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Higher Ground

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • November 1, 2013
    6:45 PM
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the title of the series this weekend while many companies present truth are cunningly devised fables present truther cunningly devised fables are we really holding and carrying the truth of God or did somebody sell us a bill of goods and I will start with prayer under Neil S God bless her time Tobias was father in heaven I thank you so much for the privilege we haven't been hearing your presence on the Sabbath father we understand from Scripture that you have cleared your schedule for us you have invited us during these hours into your presence for a special blessing and we pray I pray father for each one of us this evening that we would receive that blessing and it would be a blessing that lasts far beyond just this evening I pray that you would guide our minds our understanding as we turned your word this evening and we seek to understand your calling for us in this world at this time how we can come nearer to you and be more united to you in purpose and in thought and action and we ask and pray these things in Jesus name and for his sake amen present shows are cunningly devised fables or look at the passage of Scripture in a moment that speaks to present truth things sure you're ready to go there you have your Bibles with you okay with getting other wet eared and turn the pages Egan scrolls the Reuters no schism not have a Bible with you anymore is there a mean because you have eaten them in your folders you can haven't an insulated winter iPads or whatever the theme this weekend is look and as soon as I heard that theme my mind was taken to a minor my estate and actually a step couple statements in my early conversion process and to tell you this I was Ohio's imagine and the church that I began attending was a it was a new company it in its mission was to reach the young people I was twenty five years all the time twenty six years old and characteristic of churches that are trying to reach the young people the emphasis is not the message but the music typically and so we had that the height that church service and I did know one thing from another I just came in and I was looking at was looking for work truth but I had an Adventist background growing up and my parents had left the Adventist faith and left Christianity altogether when I was about fourteen years old and so one of the things that they had an issue with was Ellen White and so I was able to inherit that Emily came back in the church I shared that same issue in conveniently for me the church that I began attending was also down on Ellen White the Adventist church that I began attending I'll never forget asking they had Elder at that church in a conversation as I is not my views begin a change in a asked him about Ellen White message would you do with running the malware how do you view Ellen White in his first response was went like this this is exactly said that Mimi Ivey said I believe she was a plagiarist I believe she was inspired which to this day I haven't inspired plagiarists that's it on but that's what he sat in and when I insert that just shares into the mindset of the church that I was attending and so it was convenient for me I want to believe in a cell and white because frankly she to only I wasn't supposed to be doing certain things I did and I like to do and so that was cool why didn't I I'd have to be interested in that I have this I have his interest in prophecy I have this real knowledge and desire to know what is coming head and I forget who introduced me to the book early writings but because of my desire to know about future things overrode my disdain for Alan light I began to read this book if you do nothing else this weekend but the motivation is that when a pickup early writings and read it I've accomplished more than I can care in this weekend I began reading this book and I would tell you something as much as I didn't want to believe that God spoke to Alan why I was compelled to say this is inspired I'm united I was so gripped with this book and it was such a blessing to me and in this book really writings a lot of things in this book and on return from it this weekend but in this book through to the title early writings it begins with her first Elimite 's first vision given in December eighteen forty four which is significant when we come back that and in the second paragraph of that vision here's what she writes while I was praying at the family altar the Holy Ghost fell upon me and I seem to be rising higher and higher far above the dark world I turned to look for the ad that people in the world but could not find them when a voice said to me look again and look a little higher at this I raised my eyes and saw a straight and narrow path cast out high above the world on this path the end that people were traveling to the city which was at the farther end of the path they had a bright light set up behind him at the beginning of the path which an angel told me was the midnight cry this light shone all along the path and gave lights for their needs so they may not stumble now I'll unpack this further as we go with that that made my cry was a part of the experience and experience with an anchor you how sometimes the Lord does something in your life sometimes God has done something everyone he lives you wouldn't be here and in the Bible when it went down to do something notable for his people they would set up some type of memorial and Senate memorial stones or something like that and that was to keep it fresh in their memory that God had done this wonderful things so that when they came to a point in their life where they were discouraged they can be reminded of what God had done and so there was an experience that was delight at the past when making the difficult places in the past that light from their experience in the past would remind them that guy had gone was the one that led them out onto that path this light soon along with having a life of their feet so they might not stumble if they kept their eyes fixed on Jesus who was just before them leading into the city they were safe but some soon grew weary and said the city was a great way off and they expected to have answered it before I thought we'd be there by now I thought he'd be here by now then Jesus would encourage them by raising his glorious arm and has on his arm he came which waved over the ad then randomly shout it out Lilia others rashly denying the light behind them and said that it was not God that had led them out so far the light behind them went out leaving their feeding perfect darkness and they stumbled and lost sight of the Mark and Jesus and fell off the path down into the dark and wicked world below you will then experience that sure there that experience of purchasing the people she's looking in the world and she seen them in the world Ryan as he was about to give up means that what look I look higher and it was some years later that I was reading a series of messages