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The Jordan Syndrome

Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • March 3, 2007
    10:00 AM
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good morning I have a special welcome to my much valued in and esteemed Rumanian friends some of whom are here today I was appreciate visiting the remaining church stop her moment of prayer the Lord for you be with us this morning and I disappear in whatever truth you have to express to all of us the only thing that we noticed this morning we pray in Jesus name and on a summer day in two thousand five an obviously irritated resident of Phoenix wrote a letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic whom do we say in the morning here show last Wednesday at precisely nine eleven a.m. a tight formation of four F6 just made a little pass over arrowhead Mall due to Tom Cruise one of these feel we need this wake-up call or were they trying to impress the cashiers at Mervyns early birds a few days later a responsive letter to the editor appear sign by Lieutenant Colonel Scott plaintiff 's commanding officer sixty third fire squad on June fifteen at precisely nine twelve a.m. a perfectly fine for ship of F-16s from the starting sixty third fighter squadron flew over the grave of Captain Jeremy Kress he was an Air Force officer killed in Iraq on Memorial Day nine a.m. on June fifteen his family and friends gathered at someone Memorial Park to mourn the loss of a husband son and friend the letter writer asked whom do we may for the morning air show the fifty sixth fighter wing will call for you forward your fax the widow parents of God the world we live in is the most dangerous world I've seen in my life and I went through a few I withdrew just about all of World War II Korea Vietnam where I was employed in funny combat of the Cold War which I reported as a young broadcast newscaster may govern the Cuban missile crisis that was scary I was good and scary but it only lasted two weeks and our adversaries in that particular conflict were of these rational because they were atheists and a feared that our adversaries they do not they welcome and there is a difference of what it plainly to you this world is moving in a slow-motion and seemingly unstoppable crawl toward a level of anarchy so profound that even profits struggle to describe in words how let's open the Bible Daniel chapter twelve we were there some this morning our Sabbath school class let's go back to Daniel twelve verse one and a half time shall Michael stand up it raised rates which then children for people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation Daniel reaches twenty five twenty six centuries into the future and sees something and struggles that come to bear with an all you can really say is what ever precedents are looking for in human history there's nothing to compare with the this is trouble on a scale beyond description well I think centuries ago by the Lord deals with the same thing on the Mount of olives is young disciples come to him obviously aware there will be in and to this war they say what we look for what will it look like when you're coming is near and how we go to Luke twenty one just a brief excerpt got a laundry list of things the Lord is given us to look for in order to be able to recognize the onset of his coming and in Luke twenty one verse twenty five and twenty six he said there shall be signs in the sun moon and stars and on the earth distress of nations with perplexity men's hearts failing them here and more recent translations for the event more radically men will think with terror at the thought of what is coming on the world something out there and I call it in our topic this morning is the Jordan syndrome now you think about it and everything that people reach a point of unique opportunity there seems to be an associated event in world affairs out in the secular world that parallels what's happening among God 's people in the Jordan is a good example that people are ready to go home to ready to cross the Jordan which is made of water which represents what is biblical symbolism people which is exactly what got people will have to do at the end of time there waiting there and in your bearing they encounter one of the most ferocious threads they've ever seen a consortium of nations who lived just to the north of their route of March in their cities are huge there made of expensive parapets of walls made out of volcanic rock and their nations of giants and again believe this consortium is an individual who is best it is made of iron and if nine feet long so you get an idea of the problems that people face on the other side of the Jordan is this fortress city Jericho living with her aunt with satellites of workers around the idea and one by no means all of the satellite fortresses for that warlike people without the help of the Lord there is no physical wake up people conveys the kind of arms read and potential battlefield anarchy that were going to stir up when I try to go home there's an interesting parallel in Adventism and I want to move to the whiteboard here and illustrated because I think an illustration makes it clearer in a dentist it seems as you go back and look at the history of our movement that there is this interesting associational relationship almost like the parallel rails on a railroad train so that whenever God 's people reach a moment of unique opportunity on a parallel and not very distant track world events form up a recognizable and repeated pattern on one of those rails the advent message proclaiming hope in the coming of Jesus upon the other one following a parallel integrate closely always seems to the world strife that is trying to reach the level we would typically call anarchy strange associational relationship between the two we give you an example of