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Present Truth or Cunningly Devised Fables-Part 1

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • November 2, 2013
    11:00 AM
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father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for the privilege that we have coming into your presence we thank you father for clearing time in your schedule for us and we prayed at the time now that we spend with you will be a means of our understanding more of your will for our lives of our hearts and minds being open to the working of your Holy Spirit in our lives to fulfill your purpose we ask and pray in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen I want to do things and just for a little introduction for those who were here last time I think that showed last night first of all was how glad I am to be here I didn't realize I learned Pastor Steve was an Ohio boy this morning and I'm an Ohio boy is born here in Ohio and raised here in a born again here in Ohio and so in fact I was I was baptized in I wasn't baptized into a Seventh-day Adventist church initially here in Ohio because when I will wait to get baptized I didn't agree with all that the seven and is believed if you believe that and so I asked the pastor baptize me just emphasizing on a lighted masking what he told me was in the story behind is not back any of these is when I told them I don't agree with everything Anastasia said that's okay will baptize you into Jesus not to know how you baptize somebody in the Jesus and the teachings of Jesus amen but that's the kind of mentality that is prevalent these days you can't follow Jesus without following the teachings of Jesus friends you can have Jesus as your Savior without having him as the Lord of your life I want to say my unit don't make me follow you I doesn't work if you want Jesus you have to have all of Jesus amen and last night I shared with you and of course I have I have family there so here in Ohio I passed my first church is a lay pastor here in the town called Fredericktown Ohio many years ago and some of you here I know couple of you at least remember that as you had attended church there while I was there back in the day when things assured also last night was that a book that had a very powerful impact on my early experience very first book I read my outlines of the local early writings and it was at a time when I really had a lot of animosity towards Illinois and so did my church is that it my church leaders and some of you may relate to that in yes I went to a professor Dennis Church evaluates that Mister Stadium well got close maybe and so I found this book and I when I began to read this book because I was interested again in time things and and I heard that Bill woman who wrote this book had had these visions of the end of time and I was so curious that I rented in spite of my disdain for whatever I thought she said for and when I began to read I knew that it was inspired I knew it when I read those words and I read the visions of what was going to take place I noticed gripped my heart and I praise the Lord that he is able to get through our stubbornness and I will headedness and it really touched my heart and one of the things I read there in her first vision with it he's looking in the world for the admin people the angel tells her you're looking to allow you need to look in when she looked up there they were elevated above the world and I know that the team lookup is not about looking up to the admin people but I'm been a tell you that when we learn to look up to Jesus we are not to be down in this world were to be elevated above the world the Bible says we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and God wants his movement of the last days to be elevated not be once the people to see something different enough so last night we talked about the significance of God 's calling on us in the message that he has given to us and I finished with a statement I want to read to you it's found in manuscript releases volume nineteen page forty one in speaking of the message of the three Angels that's found in Revelation fourteen and it says here the life that Christ revealed to his service the prophet speaking the prophet John is for us in his revelation are given the three Angels messages and a description of the angel that was to come down from heaven with great power lightning the earth with his glory nest of Revelation eighteen angel outcry angel becomes incessant Milli Gazette last call out of that one come out of her my people in it the book of Revelation are warnings against the wickedness that would exist in the last days and against the mark of the beast we are not only to read and understand this message but to proclaim it with no uncertain sound to the world stamina read that again I want you to ask yourself are we doing this as a church art we did let me ask you this question what was the track record for God 's people with the prophets of God do they generally follow the prophets of God when Jesus H Roseland Roseland valve that tell us the profits what a title on yeah my people my people as you kill my messenger list and what it says ask yourself are we following what God has commissioned us to do here we are not only to read and understand this message of prophecy and revelation these three Angels messages but to proclaim it with no uncertain sound to the world by presenting these things revealed to John we shall be able to stir the people to keep you sir when you're going door-to-door and I know you're running a bunch Amanda Booker is now over the summer and he ran a number the students we have an annual out and we had been going door-to-door and I was finding that people are generally really open receptive spiritual things there are some there are some the majority of people are rich and increasing the need of non- a good person on Vanity Fair they start their hearts needs stir by presenting these things revealed to John we shall be able to stir the people at one of the things revealed that John the three Angels messages Allatoona goes on to say that usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations dwell will not move them I asked the question last time this morning what are the usual subjects that the ministers of all the other denominations are dwelling on the grace of God the love