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Defense Against the Dark Arts

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 8, 2007
    7:00 PM
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a him to new and in a move the moon meaning I see him names this is I that is special message tonight is a continually shown on message this morning and I is a rare that the name of this message is a line of dance and is not on his pants I and many are willing to learn my solid and then we can send ourselves reason I from the dark arts are an inherent in an like you to value him as your heavenly father and a you and yours is a we want to a north on because you know is that without they are leaning slightly as human beings we are taking anything a a so this is blindingly some a single Lauren from North suite are a freaking Jesus and I can have a was synthesized decent tonight by reading to you a loan from the blood education teach two thirty three and is a very power Excelsior Henley they are in educational and is enthusiasm on this point there is a useful suggestion in a remark once made by a celebrated actor beyond Canterbury had put him the question why there is an employee affect their audiences so powerfully by speaking of things imaginary while ministers of the gospel often affect bears so little by speaking of things real Windows submission to your Grace replied the actor permit me to say that the reason is plain it lies in the power of enthusiasm we are the stage speak of things imaginary as if they were real and you end up hoping speak of things real as if they were imagining why why and so that I want to so the menu that words and I will not be interacting bylaws set the stage tonight by letting you know that I want you to see Christianity not tonight in an imaginary way but in a very real way amen but I want you to understand that Christianity is no imaginary thing we are dealing with very real warfare we are dealing with a very real battle Defense against the dark arts we learned a few days ago in the book of Revelation chapter eighteen in verse twenty three that the Bible tells us the whole world would be deceived by sorceries and we learned that bad word for sorcery was the Greek word for Machida meaning anything that medicates the mind so that it will not follow the will of God and the love it I wanted that you know tonight that the master sorcerer is none other than Satan himself as Satan is a master of dark arts the arts that he employs to deceive and to beguile and to meeting souls astray and so tonight we want to know how can we be descended how can we defend ourselves against these dark arts you remember this this afternoon we we began to see some things about Christ who he is Jesus Christ we saw today was the court is honest and say the right of great grand master a menu-driven and he has called his people in essence to become spiritual I call it faith five years they find words that the spiritual martial art art of faith fighting anybody remember in August they find no there's no school on earth and you can go to to learn this we learn that if we wanted to become masters over itself because our greatest enemy is illegal so in fact our model should be no enemy but want to know and in the box so you see our front is that we often think of someone else's RNA my wife is my enemy my husband he's a problem season one they are use one thereby than others the greatest enemy that we have is self and when we get to the place where we eliminate all physical enemies beloved that is when we are in a serious place of God if you want to fill that it says whence comes more and find the money among you is not because of the loss that war in your flesh do you realize that all external warfare is a result of poorly fought internal warfare on external warfare is simply the result of the terrorist inside you having broken out the devil insider and so beloved at one of the principles we must learn as faith fighters is that one of our first battles it's is to contain itself never let self loaves keep him behind bars and another we can do that we have won half the battle no enemy but one no enemy but sell no enemy no not enemy Christ calls us the letter to enter into his school he says in fact the opening verse was beautiful because they read Psalm thirty four verse eighteen is vastly found eighteen verse thirty four by preaching the birth anyway I thought anything verse thirty four says he teaches my hands to war so that a Bol steel is broken by my norm so how many would like to know how to fight tonight we were then aware that this is your you are you are officially Hamas launched last night there is your amen we open a learned something tonight on how to fight the good fight of faith but another before we do any of that leave got a learn how to get into the school of Christ amen now remember that you and I are up against super natural forcing that's what the Bible tells me learn this morning that and in fact a few days ago as well that if we are to war against supernatural forces against supernatural enemies principalities and powers in high places we have got to get ourselves connected with one of who is also why super natural now limits on your story and you will see that I do this very often beloved let me tell you for every counterfeit they are easy genuinely not bottom until your counterfeit story than a minute value and for every caliphate there is a genuine there is a little more by the age of twelve years old his name is Harry Harry is living in what he what he knows as the real world one day have a gets a visit from a wizard and the wings and counties from the Wizard world the winners are chosen says Harry you are really the Western pack your bags I want you to go to the train station something London and when you get there you are going to are all born on trail I'd rather get number nine and three quarters I'm glad he got kept quiet you may found the next nine and requires that certain and so he did he's