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10-The Return of the King

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 29, 2013
    7:00 PM


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please take a working number ten the return of the King element to find updated that will die that's coming up I promise you but my would be fun but the return of the being now many people have been a picture in their mind of Jesus and what he's doing now and what you go to be doing will he return how will he return there's a lot of questions even the Christian world about the return of Jesus to this earth unless we want to focus on the night of what will that look like everything from Daniel chapter two for example we saw very clearly twenty five hundred years before now vital ally that they would be Babylon and media Persia Greece Rome Rome would be divided during the time of those kings the Bible says God would set up his kingdom stone was cut out without an economy that statue that represents the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of God 's kingdom that Jesus is that King is going to rain the question is what will that event look like how will we know if it happened isn't possible we could visit what does the Bible say about the return of arcane before we get started of course as we always do let's begin with the word prayer Emily father thank you so so much for being God created us in the first place and sent your son to redeem us we've fallen short of your glory and send and as we know your Bible says that Jesus is coming again help us to understand that help us to knowingly look forward to it and help us to do all we can to hasten its incoming and indwelling power of the Holy Spirit for he prayed in Jesus name amen let's go to John chapter fourteen page two forty two page ten forty two in your pew Bible John chapter fourteen Jesus himself speaks these words of comfort to his followers in John chapter fourteen starting with verse one page ten forty two in your pew Bible Jesus says let not your heart be what troubled basically saying don't worry let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in the course is the same Jesus is that if you see me you seen the father is like speaking very clearly here it will father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for whom for you don't worry I'm going to make sure that you income there and verse three if I go and prepare a place for you I will do what again and receive you to myself that where I am there you may be also Jesus Christ makes it very clear if I go away I'm going to come again at and has Jesus Christ gone away yet so the next we look forth into him again now our studies of the fascinating look at this another time later on but for right now the clinical sliver of a book right before revelation the book of Jude so small there aren't any chapters is just verses but in the book of Jude it tells us to the very first profit in the Bible is now before we get there we could field some guesses of you think well maybe I don't put a lot what you might answer incorrectly and feel battery might answer correctly ruined punchlines okay so there was an earliest prophet mentioned in the Bible and is found in this little bitty book of view looking June first fourteen again there are no chapters which is verse fourteen name the name is now home in Iraq and wind and even live according to that Sabbath from whom now believe that the person would write solicitors a great great great about becoming a wrong right but steps happen down the line right from act very very beginning in what did he do then sit here now in it the seventh from Adam what's the next work prophesy so it would haven't the earliest mention of a prophet in the Bible actually comes in the book of Jude within the unit who lived seventh from Adam prophesied cold things or the message of Lord for what he said prophesying about these men also it if you read the rest of the context of Judy's talk about evil men corrupt men within the church a and he says that electronic data be very good and this is apparently what he said behold the Lord comes with ten thousand other things now again is because writing this from the seventh from Adam well before Christ's first coming I mean hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of years for Jean 's income the first time that he has a well he thought that the coming of Jesus it must be his first coming to that when he was living with on that side of it but when Jesus came the first time to become with ten thousand of his saints verse fifteen continues to execute judgment on all that would Jesus vindicate the first of no no to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly beaches where committed in an ungodly way and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners is spoken against him that is what Jesus did in his first coming but here even for men is looking down the trajectory of history any looking past the first coming of Jesus these are not the coming of Jesus when he comes with ten thousand things within the execute judgment at the first coming of the second coming ethanol the very first profit in all the Bible was looking we shown all the way down the world 's history to the second coming of Jesus it's incredible in fact know your fill the blank here for each Old Testament prophecy of Christ's first coming Univac to the Old Testament would be preoccupied with the first coming of Christ that's the next event but for each passage needs Old Testament prophecies of Christ's first coming which they are myriads of the lots and lots of them there are actually a foretelling his second coming the just like we talked about in Isaiah sixty six is already looking forward to a new heaven and new earth before Jesus showed up first on right the gaze