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The Blessing of the Sabbath

Eugene Prewitt


What happens to the Sabbath when God blesses it?


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • September 21, 2013
    11:00 AM


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your Bibles in Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one we were going to look at verse twenty six numbers twenty eight Genesis one verse twenty eight speaking here about the man and the woman says and God blessed them and God said under them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have to minion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth when God bless Adam and Eve and told them to be fruitful multiply you know what the impact of that blessing has been they were fruitful and they multiplied and there are a great deal of humans alive today because of the blessing of Genesis one and verse twenty eight now look up at verse twenty two this is not enough and the needy of this is about the fruits and the fruits until I'm thinking about the birds and the fish birds and fish together my mind made fruits and God blessed them saying it be best for the fruit came from the what be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and let fowl multiply in the earth you see they are referring to that God bless the fish and the birds and many blasphemy told him all I have multiplied and the resultant ideas the earth is full of fish and birds I have traveled widely and everywhere I go there are birds I don't do a lot of diving everywhere I've been in a pain in the water right can see where it's warm enough there's fish I'm in one of the fishing woman up for me that's for me I when God bless the people they spread across the planet when God bless the they spread through the places they can go and God bless the birds they spread through the air turn to Genesis chapter nine Genesis chapter nine verse one and God bless us now live and his signs and he said to them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth you know what happened when God blessed Noah and his sons and told him to be fruitful multiply they were fruitful and multiply in fact all of us are alive today because the Genesis chapter nine verse one be fruitful multiply when trying to show you I hope you see in so far as that in the first nine chapters of the Bible when God blesses something he blesses it big time and in a way that affects world history when he blessed the fish that was big time when he blessed Advent even know what that was big turned three chapters further to chapter twelve chapter twelve and will look at verse two speaking about a run and I will make the the country nation and I will bless you you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing and I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses the NDA shall all the families of the earth be blessed we'll have time to study in this about this blessing in all the Bible says about it but that a lot of the Bibles written about this blessing a lot of the Bibles about the blessing that human Abraham in fact we are blast by Genesis chapter twelve today you and I if we live by faith are the children of faithful Abraham Amber blast in this blessing is in a different way when God bless Abraham Abraham was here just as twelve he gets less three times in Genesis when God blessed Abram that blessing had quite an impact on world history that wasn't just a brunette was blessed in chapter seventeen God blesses Sarah and when he blesses he changes her name just like you change the name of Abram know that both of their names changed he tells her that she has been a big the mother of a great nation that kings will come from her the fact is that the New Testament says that young ladies can be the children of Sarah in the same way that men can be the children of Israel is the same way but I'm trying to say is that when God bless Sarah that last scene had an impact that affected world history is just a few chapters later notes in the same chapter to chapter seventeen that God blesses Ishmael Ishmael you know the other son God blesses Ishmael and says that he is to become a great nation and the things that God says to Ishmael he says the twelve princes will come from him and those things happen Ishmael Grunwald live at the day otherworldly Colrain the other household general section of the planet filled with the descendents of Ishmael when God blasts Ishmael and engines the seventeen that blessing had an impact as affected world history until this day there are in Genesis two other men who are blessed out one of them is Ishmael 's brother that Isaac and he shares in the blessing of Abraham and then one of Isaacs versus two other men Jacob 's blasts Jacobs blessings are interesting Jacob 's blessing just like his father and his grandfather he's tall then he'll be a great nation within the Bible mentions that one year that he sowed in his field and he raved that same year one hundred times as much as he so in the Bible says God blessed him then in a way that is seeing that through its effects we know that God bless Joseph Bible doesn't say that God blessed Joseph the Bible says that God blessed fairer or not wasn't Carol it was a pot of Bert and all his house because of Joseph and ends can you summarize for you every time God blesses something in the first few books the Bible that when God blesses someone or something it prospers it really