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01-Because The Bible Says So

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 17, 2013
    7:00 PM


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this evening you have a work sheet metal pamphlet things in your hands I like you take those out worksheet number one worksheet number one entitled because the Bible says so he caused the Bible says so at your message this evening before we begin any study of the word of God were to ask for his Holy Spirit to lead us and then reluctant for topic for the evening and will keep together a study God 's word so with our heads quickly for a word of prayer in the world dear heavenly father thank you so much for the opportunity to be here with easier people think you put it beautiful letter the finally came back today and as we come into this place Lord please put away any distraction any temptation any other thing they could get away from understanding who you are and understanding what your word offers horse night so Lord please guide our minds sharp on the that the same funds often apart if there's any resistance they are helpless to be open to whatever your word says for a grade in Jesus name amen because the Bible says so I believe as we mentioned forward to going step-by-step through a study of God 's word were to be studying things perhaps when you have never seen before in fact other than a guaranteed entitlement to guarantee of theirs I don't care who you are out of your biblically literate how long you been in a church or whether you been inserted on the whatever religious background you are from one hundred years of devoted papal service this is the first time you ever darken the depths that the is the first time you creaked open the pages of the Bible whatever your level of experiences I promise you as we go to our meetings were to learn new things to you maybe some new ideas and new perspective on things completely new to you never heard before and you can see it right from God 's word that's the goal let's begin game to what the Bible actually says but before we can do that we need to address the issue the work focusing nine you believing in something simply because the Bible says though logically valid is that a credible thing to do were living in the year two thousand thirteen the last Bible author to be allied with some two thousand years ago why would we put our faith and trust what it would put any credibility whatsoever into a dusty book the authors which been dead for centuries or even millennia at this point how is this a logically intellectually credible thing to do in this day and age where many the Bible have an iPad to thing like why in this technological age when we go back to summer relic of all my good organized religion all think that antiquities how can this be a logical thing to do with a bite of that tonight now I definitely did incredible things important things but in this world it's helpful to know why you should trust anything I don't know about you but I'm guessing people in this room have been let down by someone or something before they for the at some point you know you had this retirement set up and often a bubble burst money gone that an investment property should money is gone maybe you invest in a person and that person 's maybe something you set your trust in it one seem solid but also new blank drive an inch debate and then we come along and say trust God 's word is never heard God speak I've never seen his face shook his hand if the people I can see and hear and interact with daily let me down how about this person I've never met in my life why the world should we trust the Bible now I'm a make a simple premise as we follow with the work here you can see would be no righteous it I believe it nonbelievers need a good reason to believe need any reason effectively they're looking for any reasonably develop and furthermore people who claim to believe the Bible need a better reason to believe than they already have most people most Christians would probably give asked say I believe that the Bible is trustworthy because well will get something like well my family always or I don't know this is a result of Pentagon charger new Americans are generally Christian so I guess you have a Bible through some sort of nonsensical answer like that something or say something like the worst of all I believe the Bible is true because the Bible says so think about that statement I believe the Bible is true because the Bible says so is that an intellectually credible position especially a position even found the rest of your life upon I believe the Bible is true because the Bible tells me Stroop reminds me of the story was to let a picture of it I don't know if it's real but it serves our purpose is not there was the napkins left lying around the restaurant and on one of them some of the taken opinion and scribbled these words instead the napkin religion is the one true religion I know so because it says so right here on Vista because the napkins Senate it must be true because the napkin had it written down a lot of people look at Christianity like that now get you telling me that there's a book a literal paper and a book that says it's the word of God and therefore what must be the word of God because it says so people will look at the Bible like they look at that napkin infinitives logically inconsistent that's ridiculous that's silly but the old wives tale that letting go so I believe nonbelievers need any reason to believe and I believe that believers need a better reason to believe that many of them have it all felt because the Bible says so likely to the fantastic answer all most every question in the Christian life except for why should I trust the Bible to understand it's a great answer once you've established trustworthiness of Scripture then you can build upon it but until you've gotten there just here because the Bible says the brother vice versa while Warner Bros. and second audibly the Bible does no good to what will you do tonight is give a credible logical I believe powerful reason for you to look at your Bible and say this is not just another book is not just a good book this is God 's book and it is trustworthy beyond everything else okay that's our end goal tonight is to talk about the reliability of Scripture let's open our Bibles to second Timothy our first sexual to look up second Timothy chapter three verse sixteen nephew of this pew Bibles out FUD page one one four four eleven forty four second Timothy chapter three and verse sixteen notice what the Bible says about itself what does the Bible after the Bible even claim to be the word of God or