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08-The Law of Love

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 26, 2013
    7:00 PM


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this seems like with a dramatic shift from a couple of looking at the identity of the Antichrist now wouldn't it talk about love love the music and things roughly what would augment in the lobby if the deep-seated principle and to be something the foundation of God 's government and the reason that Satan was so upset in the beginning to start with this is the beginning of the great schism between Christ and his enemy Satan is this very law the law of love but before we get started with our presentation before we get into a Bible study begin with work for every father Lord we thank you again for this gave the stray rescued given us announce the coming of his evening we ask you send your Holy Spirit to be here not just the vague sense that you're kind of in the rooms where the Lord I ask you send your Holy Spirit to speak to each person individually help them understand the truth of where word help us to present it clearly in a helper application to be seated deep in the heart for Fred all in Jesus name amen or see number eight the law of love gadget if you are going out to the local supermarket somewhere are some sense of parking lot of a mauling you are asked to interview people and asking the simple question what is love you would likely get a variety of answers in fact in our society today love is one of those things that everybody talks about but no one can clearly define no you have with that same word is used for spaghetti and children are puppy dogs and grandparents editing I love this I love the sunset I love this mood I love that person I love it and we just cannot throw that word around as a catchall for pretty much everything and sometimes we just basically watered-down in our minds perhaps a big love is a feeling it's an affection into the fondness for something in basically if I like it that means I love it or if I'm interested in it I love it but biblically speaking love is much much bigger than mere passing affection or super bitch of special interest love is not feeling back but a principle of them with that wording and of their self left the entire night messages outlining this one idea love is not a feeling is not a flight of fancy astronomy or passing affection but love is the principle of self lesson this it is a commitment to put others ahead of yourself that's our thesis statement for the night in order to develop this using a whole lot of scriptural support okay so let's go to page eleven zero seven in our view Bibles at first Corinthians chapter thirteen first Corinthians chapter thirteen a chapter known affectionately as the love chapter if you've ever been through Christian wedding into a church for people not married or something on our good that you are heard even if the entire patent at least a portion of this passage stated from upfront it is beautiful and poetic language but will start with horse or we get a definition of love or lease a description of love that will help us understand what love really is prescribed in Chapter thirteen in verse four love suffers what long means of Haitian and it's kind love does not in the love does not parade its valve is not puffed up love does not reverse by now behave rudely and here's the key thought does not see what its own does not seek it own it is not provoked it thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth it bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things in verse eight vintages love never fails a love is as beautiful on in the unfailing long-suffering kindness they noticed some of the language that uses compact verse four love suffers long and is kind love does not intervene what does it mean that in the something to want it for home for yourself and I'm envious I want that title that position that something I am jealous I want for me love doesn't do that love does not look at the victim does not parade what does it operate itself to parade itself listed in no kind to show off a little bit like look at me with love doesn't do that thought about itself love is not puffed up not being big headed he no think a lot about yourself arrogant boastful proud love isn't like that seeking it a position for itself and then he goes on to say in verse five it does not seek its own so if love does not seek its own that means that love does the four others we get this concept here that love is not affection merely but it's the principle of self lesson is where you give of your self or someone else instead of thinking for yourself but it's in the order all those other things let's look at the more depth of the page ten twenty seven John chapter three likely the most well-known passage in all of Scripture John chapter three and verse sixteen Jesus invokes this word love any explains the love that the father has for us of course the Bible be possible John later in first judge would tell us that God is up and before we rejoin seven three were sixty hours to wrestle with that simple three word statement of fact that the title bar method in the unit the reason be as people can't look at that again got really loving as we thought but before the notice is not just loving it is not just lovely do something nice to look at or someone who does loving things apparently God is love its self which is a very large claim and thus get first Corinthians thirteen is correct about love and you can simply put God is all of those God does not seek its own God seeks more others God does not