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Escape from the Black Hole

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers was a hip hop artist in the famous group known as the Boogie Monsters.  The group captivated so much fame and attention that they were eventually signed to EMI Records for a large record deal in 1995.  However, that same year, Ivor had a powerful experience with the Word of God which led him to walk away from serving the music industry to serving God.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 5, 2007
    7:00 PM
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I found the place so much for your love for us as long as you we thank you for that even in tailoring the phone there is five past nine and anointed you with our allies in Congress jeans as it pleases you tonight and I pray you are again in the spring would be Victorian fun as we hear more opinions and house the severity with his prayer in Jesus and I like to use in your Bibles and seeking a challenging twenty eight he is explaining my message and final resting from the black hole I will be sharing a personal testimony and I will be sharing about things and the Lord has opened my eyes to see and I pray he will open your eyes to see as well and were not at the meeting this morning I want to bring you in on the scene the foundation as set out this morning this will be counting through the entire meeting this morning 's message was entitled I will ask a series of hands-on and so he work will press this morning will okay got a good number of looks like I'll does not have a outlet and dance in just a few moments laptop on the way verse fourteen the Bible says thou art the anointed cherub that number than I have say so is almost upon the holy mountain of God has walked up and down and the needs of the stones of fire that was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created on till iniquity was found in the this portion of Scripture tells us about an angel by the remote Lucifer who was created he was created perfect on till what everyone iniquities what's found in Haiti the Bible says that we're delegating roles and had Lucifer and one third of the angels but have attempted to take the throne of God the question we asked this morning with a simple one why is it that God did not judge Lucifer right then and there we found the answer in her outburst in the book of Deuteronomy chapter nineteen so she returned it with me very quickly Deuteronomy chapter nineteen an incredible answer a principle that God himself laid out on begin reading from verse sixteen is a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong then both the magnitude of the controversies shall stand before the Lord before the priests and the judges which shall be in those the and the judges shall make diligent inquisition and behold if the witness be a false witness has testified falsely against his brother 's grandson once again as he will have done unto his brother so sound when the evil away from among you the Bible let us know you're a very important principle that whenever controversy arose between two parties there have to be a religious morning a third party present should be to serve as as judges or shorebirds between the two parties so the answer comes to us why is it that God did not just Lucifer and they are because in heaven beloved there were only two party we got anything to twenty eight Ezekiel twenty eight and verse seventeen the Bible tells us something incredible easy kill twenty eight first seventeen the Bible reads here my heart was lifted up my beauty God has come up and I was on my reasonable brightness I will cast into the ground I will again be before it came that they may be lonely we noticed this morning that this verse or this portion of Scripture I believe he before Kings in the term for judgment just wanted to withdraw before Jesus and laying the floor for her they wanted Jesus to do what to just her so God is here and Lucifer on Monday the fourteenth and you know anyone loses are scratched his head because these watering hole in the world are these chains in your number they knew before don't you realize not all will arrive into suicide what did Lucifer know God has a story in my so the site and I pool with the Army wholeheartedly means that that he was that he would bring Lucifer before and they had out there who are kings Revelation chapter one verse six is that Christ has lost us in his own blood they are the king you are a society that you are the means that God has created for the car and what a problem what a call we learned this morning that in actuality the human race artists are the shorebirds in the greatest case this world has everything one of one it is no wonder that first Corinthians position your twelve note enough that you shall want Josh Angel Sullivan when God created Adam and he is getting on the menu is a firm step back and so are these the ones that are to do one judge me and you know what you set out to build he set out to ride is your piece set out to two children to disqualify the jarring and he said he was shocked he asked God knowing that enable the work of God is actually translated as Shaughnessy 's use shall be asked is knowing good and evil for yourself you don't need to depend on God to know the difference between good and evil you enjoyed yourself and you know what happened the moment and that me him a long meeting on you while you siren between good and evil but realizes that she can be strong than sorry there can be no know exactly as solid as in mission is to destroy the jarring him everything he ever said this morning the gospel the purpose of the gospel is a sample is to restore that time of their life as she harbors a man and I sat this morning on each harbors will answer where and why beloved