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Medical Missionary Work

Wes Via


Wes Via

Director, Simplicity Outreach




  • November 2, 2013
    4:00 PM
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my name again is what us and I'm the director of simplicity outreach and the owner pray and minimum cellular level were doing and a management challenge you to do likewise we are at may become due in with us for heavenly father losing so much for your seven-day losing the opportunity to gather together to learn from you and be inspired by you what I pray now that Mister Holy Spirit be in this room that is that you would guide us that you help us to know what is the work that is before us as your people living at this time in prison Jesus and so simplicity outreach is a project that is seeking to create a replicable sustainable model for urban evangelism if you listen to Elder Wilson talk at all about the mission the cities you've probably heard the term comprehensive ministry a comprehensive urban evangelism committee heard that term that's what we're doing okay then the basic idea is is there that we believe it that we have an immense amount of counsel on how we should conduct the work as as oatmeal worldwide movement but also specifically referencing the city and and so we started out businesses before I was brought under the project a study committee was put together in the Pennsylvania conference to identify and catalog and codify all of the Council and a light insert trust in the Bible regarding how to work a city and then put that into a document that would give us a framework to work off of an hour working with that document in trying to bring all the pieces together into a city mission project as spare prophecies counseled us to do so were taken all the things were used to seeing Bible work and literature evangelism and medical hola missionary work in public tomatoes and basil redoing his or saying were to rethink all these pieces go together and the reason that we need to do this is for the very reason that there's a call now at our church for comprehensive approach to evangelism what we've done in the past and it had been necessitated by our structure is that we may get some canvassers working in enablers of my workers at the bit where there's going to be an evangelistic series but were really not working together or not were not having a a melding molded combined approach what were doing is the campus if you know what they do the Bible workers and what they do in the amendment does what they do we don't have this blended approach that allows us to to have the synergy that we been hearing talking about that allows us to take it this this increased effect in the effort that were putting forward a week we decided to do this because found in the book medical ministry and that's on page three oh four it says there is no change in the message is that God has sent in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time know if something is essential what does that mean NASA's eve got a habit so the work in the city is the essential work for this time is when the cities of work as God would have them the result will be the setting and operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed so I went to think about the scope of me for just a minute first about how many of her that quote before okay I get a couple of you celebrating out for you it starts out at the prophetic quote Judy Dysart does is win the white wrote this in nineteen oh five she says when meaning that it wasn't happening this can happen somewhere in the future she says when the city 's works as God would have been to me indicating that God has a plan it's not just going to work acidity willy-nilly way or however we think it should be done God has specific plan for how it was the city 's work she said that when that happens future tense it will be the setting operation of a mighty movements as we have not yet witnessed notice with Ellen White who lived in the great admin awakening establishment and seventy minister she said the only work safely God would have us to do it will be the setting operational money movement the midnight witness without the output of the Holy Spirit so the work in the city this critically tied to my cellulite a little bit work in the city this critically tied to this movement our church out for revival and Reformation because it is it is part and parcel to the money movement is coming for our church she says God calls for self-sacrificing men converted to the truth to let their line light shine forth in clear and distinct race so we know very clearly the pieces of the city work and I'm already late enough revival were canvassing medical missionary work in public evangelism now in our church we got a pretty good idea a pretty good handle on making Bible work work effectively we can do that and have some success and we can do public meetings independent of anything else we can have a little bit of success and we can we can sell books all day long and in-house and stories to tell but the piece is really missing in our churches for our churches China Rapids minor on all of us are working in the cities were trying to get our minds around what is the medical missionary work look like in fact my meiotic colleague and friend Doctor Jeff McAuliffe who was the catalyst for this program to begin in the Pennsylvania conference was speaking amen last year and the main one of the main session the news actually interrupted with this question intimate session someone spoke up in the middle of this talk is what does medical missionary work look like in the twenty first century is over trying to figure this out the challenge is that what we've done in our churches is there are I use the example of via compilations ride of your life your final predisposed to the medical missionary work a book like medical ministry maybe Angelina say that it needs to be this very specific strengths