does it rained to be a good book doesn't make them bigger claim to be actually the word of God I would see what he says about itself second Timothy chapter three and verse sixteen it says here all Scripture is given by inspiration of whom got a as always if you included there all in all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable with numbers and make useful you can put it to use a floor reproof correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work notice all thoroughly complete every all Scripture is given by inspiration of God it's a big claim all Scripture is given by the note whether or not that claim is true will get back to in a minute but I want you to seem right there in the Scripture the Bible does not just claim to be an inspiring book doesn't claim to be good literature or good poetry or interesting nighttime reading or old fairy tales first of four children it claims to be the very three out inspired and that word means instant inspiration of God means God breathed ha ha now comes word that the bold claim Shakespeare never claimed by the Christie never once claimed to be the word of God this Bible makes a much bigger claim than any other book ever written all Scripture is given by inspiration of God look at her second text second Peter chapter one turn in the right your Bible page eleven sixty six in your pew Bible second Peter chapter one and verse twenty one notice again that last acts was written by the apostle Paul now we'll see the apostle Peter says about the same topic what is the Bible what is this thing they were holding it says here in verse twenty one second Peter chapter one for prophecy or those who wrote down the Scriptures never came by the will of him man not one bit of this apparently did someone sit down just decide that I think I will write about today talk about this or maybe I'll write a history or maybe all rights of wisdom Proverbs or maybe I'll write some none apparently none of McCain by someone to sitting down and writing a book now I know that's the common view out of the secular world out of the society tomatoes that all the Bible is just a bunch of writings collected by different people someone wrote this poetry someone wrote this story from the wisdom literature and we collected them so than together in this thing we call the Bible but it's really just a bunch of individual men now noticeably instead for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by I get is that this thing holy men wrote this book is that they were moved by the Holy Spirit himself to make this we have for state Scripture this Bible was word quote of God is a very very big claim and this brings for next fill in the blank very logical statement the greater the claim to first blanket agreement the claim the greater the evidence necessary to validate think about that in the greater the claim the greater the evidence required to validate now I would I could tell you in fact I'll tell you right now I am a thirty six -year-old no one in the room gaffes by the way who know me know okay thirty six years old I have a wife and two children one is three the other one is one they happen to be the two cheap Cubist children the planet I don't know how to work out but that's what we got I also drive a midsize or a compact silver SUV again no one gaps but not like that I also drive a bright red Lamborghini the trouble is you think that I'm not wealthy enough to have no that's very mean of you think that that's you get the idea that if I made a modest claim should be a father to happen drive compact SUV that's not really saying anything and no one in this room is to say I define you to prove that leaves no one has yet because it's a mild claim noticing no way an SUV was impossible sure but if you were to be that one person to go out on a limb and say I'm a call this man out on a live you do not own an SUV what could I do to prove to you that I do own an SUV shall write like a figure right now I can pull out of my pocket right next to that not the mark of the beast thing I get the letter key and key fog that had little age for Monday on their pretty good evidence right but there's an end of it with even one person that would probably win them over there that I might even die hard first is that anybody can have a key does it work roller eyes everyone would roll their eyes at this point we stop the meetings they are the felt we hiked out to the parking lot but no click the button life would light up and that would seem to be pretty much DNA evidence the state we could still be crystal on the car however said that your car is whenever but he thinking your ridiculous but we continue with the pics I go the glovebox I show you my ID and compared to that you know the documents in there and continue bases and read the Vin number you can Google the thing I don't know what you beautify you can basically do DNA evidence that that vehicle belongs to me I paid for these are my keys at my car this is what this is the but of course that the ridiculous even bring to go down the path because who in their right mind would question the thirty six -year-old father of two owns an SUV on a weird if I didn't own a few this point right now if we were standing up on my SUV to prove beyond reasonable doubt was legitimately mine and you said I can't I believe you you own the SUV now the good you trust me to use selling in another secret was that well I'm super satellite delivered anything right just ridiculously big now Wi-Fi will have to do to you what I can do for you what to do in front of you what do to demonstrate the claim that I am flatbread what if I just unbutton in your thinking woman were to be actually have a Superman shirt on and I I don't just feel but if I did I put back in the blue shirt with the shield of the sonnet would you like you are Superman without the enough now because they are just the crazy guy who wore the T-shirt right that's not good enough you'd say I know what with the with the hunt that you are one thing and I gave the keys are fine if not the one Gilbert was Superman just my word for it it the teacher not a God seminary said what he needs the fly and then upon sin and parking lot and I strike the Superman pose but after that something is what is really about the fly how creepy is is about to get rested I stand there and I don't know exactly how Superman looks but you know been very regal and mighty like the land of their birth to be like the duty really been applied and all of a sudden I take off for it is a move that Butler had the appliance line by come back and ran right next night out I hated that I still don't think it should I need easy to set enough right I still