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The Best and Least Used Promises

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • October 25, 2013
    7:00 PM
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are your files to Isaiah Isaiah chapter fifty eight if you ever do one of those studies may be no one here besides never does not study but if you are trying to study what chapters does Ellen White say that we ought to read or study in you trying to do it exhaustively or as exhaustively as you collide Isaiah fifty eight would be in the second most often mentioned of those chapters and the most often mentioned would be John seventeen and but were not going there right here in Isaiah fifty eight is at fifty eight and were going to look at verse eight then shall your light break forth as the morning and your health will spring forth speedily what an amazing promise that the area of my life that seems dark that God has put a shine a light into it so I know what is right or what is best for why and that my health is going to prosper not slowly but what's the word my health is going to speedily prosper the first nine then you will claw and the Lord will answer that's an amazing promise you camping the promise much better than that but when you pray God is going to hear he says when you call I will answer but when you cry out that is when you're in desperation he says I'm going to be there to see that there in the same verse when to say when you cry he will say here I am look down the person will the Lord will guide you what's the word when I think of the promises in the Bible I can't think of a promise much better than verse eleven the Lord will guide you all the time you can know which way to go which thing to do you can be directed you can make progress I love that the Lord will guide you continually because we live in a nation we have too much to eat we don't make a lot of real fun on a value in the next phrase in places where people are malnourished and struggling to have healthy bones was a significant promise but mostly says after that you will be like what kind of garden like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters don't fail we are flying today from California were in California this is where he found a small owner flying today we were leaving a Dallas and you could see that the water the lakes around Dallas are just down and see docs through to sit in on my flaps went down to where the water is in our own house just a few weeks ago we have two little streams that run I mean they hypothetically run right in your home but they were as dry as jerks just a short time ago today there's water in them what God promises is that in verse eleven there were going to be not just like a watered garden like a spring Jesus talked about a promise like that you can remember that from John seven he said that your out of you was to become a spring of one sure and then John explained that he was speaking about the Holy Spirit anyone read this thirty three ninety nine talking about he said that you're going be like a spring of water the decision of the Holy Spirit which was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified the title of one telling you this evening is the best and least used promises in writing by the best promises and referring many of them are right here in Isaiah fifty eight promise to be guided continually to have light in my darkness to have answered prayer and that at present help in times of trouble to be to have God in guard my back that's what that phrase rear word means Luke six three reward if you have a King James Bible like me but it's it means the rearguard that God will guide guard my back these are the best promises and yet some of the least realized in all of the Bible on the future something I just learned in the last few weeks because that way I can know it for a few more weeks so I'd like you to look down at verse fourteen Isaiah fifty eight verse fourteen then you will delight yourself in the Lord and I will climb future ride upon the high places of the earth and e.g. with the heritage of Jacob your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it here's what I learned verse fourteen is nearly a direct quote from Deuteronomy as you know that there's a song in Deuteronomy and that song the Deuteronomy is one of the most quoted parts of Deuteronomy I mean Paul was a number of times Jesus quotes from it's only one chapter along the entire song and that song is a song alone the prediction of the apostasy of God 's people and this verse is quoting from that song Natalia X hundred a study right now that music on trying to understand what the Bible says about music how could anticipate what can I learn here to help me understand the issues we face in music today but I tell you that these are the least used promises I mean that the promise of Isaiah fifty eight are all hinged on conditions I understand that Dave Fiedler was speaking here maybe last regarding year ago some like that you were here and they were speaking about a year ago it's only like seven or eight of you lesser German and you just don't raise your hand of Saul died you want to share a few I I gleaned its most impressive part of this idea from his book the one called the so-so what was given out for free outside GUI see it has been sold for twenty dollars and the ABC in this town right now I saw up there today is from that powerful book that I gathered some of this in Isaiah fifty eight these promises are sent on a condition in that condition is so rarely match with the promises are rarely rarely does one qualify to claim the money given claims without qualification that you don't get any benefit out of it you know if you really want to be guided continually you have to meet the conditions in Isaiah fifty eight if you really want to claim that when you called us an answer you have to meet the condition if you why are we like the noon day if you are help the spring forth speedily there is a condition involved in having that kind of blessing verse six is not this the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free that you break every young Adventist should understand that person better than average because we know that we live in the anti- typical day of atonement and we know that in the typical day of atonement that they had to fax they had more particular advantages to afflict their souls and what you find here in Isaiah fifty eight is people who are afflicting their souls and it seems like God isn't even blessed them and