by one of our pioneers named eighteen Jones a series on the three Angels messages he gave before the general Congress assembled in eighteen ninety three this was his February three well if I don't know that was the date of the second around that time this is a it was printed February three eighteen ninety three in the general conference David Bolton from the night or two before obviously to print and this is what he said in a picks up becoming a man that vision we just read that portion and exactly common ailment another brother said about visa that is a splendid picture that Brother Porter read a while ago that the prophet looks for those who get this message but looked too low said the angel look higher thank the Lord they are of while the world that's where they belong God is the last day people are among the world look higher than in the world my hope when people looking for you they're not looking down here to look at present truther cunningly devised fables but with a second Peter chapter one start verse twelve second Peter the New Testament after the peacekeepers comes the book of James the first in second Peter second Peter chapter one and verse twelve second Peter one verse twelve the Bible says here for this reason I will not be negligent to remind you all ways of these things though you know and are established in one now the new King James says the presence troops the present truth sung translation say the truth that is present with you the NIV says anybody have that the truth you now have the truth you now have no I want to take a moment on this because it in fact recently there was a minister right here my family knows fairly well it was going over this idea present truth with the church in prayer meeting trying to make this point they present truths is to use something other than maybe we thought to be present through the beekeeping is not in the presence or within any idea came across it in the presence of famous talk about was the cross is now is the present through the cross and some of this stuff that we have these days these narrow or door-to-door lamina say these these kind of history and ideas in an attempt present to think some certain specific message is not biblical and that was the that was the angle that this professor seven a.m. this was taking I want us to be clear on what present truth is gay and present truth is different every a self present to resort the truth it is present with you we got something only if you present through the eighties on the attribute is present with you what we can compare that with the truth and present with you I and I want you to see it in the book of our first numerous second-tier diversity or hold your finger thereof in first Peter chapter one verse ten first beer one immersed in the same apostle writing here first there were numerous tennis is on his salvation salvation comes to Jesus Christ he says of this salvation the prophets have inquired and searched carefully prophesied of the grace that would come to you searching why or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ who was where in them was indicating when he testified when before hand the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow surprised the Spirit of Christ is in the province and he's telling the prophets like Isaiah talks about the suffering Messiah is going to come and be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities well that wasn't present to the future truth right it was something that was to come and this is what Peter is saying here the prophet assertion water what manner of time this the spirit was indicating personnel to down it was revealed that not to themselves but to get to us they were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those who preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven things which angels desire to look into a peters basically saying it there was a time when the when the Christ the Messiah was foretold it was prophesied about but it really wasn't for their time there whether for themselves or the prophets wrote that it was for our seas as you have now in the fulfillment of that missing and so we come the second Peter is talking about the present euros that's exactly what he's saying is where the receiving end of all of that that which was foretold and was passed through that one time now is present truth with eyes as big as we examine the time of its fulfillment are you following Romans sixteen Paul and see how he does the same thing basically Romans chapter sixteen hundred finger and perfume on back there secondly rather Romans sixteen twenty five the apostle says here now to him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the watt ministry kept secret since when the world began but now named manifest and by the prophetic Scriptures made known to all the nations according to the commandment of the everlasting God for obedience to the faith to God alone is wise be glory through Jesus Christ for ever amen so Paul again is saying like Peter did that this reality of Jesus is something that at one time had been foretold and look forward to but now we live in the fulfillment okay so what were in second Peter and he was talking about the present truths he's talking about truth that had one time would not have been the truth that you now have it would venture that was foretold incidentally were going back there and I lost my place along a minute second Peter chapter one again verse twelve for this reason I won't be negligent to remind you these things out of her mind you always of these things will you know and are established in the present truth yes I think it is right as long as I'm in this tent to stir you up by reminding you knowing that shortly I must put off my tenth just as our Lord Jesus Christ showed me moreover I'll be careful to ensure that you always have a reminder of these things after my decease three times there he talks about reminding reminding reminding Peter wrote this letter about somewhere around sixty five to eighty how long was that after Jesus Christ had appeared and then ascended to have thirty years this is still present through thirty years later nothing is an easy question Scripture says it is so the answer is yes yes it is Hasek as Scripture says is present through why would it be present through because it still as applicable today and that time is the truth that is present with them at that time Logan 's brother through as long as it has in effect as long as your gilded in the creek in theaters talking on this experience that my point is this everything is at present truth when Noah was out there by the boat the methods of the fly the coming flood was present through K a hundred and twenty years going into that crazy morning about a coming live now that message was it wouldn't be present and that it would be truth at all today because is not coming what anymore that God commanded Noah would be out there preaching and talking about it all relationships in the family time and no thematic in Ireland I say nothing about becoming blind in economy missing something important there every generation is