of God faith forgiveness are those importantly absolutely but it says that preaching those things won't move the people why because we as human beings in our partner in this generation this is a guy to love yourself before you can love anybody else generation here that before I heard a minister they got a lot of yourself we got to love ourselves first let me ask the question why would Jesus say love your neighbor as yourself yourself using I hate myself was using hate your neighbor now the fact of the matter is were not being honest with ourselves we love ourselves supremely in the Bible points that out and see the zany love of his life yourself we love ourselves first and August second if we really love others maybe giving this message to others that Jesus tells us that are probably here that this subject but it'd been the ministers dwell on any other denomination is not moving to people why because it is not when you when you set when you think your comparison and this is surprising maybe some of you here and I've had this happen when I thought the church witnessing don't do anything evangelistic we are going to a lot of doorknocking whatever else like I think people are really a kind her e-mail feel like they're really current low down and up yet even on closing doors and here's one of the questions that we ask when we got knocked on doors if you died tonight he figured he saved what you think the majority answer is on that anywhere I've ever been yes in the follow-up question is this what gives you that confidence and here's the answer I'm a good person I'm a good person maybe stir and the subjects on which the ministers of nearly every other denominations well will not move the people it says we must proclaim our God-given message to them the world is to be warned by the proclamation of this message now what are we doing as a people attorney what were doing absolutely nothing the last twenty years athletes we've been switching over from the three Angels messages to preach what the ministers of nearly every other denominations ranging and the question we have to ask ourselves is this how long must an experiment continue before somebody in this that it just didn't work when I came into the church here in Ohio I went to church it was a new assignments last night he was not able to company wasn't hard the sister churches yet with this innovative ivy on reaching the young people with a lot of jazz music and an end play there then there's any other number of things you can do instead of preaching and singing spiritual song that was over twenty years ago our church has not gotten stronger our numbers have not gotten greater our people are not now not later than three business problem is not light up when using allegiance to struggle with me for now pay our people are solid and worry anymore the handsomest comments and hope in Jesus some registrars of salvation now so when do we say in all experiments failed that's go back and see if there's something we need to be new no words were preaching the very things that were told here will the people the world is to be borne by the proclamation of this message and was blanketed if we hide our light under a bushel if we so circumscribe ourselves that we cannot reach the people the circumscribed is literally to draw a circle around yourself if we get we helped ourselves in by political correctness and by some policy that we can't hand on my cell one of the other says that when the church is active in the church not only causing more problems if we had ourselves into the point where we can't give the message if we so circumscribe resells it he cannot reach the people we are answerable to God for our failure to warn the world have mercy God has given us a message the message of the three angels that is to be proclaimed in our lives and our words but everyone here and so I would like to turn our attention this morning to the first Angels message the judgment our message part of it historically and what that has to do with us presently I want to start first of all of second Peter are all Russian final finish last I was present through the more cunningly devised fables second Peter chapter one verse twelve second Peter chapter one verse twelve that was the warm-up this is where the message begins second their wondrous analysis for this reason for this reason I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things that you know and are established in the one the presence truth yes I think it is right as long as I'm in this ten to stir you up by reminding you that the second time he brings that up about reminding us first fourteenth knowing that shortly I must put off my cat just as our Lord Jesus Christ shall be moreover I'll be careful to ensure that you always have a reminder of these things after my decease you think you have a burden to remind us of something here even though he says I know you're established in the present truth now listen if you if you are preaching to people you know there established in something why in the world he feels the burn to continue reminding because because they did that because of the danger of them forgetting may not establish that he sure that they know he's confident that their there any to never leaving it but he fears the possibility saw myself three times he sat down reminding us that reminding is a better mightiness do not forget this do not forget the present truth that God has established UN and we talked about this last little bit present truth as opposed to forward through the media is talking about now thirty years after he's talking about Christ's coming according to prophecy in other words there was a time when the coming of the Messiah was future it was something that was going him in the now Messiah has come and even for thirty years the fact it was still present through them and continued me present truth because that which had been foretold had now happen and still had a major impact on the lives of the other believers that this got happened thirty years ago that he sustained on the cross ascended to heaven to you negatively through thirty years later than it was thirty years before because of the vital importance of understanding that Jesus had come and fulfill in fulfillment of prophecy in the same way how much of a chance unit peters announces peters of the gospel is present through the was the first time in