told you are to answer you want to go to the school all what is called Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and there you want to learn about becoming a wizard driven alert about receiving supernatural power and so Harry's he packed his bag he goes on to the train station and he gets near please looking at the gates the number one two three four five six seven eight nine ending date number ten and is wondering the number nine and three quarters I see the number three and then you realize not allow that somehow he realizes again number nine and three quarters is an indivisible J and he's just through that door but not at all a sudden he is in a new world and on the same world and their answers Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry where one of the classes is entitled defense against the dark arts a wizard defense against the dark so for every genuinely over every counterfeit there is a genuinely and use a word pastor I wanted to turn your Bibles revelation chapter thirteen I want to notice with me versed in Revelation chapter thirteen personally we get everything a man revelation chapter thirteen verse eight the Bible thought this year and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of the lies slain from the foundation of the world the Bible tells us that all who dwell upon the earth are going to end up worshiping the beef that's scary now you say no tests are all done on earth whose names are not written in the book of life no I'm saying all who dwell upon the earth will end up worshiping the beast every single person dwelling upon the face of the earth is done and the worsening these and you think after that's crazy to think about downward flow forming what is the word well-being okay I hear today's any other meanings for the word still think or focus on so now the three that again all who watch too well off focus on and know all there is in this world is this world all who are continually violating up on this are often end up worshiping the all those minds are simply consumed with the here and now on an end of worshiping the beats so I read this I say well I want to be one of those dwelling on the art I want to escape from the world where can I go I want to share with me to the book of Ephesians chapter two a single socket to a notice verse four and off but God who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loved us even when we were dead in sins hath quickened us together with Christ by grace are you saying that I has raised us up together and made us sit together and where heavenly places in Christ Jesus the mother did you just understand what you read the Bible tells us that in Christ we maybe seated anywhere heaven a place is known as a question we were winners heavenly places they might know the location it's amazing beloved that Jesus is telling us that we may actually well and that I was seeing the realm when now the limit for this week the there is a scene world and then there is what I like to call a safe world there is an aim invisible veil already invisible door which separates the children my children I saw another one happens is that we are fighting an unseen enemy and as Christians we are fighting you and the scene while restaurant about a double Kaman let's know and laughing why because were at a disadvantage but guess what what would happen is by faith we crossed over that they to begin leaving in heavenly place now you see pastor is that possible we understand Spiegel things imaginary colostomy like he's crazy we have a state 's legal things are not as if they were male and you'll end the politics think of things real as if they were than other there is a very real on the same moral amen and we are tall beloved God says I want to invite you into this unseen into this heavenly place because we are told that all spiritual blessings are found in heavenly places in Christ Jesus according to Ephesians one verse three so if I want spiritual blessings Brenna wanted to go I need about a heavenly places in Christ Jesus amen anybody interested in going to heavenly places now that he's a world-class Runner listen listen the new revisiting sounded at times every seventeen we do not understand as we showed the great conflict going on between a invisible agency the controversy between the and disloyal angels over every man good and evil angels I apologize there how many people in this room we got three hundred and eighty the realize many related over every man of good and evil angels strive not see you are sending here and you certainly hear like you're your focus your attention is on here is on but you don't many of you are sitting here and and maybe not purposely but you realize what's actually going on right now I mean if nothing else could be remold a genuinely good food I praise God for the word of God amen I got some no studies on the human movement of your business somewhere in the room and not as if he had to go play over every man who enable angels strive this is no may be consciously is lamenting battle in which we are engaged we have to need powerful adversaries and address with us to determine which side shall we this is no make-believe battle not another year we are in the in the same world and my son about you come on I don't laugh at us and tries to say that if you enter in all integral studies world you are now on vantage ground all of a sudden now the double chin do you like to use them to you when you just were just dwelling upon your eye so he invites us come over but I wanted to give other examples found in second Kings chapter six second Kings chapter six verse six will get there please say a name second Kings chapter six and this is beautiful but because guess what there is a mother school that we are to enter into and it is called the school of Christ and guess where the school of Christ is located in heavenly places in the phase one beloved it is no coincidence that the government 's virus money to write this book about Harry Potter into