take for himself when he gives himself away this is what true love is when we come to John chapter three verse sixteen again arguably the most well-known passage in all of Scripture we read these words for God so what loved the world that he gave you will speak consistently backward demonstrated a show to unite directly from God 's word there is invariably a connection between true love and the giving of yourself or others love is real genuine godly form always manifests itself in self sacrifice giving for others instead of taking for yourself again John chapter three verse sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not what perish but have everlasting life he loved us so much that he gave love results in giving revelations chapter two verse twenty three page eleven twenty one in your pew Bible one one two one Galatians chapter two in verse twenty two the apostle Paul is writing about his life Christ his after his experience of conversion what his life is like now that hit in Jesus Christ notice what he writes is as of verse twenty I have been crucified with Christ by the way when's it was crucified the dive right even I have die so I even a month or after the regulator I have been crucified Christ it is no longer I who live but who Christ lives in me and the life which I now live I live in the flesh I live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God and only defines who the son of God is that is that I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and did what gave himself for me Jesus love manifests in giving of himself for others the book right next door in Ephesians just to the right Ephesians chapter five and if you want to correct this in your note there is a little bit of a type of their verse twenty is a finders it is not diverse for a look at tonight looking at chapter five verse twenty five scratch that in your notes if you want to share that with others you will look that's acceptance does not say that his first twenty thousand but verse twenty five dozen we need to give you enough this is interesting he's using here the apostle Paul again if speaking in very practical terms the husbands and wives how they should regard each other in the marriage relationship and chapter five hundred twenty five we see this counsel to the husbands whose husbands do what love your wives that is to be just feel good about them or have a light traveling affection for them but you're supposed to love them the same way what is now love your wives just as whom Christ also loved what and what did you and gave himself for use of get the practical application of God 's love husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church and how do you campaign himself for her over and over you see this connection between love and give for God so loved the world the day Christ the son of God to let me and gave himself for me in fact of the book of John after the book of John Stone chapter fifteen John chapter fifteen in verse thirteen Jesus himself explained this principle when he tells us what the zenith of love the high point the apex of all love is is right here in verse thirteen John fifteen verse thirteen greater love has no one than this to be one of the greatest form of love is the greatest love it can possibly be bestowed is right here greater love has no one than this then to lay down one's what life for his laying down your life for your friends putting you down for the sake of others he said this is the enemy of love greater love has no one than this they would lay down his life for his friends so the question is what is love love is the principle of putting others ahead of yourself manifesting giving of yourself for others love is a principal self less nest for the good of others the opposite of that would be selfishness for the good of yourself right these are the two big warning ideologies in the universe right now they are God 's government-backed door fill in the blanks are God 's government is self less but Satan 's heart became self -ish okay this my friends is the we provide between Christ and Satan this is the battle line in the war of the great controversy is split into right between selfish and self left upward Christ is the create floor and Lucifer was a create head being okay but aside from the ontological disparity were one of the creative and wanted to create for the big difference between Christ and Satan is Christ and the Godhead either part of God is love and love gifts for others where Lucifer started seeking for him self self less versus self it know I've often heard the opposite of love is hate and that's not true the opposite of love and yourself less this is the definition of love and the opposite would be self-seeking self-aggrandizement self-fulfillment self gratitude selfish this is the great divide in the great controversy to ideology warring against each other by the way we see this clearly demonstrated that Isaiah fourteen passively looked at before but let's look at it again eight six six seven in your pew Bibles Isaiah chapter fourteen the profit speaks of the fall of Lucifer and why he was cast out of heaven why was no longer in harmony with God 's governments what was going on that led to his expulsion either fourteen starting with verse twelve how you are fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you who weakened the nation in verse thirty fifth floor and is for this reason what I just said occurred for you have said and where did he say it in your something was going on inside of them right I listened and have I I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also settlement