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The Beast From the Abyss

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 6, 2007
    7:00 PM
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using a tool I tell you that I have had such a bad last two hours Don excited you know you know some as happened powerful than the devil is really really bothering you and so I'm excited I get to release some divine right to my message tonight amen it is set by many historians that the turning point of the Civil War came with the discovery of special orders one ninety one the site had been waiting for when one day on a battlefield at once just taken place some soldiers from the northern troops were just sitting around then dial discussing plans for the future and look down and discovered an envelope and that he picked the envelope just playing around with it the soldiers were either talking and he opened the envelope and three sycophants fell out as something else inside that envelope it was Jeter will ease out a plan at first they wanted about authenticity but then realized that this is genuine can you imagine the joy as these soldiers would be losing the battle suddenly realized that they had been enemies clients in their hair this him this was the turning point I want to share with you tonight that I have something similar to an envelope to share with you tonight let's take a look tonight at the plans of the enemy and how he has so strategically leaked these plans it will be mind-boggling I cannot should also think about this when the northern Shilts discovered that battle plans of leave you think they were excited anything very exciting and sympathetic as I share these things with you tonight it is my prayer that you will be very exciting when you see lousy so much that he gave us his word to reveal to us the pitfalls that the enemy of souls has set for his people so that we may avoid them and the turning point mean dcom Amed I'm asking about your heads with me as I pray and ask the Lord to guide us tonight heavenly father we ask that you would please speak to us as we go through this very detailed study of your word give us understanding give us with may your spirit and date display 's strength in our minds so that we may understand we were eating Jesus me a man a man I'd like to open your Bibles to Revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve beginning with verse one when you get there you see a name Revelation chapter twelve verse one they are paired a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sign at the moon under her upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with child cried travailing in birth and pink to be delivered and there appeared another wonder in heaven behold a great read dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his head and instead held to the third part of the stars of heaven to toss into the yard and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was and when she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod he was caught up onto God and to his throne and unnoticed verse six and the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God that they should feed her there are thousand two hundred and three score days twelve hundred and sixty days which according to Bible prophecy are according to the Bible rules of interpretation by day in Bible prophecy equals a year so what we have here is a web and representing a walk charts according to Bible prophecy that would go into hiding for twelve hundred and sixty years and we understand that this time represented five watt thirty eight A.D. all the way down to seventeen ninety eight A.D. twelve hundred and sixty years the charts of the dark ages what if Heidi not want you to notice for our prosecutor was Revelation are rather read Revelation chapter thirteen and verse one beloved let me let me tell you as you turn here I need you to follow me so closely don't miss don't don't go to sleep for a moment okay because you're going to have to pay toward attention because I'm telling you this plan of the enemy is so answered so profound that it will boggle your mind but you have to follow a month very very carefully he met Revelation thirteen verse one I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the way sea having seven heads and ten horns I want to do that jumped out with me to verse five the Bible says and there was given up in a mouth speaking great things and velocities and power was given unto him to continue how long forty and two months if you calculate that that exactly twelve hundred and sixty days which means it's the very same time that the woman or the church is hiding in the wilderness to get that so far I want you to notice what the Bible says in verse six he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and then that one of heaven and it was given unto him to make war with vocal saints and to overcome them question who is the woman hiding from bouncing between this and I can see a whole what was I saying okay thank you hello was the woman is hiding from according to what we does read full was the prosecutor during the twelve hundred and sixty years based from nowhere from the city very good the beast from the sea this time by the way is mentioned in various places and it's got a be important for us to understand what this time period was all about this woman hiding from her persecutors now I want you to notice Revelation chapter thirteen verse three the Bible says on this piece from the scene I saw one of his head as it were wounded said that now this piece from the city we are told would receive a deadly wool they would receive that Deputy will be an all but Watt twelve hundred and sixty years that's why it ceases to persecute the woman at so that you will no longer has a presaging backwards we know this decency represents we do I think it's if we go through Bob Fosse you will see that this beast a piece of Bible prophecy represents a power and were talking about a prosecuting power during the dark ages and we can only think of one power that persecuted the people of God during the dark ages would burn them