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The Spell

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 6, 2007
    12:00 PM
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this morning I love the title of the message is the style the style on last night I spoke on our escape from a black hole how many you were present last night good good good also this morning I know that that was on the schedule of them speaking about that I will be speaking about the spell and also limits no that's a nice message is entitled the beast from the abyss tomorrow afternoon 's message will be entitled holy rebellion wholly rebellion and those two messages tonight and tomorrow will be dealing especially with music cell without some further ado let's pray that NASA Lord to bless us heavenly father we thank you Lord for your love for us we thank you for your spirit we thank you for your children we thank you for your word please Lord speak to us today open our eyes that we may see the unseen and father come close to us we pray in the precious name of Jesus amen if you don't then your Bibles if you have your Bibles to Revelation chapter eighteen and verse twenty three Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three the title of the message the spell the spell Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three the Bible tells us they are speaking of Babylon itself the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in the and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in the foreign merchants were the great men of the earth formed by God while sorceries were all nations deceived we learned yesterday that the Greek word for sorcery was what everyone pharmacy a very good and that the word pharmacy is simply met anything that night Stevie on Medicaid the mine anything that meditates the mind in particular so that it will not follow the will or the law of God in our language we would say that someone is under a wide a spell and today but I want to talk to you in in relationship to what we learned yesterday about who you are who you are supposed to be in Christ talk to you about the span where did the spell beginning how can we know what the spell is and how can we break the spell though the incident to be looking at this morning and like to take you to the book of first Samuel chapter fifteen first Samuel chapter fifteen and the story there that we will look at briefly another look at the entire story were looking at one verse really it's the story of Saul Bob saw us he was commanded by God ought to destroy their enemies and they were commanded to leave nothing and you're never the story I believe what is somewhat installed to instead of destroying everything he can to want he kept when he considered the best and Samuel the prophet comes one and with intervening verse fifteen of our rather verse twenty three or first Samuel chapter fifteen notice what it says SMU addresses soul he says for rebellion is I have the same armoire witchcraft and I want to point this out to you here you'll notice that he is Andy as are italicized if you're reading in the King James version is announcing italicized which means that the Bible is not saying here that rebellion is something similar to witchcraft no one is actually say that rebellion is witchcraft is witchcraft so we asked the question where did rebellion again it began and having which lets us know while this is incredible rebellion and so on witchcraft and sorcery were first exercise where in heaven the spell as we are calling it today began in heaven and so unlike not return to Ezekiel twenty eight and we're going to figure out what this style was and how is it is affecting mankind today Ezekiel twenty eight people twenty eighth we read this first yes they all read it again beginning with verse fourteen dollars the nights are that cover them I sent you so Sheridan Angel Malpass walked up and down upon the holy mountain of God in the midst of the stones of fibers fifteen dollars perfect in thy ways from the date of was created until iniquity was found in the notice for a sixteen by the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence and thou hast say therefore I will cast as profane out of the mountain of God and I will destroy thee O covering cello from the midst of the stones of fire now what you notice first eighteen speaking of Lucifer it says now has to be filed by why sanctuaries by the multitude online iniquity was a founding campus rebellion by defiling something called the sanctuary in the Hebrew here that service holy places will question what is there a sanctuary and having yes indeed there was God 's long the Bible tells us on God 's century rather rather is like his glorious high throne Jeremiah seventeen verse two tells us that God centuries like his phone number if you do not like this the sanctuary in a has-been was like the white house of the University to it as a place from which God saw all ruled it was his kids because his throne it was his place of dominion and when you lose a Florida who was in fact you wound has seen a picture of the century is an illustration of the sanctuary and you see there in the holy place you see two Angels standing over the Ark of the company one of those Angels representative will lose the firm which is why it's called the covering angel the covering Sarah so goes the starting have to defile something in heaven sanctuary which is really the place where God will wish which enhances beloved is simply telling us that Lucifer in heaven again the challenge the rulership of God without a sense he began to challenge the government of God that's what he didn't have the Bible tells us that moves for in particular was against something and weeds were told here that the Bible says he defiled his sanctuary by his walked iniquity not when we learned that we send first-round reverse for thousands whose ever seen transgresses the law for sale is the transgression of the law so what was in that Lucifer was in rebellion against him he had been he was in rebellion against God not all now we are beginning to understand what the snow he even began inhabiting and it was more on James the new all of God and love it's amazing to learn that one sorry off slowly Angels so under this staff one sort of Angels Halley