praise ye the Lord blessed is the man that Biarritz the Lord that they liked this in his comeuppance that wants they like this in his come on that's it we've fear the Lord we did lights in the comments of the Lord many of us open either come on that we don't delight in the why because I can't do this country that can't do this I can't do that that's all the Sabbath is about Congo shopping can't watch TV has to give tithes and offerings my Bible to charge the list of long do 's and don'ts but it says that when we fear the Lord we want we delight in his commandments an example would be dishonest to the forty votes eight sans Chapter forty and firstly because you see friends to come on this is too much of a brick wall that we face we want to send we hate it I can't do it and it becomes something of a restraining order that is what the big joke that is placed upon us too heavy a burden but a size forty pesetas says what I did lights to do the will of my God Jade I Law is within my heart now point your hearts notes all appear actually the heart is right here because enough each wealthy forces out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks that this does not give you words to speak it is your mind the Bible that says I don't like to do the will of God it I've always lived my high this is the question that we have to ask why what is going to be so complex why didn't he just say mind when that is saved us all a lot of trouble and embarrassment why hearts see friends the heart is dealing with a very specific location in our mind it is not this this is what we called intellect this is what the Bible refers to its ultimate the mind what our first the high is referring to the lower passions of our mind the place where we feel love anger hatred envy we cry we lost all this takes place here in the hot reason why God wants to my today because too many of us that it is written here but not here we know what his rights we do with with a leash and a chain around her neck but when it comes to fearing God God says I want you to do lights in my comeuppance I want you to open it not because you have to because you love to but the comeuppance to us sometimes it's too much like a brick wall can't do this can't do that is in people Cordova flied a knife a less much of an icon of the church a lot what started as the drinks I don't drink it all and when he is such a drag on compound you guys I'm sorry I don't go to church and we would dislike where people do have an kicking and screaming and fighting it we don't really want to be there but we know it's good to be there but Young's alanine anyway don't let the dim lights in the comeuppance will never have victory over sin and give you an example for a person who smokes evil to them and you say smoking is bad causes lung cancer did you know that and they pulled a cigarette box out and again says right here yet it says the writing cigarette both under the smoke but when you walk in you see it right that smoking causes cancer intellectually they know what is good to take place if they put that cigarette to the mouth it's written in their mind talking but they can't get enough why because not within our easy-to-follow and his friends we love to send a bad monthly office if I don't let let's be real with myself for a moment all of us love the stimulus does anyone do it alone he proved to Hebrews Chapter 11 this feels very greatly with our understanding of why the law needs to be written in our hearts because too many of us intellectually know what his rights but said we don't do it Hebrews Chapter 11 starting with verse twenty four by faith of Moses when he was come to years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction it have to be a conscious choice to software affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season sin my friends is enjoyable and pleasurable to all of us that is not full ourselves in that matter we love to sit why because James are the ones that send patient comes from the desires on the last in a heart is the idle like ice cream I don't like sweet foods of sword told her sweets lovers out there I love my salty foods but you may need to ice cream stall and is not tempted I don't like it you may need to a place would have fried rice and fried noodles well that's a different story I don't desire us weekly give me a headache you see when temptation comes which leads to send it we put into action because we love it if it here it's something that we desire we enjoy and that is like on what the what the law not as intellectually as well mind you what the money into Lockhart you are the still love to obey that is your God in a week that the message appeared on many many times and we say yes that is the message of victory over sin but when I sat down to study this I looked at this as a yes is a beautiful salmon but it's not good to help the people of God if you don't understand how to have a ball with them within the hearts well and truly we know that intellectually we know to be written here is that we haven't written about how Hebrews chapter eight and Vista Hebrews chapter eights invests ten how can we actually have the Lord God within NR hearts that we may did lights in his components and loves to obey and because we love somebody real question beyond doubts when you're young and you you know your parents love you you'll know why mom we obey even when we don't understand but how can we help this law within a heart it was shut eight and verse ten for this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws into the mind and writes them in their hearts adult pizza than a God and they shall be to me a people this is the new covenant experience that God said he would do she also