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05-Watch Out

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 22, 2013
    7:00 PM


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worksheet number five watch out no as you are getting that prepared emergency you had to be going to the book of revelations you wanted there page eleven seventy six in your pew Bible to be going to the book of Revelation but I want to begin by giving you of some of the things we saw and other prophetic book will be spending a good deal of time in the book of Daniel and are very opening night we showed how the Lord basically set up a test about who could be known as the God lives and he says there's only one God an e-mail to claims to be God better be able to do the things that only a got a new namely if you're truly an eternal being an everlasting infinite creature you should be able to sell the end of from the beginning the whole span of human history to be the lead out and have become sureties as I can do that anybody else wants to do it you're willing to try but the Lord puts his money where his mouth is if you will in Daniel chapter two we give an outline of the world history and the type of Daniel which is living about five hundred years before Jesus arrived in the in the Empire Babylon and he goes all the way through from Babylon to Persia to Greece to Rome as an empire Imperial Rome then divided rolled into the tin box and then after that Jesus kingdom the second coming of the Lord would happen and she is without a truly eternal kingdom he said this is what's going to happen just watch and we can verify permits for the Babylon indeed fell to the Medes and Persians who in turn sell to the Greeks under Alexander the great and then they were taken over the relevant for the Romans didn't fault anyone they were simply divided into the tribes and divisions that we still see remnants of the day in divided Europe and were living in that kind of earth history so we had the benefit the twenty twenty hindsight of history to show that God at that time foretelling the future was spot on in every sense of the word into me know that the next kingdom is coming if Jesus own kingdom oh God kingdom but the begun party will never fall and we know that the things coming up when is it coming basically tonight we talking about that next kingdom is coming and what to watch for so we know when it's coming page eleven seventy six forty notice is seen in his last book of the Bible the book of Revelation were to start with chapter three and verse eleven I want you to notice a theme but before we get into the Bible study proper but always begin with the word prayer our heavenly father thank you so much for being a God who not only made us but also has a plan to redeem us and save us and you communicate these important things with us so Lord help us to understand your word help us to see exactly what you have said what you have not said and help us to keep our eyes focused on the right thing help us to truly watch out if we prayed in Jesus name Revelation chapter three in verse eleven you can notice the same as we go through these passage of Revelation chapter three and verse eleven says here behold I am coveting and what's that word quickly hold fast what you have that no one may take your crown behold oncoming quickly now to the end of the book of Revelation Revelation chapter twenty two the very last page of the Bible Revelation chapter twenty two was number seven in notice repeatedly in his very last chapter of the very last book of the last testament of the Bible the variant of the book you see this repeated promise three different times the first step in Revelation twenty two verse seven behold I am coming what's the word quickly blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book notice continue down five more versus the verse twelve when we find and behold I am coming what's the word quickly in my reward is with me to give to each one according to his work and go to verse twenty he who testifies to these things be surely I am copying what that word over and over in the last book of the Bible particularly the very last chapter the Bible use of beholder what does it mean to behold something to look to watch watch out I culminate in with that word uncovered quickly coming quickly coming quickly the last repeated promise of Jesus is and coming in here to build the blank quickly becoming quickly now that might be exciting but you might temper that with slowdown book Revelation was written about the year one hundred or ninety A.D. it's been roughly close to two thousand years since Jesus that he was coming quickly now that's a pretty broad definition of quick write almost laughably so we chuckled like I'm coming quick like if I told much like all my life I'll be there to pick you up really quickly and I showed up you know two thousand years later right I'm guessing she would have some words for me if she works you still route for that one but somehow Jesus closes off the Bible with his promise watch out I'm coming quickly beholden coming quickly and apparently this supposedly lay as we laugh about it now is something that people would be laughing about it the times in which we live princes if you are throughout the world right now is that I believe Jesus is coming soon I believe it is that this eternal Empire very very quickly and use the very words that you think is coming quickly do you think people would say I do to be the most he would say this but you know it you spin two thousand years since he's been here the first time in quite a while what is the second Peter chapter three three page eleven sixty seven new pew Bibles second Peter chapter three verses three and four interestingly the Lord anticipated this type of reaction in the last day second Peter chapter three and verse three knowing this first that what sat export scoffers know what is this offer no smart art will say us offer is one who scoffs that so what does it mean to scoff at something to make fun of it wanted to tease at the product and hope you can just try to get under his skin right make fun of it scoffers will come in the last days when will these costs offers come in the last days and you'll know why there's particular scoffing in the last days in just a moment walking according to their own lusts right these are not people who tried to conform themselves the image of Christ the kind of doing whatever it is they want to do and they're making fun of those people who are looking forward to the coming of Jesus Christ again verse three knowing this first but scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their own lusts and saying you look at anything where is the promise of what is coming where is this invigorating all incoming quickly where is that I do some looking around I don't see Jesus might scoff and thought and they go on to think for since the fathers fell asleep you know those old generations but that's the antiquity of the father Celtic all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation the basic thing is that the Earth is still the same