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How Do I Know?

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



  • October 26, 2013
    10:00 AM
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our father in heaven I need that you would be our teacher this morning it should show us what is right and true and I asked for this in the name of Jesus and will excuse me for technical adjustments usually trainer vital to first Kings seventeen twenty four four first case chapter seventeen in verse twenty four this morning were talking about how do I know what is true first Kings chapter seventeen is a story about a little boy that has just been raised to life one of the earliest examples one being raised to life in the Bible first convinced seventeen and verse twenty four I decided first king 's right to say thank you his first case seventeen verse twenty four and the woman said to a line shot now by this I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord is in that is in your mouth is true how do one know that Elijah had aligned to raise her boy from the death that's how she knew and that's a good question whether or not that was a sensible statement I just want to say to you I think it's not sensible I think it's not sensible that you know that Elijah has the truth on the basis that he raises someone from the dead because frankly when you read the New Testament you find their six different places regards says that miracles and we use in our day as a means of deceiving the people but I was not playing just a little over a week ago sitting beside a fourteen -year-old boy named Henry asked how I say his name is from Estonia and Henry had a rash on his lack that doctors could not cure medication for years you got there he went to a spiritualist practitioner and that they were able to QR at the rash on his leg when I met him he was on his way to spiritualist conference and I I'm sure that for Henry he knows that Spiritualism is right because there was a miracle that was worked on his leg the question is how do you know what is true how do you know what is real it's a good question turn your Bibles to first friends in chapter one first Corinthians chapter one and were looking at verse nineteen this is a passage that is kind of anti- academia first Corinthians one verse nineteen for it is written I will destroy those the subject here who is going to do the destroying that God for it is written I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent where is the wise where is the scribe where is the disputes are of this world hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world for after that and the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God it than I was spewed over that is so important what was in God 's wisdom comes with instead world to not be able to find the truth by wisdom is not built to know God by just thinking it through and the wisdom of God the world by wisdom did not know God it pleased George's it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe on and give you a little crash course in something you very had a thorough course in that his philosophy placement is not different perspective perhaps what you've heard of before there and come back to our Bible just a minute in philosophy you could identify the concept of lost Vietnam into three categories of thoughts or questions and people in academic especially like to use big words that makes them look smart and I think it's not smart to use big words but I put them out there just in case you want to look smart but underneath them I have an idea to explain what I mean by them and theology is the study of what has value what is important and typically would be divided of the two categories aspects that would be things that are valuable because they're pleasing they look nice they smell nice they taste like potluck than the aspects right right there and then you have ethics those are things that have value because they are morally good that's a good man or that's a good life and sense of the morally correct that the aspects of theology the study of what has value why does it have value that the symbology and by the way of all spellings are for illustrative purposes only I just make up how to spell phonetically in handy you can just fix it in your head epistemology is the study of how do I know what is true question that I'm addressing this message today is an abysmal logical question how do I know it's not easy and for the typical person the findings prove you can divide their sources of assurance into six categories they now it's true because it makes sense Plato really championed this idea and I just wish Plato had met Seventh-day Adventist because she was such a student of science and I think your letter he got this idea of rationalism the reason is because he knows that things were just perfect that all horses have a number of cheap at a horse ahead the grasshopper has the type of letter grasshopper on sale but everything is just the way it ought to be energy reason backwards from that is the way it ought to be than if you know how I did the you can start there and know how it is the review could arrive at the truth how things are evil than enough information about how they should be reasoning could lead you to truth about access to these five people here the idea that he had a famous disciple our student Nathan Aristotle who really championed a different idea that was the idea of experiments or experience the idea of Aristotle is that you could feasibly perhaps know how many teeth are in the horse by thinking through but even together my reasoning and wants to get the right accounting and science and so the idea of doing experiments that was Aristotle 's contribution you know things are true by experiment so give her these things that you heard and forgotten right so now you're hearing them again science today thanks then this is how it typically gas to truth but I just wanted to tell you that most science doesn't get the truth this way no size yesterday