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09-God's Signature

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 27, 2013
    7:00 PM


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please take a few worksheets worksheet number nine God signature signature of God worksheet number nine we started looking last the last time we were together at last evening about the bow law of God and how it's merely a transcript of his character and that's the reason that Satan is so angry with it because it doesn't just tell him what to do it tells of Louisiana's and that he is not God and his character in fact he's quite faulty and often other people look at the log on now we become defensive about it because it points out our true condition just like a mirror points out exactly who we are what we look like the law does the same to us and a character says in a moral sense it shows us our needs that were going to look at the signature of God which is found right in the heart of his law God has this unique way of doing things that's what I call it the signature of God it is unique to him hopefully he does it this way but God every time God finishes works like a master painter anytime God does a major work he signs it with his signature he puts his mark on his is indicator to seal right on the entities that this is of God God signature so what is that signature of God how is it embedded in his law to fill out we blogged about last time we were together in one application with implication doesn't have our life today is the burden of our study tonight God 's signature but before we do any further study with begin with the word of prayer heavenly father thank you so so much we can be gathered together thank you we can have the opportunity for just a few moments now to study your word Lord we ask that you give us divine insight supernatural wisdom beyond with the natural man can conceive Lord help us to clearly see you and your character and what you expect of us in return the Lord make is not only informed by your grace transform the interior image portrayed in Jesus name amen everything these opening sentences here everything God does for humanity he accomplishes through all Jesus Christ will study that in just a moment but God God the son Jesus Christ his role in the Godhead is to execute the will and the plans of the father to everything that God wants to do for us he does through the person of Jesus Christ right of premise number one and number two every time Jesus accomplishes the task entrusted to him he signs his work with the signature of God and God 's signature as weird as it may sound is rest every time he finishes the work he takes a little time off it has rest any mark that with his presence is rest let me show you something let's go to John chapter one with backup the premise that Jesus is our Creator not just got in a general sense the Jesus Christ the son of God is our creates for so that when we read in Genesis one who created the heavens we are going on than Jesus Christ himself let's prove that would give evidence of it from Scripture John chapter one to three page ten twenty five in your pew Bible starting with verse one course Matthew Mark Luke and John all four Gospels are about Jesus Christ that's old boy with the good news of the gospel as Jesus and speaking of Jesus the apostle John writes in the beginning was the what the word and no notice carefully the tents of the merger and the word was with God I and the word was God you might have to scrub you bring this little bit but somehow the word of the W a Jesus Christ is the word of God can at the same time be with God like side-by-side with it within and at the same content being him a know how is that possible well very clearly what is doable just a brief aside on this when we say God but the big chairman of the three letter word but it's a big target a lot loaded in their enemies a God you're speaking about all three father and the son and the Holy Spirit each of whom are individual persons with a different role of different unction but all together they make one God seek to have three persons united together as one in one God and at first we might think how long was that possible that doesn't make any sense to the carnal mind and my comeback as well yes it does God gave us a way to understand and that is when the husband and wife come together the Bible says they become one flesh now does that mean they walk around there absorbed each other at the lake swims now they're stuck up in each other physically they are too had thought we had a call it means they are one in purpose and commitment and unity on economic and they are still to individual persons and God the son Jesus Christ is fully God just as God the father and God the Holy Spirit but he has a specific role to play within the Godhead and that is to execute the will of the father so again we can come back to John one in the beginning was the word speak of Jesus Christ and the Word was with God and the word was God he still speak of Jesus was in the beginning with God and what does he do there in the beginning verse three all all things were made once the next word through men not as interesting in the book of Revelation I believe you look at it already but all the Angels are praising God the father for creating and by his will they were created but the agent through whom they were created was Jesus Christ you can also think of this it were to come later back to this but got other great work for humanity 's salvation in Jesus Christ when he was being that sacrifice in the process he was looking forward to that in the Garden of Gethsemane he said not my will but your will be done so this is the father 's will I'm going through with it because that's my job so he's with God in the beginning and creation and it says in verse three all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made so anything that was made was made by Jesus is a clear anything was made was made by Jesus let's continue on go to Colossians page eleven thirty three Colossians chapter one will see the same thing repeated this time by the apostle Paul instead apostle John Byron the exact same page about this eleven thirty three Colossians chapter one starting with verse fifteen in speaking of Jesus Christ he describes in this way he is the image of the invisible God the firstborn over all creation and you might say wait a minute the firstborn that means that he was the very