in order to be a majority of the outstanding citizen of the country that you represent the reality outstanding citizens of the country that we write already read you something to let other you have a desire to so if you are probably able able to access that I can't take this one Amy caused he will now the judge Sullivan now we understand the gospel and is designed to reconnect us that God can any assault is going to try to watch dance connect us from God the soul is to try to prove to God that you are on right we enjoyed then you can even discern between right and wrong and I appreciate the beyond the title of being connected because without you and I must be why I Shari 's will I took on this revelation chapter twelve verse eleven how is it that we as owners overcome the devil revelations eleven verse eleven count was very clearly a Wednesday evening is our also have been connected with Christ Baltimore Detroit they overcame him by the law of God then by the word of their discipline I want to show you very quickly this is the foundation of what we talk about what in the world is the blog by which they overcome how many would like to overcome all right then we must overcome by law by the varying the question is what is the well I want to think about when Jesus said that you eat my last injury my and you have no life in you what's he talking about literal no sleeve then neither was he getting a little talking about drinking is why literal so the question is one of the world 's last stand for him you must eat my flesh lady me what is less in the is the word of God amen then some of them I want bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God question for you is it possible to eat the flesh and yet have no liking amusing you say yes your nervous answer the you are free it is possible to identify this for eating so much to memorize it to know what I want to know all the seven administrations and the page is sitting at one hundred and ten how often do want that and yet have no life in you why because the life of less Israel is in the latter part of the seventeen amend the life of questions and lots of beginning are optional but if we don't have the you have no one life in so the person then again what in the world and is say what does represent a sacrifice of Christ it may easily admit a lot of progress but not everything goes much deeper than you see the Bible says the life of the flesh is in the blood what does one do it sustains life if we want to know what is all behind without question how in the world that Jesus was saying his life when he was here on our answer prayer prayer Johnson's presidency three these are the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and are one lot Jesus is everywhere as I communicate with you that there and that's what I want to give you an illustration as you can get is how Jesus will survive and was able to overcome the devil because the blog is falling between he is father so when Jesus is speaking that would be like the blog doing what going going off in his father and his father with the I will like the blood while coming down know what I'm doing along everyone knows I will in a cycle than nothing what do you believe that Jesus and his father shot a healthy side will come near receiving this is my beloved Jesus was able to overcome because the line was always going between he and his father and that is learned that when Jesus was in the vicinity pray free time father is a possible cup pass from me the word is anything coming down no no asked from his father and the Bible says that Jesus began to do while somewhat great job all the communion was being one protein so what if I want to ask you do you have the blood of the Lamb always sing about it already provided by the leading do you have the money not that any do you do you pray like Jesus praying because I don't train I keep praying Eugenius Maran tomorrow but if you are not connected with the father on a day by day minute by minute basis we are and shall not without it very simply put the blood flow must always be going back to our connection with the are our sin with Christ in you know someone is getting on the prey and we close our eyes and we go to sleep is not right yet a person once you know things like baseball is not one of them is any is with our baseball even possibly what the trader is it in your blood talking to the father is in your mind do you have the other letter as an uncomfortable question is it is missing about it another way we begin to understand what it really is we have to step back and say wait a minute am I really connected now as we know it is following in the body something on our end perfectly surveys you just know answer what happens when you think that's all the blood from flowing in the bond a lot about what is a single laptop from a heart attack did you know that both dentists and I will die of stroke or heart it is tried again you know that most Seventh-day Adventist are lost each front of an honest because although stroke or heart you see but other than that I have what I call disconnect there is not okay the NOK are you with me as he left a sour to disconnect from Jesus they are at the clock were to answer our communication with non- father so that I can't even impossible for us to walk in front of you interested in the would-be disconnect is a RU ready are you sure Revelation chapter eighteen revolution chapter eighteen the mother to have the blood of the lab is to have the character of the land a man to have my Jesus I pray so we will love to pray to Jesus Jesus said slowly while he is saying half is the happiest chapter which will calculate up anyway two things the character a while law and one really thought and feelings that are based on the moral character so they rather than the allowed is the