through this way the Michigan intuition for a minute and come to authority authority is when you know it's true because the guy that has built the smart savvy and it's true the one who has authority to tell you he sat so textbooks are currently built on the concept of authority your reader the question is and is the textbook right the question is how I memorize what's in the textbook so I can get it right and it science has to be built on authority because you don't have time to do all your own experiments if you have to start from scratch you just would never get very far sole authority allows us to take experience experimenting kind of building further than you could get one lifetime but by allowing us to make those kind of leagues and growing like that it introduces something in the next authority that may not be as reliable even as experiment did not make any sense to what at least a few intonation that is the for example that the use that word today his weapons into which it's how you know something is true even though you don't know how you know that it's true Jim is like that you know the truth I do not know how you know their true that the vast installation and integration is how for example ladies conclude that a man is creepy when they first meet you that is him all right as transition is the one I was preaching on our evangelistic series and a sizable increase about it tradition is how almost everyone on the planet guested their religious ideas that is when I meet a Hindu the chances are very high his parents are Hindu and when I meet a practicing Jew the chances are very high his parents are practicing Jews of the occasionally there addressed but I don't want to do that right now and when I meet a practice in Dallas for a practicing Buddhist the chances are very high their parents are Dallas or Buddhist most people are practicing the religion and that their parents are practicing tradition is that his following of the fathers that is how most people get to the religious ideas I think that if you like now you don't have to think about that very long before troubles you exceedingly I like me and when I was about eleven the thought occurred to me what are the chances of being born into a home that has religious truth more accurately than the rest of the world don't you know the chances have to be small statistically the chances of me being born into a home it has the best religious ideas even if the buses ideas atheism just been born and that is just small and and yet everyone I know including me at that point was basically had religious views of our parents atheism is not so much like that and yes then chances are not nearly as high his parents are atheist as most other religious situations that that is a different source eighty is on I have a lot more to do with authority and anything else but for most of the rest of religion we really got there by tradition then we have revelation after revelation means that the way you know what's true is by some sacred text some residents that and Buddhism Hassan sacred texts Allison has a very small sacred texts Christianity has the Bible as our sacred text of Mormonism has quite a bit of other writing besides Adventism has a good chunk of other materials besides and a lot of religions have their sacred text revelation is how they come to know what's true I think Revelation is the best and they are usually some trust me on that way University take revelation you really have to become eclectic that is you have to choose which reveal the things are true and which are not because the high cannot make it all true you can't have all these different religious writings all be true that doesn't work they contradict each other I don't know if you need to read the writer writing we don't need to read it is just a bunch of religions and the one I'm trying to say over there is how they get to their truth now in the Bible are nine the lookout excited I'm trying to speed screw some ideas to get the slums of a slowdown in the Bible God makes an interesting challenge to the religions of the world those challenges you find especially between Isaiah forty two forty eight there were so so simply out of paraphrasing for you God says I challenge all the other idols in God 's if you really have supernatural was done truly by accurately for telling the future got even extended further to prove it by accurately telling the ancient past because this is before the invention of printing and ideas of the ancient past get corrupted in a big hurry when there's no know printing so to be able to accurately tell the patient password until the future that is just not in the round of most idols they can't even talk and so you have there a practical challenge that God gave to the religions of the world I think it's a really useful one for me it helped me solve the question of epistemology how do I know what is true while the Bible claims to be true but that proves nothing buys the Bible challenges all other religions to a task that I can participate in and I can go and begin checking the other religions in the Bible to see is there really any evidence of supernatural wisdom in the Bible since I think most of your happiness I think you've been through this so I'm not a review for you and Daniel two in Daniel seven by Shirley went through them two weeks ago in Finland speaking to an audience of mostly atheist junk people because Daniel Sabin is incredible to be able to predict that the smallest continent at hero would have a certain number of major powers would end up dominating the glow that wasn't under reasonable and unpredictable idea that happens so that in the colonial that is between the sixteen hundreds in the late eighteen hundreds to know how much the world was like controlled by the European powers like much of the middle east large part of the Far East by the India Bangladesh Pakistan Hong Kong stockinette for all of anyone else right and then Australia even the Philippines and Indonesia the Dutch have that recorded Africa is the