lead himself would write the Lord God intellectually into a mine and also lovingly interlocks but still does not the question how how can he writes that law so that we may fear him company to Psalms a hundred and thirty Psalms one hundred and thirty I was starting with plus three thousand one hundred and thirty and boasts three the Bible says if thou launch its mock iniquities O Lord who shall stand with us for but there is for giving us with the that the valve amazed to be here what does it mean to fear God to obey even when you don't understand to not sin to delights in the Lord God and as a result of that law between online and also in our hearts but here in Psalms one hundred and thirty it tells us that before we can even fear God what must take place forgiveness friends before we can learn to fear God before we can have that lore of God written within our hearts and minds we must first receive forgiveness simple isn't it something you've probably very much for hi Nona but it is impossible to fear God if you have an first been forgiven all get a bit deeper into this for a moment and moment thoughts when he reads you something that I may know him page two hundred and ninety nine under the new covenant the conditions by which the tunnel life may be gained on the same as under the old perfect obedience under the old covenant there were many offenses of a damning presumptuous character for which there was no atonement specified by the law and then Neil and Beth are covenants Christ has fulfilled the law for the transgressions of law if they receive him by faith is a personal savior and what is a means to receive them by faith to obey him even when you don't understand most C and forgiveness of the reward over all who come to Christ trusting in his merits to take away their sins in the better covenants we are cleansed from sin by the blood of Christ which is what we call forgiveness the center is helpless to a total one since the power is in Christ 's free gift a promise appreciated by those only who are sensible of their sins and who forsake their sins and cost of helpless souls on Christ the sin pardoning Savior before we can what's forsake our sins that means learn to obey the law and put away our sins that is a God we must first receive forgiveness in a lie this is so important as I'll is always contemplating to this message and I was thinking on that is almost too simple hot is almost too basic an understanding for us to have forgiveness must take place before the Lord God can be written in a hot so that we can obey him lovingly and to his as a result not sitting the fuss points but we must look at is this forgiveness because I believe well and truly that there are too many of us I'll bet the intellectually know what to do they still full short of victory over sin that has been my search as I've gone round preaching I encounter all the time young people think how can I have a tree I know it I don't want to do it every time it comes up twice a full and just I know that we must have the Lord God within with in a heart that we must delight to do it that is a whole essence of your God for what is it about this forgiveness was company to Luke chapter seven Luke chapter seven and will stunningly bus forty one Jesus was at Simon 's house who was Simon Joe what sort of person this man was she was another sign with the left and he was healed by Jesus Christ and he through this big dinner for Jesus and he's begins the back bites as though Jesus gives this parable specifically just for signing and he says in verse forty one of Luke chapter seven there was a certain credit which had two debtors the one owed five hundred pounds and the other fifty and when they had nothing to pay he frankly for datable tell me that a full which of them will look amongst an assignment of course being the only Hamas though the house wanted to show yes Lord I understand what you're talking about Simon often said I suppose that the two whom he for gave looks this is the Lord of life to whom God has forgiven most that person in return loved amongst it's very simple for those that are going to the depth of sin they've gone out and created baby gone out and and committed crimes in Gaza drawings sex different things of this world and inform for those that if you had been like me growing up in my home I never did such bad things with my brother he went out to the world he got involved in all the sorts of things and his repentance was more deep and full competitive by why because our understanding of forgiveness calls us to love our Savior more and more when we realize the depths of forgiveness that we have received from our sins and look at all like me no match I really rock bottom for the prodigal son who was sitting in a fixed she realized that he had hit full bottom she couldn't go any lower in society and we came back to his father his his love for his father was more full than a fundamentalist it should be that way because we understand forgiveness it was all painted on the cross for all of us the depth of which Christ had to go through to forgive our sins when we went to drugs will be to settle Christ had to die and when we understand the desktop forgiveness that we receive are hot comes out in full love to Christ and desolate windows at thing they haven't done anything too bad in their lives their lukewarm middle of the church never done anything that when we look at these people come from alone in its doing great things the Lord why because they understand the depths of forgiveness the Savior had to go through to redeem their life for me I just just live Lord please forgive me but it is not true when we begin to think that were all that would begin to think that we have no