of all Scripture including the Old Testament is not just on Christ's first coming when he died on the cross is the sinless sacrifice the lamb but also his return as the key beyond that notice is next with the return of Jesus is mentioned once in every five passages in the New Testament so it is randomly opened up five different times the passage of the digestive authority would find something talking about the second coming of Jesus it is the Bible is littered with passages looking forward not only to the first coming of Jesus but predominantly to the second coming of Jesus it seems to be the second coming of Jesus is the entire focus of all Scripture and headed this way of course the first was be clear about this you couldn't have the second coming of Jesus had done what he did the first coming right but because of his first coming Jesus says let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me I'm going to come in this same Jesus he will be with you the first time was already talk about it we come back to second time a now what will that event looked like the Matthew chapter twenty five if you doesn't corroborate what you prophesied about thousands of years before page nine sixty two new pew Bible Matthew chapter twenty five and verse thirty one come it depends on exactly what you had already prophesied about literally millennia before that here in verse thirty one of Matthew twenty five when the Son of Man comes in his glory by Lisa Jesus speaking and I love that he doesn't start it with you right he says when Son of Man comes in his glory and all the holy angels with him then he will sit on the throne of his glory and so then the second coming of Jesus is not going to be failed evocatively shrouded in humility is going to fall display full on glory all the Angels will go to be with a few of your glorious event not a failed inference that the chapter sixty was back up a few more pages they are the left Matthew sixteen verse twenty seven notice he says the same thing again just in a different place this seems to be a repeated theme of Jesus is this for the Son of Man will come in the glory of his father with his angels and then he will reward each one according to his works hastily delivering his reward with them give each one his own works but is coming in a glorious manner and not in a humbled mailed manner now is the revelation chapter one page eleven seventy four page eleven seventy four when Jesus comes again which he makes it clear in the ghettos of when not if page eleven seventy four Revelation chapter one verse seven tells us something else about this now by the way the last two times of Jesus mentioned his own comic he repeated he was coming with Angels right all the angels do they spring all the saints with him Jesus is not coming alone was be clear about this and we see a reference to this in symbolic language or in revelation of one verse seven behold he is coming with what Clouse okay that's interesting when Jesus was taken up into heaven he was absorbed up into clouds taken but no cloud right it is used to be a reference to the Angels that upcoming with Jesus when he comes to the sky behold he is coming with clouds as every I will what CM how many eyes will see you every guy was a even those who pierced in all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of the all the tribes of Europe and every eye will see him it's not like it's a local event we're just misstate or this county with the city or this nation or this evening hemisphere will see him apparently when Jesus comes in a global of it not just a local event and easily all the nations will mourn every eye will see him in speaking of this see if you is going to be a visible and that somehow there is crafted the Christian idea this concept that Jesus will come again if given the other cover of darkness is to be remote distant places committee underground secret coming right surely taken away really some will be taken away knowing they will not exactly happen will know what happen we look around and see that they are not there is consequently good that not everyone will see if this was directly contrary to Scripture repeated and clear testimony with a begin mapping catheter twenty four page nine sixty one Jesus himself speaking of his own return and if though as though he anticipates this particular idea being propagated Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus here speaks of this secrecy or lack thereof look at verse twenty six therefore if they say to you love D is where in the desert like all where the Savior mechanism you come to this remote spot out of the wilderness this desert oasis this plays out way out of the visit if they say to you he says that Google checkout see if it's really neat that we says will is that if they say you given the desert do not go out okay so this idea that it's a look who local event but not everyone concedes that if you hear even of that lately what about the screen is not to be that don't know or look to use in the general rule strike it's kind of a spiritual séance like communism to be a mystic kind of thing like that's not it either it's not something spiritualize the way is not something locally located out in the middle of the desert somewhere this is not how I'm going to return do not go far verse twenty seven as though what is he compared to life meeting comes from the east and flat just to the west nor the middle of the night when the lightning comes in flashes when he flew with all letting this is it right that's the point lightning as it flashes across the sky from the East eleven goes on the whole scope of the review as the lightning comes in the east and flashes of the West so also will be the coming of the Son of Man so often with the coming of the Son of Man will be done at the fascinating thing is not