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The Trinity, Part 2 (The Trinity in the New Testament)

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • July 20, 2013
    11:00 AM
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this quarter were setting not just something about God or something whom God actually is the very nature of God being as being what makes God God the doctrine of God in this particular part of the series who started last week with a part one of the Trinity come let us we found that raising rooted in the Old Testament Scripture and today we continue on with that same examination of Trinity doctrine would be going to Genesis chapter one in just a moment phone to give you heads up you can start going there yourself hopefully everything we go to with the text you can go to well but just as a quick former review what we saw outlined in the Old Testament alluded to enter that strongly suggested a Trinity though there is no statement of the old death upon the father and son and Holy Spirit does not outline that but it does whittle is down from the member that spectrum of belief about God from atheism of no belief in God to pantheism on the thyroid everything is God knew what the Bible teaches us that God though being one God is in plural and were going to get a specifically three persons of the Godhead and so last Sabbath we look at that from the Old Testament and again do not go to find that home bone bone God the father of the phenolic but you see and since starting legitimate one let us there we go to the Tower of Babel let us go down and then there's holy holy holy this reference to plurality even the word God Elohim is not a rigid singularity that the unity of being and so we want to explore that further into God 's word as we go down to the New Testament but what before we do any studying God 's word start word for heavenly father thank you for this beautiful to hey thank you bit of the Sabbath day and they did we can fellowship together and now as we study your Word we ask your Holy Spirit visa same uninspired it's writing now inspire our understanding and our thinking guide our minds to see God clearly portrayed in Jesus name amen so dimmer in Genesis chapter one and just as a quick former review the Bible in the very first book of a first chapter the first verse starts this explains you got it back together it just starts stating things about God introduces us to God right off the bat which of course the Bible should do that it got book about himself and it says right there Genesis chapter one verse one in the beginning who God and what the bid what with the action for created you see you're introduced to God as a create for end as he creates something in his image we got under verse twenty six we find this then God said let make man in our image and of course he makes man as male and female a plurality which in Genesis chapter two we come together as one flesh two distinct persons he said that is in the image of all that is who we are and I as a God as God singular one what God but plural foods let us were introduced in Scripture in the Old Testament to God as creator and plural so now we go to the New Testament were to go to the book of John of course the New Testament starts with four parallel books of the Bible each introducing us to God made flesh Jesus Christ Matthew Mark Luke and John in the John's Gospel is the beginning of the New Testament introducing us once again to God notice the striking similarities to the introduction of God in the Old Testament in the Old Testament starts with God as creator and let us make man in our image plurality now we go to get John chapter one verse one in the beginning where do you think you lifted that rates from genocidal end from the beginning that's right in the beginning was the word W and of course all the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John Ark introducing is not to just gone in a general sense but specifically the son of God describes in here because of the word in the beginning was the word the notice is now and the Word was with God so be stop right there you have gone over here and you have the word in there together there with each other in the beginning was the word of the word was with God the next things as an the word was God so already there is what you have is an introduction to God as plural yet at the same time one that goes on in verse three of the first two he was with God in the beginning verse three all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that has been made nothing about that here in the New Testament introducing us to to God we had the same formula as we had in the Old Testament introducing us to God you have God as creator floral let us God was when he was with God and was God at the same time fascinating both Testaments of Scripture open up with an introduction of God with the same figure Chris is God creator plural fascinating now with the glue before the you Matthew chapter three the beginning of his Gospel let he introduces Jesus in fact Jesus is being introduced in his life and his public ministry because your ecology this was not just born as a fully mature adult he was born at the baby grew in wisdom and stature favorite automat at a certain point in the building of time he stepped forth and began his public works and here at his baptism the Matt Gospel of Matthew records what happens after chapter three in verse sixteen when he had been baptized Jesus came up immediately from the water and behold the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon him now I'm about to try to break down to but I wanted make it clear him is Jesus yes in the spirit with the form adopted came down from heaven and relied upon in this movement open heaven dove came down like on inch so Jesus is not the dog right those are separate things goes on now for seventeen and suddenly a voice came from where from heaven so that the heavens opened up the dog to spend life though there was apparently there was God in heaven spirit of God but comes down on the form and land on private rep Christ in the water comes up out of the water spirit comes down and connect with them alike I don't but apparently up in heaven something God is still going on correct look at the text and suddenly a voice came from heaven saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well please