at the stake if they had a lot if they had a Bible it is pretty evident without power AIDS and the purpose of this meeting tonight is not to identify the power nonetheless that very power receives a deadly bull at the end of the twelve hundred and sixty years so what does the double need to do he's got to find another power to prosecute the people of God that make sense not want to follow along here revolution chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve verse fourteen notice what wireless is here to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nervous for a time and times and half a time from the face of the serpent guess how much studies and Bible prophecy twelve hundred and sixty years are tied being a year time times of the half that's three and a half years which equals out to forty two days or forty or forty two months which equals out to twelve hundred and sixty days prophetic time twelve sixty one hundred one years losing work on somewhere with it first fifteen after this woman is given a place to hide for twelve hundred and sixty years verse fifteen says the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be cowardly of the flood and not noticed it that would leave verse seventeen the Dragon was angry with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed now what does Remnick mean it means offspring when you think of offspring what do you think of children that you are want to share with you beloved that in the last phase the devil is going to target the offspring is not a target for young people he understands that that that the final conflict will revolve around the offspring the remnant and so he's got to make a special attempt to destroy the very people who will finish the work the run now we understand the remnants of me the remaining charts but the public in particular the devil is after the young children why do you think he was after what you think he did was try to do when he destroyed all that young children in the comparables because he knew that it deliverables among what you think you get a single of Jesus because he knew that a delivery was among the empathetic there on many many people in this role this evening who the devil is after he is after the offspring and so the question now comes cool or what tolerable the Dragon use to attack the offspring the young people in the last days I want you to go with me Revelation chapter thirteen and personality and if you read the whole contents of this chapter you will see that another Lisa right on the scene just about the time that the first base receive if the label which was around the end of the seventeen hundreds the late seventeen hundreds notice of in Revelation thirteen and verse eleven I be held on the other beast coming up out of nowhere are and he had to want like a man and stake out there why drag so here we have a second beast that is seen coming up on the scene and we are looking out for a beast or a power on a nation that would be like in its qualities that would speak like a dragon which would represent where the United States of America and in particular the apostate Protestants all or rather we can say apostate Christian Christianity in the United States of American knowledge as your question was America coming into power around the end of the seventeen hundred yes indeed it was this piece indeed fits the description and the timing that it would rise if it fits our America benefits that power just as the frontispiece was receiving a study will in the seventeen hundreds saw another beast is seen coming up from the earth that rely my quantities religious liberty and freedom for all except for a couple of people right were talking about a power that would then in turn the government is now going to attempt to use this power to prosecute the people and up to this point on the mistaken passage through this before we understand his abuse from to see Disney's of the art of the guys on both of them were watching them no problem but there's a problem because without you see there is another piece that rises up on the scene at the very same I am and I can guarantee you that nobody is looking at Disney's so are you interested in knowing movies these days all it is these very great with me Revelation Chapter 11 Revelation Chapter 11 and were going to take a look at verse seven and then we'll go back and see some things here Revelation Chapter 11 verse seven the Bible says here and when they shall have finished their testimony the piece that has sounded out of the way bottomless pit shall make war against them and shall overcome them and kill them now which has been something that were wondering what the world is talking about a hundred witnesses these from the abyss and who is it that these these skills while this go back and take a look at Revelation Chapter 11 verse one there was given unto me reluctant for Ron and the angel are still saying Verizon measure the temple of God and the altar and then that worship therein but the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles and the Holy See shall they check on your flight forty eight percent BC that there same time forty and two months knows what goes on to say and I will give power unto my two new CDs and they saw prophesy a thousand two hundred and three score days low in sackcloth these witnesses to testify twelve hundred and sixty on both the twelve hundred and sixty years is getting hammered a big everything is happening during the watt twelve in sixty years so this weekend we got the piece from the sea we've got the woman we've now got the two witnesses who are all present during the twelve hundred and sixty years now the question is who are these two witnessing what we know that these two witnesses cannot be in laws and Moses having ever heard what do they realize Moses while or two people because they are second testified for how long twelve hundred and sixty years no mention of them and it were talking about a symbolic thing year as the government to make this really quick so I can get to the point cricket and not intend to these two witnesses represent the old and new testament are we on the same