have a seat my SUV and you get in while you're in there I lifted up spin it around my finger puppet write that down over the door for you it will be busy but you step out like you believe me and now you're not ready to say I'm Superman when you willing to say something 's up and then I do that thing where you can shoot laser beams with your eyes as you know Superman could do that you know what this means is that he likes on a limited treatment lives step by step no matter how much in your mind you thought Superman was a comic book right it was just a cartoonist at the figment of someone's imagination itself yet as they like I said I don't know how you got it I don't want to end up on your bad side but you're my friend now of course I'm not Superman I mean the bill gave it away not Superman but for many people in this world believing in a supreme being who created the universe who can see the end from the beginning who can do things that no other bank if you can answer prayer Queen Elizabeth American think it was I love you Billy be looking just if not more so is crazy as they are being is someone we say things like what I believe the Lord cares for each one of us I can't believe you think here's the Lord all the Bible is the word of God how can you in this day and age be so simple social believe there is a God and in his word has anything to say to me to I believe that the Lord anticipated that kind of skepticism in fact I believe he opened if it is gently I believe that he expects this kind of skepticism you see the Lord created us with the brain each one of us you know some of us might let atrophy for a while some of us might be using it all the time day in and day out be sharp as a tack but the Lord builds us with brains and he expects us to use but for some reason when it comes to spiritual things religious things churchy thing that's the one place in this world or we come into the room and we automatically for too many of us leave our brain right with our coat out on the rack in the hall and we come in like if the song felt that okay that was good I guess there is a God if the story made me cry it made me laugh the business of Dubya if it was the somehow spiritual just means feeling for what I want to demonstrate is that God cares about what you think and he built you with the brain TV will mind specs you to use it to get me some this Hebrews chapter eleven with Jimmy page one one five five Hebrews chapter eleven in verse one it defines what faith is and while you're finding that page eleven fifty five Hebrews eleven verse one far too many people look at the Christian walk is a leap into the door like all I have faith in the Lord they believe that that simply means that there's all the things that logic and rational thinking in all kinds of normal things can can can handle and faith is just that great vast empty nothing beyond and you take a leap of faith the Grand Canyon of foolishness I is a lot of people think of a watch of the Scripture says about the Hebrews Chapter 11 verse one now faith is the substance of things hoped for the ones that ask for the evidence of things that are what sure there are things that you don't see but that does not mean that they are without evidence the Lord gave your brain especially as it is if I take my word for it he gives you evidence does the wind word is trustworthy in the first place faith is the substance of things hoped would be evidence of things not seen with continue with this theme is good at Isaiah chapter one in the Old Testament as any page six five four in your pew Bible six five four Isaiah chapter one and verse eighteen notice what the Lord says I think everyone in verse eighteen beautiful sound right there all the page turn Isaiah chapter one verse eighteen come now and let costs what what they looking to meet a synonym for a reason with another synonym for reason hi ponder consider mullet over cogitate me come now let us reason together says the Lord and to talk about our thin problem into later night but your sins are like scarlet they can be white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool but notably that it is not a blind leap into the darkest think about it let us reason together says the Lord lets go to first Peter amendment in the right hand side of your Bible towards the book of Revelation towards the variant first Peter chapter three in verse fifteen affinity page eleven for in your pew Bible first Peter chapter three in verse fifteen and notice what the apostle your rights and think of the power of what he sang again first Peter chapter three verse fifteen but sanctify that means set apart as holy the Lord God in your hearts and always be ready to give a gift fence to everyone who laughs you for a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear another little bit of a public innocence but notice what he say yes that the Lord apart in your heart is something sacred something special honor the Lord but beyond that it's not just in your heart and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asked you a reason for the hope that is in you meekness and fear apparently whatever hope you have as a Bible believing Christian should be built on logic it should make sense to someone else and he said look if you take the word of the Lord in your meta- claim to be a Christian is somebody looking is it okay Mister Christian okay Ms. Smith Foley what about this some top question vis-à-vis ready for that people like that to be skeptical is the best thing you can come back with when they say why do you believe that Jesus even exist why we believe that Jesus is coming it what do you believe that God created the world of science clearly felt widely but this is right is wrong about that and you come back with because the Bible says so you know what their next questions can be wise I trust the Bible at all and so many Christians come back with you I've been I guess my parents always are discovered rub in this church are everybody around here 's a little and write about the time you go to is when they're like that's exactly what you took a leap out of logic into quote faith that immunity peters is looking to McLean would've got be able to defend it logically make it make sense in fact we see this in acts chapter one Jesus himself page ten fifty one ten five one acts chapter one Jesus as he was ascending into heaven which I believe you literally ascended into heaven as the word says but notice what associate acts chapter one verse three when she is one of demonstrates that he is who he claimed to be the resurrected Jesus they had seen died just days previous it says here in verse one verse three of acts chapter one again