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The Third Opening and the Coming Revival

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 7, 2007
    7:00 PM
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will this night is called the third woman in the coming revival revival tonight Aman and is anybody interested in a name meaning one self-titled that Satan 's most feared using did you know that seems most searing event his revival and he will do everything in his power to make sure that revival does not happen until tonight I want to share with you something very special that is happening even now shortly to you in the context of the Bible and in the context of policy in the context of revival so I went with the spider hits and you have your Bibles with entity studying the Bible tonight and then the shop I had to buy new hearing three seventy five we need you and visit with us tonight in the FTSE two one and eyes and all parts and move possible we need revival we need reformation study will nicely need training he may even if you want me to heal Chapter thirty seven using your the thirty seventh chapter will get there please say amen Ezekiel chapter thirty seven and beginning with verse one study has the pages turning a little weight is at one of the Bible says the hand of the Lord was upon me and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the news down the which was full of one and he caused me to task by the roundabout and you hold that were very many in the open valley and no they were very dry this is like an open cemetery of sounding on phone broken bones try phone at Ezekiel takes a look at this Valley and are CC scattered for who knows how long is this dismal vision of verse three says and he said unto me son of man can do these all the one question what question can these bones live at Ezekiel this Valley he begins to understand that these balance on a represented our representation of the people of God drive home no I know that energy nothing dead in trespasses and sin how do they and their mission to go and reach the world is a dismal picture but as we look at Revelation chapter three unlikely to turn everything hold your place in Ezekiel thirty seven Revelation chapter three we find quite a dismal picture on the last day church because we read about in those floating on and on to at the seams write these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I thought my stuff I want neither all nor hot but I found them drive home I forgot in these remote so then because you are new warm and neither cold nor hot I will spew will be out of my mouth because I say if I am not rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing I know was not that you are a dry bone that you are wretched and miserable and poor and why in other words this is the hotel is trying to get his people to realize this may have the same people that the that the scenario isn't dismal looking you sound see also dismal about our church God has called us to be jurors a man of another that means that these suggest that God has a serious problem because his jobbers are not living the way that he is called in to me that you are not doing what God has called them to do in fact but we've got to problem we've got wise jurors whose characters are from and then we've got nice jurors who can't discern between right and wrong out of the truck that him is to understand the word of God understand the prophetic scenario and understand the Bible from back to front but whose characters are well the meeting example you know in Revelation chapter twelve in first for the chapter thirteen in verse eleven the Bible speaks to be that hassle worn out eight and what it speaks like it a lot Dragon now why jobbers understand of cool down lap or who that peace is another reason why this piece is so effective is because of it pretends to be Christlike it's these like a lot driving otherwise your understanding that everything and I said we've gotten the warrant against this power and outstanding it is probably beloved let me ask you is it possible that as individuals we can look like a man and just like the land and he asks like I am and yet the spirit of the Bible was that I think they are arranged an increase when does because I got all the spinal knowledge but no not that they are miserable wretched naked and blind but on the other hand we have nice jurors lovely smiling jurors always happy a name amen but will anything and everything and everything is all right that's all good no distinction between that which is good and that which is evil about it as as as as as as God looks down at Eastern 's theses on the old drawing board it is a dismal picture it doesn't look good and you know how it is because you know those nice drivers who don't listen can't discern between good and outright wrong thing about those cranky jurors who know and they know everything anything that if we just get them out the church we would have a perfect and that was nice to understand the Bible and in order to have the other thing is like business this business you know what one another when one of the others I was also broadband they just explore like the driving it we can just get them out at such everything would be all right and loving God looks down and he says I see a dog will of driving bones that are dead in trespasses and sins does it look good in these bones may clock if you answer the question okay Ezekiel thirty seven verse three and he set out to be something that can these bones live well him fantasize out against the other times just to get it together will colonize your get-together can have independent Bible actually found to the charge about ten days now as a Bible mean anyway it means to be brought back to tent revival take place at Ezekiel is looking at these bones he's confused at the question on ask and instead of answering yes or no you just as well you know if anyone thing now I think possible understand that God is speaking to them about how things are possible and this confuses him slightly just as well you know you know I sound so now the ball is in Gosport and listen to what he said Spurs for an again he said unto me prophesy upon the spoon in that beautiful