moments of the other world the unseen world another for every counterfeiting there is a genuinely and in these last days more than ever God is appealing to his people the final conflict is going to be a supernatural bond and he is appealing to people in all we do we read the Bible were written to write the real world and you know what would be our oblivious to the supernatural nature of the conflict I saw where it starts talking about Milo talking about doctrine proving what is rightfully what is wrong without even recognizing the supernatural nature of Christianity Christ invites us into that school where we may begin to learn that shrew defense against the dark arts a man noticed that contains chapter six here is a story set contains chapter six verse fourteen the Syrians have been sent to go find the life and my son is in his homework you know they are in the village they are not enlarged and his servants and all the server gets up this morning and he goes out for an early morning walk you remember the story and thought as she steps outside you know what you see is that the Syrian army is it is in now surrounding that that's what it says verse fourteen therefore since either horses and shouted for the great host and they came I might encompass the city about them in the sermon on the mount of God was written early and gone forth behold a postcard of the city both with horses and chariots and his sermons on it as my master household legal advisor servants that Saudi run back and says we has around the window and it's all the way finish so I lost as well many go outside and take a look so the services hanging on in the house I can't believe is what I'm an Alaskan estate and Eliza comes back into the house and listened to what he said were sixteen he answered fear not for they had been with us online and then I'd be with them knowledge on you are nice assortment what are you thinking right now for life he has sought to clarify that he has lost his mind question in which the world is a licensed servant living in a place where old is Eli so they need me I wanted that is what happens in first verse verse fifteen Rutherford seventeen analyzer transcend the hype training all men is I I like that they are heard earlier just before this meeting Lord open our open his eyes that he may see what is Laodicea 's problem she's got Bible knowledge but she's blind to some shift on the song bogged down in defense of the children that she has forgotten about the supernatural sort of that show she has forgotten about the supernatural element on the conflict and saw seagulls forward trying to fight the fight of faith in our own strength not realizing that there was supernatural power available those who make Christ their daily companion and familiar friend will feel that the powers of an unseen world are all around them and by looking unto Jesus they will become a simulated to his fate to his image and then it was on the same the faces of men and women who talk with God to hold the English of the world is our reality express the peace of God medical ministry page two fifty two is the invisible world our reality to you I mean think about it Susan says we must have the faith of Islam I think he says that because children believe you on the state 's legal things real as if they were a nice homage you have an invisible friend it's amazing to ask all of you to leave the room and invite some new agers and which is into the room and asked him the same question how did you have an invisible frame if you didn't raise your head they were looking tonight you are crazy are you sure your links could it be that the witch is and the new painters have more faith you are the states legal things real as if they were announced currently all people have more faith in their unsaved then we do in our skirt is that the reason why the new wave movement is growing so rapidly is because they really believe while we just talk about Jesus tells us though I am with you always so Jesus Enloe I'm with you always then I was maybe you have an invisible friend see you said I will not look crazy in this room tonight so I'm a raise and I hope anybody hear voices manual on that but nobody really have a noted Internet companies my and the cameras going and just send another because Jesus says when the spiritual discount whatsoever he hears that will he speak it's almost and I'm here so here a large minority saying this in the way and so here are Christian and you're not hearing voices something is the matter with you you are you and you speak of things real as if they were in receipt I believe we have on small way to go but we can make that long way in a short time if we believe socialized invites us to begin the land though Christianity how much child you know one of the challenges involved comic books will a lot like another while you realize that those things were counterfeit of a genuine because Christ invites us into another war you know they got a big comic book figure either go beyond suddenly now called fantastic four and the guys to be early the singer 's name is Johnny and Johnny says flame on-again HR that he turns into a bottom play on humans are using an over-the-counter you know that John says in the book of now he says though he said I baptize you with water but he that cometh after me is mightier than I whose shoes are not rated yet he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fine now you still don't get it because the anonymous and when you're baptizing what are you going on in the water and you what went so when you are baptized a five-year you don't have insider him you said with me they are now down with the mother Goddess calling his people the flame all to become human rights watch is on his love because that's what the far sense when you realize we'll talk about that when I canceled our cause is coming to my school because when you come into my school you will sit on my under my teaching I will teach and instruct them in the way that you shall