first creative writing nor does in the Bible firstborn is a sign not of chronology necessarily but a preeminence the one whose above the ones right so you have a bunch of children the firstborn sometimes if the one is very firstborn right but do they mean by the theoretic their position and you get that right attacks resist the firstborn over all creation why does it say that most of them are sixteen or were for this reason for by him all things were what created that are in heaven and that are on the earth visible and invisible whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created through him and for him apparently in the Godhead Jesus Christ 's role is create for it is not just on the earth apparently also in heaven anything that is it is because of Jesus very clear and he is before all things and in him all things consist so when we go back now to Genesis chapter one the very first sentence in all the Bible which says in the beginning by the way the Gospel of John in the book of Genesis are the only two books and start with that phrase in the beginning in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth will based on what we just read in John we just running Colossians you could put in their member of the Godhead greater than mere Jesus Christ that was the father 's plan and the Holy Spirit apparently also has a role that Jesus Christ is the executor of the father 's will in the beginning God that is God the son created the heavens and the earth now as we were to continue on which we weave I cover this in the previous evening but Genesis chapter one disco step-by-step of how he created the world we start with let there be lights and lights is separated from darkness and of course he sees that it is good just like he does almost every day good good good good and he starts to form the earth and then kilometer the first few days are forming a giving it shape separating the water from the water and getting the error and bring for the land in all the grasses and trees and things that cover the land these are animals in the water in addition the birds in the sky and you have land animals the mother told you today six everything is in place everything is fine and elegant chapter twenties I chapter one verse twenty six the very last day of the creation week and yes I said the last day of the creation we do not know the weakest seven days long and but the creating work of creation only took six days in El Cerrito subscription just a moment Genesis chapter one verse twenty six then God said after everything else had been made the only thing lacking was humanity then God said let us again another reference to the plurality of the Godhead God is talking to himself which is really cool that he can do a let us make man how in our image in our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every thing that creeps on the earth so God created man in his own image in the image of God he created them male and female he created them and then God blessed them and God said to them be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air over every living thing that moves on the earth so the very last thing he does the creation week the sixth day is to make man man and woman and septum over the earth to ruler to have dominion over it a fan we go to verse thirty one then God saw every thing being he had made and indeed it was in what condition very good so the evening and the morning were the what number day to expect in the chapter ends at the end of chapter one is it was not a complete weekend what with the complete work week all who were been completed you look back at that everything is done very it is in very good condition but now the chapter to us and it moves seamlessly into a fuss the heavens and the earth and all of them were what finished we have about the days have inhabited in the basics everything is done daily universe to end on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done so what work needs you on the seventh day no work right makes it very clear repeatedly that all the work was done on the previous six days we get today number seven and got ended his work which is done and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done very clear six days work and on the seventh day God signs his work with his signature which is rest he doesn't he doesn't move right into the next week he set the shock of time apart and just rests now if that's all that we had we could say will that's fantastic we have six days to work in a seven day of rest that's fantastic that means that I can choose six days that I want in the seven days could be a day of rest but notice what else the Lord does on the seventh and besides is merely resting watch what he does he is different from the evidence then verse three God blessed the seventh day I got blessed any of the other six days note they were good right felt like they were faulty they were not enough in some way missing something they were good good good in fact very good but on the seventh day the Lord bless then God blessed the seventh day and that's not it and did what site to find it you know God 's dwelling place on the earth was noticed as saying she wary in fact because he wants to make us holy to fix to five straight to find that essay is that the same vacation that means to make something every other day was good that he was very good but only one that day did not rest and set that they are part as holy and God sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made so we go back to her fill in the blank here in the creation of our world Christ work six days and rested on the seventh with a pattern six days of work one day of rest though he had called the previous days good only the seventh day did he may wholly maybe this is imperative to understand it wasn't like there was a bad day in the mix there are good days the seventh eighty six apart as holy he sanctifies and I really want to underline this point the next fill in the blank the Sabbath was instituted that means set up it was established it was set apart as holy before there was a single shoe and even before man said might make this patently clear how many Jews were in existence at this point not one that healthy people were in existence at this point is to write they haven't even begun to be fruitful and multiply yet it's just a very original humanity man and woman male and female as God originally created them in their innocent state of four there was