health work it's about the health message is about healing physical illness and is probably done by doctors are usually least be nailed pretty good self-taught national powder Bible worker Republican vandalism synagogue vandalism there had cited the need to be evangelism occult orders entered a call permission to tell you that it needs to be canvassing more than needs to get it done the problem with that view is that it is not what orthogonal we segregate all the pieces into their own little compartments and each age group has this idea and they think that if if you would just do it our way we have these great results but the fact is is that when God gave us the messages told us how to do it it was a call quarter ministry medical ministry and evangelism it was in a comprehensive message to his church and we harvested that out trying to get a clear picture and that's a good thing to line up all the Council on something but with the taxi permits contacts and how it relates to one another and so were having this problem with medical missionary work specifically because if it is just as physical healing work and that's really difficult to do in the modern context because there's legal ramifications of someone's run around trying to diagnose illnesses of the door or wrap somebody in a hot sheet and cook them you know there's a ill and is ill there's a few medical professionals in here I was very clear we should know how to do some simple remedies you know I'm on the anymore more the study was to think it was just talking about is the eight laws of health simple suggestions to help people it never was intended for us to build a go in and try to diagnose significant illnesses in the latest table can happen to do this to myself I got really into natural remedies and I was trying to learn these things and trying to learn how to heal these illnesses and I actually started on a significant my gallbladder and I've been told by my friends in a lot of birthday what do you think her gallbladder out because you don't really need that but the Chiefs are dreaming in the money they can go and so whatever legal matter gallbladder I didn't believe them and not either dealt with it for a while Trinity is an different things and they told me listen you your your really inflamed you need to take out so what I decided to do was call my friend and find gallbladder cleanse and died in this gallbladder cleanse and when they went into to do my surgery was supposed to be a routine surgery they found that I was on the verge of dying because my gallbladder was about to explode and only by the grace of God they were able to do with the scopes it took him three hours one hour and the Lord provided me the best laptop if surgeon in the country to do my surgery and he was able to get it out but I literally almost killed myself trying to diagnose and treat illness that I was not qualified straight so we have to be careful with that in the end and so it's important that we get a proper view of medical missionary work and that we can can follow the counselor know I said that every member should be able to do a medical missionary work what does that look like and I want to suggest you that it looks exactly today like it did the own wife when she wrote it the problem is not the medical missionary work is not translated to the twenty first century the problem is that eyes as modern Adventists have made it something that was never supposed to be and we made it almost unattainable in and I believe I was talking to my friends that I really believe in him about the to show it to you that medical missionary work is the glue that can bind our work together in a way that we have never seen before anything short I can see with clarity now how we work the cities according to God 's plan that he can be a mighty movement and were were starting to figure that out by the grace of God and simplicity we now have an approach that the Lord has given us were still tweaking it were we can go into the Center City to force people to the West into the wealthy all we can go with the exact same approach we can find out their needs whether there are four personalities in wealthy people are neither were all-time low we can't find neither wealthy people guess what as we started to use this new approach are funny more more people that are willing to open up to us about the things that are going on in their life and were able to offer than pastoral counseling and everything along with his approach Ross was able to get Bible studies out of people people are those people and they are looking for how to understand the word of God and we've also figured out how to leave the book with people and responses approach it's this comprehensive blending so what is medical missionary work am lazy there is this question in as I was reading along and really wrestling with how to like clarify this because I I I knew existing there are Cialis and that something simple right this minute on this quote is from a manuscript but it's easy as defining call to medical manuals and health education page twenty two twenty two minutes long pulmonary do the whole thing bear with me she says there is a work to be done by our churches that few had any idea of I was hungry Christ said and you gave me meat I was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you took me an naked and you clothed me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came to me we shall have to give of our means to support laborers in the harvest field and we shall rejoice in the sheaves gathered in the wild this is right there is a work as yet untouched that must be done the mission of Christ was to heal the sick encourage the hopeless bind up the brokenhearted this work of restoration is to be carried on among the needy suffering ones of humanity God calls not only for your benevolence but your cheerful countenance your hopeful words the grasp of your hand relieves some of God 's afflicted one Somerset