prospers it grows it significant that affects world history and we have talked about already out for a blessing in Genesis that God gives except one the one we haven't talked about yet is the one in Genesis to the Bible to Genesis chapter two the only other blessing in Genesis that God gives Genesis chapter two in room looking at verse two and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God what to say alas the seventh day now I would like to study with you maybe even if this hour maybe later about what it means that God rested and what it means that God sanctify the day but related that she thought I want to have in your mind this morning is that God blessed the day and the Bible doesn't say that when he blasted that's how he sanctified early sanctified it that's how he blessed it by telling you is that these are two separate things got been to the Sabbath God blessed the Sabbath day and that significant and God sanctify the Sabbath day and that's significant God rested on the Sabbath day and that significant another significant because Genesis one and two and three are average thought and that is significant that's like the only history half from like six hundred years of verse history is just in those three chapters and was the beginning so God blessed the Sabbath as a canvassing leader it's happened to me sometimes I know a lot of your canvassers nor will be leaders our leaders that it's the seventh when many days that I've led a team of missionaries going door-to-door and I have spotted an area in the town I thought was the ideal place to campus because the homes are close together there in the Alaska's children stuff outside and I can tell this is a new area and I decided to say that area and tell like seven o'clock at night when there got to be home because the people living in areas they work too much and if so you want to be sure that you get to their house when they're going to be there and he followed me so far all this is what has happened to me several times I guess there in the area is so good that it takes much longer to do it than I anticipated and the result is with time to quit it's only one third done but the whole town is finished there's not any good reason to come back to that town there just isn't enough to keep us busy for even an hour and so what happened as I put off the blessing for too long and because I put off for too long I didn't even get is that Sam you are you a leader yet Ramon that's what happened you some point when it does remember that but why mention it is because there's some I want to read you and the thought occurred if I went in and read it to you all use of my all-time and he wanted to hear some and read to you now all have then was represented to me as upon the Sabbath beholding and watching those fling knowledge the claims of the fourth commandment and were observing the Sabbath when people recognize that there on television sinners they kind away even say hi to everyone out there while I don't want to do it now because it might make use feels silly that you could barely on the Sabbath look up into heaven ways because of what is heaven doing right now they're watching and who are they watching exactly those who claim to honor the fourth commandment the Sabbath Angels were marking their interest in and their high sense of the divine institution of God 's appointment so angels know that God blessed the Sabbath day and that he sanctified it and when God does something they consider it significant so they're looking to see those who claim to honor the Sabbath do they consider an exalted way they realized the high nature of that divine institution reading on those who sanctify the Lord God in their hearts by a strict devotional frame of mind and sought to improve the sacred hours now that's an old English of some of you might not understand today when we say improve something that we typically mean make it better by a hundred years ago to improve time really meant to use it wisely that's what it meant to insult me read that sentence over again those who sanctify the Lord God in their hearts by strict devotional frame of mind and sought to improve the sacred hours in helping to the best of their ability others to serve and honor God and to call the sabbath a delight were placing blessings upon the faithful ones that was a long sentence for two thousand thirteen song I say to you in simple English behalf you are trying to use the Sabbath hours wisely adding your idea is that you help others to find the blessing of the Sabbath and so you're trying to the best your ability to help them find the blessing the Sabbath it excites a word picture almost like you have blessings in your brain blessings on here are you putting lessons on people by using your Sabbath hours to teach them how to find the blessing that's their listen carefully special light and hell and special strength were given them while on the other hand Angels were turning from those that failed to appreciate the sacredness of God sanctified day they were rebuilding their lives and strength I saw them that is the unfaithful ones overshadowed with the cloud desponding frequently say they felt a lack of the Spirit of God was looking to see if a single person 's taking notes on nova was worthwhile to give the reference but I don't see someone as such the fifth volume of the manuscript releases releases page three hundred and three the first volume of the manuscript releases