entire coastline of Africa the part people wanted a large part of the interior interior were possessed by the European powers North and South America and development of South America and the way you didn't know that Brazil became Portuguese and the rest because Spanish-speaking and escalated until today the European powers control the world took predicted that is incredible and when one of the enemies of the Bible attached the book of Daniel on the basis of the accuracy of its predictions it in the third century he attacked the Bible on the basis of its actually predictions you said they could not have been written when it says it was because there's no way someone could've known those things will I'm just glad for the attack because he proved in a shadow of a reasonable doubt that it certainly was written before year came into existence these powers ended up dominating the world is just incredible the way the Bible has given accurate knowledge of future events I did some checking not many other religions have made testable predictions about the future that you can try against the pages of history Islam has made one and it came true but it was worded in a somewhat vague away accurately predict I recommend they listens him but when I think that was made in the was predicting and unabashedly Rolla was a comment in the battle with Persia that person would be victorious but when that was predicted person had been gaining power for a long time in Rome was not Roman like in the last stages of this decline after like hundreds of years going downhill it really wasn't a bit like predicting that if I can say something and have another president here's a few years it was shrill but it was an incredible more credible is Mormonism 's prediction in the eighteen thirties Joseph Smith hand that there would be a civil war between the North and the South over the issue of slavery and that South Carolina would be the first state to leave the union Joseph Smith died in eighteen forty four nineteen years before his prediction was fulfilled I'm not recommending that you change religions just you but one solid prediction and least bit interesting and when I look into it here's what I found I found in the eighteen thirties in New York where Joseph Smith was living the newspapers were all of predictions of a civil war between the North and the South and that they were talking about the South Carolina legislature leaving out and that and that it looked like this can happen imminently but it didn't happen in the Joseph Smith predicted it looks like it was about to happen but when it did happen that publication will talk about again during his lifetime it just went underground work aluminum remained until the present time had not occurred later so when I hear that it takes away some of the some of the supernatural feeling that I get from that prediction and it doesn't help Joseph Smith is also supernaturally interpreted a bunch of Egyptian hiring and that he explain what they mean and then later was found that they really were general notes in an Egyptian hieroglyphics that now they could read after Joseph Smith died and he was just wrong on those and that didn't help police of the ancient past part of the project the test when trying to say is that if you take a Isaiah forty two to forty eight Houston apply it to the written revelations of the world you don't have many revelations that comment outshined the Bible stands alone in the house and telling you come to some administrative 's that I don't know vermin at times even now but it's pretty incredible what the Bible has to say about predictive values so that was all under the topic of epistemology how do you know what is true and will get that more metaphysics this is the study of what is real by now that I mean his life beyond her after it started what can you know that you can learn by physics and are is where experience and experiment comes to its limit what can you know after that is love real good angels exist do we have a soul life after death other known gods many gods in one God to God are three gods which are at this questions today some of these the these and other questions are the kinds of questions are answered by metaphysics metaphysics I think you can see when you just think it through so far it's really hard to get your metaphysics measurement inclusions until you settle your etymology not access to anyone and tell you know how to find what's true you have a terrible time finding out what is true but the sound thing as that is really hard to sell your apology unless you settled your metaphysics and their simple perplexity that you can get started in either category that one has to come first that neither one can really come the problem is what we call postmodernism is the idea postmodernism is the answer to this question is not possible you can know what's true you can be sure that's that's that's idea nurse postmodernism is partially a result of discouragement reasonable skeptical discouragement with the ability of reason experience and question authority and tradition to get us to the truth and limiting honest postmoderns are also discouraged with revelation but frankly because they don't know anything about it and if they really understood Daniel two and seven would make quite a difference for the postmodern philosophy and to examine the lots of other lesser-known prophecies what does the Bible say about some of these things we haven't done a lot of Bible reading yet today we did look at first Corinthians chapter one let's just talk about those verses nineteen to twenty one from the the here and Loma Linda if a man was dust in Loma Linda must say Los Angeles and in Los Angeles Amman the sizes of ideology and that he is a Jew in all likelihood when he finishes off he's still going to be a Jew I mean really but in religion nonracist of being a religious Jew the master Excel hasn't happened just as a good sixty percent chance of Lisa when he finishes he is going to be an Adventist when he studies an FAA judgment begins