to be at it in her rooms in some sort of secret mystic continent is not good in some remote location of the desert no matter where you are no matter what you're doing you a copy of the lessee this event is like the lightning flashes in the East and West investments could be when Jesus returns back act chapter one acts chapter one just return a few books to the right acts chapter one page ten fifty one we've already lease which some people have already seen the coming of Jesus just in reverse acts chapter one verse nine now when he had spoken these things while they watched as those the pot the disciples he was what's up with the next two words taken up so there they are standing together and all of a sudden he starts to go up and pay what cloud received him out of their sight so was he in their site yes and then he left their site right he started an exciting builds up in the clouds out of their site and noticed these no notice coming off level just don't look back and while they looked steadfastly towards where heavens we started on the earth he started to rise up caught up in the cloud and in and out of their site into heaven Inc. this is the second coming fringes in reverse as he went up behold two men stood by them in white apparel who also said men of Galilee why do you stand gazing up into heaven to imagine what a silly cyclist look like what Jesus was gone and the reason to be looking up and disappeared he does have guys standing there straining looking at the sky have you tried watching airplane to see just how far you can watch it right and these two men for much of the state what are you doing right and that is the reason for saying you want to keep staring at the sky Ursula is that many Galilee why do you stand gazing up into heaven this same Jesus who was taken up from you if you happen will so common this is very important in life what manner as you saw him go up and that so the same way he went on is the same way he's coming back down is that clear for the past right so we just basically take everything that Jesus did going up and reversed right he started on the earth went up was caught up in a cloud up to heaven so apparently they say look the same Jesus is going to come back the same way he went up to come from heaven with the clouds able to see him and he'll come back to the earth now watch this again would limit the visibility of Christ return notice how many words in these few versus go back to being able to see or to want to look notice it again verse nine feet while they watched he was taken up out of their sites verse ten as they looked towards heaven in the men's verse eleven why do you stand gazing up into heaven in adverse I continue the same Jesus data from you into heaven will so come in like manner as you saw him go up every synonym for looking seeing gazing staring there all used regular it is a clearly a visible event this concept of the visible and normalcy and is patently un- biblical Scripture makes it incredibly clear by the way luckily quite either know something of the lightning doesn't actually make the noise is the funder right secretly bought it looking good on the fitment in a no you can a few this event as well go to Paul testimony about this page eleven thirty seven first Thessalonians chapter four first Thessalonians chapter four Paul speaks of the return of Jesus with over sixteen if you just doesn't sound almost identical to what we were solid they are in acts chapter one and they said this same Jesus will come in like manner now first Thessalonians chapter four verse sixteen for the Lord himself will descend from where from heaven exists the same thing which is on accept one the Lord himself the same Jesus will defend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God three different synonyms therefore making a loud noise shouting with the voice of the Archangel and the trumpet of God it's going to be an audible event no one 's been a habit of your buds in and missed it somehow right it's going to be there very very audibly in fact he goes on to say this is a powerful text itself about the second coming this voicemail you can be so loud so powerful so divine what will be commanding it to the command right the boys shout trumpet of God what would happen in response and the dead in Christ will what I've give you see the coming of Jesus and you don't fear the coming of somehow you missed the trumpet sound of the voice of the Archangel the son of God speaking commanding the dead become up to be somehow missed the clouds of angels and all the heavenly host coming all the splendor and glory I'm guessing that that next thing will get your attention when all the dead start coming out of the ground right and the dead in Christ will write about all that but the dead in Christ right those who died faithful of Christ are going to come up in verse six seventy nose on vitiligo are alive and remain shall be caught up together now with that was coming up out of the graves didn't get your attention if you are in Christ you're going to start arrived who unanimously friends that we were alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord that's exactly what Jesus wanted to convey I is will is that where he is that we may be also that's how we want to do it at the second coming now what happens to us physically we just start a rival copy earthen Rabbi Ben walk along on thirty some odd years old now and all discussed it at age of the other transition from this world that no apparently something happens to us when we join Jesus in the air first Corinthians chapter fifteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen page eleven ten prescriptive chapter fifteen starting with verse fifty one what happens when Jesus comes again first the final chapter for obviously some people will raise from the dead when