go I will guide you with my life I will train your arms and a bolus feed is broken by then I will teach you how to defend yourself against the dark arts a man and so beloved when we entered the school of Christ we learn what it means to become a soldier and we need behind our civilian status because most of us are Christians of the US civilian is right a civilian may support the war but he doesn't fight a soldier fights the war and another there should be no such thing as a Christian civilian it's an oxymoron so when we become Christians we also become soldiers or the fight and so now that I want to share with you will as quickly as I can just a few of the things at the board will teach you when you entered into the progress the Solomon school this morning from the sun in school the school of the above module that school where all the martial artist was about when China astounding ten where they could sit on the master and learn love this school the school of Christ is where we learn how to truly master self and will generate a C Southern arts seven on that Christ will teach through experience that will help us to defend ourselves against a missile songwriting are number one ninety tropical visas quickly as I can the first thing the fast Arbella faith fighter will learn is not art of stillness the heart of what is still using us apart yes beloved that even our the art of stillness Isaiah twenty six three says that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is a we might save whose mind is still on the dock aren't us still than I want you to realize of the devil wars against this artist him you see when you go down to Paris and Oslo the school of Christ these you know what when I bought a merit of Christ what I do is I will goal and I was six and I will begin to pray around I was sick and I will say master I'm here in the master gets ready to instruct a student that slicker original did you know that prayer is a is an interchange you know that prayer is something inside dialogue it's it's it's like a classroom environment in the class the other just and not instead imagine sitting in the class of Christ him that this is simple the first part I will teach you my son is the art of stealing feed us more than double wars against you praying so much because he knows my praying to enter into the school of Christ and you begin to learn things that you could learn no other way as so when you get down to pray what's happening in your mind you may be kneeling still but your mind is gone when I is a thousand miles an hour so you'll get nothing out of your prayer session excess getting on your prayer list or the people that universal approval ever was but your generosity because you are not a hard when Jesus when the battle felt to be still and know that I am God that notwithstanding this is an art a rare artform in these days because everybody is sold these are the pretty ninth Congress of the masses like that this many evening the seasons of devotions fan of receiving the blessing of real communion with God there into a great case with a hurry since they press the circle of Christ loving presence possible perhaps a moment within the sacred precinct precincts not waiting for counsel they have no time to remain with the divine teacher with their burdens they returned to their work education page two six no time to be one state and eleven when we entered into that phase world and understand the supernatural nature of the God that we serve he will teach us how to be still you know what that means your prayer time is now the gold from three minutes to thirty from thirty minutes to an hour and a half the meals passed out this map are you crazy I can't be still for that long that's because beloved stillness is a super natural are that's why began to you can just sit there and but you know what in this funny new agers no feminist time for them to pray they can just get down into the stock then you know that there got a master still misfires before they really connected with their spirit then developed backend to put everything out of their mind and just focus on what they're focusing focusing in on and as Christians we doesn't get down and went up in a mini they nodded not to prepare for this encounter with the street at night contributed it could be that it's a Cosby has more faith in their encounters then we do with hours I mean what is prayer and if I see you walking on a hauling your just talking to yourself on the things of the matter with you right but you tell me on talking to somebody invisible unthinking you realize your claimant is the supernatural did you think about it like that when you pray here claiming to do something supernatural about it that's what prayer is it is something supernatural the natural question the political mechanism you know I am how do you know Abraham Lincoln all right how do you know about Abraham Lincoln how do you know about the history books you read about you in all your people talk about so you know about them but you don't want now and now when asking a question on it you know about Jesus is already great great we've read about them in the book we talk about every summer night originally this question how many of you know Jesus not as we estranged husband that he had an invisible friend pack available for another viewing Jesus you got that I just figured something management of an invisible friend with a goofy bit of it we've got to start seeing the reality of the Republic of the belief that we have this is not something that believe this is real and will begin to treated real beloved we will sit at the feet of Christ and not think that we are wasting half an hour just sitting there not only will he teaches the art of stillness he will also begin to teach us the art of signing a second class is a beloved Isaiah thirty versus control with this one blessed the Lord God the holy one of Israel in returning and rest on him he saved in quietness and confidence shall be your strength you would