how was the party bring back the sunlight to them there are souls who lost their courage speaking to them pray for them there are those who need the bread of life read to them from the word of God there is a soul sickness no bomb can reach no medicine he'll pray for these and bring them to Jesus Christ and all of your work Christ will be present to make impressions upon human hearts this is the kind of medical missionary work to be done so clear on how I miss those all this time the medical missionary work the Jesus is calling us to do is the exact same work that he did when he was here oh I says elsewhere Christ and forces the pattern man the great medical missionary as an example for all students to come after now it's interesting that in this quote sheet references Matthew chapter twenty five versus thirty one to forty six zero flare this is that the judgment parable of separating the sheep and goats and and so here Jesus says that the judgment our women talking about judgment this weekend the judgment hour Jesus will come and you will separate the sheep and the goats and on the sheet Phil put them over to say all that stuff I was now hungry and you gave me food I was thirsty and you gave me drink was naked and you called me oh six and you visited me of the prison and you came to me and says welcome welcome to heaven and the people say when we see this with Amy Seo in this way and do these things to you I said as much you then it's the least of these he done it to me I conversely says of the goats you can go to hell because you didn't do those things to me and they say the same thing I want to show you some that I found this morning and thought this is really powerful for the top of this is from desire of ages in America was in the chapter chapter sixty nine the least of these brothers of these my brethren and go back and read through this in the context of our share with you today and it's been it least for me I was just about jumping up and down out there this morning because of the ramifications of this because we we talk a lot about what it means to represent Christ we talk a lot about what it means to become Christlike and I just want to share with you at all I has to say about this parable because of a tyrant this was how to think what will this is one of the criteria to guide used for judgment always says and desired registry six seventy three when the nations are gathered together before him there will be but two classes and their eternal destiny will be determined be determined by what they had done or have neglected to do for him Jesus and the person of the poor and suffering I'm just a regular couple quotes here for you Nina back and get the know the full context through the influence of the divine spirit they had been a blessing to those about them even among the heathen and those who chairs spirit of kindness before the words of life it fallen upon the heirs they had befriended missionaries even ministering to them at the peril of their own lives among the human human there are those to worship God ignorantly how surprising Gladden will be the lowly among the nations among the human to hear from the lips of the Savior inasmuch as you done it unto one of the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me how glad will be the heart of infinite love of his followers look up with surprise enjoyed his words approval and then she says love to man is the earthward manifestation of the love of God it was implant this love to make us children of one family that the King of glory became one with us and when his parting words are fulfilled love one another as I have loved you whom he loved the world that he loved it then his vision for us has been accomplished we are fitted for heaven and we have had been in Russ one of the challenges that I think that we have visited it sometimes we get so caught up on our message that we don't think about our methods and what Christ is saying here is that the method by which we take the message is equally as important as the message in fact if you don't deliver the message what Christ would have you do it it's for not because how you interact with the poor and afflicted warrants is the judgment is part of is the thing that God looks at when you're judged the separate you by how you interact with the poor and the needy now it's there's one more quote that I want to look at and it's a quote that you have probably heard minimum share some stories with you from the field days we've seen God doing as we've been trying to implement this methodology and this is a quote that you know is from Christ the vessel is not present a ministry of healing page one forty three and in the thing that gets me about this quote is how how wrong we use it most of the time in my training in my experience in this quote I even picked a book about the shelf the other day as I was looking back person references of a pic of this book I will throw us out of the chapter Christ method alone and in the way that I was taught this in the way this book conveyed in the way we use it a lot is it is almost kind a like a labyrinth like we want we want to phenomena be released in a bold here we want to feign interest in people so that the lettuce study the Bible with them and anyone who has been a Bible work role attached that most of the time there's this pressure on you to get Bible studies you want George W. Bush to Bible studies under chemistry at a bunch of doors getting a bunch of books out and and all you want to do is really does make them feel like you're interested in them so they don't think of Bible study or there will take a book and a net price method let and let them see they were kind of interested in them and then let them know and let us get what we want from them and the net may not be the intent of all what were saying but I can promise you from my experience and from another's and you'll hear from women missionaries her personal experience later that