true this is a true than in the truth that is especially meaningful at that time for now it was a coming fly in Jeremias it was a coming Babylonian captivity he limited a faithful property when the porthole that was gone again in the message that specifically apply to his people at that time in Jesus day in United John the Baptist out there preaching about anything under the sun whenever saying him by the way behold the Lamb of God taketh away the sin of the world in our data is present USENET present to the RJ is the truth that we find in Revelation check fourteen with the three Angels messages the judge in our messages present truth today and somebody may say what you always always it and then it happened long time ago is still present today when asked if he was so coming that well then I get to be president that anymore present today than it's ever been we talk about the fall of Babylon is at present truth now know that soldiers are told that would let me ask as Madeline so fallen is appalled getting worse and worse now that you called and wanted to go to the book of Revelation Revelation eighteen is the final call back and look at the three Angels messages in Revelation fourteen there is no call out of Babylon are you aware that it is a balance ball and you and you get to come out of her my people that's once her sins have reached under heaven in Revelation eighteen is a time span in in in those messages if you look at Revelation fourteen you find something interesting I want to go there with me here Revelation fourteen you'll find the three Angels messages in Revelation fourteen starting in verse six I want to go beyond them right behind them in verse twelve you recognize first well perhaps years the patients in the same journals and keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus verse fourteen since then I looked and behold a white cloud and on the clouds at one life to the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle what's he doing is coming to reap the harvest of the earth let's is a picture of the coming of Jesus where do these messages take place right before Jesus comes and friends as long as you think on these messages are going now there are those in our church that when I messaged me some insipid something somebody else is talking about is talking about anything like some he said before we have mastered the art today almost saying something we can talk and talk and talk and make no points because they want to be politically correct anyone got a world that's going on warned there is a present is in every generation there is a present use in our day in the early writings page sixty three in that book the chapter is called the messenger speaking of those at the end of time when the messengers of God look like at the end of time early writings a sixty three says there are many precious truths contained in the word of God but it is present truth that the block needs now I have seemed in danger of the message is running off from the important points of present truth to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the block and sanctify the soul Satan will year take every possible advantage to injure the costs but such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated calculated by the way God Almighty calculated these messages e-mail what do you gyrate somebody and engender their heart and get in and stir their heart with true will start to knows how to reach the heart of individual the lower depths and so he gave a message and says here's what I want you to debug deliver this for me some subjects these are our perfectly calculated to explain the past had been movement and show what our present position is to establish the fate of the Downing and to give certainty to the glorious future these I have frequently seen where the principal subjects on which the messenger should dwell was frequently mean regularly often I have frequently seen this this is shown me again and again don't law on this subject of on the subject focus on this site subject to the sanctuary can ask when the twenty three hundred days the Commandments God and the faith of Jesus I'm working on fact than little bit here but I want you to notice several points in this paragraph I just read this on my present truth some of the danger of messengers running off from these points says that Satan is going to take every possible advantage here single here take every possible managed into the cause how I get into the runoff I'm different points of doctrine okay get the mall get all the church members getting into some big debate and argument about some theological doctrinal controversial something or the other so that were busy worrying about who needs to be ordained instead of worrying about the message that God caused again and again and bicker back and forth while Sulzer lot lots left and right for lack of war don't misunderstand me some of these issues going on we need to have a voice in our voice should be with the body that the Lord has established my point is that the devil is constantly seeking to get us off track from giving the message for this time they it says that these subjects are perfectly calculated to explain the past advent movement to show our present position is nothing worse in life than having no idea where you're headed what you're doing what am I doing here with my purpose in life you want to know your purpose in life says this truths they were to be subjects of any help you to understand that what your present position is as an individual has a Christian is an advantage as a church to establish the faith of the doubting comes through this gives confidence in our system of faith and Minnesota give certainty to the glorious future versus the inglorious future the glorious future is talking about my foundation and the point is that these understanding these messages will help me will help you to have Mark this in your salvation contrary to what is probably most generally said that all we talk about that prophecy stop the most range of messages that just robs people of their assurance is what it says here doesn't says he gives assurance the insurgency of the glorious future and their perfectly calculated to do so so what in the world are we talking about here and I know when I first read that I thought to myself with a centering connection with the twenty three days the commands of God faith in Jesus and how many times you work the massive amount of eighteen forty four right me what you get and that's like the summary of the sink Saints reconnection of the twenty three days the commands of God and the faith of Jesus the principal subjects that were getting over this over this over this again again again again think of her with me but submits that sitting with me to meet here in this passages it doesn't say the sanctuary doesn't synthesizer in connection with the twenty three hundred with the difference but the difference what happens when you connect the sanctuary with the twenty three hundred but first of all you're not talking about I have to say certain things at risk of being misunderstood here so I hope you