not deceive and I miss is also an art that the faith fighter must begin to learn because and quietness he fears the lot no follies of God see when we get down to pray what you hear going on in your head everything you have to do right on the music as a businessman to on a television program that Justin is watching you got all the noise borne on your head and let it on purpose the devil does not want you to be signed in so that you can hear the voice of God and that's when we pray we pray such artery because we don't expect God to work say anything we don't expect to hear God speak to us and that's how I used to pray Jesus were a way and not with the bottom when I began to listen to the voice of God you know what in my current time I was since I am a pin in my head and I'll be like this on own not an online cause riding on not doing something that the sorcerers do I'm simply missing for a blessing on him I get up with monkeys a paper I go back to the Bible and I say man the condition it's all right there you see I'm not disparaging the head I learned today that you know the Holy Ghost is a one novel love it when we listen to the voice of God and will always fall in line with the word of God a name so that we ought to be careful about what kind of voices we hearing we need not set off the voice of God amen and beloved God does indeed speak to us so he says be still be signing and then the third part is the art of focus the art of full PC beloved the Bible tells us that we must seek God with all of our high once you are still resulted in order on that at least in understand that our enemy are good our assignments north on clearing my mind and I'm listening to you that he says not my side and let it teach you the art of focusing on focus means it means to gather everything you have and add and bring them together into one concentrating right out of me focus is aiming strength of our eighth concentrating your oranges focus are you focused oranges is this concentrate our infusion other like another as concentrated it is okay it's Paul Garces take on your thoughts and focus them on me none of anything we do very often we bought a prayer and we safeguard I need this and not finding that there's a problem here and we are focused on our problems and what we need Jesus says enter into my school to become a faith warrior it's a different story altogether when you come him not to pray for those things is that there's places without down the road but eleven right now I want you to understand that I am your everything focus so we can learn from this article focused on bringing everything we have on presenting and focusing it might upon Jesus Christ much as heatseeking missile focus it can be taken off thanks Mark Faulk is interesting that all the word focus comes from the mountain folk which means fireplace fireplace I want to think about his beloved think of a magnifying glass was a magnifying glass to you will a magnifying glass onto a piece of paper what was he doing it is taking the reins on the sun as an focusing and someone will be in annual holiday bailout is part of our society you've got five year folk USO must love it when we focus on Christ and your prayers as you know that the author on you and you are lost yes LLC you are salt focused on him but not at that point that's when the Finder is not a name when we focus on install onto Adalia but it's like holding a magnifying glass up on something you begin to see the smoke rising off your head and these the buildings receiving the faith Morgan you will see the smoke is beginning to rise on his guys hate to use focusing on crack is also interesting the word goes back even further middle English was well intermittent from the word your wealth which means material for making finer check out the etymology of this Wi-Fi so a focus in the field is quite interesting beloved that there is a paragraph ten virgins and find them all without line I want to know why because they were not welcome on Jesus so we learned the art of salt still this week we learn the art of silence and then we learned the art of focus Jesus says be still be signing and one folk and in the fourth or the mother is not part of the grieving and the act of deep green Jesus says now that you have sought you have been still not antiwar side now that he will focus not my son my daughter I want to learn how to breed the same was out and hazard your doctorate out of the Bible says he breathed into his nostrils the a lot breath of life beloved prayer is not to rest on those souls amen and so God says now I'm in a tent you into the heart of the breathing or did prayer using about seventy degrees sound you'll pass out the object that energy that you want if you breathe the Pentagon says I want to learn how to breathe deep I want to take you deep deep dig deeper than you have been dealing with and you have gone green fill your lungs with the spirit of God the fund these things are hard to put in words because you know it's a how you take what the teacher has taught you and explain to others you have to experience this year the cellophane Christianity the reason why there's so many books in the Bible is because everybody writing have such difficulty explaining the love and the experience of God 's all megabucks and Elmore and was still be difficult in essence beloved Christianity must be demonstrating you can sign immigrants we can never know the height and depth it must be demonstrated and experience so that it leaves you speechless see when your speech is about transferring them about when your speech is about a relation with God that's what the Bible calls it an unspeakable mystery algorithm unspeakable Jesus says beastie same with me beastie B side focus and agrees the most interesting article here it's also popular are breeding did not have the blood we must breathe well for the inspirations of your air was filled along with oxygen purify the blood then part two of my color and send a life-giving current every part of the