Angels believed Lucifer 's line that the law of God was unrighteous was once are unnecessary and he closeted we have the first major rebellion is no wonder then that we find when the rebellion or that spell is brought to earth at the Lucifer comes out and even says our rabbit he says hey in essence you don't need to do a lot all day God in order to discern between right and wrong remember what was he trying to do he was trying to mess up or destroy the ability of the whole the joggers to discern between right and wrong so that each participants through and what happens though he falls under the best that happens next Swiss life they wanted mankind into this staff Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three the worthier sorcery the definition tells us anything that meditates the mind so that it will not follow the will or the law of God nominee ask you a question in our game mental rebellion against the law of God what am I under stand the Canadian eclair and I looked at the law of God any one of those commandments and say that the madness I don't need to cheat it is an evidence or a sign that I have either ignorantly or not was knowledgeably I am under what the staff this style of rebellion and I want to focus and beloved because you are here today is spelled being promoted all over especially in various Christian movements that as Christians we do not need to watch to keep the law of God and about I wonder that you know today I want you to rest assured that that is simply an act on the dispatch nominee asked you what the other children need in order to function properly I set out laws rules if there are no laws that are not rules there is no need for what friends are as yet what leads our spot just what we think is right about now is not obvious that law but other than what the government is trying to do if he's trying to take away the law of God so that shoppers will be left sorry between right and wrong for themselves it's a style and ended up on the other he can get you note down there many Christians were going on on on on on you you're crazy we know the logon still stands so because he can get them on the whole thing is an attack upon one point of the law because James Tolbert that whosoever offended how many one point is guilty of all and so he focuses in on that fourth commandment which says remember the one Sabbath day to keep it home a staff I found another that has taken over so much of Christianity I saw him just now humblest year this made him a steroid now I'm just wondering what I should do our serine and austerity in the hope doesn't nestle my phobias for tomorrow but without I want to share with you and it is this Lucifer and having do not intend to be evil it was not his intent to be evil the first challenge was simply this I can be good without God taught me how to be good the Siberia government I can be funny how having a human on Angeles I had lots of the table his argument was simply listen there are other ways of being righteous than the one way that Don said he got a hold of market unrighteousness how dare you say that there is only one way to show and it was this argument of I convinced one third of the holy Angels to go along with what they thought was a horny argument from you you see herself as we recede in this holy rebellion I'm giving you were given doing little giveaway now for my message for tomorrow morning but received this holy rebellion which took place in heaven that's what it was beloved it was not a rebellion only it was a Holyrood it was under a holy disguise we are out to make right the things that are not right with the government of God and you know I find Sunday leaves on the very same principle there are other ways to worship God that wasn't always this is in no way and at and how dare you say that this is redundant and it's not without your registrar to say that there is not one you wait and even though it is nowhere to be found in the word of God they have been sanctified set aside anything like that we're still going to go with and without it's amazing that until you are because sorcery is anything that meditates the mind so that it will not follow the law of God that's what the spell was in heaven the angels rebelled against the law and so we find mankind doing the same now and even now go into what we might call a holy regarding we hope you all got been a interesting if you read the beginning of the book and the end of book X of the book and you find consistency in both the beginning and begin watching you conclude the same Muslim insurer the hallway but always through it's amazing to look at the book of Genesis we find the Sabbath commandment chapter two thousand and getting all the way down to the end of time Isaiah sixty six and verse twenty two Charles is that the family will be checked for all eternity in heaven and SQL cousins would it make forgot to give the Sabbath command in Genesis the son of the weekend off to eternity but in between you said there is no longer need to keep us out Honduras command ensures in your letter let's think carefully now let's set aside preconceived your thoughts and all those things and say what kind of sense would update the answer is it doesn't make sense a sorcery and so beloved it's interesting that the first part of this style then what is what we might call the spell of deception because once you you you won't be assaulted to spell it leaves into either deceptions when it comes to other portions of Scripture is like a domino effect it starts off with one thing but the more and more in goals is the more assessment needs to in terms of prophecy and in terms of teachings in terms of doctors you begin to come up with all kinds of things that are not to be found in the word of God so the devil has put mankind under a spell of deception but there is another part Tabasco you see when when when Satan came down to activities not only did he sound on this spell not only did the dignity bring them under the spell of the sensing thinking hey I can discern for myself what is right and wrong when they any of that stream they fell under a novice about the call that the spell of the one that was revealed in Romans chapter eight percent in the Bible tells us the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not what