stay with me but when I talk about count the tent stakes and all the dimensions on the structure heard a lot of things in the sanctuary MSN and not helpful studies but I would say that along with what Alloway said and I quote there many great things in the word of God the study do not present truth and when you can ask of the same train connection with a twenty three days and you connect those two things first of all the trainer Dave puts it far past any earthly sanctuary so you moving it to the heavenly sanctuary and you're talking in the twenty ten at a prophecy a and I'm assuming that you know something about this if you nonlinearly little bit lost here but if you know something about the twenty third a prophecy in Daniel eight were noted a bit of it here and minute then you know that it talks about the century being close not just the structure itself this is not remaining in the takes place in the sanctuary when you connect with a twenty three hundred is not the earliest heavenly and we put it all together what you're looking at if something is pointing us to the work of Jesus is doing right now since he ascended to heaven and further on since the judgment began in eighteen forty four and I want to unpack a little bit of that year but the point I want to make at this time this evening is that the centering connection with the twenty three days is pointing to the time when that cleansing of the century then begins out in your clue on how to find it the other part that safer in connection with the twenty seven days the Commandments of God and faith in Jesus can you find can you think of a place in Scripture another place in Scripture that brings those two terms together the Commandments God and faith in Jesus should be able to complete a threat where Revelation fourteen twelve which is the final part of what we call the three Angels messages let's see the first part that the twenty three days in a century connection with the twenty nine days later the cleansing of the century the end of the twenty three days what else do we call that the judgment and it begins at a certain time because of the judgment now where does the Bible talk about a dozen hour on the first Angels message and what that statement is basically saying when Ellice as the present truth is a century in connection with the twenty three days since Eisenhower the commanders and on the faith of Jesus was saying is the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen sixty twelve is present chosen all that they entail and we need to understand the significance of that for you and me for two Minneapolis today to have a survey they don't even know what they don't even study the books of Daniel and Revelation in a study Ephesians getting a real need studying Ephesians with the Christ we lost profits or moment of prophecy God called you an immediate message of processing and or the significance we got to understand this is a principal subject on which the messenger limited well I want to go to Daniel twelve with me I'm not a little history on this Daniel twelve something significant happens at the end of the book of Daniel did you know that we are told by Alan light of it if we were to study the books of Revelation and Daniel Daniel revelation that we would have an entire if we were understandably have entirely new religious experience in the Regency teslas Mrs. page one fourteen when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character that all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is to the reward of the pure in heart the characters they must develop that something else that when you look at Daniel chapter twelve verse four Nesmith says here that the Daniel shut up the words in one sealed up until when the timeout LeeAnn many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase Daniel looked there interested to this one is riverbank near the river bank and one said the man clothed in linen was above the waters of the river how long shall the fulfillment of these wonders be that heard the man clothed in linen who is above the waters of the river when he held out his wife is right-handed his left hand where heaven is for my cameo lives forever that it shall be or how long a time times and half a time and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered all be essentially finished although I heard I did not understand I said my lord wins a begin of these things or what shall be the end of these things and he said go your way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed the win time again now you have done any study prophecy you understand this appears seven times in the books of Daniel Revelation as either time times and half a time twelve hundred and sixty days or forty two months and all refers to the same time because the Lord and one is the message seven times forty three different ways to guess that the same time the period of papal supremacy that ran from five thirty eight the seventeen ninety eight all of those and in seventeen ninety eight and according to the Bible seventeen ninety eight began what the Bible calls the time of the year the Bible said the book of Daniel this is so important for you to understand number one when Jesus told his disciples about prophecies are and before they come to pass so that when they do come the Bastille will I be and I like to tell people I tell skeptics listen God doesn't expect you to believe in him blindly he's given evidence is lots of evidence in one of those evidence is one of the clearest evidence of this prophecy when we see fulfilled prophecy if evidence to watch that God was in this thing and here the Bible says that the book of Daniel and if we get a little more studying tonight we know that it's a specific part of the annual especially having to do with that prophecy twenty three hundred days would be sealed up until the time he had left seventeen ninety eight will happen in seventeen ninety eight on here this past in seventeen ninety eight something began called that we call the great second Advent movement and it was not limited now here's what we hear and I have this sum I sum it is bringing this up this reason has listened to them talk about it all with William Miller leaving her to William Miller of course this William Miller was the guy to get all this preaching and this is what we hear well a keyboarding for this thing happen right before eighteen forty four you know these are believers they are led by this one guy and his wand I had this idea that went south and so this at all well now that the road really happened this is what really happened in all moving around you need to understand something it was far more than one guy in seventeen ninety eight according to Scripture that book of Daniel it was sealed when the open you can read about it in Revelation vanity is the same imagery here only they're using an angel standing with one hand up to have enthusiasm handbook of linen is a meal was the book of Daniel now the book of Daniel he is proclaiming and he says time there though I the time has come for the book the open OS will happen historically incidentally before