at page ten five one two home he also presented that is his disciples he being Jesus also presented himself alive after his suffering by many infallible with that sort proofs the probe into the images they take my word for the given something to build up a funny addition be reasonable it should be logical it should make sense and Jesus did that very thing in fact with him in the book of acts chapter twenty six page ten eighty two acts chapter twenty six I love this interaction accepted twenty six starting with verse twenty four again as many page ten eight two Paul here the apostle Paul Eusebio persecutor of the Christians in this believer in Jesus Christ came a hundred and eighty degrees now believe vehemently in the Lord incidents of life trying to get people to believe in him is arrested for his faith and is put on trial before the great minds of the sun accepted twenty six in verse twenty four and what's this now as he made his defense is making a defensible art as to why he believes what he believes fastest one of the rulers there said with a loud voice Paul you are beside yourself much learning is driving you now benefit that's an interesting think you are so smart you're out of your mind you read so many books that you just lost your beside yourself you're not really thinking clearly your manager and say and look at all the people they rather understand the spirit on this silly never says that what he says but he said I am not what nothing are common English we think it matters like angry right but what's he saying these that I am not mad with you saying I am not what I'm not crazy this makes since what I'm telling you I am not mad most noble business but speak the words of truth and is not only true but it makes students everything before my office briefings freely knows these things for I am convinced that none of these things escaped his attention since this thing was not done in a corner is talk about the life of Christ in the fulfillment of prophecy Jesus lived out is that you know to much you know this is right and I'm giving you truth and it's reasonable I'm defending my faith I'm not out of my mind and perfectly in my mind you don't have to be out of your mind to believe in Christ in fact God gave the brain and he expects us to know there are a lot of good reasons you're just pick up the Bible and say all right give your best shot why should I believe that this book is God 's inspired word watchable enough you could come up with many good reasons validly most of your fuses off the top of my head first of all the Bible was written over a course of fifteen hundred years and from the time of Moses who wrote the first five books the Bible to the close of the book of Revelation written by the apostle John on the island of Patmos the last apostle to live that time span is roughly fifteen hundred years and in the space in between you had different author some forty different authors write sixty six different books from three different languages occupations ranging from Kings to Shepherd 's fisherman the doctors it wasn't a bunch of scholars it wasn't written at one time by one guy at one place it was written by a whole host of people and you can by the way you can read the different structures the book of Psalms is very very different than the books of faith Moses just as if the numbers drawn those are very very different styles but that they have different styles different backgrounds different languages different geographies there were situated literally hundreds thousands of years apart the message from Genesis one to revelation twenty two is perfectly consistent all the way through a fog about the most controversial pop topic of all time God nothing that if we were to talk about I don't know cooking one of the most benign topics I will have the people we had in this room a hundred or more enough I guess would we ask everyone you write a chapter would put a book together and see if it coheres perfectly together about something as benign as cooking when the best recipes were the most healthy recipes one of the most listened we would have a big scattered mess just ready in his room about something as banal as cooking what you think would happen if we want to like say politics or religion we have all of a sudden perfect harmony and agreement on mercy no but that's exactly the word of God forty different authors three different language of three different continents fifteen hundred years apart different occupations different cultural climates different everything and yet there's a consistent theme right through Scripture harmoniously and powerful powerful incentives are some very very good reasons you could say well the Bible is the most sold by the way you'll never find a Bible on the New York Times bestseller list never July third because the recognizes of booking his legitimate book is printed lot it's printed so much so often it beats the record every time that they would have to listed number one every single week over the so they have to make a little say these are all the books that sold the highest selling books this week there are two vital because it is consoled him it's been translated more languages it's been sold more times worse that the Bible is out there more than if you could just take the just sheer ubiquitous Ms. of the Bible is just everywhere is aware of his so historical to what that's got to be a reasonably just because everyone heard of it and even if everybody had read it that's still not a good enough reason as they are to build my life on using anything outside of the Bible itself it can evidence to us that the Bible is trustworthy it is something inside the Bible that we can look out objectively from outside the Bible as they are this thing is true I believe that there is no show yet each night was go to the Old Testament book of Daniel what about before you let me just tell you but really nothing definite is the book of Isaiah what a finish of the First Lady Isaiah chapter forty two page six ninety six Isaiah chapter forty two still in the Old Testament Isaiah forty two page six nine six seven verse eight notice that the Lord himself if there is the Lord and this is his word love is what he says he throws the gauntlet down about proving his own existence and I then took a forty two verse eight I am the Lord that is my name and my glory I will not give them to another he's like there's only be a market share at the pantheon of gods on it alone and he says what first-line the whole community holds Abimelech to look at it take a look check it out yourself below the former things have come to pass and new things I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them