then you cannot think of the Sabbath was the Jews know it wasn't the Sabbath was long before he needs you walk your resume the Sabbath is a result of sin we had to have a day to come apart between God after we had followed the death of the case citizen introduced at all the only reason it's always because God set it apart and called his holy day that has nothing to do the Jews left nothing to do with sin as part of the original creation order it's part of what God looked back and said was good good very good in fact he called that one holy the discontinued we see that the Sabbath being set apart the seventh day of the week being set apart as the Sabbath is coming all the way back from the very opening pages of Scripture from the creation itself but let's continue in the Old Testament to see it play out in his chapter five of a series of Exodus chapter five you'll got eventually does have a people on the earth after the flood they ready raise of Abraham to be the father of the faithful of course his lineage to Abraham Isaac and Jacob the twelve sons twelve tribes of Israel which was Jacob 's new name or come about God has a special people a holy nation and they at one point became enslaved in the land of Egypt and he takes them out of the land of Egypt and he reestablished them as his people right now in Exodus chapter five your member the unit of the antagonist in the story of the Exodus others a king on the throne of Egypt and the king 's title in Egypt was Pharaoh correct and so Pharaoh was up withholding under his thumb God 's people and hold them in slavery for decades now I hear human Europe and you have your video editing some very brutal harsh slavery and God used Moses to come in and bring about a reform amongst his people to recalibrate them to him at the taken out of Egypt and make them his holy nation to take them to the promised land at any rate is the most is to have a message for barrel that messages let by what people go let my people go so Moses comes in from the wilderness and he meets with the leaders of the children of Israel who were in captivity were in slavery and he starts to work a reform amongst them to say you are chosen to be God 's people got want to bring you out of your he wants you be his own people a special nation and start working reform amongst the people and this reform apparently catches the eye of Pharaoh and his none too pleasing to him he doesn't look at the Oakland you're going back to religious roots good for you he doesn't like it at all and specifically there was one specific item he particularly did not like about their recalibration to the Lord 's commands and I believe that was the Sabbath that they were keeping exes chapter five notices the exit seven five in verse four then the king of Egypt said to them Moses and Aaron why do you take the people from Mayor Watts work what was his problem with these people you have come in Moses and Aaron and also the children of Israel are taking away from their work no they are my slaves they are my servants may work for me and you come in and all of a sudden they decide not to work the king of Egypt said to them Moses they are why you take the people back from their work it back to your labor and Pharaoh said look the people of the land on many now and you make them why rest from their labor is like you're bringing all these reforms one of which is rest from work none of you how the world works friend but the linear slave you don't rest you work I can imagine Moses saying let the fine way of the world works but I want you to know that these are not your people is regards people and this was followed by flaw in one of those attributes one of the things that God does is work six days and rest the seventh and prayers at dinner we don't do that around here I imagine Moses saying that's why we should get out of here let my people go says the Lord right Pharaoh does not like this at all effects begun a verse eight and you shall and wellness people number six was continued so the same day Pharaoh commanded the taskmaster the people and their officers think you shall no longer give the people start to make the brick as before let them going gather straw for themselves so we give them extra work basically one of you can take a day off that means I'm not giving you enough work right you shall no longer give the people straw to make the brick as before let them go in catastrophic themselves and you shall lay on them the quota of bricks this made which they made before you shall not reduce it right you would think that in working seven days now the only working six days of the need to reduce the need that none of the know what to break them of the seventh Day rest you keep the quota justified you give them extra work verse eight and you shall lay on them the quota of bricks which they made before you shall not reduce it for they are what I know these people aren't working there just got us sitting there resting will fix all that he says they are idle therefore they cried out saying let us go inside by Stuart God bear apparently board will give them more to do there was none too happy with this step of course you understand what happened with the Exodus experience the Lord did finally have his people let go the vote was against the will of Pharaoh the king of Egypt and the Lord demonstrated his greatness with play after play after play until finally the most tragic of them when the firstborn were killed by the hand of the Lord only those were covered by the blood to the angel of death passed over thus that it was instituted the Jewish festival of Passover looking back on that experience when they left Egypt at the Exodus but notice this on routes to Mount Sinai which is where forced the ten commandment law was handed out the Lord continues to work this reform and teaches people about the Sabbath that had been instituted for the very beginning exits chapter sixteen we find this experience they have they have some hunger the problem is the going up to a desert and the Lord begins to test them first of all you know you have been across the Red Sea and how can we get out of this for the Lord provides a way to the threads the own hour out of water what shall we do the Lord provides water on our hungry order to starve what do we do in the Lord provides bread for them in this bread had a special name does anyone know the name of the spread manner right and it was delivered in a special way to become a bread