is subject to the law of God neither indeed can be nominees have any of you ever heard the term mystery of iniquity okay you're the one with .net with the Mister benignity the mystery of mysteries something that does not have an advance our reason it's strange what you want Howard works and you can't figure it out the same is a mystery now the NASA how you ever said you know what that's it I've had enough to do good and and him you love to do a good but the good that you would you don't know what the evil that she was not that you find so doing and what that means I can write up again and again inhale those are set out I will need you to be good I can be going by myself and I finally said okay go I had been destroyed when I do so I watch this I'm about to do good and when he went to do good he found everything just messing and in many wonder what you are not intending to do evil why is this coming out like this it was the mystery of iniquity beginning in Lucifer 's heart saw another when you are not all I try to do good we want people coming out it's a mystery is the mystery of iniquity and without it is a style we are under a style of weakness to where it is like the devil down with a charity front arrived in the husband glaze over here is a glaze over in the face of thing seven of the devil spell is twofold in fact I want to read a couple of things to you all remember that we set in Revelation eighteen West forty three that rebellion was sorcery is anything that medication was that it will not follow the will of God without it if you are in rebellion against God if you're in the delegate against some known duty just like you are under a Hmong pastor I want to think about the Bible tells that rejection of the will of God is sorcery rebellion anybody have been in rebellion rebellion what does that mean if you have been in rebellion beloved in fact if you have been tempted with rebellion today it's another way of saying that you have been tempted with sorcery or witchcraft now you said one phenomenon is a very welcome never experienced witchcraft yes you have your experiences on a daily basis the very temptations of Satan the very the very atmosphere in which eliminates sacrament of Ethan Fieldhouse is a tedious page two fifty seven when you're living in an atmosphere of satanic witchery the enemy will be misspelled licentiousness around every soul that is not barricaded by the grace of Christ if you are not back in praise of Christ you are under the best we does read the Bible tells us that because Galatians three one tells us who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth read for yourself when we refused all day eventually when we refused to amend out what the artist calls them up when I am white by the way didn't know that the word for witchcraft in first twenty three at seeming to whisper a step to whisper step the snow to whisper a svelte question have any of you ever been walking along minding your own business when suddenly you heard a whisper in your easier anyone you know what you thought you thought that was used talking to yourself but what you didn't realize is that the devil has the power to communicate and ninety one half this speed in your own voice and he will speak in the first person I really want to do this I really wanted to annual Bayou even realized eleven again you read the spread of processing father that the devil has been experimenting upon the properties of the human market on the years and he is learned knowing well he says in these last days he is working selflessly that he is all ranging the human mind with his own imbuing it with his thoughts and he is doing is working so the subject matter that goals were met by his will don't even realize when dealing with source were given with the super natural phase on the patient he said every man woman and child that is not under the control of the spirit of God is under the influence of Satan sorcery and by his word and example he will leave office from the capital through union at the man laments out to you not everybody Mister was possessed you to note a single trust and industrial history that spirit of this everyone Hollywood assaulting but if you possess that means that your father from the most beloved until you can be sitting in here and VI demon possessed as Judas was when he betrayed try not as it was how do you want to be possessed that let me help you out here how do you want to be possessed well I'm Raven I has less to give you a clue but not everyone is processed you are always enough of the work for this move give you all got started on on your own by the spirit of the devil there's no in between so everybody in this room is possessed anybody know a sorcerer any review the definition of the sorcerer every person who cherishes unknown error in faith or practice is under the powerhouse sorcery is practicing sorcery upon others signs of the Times May eighteen eighteen eighty two when I was out there in the world encouraging others to drink with me to smoke with me you want to know what I was a source of the biblical definition I was a sorcerer helping genetically another person 's mind she rejected the wheel and the law of God I often say when I speak to young people and there is no a group of people sitting in the back and it is like without this is the manual is an electric and I like these guys and even though the Devils back into Glenn is fine everything cited them as if they don't realize a gain of about a dozen as an understandable that it is sorcery and they are actually being used as sorcerers and without it until you every one of us have at one time one of the social industry everyone had led someone away from Christ having been an negative influence he said that our definitions of things have to open up beyond Hollywood event when we look at the word of God we see things as they really are we see the true in essence beloved one shot to tell you spotlessly this morning this afternoon is that same is not natural but heretofore was Minnesota's natural figure that before but then his nonnatural sin is supernatural so does super natural and maybe natural to say when you're under the power of the double but sin is not natural that make sense sin is the supernatural power of the enemy that's why it is so difficult