page that Jesus tells us to search instructors were in them you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me now what do witnesses do a beloved they testify but they also want if you are witness and a current case you have seen something not what you understand take a look with me in person the Bible says and went thanks I have finished their testimony by the way I will say that they prophesied in fact while the twelve hundred sixty years because they had to do that work culminates a terrible dark age in other words remember they were accomplished to testify Christ but if anyone out of Bible during the dark ages they were they were killed and the Bibles were part of the Bible have to do it smart and obscurity now the Bible tells us here in for president no Chapter 11 verse seven when they shall have finished their testimony would be what would they be around finishing their testimony around that they seventeen hundreds you saying Tiger to the woman would be hiding same time the first reason to see that the New World same time the second piece on the other be rising up we find here that the beast that was sent out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and some overcome them and kill them not the severity of the road while at the beast from the Arby's seek to destroy the two witnesses if you are a criminal why would you seek to destroy a witness because they had evidently walked saying something about moving from a I do this often I get excited for people before they know what to get excited about I'm getting excited for you beloved let me share with you that these two witnesses see the water of the beats from the abyss in fact and that's why the beast seeks to destroy the two witnesses this is something so incredible so amazing solve mind-boggling that that when we learned about in other words the devil will try to do everything he could to stop the two witnesses from testifying tonight about this piece that arises from the abyss that's why he seeks to destroy he sought to destroy these two witnesses and let me tell you beloved this is not a bad horror movie this is real this is real I thought so let's see some things here we might ask ourselves the question what is it what power hose around the end of the seventeen hundreds the war against the word of God before you answer I want you to notice something else about this week 's if you look on a Bible prophecy every single piece in Bible prophecy is mentioned or is described Daniel chapter seven of these like a lot my embedded one like a bad one like a leopard one look at jotting the revelation chapter all thirteen of these in the sea having seven heads technological revolution chapter seventeen eighteen all the bees in Bible prophecy are described to help us pinpoint who that business but guess what this base is solid and credible in nature saw hard to pinpoint that Sean couldn't even give him a description who this piece is set to rise out of the all based on happy souls and when you think about what a business it takes us back to Genesis and Genesis speaks of the world being in us and in the same abyss or the state of cotton fusion so I like to entitle this message with a piece of the of the abyss it is subtitled organized confusion you happen to catch you guys of what I'm thinking what power is it the roles let's look at one more clue and then we will find out Revelation Chapter 11 and verse verse eight here's a description given to help us figure out who the species and their dead bodies talking about the two witnesses shall line the street of a great city which spiritually is called what Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified and they have the people intended condemnation shall see their dead bodies three days and I have to somehow some of the dead body to be putting grace and benefits upon the earth shall rejoice over them and make merry if you got another translation except Ashley says that would celebrate anybody happen in your celebrates women to come back to what is sin can we think of all what power can we think of all what eventually think of our roles at the end of the seventeen hundreds that rolls up and rebel against the word of God and that was similar to Egypt what was he did know for its secularism is rebellion against God who is God of our salvation as a thousand remember them if they're not even thought about was somnolent for its immorality and lawlessness so now we put it all together and another there is only one power about while listening around the end of the seventy oh seven two hundred and that power that event was known as the young is a pretty smart the French Revolution seventeen eighty nine just around the same time that the American Revolution was going on the American Revolution was supposedly based upon the one word of God while the French Revolution rejected the word of God and so ensued what was known as the reign of terror even reading about that the reign of terror the Bible was denied repeated definition of a revolution is the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governor the French what revolution what would be another name for revolution another word for revolution revalue what we learn from five seven chapter fifteen verse twenty through this morning the Bible tells that written down again is asked us I called one registrar so we can assume that that what happened during the French Revolution was witchcraft in a depth that they denied the word of God that we begin attribute that do nothing else but witchcraft and this piece would seek to do everything to destroy the two witnesses not a sick house of the French revolution that's gone past it only were we going with this I want to listen to this quote from the book education page two twenty eight the spirit of unrest on riot and bloodshed the worldwide dissemination of the same teachings that after the French Revolution all are intending to it are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle seminar that that was convulsed France such are the influences to be met by our youth today wow I want to get that the same things that factor the French revolution and