body a good respiration Susan ours is finished the appetite and rent is digested more perfect and it induces sound freshly did you know that when you prayed the eight purifies the blood you exhale impurities when you breathe deep when you pray the when you pray the settlement also than oxygen the spirit of God to every part of the body and then as soon as the North when you pray be anybody in the notice it stimulates the appetite when you pray do you a nice digestion more profit was ninety I just written I can't do this anymore CCA paid before the way home and that was good I feel stronger now 3-D than the art of breathing deepen finding it gives a sound sleep rest in Christ amen prayer is a breath of the soul is the secret of spiritual power no other means of grace can be substituted and the health of the soul because our prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the wellspring of life and strengthens the sinew and muscle of the religious experience neglect the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer spasmodically now and then as it seems convenient and you will lose your hole and die anybody ever briefs asthmatics spasmodically every now and then I think of removing the Iran now that you can't do that prayer is the lot draft of the salt and we've got a half breath control that's what I think the most likely to join the time you got to learn how to walk for me because it when you learn how to breathe beloved and when you know how to pretend to deliver optimal guess what it has more power if you breathe right as China hit a double him him interview and the deafening bad mouthing them out if we bring the level of their martial artist who will and will sacrifice and they'll break the ice on the bottom piece and organize on into knots look at Karachi power as Satanic sorry but that's waiting but God says that you and I should have the power of the Holy Spirit so that when the window blocked window styling blocks of temptation I guess I will try this one and bring that they only want to bring the stumbling block the temptation amen Jesus says breathe deep peace is beside focus and three date and then he introduces the arts of knowing without knowing what the art of knowing without knowing what in the world is that we know he was Chapter 11 turned it with me Hebrews Chapter 11 verse one we own our number five nothing more than make it through Hebrews chapter eleven and first one the art of knowing without knowing as I says now faith is the substance of things hoped for not as fate if I think you have to you if you are present the house faith what what is and what it says about you you want against K doing out that's what faith is right and is the only nut and I want to watch the now fairly which is what everyone knowing exercises of things on hold for the finance all things not what's worth seeing not the Greek word for seeing there is the word apple and it needs to know sulfate is the scientific method on it fainted that is the size of this one fourth as the evidence of things not know say is not only went out Nalley not know that some Chinese and it's intended to sound like that but I wanted an example of God 's word is the data and Northern Ireland what in the world is not start you see when Abraham brought his son up to mount Mariah sacrifice nearly said either that will go out and that will return again a brand-new that God had promised to lead this philosophy is that but he didn't know how that was going to be accomplished but he knew without not knowing things knowing without knowing when God called him as a diagram I want you to go out and human on the age of Abraham without the Bible says not knowing where he was going to new without knowing it is it is seeing without Watt singing fakeness Angels in Israel right now I see but yet I don't see David is knowing when not knowing how done me well I don't know but I find no new you realize that that's the same in the counterfeit of thing how did you know I just knew the word of God promised it and I knew you see the state 's face is finding the way when there is no way something about Houdini would always yell if they put a matchup that he does find a way out after finally but without excluding was nothing compared to Jesus and right now how do you get on a gray mountain employment afraid by the brain-dead and found a lot you know those flaws are presented as they were bound that he was not living because of that the devil 's arm it was a live demo please is all called around to seeing you now belong to me and that's why when the disciples came in and they found the napkin that covered his head in a separate place it was a symbol it was a symbolic separation of the head of the devil from his own body that's why the net it was different as I will then naturalist with the Bible says that Jesus Wolf fouled up the calls of the sulfate when you are in temptation and you're going how in the world am I getting out of this one fate the faith father says watchmen will once walk on the positive this distrust me watch this easily made walks these you have no idea what the watch this is when you have to face and when you have that in the demo it will confound the devil why can't you okay now we got out and disabling what watch this because you trust so much in Christ amen so please fill being silent focus and three deep know without knowing seen without singing help in the face of hopelessness and find the way when there is no way and then we get on number six on a fighting without five five with what in the world it is the how to use life without fighting how you find by not fighting many things and about on the Nomar Savard saw the knowledge when called if it is not it is it is said that is a general general acceptance that is a martial artist allows another martial artist or anyone else to get him angry it is not he may get into the fight and beat the person he has already lost you see I said greater is he who mascaras himself then he who mascaras are