truck the Lord passed around by no means held what they did the Lord kind of rain delayed due from heaven overnight it would come in in the morning they wake up and there was the ground covered with this manna manna is the Hebrew word for what is it if it was a new thing is weird stuff but if you go out paly what you spoke to do is pick up the guns with much as you need every person I could be much and would believe that they believe it apparently can bake and even frightening unit Raleigh but the salad I don't ignore the stuff right make a sandwich out of those but God gives of the special bread every single day well almost every single day what would happen if some people with they like or know what I'll do I'll go out on Monday for a second then we might as well get all whole bunch of other through the whole week long look at five days worth of something I'll got funded aversive and I'll get a hold basketball and upkeep of the week that Whalen at work once what would happen they would need therefore for the day they wake up in their basket would be full of stink and maggots and rotten manna and nobody likes rotten manner apparently there so apparently this stuff was fascinatingly delivered it wouldn't even be there by the afternoon it would melt off during the midday and so every morning he went to go get it and he was teaching his people that you have to work every day six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work but on this sixth day was the one day not only could they but they must take up double because none would be offered on the seventh day if you went out on the seventh day together man would be a doing it alone nobody also be doing it and being you be doing it in vain because there would be no men in there and you would go back to your tent and stay none would be given on the seven-day pussy were supposed to collect double on the sixth day and it's the one overnight that would cause the mantle rocks you could collect double back you should collect that we must collect double on that particular day so the but on the seventh day you would have plenty of food but you would not need to work fascinating to look at chapter sixteen what was the lesson of all this why would he do it but elaborately whited in the big bucket and let them have it however they want while he was teaching them a lesson in chapter sixteen verse twenty six says very clearly six days shall you gather it but on the seventh day the Sabbath there will be nine what is called the seventh day Sabbath now you will hear people argue of the seventh day Sabbath this was instituted at Mount Sinai with the Commandments of God loan point out very clearly the seventh day Sabbath was an institution established by God long before the children of Israel ever got to know think it started back creation itself and when they lost track of advisor to read seeking it under that under the Egyptian slavery and they come out he teaches a very specifically exit chapter sixteen and then we go to exit Chapter twenty announces four chapters to the right when they finally make it in the sign I the Lord gives them the ten Commandments these of the tentatively book is roughly passed over last evening which of the transcript of the character of God it shows ability is and who they need to be a bigger to be his people in Exodus chapter twenty after it says you shall have no other gods before me in verse three and verse for you shall make for yourself a carved image the number seven you shall not take the name of the Lord God made the final commandment that deals with our duty to God comes in verse eight amendment number four it says was the very first word remember now friends on the ethics of the can you remember something that hasn't happened before of course the you can only remember stuff that ever actually occurred so God says remember what the Sabbath day to keep it what when was it made holy and creation right and no he doesn't say now behold I am making a new thing I'm giving you this new thing called the Sabbath and I your form make it only minimally says no remember the Sabbath day remember what I previously established in your job is simply to keep it holy unwavering only God can make something wholly right I can't make this lectern holy I can't make anything like it again I can make you only that's for sure I can't even make me holy right I need God to do all of that only God can make something always a task is to make the Sabbath holy he simply asked us to reference it and keep it holy and not defiled right he makes holy pieces remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and how do we do it verse nine six days shall you labor and do all your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God and notice it doesn't say six they shall you labor but a seventh day is the Sabbath he uses the definite article the seventh day there are those other six days but this one particular day the seventh day not a seventh day of your choosing but the seventh day of my choosing is the Sabbath and it's the Sabbath of whom it doesn't save your Sabbath he doesn't say it is the Sabbath of the Jew Bible you can search the Bible high level you will never find the phrase Sabbath of the Jew you will find phrases like the feast of the Jews but you won't find anywhere with a Sabbath is the Sabbath of the Jews because the Sabbath wasn't made for the Jews the Sabbath was made for everyone creation is the mind that is the day I rested my so he says here the commandment but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work in as much as you balance everyone around you everyone that you have any influence over you nor your son nor your daughter nor your male servant nor your female servant nor your cattle nor your stranger who is within your gates and why is he so strict on this commitment always says it very clearly verse eleven four for this reason for in six days the Lord made the heavens the earth see all that is in and arrested the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it right there in the Commandments he tells where the foundation of the Sabbath this is not the exit is from Egypt he said that all away back to creation the reason I want you to keep Sabbath is because I kept it anything given to you I is the Sabbath of the Lord your God it always has been ever since the world was made now with freshly about this as we go back to remember witnesses remember the Sabbath day the Lord doesn't sound