we might say the same things that sprung out of the abyss from the French Revolution are here today right now and they are targeted towards the red so use a pastoral cable shall be what are some of these things another way to take a look at seven things that sprawled out of the abyss are you ready all right number one seven spell that sprung out of the abyss seven forms of witchcraft that sprung out of the abyss that our young people are facing today in a serious weight number one there was a man who coordinated during the French Revolution by the name of JB the mark anybody ever heard of that name Jay Leno Mark was a cut was an act as part of the French Revolution and Santa Barbara the scientist and he came up with a theory that he called transform doesn't anybody ever heard of that theory transform is him transformed Islam was a teaching that things kind of didn't bail they start the way on the word of God so they started in fact they involved in a certain kind of way my name is Satan transformative sounds sounds familiar while another that's because they'd arrived much later on unmanned by the name of Charles Darwin in how to make the parts of this land JB LaMarche and these teachings have Darwinian to form his theory of evolution nominee asking do you see the teachings of evolution as a union to tell me that the first part of the teaching of evolution was put in the print was from the French Revolution guess what you you can check it out for yourself I saw another what you have happening here then is out think about awareness of these come from a Council no one do this and what does it do it this basement has its tries to take us back to the happiness back in Genesis say hey listen don't listen to the two witnesses and what they said about how the world was created that's not accurate and tries to destroy confidence in the old and new testament and beloved as we watch what is happening in our world today we see the teaching of evolution will spread like bats down turning people against the who there to witness the unicellular pastor okay yeah that that's been out for for evolution to know what I'm in a system that may sake tonight I believe in evolution and write it down Gladys on film I believe in evolution of another I believe that I can prove to you that evolution is true I've seen the evidence you don't miss another source on about I see the evidence of evolution going on in amazement he went on a bit of it while we are it's amazing while we are are are are fighting against this this evolutionary teaching that the devil has put out there that is a spell upon many people contribute possible that evolution is a counterfeit or a decoy for another type of evolution that the devil is pulling off on millions of Christians around the world that explains you want me apart or sensitivities that evolution is a theory adaptation adaptations agencies can have fun with this bank adaptation teaches that that this species are all well will change and adapt as the environment around it changes so that it can continue to exist and they bought is called adaptation and give you a couple seconds saw another after as we are saying anonymous we all believe that could be possible that they dabble in another way is seeking to manipulate the end behind your name so that the species will adapt could be possible that the devil figured out that if I can change the atmosphere changing environment through the oldies through the music through the five ten through the styles could it be possible through the philosophies that I can actually solve manipulate the environment that the species the remnant the offspring will begin to adapt in order to survive in order to gain the survival of the city and beloved let me tell you that I believe that that is what the devil is doing with all my heart he is formed this pump is he has sent out seven principles seven spells that are designed to solve manipulate the environment and adamantly tell you I see the evidence of evolution and evolution happening before my very eyes I see but I see the specimens and I can watch evolution taking place before the public is the evolution of the evidence of evolution before your eyes you never thought you were sent as a guess that the church speaking what else what else did the double loops from the French Revolution how did you ever heard of a man by the name of Voltaire okay amazingly I know the man from the French Revolution and what is it about both have another that will care for the playwright he role-plays and one of the ways was Voltaire discovered or or or or lies upon mocking the two witnesses is he began to write plays and use the theater of overlapping you are not with me you are not with me he began to use the fear is a weapon tomorrow gone to lock there to witness the question do you see the principles that spilled out of the French Revolution affecting our young people today do you see the theater being used to mark the word of God until it is with this plot if you think this plot is that right now we are just on the service we haven't even scratched anything with it you see the anybody ever heard of a man by the name of Marquis this saw anyone Marquis de Sade in some places is known as the prophet of pornography not incredibly enough Marquis de Sade was also a product of the French Revolution and YouTube was against the word of God and amazingly enough what the people in the French Revolution did not at all before the king and the queen and all the men at the base of Zimbabwe why did the French revolution happened in the first place because the beast from the sea had done what suppressed the word of God I saw the French morsel that when one happened during the twelve years and they set in overview and enough of what this book because they had no idea about who bejeweled on was because they were not allowed to do what read there by someone Elaine Marquis de Sade or the French people what they had to do with it again he was a new weapon they called it are political pornography anybody ever heard it was the first time that pornography was loose on society pornography had no money you know if it was