of the congregation on the farther side and what I will ascend above the heights of the cloud I will be like the most all of those things the first twenty thirteen said that love doesn't do like in the pump itself up Lucifer started doing in heaven I will ascend I will exalt all I will need like God so instead of being satisfied with the position of the Lord which is a highly exalted position already right we might talk about how this this covering chair of was the right-hand man of God he was in the courts of God he was right there beside Christ but for some reason he wanted he was dissatisfied with the position assigned to him wanted to climb and exalt himself either it has been accurately stated that Lucifer had a very severe eye problems wanted for himself now if this is the great disparity between God 's government and Lucifer 's competing ideology self less versus selfish it should be no surprise then that the law of God which is the operating principle of his government is simply an explanation exposition of love all that is is a breakdown of what love looks like in practical terms okay the title of the message of the law of love the law of God is the foundation of his government and his government is love and so were to look at the law of God and were going to see that it actually is simply an articulation and exposition of what it means to love both go back to a book of Exodus exits chapter twenty we find a great moral law of God can commence within the amendment exits chapter twenty no we don't have time to read through the entire chapter three every commandment to you but likely your at least superficially familiar with the ten Commandments but we can highlight them very briefly a excellent chapter twenty here the Lord gives a preamble to his loft like our government has a preamble to the Constitution it sets forth all of the rights and privileges of citizenship here the Lord is good and make Israel his special people any given his law is likely to be my special nation use the law to abide by chapter twenty verse one of the book of Exodus and God spoke all these words saying I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage so here's why am I brought you out you're going to be my people so number one first three usual have no other gods before me a inevitable and this is how we deal with got number two is also about God you shall make and make you shall not make for yourself a carved image is from no graven images November two number three or seven you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain a number eight verse eight number forms are remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy face of the first four commandments outline your duty to God how you express your love to have these that have no other gods before me don't take my name in vain the credit card images to the Sabbath day holy for command the outline your duty to the Lord video noticed shift in the last six and is only ten for forty percent of the weight on right now now going to revive which is first twelve honor your father and your mother and you put them first verse thirteen you shall not murder Edward King James version if not kill you can take some else's life verse fourteen years are not committed a three don't think the marriage or marriage partner reflecting you shall not steal don't take other people 's stuff for sixty you shall not bear false witness against you don't tell lies about someone only tell the truth and verse seventeen you shall not covet your neighbor 's house worth wife nor his male servant with all the stuff don't want for yourself all the enough the entirety of its implementable the first floor as it says here worksheet there the first four commandments the first table of the law at the snow the first part outlines our duty to do God at all the first four commitments about what you owe God your duty to God the second outlines our duty to our fellow man others must God 's law is simply an explanation of love you give your self for the Lord here's what you were required to what he expects and then you give yourself or others you know what's fascinating about is not a third table below there is adult table of the law is that now here's how you honor yourself here's how you take care you you look out for number one right that's not in their there in the president of the ten Commandments you give the Lord you give for others all the and you think will take care of me or others will consider looking out for you your job is not to look up yourself but your job for others you you honor the Lord and have requirements to have you on your fellow man everything is about on the earth instead of yourself but you contrast that with the spirit of Lucifer was a bit whatever you like to get for me right and he could imagine toward heaven with an outline it's a little bit later but you can imagine the subtlety and sophistry of Satan to come along and say the wind have you noticed that God 's law no take care of you but even what's up yourself configure you want to look up her number one the floating blood flow gone plausibly next the nation of love Jesus by the Limited test was questioned about this and he gave the same answer we just looked at here go to Matthew chapter twenty two the bottom of page nine fifty eight and begins there in the bottom right of nine fifty eight in your pew Bible Matthew chapter twenty two starting the first thirty five Jesus was constantly faced with difficult questions people trying to trap them and put them in a corner and permits hotspot and Jesus always answers so well again starting with verse thirty five