prophesy upon these bones did you know that God has prophesied upon you prophesy upon these things he says the fire pump is both confounded them all you try poems here revival beginning with one here the word of the vote to say about God unto these bones behold I will cause to enter into you and you so now they can be useful to see the condition and our church pastor do you know what is going on I know what's going on I see that we are church for lunch iPhone but also tried out blonde that that that that no longer have the life of revival in it and yet God says despite what we see God says I will prophesy unto these bones and I will breed upon them and be sad the thing you know it's beautiful poetic because he didn't see only the set of bones shall live he didn't say it will leave the set of Bonsall later he set the whole family for them in sinful wicked wretched bone the whole thing was to me you know the secret is if you want to all you need to do is be above that hearsay one option see the following are not made humanity upon the notice you one of the boxes that we must first realize that we are all rich it doesn't matter what you do or what you don't do it other than that we are all miserable wretch he I see by and for I will breathe upon these bones and they shall leave and you sound over six and I will sing is upon you and will bring up flesh upon you and cover you with skin and put breath in you and you someday then he stumbled upon the Lord so I prophesied as I was commanded to decide there was a knowledge and beautiful a shrinking and all wounds came together following to his own connecting it to the theme for this year connecting the devil is in the dinner event belong is sure we'll get connecting who is the other five hits three twenty six before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon the earth that will be among the people not the Lord saw a revival of primitive godliness has not been witnesses at times one is you must not be seen the drive mode you mentioned that you can you must not see what I see on campus nor listen to them she rounded on the inspiration of the Spirit is spirit and power of God will be parties children at that time many will separate themselves from those charges and was not of this world has supplanted not for God and his water many public ministers and people will happily accept those breakthroughs which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare people for the Lord 's second coming now this into the beauty of soul so designed as to hinder this work at such a movement 's outcome do you realize that in the last days there will be a movement to prevent engine does not counter the devil 's most feared event is the revival of God 's church the countywide Ezekiel thirty seven verse ten eleven notice what he says in my heat holding microphones it reminds me of my wrappings he became very help me I is on stage I would be in the clubs with my Bible in my hand on speech talk about marketing however all right all right verse ten so I decide she commanded me and the breath came into them and they are friends upon their feet and exceeding grants on but another reason why the Dallas all spheres of final revival the final movement is the constant revival he will be facing such an army and army that will eventually bring his kingdom down and so the devil fears and will do all he can to stop the revised as we has seen revival means to bring life again and beloved revival comes when God Re: upon his people when the spirit of God Tabernacles when his people and then we think of this but I want one as I share with you that in Indiana your Old Testament God gave his people his special people something called the sanctuary and understand that sanctuary Exodus twenty five hours a God says tells more than that then make me a sanctuary that I might want well along that in other words the mother and sanctuary we do everything necessary for revival a man and I want to share with you some incredible things about this sanctuary and the coming robot nonaddictive into the center tonight I just will share with you something very simple and yet profound is the end of sanctuary that word means called unveils member that now Bicentennial of Van is something that separates you understand that separate in the Bible tells in Isaiah fifty nine two that are slayings have done what separated us from our God syllables males represent as an word that the stages of separation between man and God God ultimately want to have any use lot precedents that we cannot mount while in his presence because no man no central bank can see the face of God and made by God when that has insulting was right now what would happen we would all die so the sanctuary as an word is like a changing room can we use that as a changing world in which God says I want you to enter into that sanctuary I hate and by doing so you are being changed into my image and into my character so that when I come again I so in your face and you and me the changing room and nonanonymous assessment and powerful that we very powerful with you do you realize that every time in the book of Revelation every time a door is opened in heaven a video is old and hadn't do you realize the nature revival accompanied the opening of that fail located in real life Minnesota the facts time the happening the same open is a revelation chapter four verse one if you turn your very quick with me meditation chapter four verse one but after this I looked in the old editing door was hoping anything and responses are currently has one of the trumpet talk with me saying cancer and I was so the things which must be hereafter this is John's first new output Temple in heaven and what he is doing is is it in reality the moment after Jesus ascended into the heavenly sanctuary and he is allowed to open the seven seals which described a history of the church from the resurrection of Christ all the way down to the end of time naturally seeing here is something that happened in the very early in the very beginning of the charts of the early church you remember that when Jesus died the Bible says something about the Temple that was on earth wouldn't say the veil and the temple was not a threat