his Gospel is a prophetic one he pulled the engine set was called by the way people the prophecies when you look at Scripture and you look at a book of acts music and the license plate reading even demonstrated a Palestinian and it would demonstrate from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ where they don't do the prophecies Jesus himself the gospel that he preached was based on the prophecies anywhere he began his preaching in March after one numbers fifteen saying that time it'll help what time the time of the seventy weeks of Daniel Jesus came and was baptized and began his ministry right on time according to prophecy any point in your prophecy and sadness is present through the time is fulfilled in the desire may does it but to this man page two thirty three the burden of Christ's preaching was the time is fulfilled in the kingdom of God is at hand repent ye and believe the gospel does the gospel message is given by the Savior himself was based on the prophecies it's no different in your day in my day the gospel message and come to Revelation four things that I I I I love anything that's on another angel flying in the mathematics having one the everlasting gospel to preach to those in on the earth every nation kindred tongue and people right the everlasting gospel preached the whole art and incidentally when we read in Revelation fourteen were reading a fulfillment in Jesus words in Matthew twenty four verse fourteen when he says this gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world as a witness and then the end will come your member that the words of Jesus in the Revelation fourteen when you see the gospel everlasting us to preach every nation tribe tribe tongue of people it's all the world and then right after that is the whole assault one sitting on it like the Son of Man coming in a cloud of heaven with the sickle and is he right the end comes I was working as a fulfillment of the words of Jesus in that last moment the gospel message the present truth message at the end of time is a prophetic message has prophetic significance and we sit here today in fulfillment of that prophetic message he said here today as a movement of prophecy God raised up to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus and it was his movement it had power and it was apparently gave power to the message that first Angels message I want to go there Revelation fourteen with me Revelation fourteen verse six revelation fourteen verse six the Bible says then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice for carnivores what what does that imply why do saving with a loud voice now you want to get thank you again people to as the message has to be given with a loud voice has to begin clearly and the Bible says suddenly loud voice fear God and do what give glory to him for the hour on his judgment has come and do what works you can may have in any earth to see in the Springs of water and focus on that here fear God give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him first and foremost the first Angels message was a call to planet Earth to return to worship a faithful heartfelt sincere worship of the true God and obviously the warning was given because that was not the condition of the world in revelation fourteen verse seven says the hour of his judgment is gone now we talked about this a little bit last night I'm not going to go into the time prophecy only to say that we know that judgment our message began in eighteen forty four last night we looked at that a little bit in Daniel eight network folding and we saw that along with that that judgment Howard came a a time where God foretold that he would raise up a movement of truth which he did right on time in eighteen forty four eighty the hour of his judgment began and you have to understand that when that message went out Christians mylar should not be in judgment that was taking place president on judgment took place when at the coming of Jesus when Jesus came again I only got predominantly does well in an inmate that it wasn't me that the whole concept Audi what we call a pre- Advent judgment had been entered into their thinking the fact that they would actually be living in a time where their lives were being one way against their profession where the common calling itself crystal is going to be enough in the document and it grabbed the attention of people now in the days of the message firstly now they had no understanding the understanding that came later that the judgment had reference to the day of atonement in reference to the work that Jesus was doing as a high priest that didn't register what they heard when they heard that message and got used it was that Jesus Connie is at hand at best and a few years from now and what happens when you think that Jesus is coming sooner than you thought before when the question I asked people going to ignore it if you believe Jesus took on the Earth against those is a yes of rest is that if you thought he was coming tomorrow would you do anything differently I see the same quest is it always worked at the San Andreas only can come to my pastor he can come tomorrow because what there's a lot of stuff has to happen providing just what the final looms in the rapid ones and you know what you might not make it till tomorrow and I might not make it till tomorrow Bible says in the book of James does not count tomorrow today now 's your time if you were to meet your maker tomorrow if that were to be the case one way or another would you do anything differently today and if the answer to that question is yes why aren't you doing it now human beings are terrible procrastinators and I would dare say I would dare say that half of the people in this room have things that you know that the Lord 's been convicting about that you have just been saying okay don't allow allow allow from family and when the first Angels message went out the hour of his judgment is come in the prophecies were presented and the people saw that the prophetic time in eighteen forty four they were living just a few years before that may realize wow Jesus coming is a Hannity grip their hearts there was a change in the face of Christianity and the news last night not just in New England somewhere was across the globe as people began to wave their lives in light of the coming of Christ as they began to consider what lay