that's how we were encouraged to practice it and I'm not saying that it was malicious that's not what I'm saying at all I'm saying that that somehow we've gotten disconnected and and so I want to read Stephen Owen a regional contact someone in the back to a ministry of healing page one forty three the world needs today what it needed nineteen hundred years ago a revelation of Christ a worker before a great work of reform is demanded and it is only through the grace of Christ of the work of restoration physical mental and spiritual can be accomplished Christ method alone will get your success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their guards he showed his sympathy for them Mister to their needs and won their confidence then he made them follow me there is neither coming close to the people by personal effort and less time are given to sermonizing and more time are spent in personal ministry greater results would be seen as the thing we we sometimes try to start it to say what we think it does me the most is how we do it we only take the one paragraph paragraph three and when we start interjecting what it is maybe it's up forgiven before public evangelistic series and in that world from his enemies and everybody sick and so were many Sunnis if we would just read the we would have to guess at all what she means what is Christ method poured to be ruling the city cared for the sorrowing and the bereaved comforted the ignorant instructed the inexperienced counsel we are to weep with those that weep rejoice with those the rejoice accompanied by the power persuasion power prayer in the power of the love of God this work cannot and will not be without fruit Christ's method this is critically important to our understanding of what were doing here and also who God is a lot of times we come to people and we approach ministry like were siphoning gas we want to suck on the house just long enough to get the flow going our way and then we stopped when us we want you to buy worker before the evangelistic series just to try to get people interested but were not really keep him after one is that I handled before the evangelistic series but were not really take any time to have anything in place to mentor them or disciple them after they come in we don't want to go out and consult the handles by hand and honestly probably wouldn't work because all we are is a church on the corner will have relationships in the community the people around us they don't know who we are because are not investing in them because well I'll stop without we we are we are in the world and that when no one even knows who we are or in our communities our committees have no idea who we are and so even if we were to show up at their door with a handbuilt or just some crazy to the Christian was based on a piece of paper and ensure that works listen people come tomatoes his results on here the message become converted devoted followers of Christ so please understand that I'm not saying that the pieces that were using or not a factual one Satan is the god 's plan is greater than what weird but we are realizing now that's what I'm trying to share with you Christ's method is was a method of continually going to the people this is that the function of the gospel Christ could not stay in heaven and save us they require that he come to us and when he came to us we had to give it everything he had so that he could save us everything and it really got here gaining just plop down in Jerusalem in the center of the world and edges in Jerusalem the first twenty eight years living among the people the being a human being I didn't the facility could identify he knew what we dealt with e-mail are struggling with people they said that she was in a larger brother on us O my brother he's crazy our young people Jesus was and then when it came time for his ministry to begin he left his home and his entire three and a half year ministry he was a homeless man to having a related had a less than eleven minutes out his entire ministry was going is not a single time in the Bible reduces posted upside is that one night only Savior of the world come and see Jesus went to the people he killed them he cared for them to show concern for them when the crowd got so big that he can go on anymore it's stopping teach them the heels of similar defeat their enemies in a month or way of any team going and that's how he ministered he was continually going to the people we cannot sit in our churches and only go out or try to get them to come to Austin and quickly retreat back into our stained-glass fortresses if we are to administer the way Christ ministered requires that we go into the community it is an aggressive work I'm not penalize you if the dirty work but it's completely worth it and if the only thing that is acceptable to God when we met Michelle it'd been six days issue been thrown in jail and her children had been forcibly removed from her home due to a false claim with child services in our missionaries knocked on her door and that she was told me the story city for the last six days and I can it's official to clean versus Houston need house she's always got something going on she's rarely at home she's always been some other kids around the community doing something to sit for six days ago I can do is sit on my couch and stare at my TV and try not to exist to feel the pain and the agony of being an empty house knowing my kids been stolen from me so the only reason Stephen listened to as we came to the door is because we were Cisneros Jerry that we were in oh in the community looking to make a difference and we had a short survey how we can benefit the community and and what we could do for her as she doesn't know why seemed on the couch when she heard that so I all listen in the survey sure the survey shared with us and and and since he answered top of these things and ended at the at at through the conversation she began to feel like she should