a point here authenticate what would have happened now with using it in a very public way beloved of many tell you it was it was used it was it would drop its king and queen and bishops and the and the Paulson on the religious leaders in in in in Passover demoralizing in other words the condition demise of the people that this is what they were doing behind closed doors and they lost respect for the King Queen and all the clarity got DVR that has you going to your supermarket today and you see all those pictures of naked people do you realize that that concept sprung out all the French Revolution created Houston where I must there are some obvious like the sun sometimes you are the supermarket is like a signed another believe in the family this printed this this movement of political or or puppet pornography were not with us everywhere everywhere sprung out of this French Revolution had by the way people who are not involved in pornography have no relish for the into witnessing our uneasiness so but I'm not only do we find that evolution is a spell of the devil sprung out of the abyss not only is is the theater is doing a spell that is captivating the part of many young people but now also sexual immorality not that such a limerick Bharati has has never been around but beloved through this push off of of pornography does not be everywhere out in the bleep strung out on the French Revolution anyone ever heard of the map by the name of August August he is no as the father of humanism cubit no humanism in humanism as it is the teaching that man can make his own decisions between right and wrong and this principle of humanism got its trust the French Revolution in fact you remember if you read great controversy remember that they brought in a while then I'm titled her that God is unlocked other reason say we will not attend up one reason as our God no longer the two witnesses but reason than it has to do you find humanism like about vapor encircling the school organized confusion you think this is as Augustus best knob another office spring out of organized attempt to bring about confusion upon our young people Russo invited her that me Russo was known as the father of Romanticism on the dictate what Romanticism was Romanticism was a movement that took our tent and human emotions and said she when emotionally it was opposite of humanism this human emotion is what we should be guided positive feels then you are what you might call the hippies of Verde well Nancy you can read about how do we find that principle present day society that if it feels good doing what you think and now for the heavy stuff December fifth fourteen ninety two Columbus comes across a place call this manual sixteen ninety seven the Spaniards give the western third part of Hispaniola to the French to the pool to France the name was changed to Saints Domingo Saint Domingo becomes a sensor for slave trading and so what happens is these surveys are not being brought to the island has brought honor they are immediately christened as Catholic but are not allowed to read the Bible as so on to their all traditions either old religions and what happens if the slave masses will try to separate them one thing kept them together and that was their religion even the evidence was so diversified and so what they did is they came together and formed a new religion where they would bring all by the way one other thing that Egypt was known for was its multiplicity of God 's you remember that some of these slaves brought all the Argos together and they formed a new religion called Don when we know as food the thing that makes you laugh and go is that we really become a beloved voodoo Israel Israel so what happens is that in this room is about to build one of the main elements at one of the main characteristics on who the evidence that they have called the job identities to move closer to the appropriate content and in their religion the chocolate the holy answer the calls through that's wrong they could then have or for what they called syncopation not single patient than simply meant sync meeting brought together simply meant that through the job they could all connect out that the spirits of the dog with the body 's other practitioners and what they were sent to it was that the gods would then why the bodies of the practitioner 's agency leadoff the food masses began to see this and say wait a minute you can't do this that's what what kind of crazy music as so in order to for their slave masters what they began to duel what they began to put Christian word on an Athlon is a you know to fool their Catholic sleep and so this went on for sometime in seventeen eighty nine when the French Revolution began to take place because the France were tired of having their Catholic on it all my bishops and priests dominating Wobegon and ruling over them and they began to rebel against the word of God what happened is that on this saying all little place called now called Saint Domingo they can't does spirit of rebellion and decided to stage their own rebellion and it became known as the only successful slave revolt in all of history that little place then changed its name to take the are you ready in eighteen oh three are you ready I hope you're ready for the in eighteen oh three the United States of America new rephrased friends makes a and agreement with America there are some mental block that France all that goes right down the middle of the United States transition metal plot went by the name of Louisiana the beast from the are you a piece of property the beast from the art great controversy page five eighty the Protestants of the United States America will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf even get to grasp the hand of spiritualism they will reach over the beats I find amazing but I think that silence the BS from the opening salvo to such property to America at peace from the arc and a piece of property is Louisiana there was a little place and that piece of property call New Orleans so what begins to happen is that please the little practitioners now make their way to make their way over to knew our