how back to seventeen ninety eight now for a room full of presumably biblically literate and motivated by students seventeen ninety eight means what to you I love the end what's happened in five ninety eight B.C.E. the last of the three powerful competitors for authority within the Christian church was defeated the Bishop of Rome becomes preeminent and we had a predicted period of time which appears not only in Daniel but also in Revelation one help me out here thirteen and fourteen in thirteen and fourteen see this thing really repeated three times twelve hundred sixty days times times and half times in Revelation fourteen forty two months evidently it's important enough the Bible says it three times a week on the point we ought to nicest thing the waste of twelve hundred and sixty years of literal time and the Lord says there will be appeared at diamond worker which truth will fight for its life but at the time of the end this scans and something changes in world history now in seventeen ninety eight what happens is curly head of French general by the name of labor and moved his forces into Rome Napoleon 's mother had was a devout Catholic she always a Boulevard never never touch the holy father even but will report me had no such innovations revealingly was in the wrong place highest in six captive that silently and begins persecution is definitively home and it's time for what time for God speed will move forward to a climactic series of e-mails right I'm wrong let me know if I'm not young but infallible but that's the way I read perhaps it is every Bible not displeased by thirty one essay nine five ninety eight and NOS as one of the presidential candidate said in a big one and understood there would be no math okay him and is about the dyslexic failure is my size is listed as nonthinking as seventeen I easily transpose my I'm receiving one-time program in which some bright psychiatrist who he is calling down the hall on one of his patients under hypnosis comeback N start filling I invite fourteen had bothered to factor in the patient was dyslexic the doctor lived worked in five forty one guess what happened all right in any event something interesting is going on here in seventeen ninety eight God 's people are scheduled forward with something important now think about what else is happening in this period of time in seventeen fifty five as this moment approaches what happens in the city of Lisbon great earthquake occurs okay what happens in seventeen eighty there's a celestial event that people can't ignore and shortly thereafter in eighteen thirty three something happens now Jesus has said there will be signs in the sun moon and stars in that order sun and moon on the dark data stars in eighteen thirty three exactly the order Jesus gave and I am well aware that there are learned exegetes go say hello all this happen now you know close to two hundred years ago get real what got grow wildly out of control are outmoded nineteenth century mentality and recognize that these are no longer relevant or settlement platforms one five San Ramon when you start saying things like what are you doing you doing a very shallow form of exegesis I think that someone who says that basically illustrates the egocentricity of the pseudo- intellectual everything is gone will involve me this isn't relevant for my wallet isn't relevant to your kind are not limited to but in the spirit of time money and message was getting ready to start out with its work there was no CNN there was no Internet the Lord had no way of communicating in a broad scale method with people other than with the natural world which would get their attention don't tell me this isn't relevant okay as it is nothing irrelevant not access history the Lord uses the one method most have to get the world 's attention and does it guess it does and people began to think about the issue of the end of time they really read Luke twenty one in Mark thirteen and Matthew twenty four and forty SUNY at that message begins to get reached and now are ready to reach for the year eighteen forty four but before we got there remembered all centers around seventeen ninety eight this is the single of the time of the end has come and the Lord waits the world by using the common mechanism of nature that what happens in seventeen ninety eight remember I hoteliers and associational relationship between a business opportunity and what happens in the world around us but to the whole semester course in the us as a history major in college it's called the branch revolution just had the time of the end rolls around and God 's people need an open world an open mind in seventeen ninety Judah greater fear of July sweeps over Paris the Prussian army imposes disease on France the Austro Prussian army crosses the frontiers rapidly advancing toward Paris the common people leave the LA had been betrayed by royalty and within three short nights counting one to three just three months we go from fright people and our people who sees royalty invent the guillotine and begin liberating royalty from cranial Louis the sixteenth and is very enough you know the story very well what happens in seventeen ninety eight and Susan is facing he is opportunity as we see are beginning to try to happen in a major nation in Europe and it's clear the devil has bigger plans for anarchy that just events in France in the illustrated for you from my quotation from the book education education to want me I know I still tell in my pistol and acceptable authority source version and if not certainly is the scientific community education June twenty eight anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law not only define the human decentralizing the wealth and power the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many accommodations of the poorer classes the face of their interest the spirit of