know by implication if that was his son who is that one father this is my son said the father so you have the father son and the Holy Spirit all present at the same time with the same place yet individuals doing different role having different responsibilities and all of the same task all the same purpose with each link different aspect of that sort does that make sense so you have three distinct beings and with vesting up visit here we have another introduction your Christ is being introduced in his life in his public ministry and once again you have God as plural is that this is my son does the Holy Spirit the bodice that avoids all three are there now good of the other end of Matthew chapter twenty eight at the conclusion of Jesus ministry on earth would be careful always say Jesus ministry on earth it simply was not the conclusion of Jesus ministry Jesus is still ministering in the heavenly sanctuary event but edited close of his earthly ministry just like in the beginning of his earthly ministry he begins with baptism you have the plurality of God and now not just alluded that would let us now interesting is the voice of heaven is the double lighting business on the wanting of three other son Holy Spirit and now look what Jesus does as he's going to go back into heaven continue his ministry there people are supposed to continue his ministry on earth in his behalf those people are the apostles yes Matthew chapter twenty eight verses eighteen nineteen and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and honor go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them know by the way why did Christ need to be baptized was the remission of sins course of his word example of for those who would be laptops right just as I have done you do know baptizing them and how do you hate me to do it in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit fascinating is when Christ was introduced in his ministry the Trinity was clearly present now when used as now go tell other people going make disciples make other followers introduce them baptize them join them into the Fellowship of the father and son and the Holy Spirit both of baptism bookends of Christ life and ministry since her on this concept of the Trinity of a plural God singular God world beings we should set back so if you put the evidence together even just so far you see the very beginning of Scripture the very first page let us creator God let us then in the New Testament the introduction of God again in the form of Jesus Christ is the creator God who is with God and at the same time is not then Christ is introduced in his earthly ministry the father speaking some a lot of the stuff spirits alighting the sun being baptized plurality of God again as he begins his ministry and as he leaves and has others continue his ministry even bids them to do the exact same thing baptize them in the name of the father in spirit and let me ask you think about this logically I know there is current agitation in the church hopefully not too much and hopefully this will help but that each member of the Godhead is kind of being question Francis God the father is he the same old thing that is the New Testament is the actually fulfillment of ours Christ the loving party the only other each of the main injustice of administrative parking Jesus is love and lambs and children in any note both then you have Christ was he actually got all the way from eternity or was it some points created with nothing in the Holy Spirit is even a person at all to be just the fourth is the of some sort of spiritual being the present in all pervasive something but not person not an individual is the power of God is referred to especially look at this by the way notice they got here according to Jesus Christ shares the same name the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit if you introduce something like that I think of the apostles Peter James and John you Wednesday off peters a person change the person in John is kind of the note you don't do that when you list off something you list three things in that it implies that the same thing right if three things was the same thing and finally share a name I don't share a name with a non- entity within nonbeing you shared them with people father and son notes one name one God the person interesting thought as we go by the apostle who apparently quite faithful to that try using picture of God because all throughout the rest of the New Testament you see continual repeated references with the technical term is triadic references in the as the Scriptures now they don't often cannot formulate with a God and that the but they'll make reference in the same passage each member of the Godhead having a part to play in one work for instance let's look at literally there are thousands of these and you're welcome or not to go through each one I'm sure her name and that the first trivia step that we are together several enough to get the picture if you want on lookup more Gulfport vectors related testament and watch with new eyes as you see the reference to God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the spirit whom he sent me all all over the place first previous chapter twelve the apostle Paul writes what I have to assume is his first letter to the church at Corinth starting with verse four and notice how he talks about gifts that God will give called spiritual gifts verse for a prescriptive twelve there are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit there are differences of ministries but the same Lord and there are diversities of activities that is the same God who works all in all kind of the same way the Old Testament refers to going in the present got been holding holy holy here you have the spirit in the Lord and God all in all same gifts fastening belts second Corinthians were building it takes your second point in Chapter thirteen in verse fourteen how the apostle Paul signs off on this letter to the church in Corinth you said what that one wasn't exactly specific with take a look at this final line in the book of second Corinthians chapter thirteen verse fourteen says the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all so say what you bring people into the paper you said you great people you bugle blast of this idea of it God be with you is not just the vagaries of his God the father and