okay he says look I can get on the one and only God there everything else according to be a God he is not and I'll prove it a big claim the big plane the bigger the evidence required to supported benefits food and if he claims to be the one true God or better PICU body of evidence to go along with them except make these of private and this is what Opera here's another I will tell you the future and you just watch and see what happens just like I said no human being could do that no committee formed to do it no conspiracy theorist can't do it but certainly no rock idol or some wood sculpture thing that you think is a God or the sun the moon and stars whatever thing you might think of a daughter worship listen to me and behold for yourself I'm going to say things before they happen and you just watch effective exactly begin technically several thousands with over two pages to the right Isaiah forty four two chapters to the right is a forty four versus eighty nine he says do not fear nor be afraid have I not told you from that time and declared it you are my witnesses is there a God besides me indeed there is no other I know other rock I know not wanted practical Father's Day is not those who make an image all of them are what use I'd like the decorative in your house it might make you feel good but it's real real dumb okay it's completely pathetic and useless I'm the only true God felt like I'm the most condos are trying to God that the little bits and I got it in a note here to you guys and then there's me I'm God and nothing else this is a big claim backing of the get those to make an image all of them are useless in a precious thing shall not profit they are their own witness they neither see nor know that they may be ashamed they don't even realize they're wrong the rock or unbeatable at or something like that right and how does he proved as it was back up just a few verses verse six is connected for six left of the Lord the King of Israel and his Redeemer the Lord about I am the first and I laughed beside me there is no other God in verse seven why did he make this bold claim about himself and who can proclaim as I do many challenges then let them declare it and set it in order before me by the Lord himself lays down the gauntlet to anything else that would claim to be a God or anything else you believe it has got is there anything out there that claims to be divine they can do what I can do namely tell you the future set in order and you just sit back and watch it occur is a challenge to bring forth your best God is your strongest God is the scariest is the most popular is the most whatever this letter put in order all the things that take place out of mind the five fifth and let's see who wins again for seven who can proclaim as I do and then declared and set in order before since I appointed the ancient peoples and the things that are coming and shall come let them show these to them this is don't be afraid on the only one who can do it now slip over Daniel chapter two Daniel is one of those most powerful books in the Bible all the books the Bible and of a powerful and useful as the Bible authorities that all Scripture is God breathed but this one unit with one thing to say I know the future if I would tell you I know what could happen tomorrow that's just the claim before outlined argument to get up at this time even to go to this place at this point in the day you to meet this person whose name is Bob and that person will be wearing these clothes the I started describing your day in detail before it happens as you went through the day and you started to notice that those things were happening you would start to think that I and someone special that I'm better than just a person that I have some inside knowledge that no other person can have right this is what the Lord says I'm the first to last until proven Daniel chapter two Daniel was the young man at this point yet three famous friend Shadrach Micha Abednego they were taken from Judah about five hundred years of Jerusalem was the city five hundred years before Jesus was born and is roughly five hundred years before Jesus was born Daniel his friends were faithful Israelite Hebrew young men who were raised in good homes they were noble apparently according to Scripture there even good-looking they were smart they were able-bodied they were ready to go and instead of the wisdom of the Babylonian king by the name of Nebuchadnezzar the wisdom of the things that instead of going out and killing all the people and starting from scratch why don't we take the best of their people and turn them into our people right out of the smartest most able to well-equipped Jerusalem people and turn them into leaders of the Babylonian realm and so he takes Daniel Shadrach Misha and Abednego into captivity to the town of Babylon and he tries to set them up as his protégés of you will is a princesses you will pick the story appear in Chapter two inverse one of the book of Daniel now the second year of Nebuchadnezzar 's Ray Nebuchadnezzar had dreams and the spirit was so troubled in his sleep left him in the kingdom the commander called magicians the astrologers the sorcerers the Chaldeans to the King to tell the King 's dreams so they came and stood before the king noticed to be brought in astrologers and magicians soothsayers all these diviners the if you will who apparently got on the payroll could you call them when they come into the game is that before the game verse three and the king said to them I had a dream in my spirit is anxious to know the dream of understand the thing that McElveen spoke to the king in Aramaic and noticed they start very polite okaying live forever tell your servants the dream and we will give the interpretation of think about that it sounds like you just tell us what you dreamt and will tell you what it means what does the King is a pretty shrewd fellow and I can tell you I dreamed anything you can come up with a meeting right all that means that you are the greatest thing ever on it and though how I know that that interpretation is true that it's trustworthy document and verify what the King thought about this telephony circuit reflecting is instead a copy of my decision is firm if you do not make known the dreams of me and its interpretation you shall be cut in pieces in your house to be made and Ashley knows that however if you tell the dream and its interpretation use Rusty Prometheus rewards and great honor therefore tell me the dream and its interpretation noticeably doing all trust your interpretation if you can demonstrate you have inside knowledge you can tell they were going on in my head I was an interpretation