Jesus comes that other people haven't died at all by the time you've comes right at the differences some will be resurrected and the other time when you go from heaven on the earth to heaven that's translated right some will be resurrected some will be translated some will be brought back to life that will simply remain alive this is clear you see this again enforcement instructor fifteen again verse fifty one behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all what sleep a sleep is a consistent euphemism in Scripture for death not everyone will be dead when Jesus comes there will be some who live and work here and will see exactly what you said we will not all sleep but we shall all be what that word all the chain verse fifty two in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet same language the use in first Thessalonians four describe the coming of Jesus for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed now what is the actual change that occurred what changes about us we lose our will get a new personality we get a new sense of humor the new memory is wiped out those old ones what actually changes the big listing the Scripture clearly teaches that what we get at the second coming of our new bodies a new physical body what does Romans chapter eight page ten ninety Romans chapter eight first eleven Romans chapter eight and a couple times in this chapter he tells us specifically what new thing we get when Jesus comes Romans eight verse eleven but if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you as the same power that raised Jesus from the dead will someday raise you from the dead if you have faith in God they now verse twenty three not only that but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit even we ourselves groan within ourselves eagerly awaiting eagerly waiting for the adoption the redefinition of our what body was getting a redeemed our bodies we get new body now Philippians chapter three was look at this one more time page eleven thirty one Philippians chapter three Paul comes back to the same idea again they were going to be changed we go from this world to the next but what changes is our physical body were to talk about why little bit let's just talk about what first Philippians chapter three starting with verse twenty notice the sense that he uses for our citizenship is where it is at present since passed into future tense present is currently right now if you're in Jesus Christ you are a citizen of his kingdom which is that right it just haven't come down to earth yet but it's up there right your citizenship is in heaven and what for all which is from heaven we also eagerly awaiting for home Savior the Lord Jesus Christ and what will he do any convert twenty one who will transform our lowly bodies that may be conformed to his glorious body according to the working by which he is able even to subdue all things to himself so eagerly waiting though our spiritual citizenship right now is in heaven were still physically on this earth but someday Jesus is good and what we get we get a transformed our new changed by as our body will be like his and I'm already at the age I'd love a new back if I can use on like to be part of what my new bicycle about trusted right but it's a gift you can wrap me up but it doesn't be made with great the good thing about that as we get anybody but the challenge of that is what we don't get when Jesus comes again with the book of first John chapter three first John chapter three page eleven sixty nine in your pew Bible first John chapter three verse two eligible think that the Philippians what you're finding first John three verse two think that the Philippians what the apostle Paul said for our citizenship is present tense where in heaven so our citizenship were on the books and they are so on paper were up they are but in person were still down here that make sense at notice that the apostle John says basically the same thing first John chapter three verse two beloved now we are what children of God present in even you were living here where his children and use their right beloved now we got now we are the children of God as notices it has not yet been revealed what we shall be the I don't know about you but that's an incredibly good news for the Christian and right now I could be a child of God and still be in the process of changing it for the future right but as of now we are the children of God and is not yet been revealed what we shall be so I don't know what the finished product of me looks like you character wise right now don't know it looks like for you but we do know it's going to change even though now are his children it has not yet been revealed we shall be but we know this we don't know exactly looks like but we know that when he is revealed which is another reference to the second coming when Jesus returns when he is revealed we shall be in what condition please notice carefully what it says and what it does not say if as we shall be like him when he recovered return it does not say for we shall be made like to catch the nuance that the big difference now we can be children of God but apparently we're supposed to continue to grow in Christ so that when he is revealed will be like him and begin goal is not to have a transaction that really gets you into heaven we want to transformation to become Christlike so that will fit in to happen think about this the passage continues an alumnus simple logic how do we know that we will be like him when he returns for what reason can we be sure that a look at the text for we shall what freedom how as he is really veiled in the in the new Judean Carpenter body beckoned me to get abusive lowly and hiding his divinity or the amount is full glory full glory and we shall see him as he is think about I for one think that