which means that the valve when the Temple is no longer carry any significant and then went to now turning their direction him him for not having the disciples understood this and that awakened the disciples have a prophecy to tell them to does not happen come on now you use yours the prophecy of defending the weeks code of chapter nine of the family prophecy given by Daniel told that Jesus will come right on time and that he will die and be resurrected at entering tonight at the sanctuary where the disciples were soft focus on the things of this dynasty and you know what happened they suffered a great disappointment sound familiar when Jesus entered into the holy place in any thirty one and the disciples discovered that in hindsight that was so happy Jesus told them he gave you visited them submissive God to Jerusalem and are revered because the Spirit of God is going to revive you did they need reminding you think about that that's Sunday that Saturday evening when Jesus was was when they thought that all their holes had been gone than one of all twelve phone tribal laws also than another and then back when they understand that any heaven had been hoping and Jesus was neither intercessor and that heavenly sanctuary that was so filled with joy the Bible says in acts chapter two that the Spirit of God was poured out upon them and guess what happened a manager written by the thing the devils fear that revival DVD child to stop that from I will tell you something about sending Roman soldiers to guard the tomb of Jesus and Jesus resurrect this revival is not happy that Jesus actually comes to life again the downside to everything and how to stop in the Bible didn't succeed in a failed if they are okay and the whole and then known world was selected the Christianity a bad number eleven why did that revival come because the business cycles have had their minds redirected from earthly things to want everything I hope you got back to me recently the rending the veil of the temple so that the Jewish sacrifices and ordinances would no longer be received the great sacrifice has been offered and has been accepted and the Holy Spirit which descended on the day of Pentecost the minds of the disciples from the earthly sanctuary to the heavenly sanctuary and what happened to those who didn't believe that Jesus entered into the sanctuary they rejected his salvation then rejected his ministry and therefore they could not benefit from his work in the heavenly sanctuary you'll know what happened at Pentecost the bones came together even though all that has been arguing who will be the brightest who is better as more spiritual if the ball was put away all about arguing and came together and when the ball and chain together that's when God for our history gives is ready to take you what you say first Ezekiel Cesar on funding for no defrost problems like the Nobel to get it was not until the bones came together at the spirit of God that Nasser ovulation serogroup unit that would seem to indicate to me that the WAC could see the bone separated revival would never come I said we said okay that's that's the files felt that it wasn't unveiled opening talking about it that wasn't enough of the women in Revelation Chapter 11 in verse nineteen Revelation Chapter 11 verse nineteen the Bible says there are rather burst bursa eighteen the mindset and the nations were angry anti- Baathist and the time of the dead that they should be judged not by judges and iPod touches and Janet or that bastard is given through born unto thy servants the prophets and saints and then your unnamed small and great and should destroy them which destroy the Ark verse nineteen and the capital blogspot opened in heaven and it was seen in his temple they are games testing Canaanites only when this event took place when was the Temple open again and the art of the testament containing the law of God and the Sabbath came to view in the minds of people eighteen Friday for a murder that day before by the Missouri no one talking to your eighteen forty four what happened there was another prophecy that was given to the people at I find the prophecy was a lot swanky three hundred year prophecy that waterfowl that's something incredible happened in the sanctuary remember the center with Melanie Klein and you remember what happened during the eighteen forties I'll call out to other people seeing that something special was happening in the Bible to place a name that was the revival based around it was based on the anticipation of a invaluable BNY being open and they thought that it meant Jesus was coming back to what they really mean Jesus was entering from the holy place and the mouse only place was there a great disappointment yes why because they understand the Internet in hindsight I want you to notice now the early church understand the opening of the veil in hindsight they set we got it wrong we understand now and I was able to get a site and revival to placing an interesting article on the same day they anticipated they got the timing right on the better than the early charge that got the timing right but they got the feedback wrong and afterward they realize in hindsight qualities is entered into the most holy place decided on a major revival takes place and now we have what is called the seven days administered statement has risen as possible these people shall rise up for a very special last day purpose don't you feel special but you know what something began to have just like the early church they want fire within the devil came in and he began to lose their first love again you know then they pick it back up and that of the one ha ha four wow and then we get all the way down to the Reformation time which at the Sardis you know I said I want dishonest you have a name and I but your dad that much talent and not send revival in eighteen forty four had been brought about this incredible movement that was to spread the three Angels messages amen saw the survival and defined Institute and the and then with the time came where the bones that had come together in the eighteen forty to forty four movement from all different denominations they started the night considering going hey I know where we are