for you to bring down the king is it is adding little to this court for amazing Grace page one twenty hearts are evil and we cannot change them education conserve the exercise of the Wilmington 's story really is the best story I cannot I try to think of us are lucky soon and I can't share any of anyone ever heard my snake story okay good I can feel free to share my wife and I were driving and the kids were driving when they were enough up Northern California and we got tired they'll be here Wednesday month lease a unit in the I have four children and wife okay so when extracting and at this unwieldy how the two older ones then they were getting tiresomely desirable to put over and learn to does need to have some fun on stress-related limiting so the kids went down to the pathway and I my wife is about to go around next and I went to the better car to get something and all of a sudden I heard my wife going so with any there was a snake a rattlesnake right in the path of them my kids had gone down over and I totally hates me I can't stand things my mind short-circuits when I cease me saw the kids down there by the bacon they see what's happening why does I logged in as an and I sent them there and not much is another daddy daddy the command same thing about the site on man and so I remember that I was out of fashion availability several nice like twenty feet out from me any I am thrown his doubles my mindless short-circuiting and is regularly what in the world and that God is sought in all done by then that's not working some remember the other the other camping somewhere there were telling me stories however it is not saying that's making human state so you will like twenty feet from the stage and I can look at you know there's something they are my wife what is the matter with you that he is not working I got it serious thought something about a car to see what I can finally jump over the only thing I can find into the channels resorts so here I go on a windy day twenty feet from the snake my wife and my kids everything is gone and slow-motion for them and they're wondering he's not about to do what we think he's about to do and is slow-motion they see me raise my assists what is the point of any kind how I notified both Intel's part I finally feel listening I took all rock I consider the rock to twenty feet I didn't call twenty feet from Leslie low and Amanda Lavaca that's me and I was just happy I ran and I jumped as high as I could of the snake is thinking you know I may just come back to life via my sorts of why were certain assignment on the many asking some could be possible that you are nine are fighting a super natural enemy with Springs currently possible that you and I are finally double our finalists off I said with state is able assistant as well as Froissart listen our hearts are evil we cannot change the education culture the exercise of the window human effort all their spirit but here they are powerless ever greater to have enough promises expressed but none at all the only hope is a realizing that saying is something supernatural is a spell and if it is a smell and it is supernatural that are only involved the brightness spell is that Jack connected with one who is also supernatural units are apparently somebody put a spell on you and your tallest finger began to drop off you probably think most things are going a hospital gown we can rejoice that know you are going find another waste doctor who also possessed one supernatural power one of the same issue in the Christian realm we are facing an enemy and an adversary who has to want under a spell who has many of us under the spell of sin and in order to break maxed out we got to get one connecting with one of his supernatural and who is that one is she's easy what I'm translated about it is that Chris nowadays if not just a religion it is a superpower natural religion and start again but not in the know as ongoing barmaids and bounds why because they offer power that Angel Olivarez and the supernatural they stay away from Christianity can't endow my all access about a baby Jesus as many as received him to them gave he what kind of power units on the president that presents your God not only wants to break the spell of deception over my mind but he also wants to break the spell of weakness by giving me some amount of power yes indeed anybody excited in a phenomenon that I always wanted to be supernatural Superman X-Men you know what I one oh eight years a lot to the Chris I watched Superman and Superman and you will discover who he was he took the crystal and he went and you put the crystalline stinging he became Superman and now while seventy eight years old and it was wintertime in in in New York City and my parents were at my aunts house in the six months time ago in science were going from Chris loft of the roof and heated it must because I was cynical and decent connection that Crystal and sit in the backseat of a car and looking at the back my parents has like yet understand and you don't know who I am in him and him holding down the carcinogen mom that I doesn't be limited to take care of Crystal have no authority when holdings is no I mean when the backyard to backers allow through it and nothing happened my dreams were shattered on show in this book I thought what John really help a store for me amen let me tell you beloved bizarre biggest needs through twenty fourth when the salsa renders itself the Christ a new power takes possession of the new heart changes brought was not and never will as for himself it is a supernatural work bringing a supernatural element into human nature anybody interested in the upcoming supernatural okay I'm in-house four-minute or in the are we finished we finished strong in I finished over finished noting he can appeal to you as jurors God not only promises to break the spell of the session but he also promises to break the spell of weakness anybody interested in being a jewelry anybody interested in experiencing that supernatural connection which is a name we will continue this and may God bless you hopefully I'll see you tonight that's for a heavenly father thank you for your words and you for your truth please bless us we pray in Jesus name amen


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