they don't understand it that is they're trying to do the right thing in the day of atonement and another trying to do the right thing the day of atonement their spiritual life is just at a standstill or on the downgrade and they wish it was different and now God begins to explain why their experience is subpar he says is not this the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free that you break every yoke isn't not to give your bread to the hungry that you bring the poor that are cast out to your house that when you see the naked that you cover him that you don't hide yourself from your own flash it really wasn't a blessing to the church when America's that's the welfare system I'm not faulting the government for a welfare system because the church didn't solve the problem itself but if the Christian churches in America approximately fifty eight we wouldn't have needed a welfare system that makes sense to lease one person here and say that God arranged that the poor would be always with us we would always have Jesus what does that would we always have the poor whatever you want to you can do them good that's what Jesus said but now someone else taking care of the poor and that I speak in Finland which is even more socialist than that we become they don't like the word socialist error sought in front of better word for it I in Finland or America or Sweden you're not likely to meet someone who's naked because they can't afford close or someone who's starving because they can't afford food if you meet someone here who's starving her naked eye because they have a drug addiction so we have a old welfare state that takes care of us it's not like that and some of the rest of the world so does that mean that for people that live in America we can get the problems in Isaiah fifty eight no it doesn't verse seven comes after verse six engine here in America we have plenty of depressed and addicted people that almost describes Americans depressed and addicted and what you see there in verse six is the way that I get the promises is helping depressed addicted oppressed that is burdened people I help them out of their addictions out of their depression out of their trust in situations where sin is simply to understand God says Jane knew can take care of yourself that you take care of yourself do you write about because you're in a dangerous world with unpredictable things going on life is not secure when you take care of yourself or you can stroll yourself on my mercy you can take care of someone else and if you take care of someone else I will take care of you let's working it's working for me right now I'm basically unemployed obstacles flying but it's working out for me just fine as I do what I can to help someone else with their addictions of their depression or their oppression once you get the wrong idea you're either consignment thinking I'm not a clinical psychologist here when Jesus talked about the sheep and goats message twenty five nobody divides between them he talks about the sick and he doesn't say it like the way that you might expect in Loma Linda it doesn't say I was sick and you healed me besides I was sick and you visited me I'm not soon as I found healing blessing not everyone can do it but everyone can visit every one she knows Jesus is insane that you need to wait so you have some special qualifications to start lifting the burdens the fact is just visiting someone was down and out really helps and just spending time you might not know how to help but trying to help is what the knife the shoot from the goats it's not been professional it's being there if you understand what I'm trying to say what Isaiah fifty eight it's the same idea we live in a time when we are to be afflicting our souls that is we should be putting away sins a course in verse six one of the notes made the break is our own for the break every open have to break our own something you follow insane were putting away sin or helping others and as we put our mind on helping those other people we make ourselves a channel for blessing and then it is an honor to the Lord Jesus to adjust really put us on a candlestick or on a hill because this is what works which I said I thought another way and then we'll go on what you heard from Dave Fiedler the sixties that were here is that the medical work ought to be combined with the work of preaching that when they are put together that's what Jesus did and when the compartmentalized that's what Satan did Satan tried to separate the two because the preaching without that caring for the first six and seven needs of people that freed she just doesn't reach a lot of hearts and caring for the needs of people that reaches their hearts that there is no automatic connection between that and learning the truth if you're doing this and don't show the truth the people don't end up knowing if you're sharing the truth and not doing that people don't end up practicing the truth other words when you separate these two important things that preaching of the truth and that doing that benevolent work they both lose their power no healing is very powerful and price some of you came into the truth because of some medical ministry in your past and preaching this powerful price when you came into the true because of preaching in your past when I was in Central Java industry in the city the slice of essential job when I was there a few weeks ago but wasn't solo city is the name of it a number years ago and this will call it today I won I was in Solo city in the church the church I had about as many attendees as we have here much smaller than your boss and number of attendees writing and ask them one by one how did your family become Adventist and I found it was a grand parents did attend an evangelistic series I found many people that had the same story in fact some of them the story was remarkably similar and some of them are cousins and present the same grandparents what I discovered is about fifteen years ago some people try to evangelism and soulless city and it was very successful as a result there's a church there today fifty years later I met precious few people that were joining the church just now from a similar type of work that's like a tragedy you are try to make a point they are trying to make you cheer that preaching the truth has power and it has brought a lot of people in but in just a few times and at this history someone has taken the cue from Isaiah fifty eight as always written and they tried to combine these works in a move in a meaningful