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Finding, Knowing and Being Yourself

Eugene Prewitt


What does the Bible say about trying to discover yourself?  What about being yourself?


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • November 6, 2013
    5:00 PM


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what to do with you here this is going to be the first of a series of messages that will call the home studies studies on Christian living in the home may be appropriate for you to send and we worship and this was going to be on finding yourself I title it finding knowing and being yourself for the beginning of it by looking at Proverbs chapter eighteen in your Bibles to Proverbs Proverbs chapter eighteen in verse two Proverbs eighteen verse two it says a fool has no delight in understanding but that is hardly discovered itself what is it that makes a full happy a fool is happy when he confined himself when he feels like he's found himself when he knows himself not only to misunderstanding of us understand the Bible there's nothing wrong with really knowing yourself and what the Bible says that we should examine ourselves that we should know ourselves but the fool finds his delight that when we want today why is he delighted that way why is he delighted no other terms in your Bibles to Psalm one hundred and fifteen the suspect about forty pages for you Psalm one hundred and fifteen in verse two speaking of idols says why should the heathen say where it now is their God for our God is in the heavens he has done whatever he pleased their idols are silver and gold the work of men's hands they have mouse but they speak not I say half but they seem not they have ears but the is not noses half-day but they smell not they has hands but they handle not the faith have but they do not walk neither do they speak to their throats they that make them are like unto them so was everyone to trust him down O Israel trust you in the Lord she has their help and their shield to address the idea the idea of course is true the idols have no eyes no hands that they don't smell it don't speak but what about this idea that those are like them the trust in them in what sense is an idol worshiper like an idol in note not in a physical sense it's not they can't see year that he can't speak or that he cannot smell it's in a moral sense is that I don't let jurors end up adopting the character or being molded into the character of the gods that they honor those gods that are deceptive or ruler power-hungry or greedy and this is why did the pagan gods with their terrible characters led the pagans into moral debauchery I want to think about this for a minute because you and I live in an age when the most common idol is self and what happens when you spend your time honoring self thinking about self serving self when you get self kind of attention that the heathen used to get to their idols you know it has a similar effect because the heart itself that we in dollars is not our high moral nature the park itself we think about is not our our reason our conscience our judgment it's our desires our passions so when we think about ourselves when we are discover ourselves we're trying to figure out where do I fit in what is my passion what do I what am I really like her who they really get along with we were look at those times those are not our virtues we fit in naturally with people who share our vices of our passions naturally are the things that were to resist when we deny self and take up our cross the people we get along with bachelor ones who are like why costs they are be going the wrong way for once and for the spirit of God so what's wrong with trying to find yourself when you try to find yourself in a way that delights you it means you're trying to affirm the way that you are is the decided carefully the fool has no delight but to find himself nervous when he finds himself he's happy with what he finds he's glad to know what fits him is glad to know what his passions are he's he's affirming himself he discovered himself not to change but for the purpose of learning how to be himself that is just the opposite of the way that the Christian finds himself prisoner Bibles to second Corinthians second Corinthians chapter thirteen in verse five second Corinthians chapter thirteen in verse five take me a moment to find second Corinthians thirteen verse five the Bible says examine yourselves whether you are in the faith through your own selves don't you know your own selves how that Jesus Christ is in you except should be reprobates or rejects I want us to see that you find yourself is a good thing to do I want to know who I am what I'm like but I don't want to find myself for the purpose of affirming myself quite on the contrary I want to find myself for the purpose of improvement that is the fool finds himself to become the static court to stay the same but the Christian discovers himself for the purpose of changing improving in a better way back maybe twelve pages to first for instance chapter eleven first sentence eleven versus twenty eight and thirty one the speaking of the communion says in verse twenty eight but let a man examine himself and so let each of the bread and drink of that cock in other words before take part in communion I want to examine myself and see my being properly reference in my relay team into this ordinance in a way that shows the high regard by half of the sacrifice of Jesus now looked down at verse thirty one for if we would judge ourselves we would not be judged that's the real benefit of knowing yourself the real benefit of finding yourself