there was administered during this great secondhand bedroom and this is taken from a paper called the midnight cry of June fifteen eighteen forty two now the incidentally humming heard the term midnight cry you know when it comes German Scripture is the parable the bridegroom behold it and there came when our call at midnight behold the bridegroom is coming to the meeting and says they heard the bridegroom is coming is called the midnight crime incident language comes from in this paper eighteen forty two it says this in the economy it is truly interesting to find the various independent writers has since seventeen ninety eight have seen what was entirely unperceived before that the seventy weeks was the key to the twenty three hundred days now and understand if you read the book of Daniel and Daniel chapter nine is a prophecy of the seventy weeks prophecy MS seventy weeks prophecy begins with the command to restore and build Jerusalem and command was biking Artaxerxes in your four fifty seven BC now that was understood by Christians across the board but in Daniel eight versus prophecy of the twenty three days and there was no twenty three days from when where you started and nobody but nobody got it the two chapters went together of all these scholars have studied until seventeen ninety eight and something clicked no one will be with all these smart people studying the Bible and not getting in suddenly after seventeen ninety eight income tax on Yahoo Bible said the prophecies would be sealed the book would be sealed until the time of the end of seventeen ninety eight and so these writers simply commenting that it's amazing how many people after seventeen ninety eight again in their words have seen what was entirely in controversy before that the seventy weeks was the key to the twenty three days is not a wonderful coincidence that so many writers without any knowledge of one another to keep something in my guys seventeen ninety eight there is no Facebook there's no twitter there's no cell phone there is no telegraph there is no a communicative except for going on a boat across the ocean in dollars somewhere down the money about it how come everybody begins to come up with the same understanding of prophecies all across the globe is a nominal wait a minute I know my history it was just William Miller a New England listen to this from Dan Loughborough 's book the great second Advent movement page eighty six he says we herewith present a list of twenty different parties who discovered the truth concerning the close of the twenty three hundred days is not my communication with each other which I just explained could really happen to easily but as a result of diligent searching of the Scriptures led by the influence of the Spirit of God heading the list replace William Miller of the state of New York then followed AJ Krupp of Philadelphia Pennsylvania David McGregor on the main Edward Irving of England Archibald Mason of Scotland W Davis of South Carolina Joseph Walter labored in various parts of Asia Alexander Campbell in his debate with Robert Dale Owen in eighteen twenty nine Captain Haley haters of Liverpool England letter hi Rick Calgary Stuttgart Germany Lakota and Spain has been in The Hague Holland Doctor capitols of Amsterdam Holland route of aria priests of charter in eighteen twenty one Bible studies and human in a book called Sierra banks emerge in another part of Germany Russians in the Caspian Sea etc. after seventeen ninety eight all across the globe amid section began to go under the influence of none other but the spirit of God now just one of these just one of these these precepts were very Jan Andrews in his book the three Angels messages in Revelation fourteen sixty twelve shares this is as we find this doctrine in Tartary the coming of Jesus making forty four about twenty five years ago from the time he writes it and the time for the coming of Christ be in eighteen forty four this fact is obtained from an Irish missionary and Tartary did the question was put by a target for used when Christ would come the second time and the freehand and the missionary made an answer they knew nothing at all about it but arteries expressed great surprise at such an answer from the missionary would come to teach them the doctrines of the Bible and remarks that he thought the money might know that you have Bible the Tartar priest engages use stating that Christ he thought would come about in the eighteen forty four the missionary wrote wholeness statement of the facts which were published in the Irish magazine in eighteen twenty one the commanders of our vessels and sailors tell us that they can't know for where they find this proclamation is not preceded them systematic and seventy ninety eight just as the Lord said you know what it is a statement only makes about the Pharaoh in Egypt and in the deliverance of God 's people and it goes something like this against God 's word is God said that they would after that timing and slavery they would come out with great substance and and how to word guest that were something like this all pharaohs proud host battled in me and said it was to happen and when the time came to the rocks cried out if need be in the mid- movement as his master was going across the globe we think the message was what you think people are preaching the hour of his judgment is come and in places like Sweden where they began imprisoning adults and maybe another sister the children of Holy Spirit came upon the children and the children began preaching the message and people who witnessed it said that he would go in and Eusebius five six seven -year-old painting acting like five six seven -year-old until the time people were gathered from all over to come in here about the coming of Christ when the people gather in a timely calmness of the whole demeanor of the child change they would get up and then he would preach the message and beginning with those words fear God into glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come I don't think I have I don't have with me I I have statements of all of the countries we have people like J Loughborough who was traveling in these countries and met some of these children who were adults now unable to reach the message and he asked about it isn't it nice of you brings the message and the response of one was well of course every semester that every the power came upon Leo's compel the bridge without power compelled me breach the rocks cry so to speak the message was a worldwide message the time had come for that message to go around the world it wasn't as with some crackpot preacher in New England and worked doing a cover-up it was a worldwide message in a miraculous way that's how this whole thing started on the ceiling of the prophetic books I want to innovate and when I wanted the other one more thought here in Daniel eight were going to be an update verse eleven if you studied in Daniel eight Daniel eight outlines the work of the antichrist contact the rise of the stocks that with the RAM representing the kingdom of Medo Persia and letting the representative agrees that