methodical way of bringing groups of people into cities like Los Angeles or Dallas bring in the McGann and doing work not for a few weeks but for months and those projects had from them this success hundreds of baptisms started the churches in northern Texas and in Oklahoma City with just a group of a few workers working for several months putting these things in the practice I think his assistant numbers your eyes begin to glaze over songwriter and a backup and instead start again that where ever these works have been combined it has been to the glory of God to honor that with a special outpouring of his spirit and to give power to the work and were ever that has happened it is been Hussein's interest to try to bring an end to turn in your Bibles to Hosea fourteen can you find the say in chapter fourteen afterward until I found for us the question is does they have fourteen going to look at verse one oh Israel wait for people who don't have computers of speaking those who do have computers for just a minute mean computer Bibles I told the students Anderson University and Tuesday night is now most of them come to Bible study with their phones as even read from the phone we reverse this is not okay but you should do emergency drills were three times a week we look things up in a paper by Joss so you actually can find things like José electricity goes out to right who's they are fourteen in verse one all returned a visual return to the Lord your God for you have fallen by your iniquity take with you words and turn to the Lord say to him take away all iniquity and receive us graciously so we will render offered accounts that is the sacrifices of our lips as sure will not save us we will not ride on horses neither will we say anymore to the work of our hands you are God 's for indeed the fatherless find mercy to see if there but it's a great revival a great revival being offered here in April that says at one point let Ephraim alone he is joined to his idols but says after that I would heal him that when God leads you for him alone it's not forever God is looking for an opportunity to save idolatrous people from their idolatry and hear God comes to us and suggests these are our words but these are worth to suggest that we could use more backsliding we could say that God was taking care of the fatherless and easier to say that if we had a hand in taking care of the fatherless we say that in verse three look at verse four five will heal their backsliding I will love them freely for my anger is turned away from him on what you see this elsewhere look at Jeremiah thirty three him and the famous verse in this chapter is verse three and we ought to add some context context to it will turn first to the says the Lord the maker thereof the Lord before and it to establish it the Lord is his name unzip me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you knowest not if you end right there you might not realize the very first great and mighty things the germ I didn't know that he was shown but they start in verse four and are not so comfortable for thus says the Lord the God of Israel constrain the houses of the city and ensuring the houses of the kings of Judah which are thrown down by the mounts and by the sword they come to fight the Chaldeans but it is to fill them with dead bodies of men whom I have slain in mine anger and in my theory for all whose wickedness I have hid my face from the city where that versus say God said that the Chaldeans are coming and you're in a fight against them but when you go to fight against them I'm the one who's going to accomplish something I'm going to fill Jerusalem with dead bodies are the ones killing these people because I'm so angry at them because of their wicked things they've done it just isn't the way that we like to think about God their diversified look at verse six behold I will bring it health and humor and I will keyword them and I will reveal well I'm down the abundance of peace and truth verse eight and I will cleanse them from all their iniquities whereby they have sinned against me I will harden all their iniquities whereby they have sin whereby they have transgressed against me initial beats and me a name of July appraisement on or before all the nations of the earth what a contrast between verse five in the next four versus but in contrast to God he says great and mighty things which you don't know that is I'm wanting to change the composition of Jerusalem and when the people I don't want there aren't there anymore I am going to accomplish something great it was just about twenty two years ago I was in Arkansas or write about right now between those that are now about a lot of other places but I was listening to amount for each name John Gross father never here heard of John Rosenthal readied her to preach integration their twenty two years ago and he preach in Isaiah one Monty turned their snap off I remember a sermon for twenty two years Isaiah chapter one I think you play began somewhere around the verse ten hear the word of the Lord your rulers of Sodom and get here to the law of our God you people of Gomorrah and let's look down at verse twenty one how is the beautiful safety a harlot it was full of judgment righteousness used a lot Jeanette but now murderers your silver is a common draw us your wine mixed with water your princes are rebellious and companions of thieves everyone loves gifts and follows after rewards they judge not the fatherless neither does the cause of the widow come to them thus saith the Lord the Lord of host a mighty one of Israel off I would ease me of my adversaries and avenge me of mine enemies so he preached about this Isaiah wine and what an interesting idea there in verse twenty one whilst the faithful city verse twenty one years think about that in a faithful city become a harlot in verse twenty one and does become a harlot 's right you can see it this you anyways recognize you will Isaiah wants a faithful city becomes a harlot but Jean didn't keep preaching I wish he had because you can ask the question when a faithful city loses its hold on God degenerates into an unfaithful city is that a one way road look Isaiah one the next verse twenty five and I will turn my hands upon you and surely purge away your dross and take away all your chin no restore your judges as at the first of your counselors as at the beginning afterword you shall be called a city of righteousness a faithful city so it is one of the city from the harlot is not a one-way router is a potentially reversible quite