lives and what they bring with them there were two now three hundred Haitians here okay good clouds in the comfort you to let you know that it was a Jamaican that met out in the Haitian revolution and I'm Jamaican such as in case you thought I was taken on a single day not picking on Haitians amen so please visit the thing that came over us enormous they brought their blue with them as they went there and they will begin to congregate at a place called Congo Square and they would play their music there under the why not come out and then look at the delinquent account this thing really do something with him again and cooperate is not another something interesting about new warnings did you know that New Orleans is almost like a little France is a student on a new one of them will think of the Egypt always thought that I should obey them to get on anyone else like a little Sodom it anxiously this very place that the Bible describes this franchise can result those same characteristics in fact and authorizing the waters of the only place in which prostitution was allowed at Arthur Canada people for the Constitution that would use the photo music hearing touching when talking about stuff that's springing up out of the puppies German are red and there that the Bible says that they celebrated the death of the two witnesses did you know that New Orleans is really famous for celebrations Mardi Gras who is God that I should obey him him or her to Southern decadence North Southern decadence is the celebration of homosexuality right there on the streets of salt another is quite interesting that we find your next having these very characteristics but it didn't stop the because the evolution also works on the on this principle but that no mutations occur in the mutation is running so what's wrong how did this back there and sent to mingle didn't do it again to evolve and evolve into something called Ragtime ever heard a ragtime it was an music that came on the scene just around the end of the all the other night I'll be on nineteen hundred and another one again I hop around the end of the eighteen hundreds but again I happen is that this music was the music that they would use the party to it was the music of England used to bring in all the prostitutes had to do all these demographics are undoubtedly at what was peculiar to this music if it's in the Balkans Google which basically charming syncopation the same thing that the total music is based off of procedures and diocese are back on spreading out into the Internet and find that you began to see Egypt and solemn the principles going wherever Ragtime went is not interesting but I didn't stop their beloved cousin that time then gave way to something called window and blue who at this point is this music Brennan and Booth were ever a way you are now solved that the principles of Egypt who was so they have followed sexual immorality point where the weather didn't stop there in mutated even more in the nineteen forties and birdies again of introduction of something called jobs start again as I cried on this interesting about that as we see as spreading out into the environment what do we see following the principles are agent and son and then we come to the nineteen fifties and sixties that all of mercy we find total red parents must've lost their minds you know I'm talking about I was in there in the fifties the site I know what happened you all know what happened the kids began to lose their mind why another mutation had occurred and was now called rock 'n roll extension to know that where ever this music when you find the principle of rebellion against God sought on sexual immorality and aged who is God that I should obey but you know it didn't stop me because in the nineteen fifties there was letting me something to you this is from Robert Palmer in his documentary rock 'n roll and ugly history of how much it has something here the idea that certain rhythm patterns or sequences serve as a conduit for spiritual energies the linking individual human consciousness with the dogs is basic to traditional African religions onto the African derived religions to drop the Americans as the Bible promotes rock 'n roll by the way your business it he said the idea of linking the consciousness of the thoughts with humans in an idea that is basic to African derived religions this whether were talking this art historically or musical logically the fundamental rift the next base figures and charm rhythms .net rock 'n roll can ultimately be traced back to African music of a primarily spiritual or ritual nature in a sense rock 'n roll is a kind of mood this is a prole Mart is not a Christian he's right about rock 'n roll music any rock 'n roll artist and they will tell you the same thing that got this idea of linking up with the dogs is basic to voodoo and also rock 'n roll not wanting to listen to another statement that was written in nineteen ninety five this was written in nineteen oh seven by Ellen White for thousands of years said the experiment upon the properties of the human mind and you learn to know and love by his subtle workings in vivo assays he is painting the human mind with his own imbuing it with his thoughts and he is doing this work in Saugus Appomattox adults with seconds guidance no not that they are being that by hand items will linking the human mind with his own through the very music I want to follow this this train of thought another in the nineteen fifties and sixties there was a way out there somewhere and I a lot of people didn't have anything to do so they will try to listen to the radio station 's way out they are in America and what happens at the news would come over through their bad radio waves as it were here's some of the music under the music would stop and really hear the news of yet another Woodstock and this time I can like madness is upon which party and invisible and stopping black so they decided when a spot on you know and see and also newly play they talk and I will start again in the North Dobbin and nothing but bad news and they give you hit the neighbor island was called Jim Nico and you have is