becomes a little horn it represents the Empire of Rome and in the little horn grows up and burst into the host of heaven which shows the transition from Imperial Rome to religious role as it exalts itself up against the Lord and in the Bible begins to tell some of what happened with religious wrong and I want you to notice especially verse eleven speaking of religious Romans that he even exalted himself as high as the Prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away and the place of a user that is the princes sanctuary was cast down because of transgression army was given over to the horns opposed the daily sacrifices any cast truth down to the ground and he did all this and prospered number of his first father Danny Kass went to the ground truth to the ground so there's a few things it measures he takes away the daily sacrifices not be reading along the violin it were sacrifices is a supplied word and what the Bible speaking on here the word in Hebrew is need into word for daily needs continual and it is used numerous times in the Old Testament Scriptures refer to the continual intercessory work that went on in the sanctuary I understand this way the Bible simply saying that this the Church of Rome is going to exalt itself against Jesus Christ is France's somehow interpose itself between him and his priestly ministry now let's see what is Jesus praising what you think of when you think of Jesus ministry intercession and what words go along with it we are looking for intercessor you looking for why a priest forgiveness is one thing we comes right to my mind your people brought a sacrifice to the sanctuary for forgiveness right in the church of Rome do anything with forgiveness or the kind of put themselves a place is at all by the way downloading him for forgiveness notice the phrase for forgiveness pay the reality is we go through history we see not just forgiveness the incense altars and and all those things were put in an earthly system instead of directing the attention to where should've gone that it would Jesus with Mary and her family braced with the blood of his own sacrifice not earthly incense and transubstantiation all these things so you have this system of error that's coming in right that that the ministry of Jesus in this sanctuary in heaven is a secure its blocks from the view of the worshipers and then in its place it says it and the truth is cast down to the ground and I want to refer to verse twenty five and it says in verse twenty five through his cunning he shall cause why do you see the prosper under his rule what does sequence another word for that alive right how do you cause a light across how to live prosper believing what you believe it's a lie to believe it's the truth right and so no what is passed down to the ground and him the plot is true this book lies that are passed off as truth how did this happen through the church of Rome in the dark ages were there any teachings they came out of the dark ages as truth that really work truth at all but maybe they were a blend of Christianity and paganism and Megan God and that was the human philosophy teachings about death teachings about the soul teachings about Hal teaches about the Sabbath teachings about the law of God yes or no the Bible just pointing to the fact in prophecy pointing ahead from the time of this vision was given Daniel that there would come a time where there's anti-Christian power would come and block the picture of what Jesus is really getting for his people take the truth of God and cast the truth down to the ground and scare that truth by putting a bunch of error in its place in the league making people think that all her hair was really true but it's really not hard for us to to envision that is a test if you try to share with somebody who is believed to some of those lives now what do you notice in that context verse thirteen it says then I heard a holy one speaking and another holy one said that certain one who was speaking how long will the vision be concerning the daily sacrifices in the transgression of desolation the giving about the century in the house to be trampled underfoot and he said to me for two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be clamped now I want to get this here there are two time periods are brought up their numbers fourteen by wanting to get the question the question is how long in essence how long one I was in the lungs that ministry of Christ and its scary how long is the truth can be cast to the ground these errors can be taught in the place of truth without anybody doing anything about how long will this go on unchecked in the answer is for two thousand three hundred days at the end of the twenty three days that's a definite time twenty three days at the end of the twenty hundred days then something is going to begin an event that the Bible calls the cleansing of the sanctuary and that same time we can expect that all has gone unchecked will be checked that all the error that has been taught will now begin to be addressed that the truth that was covered up would now begin to be proclaimed that the ministry of Christ that was kept for me either the people would now be brought into view are you with me so far that we take that picture and adolescent my model reads like your Bible I can write a agonist and write the book is reading the book and the book is telling us that after this apostasy there's going to come on this we could color restoration movement of the twenty three hundred days after now and it's not hard math guide is not hard math and interview go into the seventy weeks in a advantage six seven weeks by sixty two weeks on the Messiah the Prince and all that you can get in all the conversion and in the confusion at the reality is that you got a starting date in the seventy weeks of the greater storm filled reservoir fifty seven BC count for eternity or SME may sell well premier talent on paper here some people they don't necessarily know and explain the people now is asked me how I knows of a three-year lesson for me near the seven years of tribulation having heard about a Syrian that is prominent in Christianity in evangelical Christianity and in almost all evangelical Christianity believes that in order to get from Daniel nine you know what worked with in seven years is found according to them again in the last week or seven days of the prophecy that are already on board with paper here Delaney being a explanation on Napier there are organist seven days of tribulation of the seven years that you do the math furthermore the question is how long is all this going to take what you look at the vision and then hate goat pyramidal the dented the little horn we ran itself between a person could take place couldn't be covered in twenty ten literally you have twenty three hundred four fifty seven oh incidentally do with calculator will mess up like other people have because when you're dealing with integers is a zero when dealing with years there is not as no such thing as a year zero ego from two BC to one BC two zero now to one BC to one eighty calculators don't count is twenty three