the sun comes up the sun goes down baptizing the disease in Europe to hear engines the linear now that's fastening of the prophecy in the last days people would specifically be taunting the idea that Jesus would be coming at all much less coming soon is this an outdated concept it should be say you know what Jesus actually isn't coming quickly is not coming at all perhaps and maybe we should just reevaluate just try to have a good moral life and do whatever we want and start walking according to our own lust which we do in the face and watch Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus himself me page nine sixty one Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus himself is discussing the last days these days just preceding is coming in the days before his kingdom is set up I believe the date in which we are according to the flow of history living in today Matthew chapter twenty four start with verse forty two after twenty four page nine sixty one starting with verse forty two he says of the rivers where there is watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is what funny now does that saying you don't not know if the Lord 's coming is that anything that only the whole argument is built on the idea that he is in fact coming what we don't know if when he's coming I so what should we do since we don't know when it is as if a laid back and do everyone know what word to use their right the beginning of that season what should we do because I don't know the hour we should be doing what watch we should watch to be watching a again watch therefore verse forty two B do not know what hour your Lord is coming but know this delegate at the Bible says no this is what should you do you should know this ingenious than something but know this that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not allowed to house be broken into therefore so that's a little paraphrase parable therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming an hour you do not expect it is very clear you don't know the hour but you should be watching because it is coming soon and interesting we don't know the hour but we should be watching again notice and uses the language there is little parable in verses forty three but know this at the master of the house had known the hours of what does he talk about here thief would come he would not appear you would've watched and not allowed his house broken into Jesus uses the metaphor as a thief coming to break in you don't know exactly when it's coming so you should be watchful of its coming down we'll see this idea again this go back to Revelation chapter sixteen we are Jesus himself again describes his own return Matthew chapter sixteen of one of these behold Texas a B page eleven eighty five by the way in your pew Bible another one of these to behold I am coming passages in the book of Revelation but this time he doesn't say I'm coming quickly explain something else about his coming Revelation chapter sixteen verse fifteen says here behold I am coming in is funny to think quickly he says I'm coming as a and and what is he saying less it is he who watches blessed is he watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked in a senior shame to notice the same parable in Jesus on earth when he was speaking about his own return he says watch therefore for you do not the hour it will be like a thief who comes to breaking your house and if you know that he was on the way you he wouldn't tell you the schedule but you would be watching the book of Revelation chapter sixteen verse fifteen he said behold I am coming as a thief blessed is he who watches noted another book first Thessalonians chapter five three page eleven thirty seven the beginning of the C-section in the New Testament first Thessalonians chapter three of subchapter five sorry for Sicily instructor five starting with verse two again he's writing the people in Thessalonica about the coming of the Lord this is his theme and notice how it matches beautifully with what Christ already has set for Sicilies five starting with verse two for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a wife thief in the ninth for Wednesday say peace and safety so there's a real quickly this could be some people scoffing at the inside the idea that Jesus is coming at all some people to decry not others of peace and safety it's fine there's no way Jesus is coming out just look around it's great that utopia was perfect that everybody's any crime peace and safety some people be saying that then sudden destruction comes upon them and so apparently what we know if we were certain that we don't know the hour but we should be watching other people will look at the fact that Jesus hasn't returned yet and say that is ridiculous and start laughing and they'll be claiming out a peace and safety it all is calm all is well no problem because when you hear that you know the properties you know that you don't know the hour but you should be watching and now let's continue on with the text then he says in verse three for when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them in what way will the sudden destruction as labor paying upon a pregnant woman they shall not escape number to get in the labor pains and pregnant woman thing right now but I will you keep it in the shop of your mind keep it does not use it just a minute and but Paul comes back here and says when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman but rather than as the most important part for us Christians but brother and you are not in darkness so that this Day should overtake you as a thief now is it going to be like a thief EES attribute even in the nights please is EU however are not in darkness they should overtake you with the beef because crisis is to be like a thief therefore watch the family of Christ is to watch she has to give us something to watch for right and we know one thing they were not watching for is a particular time because look you do not know the day or the hour I cannot set a calendar I do not have a clock plots apparently there is something else to be watching for it it's interesting that Paul talks about it and uses the metaphor as labor pains come to a pregnant woman we are not in darkness recognizes freedom you are all sons of light is also reversible but you'd rather not in darkness of the day should overtake you that the you are all sons of light and sons of the day we are not of the night nor of darkness therefore let us not sleep as others do but let us use our word again watch and be sober over and over Jesus himself and other Bible writers with its Peter or Paul or John in the book of Revelation is vastly of Jesus Peter Paul and John talking about the return of Jesus and they all say the exact same thing you don't know when the hour is but there are things to be watching for the time this brings work on blank when not we're watching not for the time of Christ's return you will not hear me talk to advocate okay now getting a prophecy of the time limit calendar is set on a countdown clock and rescinded when we are specifically told when