Matthew chapter twenty two then one of them along your vinyl it is not lawyer in the sense of the legal codes of the land this is a lawyer of the law the lower right of specialists in the Bible expert in the law all while you're asking a question testing him saying teacher what is the greatest commandment in the law like rank them from top to bottom which comes first will conflict with the greatest and Jesus said to him you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart all your soul and with all your mind this is the first and great commandment and the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself and then he says in verse forty on these two commandments from real love for God and love for others hang all the law and the prophets think about what he saying that uses the entirety not just the moral logon method within Domenico but the entire Old Testament the whole law the profit everything that God has spoken and given to us hangs on on principle love the Lord and love each other very simple the greatest commandment is love and love the Lord love for the others and everything else in the Bible wrapped around her as crisis hangs on these two principal love by the way Jesus again that the chapter seven would say the same thing that the chapter seven in the same book just backup a few chapters that the chapter seven in verse twelve here this is a part of the sermon on the Mount the little sexual little passage that we call or more commonly known as the Golden rule you probably heard about the golden rule growing up right Jesus articulated so well verse twelve therefore what ever you want men to do to you do what you offer them very simple what everything meant it would be nice for me don't do it for you but you do it for them I has intended to looking at something than a note from a backup to others because of the golden rule and then once we says Ford this is the law and the prophets if you are asked in one sentence summarize the entire Old Testament what would you come up with one phrase one idea one piece of statement that encapsulate the entire Old Testament law the prophets when Christ is that the question is like all that easy do for others instead of yourself seriously everything but it is the entire that is the single operating premise of God 's government is love for others manifested in giving love for the Lord love region very simple very simple sixty it makes since then the genes would say these words Matthew chapter sixteen in going to the right of the few chapters of Matthew chapter sixteen verse twenty four then Jesus said to his disciples if anyone desires to come after me like to follow me to be a disciple of me feeling desires to come after me with the very first thing you do let him nine himself take up his cross and follow me and the articulate of his labors forgot for whoever desires to save his life will want if your interest in self-preservation and self protection cell seven you can lose your life is that doesn't fly docking the front lever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it is one of the great ironies of Scripture it seems almost oxymoronic but in order to live you have to first die if anyone desires about me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me but it's a drastic contrast a sharp contrast to the selfishness that Lucifer was peddling in heaven Romans chapter thirteen the apostle Paul picks up on this and he articulates it in a different way Romans chapter thirteen in verse eight sometimes these passages the apostle Paul writes are confusing to people because we just take that passage and we had a twisted around which Peter Ward he said all the above growth and confusing brings with people twist to their own desires but when you put these statements in the broader context of biblical teaching they make perfect sense Romans chapter thirteen is getting paid nine in ten ninety five verse eight oh no one anything except to do what the love one another in the notice what he says for he who loves another has done what the law and we take our definition of love and that our weblog is licensed with the people I guess I do feel the law that an available with the thing that using the love is the grand principle of the great trajectory of the law and if you truly love you won't contradict the law he will fulfill the law right he loves fulfill the law that's the motive behind Galatians was going to write one more time Galatians Chapter five page eleven seven Galatians Chapter five in verse fourteen again this statement makes complete sense based on the study we've just done of God 's word relations Chapter five and verse fourteen notice with both of your for all of all law is what that word are filled in one word even this and now you don't even know the rest that's literally what that word is love for all the laws filled in one word even this you shall love your neighbor as yourself for a simple when Christ was asked what is the greatest commandment love Rebecca goes on to say if you do want to others what you would want others to do to you you fulfilled all along the profit that the whole thing but the alcohol picked that up and says oh no what anything is at the level of forty would love to fulfill the law all the laws to build this one were even this you love one another very simple now go to page two the other side once we have a picture of what true love is that that love is the foundation of God 's law and gotten law is the foundation of his governments what it takes to be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven if you abide by God 's law in love means to give