open up and so she started sharing with Andrew in the church member that was with him what was going on in her life at that time and she shared with them there her story and so before they left the sick and we pray with you she told me this past Wednesday was when I was at her house for a Bible study and the only reason she let them pray Mister should want to be rude and say no she was not a Christian she was not a believer chooses the hurting person and let me with this story Reyes pray for her her situation and Michelle said that while she was praying the Selectric things that she was his daughter from her head to her toes and all of her hair stood up and it was accompanied by this piece this unshakable peace we shall tell you today has never left and in that moment she knew she had assurance that her kids will be given back to her but everything was can be all right as she told stoners look at my arm what is this what is this is the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit fell on her in that moment the next she went in your house she cleaned her how to turn off the TV she went about her life knowing she was getting her kids the next patient with the court Mister and Mrs. Miller we need to apologize you in no right to take your children please have them back and we're sorry Michelle is sold out God stepped into her life in that moment and changed it forever she sees and love which is I have the opportunity we should invite her to accept Jesus in your life which she did she told me this week she said you know I feel so weird because now might arise with somebody about using a divorcee what's different about you it's happening until a budget is around where Jesus freak that I think everybody else aware but I can't help it I just have to tell about Jesus who was studying with her when something comes up and sees Jesus is a CSR loop where dishonest in the desert really have a hard time assumed that because she's she's had been involved with operations is that physical tactile experiences with with the spiritual realm there are experiences that she was selling this can be harsh to me a farce this can be hard to generate ahead will be dollars which on the Internet position you are going and what she said you know what when she sizes in the Bible she knows that God has brought us together as if she wants to be where God wants you to be here's the thing she told me the story almost started crying because I know that if I was a Bible worker and I was at that door that experience would never happen because we shall probably talk to me first of all because she wanted here got it right then because which is going to her and she didn't need religion the second Aussie women talking too much and I would had to go as I need to get Bible studies and so I would've taken the time with her maybe that's not the rule for all Bible workers but I promise you it's not the exception either because I know too many Bible workers it would tell you the same thing again I'm not saying as malicious by anybody's intent on saying is what the system has become and we cannot continue to do the things we've always done and then does act like it's okay we find that if we would do things a little different that we can have these tremendous results our approach now it was saying there's no need to idiotic canvasser I can't seem to think the local Pennsylvania group hit seventy six thousand doors this summer seventy six thousand doors with one purpose is the canvassing program that really takes time and adornment you do not like a lot of the canvassing programs I hear about work were the real just to hit hit hit hit it if they're not taken a book about hearing a chemist moving on because you got to get books out I hear lots of the stories seventy six thousand doors on one intent to book into the home it's a noble cause it's part of the work the goddess called us to do the literature work with seventy six thousand doors and we only had one option to give them a Bible worker our team is visited ten thousand doors in the last year going door-to-door with our services assisted by Burgos nor one intent and purpose in the Bible city ten thousand doors any year one intent and purpose how many people are we missing the problem is we segregated are our approaches to the point that you can't you can do a comprehensive work when you're not willing to submit to one another we got we got a pride issue in our church run or how we do ministry we do we think that we think that the public image of the way into by Borg have a meeting at work he sell books to get Oglala to work and it dies a little bit imagine imagine if the stewards of Jordan to share with this coupled with the stores and on strenuous coming with you with a Bible work with it all happen in one place together one time only go to one door were not just looking to get a Bible study we can find out is it something we can do for you in your home it's just as powerful we had a lady the other day this is an elderly lady she can clear home Susan it will complete home in which showed a greater homer neighborhood have the same that I get some of her things I tried all of you know you given a shovel me know when you're done it all come back they can't figure out why would you show up on the doorstep what a cleaner house will be doing this it's an opportunity to share about Jesus Rogers doing good works to do good works and that's another another challenge that we face a lot of a lot of code we should just even worse are the friends passion of the church is like we should do good when you told by Jesus Bustamante is the only answer how unit do something someone is a Christian and not pointed to Jesus Christ so what we're trying to do is combine all these things will be have contact with someone we've got this USENET is massive and that we can cast and they make they may be interested in helping we can help with that they may need some food we can help with that and