the introduction of the cut of music the regular novels things have been hot here and another where you see this music do you see saw it on easy now here's inches and grade there was a guy by the name of vodka and this guy in the nineteen seventies this Jamaican came home to America in particular he went to the Bronx and he brought this style of music with him and when it came to the Bronx and started doing this are not American but the latest song was more solid and zone that this is going to school and they came up with a music mutated into something we now called hip-hop big Melba origins the coming straight out of the peace when you see hip-hop do you see some do you see e.g. he now always share with you are you ready do you realize that in the nineteen sixties what you have happening was a bringing together of all of these principles that sprung out of the opiates into one big he where in America you have the movement of evolution gain incredible thrust in the sixty and a piece the Romantics in the sixty and you have the music the rock 'n roll in the sixties you have the sexual perversion in the sixties God is dead in the sixties but what you saw in the sixties was all the principles that sprung out of French revolution going on around the world Satan says let's bring it right back here into America the beast from the artist and you know what almost happened in the sixties you know the word begins with an arm revolution revolution this aside he almost went to PC rebellion witchcraft sought out that the EC Sodom and Egypt in the sixties you know beloved here's a happy thing are you ready yet I say I'm ready anymore you may have had enough of sorry that's not the main meal listen to this beloved incredible and was as though the devil saw that society was about to go to pieces he says stop right there we have used the test tool we have seen it happen now it's time to put our plan of organized confusion into effect you see in the sixties after the hippies were tired of drugs and and and sex and all those things and they said you know we got to try something new because we've come to we become disillusioned those hippies decided to try season give you to Windows hippies bring with do they come empty-handed what else hippies who became Christians what do they bring to the charge with the many tell you they brought evolution pastor how to do that they brought the spirit of adaptation CR network Christians now if we are going to reach the public people out there we got a untapped to the end five urinate you are another you was that you are going to have to wear this all go away and you know that once organized confused just like them and weep I like them and we've got to talk like that and we've got to say Jesus is really cool do we adapt to think the environment and another thing I will feed into the church and introduced it in the sixty one of the debris they brought their food they brought their food if one is not never not like them and really reach them we can use what you know they hand maybe we've got we've got to use them will use their real films put Chris in where organized confusion of lies below confusion they brought their romanticism remember that exhibiting hate you melodramatic said he you will have to be like everybody else you can be a rebel you can be different in the different act this is not about how your address they brought their romanticism and said hey I can be a rebel and still be accepting so on but it doesn't look crazy and say geometries in what you let me tell you what always in my hip pocket when I had red dreadlocks and a long buried on a year and I was walking around see what I can your money Ms. Jordan and am Christian your the way is looking like a total Batman but just have to you have a Christian and you can't do nothing about me Rick July saying but other than I realized that this principles sprung out of the abyss this principle of love is part of the devils organized confusion but part romanticism also said that the motion was wholly over over reason or over anything also if it feels good I feel good about when I come the church so it must be good if I feel good it must you are the one on a pop feel good it must be organized confusion SFW brought all these things had put into one nice little package into the hippie movement and then you have this introduction by the way that's where CCM music and Chris contributors to music it was birthed in the sixty nine let me say this to be fair that contemporary music in and of itself is not that simple because contemporary music just means modern music are from a lot of modern music here tonight but you know music that may have just been made up it's all right to have modern music but without it we don't have to have music that imitates the voodoo patterns of the world it's all right to be creative as God 's people and we can be creative we don't have to doesn't play games you can follow amendment of a song that you don't have to fall into the rut of say and when it must be rock 'n roll or it must be hip-hop for it to be good don't listen to the demos live the love of someone if you can get it made if the name of your song it was not hip-hop it's not wrought what shall we do now it doesn't have to file under a name and it doesn't have to sound like a man and then we tell you one with the zebra this is the seventh and I did not mention it was called pantheism pantheism not undergo that because beloved in a sense all the other six things I mentioned our form of pantheism what is pantheism the teaching that God is a lot everything or that everything is God and you see evolution even the evidence is also a evolution as a form of pantheism why because it says that that that this iron is God it says that they are created by itself we are all South Koreans everything is holy the trees are only the art is only because it came about itself if the worship of nature and that's what evolutionary of my people call it a religion is the worship of nature but Marquis de Sade he was also a pantheist and that he believed that all settlers don't get mad it was a man woman child chat and was good that it