not watching for the time of Christ's return but for the sign of Christ's return they were watching for something that is not the time were watching for the signs of Christ's return now which begs a quick question what are the side of Christ return what are we supposed to be watching for the Bible imperatively says over and over again yes Jesus is coming no you don't know the time but yes you can watch for something I wrote one would like to know what those things are fortunately Jesus tells us that for the book of Matthew chapter twenty four again after twenty four page nine six zero in your pew Bible Matthew chapter twenty four rate or the beginning of this chapter and I want you to see something fascinating about why Jesus even have this discussion about his return at all it's based on the question given him by his own disciples about world they know what they think begin to the world is for a broader context if you are to read Matthew chapter twenty three first while this is getting towards the very very very last days of Jesus ministry the last week of his life and here he has been amongst his people for three and a half years and the Jewish leaders instead of celebrating and embracing and him and following him as their Savior have repeatedly targeted and hounded him and threatened him and now they're going to execute them in Matthew chapter twenty three viewer to read the whole thing he goes into the Temple for the very last time any meets these Pharisees religious leaders of the day and he basically lays out these one oh two you hypocrites you brought what I've done everything I can but with the very last verse of Matthew chapter twenty three of verse thirty seven was a lefty versus verse thirty seven Matthew twenty three to give the context for Jesus statements and twenty four X Matthew chapter twenty three verse thirty seven here Jesus standing in the Temple saying these things in the courtyard although Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her how often I have wanted to gather your children together as a nation gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not what Willie is like I was more than willing but you didn't want verse thirty eight C your house 's begin the Temple is left to you in what condition desolate what is desolate mean in the freight it's all done and that's fantastic is everything the Temple was pointing forward to Jesus and he was Jesus standing at the Temple these of him walking out of here in your house is left to you noticed fascinatingly in the beginning of his ministry Jesus clears up at the police have my father 's house will be a house of prayer from nations but this fun at the very end of his ministry walks lady says now it's your house and attempting for verse thirty nine for I say to you you shall see me no more till you say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord speaking of his second coming by the next time you see me come through here it's nothing to be as the guy you're beating up but it's good to be the King of kings and Lord of lords leasing all that gives us the context of Matthew twenty four look at verse one then Jesus went out and departed from the Temple and his disciples came up to show him the buildings of the temple I give the old impression you didn't like their like are you sure you should be so harsh I mean come on just like you see this building that Billy was the templates open look at all the edifice is you don't mean it uses you really just a blow off some steam come on look around and look at Jesus it verse two and Jesus said to them do you not see all these things I love it they're like look at siblings like you look at the Temple you take a good look assuredly I say to you not one stone shall be left here up on another shall not be thrown down Jesus here is prophesied the destruction of the Temple the overthrow of Jerusalem itself is like you see this beautiful building the always buildings you want to take a look at you look at them closely because sometime they are going to be completely wiped out not one stone will be left upon another your hang on these buildings springer hanging on the Titanic is going down now this didn't sit well with the disciples do not understand these are Jewish religious people who look to the Temple as everything in their life the only thing that could flatten and level the Temple is begin to the world itself right and you notice this thinking when they continue talking to Jesus what's this now in verse three now has a settlement on Wallace the disciples came to him privately saying tell us when these things will be know which things as a talking the destruction of the Temple right when these things will be and what will be the sign of your in their mind the destruction of the Temple and the coming of Jesus are the same event right that's the only thing that could level the Temple so they come to him privately and I know you can't help everybody but you can tell us right when will these things be you know that leveling the Temple and what will be the sign of your coming and we don't get me and notices will be the sign of your coming end of the in of the age and have my best weekend of the world friends now though they don't realize it by the way here we are to fill the blank in the minds of the disciples the destruction of the Temple could only happen when Jesus returned at the end of the age at the end of the world the VeriSign is looking at this one thing as one big event the destruction of the Temple Jesus return again to the world one big event of course the destruction of the Temple happened in seventy A.D. roughly forty years after this conversation occurred were reading about while Jesus returned still has not occurred some two thousand years later right so there's a huge expanse of time between these two events but from their perspective they are just one thing right so they're asking Jesus though they don't realize that they are asking Jesus to different questions there's a when will this destruction of Jerusalem happen and we decided coming in the end of the age now put yourself for just a moment in Jesus shoes if you have elected a question he said all guys aware that at the destruction of Jerusalem 's relatively soon in the next four years of your villages the doctrine return for another two thousand years I think that would probably know it one point Jesus ministry he said there many things that are long to tell you but you cannot bear to hear the I would imagine the fact that he's not returning for another two thousand years would fall in that category of stuff they couldn't handle so Jesus once because the question and will answer the question honestly but he answers it in such a way that everything he says applies to both events if you were in the first century reading at the destruction of Jerusalem coming all the things would apply then if you're if the last days which I believe that we are as we look at Bible prophecy that's the next income all those things would apply to this event as well so one answer works for both events and about the important thing to keep in