right now we got balloons over here and we got bones over the pit is the perfect time it is the perfect time for God to ask the question again attendees bones the now here's where we get really I get really excited because the question is is there another video that is to be or another opening that takes place in the book of Revelation and the young series yes let's turn to Revelation chapter fifteen Revelation Chapter fifteen I want to notice verse is five and six when he did everything that notice what the Bible says and after that I looked and behold the Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony and heaven was one of hoping that now noticed this and the seven Angels came out until the him why I love and please listen carefully to what I am about to say the artists are scuffed floor to discover and hindsight that they are hoping the twenty four movement can afford to discover in hindsight the thumbnail to open again you want to know what happens when the third buildings in the third opening takes place probation close you know what that means that means that we can only side effect all of the author the three weekend on probation calls in China similarly is that you and our revival will take place and when I realized that the Temple is about to open for the last time and Jesus is about to come and get his people beloved just as this understanding problem that will be open to move the Yankees play for movement cell and understanding by the insurers on Don that is that without the benefit of the open for the last time will initiate will spring what will cost about a movement because God 's people now say the man is about to open for the last time are you ready for Jesus to come none of you as well what is the sign the early church the seventy weeks that is a good book beyond as they move and how to find its way here is a prophecy where you know what you realize that we have no time prophecy that show it we have long-term you will delete the clone that's okay possibly hoping that meeting and the answer turn with me to second run a boy who second Chronicles chapter seven do you realize that there is no sign that we are to wait for the sect for the final opening of the Temple and Jesus to return do you realize that God is the one that is waiting on the sign from you again they definitely are sitting here waiting for some time waiting for a Sunday law and some spring is to say okay I would start a revival notwithstanding any lessons of what God is waiting for beloved second Chronicles chapter seven as Claire as a second Chronicles chapter seven and is fourteen this is our Daniel chapter eight verse thirteen and fourteen vision the virus that a few springboks people into action now listen and I said okay that there be no rain of divine command the locus of the amount of land or if I send pestilence among my people so that maybe about a young drywall and my people which are called by my name so why hobble themselves and do lots way and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then when I hear I will forgive their sin and will heal their land how by performing out the matter rain you don't catch because you are not a sign that nothing is waiting on a sign for his people to come to start to again and did to humble themselves and to pray this prayer stand for what is prayer prayer is the birth of the soldiers in the open out how to get into the breath of God upon the government pray you know when things come in your agency without rainfall you are as bad as the disciples to see that the carport of the Holy Spirit on the use and that is when the evening if you want a labyrinth of thought why we do what the early church it you still looking increase if we want to rank the fall what is our research note that got together and they prayed for candidate was a keynote speaker all yeah there was no keynote speaker what were they going to actually spend time in writing and humbling themselves and letting you know when I first read his argument would be incredible is a boom now you know I got both my church I assembled over here as simple as we have available including myself was we all got together for ten days and praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit him speaking on this access got together and pray for Howard is not meant to get together and as we get together went to get specific themes and tonight ability of my forgiveness and I will pray what is imprisoned in the endeavor someone was holding but it was someone else in a short window assembly tonight with you know when we do that in my church and we began to see the trickling of the Holy Spirit a century we together CP laptop for years beginning to get the in fact on that day is not limited on the Sabbath and people were actually walking into our church office street safe was as impressive on your today Menendez we were in total but I didn't stop there to cut the thought came to life the church these days in all the other churches in our area the five or six charities to get praying for the same pending at the same time for the same thing at five charges petitioning the throne of God at the same time for the same thing for the output of the Holy Spirit and not in the evening I'm in central California all of the churches in central performing decided to get committee decided to get together and pray at the same time for the will and then would like that and you witness A wife on the charges in America when all the charges are around the globe the entire set him I wanted the entire administration shall tend to to pray at the same time for the same thing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God if my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face without I began a single way to hold on here hold on and you know the Tyson denoted laddering this post via global events did you know that the latter arrangements for the current revelation eighteen one three three when I saw the Bible second life of the whole world with its glory that has been recommended that the payment itself and so on a hundred and twenty people because of that rain falls on people in the foreman places you understand that the one hundred and twenty people in one place and