ahead for them sometimes I get past that point I'd like to turn with me to the book of Luke the gospel of Luke and I want to show your comparison with this this first Angels message with another message in the Bible the first Angels message was and let me ask you this way in light of you have studied Revelation fourteen and you look at those three method is why my DeLorean incompetence messiest figure out what their ultimate purpose people for what the coming of Jesus in Ireland Carroll whose theology says what the Bible 's playing Hebrews twelve twenty nine our God is a consuming fire Hebrews twelve fourteen without holiness no one will see the Lord coming that a lot of people today talking about what we can see what we can be and how horrendous it up until when lesson when Jesus comes again if you are in a standard and it has come to better reflect his and Don Berkowitz Microsoft are gamers want below automatic one of euros while the father is not upon us that we should be called children of God neither that message though there was first John chapter three first John chapter three behold what manner of love the father has missed out on us that we should be called children of God therefore the world does not know I because it did not know him verse two beloved now we are the children of God and it has not yet a lot is not yet revealed what we shall be but we know that when he is revealed but that's picking up of the coming of Jesus when he revealed in heaven with the holy angels coming in the clouds of glory when he has revealed these shall be like him are you going to be like John for we shall see him as he is without holiness no man seasonable hour we get to see humanity as John says look I don't know what it looks like I do know how it all works out all I know is if it were to see him when we got when he comes with our own eyes were to have to be like him by that time and working to be like him at that time what needs to happen now verse three everyone who has this hope in him does what purifies himself even as he is here now I throw the caveat out here that I do sometimes think I need to and wish I didn't that we know we should know we talk about purifying ourselves that doesn't mean that we make ourselves righteous remakes are ourselves wholly but it does mean this godmother to make you hold it against your will and your will involve your choice and Gaza to make you whole you can to holy things when you promise you any promise made it is all a bad metaphor to think Holly that you got to take a holiday and so there's massive to the first angel as a preparatory message in fact all three angels the three Angels messages build on one another John sees a second alias another followed the first angel and the third angel followed them and that were followed in the Greek means the company will along with an other words the way the great picture painted out there in the Greek language faith and how it back first Angels message hadn't gone there women a second or third everything hinges on the first name to the first angel bells and Princess 's message you are adjustments and brings to attention a planner that Jesus is coming and is a is a preparation needs to take place and angry the hearts of all who heard that message it was a preparatory message I want to see another text on that Hebrews chapter nine Hebrews chapter nine eleven it also rights here starting in verse twenty six were in the middle of a thought began to hear verse twenty six he resigned twenty six that he meant what it had to suffer once are often rather since the foundation of the world but now once at the end of the ages he has appeared speaking of Jesus calming he has appeared to be what what would become the new put away sin now that's a powerful statement Jesus Christ the apostle says here came to this earth for the purpose of putting away of sin and put away you guys cause way too long how many of you seen the news lately this supplement is get on CNN for two seconds is soon put away far from it question merely he how was twenty eight available willing accomplice are you because I want not sure if you have more faith in the work and the power of Jesus he came to put away sin I watch the game he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself title across the place and he didn't have any see anyone has anything like yours and mine and it is appointed verse twenty seven has appointed for men to die once and have to does the judgment so Christ was offered what once to bear the sins of many to those who eagerly wait for him I love the way he puts that not to those who wait for him those what eagerly wait for him are you eagerly waiting for the coming of Jesus those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a second time what in the new King James is set apart from sin many management translation but the thing not to deal with sin this is a simple picture the Bible stating where Levine the priestly work of Christ and on saying is this Jesus is working right now is a priest when he comes again he's not coming as a free Saints is coming as King of kings and Lord of lords and King deal with the execution of judgment not emergency and the Bible says making appointment right now what Jesus is a breeze now is the time to value yourself mysteries at work while using the act of putting away sin but if you way to become us he comes to execute judgment in its dealings so the message of the first angel but the judge with our headcount was communicating to them that the time had come for them to be right to get right with the Lord while there was time it stirred the hearts of the people of Maine and examine their own experience it was a message to prepare them for the coming of Christ in the great controversy page three six nine this is like John the Baptist the forerunner of Christ you memory John the Baptist ministry why did he come first what was his message what was the message in drama was violently put it this way what was the now what was the message of John is a repentance message answer nineteen when when Paul needs those who had been baptized in the baptismal Johnson John indeed baptized a baptism of repentance John's ministry was necessary to prepare the way for now receiving he uses his preaching created the sense and the reality of a need in their hearts so that they be ready to receive Jesus and here's the scary thing