page three hundred three hundred tell you what it said angels are watching us on Sabbath but they did this is not less than angelic spectator sport that is the Angels aren't just sitting watching they have blessings to get there able to impart strength special blessings of strength and encouragement their able and they're ready to do it but they don't do it to everybody a few times in my life and ministry I've been involved in mass mailings even here in Arkadelphia redone some of those emasculated exaggeration but you know I mean more than fifty pieces of mail we were mailing and when you do a mailing like that you end up getting some letters that let's bond them this says something like undeliverable as addressed were unable to deliver that's what I'm titling our talk which is already forty percent over unable to deliver God 's angels have blessings for us today they had blessings for us last week they had blessings for us two weeks ago and have lessons for us next Sabbath they have special blessings to get out of I say special because God can bless us any day but he only blessed one day and when he blesses something significant in the other blessings in Genesis apartment affected Earth history big time I think this one has to Angels want to bless us but there is a class that they don't succeed in blessing that the class who don't recognized by the way they live on Sabbath the high holy claims of that day the Angels even removed from them their strength and courage and that class frequently are desponding and sat they feel a laugh of the Spirit of God that feeling of the lack of the Spirit of God that's not just a false feeling it's because they have a lack of the Spirit of God now that of course is from Ellen White and suppose that you don't have any confidence in Hawaii I'm perfectly fine with you taking your time to figure that one out but I think I have some Bible information for you but you ought to consider turn in your Bibles to the book of access Exodus chapter twenty number are eight blessings in Genesis we've gone over every single one of them and when you've gone through those in the new comment to access the very next lesson in Exodus is in chapter twenty so that's the ninth blessing within the next blessing the net the ninth blessing that God videos in the history of our planet verse eight remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God and that you shall not do any work you nor your son or your daughter nor your servant of either type familiar capital nor your stranger that is within your gates for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea in all the end than it has and he rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and holiday it's a question for me why does the Bible connect the blessing and the hollowing of the Sabbath but I think if you think it through you see it quite plainly the reason they're connected it's because when God hollows the Sabbath his work isn't finished that is all the Bible illustrates this an interesting way in the minor prophets if I have a holy garments and it types is a dead body what happens the holy garments you know it's unclean at this hallway doesn't make a case in Venice of all to work defilement is there is the word sensible a word vulnerable maybe is the word I'm looking for holy things are vulnerable and if a holy thing is going to remain upholding it has to be kept holy that is you have to treat it as if it's holy so God has made the Sabbath holy but it's up to us to keep it holy mass of the Commandments as we just read and if we keep holy then there is a a blessing for those who do that I think you understand the idea so now speak to you about my own experience the last two weeks as it's relevant to your experience I have a friend online I don't have even met her that she said something interesting she said that hot lock is a minefield policy second the Fellowship dinner this is what she meant she meant that if you want to practice with the Bible says about the holy Sabbath and only talk about things that have a spiritual theme but if you want to maintain a strict devotional frame of mind it's easy to do that by yourself in your room but when you come the fellowship meal conversation you got for five people around you and to keep that conversation on religious themes spiritual themes about the last ideas it's just not easy that anyone relates my friends anyone relate to the house so for myself two weeks ago but got this going as I decided that as long as I let the Sabbath just when I happen I wasn't and be very successful in keeping it holy that is I was that I needed to plan out my day and fill it with good things so there wouldn't be any room for the other things can anyone understand what I'm trying to talk about so I made a play I made a plan for all the meals that happened to follow following Sabbath hours this time a year that's usually for meals because your evening meal on both Friday and Saturday it's kind of it that time I made a plan for each of those meals what I would talk about what I would how I interact with the person 's soul last Sabbath I had in my plan talk about the Sabbath school and the church you know what what was said in Sabbath school would happen in church that was my plan wasn't as easy as you think I'm saying at a table with some nice people and my wife was one but she was quiet so I sent out a table with some nice people and I would talk to this one about the