for others that the God law articulates it becomes little wonder why Lucifer has a big problem with God law because it strikes at the very foundation of his character of selfishness by God 's law is simply an articulation of the transcript of his character it tells us who he is he is love and love looks like this might Satan on the other hand is not hatred he is selfish and God 's Law strikes at the very root of his principles bank so again God 's laws the foundation of that government that is the government of God a written version of who he is when Satan behold the law of God he sees God 's character it's almost like looking into God 's face God 's laws the continual reminder of God 's purity in Satan 's own evil character no wonder Satan hates it you can't spend on law is a reminder of who he is and James chapter one page eleven fifty nine right there by the book of Hebrews just the right James chapter one and starting with verse twenty two but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves I let a question came up earlier how come people don't actually see more truth in Scripture well I believe they look at it but they don't actually put it into application and you become a deceiver of yourself and everyone thought about that we are actually capable of deceiving ourselves consciously turning away from what is true choosing not to accept it turn in the dark darkness we turned aside it be possible with the fourth myth because we like them I forget the challenges be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves for if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer he is like a man observing his natural face in a watch in a mirror like looking in a mirror and God 's law his word shows usual you really are is what a mirror D on the originals and make you pretty in a mirror doesn't make you ugly a mirror simply report the news right you show up at like half this is who you are but if you don't like the mirror you take it out on it and it's all hey don't blame the messenger I'm just telling you the word man but sometimes we can look at that they are all about I got some changes I needed you I don't match up with what I should be I see myself for who I really am I see God 's law I think of the word I realized that I don't measure up to the standard of righteousness will and what a lot of people don't do is they take that mirror break that they need smash it stupid mere you get better mirror to make me to look through wider semantic Web is like fun house mirrors this lends me now so or vice versa venture I need to have a new mirror that shows me a better me right and that they know the mirror is accurate I'm just not where I need to be James invokes that invokes that same line of argument about the mirror notice what he says again for if anyone is a theater of the word and not a doer he is like a man observing his natural face in America for he observes himself goes away in a merely forgetful kind of man he was eighth no changes whatsoever well I guess that's nearer whatever on we don't have much it doesn't make any change in the life right fastening but goes on to say the first twenty five he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in its and is not forgetful here are but a doer of the work this one will be blessed in what he done with one more Romans chapter seven page ten ninety Romans chapter seven page ten ninety notice what the purpose of the law is and is a great deal of talk and Christian circles about doing away with the law Christ did away with the law of the Old Testament law that all law law law done with now we have grace as though Grayson somehow opposed to law but over the purpose of the law was never to be a means to salvation it was simply to be a mirror to show you your true condition to lead you to Jesus and bring salvation and doing away with the law and would be doing away with that thing that shows your need of Jesus right up there with blasphemy against the Holy Spirit right it's a dangerous thing to do and thus Paul addresses this issue in Romans chapter seven percent of what shall we say then is no loss in is it an evil bad thing certainly not in what is exact on the contrary I would not have known sin except through the law i.e. that I became aware of my problem when I looked into the perfect law about I say I'm not where I need to be I would not known sin except the law for what I would not have known public business unless the law that you shall not covet notably omitted the moral law between the minute log on it I wouldn't even notice to the natural man coveting is just what you do and and so you come to the law God and you realize what imminent I am this but this says that I should be that you're confronted what should I do should I change me instead of being selfish I become more self-aware I would not have known sin except for the law the law back of the LeBlanc is like a mirror because it shows you your true condition by the way the mirror is not supposed to be the thing that cleans you up either is it you see your filthy in the mirror you don't take the mirror and scrub at all of your face I put the law isn't sure it's simply the tool that diagnoses the problem that lead you to the cure it leads you to Jesus so it's dangerous available to get away from the law because the law leads to Jesus Pakistan and that is because when the crisis we were done with law the laws the purpose 's first visit to save you but it's given me that let's you know you need to be safe and driving to Jesus the law is like a mirror because it shows your true condition nine of the next the LeBlanc here because of