the ones who didn't receive John and receive Jesus as of the first Angels message was to come to stir the heart and bring about offensive need a personal sense of being created and is no real desire for Jesus listen friends or people who accept Jesus because they saw while Jesus opinion isn't easily give you that don't join accept them sure in their multitudes accept Jesus not because they feel the need for transformation be like Jesus because somebody sells them Jesus is something that Sony will give them something to lead to genuine conversion so the message like John the Baptist for enterprise a preacher who laid the ax at the root of the tree passing of the first Angels message and urged all to bring forth fruit meet for repentance there is stirring appeals were in marked contrast to the assurances of peace and safety that were heard from the popular pulpits when we hearing today are we hearing messages that are bringing connection up on any real honest with you I don't like to have my point out any more than you knew and I tell people that raising Taylor is something I think and then you just know that it can make the main requirement for instance but here's the thing is that the doctor 's office and had a cancerous tumor and tell you I feel sad that we can deal with it now or you can have been saying how everything is fine that's good to me and going and only find out when it stimulates that you had an illness destroyed God has called for message to be given that would be a stirring message that says he goes on to say that this thesis to it and it was in marked contrast to the assurance of these is that anywhere in the popular public and where ever the messages given it new the people in her latest rant for major releases volume nineteen that the messages on the subject of his administration nearly every denomination other donation dwells will move the people in our message will be able to move them to stir them the message no the people the simple direct testimony of the Scriptures say by the power of the Holy Spirit brought a weight of conviction which you were able wholly to resist powerful powerful movements you see as I said unfortunately now like Van a lot of Christians think that all they need is a is a title to heaven only calls justification are titled to happen to go sanctification are fitness for heaven friends or not get into heaven without a fitness for heaven it's great to have the title for heaven but you don't have the fitness for heaven 's well now the good news is that both of them come to the faith experience I don't understand why even sometimes argue this is a announcement announcing today's assignment doesn't know by faith at seven twenty six thousand barely that is sanctification comes to us by faith just like justification the same statement applies to identify and the reason I look at significantly necessary largely coming out there the point is that God is trying to repeat me prepare and and and and renew and restore humanity that has for heaven hinders this concept anyways like is like a bad word these days I was singing recently away in a manger right because that time the airway in a manger no groupware bad and end it in our handle the song says and famous for having to live with me there a lot of renditions say and take us to heaven to live with me there is talk about thinning us or have you read some of the Bible train song housing L and I'm continue to know this train is bound for glory everything is on this train is bound for glory those derided must be holy although no known outlay goes is born in all tell you my story what happened to be holy unless not talk about the holy Bastille works oriented to be ideally having it at meeting the VSS United something on the MBL ESS book for me and I stand alone how you assume them enough to be nearly as a book for me and tells me other than his love to be merely went to the book I don't want to imply that we save ourselves but friends we can not just slowly and intently got choices to make and we would exercise the power of July to accept Christ and I say that they are missing the choice can bring about an entire change in the light because my mate solid recognition sonnets the listener can act on something I refuse to choose and so again is bursting the masses through the people because it brought into their mind and reality reasoning fitness for have-nots is the time overhead now I read to this next statement this is God 's purpose in getting this message this was God 's purpose the purpose then it is purpose now the spirit of worldly concern roasted the first Angels message of Revelation fourteen is great controversy page three seventy nine eighty the first Angels message of Revelation fourteen announcing the power of God 's judgment and calling upon man's of fear and worship him was designed to separate the professed people of God from the corrupting influences of the world and to arouse them to see their true condition of worldliness and backsliding now God had to send a message to rouse his people to get them to see their true condition that tells us that they didn't want they didn't know what they can see their true condition what does the Bible say of the Laodicean church what's her problem let me ask you this if you know the language of Scripture it says that she's wretched and miserable poor blind and naked right is that the real problem with Laodicea if you read Scripture it's not the real problem the real problem is because were all wretched miserable poor blind and naked by Olson fall short of the glory of God yes the problem is a sad and not easily toxic churches is and you know not that you are wretched miserable poor blind and if you got a problem you can go someone for help but the church wouldn't admit the church is stated that manager can even see the churchmen do the same dots and MS it is impossible anyone we could be so integrated with the world and not see it clearly and desire passes think that's a little bit this morning Canadian desire hearts just like has always been the greatest room for God 's people a desire to be loved by the world to be like the world when Jesus had hereof the world of weblogging on its own as well as new address on all live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution for not suffering persecution with the reason is it possible that we have allowed too much of the