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13-What Happens When I Die?

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 2, 2013
    11:00 AM


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Philip Blake God created or made man but there was a time when men simply what ate there was a time before man existed and then God formed and made him created him and then man became a living soul thought before he was namely that time when he was eight nine oh this seems very simplistic to say that in the line up before which men didn't exist after which then did exist but already this kind of messes with some people 's minds there is this concept that man has always somehow live in we had this internal nature to us but not according to Scripture there is a time when we weren't then God created us in low behold we were going from wasn't too was now watch this God 's formula for life even just simply create just with the word of his mouth he did something particularly special God 's form if life is found there in Genesis two or seven where the cost ready format when the dust the ground and breathed into him the breath of life and us man became a living being so you have just which is just your body this stuff the molecules and atoms that make up your physical body dust of the ground plus the breath of life that God gives and according to Ms. you become man became a living being or livings whole in which brings us to this punchline biblically and others might take people for a little loopy a ballistic about it biblically you don't have a soul a biblically you do not have a soul biblically you are a soul faith this understanding this sets the table what happens when we die we first have to understand what it means to live many people walk around thinking they know what the other person is talking up with a your live you're doing well life we think is a common denominator oh we all believe the same thing about life friends we don't write the Bible makes it very clear there was a time when you work and God created is brought into existence and how to create I think the dust of the ground and breathing into that his breath of life and that come inflation of those two things makes someone a living being make someone a living soul now please note again that I cannot underscore this is not God did not kneel down informed man of the dust ground headless body and then take a soul off of a shelf somewhere in heaven a spirit being whatever this is right and stick issue in some man in the soul of Bobby Bidwell in and started activating it right so that it's basically outward clothing of the soul of you have inside of you this eternal soul that has always been and always will be that lives in Sutton in the according to Scripture you don't contain us all you'll have a soul you are a soul very important to understand as we go forward so if that's what life is than what is that now we can start ask the question what does it mean to die if that's what it means to live closer to Genesis chapter three the very next chapter Genesis chapter three and verse nineteen course we understand the Genesis one and two everything was perfect God made things good good good in very good out of anywhere they are the beautiful gardener at this man and the woman they had just been named in yet interestingly enough but all of this happens everything is wonderful and beautiful until of course the fall until they decide to sit against the creator maybe slaves to a different master and bear upon themselves the wages of sin and which is best but what is best will notice what the Lord says to Adam in verse nineteen Genesis chapter three in the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return where the ground I give that you will surely die because the babies that you will eat bread with the sweat of your breath until you return to the ground and why does he why is ground the destination for humans when they got only makes a very simple case writer for this reason for out of it you were what they can I've made you from the ground and thus even a go right back to the ground for out of it you were taken for dust you are and to dust you shall return very simple before then out of the dust of the ground to see that in chapter two verse seven chapter three verse nineteen wages then you go right back to the ground because that's what you were made up very very simple a clear so apparently when we die we just revert back to that pretty creation state where we simply worked with you the Bible bears this out the rest of Scripture is good Ecclesiastes queasy Estes to be page six forty six in your pew Bible Ecclesiastes twelve verses six and seven was read so up our Scripture reading but now understanding the light of the study we just done notice how consistent I won't even notice the consistency throughout the entire Scripture of this original Genesis framework of what life is and what death is only makes it clear as we read through Scripture again Ecclesiastes twelve starting with verse six and noticed all these euphemisms for death remember your Creator before the silver cord is loose or the golden bowl is broken or the picture shattered at the fountain or the wheel broken at the well these are all poetic ways of talking up before you die number seven then what will happen the dust will what's that word returned to the earth as it was so apparently you are made up of the dust of the earth and when you die the body goes right back to the dust of the ground but what happens that another component remember there was dust and the breath of life but is this in the spirit will return to the God who gave it so notice it's simply the dust goes back to the ground the spirit goes back to God who gave it so where is Matt then isn't reverted back to that three creations they simply are right it's a very simple concept the desk was back in the ground the breath goes back to God and the man became a living soul now isn't anymore basically what you see what with continual and will get to the punchline a method of the Psalm one oh four page five seven seven back to the left of it in your Bible Psalm one oh four verse twenty nine to build this biblical case directly from Scripture about what happens when I die someone oh four David writes poetically about this death experience saying you hide your face they are troubled you take away they die and return the two they are what the you notice there's always consistently this two-part aspect that the breath returns to God he takes it away because he's the one who gave it and the body simply goes back down to what it was dust it's an undoing of creation is what were going to see on Google and more James chapter two in the New Testament apparently this understanding of what death really is was helpful to James as he wrote this piece of Scripture when he explains about how finally important the combination of faith and works is to your spiritual life if you make that it is a very