riot and bloodshed now tell me that a rough two thousand seven the spirit of riot and bloodshed the worldwide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution all are tending to involve the entire world in this endless struggle similar to that which convulsed France so what happens here is an is is is reaching a point of opportunity that General in chief of the opposition forces responsible an argument for selecting on the throne in heaven still less a message to give and out of this briefing and argument pairs emergency room that route of course in general by the name of Napoleon and he reunites Francie restores order the Napoleonic code becomes the body of law for France and incidentally in a say in a very directly of traceable way the body of law for Louisiana we have basically a co- driven lawn Louisiana today opposed to the English common law the reason most of the other states so he reinforce the reason poses order on France Lucifer had attacked with anarchy heaven steps in and now it's time to move on something going to happen in eighteen forty four down the line a little bit here and we urge other moment of opportunity what happens in eighteen forty four is quite simply I think a replication with the Lord Gideon member Gideon amasses huge force of people that it will work fine servers you know they were less interested in fighting the enemy than they were getting down and really being sure they were thirsty anymore remember the story or so they can't use a person 's health and them what I need are people who are absolutely focused on the issue in the mission I think very many people like that for me to do what I have three hundred O'Hanlon probably more than I need then again all NASA gesture to forget is the Lord allows three hundred what happens in nineteen forty four every so hundred thousand people are full into the advent message and many of them for very immature reasons they don't want to fry and they would just love to live forever and that's about as far as it goes there's a small core of advanced to go deeper than that they want to see Jesus for the simple reason that was cheese and there is a huge and the Lord CFC is people in eighteen forty four is a tournament and you would a simple mechanism that will reveal whether cell is the real motivation or a lover Jesus is probation and when the morning of October twenty three eighteen forty four rolls around a few are left and there aren't very many but within a matter of months what do they began to preach and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for about an hour of his judgment is come ladies and gentlemen God 's last true church will be a judgment our church with a judgment our message that you don't like that don't blame me blame John Lisle and that the French don't blame him when the holy and true one who visited him next to a now I understand I guess I've misuse the term relevant often of meat it's all start saying people again today sometimes with initials after their name which we should genuflect say well this time we recognize were out of step with the whole Christian the majority doesn't see his pre- judgment this is irrelevant the nineteenth century I wrote this off I'm going to a lot if you really want Arenas indefinitely scholarly but very readable way get Mervyn Maxwell 's book magnificent disappointment it will be in the library is itself fine book Mervyn Maxwell was a giant software very few people in my opinion in the academic world release of very fine scholar who wrote very readably he gives a greater detail let me give you one lawyer 's reaction to whether a pre- judgment is relevant budget fourteen say probably have to look it up you know what any seventh from Adam prophesied of these things they behold the Lord with thousands of his two X two judgment what is acne that is a legal term of art when you're executing judgment what are you doing you are doing what a court has already decided you should do in a pre- existing trial it always gives somebody in San Quentin lecithin a trial you don't bring out a writ of execution on somebody's property to satisfy a civil claim unless there has been a previous trial in which a judge or jury of simply your argument are entitled to this property are entitled this money here is a judgment upon which not even get a writ of execution and you execute judgment execution of judgment means by clear legal definitional factor has proven at trial as Ross Perot established a isn't necessary to have every adventure evidently fossils that are thwarted and set about them just on trying to make is the point that Northwestern people will deliver judgment our message is for the Lord is all right now eighteen forty four another time of great opportunity but what does Lucifer respond with an erase and stuff your identity some more writing blues of her response now not just with globalized anarchy in a single Europe and although it did involve greater Europe in eighteen forty four two things happen one German juvenile name of Karl Marx right his first draft it isn't trifold economic and philosophic manuscripts of eighteen eighty eight there were definitely spring to come this is from Puerto Rico money just one essential school parking manifesto of the Communist Party and begins in eighteen forty four barrier Adventism begins to proclaim not only the judgment our message but in an incipient way to send messages it begins to be learned there the enemy responds with atheism which now goes to the very premise of topical heart of the whole concept of the second had been message were going to deliver that not all are two barrels a shotgun second one is a British writer of the name of Charles Darwin who in eighteen forty four prints the geological observations on volcanic Islands visited during the voyage of HMS now what are we attacking whole concept of creation you get