they might need help figuring out their systems we have a social worker we can help with that what time is it for the gambler get by they may need they may want to Bible study maybe that person 's and mine their door this is longing for someone to come in over the Bible to them we can do that and maybe maybe what they need is that many the piece of literature there home forgot to let sit percolate for the rollout we can do that to we don't have to be so exclusive we can't be so exclusive we'll have time we'll have the energy right now because we don't work the way God was working on money that we are the resources to be send someone a one door for one purpose and an missing all of this I got involved with the group that was up working with today's of transitional housing it was a community groups came together and the outset is a really poor the support system for homeless people and so this group came together was passed another church and in some some community advocates McKinney has deliberate oddities in transitional housing which really be part of this committee with us outside of Yosemite blocked streets because the shelters normally then all the dysfunction but anyway so we started thinking these people and we heard about this couple that was on street of depth and Russell were their names that had a heart attack in June is January ten heart attack in June she's home was in the middle of winter in January living on the street marketing February we daughter into our house he are temporary transitional housing in them one day I got a text message is that Devon had a stroke and die the next day to e-mail us as yet another stroke of hospital women in the gun e-mail since she's getting out today but she has diabetes inches gangrene in her big toe and are going to cut it off and then I met Russell Pine Meadow net and Russell 's the sweetest guy came up to me just wanted to talk positive smile through quite earlier and he cannot talk to me and I just don't give a second I I said that we got to go see these people and assume we can do so it's only say on where here know a single door type would be your friend can we be here for you during this time we started talking to him about what was going on I wisely we started bringing up that that you know some wood on the road we can figure it out like helping position as things they can do to help out all the diseases that are afflicting down that's a really hard thing to figure out when their home was little in the kitchen and they don't have a food and are subservient to the soup kitchens and that the food banks it regardless of what else they have the food nation to have a gallery cannot chew cheese every week you know so is not the best that floors me is a loser they would so Becca started visiting inimitable times a week for a few weeks there and then the time came that they were choosing to go back into the hospital to their Minnesota ticket show 's office told Becky said they're not taken my toes some among the couple maltose all she can get around on Norman and I will did not take my toes off 9/11 accidental me this and and saw so we go to do something so I went to talk with her she was raised Christian I talked a little bit about anointing and brushing she agreed to let me come and anoint her and the and so we did that the night before Susan going to the hospital so the important part of what were doing and I said in the game were rethinking how these pieces go together you can't do it we do if you don't have the back end of it right of your local church or lawyer trying to some you have to find an endless and there's there's a place row I said to begin to do the medical missionary work with the conveniences you have at hand by sweeping this is this is a new thing for us on the ostriches and epiphanies what we do we can only enter of bump in the road we get confounded we stop we go we start setting spare proxying and we find an answer that that's how we do this because work were working for a specific plan we came across this this course is begin to do the work of what you have overspent and I will try to come up with all this is different programs we were in extreme developing and all we could see was our deficiencies as we stop us of what we have what we have available way about a lady that decided she got baptized the summer from one of our small groups and she knows how to do couponing super couponing is a she said she's going to go a great custom cut couponing class is doing people 's homes to start offering that Miriam or social worker can do benefits checkup tell people identify what government programs that qualify for the really neat side benefit of that is becoming our service it don't matter Mister does all the stuff that I need and we find out what we can get to them from the government and we find out with Latins we can use our resources very effectively the minister that gap is just as effective of administration for someone to help them get the services of someone else's providing as it is to provide it for yourself and we need them we need to know that if you are the ones given them a ride of them thought the application help you learn how to navigate the system that's huge because it's really complicated system so we started going door-to-door and is asking people offer these pieces but you have to have those pieces if you if you will come up with just a few things you can do in your search vineyard in your mirror status for whatever a few things that you can can do in the community whatever you have it handy to have solicited the money that would offer budgeting classes if you have somebody like that they are in are designed cooking classes write it if you are listed for Landon and rubbed me the logic of whatever only I can come like a counselor like maybe a game maybe you can not offered Jonathan a huge thing for the upper class for us is pastoral counseling in the West End that's what were getting the most interest