the oftentimes the present that importance the significance the necessity of keeping God 's law people say when you're just trying to make me feel guilty by that I don't confess what won't be young people I want to feel guilty I like to try to make me feel guilty but have you ever noticed it is an absolutely direct correlation between feeling guilty and being guilty you cannot make me feel guilty I did do right if you recommend Carbonite accused me of smuggling drugs you can gallantly call me names .be know you will make me feel guilty you know why I didn't do it right there's a direct but if there's something that really hit home to step in the physical and the reason you feel guilty because you are guilty most of the time and we don't like to feel guilty so we want to go away from the mirror I like this all you shining in others it is a story in the Bible of about a king who was about to go to war and he had hundreds of other profits that always just tell them good news and he was trying to get another king on board to work with and ally with them against their enemy and the other things that is there a prophet of the Lord around Shirley got some of the profits around and everyone invented go to battle good news good news when you're the greatest drama raw and with that isn't there an actual genuine prophet though it will tell us the truth begins if yes there's the one but I thrown in prison because he's always telling me stuff I don't want to hear me and I saw wisdom but people do that with the log onto the word of God is like I don't know to get a good fact that everybody wants to know the word of God says delay find out what the word of God says oh oh I was just coming in for a pick me up make me feel good apparently I'm wrong and I need to change the menu space in the choice will I as Christ that if anyone wants to come after me let him deny himself and start forming this direction of the character or do you start following that other ideology the entire great controversy down to a battle between these two prevailing concepts sell for less than or self issued all about that's why the God law is the battle that they want to get off of God 's law because he realizes it points out his deficiency in God glory and beauty of his character he doesn't like he doesn't like my weight misery does love company that's true easy go Chapter twenty eight Ezekiel seven twenty eight page eight thirty one as soon as they started having these again it was in his hearts we've covered this ground before but I want to bring it to light in this study as soon as Lucifer 's rest started having the selfish ambitions the self-aggrandizing thoughts decided to pass them around the courts of heaven right is a good chapter twenty eight number sixteen speaking of Lucifer 's fall well that feckless fix it back up to verse fifteen describes his character before his behavior his person you were what is that word in verse fifteen perfect in your ways from the day or created till iniquity was found where in you in the same thing as Isaiah fourteen said for you instead in your heart I write that he is to be perfect until the nuclear sin was found in you but what did he do with that iniquity and that said that he keep it to himself none of the piece starts to spread it around by the way just a little aside anyone truly comes to Christ becomes as a character formed after him will start to tell other people about it they will start the witness for him same thing happens on the other side would you set your character one direction you start peddling those ideas around you're going to be a living witness for one side or the other is exactly what Lucifer started doing the courts of heaven verse sixteen by the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within some versions they merchandise it became filled with violence and you send their forecast is a profane thing out of God and I destroyed your covering cherub from the midst of the fiery stones again were seventeen your heart was lifted up because of your beauty again like I therefore do you said in your heart your heart was lifted up the river scripting thirteen love is not puffed up at least turned off that love and start being that self your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor I cast to the ground at lady before kings that they might gaze at you I did notice again verse eighteen you defiled his sanctuary by the multitude of your iniquities the iniquity of your what trading or traffic is some versions that he was peddling something around the courts of heaven is receiving a few nights ago Leviticus chapter nineteen in verse sixteen which is page one twelve that same word for traffic or for trading for merchandise that use in Ezekiel twenty eight is also used in Leviticus chapter nineteen verse sixteen with the Lord says you shall not go about as a tale bearer among your people so what was he pedaling eleven falsehoods tales things that were not true easy to chapter twenty two again that same root word is translated this time not for trading or curtail bearing but it's translated this time as slander what is in need of someone slanders you one of a dog existence of a value is not true and it what the purpose of than saying I make you look bad right beer your character apparently statement around because of the selfishness of his heart he started telling things trading ideas around the courts about it tales falsehood slanderous lies by John eight forty four Jesus says this rumor we had that discussion between Jesus and those rulers of the religious leaders of the time and Jesus that I speak the things that I