sermon and the conversation would be extremely short like not much talk back you know like the monologues by me and so I thought and I I addressed everyone at my table I'll say this but never got a riproaring discussion on the sermon going not even once but it did prevent the corruption from coming the other cassettes say it was a evidence on part of the success of bundling success but I would rather have a bungling success down a silver Honda mailing and the turn your Bibles to Isaiah chapter verse fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight we had our special music from this passage and your spouse in music included those precious promises spoken about in Arkadelphia a few times but not Abydos continually their helpful spring forth speedily that when we pray God would hear us when were desperate to be right there with us you know those blessings are in Isaiah fifty eight but the last lesson on Isaiah fifty eight is at the end of the chapter so verse thirteen if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath that reminds me of Daniel seven at four you have a beast that puts it all over the Sabbath if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight the holy of the lower honorable and shalt honor him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasure nor speak in your own words if you are taking English recognizer verse thirteen is not a complete sentence one great big doubtful clots it starts with F and if applies to the entire verse so even in computer programming if you have an if statement somewhere after that you can find and then it goes and if there's been a be other than once true here too that if is in verse thirteen worst of them at first fourteen right then you shall do like yourself in the Lord now what we read in the testimony that there are people who are frequently the Sperry and sad in a sense a lack of the spirit we read here in Isaiah is here is the condition of having a delightful spiritual experience what was the condition of having the delightful spiritual experience its proper Sabbath keeping you see the claimant verse thirteen fourteen will just put your thinking caps on if a delightful spiritual experience comes from proper Sabbath keeping than what is supposed to come from a lack of proper Sabbath keeping who knows but it certainly wouldn't be a delightful spiritual experience just recently I read in the Pentateuch about this next idea writing upon the high places of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father I don't remember what I read about it so not to speak about Isaiah chapter fifty eight outlines a blessing I will say a blessing for think it's probably the same blessing that was given in Genesis two and the same blessing that was mentioned in Exodus twenty five what I like about it is where Genesis and Exodus tell us to keep the Sabbath holy so we can have the blessing I think it explains how to keep it holy so that I can have the blessing but I'd like you to understand is how you can keep holy see you can keep the blessing I was really happy to hear during Sabbath school that we have activities this afternoon plans by Sabbath keepers not ask me think that more than half plan activities that would match the fourth commandment I like the idea of planned activities on Sabbath because my experience is that when I don't make up I am well the devil has an agenda and if I don't have an agenda then someone's agenda ends up taking over I guess I said that three or four times I think you understand what I'm trying to say the truants now have four cats I don't believe in having for pets and you want a dog let me know but I flew off than it gave my wife slight ribbing because she had a dog and and I more sensibly had no paths now I have three cats and my wife has one and but like I said I'm trying to downsize unpatented you need any this let me know I ended up with my fourth hat this week because long long ago even before Jasmine was born how old are you before you were born a little kitchen was found in a doctor in Oklahoma that chicken was named Chad T but in Russian in the Russian word for chickie was Tisha so the cat 's name was just finished was picked up and cared for by the students at the predecessor to watch the Hills College in the year two thousand and eight the characters interested became the school cat or when those students and the whole program moved to Oklahoma in two thousand and three Tesco became my cat and ten o'clock but some of the Oklahoma Arkansas District and Arkansas and became my cat and I was content to let my mom take this guy and then my grandma got sister and then tested again to sleep in my grandma 's bed my grandma was too polite petitioner was in her bed she would sleep on the couch and so the family decided the tester can escape my grandma any longer so Tuesday was sent back to stay with my mother and I will say what happened there but my mother decided that this guy should no longer to my mother so now test their lives with me he's an outside cat for the first time since last time me and Tish God has a Bulwer I put his food rights under the EU has been raining half the time he spent Arkansas I has a ball under the EU and then you know Heidi has a dog which is named the and that is an inside dog for the most part so I happened this week that Heidi and I were watching how Tish and Betty would get along because this guy is older than Benny and happier than dining but then