weird but the Lord doesn't particularly help us with that in a way would be easy to spot the Sabbath day if he gave us some sort of sign like if every seventh day on the seventh day of the week the Sabbath day that day was let's say thirty hours long right if he somehow made a cycler for the others saying the same thing but on the Sabbath it is especially into bigger day I was emitted a better day like weatherwise the dad reason I don't care how deep in the February and we are on the Sabbath day it's good to be sunny and seventy two and mosquitoes like I would love for that to be busy right with every Sabbath like all problems were fixed on the day itself was perfect we wouldn't remember it the fact that there is clear and if you notice the Sabbath seven days a week is just as long as the third fourth fifth sixth bombing the site you can't look in fact with fascinating about the creation week on Day four God made not just light but he makes like plural Sun the moon and the stars this is very clearly with therefore for seasons and for days and for years but there is no astronomical cipher that you can tell when a month goes by just by looking at the moon right and has phases and goes every month thinking you know today is the past you know because the sun is up in front of thousands of the phone without an violet is that there was evening and the morning of the first day but there isn't an astronomical sign for a seven day week why is the week seven days long because God made any simply says what I want you to do is remember that I am the creator and owner me as your creator by resting the same way that I rest the day shall you labor and do all your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall not doing new your son your daughter you insert your maidservant nor the kindly strangers with the nineties he says why for in six days God created the heavens and the earth see you in all that is in them and rested on the Sabbath day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath how fascinating but the Lord gave us his expectation of Sabbath based on the simple fact that he made it now this goes back to my thinking about creation there was another thing in creation that was off-limits from partaking in simply because God said so member the tree of knowledge of good and evil now why was that you limit was because it was toxic no would you know by looking at a look at it it's it it's like just we'd be in sad and sick leave pay a little goes a grocery obviously don't want in fact the Bible specifically says that the all of the trees including the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil or good for food and pleasing to the you know why they weren't supposed to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is gotten bottom line do you love me enough to simply keep my commandments the same thing happens with the seventh day Sabbath that signature rest of God 's love there's no astronomical resist the longer day for the better days the bigger day it's just that they are set apart now I know what popular bananas it was popular enough to do what's right and he simply says remember the Sabbath day to keep the tells us how to do it very very simple I lived through the New Testament the only thing less of the Sabbath this is an Old Testament thing was look at the New Testament Luke chapter four Jesus himself be pleased whether the will braces around right WWJ D what is therefore what would Jesus do that's a great question what would Jesus do in fact where you have to guess on this one we know exactly what Jesus did you know let's speculate it clearly says what Jesus did Luke chapter four when it came to Sabbath keeping what did Jesus do Luke chapter four in verse sixteen letters visits here Jesus begins his ministry right after he it is triumphed over the devil in the wilderness temptation we find in verse sixteen this recorded so we came to Nazareth and of course Jesus was born in what city Bethlehem but he was raised in what city Nasser right so we comes back to his what for all the purposes of this hometown and not as part of the came to Nazareth and the Bible says where he had been brought up and this is what custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read the way I like to like to point this out in this text we often think while Stephen or Jesus kept the Sabbath and it was his custom but notice that these Jesus didn't just go to church on the Sabbath day he participated in church on the Sabbath day they hidden getting up and studying and reading and being a part of the service was part of his custom to think in the notices clearly Jesus grew up for thirty years keeping the seventh day Sabbath and when he gets up to be the Messiah he doesn't have a lot of faith I am now the Messiah and let us change the law what do you he just keeps going to the synagogue on Saturday because of his aggressive that's what he does he was a habit of life it was part of Jesus life he kept the Sabbath every seventh day and might I say this even continued this custom throughout his ministry even though there were times in certain places with certain people he was not the most popular fellow to come to church but it wasn't because they look down on him because of how we dress or they literally were not just getting in the stink eye they were trying to kill and advertising they would literally run him out of the church to throw off a cliff and he only did the next week Rebecca Church Sweden there should be a lesson in there for us you know you don't go to church for the people you know the Sabbath of the people both Abbott was made by God and if the honor him you go into because he asks very simple very simple Jesus had that customs of usable he kept doing it right through his ministry in fact let's go to Mark check out to page nine seventy Mark chapter two is one book over Mark chapter two inches to give a little context here the Jews of his time had made the Sabbath not only a day of rest but they had made it a day of bird they had encompassed the Sabbath with so many nonbiblical rules they said you can only take so many steps on the second they wanted to find what workmen and they said you can only carry so much weight on the Sabbath in fact it got so much you couldn't carry anything in your hands at all but if you want to carry a handkerchief you have depended on your clothes so as a part of your garment is you could wear clothes on sat right but fringes you