real eating anything that we begin to think that that judges listen our judge all that is of this deposit it wasn't pleasant we begin to compare whose most sinful we forget to look at ourselves and as a result our house goes cold friends we must always always always remember the great forgiveness that was paid on the cross for me personally because if we do not remember that we won't love our Savior Lord you don't pay for it and her thank you enough for me to the really wasn't that bad the the felony we understand the depths of forgiveness that love will run just as deep as lifetime is that there who even gave most of us who love you most and that's true as of Jesus as if you love me then you will do my components but if we don't if we give we forget that would put from old sentence we grow lukewarm we don't delighted to subdue the Lord God is not something that we feel is something we should do because we never really transgressed all of them in so any the importance of forgiveness that plays this very crucial role in helping us to fear God and allowing his a law to be written in our hearts and this is experience that we must have today fronts personal salvation and then when we love him we won't question Lord why do you want me to do that Lord why am I going through this Lord why am I going through the blood why do I have to do this it seems like you telling me a whole great deal of sacrifice but you sacrifice heaven for me and I love you and I'm willing to do anything for you you see that forgiveness so completes if forgotten we become cold I would begin complaints and other people they need Christ not me this should often this is what it means to have his lowest and within a half the only way that will ever get there is remember across personal salvation come back with me to Hebrews tests eight I want to show you this text that helps us to complete complete everything is it's funny that I want to give you the parable of that unforgiving seventh that truly lives up with a message done consequently today you are him but I was a king and seven owed him a hundred or two hundred Pennsylvania how much it was but he's gone it is in his knees and Glenn Longhorn please forgive me and the king and most important unforgettable right and he walked out of the house and he saw his friend another fellow seven ninety says you only ten pence now any city could so what if you do he put that fellow man into prison despite instead you stay thereunto you pay me back yes and what happened the king heard this and he said I gave you so much and you can't forgive the front-end what happened there she forgot the forgiveness that he had received an result is hot became cold and judgmental and he demanded that of other people importance of forgiveness in our life but also importance of remembering that we have been forgiven even it was ten twenty fifty Israel I don't care how long it was if you forget that you very in great danger of forgetting the love and the Lord God Hebrews chapter eight and verse twelve English sentences for this is a continental makeup of them offer those they all right alone a half in the minds and then a syllabus talk for I will be merciful to their unrighteousness what exact that's forgiveness for our will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and iniquities will I remember no more Jesus tells us that before you can write that more in our hearts and our minds you has to be merciful to our unrighteousness you have to build the right the before and he has the colons us from all our costs since so much so that you says I will not remember then anymore and friends I once used to keep this in mind the big lesson of forgiveness that must take place before we can fear God but more so I need to say this that do not ever withhold forgiveness from somebody it is a great crying it destroys them is your brother and sister comes to you saying sorry you say I forgive you you have to you know like as if it doesn't it drives them insane I've had that experience my life has not been perfect I've done many bad things that I wish this would not have is what would be a raise from a mind and is one time on a Friday afternoon I went to look for one of my friends I wanted to talk to her to say I'm sorry please forgive me and they wouldn't not willing to talk and I knew that Sabbath was coming and I realize that sin had not been cleansed and I was entering into the side friends that is a great torture upon the mind if we remember forgiveness all forgiveness the forgiveness that was paid on Calvary for each and every one of us when that's unable comes in the future and public may well be that your father or mother a brother or sister or good friend they come to persecute you significant we going to learn to pray the prayer on the cross father forgive them for they know not what they do but alone maybe possible even the forgiveness that we have received I want to emphasize that more than anything else because we as Christians intellectually know that we have to keep the law but how do you have it written in their when forgiveness is received that God may be feared as being too simple for you has it been just too basic are you being to see the importance of forgiveness and not so much that remembering that we will cleanse from Parsons of fifty years ago we keep that here let us never forget how the Lord has led us and possibly links never ever forget and so Jesus says if you love me keep eye though keep my commandments because you brought up Christian keep my Columbus because you love because a law is here I do like to do I will like you a kind of law is within my heart but first we need to be forgiven


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