minus four fifty seven under contract to write and forty three which is where we has some issues and history and taking forty four now here's the question okay we do the math eighteen forty four and what does the Bible say was going to happen at the end of twenty hundred days of God 's truth is that we restore the ministry of Christ that is that he was going to be proclaimed let me ask you a very simple straightforward question to ask anybody silly ones I think this world where that happened in eighteen forty four and the only place you can come to is a Seventh-day Adventist attack there is nothing else that comes close to answering today in other words we hear here as the movement of prophecy we hear an answer to the Lord Jesus saying I can only taken so long again my children as we proclaim and here we aren't two thousand thirteen with more than half of the administered problem with saline removal of the IBC in a stuff anymore I do know this present truth is offensive to people it's not your job online job to determine what message were giving women's whole message to give it's our job to Guinness used to be that we would call in a message announcement is in the message did I get myself adamant is now patented what the difference between Adventism Chris Evans and when that was isolated for an intimate friend that's right is a message for my method sounds a lot broader right it used to be message is clear that we can message me we envision that we are living in a special time in Earth 's history where a message needed to come in the truth about God the truth about is where the truth about the ministry of Jesus in behalf of his people had to be proclaimed and God raised up a people to direct and all that was in preparation for he is coming I was coming was and is contingent on message me again and now one of the worst things is happening as we had seven animals at around the auto happened I never thought I was going to the college monument on graduate God I never thought how can I not have granted any implication that we have it I know it's taken so long I guess Windows can only hope the that's the problem when we supposed away business the work and how he was going to come the message was ours to give an generation and generation and generation after generation too many have forgotten that God gave the message and how leaving her a visit business this is been going around now heard for some time about how we are just really focus on the unchurched before focus on the unchurched baler machine Steelers let me ask you Jesus said give the message to menu go back and read acceptable birthday he says beginning in Jerusalem and in Judea and in Samaria in all his people were believers in God all of more intelligent woman of our father Jacob right and he may have differences but they they were going to church legalism the Lord is never said go to the church versatility on churches the gotten difference differentiate people between church centers to differentiate between say the law and here's something that fascinates me and I share this an imbecile on this investment really I imagine we just finished an evangelistic series and evangelical all this gives search engine right away to see in the whole evangelical viewpoint to understanding what they're waiting for is a secret rapture where that their whole understanding is that very soon very soon there's going to be a secret rapture is going to come and steal away all the believers to heaven at that time begins the seven years of tribulation not a believer anywhere that tribulation anywhere that the antichrist we would need worry about prophecy and all that stuff for you it's not for you because you're not living here into the rapture it's the mindset and enduring it went it could happen is once you're all granted as believers then the Antichrist is the time in Houston and to see the people you get the Jews they can rebuild their temple and the president to come in and try to deceive the Jews is good to see the other people that are you aware of some of the student not yours the million-dollar question if all the believers went to heaven is left at the scene are the ones who don't believe already to see yes yes they are how and I've shed it in approximating what was editor they never thought this brand-new Dell 's goal in our day is not succumbing to see the disease what do you say in his letter to the church in Revelation chapter three verse eleven let no man take your crown when talking about the crown relies but that was not trying to treat disease people he's trying to see the same out of their salvation not knowing has raised off on movement of people to give a message to prepare the world for the coming of Christ and to help those who are saved to retain their salvation has a continue to follow the light that God has given in that commission is the commission that you have does a person have to be a set of the evidence to be saved the receive salvation no listen to me carefully if your Baptist and Methodist to capping an atheist or you name you better listen to the message of the seven-day administrative buildings your salvation when the deception comes the time if you don't believe that I and your seventh avenues you're in the wrong place when you have failed to realize that you are holding a life and death message if you don't realizing you don't believe that you can never get you never get the message you can never get at the way God intended you to give we have got to recapture the understanding that God is calling us hired the Lord Jesus longs to have goals that are surrounding us on every side in the same get his kingdom and you can trust us with a message to give to them when we doing do we really realize the importance of it desolate volume nine page nineteen says in a special sense of the evidence had been set in this world as watchmen and light bearers to them has been entrusted the last warning for perishing world on them is shining wonderful like the word of God they have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation the first second and third Angels messages all other work is so great importance and to allow nothing else to absorb their attention again it's called his shirts in this day and he called ancient Israel to stand as a light in the earth by the mighty cleaver of truth the messages of the first second and third Angels he has separated them from the churches and from the world notices separating about calling people out in his truth to bring them into a sacred nearness to himself he has made them the depositaries of his law and has committed to them the great thrills of prophecy for this time like the holy oracles committed to ancient Israel these are a sacred trust to be communicated to the world SS monies five four fifty five and six again evangelism page two thirty says we are as a people in danger of giving the third Angels message in such a begin definite manner that it does not impress the people are messages a life and death message and we must let this message appear as it is a great power of God then the Lord will make it effectual we are to