not seven when Jesus comes on the scene the data above also need NATO summit one of you have a son of God why you turn this stone into bread not a Jesus fight they see the signs yes how defined by not fighting the any of the art of fighting without fines on the devil comes and says bring someone that's dancing are things that I like you and how do I your real crime in our room you grab a knife inserted you don't fight back yet another one because it's super natural you can't do something like that in the written can do that in your own strength when someone disrespects you when someone puts you down with someone whenever you can't just in your okay that's why he says Sunday night and into the faith you don't enter in and sit under my feet and I will teach you how to master yourself so that nothing about it you be the son of God come down from the cross Jesus fights without five beloved the art of fighting without five BC beside focus and one breathe deep know without knowing see without seeing help in the face of hopelessness find the way and when there is no way and why will find what to prove yourself don't think that you find without enough and finally beloved art number seven the art of all RX the art that is what we may consider the final level the yards that's you need these six others to go before it is the art of counter crucifixion the arts of counter crucifixion you say what in the world is going to the Galatians Chapter five and verse twenty four Galatians Chapter five when you get there please say amen eleven you are in fighting class tonight amen Galatians Chapter five never thought to have a fighting class in church Galatians Chapter five I want to notice verse twenty four and they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts what is the art of counter crucifixion but others in the martial arts and really ninety five system when someone throws a punch in the week when some of the other party knew that you don't just step back you want you counter you counter how do you counter how do you turn when Monday in the flesh and sin now I'll try to crucify you amen I saw what you do with a temptation that comes at you what do you do when central vacuum and felt at times that you know you want to move out the way you you count for our lot crucify coming you put this in to want to dad at the last twenty four if you put this into that one of the Bible to say that our price have done a lot crucify the flesh and the affection and loss did you know and it's possible accountant crucify authentication see because then we don't does the dog to the dentist and I believe in living forever Jesus had no counter cruise of the plaintiff that emphatic upon the prompt and use it okay well how do we do that many ABCs very quickly number one a warrior must always remain calm in crisis how do we remain calm in crisis well it's because we have studied the artist and with starting the Art assignment yesterday daughter of focusing and breathing deep and so how do we learn honest film is one RV or the art of calm is like being common prices the a lot evident in the fight of raising what happens when you know your confidential fight what happens is normally you're a gentleman starts to fit the flow right and your heart begins to the beat faster and faster and excitedly saw that the facts in a heartbeat the last walked crunch all you have of yourself you know both cognitive things that help you stay in control by the martial artist realized that when he gets into conflict the first and most important thing is that he must rend management call like Jesus in that boat the unit is in crisis he remained when you and I come face-to-face with temptation does not hustle all my goodness the first link is not an accountant crucified up up up up up follow our authentication the first thing is that we must remain calm and another we get back on the stack peace in Christ by doing that the six things that Jesus showed a man but after that calmness the next thing beloved is that we got a look at our position hour span you know there's a spiritual sense their rates you see you say what is that spiritual stance pastor songs dating verse thirty six says that you have made my steps wide underneath so that my feet are kept from slipping you know what David is saying that now have on a suit so not getting into things but when you look at a martial artist and he gets into a stance of Montecito so why stay at his center of gravity is not now working in other words beloved he gets close to the ground you don't team bands gave needs notify their disability he bends his knees he gets close to the ground he understands that his staff must be why I know because when your center of gravity is not what it's hard for you to be parsed over the are you finding a place over then below that you got to have what is called a no and knee spin when the gavel comes you get no getting your stance does not only stands beloved it someday says and will eliminate survive a man US so that your feet online under you your site and your center of gravity has ended lower your knees are bent and because you sent to him gravity is low you know why people get pushed out all proud spirits go before a you drive making it up when I center of gravity is hot and hockey that's when the devil wants needs every form of same every fall into temptation comes because of a high and a hearty spirit so that only when we fight we got been the need and we've got to get no a man and then point over there and got one more point I wanted to go who for another three is that when the devil throws his parents after we had remain calm and not we have gotten into us that when the devil felt his punch neutrality a little type of the something about them was not my practice and it was something called she saw it she saw been sticky and which state he had won a present for the project you they only have to opportunities for hunting they have to have nothing once a secondhand is launched no one twenty reason