the marvelous thing but if you could give pause for just a second I could almost be a terrifying thing about Susannah pullback availability see me just as I am keep in mind this is the same God who said no man shall see my face and what the visas able to see my face I don't know if that's good news right that look like but as exits chapter thirty chapter thirty three porn exes chapter thirty three page eighty five who always back Moses asked to see the raw glory of God and God in his mercy did not grant that request as he envisioned it being requested being answered right it doesn't affect was backup for thirty three start with verse eighteen and he said please show me your what glory he says Lord I want to see your glory verse nineteen then he said I will make all of my what goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you I will be gracious to him I'll be gracious and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion but verse twenty you share you cannot see my face for no man shall see me and live nothing about that the same God who said that the Moses and Agnes thirty three promises on the other end of the Bible the revelation twenty two the very last page of Scripture will be the reward of the redeemed Revelation twenty two what is a say Revelation chapter twenty two inverse for right after we in fact we just read this a little bit in a question-and-answer session about the tree of life as they are verse two for the healing of the nations is in verse three and there shall be no more curse but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be added and his servants shall serve him they shall see is what faith is the implication is and not by right they shall see his face in his name should be on therefore had there should be no night there they need the land nor light of the sun for the Lord gives them like they shall reign for ever and ever the same guidance exists that God would exit thirty three tells Moses no one can see my face and live promises that remain are going to see his face now to me that's fascinating to go back to first John chapter three how does he conclude first John chapter three page eleven sixty nine how do they tell us to prepare for this particular event will be a simply verse three first John chapter three and verse three and everyone who has this hope in him that's the hope of seeing Jesus face-to-face going to heaven with him and everyone who has this hope in him does what purifies himself to what extent just you you are very simple would you like it is working to be like you so we need right now the worst of the new heaven now we need to start becoming more and more like Christ when he comes going from this world to the next will be seamless machetes and oh by the way Jesus that the most distinctly the most sublime remain at this cross stitch somewhere on your house right Matthew chapter five in verse eight from the sermon on about page five page nine thirty eight Matthew five verse eight he takes would John takes several verses there to say look over Jesus just as just so simply after five and birthday blessed are the pure in heart for they shall circuitously God apparently purifies up itself just like he is blessed up your oxidation of the God know when Jesus comes again again at eleven if when everything are even assigned to begin message is quickly is coming soon the signs are all around I believe very firmly that I will see Jesus returned in my lifetime patently I sincerely believe again I don't know if that's necessarily good news and because I to do more than simply lived to the second coming there can be plenty of people who just happen to be alive at the time Jesus returns living to the second coming has no inherent value identity and with what just went to the second coming for a long list for the second coming only go to the other side window with I don't be there when it comes than fifty destroyed by the practice of the art will be part of those who go through want to show you from Scripture is of the same event coming of Jesus the return of our Lord return of the King is witnessed by all people but they are too sharply contradicting reactions to that of it not everybody looks with hope for the second coming of Jesus in fact some of them dreaded some of the Longhorn love it can't wait to see others like please take your time right what makes the difference will it personal I want to demonstrate that this is factually true from Bible from the Bible Matthew chapter thirteen page nine forty eight in UK Bible Matthew chapter thirteen you recall this from our second night together the parable of the wheat in the tear how when his servants saw the presence of these tears of the weeds amongst the goods leave the weeds the owner the seller says no to let them both grow together until the harvest was read from verse twenty nine but he said no less while you gather up the tears you also uproot the wheat with them let both grow together until the harvest and at the time of harvest I will say to the reverse first gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn notice is one harvest for both kinds of seed I and one group is bundled together for the bird and the other is bundled together for the bar so what makes the difference I don't want to go to the burn I want to go into his arms so how do we at least admitted what does the Bible teach about the twenty five same book and go to the right now nothing to twenty five again in verse thirty one we saw this earlier but were to continue to dilute for the message of a twenty five percent one when the Son of Man comes in his glory and all the ancient holy angels with him then he will sit on the throne of his glory and read that to demonstrate that God is when Jesus Christ returns it will be glorious event right now verse thirty two all the