that anybody can make up all know that is trustworthy and so on you to demonstrate your ability tell me what the dream was the mineral trust that you can give me the accurate interpretation now the all the sudden the politeness moves away verse seven they have to begin with that looking tell his servants the dream and we will get its interpretation notice these guys are getting their bluff called is like whenever you know you've you ever ever talk to a psychic in a sick pay with my name weekend hang up you don't basically saying you not getting past square one with me tell me the dream don't trust the new interpretation and he goes on they go back and forth back and forth and finally they refused to give in to think that that that tonight all of you die any orders all the Wiseman all these astrologers mystic soothsayers magicians all of them to die now the problem is that Daniel and his three friends were part of that collective work under that umbrella of you know smart guys the wise men and so the knocking on their door and is a good evening anywhere you to kill you is a slowdown what what what what explains what things look let me go to the king he approaches the keynote is what happened to first extensive Daniel when in verse sixteen Daniel Lynn asking the given time they might tell the king the interpretation and then he went to his house and made a decision known to use their Hebrew names Hannah and Michelle and Azariah his companion then I think the mercies from the God of heaven concerning the secret so the Daniel his companions might not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon then the secret revealed to Daniel in a night vision to Daniel blessed the God of heaven now will go into verse twenty four therefore Daniel went to area the king appointed to destroy the West about one humans that Dustin do not destroy the white about what taken before the King and I will tell the King interpretation the area quickly broadband before the king and said left him I have found the man of the captives of Judah will make known to the king the interpretation the king answered and said to Daniel whose name was Doctor Shatzer they try to change his name Daniel so Daniel are you able to make known to me the dream which I have seen and its interpretation and noticed Daniel 's humble entity could say why yes I can but then you know if he kept telling me what a dream he had insider information and he says to the King verse twenty seven the secret which the king has demanded Wiseman astrologers and magicians in the soothsayers cannot be clear the king but there is a God in heaven who reveals to and he has made known picking up into what will be in the latter days and noticing your dream and the visions of your head upon your bed it were these he didn't say no to take a gasoline some very vague language and you tell me if I didn't somewhere close he says seeing your dream was this an interpretation will in fact what he does next verse twenty nine as for you O king Fox came to your mind while on your bed about what would come to pass after this is like before you went to sleep that night him and it's how you were thinking now he's a few once the interpretation right adhesive in order for me to trust even given the interpretation I need for you to tell me what the dream was the day that I'm ready to do that before they offer something entries of uniformity to the dream until you are thinking about as you are headed to bed by the way of summary could tell you what you are thinking about before you headed to bed and had the dream one of the you listen I'm guessing is on efficacy do tell what was I thinking verse twenty nine as the opening thoughts in your mind while on your bed about what would come to pass after this you were thinking about the future what you came I'm guessing everybody comes in day in and day out okaying live forever but you realize you're not going to live forever the question is will my kingdom live forever will I have had the great it will I make it happen after this thing is like that's what you are thinking about when you went to bed that night about what would come to pass after this and he who reveals secrets as made known to you what will be noticed them and he goes on to describe first thirty one you O king were watching him behold a great image this great image splendor was excellent stood before uniform was often this image had with Maida Feingold its chest and arms of silver its belly and five the bronze its legs of iron its feet partly of iron and partly of clay and you have your picture there but I'm an active object because this is how I do but the head was made of what material just government what the belly and vitamin of bronze legs were made of in the feet were made of iron mixed with clay so you notice enough for basic divisions you have the head of gold chest enormous silver belly by the bronze menu of the legs of iron and iron continues into the feed but at the end a kind of mixes with clay you have told silver bronze and iron all the way to the end four main divisions of thirty important laying the groundwork groundwork for verse thirty four you watch while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broken in pieces Damon scraps opening November thirty five the iron the clay the bronze silver and gold were crushed together and became like the chap from the summer threshing floors the wind carry the weight of the no trace of them was found in the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole or that was the dream so again gold silver bronze iron feet divided therebetween ironing clay and at the end of that time a rock but without Hanscom Lynch strikes it on the feet and stumbled openings in the powder in a dusty track the wind blows away in the net rocket smashed the image groove would be denigrate what amount none of the forty fiftieth birthday is no equivocation no hesitation no like I don't know maybe this is the drain now we will delve interpretation of it before the game the lunches right in the interpretation first thirty seven you okay and are acting of being for the God of heaven has given you a kingdom power strength and glory I think that's interesting you're breaking your King of Kings and the reason you're so great is because the real King is given you again I discovered back in a public your great because you're allowed to be great is given you a kingdom power strength and glory adversity and where the children of men dwell the beast of the field and the birds of the heaven has given them into your hand and has made you ruler over them all you are this head of what goal is as you and the kingdom you represent Babylon you