off of the pastoral counseling and so you just look around your group has offered your showstopper and say go out to the doors and just talk to the people you can get what Wilshire will we do with you but it is built around our structure and you can you can cater it will look if you go there and you can you can talk with people find out what's going on in their lives we are the stores they had would like is like this we talked about to happen in their life was going on what are they struggling with how can we help in the healthier mentally physically emotionally or spiritual Jerry with it with it like to be healthier in and then from there we simply listen here's some things we have for you and that in all the thing that is listed Bible studies and in different things that we do have children's programs were first started tutoring program with some of the judgment comes in his job search results in the resumes of Aaron and his army which have do it intentionally do it with the expressed intent and purpose that you looking for an opportunity to share Jesus Christ with them that's a medical missionary work in us or do we have to do it will open doors if you if you want to tire what we do is is we have our books to find the literature evangelism we have our books and then we only do this in the West and we don't try to sell books and not in the inner city because it totally goes against what were trying to do in terms of trying to sell them something or trying to give them something but in the West End we actually from that conversation then those that missionaries will say has look at a book I think you be interested in and then the last Sunday was personally went off every single person the talk them into the book because the book was given to them based on it was the end of the conversation based on what they've said and they explicitly said this book relates to what you're telling me the year you're going through everything personally talk to to the book I want to share with you a couple videos of this first video is a video I shared a digital conference couple weeks ago and it's just another sort sort of a lady named Rebecca and hopefully a good review this all right incident I had an eye and I and I and and and and she is there is everything and anything I is is I know I don't need anything out I is people helping you and such as you is on an air outfield is really a challenge like okay how do you know he is about as well and I felt I is a you and come back and you and is in and in in the eye and is and is and is and I will laugh and I like that I will be in an and is in a will and you are is nothing when anything I like I is my environment I is weird I came to that name before the game I praise God that he will help us and organize and and and answers prayer for God worked through her concept and he is so is that even my granddaughter learn more and I is teaching me and held it up as you is is is don't lie to me and very and I are you as a way I want to know they had in is really meeting in prayer and I and everyone he and he is in and I are the other and is getting the opportunity and will I had to me and I know that are and allow them I is he he I and the many clothing me as you as well as an I and I have been able to lifetime and she is as I is there an so when building Tuesday Ruiz was Rebecca 's building and when they were going into that building they actually had about ten minutes before Barney had a group that she had to go to visitation or something and residing on his building when I make you go in the stairs are visible right here in a couple around corners and the knock on the first or no one answered and amortization she just felt compelled to thought Karen fill out go up and so she went up and up the stairs and when they got to the topic onto the top of the Dorgan is adored here and it seems like it's in they went in on some toner turnaround and go up as she turned around she saw there was another flight of stairs and so she's away to minute let's go up and they went up when you come up to the top five search that when we're trying to shoot videos or to tell a story just to type in analyzing Owens talk to the top of the stairs and register was going to adore anyone up and went to knock and then some folder turn around an issue turnaround this is little Billy Hollis about this wife goes start corners of door back there if you are looking for you never see it that was Rebecca store it harder back to say that the night before money showed up she was done on a nutritious total war I can go on any longer I do don't have any more strength I need you to do something God and we were there and we were willing to allow the Lord to lead were willing to take time to interact with her to find out this need for her that the department was infested with bedbugs you could see an arm they still have the scars in the marksman bedbugs in the landlord when do anything about it so we were able to store contacts in the community to get someone to vessel security version of an effort of Baltimore would someone make a donation six hundred twenty five dollars so that she can get we could get her into another apartment in the bedbug infested apartment and an work with her were so working with her today and this is the ministry that needs to happen this is what well I caused disinterested kindness as she says that this is what the world needs to see this is how we reveal the character of Christ to a world that is hurting I can't fantasize you cannot continue to do what we've always done expecting different results and I'm not being negative I'm just being real what were doing is a church is not finishing the work cost of the other plan will have it figured out perfect yet were seen some movement is not a mighty movement but it is a movement overseen just amazing examine the other day we discussed overrun we didn't have enough missionaries to handle the influx of people that started coming