of the son and there's the Holy Spirit that same formula that he sent the apostles out with Paul keeps in his mind the second Thessalonians second Thessalonians is chapter two activities section of the New Testament second Thessalonians chapter two and verse thirteen again first thirteen fourteen here Paul uses them complicated grammatical structure in his sentences okay applicants the structure to follow what he's saying first thirteen but we are bound to give thanks to God always for you brother and be loved by the Lord because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the end belief in the truth to which he called you by our possible for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ you notice the preaching of the gospel and they bring us into this as entered into harmony with heaven into giving us salvation apparently such as the work of God of the plan of God the segregation of the spirit to believe in Jesus Christ to all have a different role to play just like in creation if you go back and find a spirit hovering the water let us make man in our image they work together for the work of creation in the same way they work together for us and the work of redemption it's not like just Jesus saves his friends God save this in Jesus plays a very important role in and the same with the Holy Spirit is part of our saving agency forgot in God the father all of them will work together and thus in the New Testament you see the picture that it's not just the spirit is not priceless a manipulative but each one plays a specific part of the book of Revelation is one of my favorites is my simplest of Paul everything will any time you do a New Testament study most of what you're been a reinstall he wrote most of the books okay but go to the book of Revelation not written by Paul but written by John John chapter one as he introduces this book of course originally was a letter sent out the seven churches in Asia minor it starts inverse for human rights this greeting is this John to the seven churches which are in Asia Grace to you and peace from like I'm writing it John and I'm writing on behalf of and from you expect a person may be gone or maybe Jesus is the revelation of Jesus Christ right but what's the grace to you and peace from his from him who is and was and is to come and from the seven spirits before his throne Malcolm back in a minute into a fun little way to demonstrate that the Holy Spirit hopefully just a keynote revelation uses a lot of colors and numbers and symbols and never uses the phrase Holy Spirit repeatedly said the seven spirits in and if you watched the function if they are at the correct reference to the Holy Spirit but will demonstrate that will materially or we have to grace and peace to you from him who is and was and is to come and from the seven spirits who are before his throne but even right there you can speak he wasn't even if the column is on his throne and the seven spirits are before his throne okay now we go to verse five and from whom from Jesus though neither of those two are Jesus that make sense and the one on the throne the other one before the throne the spirit and now you have Jesus is described Jesus and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth you if you go to Revelation chapter four not try to do this briefly it's one of my favorite studies and you might have heard it before but I just really like it in Revelation chapter four we also gladly find the New Testament parallel to what we saw the Old Testament Isaiah Z holy holy holy Lord Mike you see the second song sung in Revelation chapter four but what about backup and go to verse two relationship a former stoop John is shown a vision of the heavenly sanctuary and here's what he sees verse two immediately I was in the spirit and behold the problems that in heaven and one sat on the throne and even if that there would like adjustment authorities noted appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne it appears like an emerald around the throne were twenty four thrombin on the prawns I thought twenty four elders sitting clothed in white robes and crowns of gold on their heads and from the throne proceeded lightnings thunderings and voices seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God Jesus community introduction from you knew what it is to come and the Scripture before so now we have the seven spirits again before his throne so there's the one on the throne there's the spirit ministering before the throne and we can go on and of course there's singing in verse eight holy holy holy Lord God Almighty who wasn't as if the common my question is if you're to read through chapter four where's Jesus is not in chapter granola throw the whole of it now the protector five do what you do with the Scripture when you don't understand something you keep reading keep reading as always the key chapter five verse one and I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and on the back field with seven seals the other picture God the father on his throne and now we know something additional about them yet beholding this sealed document that I saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals and no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look at look at which were to pick this up in about three sermons but what is that implying about God the father he is not worthy to open the scroll of what that would fester for a while but we need to think verse four John's response so I wept much but with the weeping that in the read there is not like that then I just cried all day would like wailing like distraught I wept much because no one was found worthy to open and to open and read the scroll or look at it but one of the elders said to me do not weep you hold the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals first sixth and I looked and behold in the midst of the throne of the four living creatures in the midst of the elders stood a Lamb L as though it had been slain friend who is the root of David the lion of the tribe of Judah and the Lamb that was slain with Jesus Christ who is not their chapter for now appears in Chapter five questions with even what what kind of evidence that you have on his body he's a land not the Lanphier undefiled a lamp in as the lead has been slain his mission accomplished he's returning home I watched the Alaniz though it