are this first in line you are the head of gold nose would augment big picture Empire language and we know this because look at the very next verse but after you shall write another one noted to talk about another king not just the next guy but when the whole next Empire the next kingdom after you after Babylon shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours then another of thirteen the bronze which shall rule over all beer tonight like your Babylon and a zillion other kingdom and after that whole another kingdom and finally verse forty and the fourth kingdom network or kingdoms away shall be as strong as what iron inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything in like iron the crushes backing will break in pieces and crush all the others if you notice there's also an interesting theme going on here this starts from the most precious to the most common from gold silver it goes from value less and less and less notices of another kingdom inferior keywords about it on the iron it's as strong as iron for that if you are picking something to sell on eBay you want something up here right you want go but if you're wanting something to fight someone in a war you want something from down here right the guy with the shield of gold versus the sort of iron is going to lose me so it gets more and more expensive towards the top more most strength and stronger as you get down to the bottom right and finally forced the value plummets when it is done in its iron mixed with clay I went down a dirt interested continues first forty one where she saw the feet and toes partly of potter 's clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be what that word right to start the iron and stronger viability appointed to be divided when he gets out of the time of the feet and would be gone at the golf of the toes are the feet of the total entity divided that time conversely one which is on the feet and toes partly potter 's clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be divided yet the strength of iron shall be in it still I earned is just in a different form now it's mixed and mingled and that those viewed as the toes again verse forty two and as the toes of the feet and just the noticeably helpful and makes it how many toes the people typically have but I wanted about abnormalities what are the normal amount of toes the people standard equipment at the right that will be helpful in night which is it mentions toes specifically twice in the interest of immigrants forty two and as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile or forty three as you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay they will mingle with the seed of men's apparently these I seem to be divided nation be divided whatever divisions they are of this working the will try to unite but I doesn't really mix with client at what was used in the property so the kingdom shall be partly fragile and partly stronger forty three to define axes from the claimant will meet with the seed of men but they will not inure to one another just as iron is not mixed with clay so these are to be divided and will not reunite matter what they try to do to bring back together and says in verse forty four in the days of visiting the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed that one is really going to go forever that's could be set up in the time of those kings of the rock meant in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed in the kingdom should not be left to other people it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand how long forever they always come in the all seeing live he says your kingdom is great but it's not forever in the next kingdom the next kingdom and the next thing is going to be divided and there do try to unite the world but it's not been a work but in the days of those gains the rail King will set up the one true kingdom that will live forever verse forty five inasmuch as you saw the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands and broke in pieces the iron the bronze the clay the silver and gold the great God not one of them but the only one the great God has made known to the king what will come to pass after this and look at the confidence before the king demon nodded then say yup I'm guessing it was pointed John on the ground the dream is certain and its interpretation is sure if I think what you want question what you will the dream was right on the interpretation sure have a good night sleep but notice what has happened here five hundred years before Jesus is ever walk finger this king Nebuchadnezzar is given a vision from the Lord dream through Daniel he interprets that dream and tells them from the time of Babylon all the way until Jesus sets up his final kingdom is great in the kingdom that will never be destroyed what we have here is a very basic outline of the history of the entire world from Babylon for the good thing is we're not living in a time of battle and it's good for so many cretins but right were living with him about wonder woman and I hope that come through I wonder that in a country if outside before Stephen a country and without living the time of the next or the next unit that or even the kingdom was divided were living in the divided because right there you can compare with Scripture you can do outside of Scripture go to the Encyclopaedia Britannica never want to urge this for researcher to go Google it okay what was the Empire ruled after the Babylonians is the Meetup Persian Empire the Medes and Persians came together like one strong arm in one week want to take over the Babylonians you read about Daniel chapter five and Daniel chapter two hadn't happened by the time Daniel five comes along that's when his changeover happens but after the Medes and Persians they don't live forever another empire comes up the Greeks and this one especially prominent King back probably the only one we know of the peaks Alexander the one great right expended that Terry blow away all the needs of version on Greece is now degraded by that she'll never fall until Greece fell what was the next and by Rome Jesus and the apostles happen live in a time of Rome it was a Roman cross the goal Jesus but at that time it wasn't divided with the big Imperial empire will but you know after that time Rome got divided interestingly enough into the European divisions ten of them that since that time have never been united and wanting another big people try Charlemagne gave it a shot to bring all these nations together reunite the great Roman Empire Napoleon right from France we will re-create this great with worshiping the headquarters of appointment is great