into our center we need more workers what we really need because while medical missionary work is not exclusively a medical work there is still a strong medical component to it we need a medical professional to come alongside of us a nurse or doctor someone has the letters that the credibility than understand scope of practice that understands how to diagnose people appropriately that can come alongside us help us develop our programs it will be going to house calls if people can get out of the house there is there crippled unable to leave their home we need we need that desperately we need someone alongside us for that we need workers listen we we spend so much of our time planning and were trying to find his balance because we weave our surfers for eligibility and this is how we can aside this is when it hit me I was always driving in your runner first program to the community and I got a phone call no one showed up Noah showed up and it just hit me with its hundred bricks that the Christ never stopped in sitcom you know come to me and that's sense of it as a company but that was different in a response or become the meeting administered to he was always going and doing the ministering so will realize from there we went out we went and visited with Doctor children's breakfast and health program we do on Sabbath morning to bring them in the freedom of brunch and we do help orientation a doctors we do crafts and indifference up with them to announce her to get naked and then the kids come in and love in there like our current differences like a dragon came in the middle of a given our resort all my friends inevitably led to get back with a friend and they often got the application and a lot of repairs came by the center we need people that are just on the just here on the scene out front lines just out there making friends with people we basically see more people were looking to double the size of our team right now from six to twelve we need a medical professional we need a media person because we want to want to do something we need to document a better Odyssey saw not the best video editor we need somewhere to document this stuff for us we also want to do some some creative projects to help propagate you know though the Council that we've harvested in the way were were doing it we just need workers that I I believe in my heart when when Esther gave me an hour I just felt convicted that there is there someone is coming here today that you were getting your car coming news conference and you just think in your life I want something more out of my life maybe you've been in ministry to buy worker he became a sinner just to feel this this compression is narrowness in the scope of your working anyone to stretch it out you what you want to be a what the minister a broader sense maybe maybe you're a doctor a lawyer a construction worker a pizza delivery guy and you just feel like God is calling you to do something more than you are and you don't know how to start and you don't know where to go with you just feel like God is calling you to to ministry in some sense but it's dating pastoring is not really in any deceased tools maybe maybe this is what God is calling you to if if if through this processor in your inner life leading up to the chief Phillie God is calling you would probably have a place for your simplicity I love to talk to you about that after or if you're not near the northern human spirit of God in this moment there's always a grace for you can call me later but if that's you I would invite you that after we pray here and I love to talk with you you can talk with our missionaries and find out what it is there is a place for everyone God 's work referred faster CNN Pastor Mark talked about the need for the for the laity to understand that it's not the work of the clergy to do this and but only when we made ministry it's not in the Bible says the present evangelistic series is about literature evangelism there's a lot of people that are scared of those things I don't see a place within the work this work I hope you can see is broad enough that whatever your passion is whatever your skill set is whatever the gifts are the God is giving you there is a place for you in the work of God using what God is giving you and the hope that you will take that up I hope that you will go back where you come from appear not to come to Pennsylvania will overlook that you can do this work on your own we love to mentor people and coach people so you can still come in contact with us and will share over learning will help you through whatever your whatever you're struggling with on the ground we do that with a couple other groups that are trying to do this and that we just wanted to the work afford in the cities because God said that when it's done according to his plan will be the setting operation of a mighty movement that is the money movement the finishes the work that is beginning of this earth the end of this pain is beginning of the need for medical missionary work it is it is what is got to happen so the Jesus can come back and claim us and take us home and that's what this is about the threat of a follower thank you so much for all your guidance that you have it left us without counsel without direction that you given us ample evidence to direct us in how we should minister for you I thank you Lord that that you've called us to partake in the life of Christ not just accepting it in salvation but you particularly mean it out as agents for you you could abuse the Angels you could've the number of things but you looked on us you loved us and you invited us to follow you on board helpless is merely that and pray that you would just bless us as a community community of Jesus and this media was brought audio price a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to be sent in audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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