rid affiliation you get rid of the staff what is the message they administer very living in eighteen forty four worship him that made heaven and earth as the waters over why do we believe that plagiarized sure it is plagiarized from the fourth amendment one which is almost identical not only that the devil has learned not only anarchy but to attack the philosophical underpinnings of the message that people have to hear but that's not all eighteen forty eight he responds with anarchy in Europe is something called the revolutions of eighteen forty eight of a lot of time to get into them it just faded for me in my study of European history we had to do indeed feel the revolutions of eighteen forty all of Europe went into firm in and the the invading forces of anarchy basically took care of the three major European capitals were talking together for talking Berlin were talking Harris the nations faced with the anarchy revolt of eighteen forty eight pretty much as one of the fetal position hunger down to what it looked as if Europe swept with revolution start of the asset message it happens in seventeen night eliminating forty four nineteen forty eight and happens again now in eighteen fifty six to sixty eight two fifty six James White does something that no apparatuses ever done before writes an editorial for the review in which he dares to say that the Laodicea message applies not to the Sunday evening at this which we have always thought before the Sabbath evening at the visit lasted about were Philadelphia and legacy applies to those who haven't seen the sample chamber wife thinks about this he writes an editorial he says ladies and gentlemen Laodicea I provoked a massive revival among Seventh-day Adventists absolutely huge it is so huge that nearly everybody in the church and for a brief period of time assumes the lead directly to the second coming of the timeline here eighteen fifty six James Weinreich the editorial and a huge upsurge of spirituality occurs in Adventism it is in this period of time in which an volume one Alan wake right I was in vision I saw people kneeling in prayer in the room I have accompanying angel said some of those people will be food for work they want me what some of them will live to see Jesus which is exhibit A you want to visit the Internet among those who are uncomfortable Ellen White would love to get rid of her so that her very cogent messages on lifestyle the longer print our conscience well here's the explanation in eighteen fifty six it could have she also said I saw the slaves shaved off their chains of the coming of Jesus we never needed to have a Lincoln liberate the slaves it was the Lord himself was Evan 's intent in eighteen eighty three she says she doesn't want to come long hair this solo great revival occurs in absenteeism now something interesting occurs in one illustration is a different color just a little make it clearer very shortly thereafter in the non- administration community a huge revival occurred no historian can explain it is called a revival of American convert nobody knows why it happened because no denomination ever initiated a thing it just happened the revival with a million converts is that is the kind of the term of art historians apply to intimidate religious historians why was that happening Ellen White said in response to revival and reformation among God 's people I saw heaven sending angels everywhere to prepare unbelieving hearts for now what happens now I Hess Lucifer has failed and he has some help from God 's people because they don't hang on the revival collapse 's God 's people fall back in love with the world and what happens interestingly also outside of Adventism is the revival of the million converts collapses and what are these two nosedive into eighteen sixty and nine of the Civil War what God 's people could have helped to bring about now has to be done at the cost of five six hundred thousand wide to achieve human justice eighteen fifty six eighteen sixty Civil War but that isn't all around the turn-of-the-century address entries are interesting find out what really got me interested in writing the book Omega is a great operative America just prior to nineteen hundred America has Asian eight ha ha quote premium to war with Spain we now own the Philippines we arguably own huge chunks of the world the American Empire is expanding by the year nineteen prosperity this comebacker to the depression of the depression disappears and prosperity just screaming skyward there is a reason very very brief moment of opportunity right along in here for just a very short time in which God 's people have the money and generally speaking worldviews that go anywhere and Alan White cries out and say you have no life the problems of my own in the future work life Uganda Gazette you don't you're going to lose the opportunity once again now Lucifer introduces an hour anarchy and in Iran and Persia the Shaw is is attacked by a minor disruption of his life encumbered in Italy as it is is assassinated President McKinley was assassinated and in Patterson New Jersey our law enforcement people discover now get the same holes of an artists who are looking to set civil order everywhere you look anarchy is brewing around nineteen hundred by nineteen to Ellen White says human agents are working on an invention on inventing the most powerful machine-readable and to kill work on you can workers scattered soon there would be no safety anyplace on earth and nineteen four nineteen five at brilliant young German Jew by the name of the overtime comes up with the concept matter and energy are interchangeable than ever wonder they are has called a special and then later the general theory of relativity and forty one years later Ellen White's prediction let the means and the workers be scattered you have no idea that danger after your future self ones