couldn't cook food you couldn't make a fire on the Sabbath but of course it do their thinking by the sum of all the Gentiles are lost anyway so let's contract with one of them to come in light a fire in our house on the seven-day show on Friday they would go contract with some lost even anyway right and have them come in and make a fire and Jesus said you set of rules you build around the Sabbath are ridiculous and that got them in trouble to write Jesus got in trouble for all kinds of things when Jesus was trying to live out to show what the law looked like fulfilled that the unmarked chapter two verse twenty seven it's in the best of one of these dialogues where he lays out the beautiful principle well-defined with verse twenty three Google the political context now it happened that when he went to the Greenfield on the Sabbath and if they would they went with his disciples and as they went his disciples begin the clock the heads of grain of their walking on the Sabbath and their walking past grain and they run their hand through it they squeeze her hand and they get some pieces of writing the eating now we would call that eating they call back harvesting right your reasoning you're working on the Sabbath scene this is one of the same reaction you have it is ridiculous Jesus attitude verse twenty four and the Pharisees of them look why do they do what is not lawful on the Sabbath course comes back with Scripture always comes back with Scripture but he said to them have you never read when David did when he was in need of hungry he and those within how he went into the house of God in the days of ab and at APR the high priest and eight the showbread which is not lawful to eat except for the priests and also gave to some of those who were with them so you know that when you do about David you love David even is a deeply worse than what were doing as he lays out a little precedent from Scripture but many at this principle and he said to them the Sabbath was made for what may and not man for the Sabbath now this is an interesting work note please underline highlight circles but a storm I put an arrow to the word man it does not say the Sabbath was made for Jews is that the Sabbath was made man in the Greek word users anthropologists where we get our turn anthropology the study of humanity itself all people these of the sap give given to everyone not just individuals the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath now he goes on to verse twenty eight therefore the son of man which is Jesus Christ is also Lord of Sabbath member was the Sabbath of the Lord your God who created which member of the Godhead to be creating this Christ they said the Sabbath is my day and this is fascinating we are not our own because God made us Jesus Christ formed us in his image and built us literally from the ground up and and that's exactly why he owns is because he has the patent he's the one who did Natalie looks at the Sabbath and says the same thing I am the Lord who was there and set it apart and made it holy therefore the locals the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath so he is the Lord of us and he is the Lord of the Sabbath so makes it patently clear by the way which day is the Lord 's day Sabbath is the day he rested on the call that his own days as on the Lord even of the Sabbath so again we go to fill the blank word translated man is the Greek word and propose meeting all humanity and since Jesus created or made both the man and the Sabbath he is rightly Lord above everything about this even if you don't accept Jesus offer of salvation he still owns you because he made you to start with right when you give your heart to Jesus Christ to let him operate your life your twice his right the first time he gets by rights he owns you the same thing with the Sabbath he built that it says so Jesus can rightly say 's Lord of both things was one more example of the New Testament Jesus and the Sabbath Jesus and the Sabbath Luke chapter twenty three page ten twenty three and what happens here the death of Jesus Christ reversed forty two Luke chapter twenty three observers forty four note was about the sixth hour and there was darkness over all the all the earth until the ninth hour in the sun was darkened and available temple was torn into and when Jesus cried out with a loud voice he said father into your hands I commit my spirit having said this he breathed his last which means that Jesus at this point and what now what to do with his body what to do with adversity now behold there was a man named Joseph this is not Joseph the father of Jesus he had died lung logo but this was Joseph a Council member a good and just man he had not consented to their decision in the he was from Arimathea of the city of the Jews who himself was also waiting for the kingdom of God this man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus many took it down wrapped in linen and laid it in a tomb that was hewn out of the rock where no one had ever let been laid before now this is an important part that day was the preparation and the Sabbath drew near so what day of the week did Jesus die on Friday the sixth day of the week and the Sabbath was drawing near now verse fifty five continues and the women who had come with him from Galilee followed after and they observe the consume and how his body was like so they followed this man Joseph to the tomb when the late Jesus they took note of which to one where you been laid then they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils but they didn't go and put those on the body of Jesus yet why because the Sabbath and they rested on the Sabbath why according to the men because they keep the Commandments these are people faithful to God only Jesus has died on the cross of you was able Jesus nailed the Commandments of the cross Jesus just died in the very first thing they do is keep this heap is that the only bring in the deeper point here notice that not only are they keeping the Sabbath but Jesus is now keeping the right he has entered into his rest he has literally laid to rest and every time God does a work for humanity signs it with the signature of God which is rest he is our Creator and when he was done with that process he rested on the seventh day signing the name of God to put sanctifying which only God can when you completed the work of redemption that he came to this worked than it is earth to do at a price that it is this he