he is a dog contestants account so this was good be interesting for us to watch and this week just might of been yesterday probably remember the door was opened and Tesco was at his food container and then he was in his house but they were this far from each other and what happened this sister perceived that then he might be after his food and dining diversity of the tester might be after his house and the two became vicious that it intends each other were both scared MSS that this draft marks than you know is that not actually touch scratch and then I closed the door it was all over I mentioned that to you partly steps helps me wake up honestly was part of what I told you all that but we were watching fish guy and Danny because were interested in helping to get along that was interesting to us but we sort out this talk by mentioning that someone's watching us are they watching us they want to see a moment in the we were watching how to stand I never been a reaction that door was open with her watching what worked to be doing this afternoon they are watching they have an interest and they are on the rise to give blast scenes that were ready to receive them before not ready those blessings return they are unable to be delivered we don't want our blessings to be like that turn your Bibles to the book of Joel Joel chapter two this is the last verse for this sharing time chill chapter two is the classic passage that introduces that early in the letter rain during Sabbath school I had an epiphany and seven schools a great place to have epiphanies Jonah Tiffany is an epiphany is like when you get a great revelation of an idea and limited assurance that revelation and hope that will be useful to you in the future for a long time your soul to the losers God organize things that we are far enough from the equator so that in the fall season about the time of harvest when it gets cooler range and the leaves turn yellow and the wind blows and the leaves come down and be called that I fall to start the day right the twenty first of September when the wind blows and the yellow leaves fall in the fall that reminds me very much of the Holy Spirit being poured out and asked to member there was the sound of a mighty rushing wind and then there appeared funds of fire and they probably weren't blue right so that they might event on imagining yellow because there's no blue movies so I'm just trying to picture that God organize things in the fall so we see the wind blow in the yellow things coming down it would remind us that we live in the time of the letterwriting we live in the time when God wants to sound a special blessing your angel to write verse sixteen gather the people sanctify the congregation and assemble the elders gather the children and those that are nursing let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber and the bride out of her closet let the trees the ministers of the Lord we between the porch and the altar if you start over seventeen you could get the idea that the special prayer time is just the peak the priest praying for December sixteen you see something quite different who was involved in the special process this is now anyone who can do anything in the charts for all involved everyone is being involve the children she was much as possible everyone's involved in this seeking for a blessing the special idea of living a holy life is to sanctify the congregation is number sixteen sanctify that means teach them how to be holy how do I know that needs to teach them to be holy because the first time this happens in the Bible is in Exodus nineteen when God says sanctified a carnation and nested teach them how to relate mouse I nicely don't get killed if they get too close to it they're being taught how to relate to a holy place for a holy situation in jolt to teaching the congregation how to live in a holy way is the preparatory work for powerful prayer and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit are limited out a different way God has blessed the Sabbath day and he's hollowed when I hollowly individually he can give me a blessing individually but one with Holloway as a body he can give us a blessing as a body and he wants to give us a blessing of the body that he can't give us individually you and I can't receive help from the Holy Spirit include me I can be full of the Spirit in the morning and my devotional experience you can to but God has a special rates for the church that experience is being filled with his Spirit but it begins with this process of sanctifying the congregation and that's what I hope this weekend to do for us will get us all involved in the process of sanctifying ourselves being raised in church we can begin the process by sanctifying the Sabbath by maintaining a devotional frame of mind and to the best of our ability helping others in the same then we have not just the holy Sabbath of lesson one and was nailed for a closing prayer our father in heaven I thank you for how predictable the holy Sabbath this but it need not take us ever by surprise the patient with sauces were learning how to keep a day holy be our teacher give us that life can blessing and special strength that you spoken of teach us how to delight ourselves in our spiritual life plans these gifts in the name of Jesus will need in a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain and www. audio tours .org


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