reversible corner the passage in fact the passage the Prosser goes like this God says I hate what's happened I'm not just in the let it happen on and do something about it and when it was a do about it she takes in the hand the rebels but then he does something else for the poor she keep rings in counselors like at the beginning people to properly feed and teach them and brings the city back to its position of purity it's amazing promise zero Justin Jeremiah thirty three turned back to Jeremiah twenty three Jeremiah twenty three 's Terrier at number Europe I looked rival 's ability to woe unto the pastors of destroying scatter the sheep of my pastor says the Lord so in verse one who scatters the sheet the pastors do as pastors do is not really anything different saying that the shoppers do this pastor and shopper those are just the same ideas first two thousand and the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people you have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not visited them behold I will visit upon you the evil of your doings says the Lord 's on verse one into the flock scattered by the pastors looking for verse three will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries where there was a say I have driven down that will bring them again to their full and they shall be fruitful and increase that will shut up I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them and they will fear no more nor be dismayed neither shall they be lacking says the Lord the idea of Isaiah and Jeremiah and Hosea and other passages that were not a lookout tonight it's the same in all these God it doesn't mince words about the condition of his people is sad that we have serious problems Isaiah fifty eight begins with the verse cry aloud and spare not he's not that there is no reason to keep it a secret we have serious problems but he never presents the idea that because we have serious problems he's just going to start over instead he indicates he's going to take things in hand and he's going to deal with the rebels and then when the situation is right he's going to bring in the people that he has at arms length right now it's remarkable to me and experience life as especially since I began using my common sense of unexplained I mean by that if you surround yourself and socialize primarily with Adventist you could really become deluded about not address recent years your ardent Adventists the soul of intellect this drive has failed to put up with it but if you only socialize with Adventist you could be diluted the thinking that we are more spiritual than average but my experience has found that as soon as I begin to rub shoulders with the rest I find among them nine or more devotional more searching more interested not more knowledgeable just more interested I find it it will not just read about them in Jeremiah twenty three I just read that God doesn't really want to keep going all out there you are to be really useful he could bring the men but the problem is if you bring them in on the machine isn't working they're going to learn from the machine how to work that is if you bring in Joe in right now he's either going to preach or he's going to heal is to socialize with his Adventist socialites and instead of adding his talent and skills what needs to be done is just the sink down to the position of the rest of us so what God has been pleased to do is to college to a higher standard to practice Isaiah fifty eight the faster he is chosen to begin to look for ways to meet the needs of people and where we practiced that then he can bring those people in because he can add them to what's already going on and he can make power he can accomplish something powerful that way I sent my whole idea almost four times of missing one more time in prayer clubs yet either read the book to social it ought to ought to come tomorrow night if you don't have a copy sell have some here I saw you as soon as I read the book I ordered an entire box of it to take with me wherever I was going in that book you find out this history all my statements and then what happened as a result that shows that were ever this plan has been practiced as led to great things and that wherever it is falling apart the great fans of falling apart what we've seen Isaiah fifty eight is the most incredible promises you could be led continually you could have a light shining in the darkness of your life you could have your health springing forth speedily and you could have someone guarding your back what you are just paying attention to helping someone else you could have experienced very much like Jesus had and he was here where he was teaching and preaching at the same time meeting the needs of people the ones they knew about the ones that if we well come up to that standard we open the door for God to bless us without compromising the precious people that he has been waiting too bad some of them are dying every year there's still that I get to go to heaven as far as I can tell but I never got to add their energy and power and talent to spreading the message for this time because they just couldn't be brought in safely into the mess that has been brewing here last thoughts for my fifth G8 you have to turn their last blessing in Isaiah fifty eight the one that recorded from Deuteronomy hinges on proper Sabbath keeping and I don't have to say much about it to get the whole message across because I think the most out than is probably most right in this room no matter how to keep the Sabbath then they practice I think most of us know about the right kind of things to talk about but we just slip continuously almost predictably almost methodically but if were going to go ahead and come up to the sternum is a fifty eight mice will come up to the whole standard that think you know the wonder verse thirteen not thinking your own thoughts not speak in your own words not seeking your own pleasure but calling the Sabbath day delight the holy of the Lord then he will delight yourself in the Lord that your naval guilt with me for our father in heaven I asked that she would show me some more people that need to be reached out to that she would find someone for each one of us that is oppressed or depressed or in bondage shows we can do to meet with them or pray with them or lift the burden and then give us the blessing that you promised in the chapter I thank you and ask that you in the name of Jesus this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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