being is because when they went up on you when you those costs that had the arthropods and you would grab how much I think illustrates you will be exalted it's only when defendant please focus on the spiritual lesson when I had was launched you when you lose your rest and grandbabies are approaching the block and around that shop there there are so that they could not let go to try to punch you again okay is caustic in and out of the Bible child of the second twenty ten burst forth that when temptations our way we should bring an end to have Timothy Shrock I don't allow it to spread Dawn allowed to fester shopping right then and there see what we do is we allow that seem to fester at the ball and the bottle until it does snails on Jesus said no when you become a phase warrior you learn the art of track so we are calm our stances low reach trapped the temptation and then the final question is the best temptation have a weak spot at about eleven my phone doesn't actually have a weak spot is our phase I get a hit temptation and actually injured so that I get the victory and the answer is yes notice of me second Corinthians chapter ten verse five second Corinthians chapter ten verse five the Bible says that casting down imaginations and every lot how I think that what exalted itself against the knowledge of God one militant case is weak point is the site with a strong twenty eight Southeast C temptation works on height and exaltation saw that I was not listening to me that the weak point of temptation is to strike no using an attempt hasn't caused by the says man get out and as soon as you get these detentions and understand that it is to have success although you and stop the cause uterine I saw someone from another whenever then and I will send you feel yourself lots pricing and as you'll rise beloved temptation can only go as high as you're willing to run a fuel red names all temptation can have all women level AAA news and everything on its power is in high and exaltation counter crucifixion in the meantime many recently nongovernmental clothes when Satan assails you without an temptation for him to Calvary for he cannot stand before the waiting argument of the cross take the yoke of Jesus and Mary McCain foresees me and know the high that's how Jesus has the power over temptation at all times he was in his steps he remained no beloved believe it or not these only the first principle is that you learn in the school of Christ sitting on the divine master of the art of faith fighting is an incredible thing he will teach you things that you could never have learned yourself in a lifetime but other things I'm seventy now is the things I've learned from him and there are verifiable in the word of and I am not on a special that he is set on going to a specially trained you he wants to train each and every one of you set out a way for you have a saying as the masses crafted of their and your something new I will crash a United has a sister tournament was using was sure was his longest to the wife is defined as net and twenty one hundred and twenty seven I wanted to have an answer in will rule the Bible however we must be born again a time he went down in Melbourne on the Sarah to all of us were born of the theory can't enter into a who was born in is what is that which is born of the site with ease is time once becomes very argued spirit from when they get into the mechanism the morning looking on the horizon and we have all been on the air someone in here tonight and has never known a night after all you are a you name it is not always there and it came out but you never really solid commitment signaling when a chain on one after all you've heard you sing to my yes I'm ready to give to make these for some friends and commitment to sneakiness and if I saw mercy on me when I'm not at the place where I can't understand what I want to do tonight as difficult as it may be a nasty razor there is a is ninety nine payments in a name is really nice e-mail e-mail e-mail to just waste sister Hannah 's the limit are her room you know the devil seventeen men you know the devil says that just as satisfying to worry about it that's about another he doesn't want to come in and he doesn't want to be an example to others in person anyone else in your theory on the spirit of God he is raising money is being seen more readable are a name meaning in the London evening on a five month contract a the devil and he comes back from you since he will not the government always a people always when Jesus is being done in an accident on the double backhand down to hear God calling you and I need to make this commitment on your point again is a all right now and the end of the nobles who are not an asset you have committed their lives to Christ you may be in the real you just been e-mailing you haven't understood silent stillness beyond a focus in your essay now going I want to continue to yours I am a son of yours I want to make them in an on the start of the part of the hearing you mean a news heavenly father will use the highest in northeastern that shows the win and confused a old north of us this seen a to be willing to see that there is that we may hear steam so powerful that it will be difficult to her difficult to put in more an incredible and so natural experience father supernatural we understand means unlocking maidservant when you are calling is not on water but I know about harsh native countless Lords is not a final reason those my commitment to my time to give their lives in a finite is the class that annoyed putting upon the heart and now you need if you want on them going to find is through baptism Lord father upon you and then come forward with and then Jonathan and I have decided tonight to enroll in school and wanted to teach them a true unison friend and wisdom beyond their here on others mean more know that this is not the work of man thank you for hearing on screen in Jesus a bad


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