nations will be gathered together before gathered before him and he will want that work separate them one from another as a shepherd divides the sheep from his goat and sheep from his goats now what makes the difference between sheep and goats while this is deeply for thirty three and he will set the sheep on his right and the goats on the left then the King will say to those on his right hand column you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world and why for I was hungry and you did what any food was simple species and literally I was thirsty and you gave me what drink I was a stranger and you took me in I was naked and you clothed me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came to me that's why you're been a be part of the sheep that's why you come into the kingdom then verse thirty seven the righteous will answer him saying Lord when we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you drink when we see was stranger and take it with her naked and clothed you only did we see you sick or in prison you and the king will answer and say to them assuredly I say this say to you inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers you didn't to me now that's the one group which turned out to the left verse forty one then he will also say to those on the left hand depart from me you cursed into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels I don't know about you but I never want to hear Jesus say that to me the one that I would be with them not away from the server you want to go there so what makes the difference first forty two for I was hungry and you gave me no food I was thirsty and you gave me no drink I was a stranger and you did not take me in naked and you did not clothe me sick and in prison and you did not visit me it will also answer him saying Lord when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison in this video then he will answer them saying assuredly I sent you in as much as you did not do it one of the least of these you did not do it to me not let me ask you question these people on the left hand let's make it very clear they are fully intending to get into heaven what makes the difference the one of the things I find best thing about this passage is that the response of the righteous to Jesus saying come on in and the response of the wicked did you think the part for me is word for word identical they have the same response Lord Quinn did we see you think about the people on the left hand are fully expecting to get in they wanted depicting they want to get into the kingdom no problem as a sailor when did we see you write as if to say Lord of Leonardo was you know Sir William would have done anything with imprisonment of human outreach would we wouldn't you name it we would know that if we do not it was you is you can get us in the righteous asking I have to imagine with a different intonation Lord when did we see you the other guys like me if we notably sealed it with you people think your people are not as you begins about a picture of it what you the other people say when we see you hungry sick there's always always be able and that's what we do when people need help we had no idea was you and she's like that's my point you didn't even know what was me and you did it anyway you said in right the one group was fully expecting to get in exchange the transaction fighter knows a lot about it on in their this other group has no transaction mentality all but they've experienced a genuine trance formation of character they can go from this world to the next and Johnson's beloved now we are the children of God and is not yet been revealed we shall be but we know that when he is revealed we shall be like him and the greatest evidences for we shall see him as he is we will see him as he is known as the two different responses Revelation chapter six coming to a conclusion I Revelation chapter six the same event elicits to sharply different responses because there are two different characters in the world notice the response of the wicked to the return of Christ Revelation chapter six page eleven seventy eight in your pew Bibles starting with verse fourteen a description of the coming of Christ then the sky receded up as a scroll when it is rolled up and every mountain and island was moved out of place and the kings of the earth the great men the rich men the commanders the mighty men every slave and freeman hid themselves in the caves and the rocks of the mountains of interesting their response to Jesus coming is to do what high just like Adam and Eve when they send the very first thing they did was to high they can't stand to be in the presence of a holy God in their unholy state hid themselves in the case of the rocks of the mountains and said the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us fix this now from what from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb by the way have you ever met a land that was a rack full I mean how raffle to win it in the off snuggle with your real horror how will you know what a layout as you would imagine a beast or drag and by the looks of things are afraid of is that the for the sickle in his hand of the angel the Domino buyer with the thing be afraid to look at face they see the purity of the glory the brilliant splendor of a holy just God the face of Jesus just as it is interdependent it's the scariest most awful runaway hide from it I'd rather die than be with it out of experience however on the other hand Québec Isaiah chapter and this is a typo there please don't buy the Isaiah nine twenty file through the fine text but twenty five nine is what were looking for a Isaiah twenty five nine eight six seventy seven a notice to the other reaction to Jesus coming and it will be said in that day behold this is what our God notice he's