again we have anarchy now this is augmented by technology and weaponry and hard on the heels of this comes the great Soviet revolution and half the world ultimately is pretty much close to the gospel in parallelisms every planners opportunity and evidence as we see the kind of world we're living in today now let's cut the chase down the present time nineteen ninety one by this time the coming of Jesus is probably a century and a half overview on Helen's timeline actually happened long ago God 's people had a chance forward the mighty Soviet Union collapses with virtually all hardly a shot fired is no precedent for in human history and Empire of that strength of that size whether the weaponry is called no explanation for meanwhile the Persian Gulf war demonstrate some talking Persian Gulf or one demonstrates America's military preeminence America's levels world 's sole superpower and what happens right after that would see you were awake during the nineteen part and gather there were problems there were probably sure there was an invasion in the Persian Gulf war America emerges preeminent and and and the whole world basically acknowledges America's worlds sole superpower what happens to the American economy there are ten years of the most incredible prosperity of the country has ever incredible prosperity we had a surrealistic piece and in many respects the worldwide open people in Russia are standing in line to get Bibles to our credit we seize the opportunity and one with massive evangelistic campaigns and the like but evidently what we did what good is were not home yet for about ten years incredible prosperity just like the turn-of-the-century breviary the time was that the opportunity seems we go forward and there's the money there paid a bill to fund the work is only God 's people when you recognize what you are here in the shadows of God 's people sleep away our precious wealthy decade there are signals should be asleep in the heart of Africa and results purporting to act in the name of God destroy to embassies with tragic loss of mostly African in Saudi Arabia 's power to destroy the loss of American life in Yemen the list of schools that are fanatics perfectly willing to take their own life simply to kill people they hate it meanwhile New York City some idiots driving the U-Haul truck in the basement of the World Trade Center in Nevada through the department in one corner anybody get one of those buildings over against the other drivel very crude what they rethought the equation and realized the price of just a few airline ticket you could buy early one morning September eleven two thousand one my son sitting back here watches a American Airlines seven sixty seven nearly in his room just about killed him or disagreement jet engines watch the Silver Valley single line through the trees justify his wife part seven floor and disappeared from re: his apartment was a low hill the Navy Annex on below that with the Pentagon and Sawyer going to send below that mobile he saw the fireball when we see my son I would forever learn student surprisingly people come to us with a hot information that nowhere in late gentlemen my son saw the airplane and the new one of the first ones into the building to bring out the wounded young Air Force officer is your pattern every time something big is supposed to happen for the work of God Lucifer injuries with anarchy in this world is now creeping slow motion and what anarchy and I honestly don't see any way to turn it around I think this nation has lived on airing brilliance blundered its way into a position where we have no adequate way out except to recognize were in a corner and well landed in a corner what does he do as a dragon that are remaining option what lies ahead I guarantee from the past something doing to reappear as they again were going to CMR in our world I hate to see a knife I enjoy living well enjoy the beauty of Southern California I like having Seymour I like he's better but I can't avoid the logic that anarchy is out there we tell you why a far better source than I sent an great controversy by ninety one those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and as breaking down the moral restraints of society causing you want to finish the sentence anarchy God 's people will be blamed for causing anarchy therefore it has to exist in the future again to blame for supplementing their investment oasis is another view of this Christian service page fifty four the spirit of anarchy is permeating all nations indicating the fires of passion and lawlessness the adding wants to stay from control and they're very narrowly at that point now having once escaped from troll will fill the earth with woe in desolation before the flood God sent Noah to warn the world at the time of Christ's second appearing draws nearer the Lord sent his servants and that's why maybe it was this post which I wanted what review and Herald November twenty two nineteen oh six shall we allow the signs of the end of evil field without telling people of what is coming confusion fills the world and a great terror she uses the keyword and she uses it back in nineteen oh six confusion fills the world a great terrorism to come upon human reading the demand is very near we who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break on the world as a overwhelming surprise and thank God somebody in this world and we appear to be the fortunate blessed ones was given ovule in advance so that when it happened somebody would be able to tell the world what we need to press Re: thank you for the gift of prophecy we know we can misuse it the greater we won't do that but we pray we won't forget our mission why were here as we forget that Lord we have no reason for being here no reason for calling ourselves seven and thank you Jesus


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