mind that whatever he's about to explain applies to the world in which I believe that we're living when the scoffer say is Jesus really coming soon just look around the question is as we look around is everything do we see the signs that Jesus told us to watch them with before we get into the specific signs with Gordon still in Matthew twenty four that would reverse thirty two Jesus uses two different analogies for how the signs will be revealed and what it will be similar to the first one is not enough you kept four verse thirty two the relevant help twenty four and verse thirty two Scripture reads now learn this lesson from the fig tree again if any times you have learned this lesson we should learn this lesson when its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves you know that somewhere is what near it doesn't say you know that summer is here but you do know that summer is near so apparently you can look at the tree and though you may not feel it and you know everything may be for you to feel summer the tree is starting to get some juices flowing there's something happening and you start to see signs on the tree the thing you looking forward to namely somewhere near a again when its branch has already become tender but what we do know that summer is near first thirty three so also when you see all these things again were to look back at those things that is just articulated when you see all these things know that it that is the second coming of Jesus in our case is what the air at the very doors even at the doors and still hasn't come in yet but as you see the signs you know for certain that you're getting nearer and nearer to the great event again were not looking for times but will looking for signs that let's go to verse eight Saint chapter method twenty four back at the verse eight Jesus gives another metaphor about how these signs will be manifested at each other twenty four and verse eight in the new King James and can gain certain is that all these speak of the signs are the beginning of sorrows now that's an interesting interpretation but if you look at the actual Greek were there for sorrows or pains if a specific kind of sorrow and pain if they as the new international version correctly renders it birth pains these are contractions these are the pains that precede the delivery of a baby now I think that's fascinating give these two analogies both say like the figtree learn the lesson from it when you start to see the you are the branches come out of the leaves are starting about you know that summer is near and he also says it's also been a be like birth pains contractions before a delivery of a baby now I am so thankful that I only will that I have children at all is wonderful but that I didn't actually birth the children is even a mostly more wonderful but it's right up there with it now my wife however has had that great privilege and she was a trooper it was great but it was fascinating being next to the process as it was occurring over time right for instance when you first find out lease was for us if we were going to have a baby you know you get the confirmation you confirm again double checked double checked the check or I twenty checks were good fairly happening but they are no outward signs of it none right apparently she didn't really feel the difference it just is a the word says so were to be having a big now as it goes along she starts experiencing things that are on the outside do not experience and I'll be honest with you some of them are a little frustrating there was a phase and she has my permission to say this where she was just hired now when I look at someone who seemed of seventy nine months pregnant I might yet he should be tired but when you're like one to three months pregnant I can't see anything unlike tired of why we go on another one of the most sense and I just tell you honestly we talk like people here okay so I would come home and she be laying on the couch or something I think what you doing and she's a will I'm tired and I say from why she liked from having this baby as a way I don't even say anything what are you talking about you know and in the news the bean burrito phase and phase of every and tastes change that also needs these different symptoms the different you know whatever that thing is and he goes thoroughly understand observing I see no imminent sign of a baby but apparently something is stirring something 's up and any first you will bet you know is starting to show women and you can feel exactly are other signs building up right and then as you come into the home stretch three not enormously the terminal phase of the pregnancy the begin time events if you will things start happening more to get to use your tension more future change I apparently though the visibility is quite visible and the apparently the feelings are quite noticeable and you have to express those feelings sometimes and let me know that you're feeling those things even the doctors even the midwife wherever you have working with you the nurses would will tell you okay this is what to expect the first contraction will be like this but don't call me the moment you have your first contraction could obey and you start timing right then you start to look at the next and what you're looking for two things you're looking for frequency and intensity to the things you're looking for as you come into the home stretch of this pregnancy are looking for frequency of the birth pains and intensity of effort of the birthday so you start talking them and then you start there some litmus test of how it on a scale of one to ten how painful is this and you can you talk to them can you walk through them or do you have to like yell and scream through them you know where you get you know what what phase relax and start you start to know no we couldn't still even in those days you couldn't tell you that at this time of this I was a baby who will be ordered but you do get the sense that it's coming soon based on frequency and intensity of the contractions interesting that Christ uses that metaphor to explain what to look for what is coming for them to give you a list of signs but just the first time it happened that night right these are those beginnings of birth pains this is what you looking for you looking for the increased intensity increased frequency and so in Matthew chapter twenty four and elsewhere in the New Testament we find recorded signs of Christ's return and go through those ten of them you're going to them relatively quickly but I want you to be able to see the if you compare what the Bible tells us to watch for no gain we've already seen from the historical chronological timeline Babylon media Persia Greece Rome divided Rome were standing here then we know that were in the time of the toes based on Daniel chapter two were in the time of the bike but we still don't see Jesus coming at all many people think it's been two thousand years how can you possibly believe that Jesus is coming soon what will looking for particular time but we are looking for signs and if you notice your watchful as the