had been slain having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God and now they're not ministering before the throne with the build change of location what are they done enough crisis return to heaven what happens to the spirits of God sent out into all the earth for we see in Revelation four and five is the heavenly perspective of the day of Pentecost Christ returns he sends to his father wait in Jerusalem for the gift my father 's promise right so that when the father receives them Aslan slain he shows in the evidence goes signal is sent and now he sends another comforter and the apostle Peter stands up under their tunic off brothers and sisters what you see and hear the fire in the wind of the Russian speaking this is this as the evidence that Jesus is now at the right hand of God powerful doing a father son and Holy Spirit equally working for our salvation each playing a distinct and different role on the other powerful now were to roll up the sleeves and go even deeper if we've established that in the Old Testament there is an allusion to there is reference to a clear delineation of a plurality of God nuclear donation at Trinity yet in the New Testament father son Holy Spirit over and over and over for the entire test literature by the way were in Revelation that we started in Genesis all equipment beginnings in the Scripture tells that God works as a plurality now the question is why why is God not just the rigid singularity who sometimes dresses up with the thought of something but why is it important because I don't want to leave this you know as was great ethereal cloudy sky nifty kind of thing but that was fun to look at but you leave having no practical application what difference does it make if God is three persons or one of the agriculture minister 's the first job for the first same author wrote revelation earlier rope first John chapter four and he discusses the very nature of God first John chapter four and verse eight will start with her seven first out of the very handy little book for so many reasons first John you chapter three verse four gives you the definition of sins that is the transgression of the law first John chapter four and birthday gift of the definition of God to be a very important concept in all of Scripture are routed their back-to-back in the book of first first John chapter four probably you have to go to your head when you read verse seven beloved let us love one another then why does he say to love another besides it's a nice thing to do or you should export activity to get the white is the safest notice his reason is rooted in the very essence of who God is beloved let us love one another for this reason for love is of what God if we claim to be of God and he is a God of love that we must also be well okay what's the love and let us love one another for love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God and then he does in verse eight to the opposite he who does not love does not know God and here's a reason why for God is what love this is a huge statement is not the same God of love leave like to look at a beautiful and any that you think you love being from time to time in his behavior he think he is love itself in his very nature is very essence of his being he is love his character is love which sounds great but what does it mean by the way bilaterally with the whole world asking a question about that but our series in the fall to be titled God is love when you look around and we read the news we watched the things we see we would experience is this the world that God creates a loving God if God is love look at the world I would bring people that they need here but God apparently is lucky such as loving or lovely he is love so now the question remains what does that mean what is love that is a smart aleck through it will load with God we just another bonus is that God is love what Islam does it meet the community emotional if he's really fond of people what does it mean let's not eat out go to first Corinthians chapter thirteen appropriately enough at the love chapter where we get our definition of love is a powerful selling at the definition of sin definition of God the definition of love and another brass tacks and first printing chapter thirteen it possible expounds on what love is starting with verse four he says love suffers long and is kind a look take the time kind love does not in the wicked in the mean gel if you want to stop people happy like all I want for me right love does not do that love does not envy love does not parade itself love is not puffed up which are all kind of different ways of spiking the same route right in the is one step yourself parading yourself that puffed up proud of yourself you could listen it is not focused on you focus outside of that goes on in response does not behave rudely does not what seek it own so think about it in the love does not seek its own it must therefore seek what for other lucky enough to get on it seeks for other now put the pieces together God is love and love is the principle of putting others out of yourself seeking for their good instead of your own others before you so if God is love in his very essence of his the nature to me if God is love and love the giving of yourself or others must you have in order for God to be love others if God were simply a absolute rigid singularity and individual and the most extremes of the world want than he could not be love now he could create something to these all-powerful sure okay and that he could start to love it any could be lobbying any to be beautiful and lovely but to be love and is very essence if love is the putting of others ahead of yourself there must be others upon whom to confirm that law that Scott must be in this is also fastening why the Bible over and over introduces God has for let us God was with God any what God infected to go back to Genesis you think about it God said let us make man in our image image male and female a loving relationship with the first comment with his first command be fruitful and multiply make more when God introduces himself to humanity it's not as a rigid singularity it's as a family cares for each other and looks out for the other first how much of our Christianity is self-centered I struggled with this lately even in our presentations of heaven don't want to go to heaven because you're