character of the man which is the help of all and the feeling of the land which is to have no mind that they mind being in humans is also in Christ Jesus so that all God wants to the mind of Christ in you so that you can become sure you get he wants the line price and you so that you can be a sound juror deciding between right and wrong so that is what you want to do this connect stroke the many strokes many of our allies in the salon what you sit under their use of Internet for a long time what brought us all and you are usually your year in a closely I wonder there is confusion somewhere not to leave another Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three the Bible tells us in verse twenty three see about along the line of a candle the morality and the voice of the bridegroom and of the Bronx on her know more about the need for bipartisan agreement of the earth for my nice obligations to see money because money is sorcery is struggling with witchcraft all right one I want you to notice a lot of that is the Greek word for florists harshly here is the word Pharma TI forever before pharmacopeia and framework for source Kenya and his wife which we get our English word pharmacy and pharmaceutical nominee will still need I know where I am okay not how many do you get from a pharmacy drug knowledge of human definition of us learn and integrate it as anything that is the line so that it will not follow the will of God him a lot of the people finished for sorcery not to see if you know what he sorceries me your phone and some of it is an industrial crazy looking around but I will remain here in Washington I will say anything that came to mind so that it will follow the will or anything that is sometimes found in Christ the density while sourcing so let me ask you does not want to meditate the minds that it will not follow the law yesterday my most demonstrably socially many whom I will not follow the will of a long gone anybody know someone struggling with sorcery do you realize and alcohol history user by the store and you'll see what series so he is amazing I have some high for all things yet I see people talking that they are actually inviting one scary incidents rewritten we read can come to mitigate them so that it will not follow the love and anybody know some that maybe struggling with sources from around concerns raised in I see what additional that you are creating it is very possible that we can be going on it is meditating on mind will follow the will and using Medicaid so that will not follow the will of God is going to live herein in no better than it did someone say enough is not safe whenever the word of God amen agent and then you will know some of you see here is that the alcoholic but while it's certainly goes a lot deeper than what is tallest because many sat there are three hundred and is in Londonderry welcomes three other Hollywood half-lives must win if we wouldn't open the Bible we would see why it is that all nations almost all in all I need the Bible says would be deceived by sorcery novel and interesting that we were somehow all these things we were actually on this is so music television draws on when we were so entered he industry will talk about cutting off the blood flow and peanuts and that is so I will entertain formally what he was thirteen the reason you don't entertain strangers and have found that while there I intervene Angel is interested in the word answer means while to come in and what to halt or to change often I really say what the word means to that he and his sales and an accounting of all NFA of possession you as interesting as he will reason all the pain feeling to enhance your question how many entertaining you and they will follow as you only the result is not just a little relationship to twelve are sworn from his twelve versus line rather revelations twelve first-line the Bible says in the great dragon was cast out I was serving called devil and Satan which is seen in the whole world he must have found your and his angels were cast out with him and he diverse your phone it was just meant in the entertainment industry dreadlocks said everything and he is on every other living tell you that I did not know that God had called me we will will know how and what is online in Oregon it was so wonderful beautiful deleted that I is not a contract not in the Winston Cup eight hundred dollars in the computer 's internal computer is in a one thousand and eight hundred thousand dollars in the eight hundred dollars in their English is interesting in that I is history I was settling into our elusive yeah I will it was just a job knowing my struggles began altering my eyes so that I can see these very things and sharing with you and another on the iPod that will you please race in space we know like mosquito when the gravitational pull is so easy is sold and so strong that nothing is another that is what the entertainment industry is like sucking many of our young people as they are all falling and there is no law that I see things are continually getting worse there is no model been musing about a dozen and ten years ago guess what there's no it is deeper and deeper and with him and let me tell you that many of the people the people I call being showers are falling and not in no I is for healthcare and following our devil and his angels were cast as if forty twelve tells us that is to say I will be one of the most none of you is is is is is is is that you want to be more popular than God when you do you realize that the designer to the end zone upon your fellow human being arranging me with when you have time at the Allstate and when we would want something that is not handling Mister and his wife's we want anything that you want him we want to be a thought at the very principle that I became an industry