feel it my father but you are of your father the devil right A four you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father of was Lucifer doing in the courts of heaven lying telling tales slandering God talking bad about God running his character down to make his position look bad in his look so good this is what was going on in heaven and by the way that's exactly what happened when he was cast out of heaven he was and under the earth that he took the same ideas any infected humanity with that disease of selfishness go back to Genesis chapter three page two in your pew Bible Genesis chapter three and will see the same slanderous lies the same tales that he was telling around the courts of heaven repeated here introducing humanity not the fidelity to God 's law but now seek after a new law the law of self-seeking starting with verse one now the serpent using the word serpent in Revelation twelve versus seventy nine with the great dragon was cast of the earth a cult and the devil or Satan that serpent of old hears that serpent now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God made subversively crafty use more subtle use devious and he said to the woman has gone in deeds that you shall not even a retrieve garden and the woman said to the serpent we made the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden God has said you shall not eat it nor shall you touch it lest you die then the serpent said the woman you will not surely die and noticed his reason for saying that for God knows I'd the implication being God knows and you don't cause no that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be a bigger ideas you can even see a true conception of the world something 's been withheld from you guys trying to hold on the back you go for yours right I think you do you take care yourself for God knows that in the day you eat of your eyes will be opened and listen to this line of reasoning and you will be lots the same mentality that stirred his heart in the beginning I will exalt I will send I will be like God he comes and says you know you could have that to you've been put under someone's phone you been in a position that you deserve more it is a you should not obey these petty laws you've never done anything wrong why all these rules inflicted on you what you can eat what you can't eat you decide for yourself effective humanity with that same ideology selfishness is notice what happens for six so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eyes and also a tree desirable to do what to make one wise I want that forbidden secret wisdom with on the others I want more she took of its fruit and ate she also gave to her husband with her mph and look at four seven then the eyes of both of them were open do they get a new realization of life to things change yes but it wasn't that high exaltation are looking for right and they realize they were making the robe of innocent life at covering that had draped the gone away understanding their vulnerable suppose and a number one thing is to cover up right and they knew they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves of verse eight the Lord comes in speaks with as you try to some I've done so often and they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees the car I can't even imagine how painful that must of been forgot right I mean my youngest sons only one he came and walked yet but if I come the room he started running away for crawling away while I was here he's made in his image he's given the dominion of the whole planet and he comes to have a daily walk talk BigHand in the presence of God because now they are guilty finally with God showing up with you trying to make them feel guilty now they just were guilty they felt they had a high felt that they had high I believe that the Lord is looking for a genuine open honest relationship with his fallen beings once again that we can have the faith-based indication of God is pure jingling character Holiness would destroy us instantly but through knowledge of his word in accordance with the law God seeing lived out in the life of Jesus Christ the Bible says about beholding me become changed God wants us to become those people who can have that relationship with your natural inclination is not to run away and get defensive and hide an objective obviously because they lord you're right I'm wrong if anyone comes after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me there's a reason that Satan is so angry at God 's law is not because the law is bad because the law is sinful the laws evil of the law is flawed in some way or the laws to highest standard you can abandon them the reasons Satan is so upset at God 's law is because it defines the character of God and it shows the contrast between that character the character faith he doesn't like being shown through and he is instilled that mindset that ideology into humanity so when confronted with the word of God wrote all I don't like this in turn make the children felt like that blanket away RF ID wrestle against it but the same God we can walk in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve the same God who speaks to us through his Word notice Lisa John chapter fourteen verse fifteen of them beautifully simple from the line this principle is page ten forty three John chapter fourteen in verse fifteen Jesus himself said that this way to beautiful refrain from fourteen verse fifteen if you love me do what he might remember how simple is that if you love me keep my connect social it's also wonderful for practical but for some reason the Christian world even