Bible tells us you will see the signs that he told us to watch for are occurring in our world increased intensity and increased frequency Chapter twenty four going back to diversify while technologists start with verse will disburse greeters back and review again now as a settlement out of all of the disciples came to him privately saying tell us when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age so they looking for the time emphasize Jesus doesn't give him the time he does get the signs and Jesus first four answered and said to them take heed that no one does what the number one thing apparently was to watch out for is the section I will get into the section later on back tomorrow evening were the beginning how do you know if your disease because the disease person doesn't think they're being deceived that's how deception works so the tricky thing because the number one thing let no one deceive you take heed that no one you for verse five for many will come how in my name but in the garb of Christianity in the Christ bearing his image his name is his inscription they all unchristian and right saying in fact some of the blame thing I am the Christ and will deceive many apparently you're supposed to look for in the Christian world or taking the name of Christ people who claim to be Chrysler looking for false Christ false prophets to occur on the earth fall spiritual teaching claiming even to be Christ himself and you see a general religious confusion that would lead many to deception that is to be a religious fervor a Christian guy with an illegal many people always like watch out that doesn't happen to you false Christ all propped up you see in our history Augustine jotted down units there some of the more egregious of false Christ that occurred later in this two thousand years of Earth 's history example Jim Jones down and found it with his with his colt and their mass suicide were literally hundreds of people following the dictates of the one that claimed to be Christ did exactly what he said it ended their lives that was a horrible thing we saw the same thing with David Koresh in Waco Texas not too terribly long ago in the early nineteen nineties same basic thing people have this messianic figure of any claim to be Christ people all of them literally to their deaths even more recently than that Marshall Applewhite German Marshall Applewhite is part of the Heaven's Gate the comment Hale-Bopp was coming around the earth they were absolutely convinced that it in I don't ever encourage you to go look up crazy people but if you want one of the more fascinating things coaches even like Wikipedia or something and just read the biography Marshall Applewhite is completely out of his mind yet people would follow him literally to their deaths and they found these poor people in and in the condition where they had been committed this suicide thing but fully convinced that when they die there is simply transitioning to a different place and that place was on a special spaceship hiding in the tale of the common Hale-Bopp it was good take them to the utopian parenting absolutely insane but one of the more egregious was probably hasn't been hurt because is more well-known in the Latin American community but Doctor José Luis to Jesus Miranda penalties ever heard of them another one you can I don't encourage it but if you want to go Google it literally has Tim's or not if not hundreds of thousands perhaps even a few million followers and he literally claims to be Jesus Christ on earth is that I got a Christian churches of Christ on earth by the way number six six it is my name tattooed on your format people do this stuff literally and make any dresses up in a suit and tie colors of the church in the lookup people are literally following crazy people claiming to be Chrysler claiming to be Christian and that's not even a know all of the look I can go on a whole thing about Christian people saying things in the name of Christ absolutely just what the Scripture says about Christ leading many people to deception he said watch out if any Trinity come in my name everybody around as a Christian but in many many people are confused and deceit that that's one of the marks on the last day everybody's been reclaiming Christian some even claim to be made but watch out for that don't be deceived whatever six another one you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you're not troubled for all these things must come to pass but begin is not yet make wars and rumors of wars are we living in an age by the Army in a state of war right now I know I you really frank and I have no idea within the strongest superpower nation on the planet I don't even know it were more right and out as you would usually a war with you could probably rattle off half a dozen countries right wars and rumors were live or not how more efficiently or kind of a war over this dispirited for you what the figure because his wars and work you know that plans are going to do the next war war World War I this is our country the twentieth century we had this picture of my you know Apple just released new iPad things they and the more technology increases the more Internet access we had the more television radio the more further technologically advanced and scientifically literate we become closer to utopian paradise we get to discuss solve all our problems the friends the twentieth century was the bloodiest century in world history more people died in the twentieth century that had all the other ones combined and by the way the twenty first century note across the new millennium isn't getting any better people are still dying we just found new coolers liquor ways to do it right it's incredible but the spirit of war is wrapping around this country back to go down some awesome fastening things references violated twentieth century Levy is an history hundred and sixty million people estimated died in wars just the best FM it started as just war in the twenty century the twenty first century just so far will not really that far into it yet a that over half a million war deaths so far right now sixty countries are involved in some form of war as thirty percent of every country that on the planet is in a state of war right now as we speak not number of militias and gorilla or separatist groups warring against the open sub wars many wars are four hundred and forty three going on in the world right now and again we don't even talk about the rumors were you from just a couple weeks ago everybody thought we were just about to go to war and who didn't we might still knows that we live in is constant and the same thing with this war on terrorism type of thing we going to the airport and he is I don't know if you fly that often at the fly looked way more than I want to I hateful but anyway that's a whole other topic but it used to be you have the red alert and orange alert and yellow alert in your high alert and everything but we did for so long we just can't stop doing it you never hear those alert reports airport anymore now just everybody suspects suspect somebody's probably