presented in all its telling force again early writings page two fifty six these messages were pretty represented to me as an anchor to the people of God those who understand and receive them will be kept from being swept away by the many delusions of Satan 's visit some important the last among the shares for management releases volume nineteen always commenting on the messages the trains messages given through the regulator the light of Christ read heal his servant the profit is for us in his revelation I given the three Angels messages and a description of the angel that was to come down from heaven with great power lighting the earth of his glorious revelation eighteen angel who says come out of her my people no outcry Angel we call it yet the revelation are warnings against the wickedness that would exist in these last days and against the market the beasts now listen carefully we are not only to read and understand this message but to proclaim it with no uncertain sound to the world by presenting these things revealed to John we shall be able to stir the people do what spirit of people listen the same usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations dwell will not knew that the usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations well will not move people went what would that be but what would be the usual subjects when he is a God 's grace love forgiveness are those important thing I'm not diminishing the importance that lesson friends you don't see any of the grace of God when you don't really realize that your violator of the law of God our message brings conviction lacking in the world today and what are we doing a set of antennas that preaching what the ministers and nearly every other denomination are currently in wondering why we're not seeing the revival among our people but basically we just said that we don't think the Lord 's messages during the and here's the thing against me when we talk about Arnesen is a Holley and were so bigoted thinking we've got a special message here's only do we think John's message we make it our message and it will ridicule ourselves for so we don't go after Rachael and God while we unanimously did too uptight leave in June exclusive normal he haven't got hazards his message and dog repeatedly find fault with it we make it are necessarily ridiculed from something else that he's tallest not that any of the dullest breach or not in the way his tallest brick it says that these are the methods of inference revelation fourteen at July finished in our evangelistic series night I asked the people they look then got bottles like why you have to be impressed at seven a.m. the church is God 's remnant church but here's not like you to do you've got a bind like I do and in your Bible revelation is that in the last days we were in the last days and people do in the last days right before Jesus comes need to see Revelation fourteen takes place right before Jesus comes clouds are circled right so using these three messages about just now are in Babylon marketing outline warehouses embraced guess what it is and is not peculiar I mean and in fact the seven Evans movement is not God 's movement would just come up with this thing would put up a sign that where is this true movement that's preaching these messages here by accident 's cause and he has called each of you for such a time as this by presenting these things revealed to John we shall be able to stir the people the usual subjects on which the ministers and nearly all other denominations dwell will not move them we must proclaim our God given message to them the world is to be borne by the proclamation of this message if we blanket if we hide our light under a bushel if we so circumscribe ourselves that we cannot reach the people we are answerable to God for our failure to warn the world for the government be how is it for you are you one of those people that very early writings in the first vision as Alan White was shown the people of God and was looking and looking and looking and couldn't find them are you one of those people that she was told to look up look up there above the work above the world and are there not down here and you're there I'd be here fulfilling the last message of mercy to this world to hasten and I'm sure in the coming of Jesus Christ God forbid we would fail at a time like this you know we just as we finished our evangelistic series whenever one of the passes of his preaching their immigration the subject of having one of the things he talked about was how you don't have anything about when you're only get to heaven you know how the people you want to see and Jesus obviously that's paramount you think of all the Bible heroes like John I thought I want to talk to David Duncan Davidson David what was it what I think when you're there all armies of Israel even eagerness all your brothers and nobody would go anyone out there here comes Goliath and even then you are going to get it what was that like I never thought about that I want to talk to Paul Paul how do you keep on Broadway went on in a few going to beat you with rock stony and think your dad and immediately went back there is now and I think about the ones I want to talk to and Tom Hubbard 's or artist Greg Harrelson with manual students is presenting me the point because we think about that in talking with them those those great Bible heroes in the American available for you and me the only gone up nearly like all in what was it like to live during the coming of Christ will like to get the last message to this world what was it like to be a part of that movement all of us wish we could in part of any one or delete the random people the morning call that wants people to hearing for the first time toward the library to receive family say look yet that people are above the world and one of the above world tonight went to be with that special group of people you want to be going forward with the commission that Jesus Christ is entrusted you with I sure that your desire this evening our heads father in heaven father went to Solomon with some timely live in what is sacred to the privileged time we live in we so often we are minds are drawn to our own struggles and challenges yes they are there but how often we overlook the privilege we have at patriarchs prophets and Postlethwaite along Lord were set in a world and we been handed on a platter this truth and to offer to often father were denying that light behind us saying God and lead us out the Savard returning another pass and giving different methods and messages and I pray father this evening I prayed he would raise up against there are the hearts of your admin people raise us up above the world let those who are looking for your people in the last days let them see and elevated people people who are carrying a message of saving message in your reflecting the glory of God father this is our prayers and we humbly ask it in the name of Jesus of this media was brought audio nurse in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. audio person or


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