looks at opiates to God 's law as something we need to get rid of its restrictive crisis will you love me and keep my commandments by way of Hebrews chapter eight we show you this one in case this question never comes up Hebrews chapter eight page eleven fifty two in your pew Bible Hebrews chapter eight in verse eight well it's over seven just because people say one a new and a new covenant Christian the old law the old cover the old testament is that when a New Testament on new covenant not under law but under grace I will show you something fascinating the Bible says about the new covenant Hebrews eight hundred percent for if that first covenant had been faultless that they no place would've been sought for seconds as a hospital or the fault of the covenant is when you know what Jason God doesn't make faulty things was the issue with the first company it was not the law of God but it was the location of that law whatsoever state because finding fault with them he says behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the house of the room without the Judah not according to the covenant made with the fathers of the day when I took them out by the hand and led them to the land of Egypt because they did not continue in my covenant I disregard them as the Lord for this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days of the Lord I will put my laws where in their mind and write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people notice the problem the old covenant wasn't the law it was the people 's brains and instead just in and having them in granite tablets on ingrained them in the minds and hearts I will have that long of being extra week I want to make it part of who they are I want to develop the character of Christ within the followers of Christ on the right it on their varying heart the old covenant was just simply a problem of location the new covenant is the same law just inscribed in the heart become like the God whom we serve again again what's new about the new covenant is not a flaw but it's location over and over get a notice these beautifully bound statements are God promises us freedom not from the law but freedom for the law if we become like Christ then we can keep evolving fulfill his law and our joy is complete God wants us to keep his law not so he'll lost please don't ever let that be but if I keep the love God enough that he'll love me right that's not all of the love that God so loved the world that he gave his only he loved us first in our response is responsible up if you love me keep my commitments not so that I'll love you if they give you let me keep my commandments God wants us to keep his nonoptimal you love us but because we trust me already does and I want to emphasize his left-wing while God has absolutely no interest in the world looking for there is legally they know you people talk about the law guide you Thunderbird your way to heaven to keep the law so you can be safe it's not that that is legalism keeping God 's law is not legalism but it is loyalty and God has no interest in legalism is doing what he attended check off the list and did and added that enough you want loyalty to the Medicare could fit in to happen I don't not have exactly no interest in legalism but has every expectation of loyalty by the way when I'm faithful to my wife it's not social stay married to me if you get to that point something is off I would recommend counseling you'll remember doing other stuff because all I issue that brought down on her arm is not why you do it right you keep that Fidelity because you love if you love me keep my command final text Psalm one nineteen page five ninety one Psalm one nineteen verse one seventy four the longest chapter in Scripture Psalm one nineteen verse one seventy four notice with the writer says here so beautifully that I long for your salvation O Lord and your law is my what delight friends got to forgive those logs they like here's something to make you miserable on the user 's visits yeah and I want you to be like me so we could be together once again if you love me keep my commitments is not legalism friends loyalty to my presentation maintenance with logical with a clear appraisal of our order to build on that as we go for the latest principle will be keeping the law is not legalism the demonstration of loyalty and fidelity transcript of God he wants to write in our hearts and as we go forward but build on that platform the biblical foundation without heads were pricked heavily father thank you so much that you give us your law which describes your very character of Southwest the Lord we understand the natural man is drawn toward selfishness in his bid for the character of your enemy Lord help us to not disregard your law or disgrace or discouraged following Lord help us to truly see your laws simply transcript of who you are and we see ourselves in the light of the and understand each one of us is falling short of the glory of God but we also know that we have an advocate with the father and that if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and classes from all unrighteousness Lord help us have a genuine real loving relationship with you not based on legalism a checklist of things that are due to get in the Lord help us have a genuine vibrant relationship or wanted to get a lawyer or anyone will rarely is there a a media was brought in by audio errors in their website is that in God 's word through free seminar audio and much more in line to know more about our universe is more so than in www. audio person or


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