he's not just with you let's say he becomes one in the process she is a Catholic but when he's just a choir boy but when his adjustment scholars still account that has get in Binder PhD is in their fields he is really Dennis changed their position there are some people here who used to attend mosques on Hills Academy and I used to attend WASP not counties to teach that Washington Hills Academy I used to be an idealistic young teacher idealistic middle aged teacher and when I was a young future arrivals discouraging day in my first year of teaching it was over the issue of top everyone's like nervous when a say in public that was overlapped the size in our little school all that that was right in nineteen ninety one if you remember back that far you are that there was a lot of arguments about nineteen ninety one they were arguing my students were arguing about this and they are arguing for no reason more lasting and hate on it having money but because their parents were arguing still thriving parents were arguing so I thought as a teacher this is a great time to teach them how to study I assigned them a research paper on the issue of time I told them I will not raise you up on the basis of your conclusion the only on the quality of your research and the way you organize your thoughts and your data and I asked him to write a five page paper so you wonder what about time while the question was must always be paid into the conference or might it be paid to other worthy ministries that was at least in my little classroom the views of the parents they had divided up into that category that one right there so I assigned that I write five pages and never did I see them get so excited about a research paper one of them wrote one two pages another one wrote eleven and the day I got them and run them I say was the most discouraging day of my first year of teaching it was because I knew the views of my students before they started the research and I can see you after going to their papers that after studying with all their energy for several weeks but not one of my students changed his position in the process of doing the research in other words what he believed before he studied with exactly what you believe what he was all done studying the difference lies he was much more stubborn at this point that when trying to tell you is academically this is the result of much theological study it doesn't in truth shot makes me stubborn that's then be a doctor but was on their and so I do understand why this saddened me as a teacher because I was invested a lot of my life and ideas of research leads you to truth and now I'm finding some evidence that research wasn't leaving anyone the truth you believe research lead you to truth and so you hope I will result up for you to some extent twenty miles Jeremiah chapter seventeen Jeremiah seventeen and were looking at verse nine in our church plant in Arkadelphia we help a lady there who is to be a warm and now she's a self address or name is Vanessa and died in this verse helped Manassas so much Jeremiah seventeen verse nine the heart is deceitful above what is the same all things and who can knowledge for skip out the part about his character and it is desperately litigated and who can know it Jeremiah seventeen nine explains why intuition is a very poor source of truth it's because of my heart is not just an error but it is persuasive using there that it's not just wrong but is deceitful there's a difference between being run deceitful while the heart is just wrong but if the SQL and superlatively so notice in verse nine deceitful above all things and athletic character that matches that my heart means me astray so for Vanessa I share you understood as a Mormon but the way she knew what was true is by burning in her bosom that is she had a feeling when she was reading a certain document if you are starting with Mormons you will know when they are getting discouraged with you because they will ask you to read something and then ask you how you feel about it and anyone hears anyone have this experience is pregnant doesn't handsewn like that and what they're expecting is that you're going to feel something and if you're not as if you're a searcher and when you feel that you bring your bosom is how you know that it is true is that a reliable way to know what is true not according to Jeremiah seventeen verse nine the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it from your Bibles Daniel Daniel chapter twelve Daniel chapter twelve in looking at verse ten so this is the end find hard to the prophecy of Daniel speaking of our day in fact this is the day that many will be purified and made white that's the description of those who practice Isaiah fifty eight like we talked about last night many are being purified and made white and they will be tested but the wicked will do wickedly and none of the wicked will was essay I will understand but the wise will understand that explains part of the problem of why research does not necessarily get me to troops it's because in my heart is not wholly I easily duped in my research I can say this in a way that you lighten a way that you don't like and probably be more helpful the second time if you are starting with someone about the seventh day Sabbath and after your Bible study with them they go and they begin the study of themselves they will find that Jesus did not come to destroy the law or the prophets they will find the law is holy and spiritual and good they will find that Jesus came to magnify the law and to make it honorable they will find the Sabbath was given up for man advantage is unlawful in the Sabbath and the flight of the Sabbath was image of the practice even if you just die imagine the international destruction of Jerusalem and they will end up learning so many things just like that that that we may avoid the law of God by faith not at all we establish the law but suppose that your Bostick contact doesn't really want to keep the Sabbath because she might lose her boyfriend