world in our lives in our thinking when the scariest things is for a pastor Facebook and a contributor on Facebook NSA became Hugh Morgan it all happens that pastor and insanity are younger in your reading list there don't be in your thinking yourself this is the person I thought they were a little humor is depressing how much goes I hadn't had that just a little bit you can see there is a pastor I'm going into churches homes to visit immigrants since we come to Jesus something should be drastically different in reliance I mean hotlines and a life of the believer should not feel like the post conversion life should be like a pre- conversion like him if imagine I were to come in here and you're here this morning you are waiting and and and they came up here and visit my past hotel today on an always connected to be here but this minute delay and soliciting a few more songs of Re: five minutes goes by and I finally come in here questions all wrong Wesley was born on some dirty and and and and dog smudges on my face since you have stopped uploading here in your the sale I'm so sorry on the way let me tell you what happened I was on my way honestly and I I was I was on the other side of the road out there has us taking a lot and sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and why while I was coming across around it just happened to be the semi that was coming down about fifty five miles an hour and it's on its way over the speed limit on what he was thinking and knee-high this was lost in my thoughts and I want down in the Raleigh just-in-time year term for alarm in my hand I think this family and I was rolling over here and and I hyped up today for a little bit I didn't even know what hit me honestly and I had to get up and brushed myself off and try to get my thoughts together but I'm here we believe that when anybody believe that I hope nobody would say my didn't have anything going fifty five miles an hour and has much less a answer that's the reality and follow me closely here you know that you know there is no way that I could have had an encounter with something that big and stayed the same and yet we're having counter with the Lord Jesus Christ and be the same as they were before impossible impossible and I think back on my my Christian experience is one of the things it was happening with the judge in our message that they didn't at first understand that we more fully understand how it was redirecting there is up to what Jesus was about to do in their behalf as he went into the last thing is on his own work in heaven preparatory to his coming and let me explain something he was centered in the most holy place experience his primary work we are like document denominated in all the detail benignly in Isaiah 's primary work there is to prepare you to reflect his hand managed anyway to see him when he gone how a little yet that's what he's there and do and so when you have need to be like Jesus one for him now he is working to make you Randy for his comic their eyes were directed in here's the thing when you are directed to Jesus and you begin to the whole James what happens the closer we get to Jesus what happens the closer we get to Jesus that he read in the book steps to Christ the agent sixty four and sixty five the test of discipleship the closer you come to Jesus the more full see you will appear in your own eyes for your vision will be clearer and your imperfections will be seeing him brought in distinct contrast to his perfect major anybody here play basketball or ski or do any kind of sports is okay figures for thing basketball I'm phonemic drive basketball but does this say about it on your shooting the November meeting would be really would-be miracle light fittings in the Sunday the only ability that a miracle miracles as you know that an appeal and younger than I did a couple of eighty three degrees throw shots and an window and then do a very good day and I love saves and I like the Michael Jordan shows up though is arguably one of the best players that ever has been and he begins shooting now what is now suddenly I feel Barry for housing on my best day yes or no what do you expect will happen when they come in Allison Michael Jordan the second that often even have to estimate he got various presidents think I play areas overshadowed my awesome move terribleness at the game Jesus Jesus comes anyone attempts to come and condemn us but the fact of the matter is when I come closer into the presence of Jesus what am I going to see his perfection and in the presence of his glory and perfection what do I look like I can't help but see my contrast because you come to Jesus the more faulty he will appear in your own eyes for your vision will be clearer in your imperfections will be seen and drawn in distinct contrast to his perfect nature now listen to the next sentence this is evidence that Satan 's delusions have lost their power if you get nothing else out of this message got to get this piece you've got to get this will save you so much well and heartache in your experience I may read it again this is evidenced is missing your own vaulting is because you come closer to Jesus this is evidence that Satan 's delusions have lost their power and have been vivifying that the life-giving influence of the Spirit of God is arousing you okay so if I began to like him Jesus and coming to Jesus I see my sinfulness seeing my sinfulness means that Satan 's delusion has lost its power than what is delusion that are not simple right that is delusional you're not so bad the person in person why would you want me to believe that my need is a grounded person named Jesus when I'm a good person and let me explain a little bit further we can be a Pharisee kind of person like this and don't know which I can even use at work the Pharisees thought they were they had it all together they were perfect no they didn't know didn't either Luke chapter eighteen here's a find out that there is thank you God that I'm not as bad as those guys and began altogether is better than no concealing me say I'm a good person on the bad in everything right at least not been I really don't need a Savior least as much as those people so that's the Devils delusion is that we just don't see our sinfulness and what happens if there are too many Christians and don't understand how this works is that they begin to read the Bible they