Jerusalem as so when the spirit how I felt when her and Jerusalem because that's all the people are you not getting shot has been arranged to be a global event what it makes sense that there must be people all over the globe praying at the same time for the same thing just imagine that God and fire charge the value the value of all the land of fields and I that consent involved and not memorable in San Diego know what we are all visible Knightsbridge and negative line we can't do anything about the spirit of God we can't finish is black without the Spirit of God I will get together and clean for half one of the Holy Spirit and then another again reason statements like this the angel who unites the proclamation of the third Angels message is to lighten the whole or part with his glory and worldwide worldwide extent and unwanted power is here brought to you a work on what will I expect the movement of eighteen forty eight and forty four was a glorious manifestation of the power of God but please already far exceeded by the mighty movement than a micron start Angel but we are talking about a mighty movement she said the walk will be similar to that of the day of Pentecost so I began to talk with about ten of my passive friends and I said hey what you guys think about getting your church together and we all pray the same type of the sink and he said that is an excellent argument of doing ten churches got involved and then from there we've been doing outside that we decided that we so you know what why we set a date July or rather June twenty seven to July seven oh seven seven seven seven that day happens to be on a sound and we thought what that's really neat so we went to conference meeting and get on there an opportunity opened up and we were able to get a chalet we haven't decided what you think about the entire Southern California conference on the choices conference train at the same time for the same thing the whole conference jumped on board the devils feared even as at least that is what I get a webpage of the compass on the light on that event without a keynote speaker and without the cost of satellite hotlinks will him always you know what heads up and had Henry sent out e-mail called the operation global rain letter I sent about the big problem that I have sent out the following day I called one of my friends on Sunday I guess that is not a wrong signal my mail list and menu under the say is that I already got this letter from Finland in just a minute and let me tell you now if you want to visit that webpage by word-of-mouth only two hundred and sixty nine churches across the pool I will go to Australia Japan while doing they may have to register on the website the pink apartheid of this event of the entire Adventist church leading to God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and now you see why I am so excited now I want to be to Univision general Congress bulletin May twenty ninth I had been deeply impressed by scenes that have recently passed reform in the night season there seems to be at great length I work on revival going forward in many places people were moving into line responding to God 's call not know what familiar with thinking pastor they stop for do you think the Holy Spirit is going to phone them using a regular and receiving journals exactly I don't really think this article on is there that needs how you got taste of work into his own hands he will see the world through a beloved let me tell you we understand that we can't do these pending legislative analyst that happen during these panties this could be the beginning of an annual event here are twenty five twenty five years of praying for the battery was sadly planned for next year planning committee even yell at me as if we are so glad that I did not persevere and but what would happen if God 's people truly put away this what would happen if it is not conservative bold and then Goble said hey you know what double pole that's together on our wretchedness we can agree on that if we can agree on that crime rates and your budget is kept private level ratchet but if we could get the double sphere event and I'm not saying that these the event actually what since eighteen forty four nothing like this has ever happened seriously nothing like this ever happened this is not something coming from the top down this is something that is coming from the grassroots up you understand what I'm saying at the end as we're seeing what's happening with seeing people from every walk Wednesday that the Army went to see charges from everywhere are just registering another this is not something that one man thought of as some will say I will do something like this this friend was telling me that something like this needed to be done and people about the globe are getting the same sense that people can do there is nothing more we can do not pray it's time to pray it's time to humble ourselves beloved second Chronicles seven fourteen and fourteen must become to us what Daniel and thirteen and fourteen was to the admin did you catch that God is waiting on the sign from our we are not waiting on a sign from God God is saying well as soon as they shall meet as soon as they fulfill second Chronicles seven thirteen and fourteen Avenue unit the Spirit of God will follow I will send the rain another reader notes that happen during these ten days nothing may happen but on the other hand something very powerful me I'm not setting a date down what you know we're not setting a date nothing like apathetic simply saying we need to get together and we need to produce and what's beautiful about this is you know your debt offering meetings are working with is he talking about assigning that are framings are right I'm not a particularly nasty genuine and it is before this event there was a global sigh words a global revival in our prayer meeting when we began to study what is necessary for revival in Reformation and the whole global charts while Watson you think it's crazy the whole level surge during their midweek prayer service is beginning to study Reformation and revival sodomy can be prepared for the upcoming lobotomy imagine the underrated and mountain do you remember when the children