European but it never happened maybe in some of the people 's lifetime feared Hitler David shot right beside it would be printing this and when Germany would be the leader right really pan out overtime to try to intermingle and mix okay this census will marry the stupidest cable madness what Obama and how to unite all these family lines leaders have in other countries they did have an interlocking forest of lines in a trying to hold this thing together but it doesn't even now was try financially politically let the line this thing without the European Union but if you notice that every day almost every single day of the news there's one member state will almost collapse that will cause a domino effect all that you are the euros and instability everywhere some countries are bailing out some returning them and they'd reunite all it's not working anyway living on this and that and we have the objectivity the completely nonreligious atheistic if they want to just old-fashioned history Bethesda Babylon was followed by Medo Persia was followed by Greece was followed by Rome it was divided and hasn't been united since it was something about that is if he got Babylon writing me to Persia writing Greece right and wrong right and divided Europe right and were living in that time of the world the next kingdom mentioned is not just the kingdom is the kingdom of God is a possible but not only is God real and not only is his word accurate and trustworthy but is it possible that he himself will set up the next great world and they were living in the time of the toes if you will when the world is divided all of this next technological breakthrough the next scientific thing to the next financial thing to the next political thing to the next is that psychological sociological whatever you name it that's going to pull the world but apparently since they divided within God 's going to set up his kingdom by the way Jesus himself employed this stone Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew at twenty one Nephi chapter twenty one look at Jesus says about himself after chapter twenty one a three page nine five seven that the Chapter twenty one versus forty two and forty four Jesus said to them have you never read in the Scriptures the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone this is the Lord 's doing and it is a mark Ron before and whoever falls on this stone will be what broken whomever if all of it will grind him to counter at the same language is used to the stone that comes and snatches the kings and kings of the artist of the theaters like powder and she says that to me I am that thing that's coming I am the great King of Kings and Lord of lords will set up the one true everlasting kingdom this can happen in the time with reliving an executive Texas we close John chapter fourteen in verse twenty nine on the performance back from you tomorrow night John chapter fourteen verse twenty nine Jesus is speaking to his disciples about his own soon coming events his betrayal of his trial his crucifixion and all the events of that final Passover weekend and notice what Jesus says why did he tell them the things before it happened Matthew John chapter fourteen verse twenty nine start Matthew minimum fourteen Europe John fourteen sort and fourteen twenty nine he says and now I have told you before it helps for what purpose that when it does come to pass don't you love the certainty that it didn't say so if it does happen to come through his event telling you before it happens when it does come to pass you may want to delete the Bible tells us the future not so with inside knowledge people we know the future wink wink me know how the whole things that we noted that we know a car to come up if not for that reason because he wants you to believe that he exists that his word is trustworthy and that you can have an actual relationship with him is not to be like a bank foreclosed on is the relationship it's an runaway is unlimited demonstrate in the lung the biggest thing I can possibly do that is fascinating of the evidence validating the existence of God in the trustworthiness of his words is the history of the world itself is like a nonbeliever talented and Alameda Persia Greece S&M they'll verify for you the things I have said over the course of not just ten years twenty one hundreds or even thousands of years for this is five hundred years before Christ living two thousand five hundred years from it and it's accurate right to this day he says if I can do that the history of the world can't you trust me with your life behold I told you these things before they come to pass so that when it does you may believe Hebrews chapter for a final sexy receptor for page eleven fifty one one five zero Hebrews chapter four in verse twelve is the Bible claims about itself and what's carefully for the word of God is what living is a living document it does something you'd do live in an powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart friends the God who can seem to the future conceived your heart he only gives us the other evidence so that you can come into a trust relationship with them you think how there actually is a God objectively logically it's credible I don't be fooled to believe I'm not jumping out in the dark if the evidence of things not think he wants me to trust them he says come let us reason together as we go throughout these meetings have fun unless it is simply that every night come let us what's the word reason together and see what God 's word says he is a God 's word is trustworthy and has a plan for you as an individual without henceforward for her dimly father we thank you so much that yes you are the only God not just a better daughter the one we happen to believe in beholding God and you've given us objective evidence to make valid those claims to to verify that credibility and Lord we not only save your word is true but we happen to be living in the time at the toes as the prophecy when using Babylonia Persia Greece Rome and divided Rome come and go in were living in is very fun apparently the very next kingdom is yours Lord help us to not to see that is some sort of interesting spiritual Trivial Pursuit but as a living breathing reality then we could very well see Jesus face to face in our lifetime Lord help us to think about the seriousness of that help us to learn to love you not out of fear but because you demonstrated a trustworthy will never let us down and build no one will on your were a recreating a a a media was brought by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe more so than in www. audio source .org


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