the bad guy all around we just live in a constant heightened state of spirit of war and she said that's going to increase and Intel have been wars for the last two thousand years but they have definitely increased dramatically in intensity and frequency farther and farther as time goes along and were living in the midst of it right now yet everybody thinks not everybody but a good number of people think was disclosed that it will problem solve is financially do this or that are politically divisive military is working to live in this is good APs and safety when the facts of the matter is people are dying left and right through exactly what Jesus said war rumors of war what you going for seven for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be what's that word Fanon 's there will be famines the United Nations estimates the one sixth of the Earth is currently experiencing a famine right now five hundred fifty thousand to sixty thousand people starve to death every day we have decreasing agricultural land world population becoming more urbanized right now for the first time in world history more people live in the city than they live in the country all around the world a world population is becoming unstick unsustainable people afraid of seven hundred eighty million people lack access to clean water note you think about those number seven hundred and eighty million best knocking on the doorstep of a billion people at the world only has roughly seven billion so basically one out of every six one seven cell people is nowhere near adequate water and we take Waterford is one of those things were bad where they got water right at the twentieth and twenty first century a true a huge population the world is dying for the lack of the most basic hygienic and health reasons food water those basic things exactly as Jesus explained that it would happen if anyone abjectly poor perception says here after talks about there will be famines that is as pestilences though that's kind of an older word but a pestilence is just another form of a word for like disease or physical problem with the disease even think about the community does list operate all the different diseases AIDS epidemics in many countries and thirty four plus million people globally have a drink many of them and in places they can afford or can't get access to the medicine that could help them you think of all the different different ilk the flu used to dispute the flu that you have the flu and any other flu shot and I have like these special people losing up with it yes Arthur Bird flu or swine flu or I don't know whatever flu is coming next in in crazy DVD bola West Nile virus mad cow disease the broke down and shut down England for a while you may have diseases now and now the difficulty about it we have new diseases beyond all diseases going back and we have less immunity to them in whatever immunity we do have those diseases are learning how to work around that were getting stronger diseases the fight office I mean it's not a pretty picture now I know that we don't want to disclose of work for everybody like by the way you probably and by disease or waterworks nova drone strikes in particular you but I want to be clear to the things the Bible talks about are happening in our world as we speak tonight to continue message of twenty four per seven and there will be earthquakes in various places again earthquake that happened ever since she is walked on the earth than before but what we're seeing is an increased reporting of the increased intensity of them and increase destruction from the no why would earthquake be more destructive what they could be stronger but also it could be in a place where you have more population right in various places around the world you go I've been so tempted I will do at night but at some point to get the guts to just say instead of just reading through this whole presentation one of you is is read Matthew chapter twenty four and you look at all the things that are coming in that I would take my iPhone out and read through the Google News feed for today is whatever day it is a promise you you will see wars and rumors of wars pestilences earthquakes famines and after disasters all the things that Jesus said and here we have this with earthquakes we think of the earthquakes that happen in our time from Haiti and in literally hundreds of thousand people to go on in an instant you murmured that the Christmas evil earthquake and tsunami of a few years back blues two thousand four in Southeast Asia I mean literally over a quarter of a million people die just in the blink of an eye it was a caused earthquakes in various places around the world the number of known earthquakes and deadly earthquakes has dramatically increased in the last one hundred years you can check it out at the geological survey site and of course over three thousand died in a single day triggered by an earthquake is the resulting tsunami of the Luke chapter twenty one when it go away from Matthew now and Luke records the same dialogue of Jesus about his return to mention something here in the nephew doesn't quite record in the same way Luke chapter twenty one versus twenty five and twenty six and there will be signs in the sun in the moon and stars and on the earth distress of nations with perplexity the scene and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear in the expectations of the things which are coming on the earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken to talk about the earth itself in the heavens will be shaken he had been staying in the roaring waves were talking a natural disasters and weather patterns in those types of things to do things in the sky that received the earth itself apparently there would be destructive weather patterns and what exactly were seeing has there been any hubbub about the care of the earth and the weather patterns that come about in recent years absolutely and they are different people to talk about it because of what happened but no one can doubt that the number of tornadoes the number of earthquake the number of these think are increasing the frequency is increasing the intensity is increasing and the question now people are single what's causing it but the fact that it is occurring is beyond question at this point weather is getting crazy presence for the last twenty years we've heard about global warming I think this is baffling this was just a week or two ago I picked this up and I'm not getting into the debate about global warming or whatever I'm not making a political statement here you can have your carbon footprint do whatever you want with it however I do things that they the last twenty years were about global warming and is just this last week just last month we heard about leaving global cooling last year the record of the notebook the greatest shrinkage of the icepack in and in the Arctic this year it has expanded tremendously so much so that even through the summer certain ships couldn't go through certain avenues could never lost guys and now winter is coming on again and now you have the