exaltation of the invention that the same principle can be present in the right the team understanding yourself and we understand was how he was only in an desire to be more popular many others they want to be okay while she is changing and in one how is there is forever I don't want too hard so as I said no I want to see you on the get a hold is not what they want and everything was really using the eleven minus seven and into folders or see everything is there a start in the automation of losing the Angels went down to the owner and I'm not speaking to be very first monogamy is really asked me where is the all in as many angels can call you on our to do the same thing that they are not here in the first week of the Bible Angels star 's commandment is not hauling themselves so as so we know who you are and you is an obvious difference is amazing that God 's people overcome with Sony about what is astrology astrology in the last two on the house and as he trains against us and and and and so will are there someone you know is not only is he in his is not of God is a worse quality prisoners and will and ability I'm reminded in that they are preaching against a strong astrology may be going on clearly not as strong as they do so as I'm aware there is an adventure in clearly possible that people may have on people and they will and will star as important as the stars and why is the astrology is going when he is making where is the city of the Los Angeles is as easy as I remember he is hello Leon Angels in Hollywood if they may hope for us there are it is not in my religion is nothing new when I will call on when you are lonely and millions of the language there is currently that all this is just fooling is going to become you to signify how you are hot hotter counties they want a nicely K this is all fictional mean and but one series on several in their particular type of history it was all very actually a hot pastry was one of your favorite trees views my passenger was to variously in history music in particular is now being upon the will stop a while so I have all Israel will I will will is called Harris will is synonymous about it but I will ask you questions in life the possible that you will is the one in the head and many of God 's people the him to follow him what is not one that is many about an hour and so I will like to go through them is actually in using window pane in the minority this is how he is feeling confident as so as well they were all that he was able to sleep in the same team in the form of a starting annual cost serving a young and you and you know that if so while still at home while meeting of the humanist part one and I will clean for us in human that he and medium don't really know anything is easier to learn remedial in the last month and are you using the media need to be rephrased the medium after meeting up CCK mostly the same way I think the needy the problem is just it's just a song number don't be sad to know that I is putting into his jewelers and we want to sell over a mad you know what you are is one who is in your essay that the song is an isolated incident and will and you will is to tell me that this is wrong wrong and will is needed to when you want to turn this is one of these things will be asked to use Longhorn is in his letter to the committee that he was a turning that she will know that you could actually be communicating to you as he was watching you know that hobbit movie as you sit there watching that movie with the consequences you say that watching me with all that sex could be possible that as the Bible really is true is the only really come in the house that Shannon is going on in among God 's people among God 's joy in any safe passage unit understand this has no effect on me and I wouldn't turn the channel we you don't want to say that he uses I will not say come on Santa Fe what shall I say together the cream all you still do meanwhile many states not and as far away a remote control but not as controlling many of us from a distance and don't even see you have to get the state all he needs to do is walk through on media and now that movie comes on we begin watching that commercial comes on you know what you see all the speaks of these explosions and he always was Marxism he drop at the worth of Voyager you know you slight like about this smooth control right now and then what happens you want to go out and see all the sizzling drama action hot in all the things and then when you go to the beloved and you watch that stuff and income account under real world is not sizzling hot drama action do not try to read duplicate which he saw on the screen Yunnan China I don't live in a politically they has where the distribution of income returns no bomb on all planning no action knowledge no similarly not know what happened that were pulled out from any pushes the snooze exploring presentation in your sermon is under one because the human mind cannot retain much after one hour radio said that while five horrible monopoly remember everything word for word is and I went as the leading edge software that has soon as you walk through the doors you start to get sleepy I noticed that not only is Crystal clear right and you and I was signing my son in all its strength and glory as soon as you step inside the sanctuary and you and you and as soon as you think you sent but not yet ready to think about saying amen wake up okay about the same bloody thing that's going we wrestle not against flesh and blood that spiritual wickedness in high places it's no coincidence that when you want to pray the next and remembers waking up is not a coincidence that the will the real itself we be we wrestle not against flesh and blood against spiritual wickedness in high places and then another what happens as we begin