may not be pantheism and the end of strongest sense of the work is a four octet is another matter all that is good so when I was what's his name all of August call on a human emotion is holy announce our all human reason is phony if you think it for you to tell you that that's wrong all truth is true and whether you think if it is true for you so that's good it is true for you that's good it's all the applicant is in the guerrilla tactics no one knows not if not you're your reasoning that's good this the holiness of the emotions and dependable to me that the romantic strongly believe in the holiness of the most sought emotion was good if you fell and reports good for your heart so you say how did these hippies who were awful pit also panties in his repentance for a slightly worse of the grass anywhere to the trees I see he's been there and everything is good everything is holy that existed in the brought into the church the spirit of pantheism what is is the teaching that it's all good rock 'n roll is good hip-hop show you the school you are just like us will join date on another everything is good no discernment between good and evil any longer none at all it's all good everything is good if we can just put the Christian name of flooring that is good so now we had to the place where we are actually half Christian boxing amazing unbelievable heavenly father help me as I attempted my business model we now pray before football games I was making a job in Dallas that you know pretty soon they don't have Christian printout of the month my gut is that they already have Christian pornography that the Bible using pornography to help in Al Qaeda we know of people who are strongly pornography and I sat there with my mouth open say you are kidding me everything is good manipulation of the edifying and make what I call I must hear Rick you agree to pronounce that again I must have Rick Presser everybody else is doing it everybody else is going along at a final dilemma why I won't survive because the devil is trying to destroy the red zone now if he can get our churches and manipulate the environment so that if you say something everybody looks at you hello what's the matter with you all of a sudden you feel so comfortable anymore because the atmosphere is getting to be as anyone I mean here and this manipulation copying violate the above is the devil 's plan to silence the amendment to make people fearful of politically several closing maladaptation anybody ever heard about what is now the adaptation maladaptation is the VP understanding the that the least in terms of evolution that there were certain species that even though the environment around them change me would not adapt as so the evolutionary teaching says if they did I doubt those are the ones that would want Donyell and another menu was I helping Darwin in his theory if we do what everybody else is doing that those laissez made a file called Samiti say how unfamiliar words of either leave or just value but analogously to you tonight that I read Romans twelve to a childless and be not conformed to this world be not conformed to this world but be strands for the renewing of your mind having LLC I think I want to be the maladaptive not to sound like a natural your maladaptive innovative than me but is a good thing to do now adapting to reality it is survival that means you in your survival those who refuse to adapt those like that in my visit I will die all but those who refuse to adapt will have eternal life at the moment but we won't know what what what what you heard today that may have been a struggle for you at the moment until God has a weight on his longing to have a now adapted people in these lasting of people who go to environment around us is changing of the feminist Dylan Audrey Katz manipulated the manipulative he says not I open your eyes not you the envelope with the capital 's plan for you to do with why you brought back on the ground of faith not modest plan all you go to say thank you to you for showing the jungles of an eyes but can't you see he wants to bring about a rebellion in the church isn't it amazing that whatever we find these principles of anything especially this music may not have things that are separated and set of Malachi four you don't and I think the heart of the father Sunday to so the artificial father when I having in our Intel services in the morning we can't even worship together anymore I go is seeking to bring about pumping out new revolution in the turns and he's bringing all these principles than other DC I want to ask on to William Dean you know another limitations as well is reason like one might one argue with this film that is how I got the one I was in the industry people certainly don't believe you're doing online your reason people and no one yells at me I said no I can't I can't believe those people in my hand on top of what God has called me to do at another I did what God has called me to do and now people out there are hearing about what a we don't have to stop and ask if you are ready in a maladaptive God to send to your own how many of you realizing it is your Christian duty not only in a test I love you too share with you when I see her tonight event whenever there's something you don't agree with me on the phone your heart and study off is asking you to do studying with a humble and he was so that you have an iPhone I believe all things I want to a room and not we want to thank you for the we want to thank you Lord for opening our eyes to this incredible plot of organized man lies there is filing me this convinces more than ever how the mind of Christ we can't tell the difference from our right and on the grant us the mind of yours countless going to be handed in mind it is even sharper Smith called the company needs truly discern between right and remind us thought that for every counterfeit the devil for every genuine the devil has two counterfeits one of the world everyone is concerned church will not fall for the thing he will do all continuing open I come on and find the right selling the same injury


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