begin to pray they want to come closer to the Lord and what made him feel terrible about themselves as artists even there so hideously deformed in sin and a federal something 's wrong with me now you're running another new the reality is that as it says here the statement what's happening is a close you're coming to Christ the Holy Spirit is beginning to awaken your minding your thoughts and as you begin to see your sinfulness that evidence to you that the Spirit of God has begun to work in your life it's good news not bad for animal abuse and misuse CLU subordinates a gentleman of our pioneers to do should praise God we have so much of the Holy Spirit in you you can see so much of your badness right because we come to Jesus the burden this is the same solutions have lost their power in the spirit of God is arousing you know deep-seated love for Jesus can down the heart it does not realize something simple the solid is transformed by the grace of Christ will admire his divine character but if we do not see our own moral deformity is unmistakable evidence that we have not had a view of the beauty and excellence of Christ on never forget my conversion experience my wife first of all all mike in the words of Daniel the prophet all my comeliness turning me into corruption every shred of what I thought was good suddenly didn't amount to anything all my righteousnesses appeared as filthy rags in a moment like theater fell down at the feet of Jesus I said apartment from a lower prime simple man for the first time in my life I'd sense my tongue likeness of Christ and I for the first time had a desire for something new something different I do all the things in my life that my life had been composed of all my worldly entertainment in conversation and everything else suddenly began to be not only an and unsatisfying but offensive to me I wanted to distance myself that's what the first Angels message was designed to do then and that's what it's designed to do now the Lord wants his people to see their need of being like him he wants us to become tired and even disgusted with the things of this world that not only don't bring satisfaction by destroying us is amazing that you have no idea I am when I became a Christian lesson I I I told you the church I went to I never had anybody come and give me a Bible study on music or media or language or dress or anything and that if anything was the opposite when I begin to make an estimate as any less than the sum of this music has to be like when the church elders the cops don't worry about that but I knew that somebody bigger was telling me those things are of the world and so I began to change and let me make something clear you sometimes we not people will say well you know your beginning and working all those details the remaining miners would need to do is focus on Jesus friends when you have time of worldliness cluttered up so I can see Ulrich you can't login he's an in the process of conversion sometimes Jesus directs you to dismantle the pineal so that you can get agreement of you as I had people say none of you come to Jesus first and then you get rid of all that stuff sometimes Ellis was in the way and Jesus will direct you to get those things out of your life that are coming between you and him one of the things that I was asked to emphasize this weekend was that important so that devotional time with Christ and his evening this whole experience of coming to Jesus and that's where you have that encounter that's when you see this that the closer you come to Jesus were to become the jihad we come closer to Jesus is not maintaining all is as we open the word we can read the word we can apply to think that in the meeting and has seen Jesus revealed to us in the word the word became flesh if you and the written word that we see the living word I have so many people and have the opportunity to pastor young and old and they made this and not getting anything out of my devotional life if you're not getting anything out of your devotional life if you're spending time trying to spend time the wording on getting anything out of it it's very likely that it's because you're filling your life with things that are ruining your appetite for spiritual things you can be eating the garbage of the world and then desire the things of God began repeating yourself to the world 's media the world music and the world worldly relationships and expect for your to find pleasure in spiritual thing in the first Angels message was designed to bring conviction to the hearts of God 's people to help them to see their need to give all to Christ there need to let an airport assigned a worldliness that they had allowed to come into their lives God was directing them to put those things aside and we see it in our lives we see in our church there were leaders in the church today listen friends I I got I got on a regular basis seven a.m. and is leaders that are more concerned about worship styles about who's good and be ordained women's ordination that are more concerned about in any same people that say on this bird this is my bird okay fine I'm a panic and then your burden but these same people have no word for the three Angels messages in fact often times their desire is that we need this not be as much about those things anymore Sarah prophecy at old news we don't need anymore some of this we just all this up fundamental mine you know what everybody has a different walk and even the kind of things we're hearing and the message that once was given with a certain sound to stir the heart is now given with such uncertainty doesn't do anything if you reasonable desire majors only talked about the teaching of the scribes and the and and the Pharisees and contrasted with the teaching of Jesus the Bible puts it this way the taking of Christ was he taught as one having authority and not as the scribes in the desiring it only describes it this way she says that the children of the scribes embarrassing they taught that the Scriptures might be taken to mean one thing or exactly the opposite but Jesus taught the Scriptures as of unquestionable authority so she contrasted to the scribes and Pharisees was all well bacterial degradation this is my interpretation in all I guess we can both be right so let me ask you a simple question is occasionally hear that your stay more like the teaching of Jesus are more like