breathed his last he's laid to rest and of course he gets up Sunday morning on the first day of the week and goes to work but on the seventh day he rested from his labors now people are something that the question was how you know this Saturday is a longtime two thousand eight I know this Saturday is the actual Sabbath well turn around us those people the same following questions that are shaded on the white boxer the David the common Christian holiday the people observed on the day of in which Jesus died than a term for that we call it good what Good Friday may also be David Jesus rose from the dead and is an resurrected they call that Easter Sunday so Good Friday and Easter Sunday what's the one day in between those two Saturday and that's the day Jesus rested from his work of redemption fascinating by the way after the cross be with you yes yes yes but Jesus did now that old ceremonial law which I would make very clear the ten commitments are not the ceremonial law they are the moral law no one who ever said I'm yet to meet someone who claims of the ceremonial law was done away with a bus the Sabbath is gone ever think that any of the other nine commandments are done away with right for this especially when it comes to their spouse very few people would think therefore adultery is okay now because that old always done away with and they won't let me steal their car because that law has been done away with otolith cannot dishonor my parents now not get elected I covet my neighbor think no connection will know you can do that and you cannot take the name of the Lord God made all you better not do that to make a graven image know you can do that I break the Sabbath oh sure you can do that one why only for the ceremonial knowledge in the heart of the moral law is number four right in the middle of it God signed his name right of his own law and is fastening the one commandment that says remember even the Christian worlds as I forget what God hasn't changed perhaps we Matthew chapter twenty four after the cross by Jesus looking at the future wrap up you shortly message after twenty four Jesus is the in the future again remember the disciples of asking about the destruction of Jerusalem this is around A.D. thirty about A.D. thirty one thirty thirty one and Jesus is looking to the future about forty years in the future with the destruction of Jerusalem and notice what he says in verse twenty about the cover twenty four page nine sixty he says and pray speak of the destruction of Jerusalem it would coming some forty years later and pray that your flight may not be in winter or on thought what that so forty years after his death he's still assuming people will be keeping the Sabbath very clear very clear we could go through all these text we don't need to right now starting October thirteen onto the book of acts you can find work repeatedly the apostle Paul when he would introduce how he would go to the synagogue and preached on the Sabbath if they well yes but this is where the Jews were meeting while you look at the content of his message never once does the government stages Avenue methods for you that old Sabbath is done away with this come back here tomorrow in worship on the right day for in fact there are occasions you can read the next thirteen at seventeen on the book of acts with they would come to him and asking these Gentiles of the all were so amazed by your message when can we come here you again and you would say them right back here next Saturday right it was commonly understood and continue to be kept with the seventh day was the Sabbath all throughout the New Testament in fact let's take it one step further but Isaiah chapter sixty six page seven twenty four in your pew Bible Isaiah chapter sixty six even after this heaven and the earth are passed away but a new earth is created look with the Lord God promises Isaiah sixty six writer the very end versus twenty two and twenty three this year for as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your descendents and your name remain and it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one what's that word Sabbath to another all flesh shall come to worship before me says the Lord is looking for new heavens and new earth after the wholesale experiment has run its course the universe is reestablished and what we can be doing this keeping this a ghost from creation only to the cross into the New Testament church and into the future into eternity were to be keeping the seventh eight Sabbath there is no mention anywhere in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation that the Sabbath was changed it was the whole salinity was shifted or the days were realigned anything happen to change the seventh day Sabbath at all so the question again if the seventh day is so clearly the Sabbath from Genesis to Revelation is not one iota of evidence of changing it all Christians were almost all the vast majority the overwhelming group don't keep the seven days of how come there's been a change in their thinking when this change come from what the Bible tells us that to weave Artie said he once was connected Daniel chapter seven Daniel chapter seven if the Bible is so clear the law of God has not changed is right there he signed his own name in the law of God how is it that there's been a change where this change come from well it comes from the antichrist power Daniel chapter seven notice verse twenty five what the Bible says that the coming Daniel 's perspective the coming Antichrist would do page eight sixty five in your pew Bible Daniel seven twenty five he shall speak pompous words against him the most time he shall persecute the saints of home the most high and instead and shall intend to change times and what so there was going to be a change in God 's law attempted but it wasn't by God it wasn't by his representative on earth Jesus Christ it was by God and he and his representative on earth the Antichrist booted in an effort to persecute and oppressed and to distract and deter and get people away from God would make a whole different law a change in the law is fascinating that's what we see in the world today exactly as the Bible outlined them Satan 's ultimate aim is to be worshiped as God that's been his thing from the very very beginning you have dexterity work she brought reminder Isaiah chapter fourteen verse fourteen I will exalt myself Lucifer said in his heart in heaven for your setting heart I will