viz. Rome work work work work posture out of Egypt God called the head of household 's to put the blood upon the posts of their home heads of some of them do it Clinton purified magic in short it is administered across the globe so a day for that particular charge to bring on the head of the household to their Wednesday night ready to anoint them and then to have them call you their homes with their families putting the blood upon the polls by getting rid of the DVDs by getting rid of them nothing in the home could you make me tell you the devil 's most feared eBay it was the head of household will not stop until he's being of the church will rise only as high as the heads of household seem to have a house on company for a meeting the rest of the family company it is also on half about the rest of the family is not far for God I thought about it if you began it must begin with a head of household and again look at the also excellent at Santa Monica the national anthem also and I saw these men and if you're not matter how does that even you become an arousal but imagine a charge that have dedicated clinician household drivers who are saying I want my own home I will not read on the strawman can they find me and my mind destroy my goods my children my wife and Nancy in another this could be a month in fact it already is a monument this evening the fact that two hundred and six and is growing by fifteen what will happen we don't know which no one who wants to be ready just in case the spirit of God is poured out how to get ready we got disconnected it is not until the bones came together to bone at the spirit of God was able to follow I want to make infield I wasn't trying to make tonight and I think you have appeal cards coming forth eliminate a couple of hits first of all in the there those of you who made in the mail last night the night before even the Internet is like if you are one of those that made friends raising you made a commitment something to get registration will bless you as you get those is cause I just want down those cards out and ices of the Nikon and collect the not now I want to make another of you for those of you who are saying you know what I like what he is not everywhere to be poor this year or next year or will I be ready as I really really like without you saying tonight and I want to make money right with you because of what I mean is not the man this must be the one of the Spirit of God I want to be ready to him someone to think hard about what you and in the name undoubtedly to the heads of household rules you know that such low rise I than the spirituality of the head is a house to make until tonight I want to ask there any household in here tonight and you are saying Lord I want to come talk to us understand things in my home I cleanse my moment on the rededicate my family I want to be ready for Jesus to come anyway to see about arranging I cannot receive it unless I first is carrying a show I Reformation in my heart and in my home I want to be an example I was in the starting eleven until you had the household around the world identity doing this is God is ready to breathe upon you as an individual tonight and you are one of those is also known as come down here to the front a a natural and a blot on asking your head of household income is also an you have any read that a normal unwanted things here Charles is a researcher from you then I is also short shorts no man got to come out because it searchable by all aside and then they had a house to him for a e-mail to aim and also for your meeting with an empty frame you are not willing to lead out in the service of God and philosophy witnesses will continue to help a dying church insurance rival heads of households also means you if you're the only spiritual one in your family you want to have house I saw that she was the only one in one example your family will see how much of a right to you and a Bible tells us that as soon as I send every man must take his own beloved that means that you have to have your own man he is so family is something else is managed using my man tonight the only man you don't have your own pace so that you can apply on your and your children can world an example tonight is no way the informal gather your family and we dedicate them beloved let me tell you I believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming again to her we know not the Dean on but we know I can smell her musings in a letter he's close in a will a him no single one of you may be when you wanted John Paul and bigotry with my but I'm ready to my sister and I made a humble myself and that is as I was standing twenty five I have no need tonight except for that one of the Holy Spirit is so important with this oil knowing eyes they had the house and then I sound that they may see me see if they are called FairPlay 's final meeting of the blood of bulls and people remove all the men containing the remains you may think the examples of family fun and very thought of you that I has this prayer movement is sweeping the address certainly this cannot be made at different movement and training our sins and expecting you to bless and then we found ourselves in spirit and being sure shining in this theory that a unique come together to the bone so that you can read your spirit global on this the file has this list was sent to thought me and Lauren will watch for each wrong and how incredible the discharge has been around for over five hundred and sixty years and now we see what looks to be a revival day be comparable to what took place in eighteen forty four people across the globe I'm excited about coming and there was no sign except second Chronicles seven thirteen and fourteen couples to take on the more new meaning when Santa will bring in a menu will come again I attend to that your children and to take a thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers and kind of thing a man in a room that I know that many of you will come up and ask me on when to give you the website page if you have a pending and writing down is called operation level rain .com operation Noble rain or a high .com in a for the to a


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