the teaching of the Pharisees and scribes how many times we sit around here this nonsense where we can listen to just know nothing solid anymore I hear sometimes even beginning to question creation all in on the Bible says this but saves the first Angels message was to strike right at the heart of all of your the bottom you with a really is at the bottom of all that is the bottom of all that integrated instance to Christ in the chapter what to do without and at the bottom of all that is a leprosy that's what it is in the in all this desire to get a debate about worth of software database about media online communities are particular about Drazen all of these things all it is is a lover sin in the first Angels message comes right home today's church and says look straight Gavin the hour of his judgment has come and John stand up at the door are you ready the excuses that we may let's think about making them to him and I think if we do that is used in a common excuse making a visit to make it to him along that wouldn't fly Gil let's be in earnest with our own soul when Jesus went to the one at the wound this thought even the woman at the well John for and in thinking and talking together in Jesus in that conversation talks on the loan he says to her as their right in the midst of this you know really good conversation and she is helping get me that you are right that living water I wanted in Jesus as our going call your husband that it is whole thing is amazingly going call your husband what was this woman is interested in what he has to say honestly what kind of counsel when he typically have when you're trying to reach somebody and you're offering many contracts are beginning to strike up a conversation at all I'm really just like in Bible studies with counsel usually with the Council this may give you usually say Young appointed their sin will you wait on that right now going call your husband or maybe using all know he did now because he said well I don't have a semi- bespoke renting the Ohio husband and saying you don't have a husband that is unified guys in anger with right now is in your husband ever wonder why he did that because Jesus knew just like this is wickedness as this is that this is the essence of what the first Angels doing Jesus knew that a less she was brought to a conviction of her personal sin she could not experience a thorough conversion assuming that everybody follows God in one area or another everybody nonbelievers follow something that God says what matters is that we follow what God says on those issues where he's going about their life and saying I need to get this over to the Limited the well he tells woman at the well about this situation you're manually living with her husband and she says on and so for senior traffic lesson used to say that we ought to worship in Jerusalem believes Americans are not worshiping the holy mountain goes right and did you catch what she just did not only did she change the subject but they should listen carefully she changed the subject from her personal sin to I issue of controversy one of those doctrinal points that she knew most people would argue about so much that it would never get back to her personal sin the Kremlin is like this when the conviction comes my artist draws a line down Santos will classify notes as I go out there they get a debate over it back and forth will never get back to the competing subject and I'm afraid too often today we allow ourselves to debate and some of us loving more than others just debate about these different things that will argue about points of theology and we won't be honest with God about our own souls standing with him and my appeal to you this morning is this a friends the hour of his judgment has come the Lord Jesus he is coming is at hand are you ready for this coming if you were to answer the question I asked earlier if he were to come tonight anyway come tomorrow and you knew that when you do anything differently and Jimenez I asked the question the Holy Spirit is speaking to some of your hearts right now about that something that you need to do differently France will keep you from doing it now what would keep you from saying right now yeah I need to make that change I want to be ready when Jesus comes I think putting that decision off too long I've been making excuses for that send to a long and now is the time and now I want to make it right with Jesus and I don't want to wait any longer I want to see him face-to-face when it comes that we hear those words spoken well done good and faithful servant what would keep you from getting eyeball over to Jesus now and saying Lord Jesus take my whole heart and transform in fit me for having to live with the day that your desire today atheism but has to stand with me and as we stand the Lord Jesus knows any season or hearts and he gives grace in his grace is sufficient for anything that we struggle with the fitness for his coming but our heads together fiery heaven father as we consider the message of the first angel a message designed to bring conviction of sin deep conviction of sin another design to lead us to look at our lives in contrast to the beauty and the excellence of Christ and we can only see our deformity in that contrast but father as we do you've given us that open invitation to give all to get multiuser that we can be fitted for Jesus return and father you seen the response today you know the heart of each one you're getting no if we have been holding on to something and just procrastinating as it so often in our nature but today father today I pray I would procrastinate no longer but today we would follow through with this decision here to put that thing in our lives it has been that scene was so easily beset us to put aside and begin are all the Jesus into the cause of truth and father as we do so as we do so even here in our weakness we look to your strength and we trust in your words my grace is sufficient for thee my strength is made perfect in your father make a strength perfect in our weakness today and we thank you and praise you for the privilege of receiving rights are not being prepared to stand and it commonly asked as an a this media was brought as a audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like this more assertiveness please visit www. audio tours .org


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