not just the God with the wrath of the land this is our God behold this is our God we have waited for him and he will save this is the Lord we have waited for him we will be what glad and rejoice in his salvation so one group is a will of God we've waited for him and he will say that the other was the highest in the face of the same God as the things users it's not like you got one please it's really scary and mean and the other with awful about the same Jesus but the difference is the character of the people one can't wait to see Jesus and one can't stand to see James Fukuda who are real appeal when it comes the second coming of Christ knowing that soon it's great knowing is visible and audible and global and literal all of these things are great what's the practical application the preparation for Jesus coming is not just knowing statistics about his coming apparently such as the transaction at the transformation that he wants to see when Christ returns we will each be given a glorious heavenly body again praise the Lord ready for it however the correspondingly glorious heavenly character required of all God 's loyal subjects must be ours first and by the way the reason is simple think about the sublime logic of it all bodies can be given right for this how we made in the first place students examine the dust of the ground writing he put together made body breathe the breath of life and man became a living soul right he can make a body out of literally dirt you've got was before he may whatever reason they can do this bodies a piece of cake to make for God bodies can be given but character has to be grown K a body can be given but a character can only be grown and God respect your choices so the character you're currently developing which by the way character development is a very simple thing every decision turns into a habit which turns into a lifestyle which forms your character which determines your destiny okay your decision God will not force you cannot make you you are the only use of the universe the other thing you are the only you God has nothing to make a body looks just like yours right to make the vocal cords the right link right with everything that the boys comes out just like yours I was in color I think crazy here whenever you are going on right you looking like you he can do but you being you only you can because God not to make your choices for you and your character is determined by the choices that you make the seven accents so that nobody can dress up some dirt and form it in and make it look just fine unlike you might be able to fold the Angels my beautiful your relatives or friends or family or coworkers but it is in your heart Jesus would know that that's not really you only you are you and we think about being lost from our perspective man to be awful to be lost but think about it from Christ perspective everyone who's lost his eternal he can't force you to do anything he won't do it so nobody is happy to dole out great everybody nobody is for everyone all around bodies will the character has to be grown in this which brings me to this point as Christians our goal should be more than merely to someday get into heaven we should ask the Lord to fit us into the society of heaven even now think about it if Jesus is coming back and we haven't learned to love the things of Jesus would we even want to go where he is did you let you into heaven they succumb to be with me but we haven't learned to like him for him would that even be heaven to us mercy he is more than willing to give it the question is are we willing through transforming power to allow him to fit us in so that when he comes I don't want to be with the goats on the left right I want to be with the sheep on the right I wanted fit into heaven I don't even ought anyone know of a disease lineup I just want to be like Christ now for the when Christ comes being with him forever will actually be heaven as it makes sense tonight Jesus is absolutely coming back I believe it's notably with venerable invisible ugly little global and audible all those things of friends the hope of seeing Jesus should be just that hope and not dread it should say Lord I can't wait and if I realized you what I really don't like the things of God this is what this time is for see for yourself the Lord is good to choose you this day whom you will serve Jesus is coming soon but more than that I don't want anyone missing when he opened his medicines tomorrow night order to be looking at the day the devil Satan is going to get his that praise the Lord for that I don't want to be part of that group when he does only be a part of the group that goes with God I want to go to the block burn I want to go to Mark I hope that's the desire of your heart with our heads for WordPress Emily father thank you so much thank you for the promise repeated over and over and over and over again in Scripture that Jesus is coming again help us to not be deceived and does the thinking of something other than what the Scripture tells us what really will be audible to be global you're not been amiss of the dead in Christ will rise first the Lord when it occurs or help us to be ready for the event helpless to want to be with Jesus help us to take in this life the precious probationary time of this living than we have now in Lord help us to become more like Christ so that when Christ returns will actually want to go so when we see it was a low this is our God we've waited for him and he will save us Lord is my prayer that Jesus returns and very soon but more importantly than that is that not one here's missing link us I the Lord asked in a more lanky fellow will ordering is a media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more certain and in www. audio person or


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