is that you can modify your behavior so that you will not be condemned so what we've shown so far is that there are two different philosophies of finding oneself there's the fool 's philosophy of finding himself for the purpose of self-affirmation there's the Christians philosophizing himself for the purpose making changes now to avoid judgment later when you are searching your own heart I want to give you to diagnostic tools that you can use one is that you want to check to see when you examine yourself have you been following your feelings where have you been living by faith doing what God says in his written word when you're examining your life what pulses examine yourself to see if you'd be in the faith that was against thirteen and this is what it means examine yourself to see how my living by what God says or am I following my feelings but there's another way you want to examine yourself and we can see that best if we go to James chapter one James chapter one are looking at a second diagnostic tool for discovering my own self James chapter one in verse twenty two it says but be you a doer of the Word and not a hearer only deceiving your own selves for if any man be a hearer of the word and not a doer he is like a man beholding his natural face in a mirror for he beholds himself and goes his way and immediately forgets what kind of man he was but whoever looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues therein not be in a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work this man will be blessed in his deed if any man among you seem to be religious and bridal not his own tongue he deceives his own heart this man's religion is vain so far first diagnostic was to see if or the phase to see if we live by feeling her mother were living by what God is written in his word whatever following our impressions of whether were doing what he says our second diagnostic is to consider whether we are an attentive listener or forgetful listener in other words in our devotional life in our Bible study even are listening to our numerous sermons were to be confronted with weaknesses and defects in our life to see those stains is like that man who sees his natural face in the mirror we see it we looking to God 's word defects the question is are we going to leave that revelation behind forget about the impression the sermon forget about what we saw in the Bible forget about those defects if we do that were cutting off from ourselves the means of blessing that God has put in the law of God demand that's the last is the one that we looks at the law of God and ceases defect she begins to practice that law in contrast to his defect is blessed in the keeping of the law over saying is that finding yourself when I find myself this is a great thing if I do it by comparing myself with the law of God if I do at the intention of going away as a man that is changing Amanda is trying to practice what you see is in that law now you might remember this passage from some hundred and thirty nine it's a song a song a song of Scripture song search your God and know my heart try me and know my ways and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting in that song the searching of my heart is something that God dies and answered my prayer I asked him please show me who I am and that's something God likes to do he did that for Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel for he showed Nebuchadnezzar a picture of who he wise in that tree and God wants to show me with my illustrations in the lives of others or natural illustrations by what I see in the love God he wants to show me who I am sly asking to do the thing he wants to do father please show me my weakness show me who I am in Hagy I chapter one verses five and seven their God twice has the same idea if we come to him in songs and say search my heart he comes back to us and had he says consider your ways that is we want to be thoughtful regarding our behavior we want to consider our conduct God is asking that we do know ourselves that we do find ourselves but not for the purpose of affirming ourselves but for the purpose of making changes that is judging ourselves today so that we will not be judged later dealing with our sins now sources will not be dealt with later when a man is trying to find himself other than this way often what is really trying to find is a way to describe his impulses he wants to know what's natural to him does he have a sweet tooth is intended to hold grudges those you despise authority here's a heart for him to submit to it is he impulsive in other ways but to find your defects like that shows that you've missed one of the key ideas of the holy Bible listen to this carefully God is the one that created you and when he created you when you create in me he created me with an idea in mind not the idea of what I was from my parents inheritance not what I was when I was born but one was born he already had in mind what I could become through his Grace strengthening me that is you might say that God has a blueprint for me he calls himself the master builder he calls himself the husbandman and he says that he's building me up he knows how he wants me to be now the way that God looks at me is not the way that I am he looks at me the way I can become that is when God looks at me he sees my defects as not part of the blueprint he sees them as issues to be resolved before I really become myself if you want to find yourself in a godly way find the self that God intends for you to be URL Paul speaks about sin Romans seven he says there are seventeen in verse twenty it talks about sin let's