her job and find it her closest friends flesh is really active in her church she doesn't want to lose that fellowship with all the spiritual people suppose she doesn't want to keep it when she opens up her concordance is going fine Colossians chapter two in verse fourteen through sixteen just got about the Sabbath were nailed to the cross just to find Romans fourteen we can't abrogate a life whatever that people are persuaded in his own mind she has been applied that were no longer under the law under grace and fascism the final whole bunch of verses and you didn't even know existed until you first through the Bible for yourself what I'm trying to say is that what she wants to be true has a large impact on how well God is able to future best the one you liked I was teaching at a school auto to study longer but it was a school that did not allow that students could baseball they were in school no accordingly taken among the students it's never been a highly popular rule anywhere about that rule was what was enforced and if students will study the issue to see if that's a good policy and goes for staff to if there climbed into whatever God says that they will find that that is the policy God has encouraged our schools to half but if they're not willing to do what you practice it don't find a bunch of other things I conclude that it is unreasonable on applicable in relation apply to their situation in particular enough I conclude that they are in fact older and more mature daughter how old are you sure they may happen to the next understatement about being older and more mature within twelve handsets is that none of the wicked will understand it's the same idea in first Corinthians that please God that the world Bible someone not know God researched for loss of a lack of purity does not produce true conclusions it was just about ten years ago ten years and a few months ago in Callaway said just a few miles from here that Raymond Cottrell died you know that name Cottrell says I've only read it and friends I made in Houston Ron might be contrarily or something but that's how I say it remains help to write the Seventh-day Adventist Bible commentaries he also wrote a large part of the book amusing as part of the book the welcoming table the best book about women's ordination favor women's ordination she wrote the section on hermeneutics in that book I read in this morning is just horrible should I just really shows about Remus had and Raymond Cottrell wrote a paper against the doctrine of the investigative judgment it was read by lyric all in two thousand two just a few months before Raymond died and I was rest somewhere around here I don't know exactly where it was read for you there you pointed like you had an idea what brand explained about his research is that when he began to really doubts about our doctrine that he wrote letters of the leading scholars of the biblical languages and all of our colleges and universities around the world that he knew almost all of them personally because the research you've been doing all his life and you ask them to UC and a linguist I is in favor of the way we interpret Daniel eight fourteen he sent it to all of them and almost all of them he says wrote him back and without exception none of them could see any linguistic that is good grammatical astute evidence in favor of our view of Daniel eight fourteen therefore Raymond decided that doctrine must not be reliable now I'm sustainable that they help you practice was he going by reason experience intuition authority tradition or revelation that was old and new writers describe to you certainly my authority it was the idea that people have their PhD again biblical languages especially the languages of the book of Daniel certainly they would know it's bogus Daniel knew the language well enough to write it we got on the Saturdays that no one understands that makes sense and you and I just for your Bibles to first Peter chapter one first Peter chapter one verse eighteen for as much as you know this is verse eighteen that you were not redeemed with corruptible things like silver and gold from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers what you and the first receiving your father 's also less tradition useless tradition and inheritable essay then you are not redeemed by battering in the something I can not a sterile enemy of tradition I think tradition really helps us get going in life and love explains you what I mean as a four -year-old you are not qualified to choose a different religion than your parents but it's not sensible that he would become a practicing atheist at four years old at that stage the most sensible thing for you to do is to adopt the religious views of your parents and to go with them until you can piece by piece and bit like that study some things out for yourself tradition prevents you from having to start over that is you don't have to wait until you know science is thoroughly to be decided is a good idea to wash her hands you wash your hands first you understand science later so the way you get to handwashing is by tradition and then later it's confirmed by science but honestly by real science Julie confirmed by authority some analysis of the science right so tradition does you started afford to get you going that's about how goes nonlinear message when you don't wash your hands you get sick now that science so that you have something on top of it and make some progress there tradition is really a great way to get going in life tradition allows you to build on the conclusions of your parents and your parents were not entirely foolish so when your parents got going like they had a lot of ideas you start there and as you have the wherewithal got intended that you would begin to study some things for yourself begins looking within yourself and you would replace truth him with revelation as you are able if your parents for wise and spiritual and my wife and being knowledgeable and wise they even helped you with that and talk to how to depend on