naked in your ticket and you with his love is the principally others first shouldn't everything we do we primarily focus on doing the betterment of others instead of far so good I think about it we come to witnessing the church but well you have a brief parenthetical I never get to be part of the personal ministry section I have a pulpit cylinders could talk him have you thought anyone was ever get a chance to say something about a few Sabbath ago I went and did this outreach program the afternoon did the door-to-door and I change up the change of the canvas from time to time I'm not a realistic descriptor I don't do well as you notice on by feel more comfortable discount talking and out I try to make it short this is one there walked up to us she walked up to me she saw me wanted to the neighborhood she could look really weird and she cannot mean this got really close into that now that she was disappointed to have to start out beautifully I thought he was the landlord now on I'm not that I found the guy passing about what they would like to have a Bible study that would accommodate later adequately back down the street to go home that same lady within the industry talking with another jointly late a younger lady of a single mom apparently I didn't know but had a child there and I knew they were taught by me to the conflicts that looking back you know it finally got awkward enough thousands like I know you as you like I tell her the story typewriter the landlord knew that I think of an ethanol blend of the Bible study guide this is a second later the you would you like about them is the amount of free which is not really the most professional canvas his click here take one of these issues is that we can quicken drop mantra become your home and study with you what would you like you know you want to buy you want to Bible study on and she's like it I would like that on both of them at home and an end of sure I didn't see that coming so I gave her one of the show and we set up an appointment to come back praise the Lord and when I went back in and we study with this lady and laid out the living God actually knows the future need demonstrated word with you Daniel chapter two don't be foretold Alameda Persia and Greece and Rome and were here in Jesus is going to come that's so exciting a miniature smile I never knew that I never started at and she's looking forward to number two by the way she probably can be bring your child vacation Bible school please be praying for that but there's something about your Christian experience the takes of the whole another level when you get all of yourself when you give to others it is called when the blanket if they need shoes that credit think but also the bread of life they are people who don't know that God is who don't know the truth and give us such peace and if if we in our peacefulness are content and something is wrong we must be like God who gives love of God that if you're like God then you will love because God is love and love is the principle to all throughout Scripture all the New Testament love is the principle of looking for others first first printing chapter thirteen respondent but we just read that Woodford John chapter three verse sixteen you probably don't even look that one up but if you want to instill their for God so loved the world that he did what the love does something it gives forgotten what the world the game relationship one versus three for the God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins Galatians chapter two in verse twenty Paul Fontenot the son of God who gave himself for me Ephesians chapter five verse twenty five husbands love your wives how as Christ loved the church and how did he love the church and he gave himself for her love is the giving of yourself in deference for others Titus chapter two verses thirteen and fourteen defines God as our great God and Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself or us love requires others and is manifested in giving of yourself for others so if God is love which the Bible plainly states viewed more than once that God is love then within the very nature of God himself required under acquired others even look at this picture and face the do not see God as a family and faith is the God as a rigid singularity they emphasize the power of God 's sovereignty of God the justice of God which are all good attributes but their faces world literally billions of people who do not have a picture of a God who is love we have a message for this unlimited close with this thought and it's been a be unresolved and I want you to be challenged and not frustrated we'll resulted in three weeks okay I told away with a story like whenever the cutting the bread and the keynote was inside the bread I come back next week in the .edu that some and leave you wanting more you know but I wanted I want to plant the seed of thought here my next Sabbath the junk wanted to do a fantastic job speak about God the father that person of the Godhead after that a medical network and talk about this is White's writings in the Trinity and administer streams of interesting things how did our personal credit are faced to develop in that thinking and then you look at Jesus Christ that second person of the Trinity .net the divinity of Christ I want you to think about this concept as we prepare for that message that is this big without a plurality in the Godhead without others without Trinity concept there could be no response to Satan 's accusations against God the great controversy would not be reused all of all if God were not working in a harmonious plural and our salvation would not be possible without the Trinity this is not just an optional thing this is the core of who God is and what it means I want you to wrestle with how is that the case why is that what were Satan 's accusations and how did God with the Trinity answered you have to be careful but today I want us to focus on the fact that from Genesis to Revelation and all points in between God is shown as a plural as a family of God who is love and we are called to love others saying or only will the Lord Ronald main regular closing the enemy rerolling to her media was brought by audio errors early website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain a visit www. audio person or


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