to find certain boring console slowly begin to leave and move further from the back and then we get to the last time they were outdoor are you ready on our youth are leaving were in a client 's request shall we go from room to room who I know that spring and a half this is only the second this allows is the way in the economy now putting how do you see in some you didn't raise your hand beloved let me we face an enemy that is funding and shrewd and then we stand here today to tell you that are not your enemy on other company realizes your Christian duty to love me him and with all your heart this father before secondly because what is important about why I'd like to be like to utilize pneumophila the ninety it really is important to be like and appreciate and even when I say something you don't hear about them than the him I is almost too much to leave us in the black hole gone most of my life and that is go on he will do everything he can to warn us and he is warning that because he wanted to become sound children and the recently one within another shift gears and they just just all eventually some Nexus credit classes one verse three license chapter one and verse twenty three as you turn on a faulty motherboard the most the word emotion means to move it if you are moving what you are emotionally scarred see the same meaning those words from wall to start emotion he most in these troubled him him him Colossians one twenty three all right there do not align herself in the mold away from the gospel in Warsaw this is policy Microsoft to be the most unknown be moved away from the recently him awesomely connected to Christ without I saw this and just and the love it when we think about being moved away from the gospel and that wants to come in and to move away from the gospel comes very crystal clear to me why the mold fees are sold they got some maven at least in the incorrect our team of sand he motioned for the back fact that my hobby we're trying our will him will all over within two or the purpose will need his to move away from the sun now Superman and there are more desirable than Jesus saw ladies not ourselves what is sold for committee clean there uses the other antibiotics I would very so then why wants because if they are dirty in your entertainment it was secretly want on those and then secretly it's beloved last off-season claims payment methodologies his beloved tendency to come in and give us the garments that are whiter than snow we don't need those souls nothing to do with videogames you know we say about video games it's just our system do you realize that you know gamers they talk about what's called a fantasy round never heard that while the videogame is just the fantasy realm it's fantasy it's fantasy but did you know that the FAA and to I was once cell pH eight and the health review that spirit so when you say such a fantasy world of dealing with the spirit world let me tell you why but as your secondary killing Jesus set out on that thing and his horrid soul is he saw that while the Galahad how is an Angel right what you're watching a movie it wasn't until Justinian and his famous testimony as an Angel right the devil fetish imagination but when you understand now that Yahoo is that if you have the imagination how can I find the flood come upon the need in the imagination of men's hearts were only evil continually that's what that was harvested imagination of the men think in his heart so is he nominations and Nichols will be Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one beloved that he thought Don when he enters into your life she wants to make you a new creation a man Frederick is five seventeen if any man be in Christ he is a new creation and I want to share with you very quickly how that when we look at Barton new creation that's our new creation what do you think of what is causing at Nagel we doesn't deliver Genesis where God didn't want created though our not anonymously something amazing did you know that God wants to re-create you were remember we sat away from prison now I've got to re-create that led me to create a woman into a sound one jar and you know that in the same way that he created the earth is that house on day one the Bible says that the earth was without one form and void and darkness was upon the face of the league you realize that before Christ comes into your life you are without form and void and darkness you can discern between right and wrong anybody remember those days and praise God and the Bible says that the spirit of God moved anybody ever had the experience do you remember when Jesus Christ in the spirit of God began to move upon you when you were in darkness I remember them I was in total darkness without form and NT and the spirit of God began to move upon the Pakistanis that my life was let there be love blue love and their lives in there was light there was like the money was just stop there with his new creation about it because on day two we are told that the waters were separated from the waters I don't get it but in Revelation seventeen in verse fifteen that the waters that is all represent one peoples nations multitudes and throws them out and when people come new creations in Christ God separates the water this is not to say okay and your new creation statement you are he called me out from the water say that and God when he caused to the NSA had a major asset that the knowledge is I want to come out and be separate but that's hard for some reason and no longer run with the old cruise venues that was unduly yellow things using to come out and be separate and what was that separating the waters from the waters it was the atmosphere it was a it was but not in the spirit of God is what separates me tell you when it's not in your life people could easily hang out with