revelation nine sixteen minutes on the switch over to the side of the board for minutes when we talk about truth philosophically we can talk about our values and we can divide our values into two categories I'm calling then strategic and tactical by tactical I mean how do I get it done and by strategic IBM what should I do I do see that you understand illustration better than the words so society usually does all of our strategic thinking for us is so kind of them so society says you must get a degree and a earned good money so you come along and you accept the strategy and now you begin the tactical aspect how do I get money for my studies where am I going to start the what I'm going to study and those are all good questions if someone else determines the strategy the new course you need to figure out that the tactics and to get going tactical considerations are really important but I'm trying to tell you by these illustrations is watch out that you don't let society to the strategic thinking for you to be illustrated from the life of Jesus if he began with a tactical question how do I get more converts he could easily have kept everyone in John chapter said X John chapter six password Jesus is just that thousands of people they all love him so much they're taking about crowding him as the Messiah that he is super popular and John sex Jesus could have kept all of them plots Jesus certainly could have cast the rich young ruler it was easy he came to Jesus he was searching and he wanted to be the disciple of Jesus and Jesus cried out how could have done a number of things for his PR program to get the message out you know he healed people told him don't tell anybody that Jesus began to the title question how do I get more converts he could have been far more successful than he wants in some ways but Jesus began the strategic question do I want more converts or what is the best way to promote the truth how should I promote the truth would that be best promoted with more converts now or later and what he concluded is that it be better to have a very bright spirited Cold War and let it grow organically than to have a large group of texts believers and half believers and that let's go back to Egyptian nerves that large collection when it have been as helpful to him strategic thinking would ask the question should I get married before it answers the question who should I marry or especially question how can I convince her to marry me technical questions on are valid but they are good starting places known what happened in the valve conceived in operative values when you talk about what you believe your two-seater values are what you think is important to you and I didn't trust my memory on this I wrote about some things I think you think are important to you I think that you think that the ninth commandment is important that we should not bear false witness against our neighbor would you really immediately less important than the generator had existing operator 's I think that you believe at least half of you that Ellen White's writings about education are true valid and significant memories or hands and that we believe her writings by through ballot significant but even more than my commandment people and I think that you believe that the souls of your neighbors are worth more than your career and your grades memorably vessels or nerves worth more than your career and your grades you don't want to raise your hands on our ice and I think that you believe that's important to welcome the holy Sabbath in a way that shows honor to the day and be done with your preparation not even three minutes before but significantly before the Sabbath begins I don't know if you really believe that I think most of you don't you believe that you should be right important for beginners I don't believe that beneficial and I think that you believe that grades I'm not as important as learning but I'm not sure if you really believe that conceived values are what you think is important operative values are what your life declares that everyone else is important to you and you and you are living the good philosophical life Alcala Adventism should not be much of a difference between your conceived values in your operative values these things should come together to see the idea so let me make some application for the people in the ninth commandment is really true and important thing you should be very hesitant to sporadic or enjoy rumors about the illuminati than just awareness and world nominations the Rothschilds and the way that Catholicism started Islam if you know identifying about that's a good sign but listen the ninth commandment not only prevents me said to misrepresent you ever visit me to represent God 's enemies if I'm going to attack the Roman Catholic system I can attack it for blaspheming that's the accusations in Revelation and Daniel I couldn't hack it for killing the same accusation is settled by the prophets I can attack ever-changing are trying to change the law of God as in Daniel seven I have some reasonable accusations I can make against that system on the basis of things that I know are true but when I go beyond those I stuck in a realm where my source with of course he cannot be a revelation that has to be authority in my authorities what is their source of authority there is some authority is also authority and those authorities one is their source of authority is also authority trying to say is you don't have to or three witnesses personal witnesses those accusations should not hold any water in your mind even after possible plausible is not the same thing as reliable to follow this idea and when you spread a plausible theory that accuses someone of something even if it turns out and the judgment to be true your enemy held accountable for breaking the ninth commandment not because what you said was false because you started having no idea ever surely that it was true God requires that we be careful and accusations you should bear you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor if you ask the old euros question who is my neighbor well you should know I mean includes people that you would consider your enemies love your enemies that is just what Jesus comes to school in Europe the age right that's when you have small children for your small children you believe that one element says about education is right and true and in libraries near here you have a book by Doctor Raymond Moore that is titled something like that certainly than early and if you never heard about it on again it even if you don't find it this is in the book Adventist home and at child guidance and in several other places children are now ready for formal education and health eight years of age nationwide in the practice music until their nervous system is in a healthy condition those are statements that we half from someone in our consumer values we believe that we acknowledge her authority if you put your children in school and sex and you can hear Christian values that God gives wisdom to our wife and education there is quite a difference between your conceived value in your operative value quite a difference I think there needs you want to be sure you bring the two together so I think unwelcoming recipient on the issue of your neighbors that someone was speaking about the globe program 's one hundred and go a far more into that except for to say that if you ask your angel what you think about your neighbors your angel is not an idea of positive answer if you don't even talk to them that is if you would say with your heart I think that they are really important that you sent your life I think that they don't matter at all well there is a disconnect to their and what about the welcoming of the Sabbath our name says Seventh-day Adventists and I don't think I need to teach you about Sabbath observance in this regard at least not many of you but if you want to read about it Nehemiah make sure not only were the gates closed before the Sabbath but that people in the business could even hang around and around and around the city during the hours waiting for Saturday night they had to leave entirely I think you already know something about the Sabbath and yet in your conceived values doesn't trickle into your planning for Friday so that you organize your day so that even though something will go wrong you still will be riding in plenty of time in other words if you plan your Fridays and get yourself about one hour before Sabbath will last not very smart plan it might be a smart plan the first three months of your Seventh-day Adventist but my favorite habits for five years you know the devil is fighting against you on Friday the second of the devils fighting on Friday you know the devil is fighting you on Friday and you know if you only get yourself in our son goes wrong it's not to work out Juergen have to get yourself in your plan more time than that time so that when contingencies they don't push you into Sabbath breaking and if you find yourself rushing in the sand three weeks out of ten that it shall take a preacher tell you that your planning is insufficient you can say well I have terrible contingencies thirty percent of the time if you have terrible contingencies of attempts on the time you probably need to plan for terrible contingencies that make sense to anybody and if you really practice this idea I think you'll find your next Sabbath being a better thing a better day about the grades and learning things are going to talk about that at all so I'm a review for one minute and be done if the question is how do you know what is true Seventh-day Adventists that are than anybody else have to find an answer to the question we know what is true because of written revelations that we have confidence in and were not just guessing that those revelations are true do we put them to a cast regular insulin task we find that they hold off they hold water and we have confidence in them and really we end up having our own experience with them and we find out a lot of how reasonable they are but the Bible is how we know what is true to the tradition is worthless no it really helped us get going as authority a worthless know we need textbooks but none of those things are reliable and less they are direct revelation from heaven that's the thing that we can put some weight on and we can build on when we build on that we can arrive at religious ideas that are not somebody else's conclusions when it comes to our values we need to not only find out what is true but we need to be sure we harmonize with what we've already discovered we need to make plans that take into account what is valuable and what's real maybe the second is something more about my experience with them but when it comes to our student operative values and adjustments both of these come into the judgment you know that these become the basis of what were just aghast and this becomes the way they were just against it by the negative sense in English visit again the difference between these is what condemns us that we find in Romans chapter two when people do by nature the things contained in the law these having not the law our law and of themselves which show the work of the law written in their hearts and their conscience bearing witness accusing or else excusing one another in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel Romans two fourteen to sixteen what I'm saying is that if we find truth it's a treasure worth helping and I recommend that we be sure we know what it is let's know for a closing prayer our father in heaven I thank you for a book that is reliable that we don't have to be lost in the dilemma that confuses so many and I'm sorry for how little our lives back up what we think is valuable please show us how we can come higher in a way that would honor you and I ask for your spirit in this regard in the name of Jesus and this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more so than in www. audio tours .org


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