vaccine people who've left what you think global warming global warming is the ultimate Iraq global cooling is the problem to freeze the death of their people don't know what to think this year they predicted you I just came from Florida we're always watching up hurting them this year was predicted to be the worst of the worst habit had one yet but then you have tornado season you have snowfall records in all these different chaotic weather patterns all over the place and people are just not knowing what to think or do something Jesus talk about that very thing occurring let's continue on Matthew chapter twenty four again this time verse twelve Matthew chapter twenty four again page nine sixty verse twelve picture I get to the right passenger okay and because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow what cold just the general sense of society that people will grow holder lawlessness will abound in the love of people will grow cold you have a increasingly violent and unloving society which is what we can see in again attributed both who knows but certainly there are reports about music and television cinema video games etc. we had crime of murder and rape and kidnapping animal cruelty all kinds of sick depraved things and again we could do the exact same thing with a news feed off of your favorite whatever it is a reader the money online whatever news source you have you will promise you you will see for instance yet today there was another school shooting in what was it bodily that the perpetrator was a middle school kid this is an even crazy heart okay getting younger right and the reason given was because you made my life miserable summer makers a shot of teacher just like that where and where does this come from no debate is of the videogames is the music of the lack of parents as a society is at the movies all but the point is it's happening it's crazy apparently this would be one of the signs of Jesus coming by the way don't think for a moment that slavery ended two hundred years ago there are more in there are more slaves alive in the world today than there ever have been at world sister more I'm talking about human beings being owned for their services by another human being human ownership of others occurs in our world right now today more than ever has in world history nothing on boats coming to places and working on farms and plantations but the more underground imprint their younger doing even more despicable things and simply working the field is happening right now and are an oral it it's hard to believe but it's absolutely true you think about this the twenty seven million is the number that they give in again these are not Christians is that people looking at and found that the just reporting the facts twenty seven million people are owned by other people ruining their lives grinding them into complete destruction in our world today second Timothy chapter three watch this one a lot of times we focus on just what Jesus himself said about the incontinence but other Bible writers talked about things to watch for two here second Timothy this can be page eleven forty four interview Bible second Timothy chapter three starting with verse one seconds of every chapter three starting with verse one but know this and again anytime the Bible doesn't know this what should we new notice right because that am now what they last days perilous times will come on to be awful in the media my mind goes okay and begin war and rumors of wars earthquakes pestilence and leave that out of the water he says the Carol of the last days according to the author year a possible form men will be lovers of what is good to be a self-centeredness of pleasure seeking society right I have this love of self and watch without manifest lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers what's this would disobedient zoom parents who can be loving themselves instead of loving the family and their parents the thing to be said for the children to be a breakdown in the family values is as you definitely one of the sons of the last days lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy and it goes on a whole other list unloving unforgiving slanderous what's another word for slander gossip people talking bad about you bad mouthing people right disrespect you want to see some of that go to social media the Internet has somehow made it very far off feasible and likely that you put anything out there and someone to tell you how they can run you down and just be awful because were anonymous and all right I'm unscreened by the scream is the most terrible awful things that we haven't yet to taste for a meanness it's interesting were living in these days unloving unthankful unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal there's a violent society against the Speiser 's of good traders had strong hockey lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God currently there would be disrespected the family a breakdown of the home values and that's exactly what we see in our world today you look at the statistics are actually shocking the US before divorce rate is over fifty percent more times than not even in the Christian church even I as a pastor when I marry some people I have to understand though I hope not and I wish not I pray not more times than not those people who committed themselves before God are going to divorce even in the church this is happening which by the way the exact activities of their people back your chapter three look at verse five after all these people the brutal traders loving themselves pleasure lovers right having a form of what normally they're doing it all in the gaze in the guise of Christianity that Jesus and what they will come in my name doing all these things because the left baby will be self lovers pleasure lovers and they didn't do it in a form of God is not always a Christian nation anything is fine fatherless children whose reasons to visit this would particularly fascinates me follows jobs right here in the US which by the way in the Bible you find over forty references sympathetic to forge those poor children without fathers the fatherless and the widowed father was the sweetest figure eighty five percent of young people in prison come from fatherless homes eighty five percent sixty three percent of suicides and young adults are from people who came from a populism ninety percent of all runaway and homeless children are from fatherless homes seventy one percent of high school dropouts from fatherless homes seventy one percent of pregnant teenagers come from fatherless homes overall US thirty four percent of children live without their biological father and forty three percent of all to without a father figure were getting close to the third forty percent plus of kids you have no father figure because the father throughout having a pleasure loving by lovers of themselves lovers of money all those things the Bible talk about increasing with intensity and frequency is what were seeing a worldly cc was the lack of family values of course we don't even have to talk about the abortion