almost a third party he says that when I do something wrong is not the real me that's doing it and send it is dwelling inside of me in other words Paul didn't think of his defects as being part of the blueprint of his life the defects were part of the accused the plan for his life on the contrary they were an outside influence they were something be reckoned with something to be opposed he says will deliver me from this body of death that is how my going to be delivered from from these natural impulses from the sin that is easily getting me down as the power of the gospel as I thank God through Jesus Christ my Lord in other words God has a blueprints for who I should become it does not involve any sin and I can't even discover that without finding the sins of my own life and putting them away turning towards the love God and living according to it in the slip ring away the sins in my life when you find the snowflake lands under finger and you try to examine it you don't really see its beauty for long because the process of pain are kind attention to it destroys the snowflake and if as I find my own defects I pay too much attention to them thinking about those defects meditating on them or are letting that discourage me will courageously need it the same defects I'm observing Muslim saying this on your contradiction yourself resend one hand the ring to find her defects and not forget about them and we need to put them away from the other hand we should not think about them too much let me explain what I mean I find my defects by comparing myself to the beautiful standard of the law of God in the life of Jesus and I remain thoughtful of my defects by continuing to look at that standard the life of Jesus and the law of God blissful life think about the life of Jesus I receive the encouragement to make changes and move forward think about the life of Jesus allows me to be aware of my defects without having my eyes blinded by them but when I stop thinking about Jesus and his beautiful law when instead I think about how weak I am home Paulson health rights holding how given the appetite but I think about myself I'll find nothing there but that which will discourage me when Paul spoke about the end of time he said perilous times of calm and he said in second Timothy chapter three verse two men would be lovers of themselves no not lovers of the beautiful blueprint that God has for their mind the lovers of themselves the way they are lovers of their appetites their passions their desires none would be searching and finding themselves in being content with what they see that's what I don't want for you quite the contrary when you and I find ourselves I hope that we will think of ourselves as children children that are growing up and we want by the power of God spirit and by the gives of his spirit to grow up like it says in Ephesians four fifteen to the full stature of Christ but to summarize what I've said so far in this message we shared all the thoughts are going to share do I want to be myself yes I want to be the kind of man to God intends me to be one want to be myself no I don't want to be the kind of man I am right now with my defects do I want to know myself yes I want to know and deal truly with my soul I want to think about Jesus until I can see the defects I have two I want find myself for the purpose of discovering where I fit in or what my passions are reliably get along no it was never the passion of Moses to lead rebellious people was never him the Luther to stand up against the Romish church is our passions are the cross that we have to take up and carry when Jesus said deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me because Jesus said not as I will but as you well I want to find myself and remember what I see in the beautiful face of Jesus so I can change I want to judge myself now so I won't be judged later I want to ask God to help me discover myself within the here to send back to me consider your ways and when I allow myself to grow up into the full stature of Jesus I'm going to consider that those sins in my that have gotten me down are not really part of the plan for my life they are the way that God is building me there been a leave and not be part of what he's accomplishing so be yourself the one that God intends find yourself the one that you are know yourself the way you need to change and find it insane thoughts about Jesus all you need to encourage yourself that's what I'm suggesting to you that's what I'm praying for myself that's what leads me to feel every day like to be amazing if God can even save me and I'm hoping that you'll have the same experience we find nothing in us that would create self-confidence all true obedience comes from the heart it was hard work with Christ and if we consent he will also identify himself with our thoughts and names some blend of our hearts and minds into conformity to his well that when obeying him we will be the carrying out our own impulses you will refine and sanctified will find its highest delight in doing his service when we know God as it is our privilege to know him our life will be a life of continual obedience through an appreciation of the character of Christ through communion with God sin will become hateful to us as desired pages six sixty eight and it says we've just shared this message that we can become different than we are that we can eventually be a life in harmony with the blueprint that God has for us that's when we really can our self and a media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. audio tours .org


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