you that want to do those things out of the whirlwind along when I went to sleep you are you personally you are actually asking them to come with you and SHA enough on the deal mounting you do your belief that an action that is the response when Christ begins to work in you and another on day three guess what happened the Bible is trying to appear as fruit began to spring for the pickup settings yes I love it what happens is that we we we we stop a half of producing that kind of fruit and now our vocabulary words begin to change and then and we begin to bear fruit of righteousness and tendinitis beautiful to day four the Bible says that God made the sun and the stop the greater light and listen eleven when you become a new man in Christ you not having you guys look like in your life you have the sun of righteousness Jesus Christ amen at the moment to reflect the glory of the sun saw the word of God reflect Jesus Christ amen you've got a new driving your life and you got us our sense on not only of heavenly Angels Lebanon also of God 's people David Simon as the stars Monday that a alternative social assigned as the stars for ever it on a new family and the degree to night we held the Bible and the C that we have the spirit of prophecy to an eighty greater lightness and okay usually less than mindlessly nineteen okay but I Costco 's salvation Dick Dale find the Bible says that God created the sea creature was Jesus do what Jesus do when he went by the seaside and saw those disciples what you say and follow me and I will meet you face it becoming the stuff I will make you fishers of the when you begin to follow Christ fully you will be so excited about what you have learned at the reality of Christ dwelling in you you'll be so happy that you are separated from the world and the things of the world that you will become how to go fishing have you understanding your goldfish and become other people are not worth more than you wanted among us I know that was not amusing I know that's all you do not like when I see her tonight but I'm doing it because I'm compared to know if I'm wrong I love you and you and you love me anyway right a psychologist they are beloved pacifier thing for him now good we love you and him to him thank you guys think beloved basics basics you have the creation of man and the creation of these elements only when I was gung ho about the city I thought that my human nature was dead forever and then I realized that that these the nature that is the nature will always come back to try to get dominion over someone who will not because I am limited appeal for you to throw some stuff some even go home to try and then another that that beastly nature is going to come back and try to get dominion over you but praise God of the covenant basis God said to shot the gunman that sometimes love it he said I have given you dominion over the beastly nature promoted that way we can find become term breasts and crushed baloney to you want to become new creatures in the wood there you dear you still that they are try to separate from the waters God has so much more for you when you need them but are you still will not have feeling in the gun went we are over developing for long as all the world 's dumbest thing I been here are seeing you know that I is the devil is a Thessalonica know your walls is a will is reasonable thinking I will be wanting a is is is is is is is is is allowing you a you got is a long and will is in her Andrea is free because the unit is off on the screen is a song written to explain over and is a real time is not unionized as one in the way he is not crazy to me as a really bad he is a very will you available to your dorm room and in is a is is a unique feature is for sure outstanding citizen will between the North Slope is seen as a test is in a bad mood and a a in a moon and not as I is is is is is is is because this course is the voice of God seeing as I is a will say us that I is as to bring a long long a C and I shall attain a shot at anyone at will will is and I want another resource of evening as soon as I have a power hungry mommy tonight on my team bring your right now he is planning a community defined in the season is in three eight and I don't care how old you are I don't want a Amy is a rural and Angel is going on right what kind of children on our harness jewelry sales right is right and wrong now where are you when I is of the kingdom of his beloved and in a in a if you are right as a colorist and even freeze not as a in their little is are want to run a world and human industry I is I don't notice the United five dollars and not only a time as any past and is I I noted me tell you it wasn't worth it to you as a and he and I you understanding what is his living as an another mind on the I he will he is one of the visiting her in a manner and is a me and in a manner he or Omar a noise you call us to a loss like to say in the outstanding citizens of the kingdom and I will stand here and want to the following phrases easily as he is visiting as a heat nor Freeman will be nearby and north of those are in you how come I pray Lord and you wouldn't even know a you summer spending must respond and I thought of those seated what I could find a fee on who are standing strong for standing against the wiles of the devil father I hanging in the air as here string because they receive encouraged and strengthened them and then finding the freedom to those who may really be struggling they are struggling on a free spirit of love in their hearts for you to know that will all will have free will he will girl I think he is going into exile myself in a spiritual night about my friend are going to be this weekend bring us as testing thank you here free Jesus means you are


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