issues of this right now but any forty plus million a year globally hundred and twenty five thousand babies everyday and why because people lovers of themselves and not within the fascinating and its issue its actually shocking when you look at one out of four US pregnancies are ended in abortion let's continue on the still insensitivity that pleasure driven society notice pleasure things that are supposed to be so pleasurable accident ruin your life you know alcoholism drug abuse media saturation again whether it's music television movies Internet we live in a day and age where you know those experienced with eradication we could push a button and it is pleasure pleasure pleasure pleasure I die and I happy that I really don't right now is that I know how happy that really is just be stuck in a box pressing a button you are how we got differently we have more access to things that give us these immediate sensation of pleasure but actually make is thinking of the real pleasures of life godliness and family and fellowship and doing the Lord 's will all of those things are gone because were just talking about pushing a button pleasure pleasure leisure pleasure fascinating consumer debt by the way but with consumer debt for the most part and I understand there are some homeownership things of the whole wedding got turned upside down in the bum talk about with people at twenty thousand dollars with a credit card debt unlike big-screen DB is a new all you think the completely unnecessary but why do we have that we want six you know why you buy things you want things we buy more than what you have you just want more than what you can handle but you want more one or if you dig yourself into a hole and these that your box he pushed the button and that horrible horrible cycle becomes over and over and over were seen as a network obesity gambling sports addiction pornography oh my where the statistically good one every one of those things are mind blowing but the pleasure industry is off the charts and you know that would talk about a movie why do Wyeth wire we having such health problems is not because we have necessarily so much disease most of these is the diseases that we dial the most heart disease lung these things are self-inflicted ninety nine percent of the time right and so will spend all this money to get pleasure wreck ourselves and spend more money trying to get healthy images in a box pushing the button over and over this is exactly what Christ said to watch out for and in fun now I don't want in a negative note if you visit your off the box pleasuring ourselves that while the world burns around is the never analysis babies and safety I don't want to end like there is at least one positive sign of Christ coming while most everything else from the natural world the political world the military world the societal world the moral worldview name whenever asked what the world is all burning and crumbling around us there is at least one good thing Matthew chapter twenty four was at least get to than good news tonight Matthew chapter twenty four after he listed off all of these things any thoughts about these gives very specific and even fun of it the first nine messages between four then they will deliver you up to tribulation until you welcomed all those things later this time of trouble to come last days you'll be hated by all nations for my sake and then many will be offended and will betray one another and will hate one another that many false prophets will rise up and deceive many and because lawlessness is that will abound the love of many will grow cold and he rattles off all these things are just going over the numbers thirteen he says but he who endures to the end shall be saved not everyone's going to be lost he said but if you want to avoid that endure with me to begin and he says this and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then what will happen the end will come to apparently all of these other things are signs to watch for just like the leaves coming out of a tree or the increase pocket contractions of a pregnancy the good increase in intensity and frequency as we go on things that are crumble and fall but there will be a faithful few they will not fall by Satan 's temptations and distractions discouraged that they will stay abiding in Christ it will be strong in faith and they will be a living witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in stark contrast to the darkness of the world around them the whole world is dark there will be lights in this world and they will present the true unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ what you're going to see an end time events just as we talked about when Jesus died on the cross he saw the full manifestation of the character of Satan right next sharply contrasted with the full manifestation of the character of God the same things going to happen at the end Satan is to go and build up and show us exactly what his kingdom and his government would look like every man for himself pleasure society you go for you all this kind of stuff it will just urinate and destroyed but there will be people who will be a living example of what faith in God looks like as a witness against that there will be a sharp contrast between light and darkness and the question we have to day camp do you want to be a part of I for one want to have nothing do all the dark horrible evil awful toxic things in this world this world is not my home but we have a kingdom was coming I believe soon and very soon just like you said quickly and I don't think that because I hope that I think that because Bible prophecy outlines exactly where we are and that we don't have a time to look for we be given ample signs the signs are all around we should literally be watching out because Jesus is coming soon but it makes sense tonight praise the Lord watching for Jesus coming with power forward for family father thank you so so much not only did you come the first time to redeem us from sending your coming to a second time to be the King of kings and Lord of lords establish your kingdom will never fall Lord we see in the prophetic outline where we are in Earth 's history and as we compare the signs that you've given in Scripture of your coming to the society in which we live once again you've demonstrated the veracity and validity of your word Lord everything you said is spot on and were living in these last perilous days Lori know that all is not lost we are doomed to destruction things are not going and that way Lord we want to be faithful to you so that were not part of the darkness aware representation of the light itself Lord help us to be more Christlike help us like we talk about afford to accept both your pardon and your power so that we can be living demonstrations a witness to the world of the character of God are working the swing in the ruling morning with Andrea and raised in a media was brought by audio errors or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like a more assertive in www. on universe .org


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