exalt myself above the stars of God I will send the in but I will be like the most time we came to Jesus in the wilderness of temptation what's the one thing that he wanted from him he wanted the worship as God he said I'll give you the whole wall do one thing worship me my God is interesting there's one commandment that outlines how we worship the true God as God 's seventh ASAP which has again no astronomical symbol it just says I'm God my word says so trust me the one commandment the Christian world has somehow gotten confused about I believe it is because the change the antichrist is attempted to make in the law of God but the good news not everyone will be taken in we close these last two passages the book of Revelation page eleven eighty three eleven eleven eighty three Revelation chapter fourteen in verse seven at the very end of time there will be a people apparently were going to go back and start being faithful to God 's law every bit of it and the time of the judgment hour which were to be looking at an in detail in an nice coming up a message would go forward starting with verse six the Lord wants the world to hear the says this but I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell in the art to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come out of CNET addenda ten percent of the reviewed judgment in heaven and of that time the methods we go forward fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and how do you fear God and give glory to him the text tells us worship him who what may have been the earth see the springs of water which by the way will the interesting side note the longest direct quotation from any other Bible book in the book of Revelation is right there Revelation chapter fourteen verse seven worship him who made the heavens the earth and the sea where this language come from eggs this chapter twenty starting with verse eight the Sabbath commandment God a true worship is exactly as he outlined in his ten Commandments he says if you want to truly worship God worship in the way that he is asked Revelation Shepherd twelve or seventeen just a page or two back so that there will be a people on the earth were seventeen and the Dragon which is Satan is an arrangement against Stanley's people because he can't shake them from fidelity to God 's work says simply verse seventeen of the Dragon was enraged with the woman the woman always represent the what church in raise with a woman and when not to make war with the rest of her offspring and these are the ones who are known to keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ apparently the very end of time savings can be so enraged because there's at least one strain of this woman one of her offspring one piece of the revenue diversity will not go along with the proposed change in God 's law because not found anywhere God 's word they just simply keep the Commandments you know why because God said so in John chapter fourteen verse fifteen Jesus said as though sublimely attractive and be review if you love me do what apparently the sign of the loyalty of the God is looking for his commandment keeping them again no interest in legalism because as a you want me to love you you keep my commandments right and I know you said but if you actually do love me the result of that is to keep my command if you love me keep my commandments with summarizes here keeping the Sabbath far from being a legalistic burden is an active demonstration of living faith if you love me keep my commandments estimates that message nuclear of eight from Genesis to Revelation the seventh day Sabbath is absolutely the signature of God systems the signature of his work he finds it every single time and friends that sat it hasn't Dominic special Bylsma is not to become down front centimeters band I want you to do anything like that but I want you make of what you promise you one thing if the storage you present it has been clear that's great in your mind is a great least to understand that but if violent clarity if this conviction that this biblically sound that would appeal to you not to come down front to come back here and worship with us this coming Sabbath the seventh day of the week and as a help incentivized to sweeten the deal just a little bit would be having on one of our meetings Sabbath morning at eleven a.m. right here same place but not just having a Saturday night meeting but were ultimately adding a Sabbath morning meeting at eleven a.m. so even get accustomed to Davis as the Lords day this is how he said to keep and we got more information to come so this is good to be one of our night phenomena make a specialty of you talk about them now because you got I don't want to come on a Friday night like tomorrow's adults even more morning and a nice take the next few days think about review the material prayer and see if the Lord is truly convicting of the seventh day is the Sabbath and if you come to that conviction wanted to join us for church right here this Sabbath morning eleven a.m. does it make sense what I'm asking for our list I have four prayer heavenly father thank you so much for giving us the Sabbath it's a day of rest it's incredible how the world is turn that around to see if you keep rescue must be trying to work to get your salvation but worth trying to work to earn your lover to get into heaven or to merit salvation or the Sabbath nothing to do with legalism but we do want to demonstrate our loyalty to you so Lord help us to be faithful Hope was suspended the right of them involved and help us to demand a clear thus saith the Lord for anything that goes on what is clear in your word the seventh day Sabbath was established before sin it will be thereafter thin and all during the middle the Lord we want to be faithful to what you've asked us to so I especially want to pray for those her to be one moment thinking about this as these of the Holy Spirit in a special way to speak to the hearts to open their mind to review the material to go back to your word and see if what has been presented is true and if it's not just clear Lord lasted he would give a conviction in the heart and that the Sabbath morning we can keep the set up as a girl not only will love you are that important it is an a this media was brought by audio person or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe and life is more certain that is www. audio person or


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