big part of his of his letter here James writes about how faith without works is that very simple but you have to have a combination of those two two things that a genuine spiritual life a living faith any builds this now in verse twenty six on the concept of physical life he says for as the body without the spirit is what dead so faith without works is dead also so to teach people how faith and works most combined to make a living spiritual reality is that you know how it is in the physical world you have a body and the spirit together to the Lord gives and windows are separated you're simply that this seems to be a very consistent thing in Scripture so again going back to fill the blank death is simply the undoing of creation the way that God created us to make us alive the undoing of that brings death thanks to the combination of dust of the ground and breath of life is what makes his living being and in the separation of those two things the breath goes back to God who gave it the body goes back to the dust of the ground from whence it came and thus you have to death is simply the undoing of creation again the body returns to the earth and the breath returns to God so what is it like for someone who has been a lot has been living has been a living solo living being a living creature what is it like to experience that undoing of creation that separation of the breath of God from the body what would it be like to be dead only like to experience death or interesting enough the botnet the Bible tells us about this when someone experiences when they had this undoing process called belly what do they go through the John Chapter 11 you get to see throughout the Bible that there's consistently one metaphor that used one analogy to help us relate to what it would be like to experience death use throughout all scriptures page ten thirty eight by the way in your pew Bible John chapter eleven and will start with verse eleven here just to give you a context a good friend of Jesus and his disciples was a man name named Lazarus who lived at home with the sisters and Martha Lazarus became ill Jesus received word of his dire illness and purposely chose to stay away and of course the illness progressed and Lazarus die and notice what Jesus comments about the death of Lazarus again Chapter 11 starting with verse eleven these things he said and after he said to him and after that he said to them our friend Lazarus what's the next word sleepless but I know that I might wake him up because our friend Lazarus is fallen asleep he sleeps but I go to wake them up and his disciples didn't catch on to what he was saying quite yet rereading is all they know it pretty sick very basic and the disciples that in verse twelve Lord if he sleeps he will get well however Jesus spoke of his wife that Jesus himself employs the analogy of death being like what sleep death is like sleep again were thirteen however Jesus spoke of his death but they thought he was speaking speaking about taking rest in sleep but they thought it was just a superficial level of daily nightly sleep Jesus is using sleep to mean death this becomes patently clear well Jesus himself clears up in this communication were sporting then Jesus said to them how plainly he wasn't using analogy wasn't using a metaphor no parable nothing it just that Lazarus is what that so Jesus himself that he sleeps and what he mean by that means he that Lazarus is dead than he says in verse fifteen and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there that's a pretty bold statement that you may believe nevertheless let us go to him as a Jesus had soft and they go to see last visit of course what we have is the resurrection of Lazarus Christ commands life back into this body and outcomes a living soul right living being named Lazarus once again now with notice on thirteen this evening consistency the consistent use of this analogy the throughout Scripture page five nineteen in your pew Bible Psalm thirteen C with solvents David writes about this death experience how to see what languages he used to speak about it he says in verse three of some thirteen consider and hear me O Lord my God and the lights in my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of what that so been Jesus is the first verse of the Bible uses metaphor he distantly picks up on biblical language instead of sleep is that that's what it's like the Daniel chapter two I kept the twelve Daniel chapter twelve from your right Bible page eight seventy one in your pew Bible Daniel chapter twelve here Daniel records the very final moments of the great controversy here on earth when things come to a head the closing probation is common it's time for Michael who is Jesus Christ to stand up and explains what happens here noticed this at that time Michael shall stand up the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was that there was a nation even in that time and at that time your people shall be what delivered notice something at that time your people shall be destroyed at that time your people shall be delivered in everyone who is found written in the book is parenthetically if you want to buy the time of trouble what you need to do make sure your name is written in the book and having your name inscribed in the book of God of God as is the most important thing but notice verse two what this describes and many of those who what sleep where in the dust of the earth shall all always sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake all of that is poetic language for their good to life the resurrection many of those asleep with a dozen beers shall awake some to everlasting life and some to everlasting shame and everlasting contempt no specimen exhibited some yoga have different rewards some delights of the everlasting life the machine content but those who sleep in the dust shall awake employs this metaphor for sleep again talk about that and you see you once again by the way in chapter twelve very very last passage there to did to Daniel himself notice what he says here which is a very interesting way for the Lord your fine verse thirteen in chapter twelve so fascinating Daniel has been this faithful servant of the Lord for so many years at this point he's in his declining years is in his old age and he asks questions anyone's to know what it all means all these prophecies been told in the Lord does not give him the answers that he asked for is a you done a great job writing it down thank you Lord now what does it mean in the Lord says okay to steal it up on the advocates it that's it now look at verse thirteen but you go your way to the end for use shall want friends one of the talking bellies as you shall rest that you're going to die but by the way I'm so glad is seven and thereby the way you did a good job your indigo dye but notice what he says that and will arise to your inheritance when at the end of the day right is not immediately go to go to heaven he let me go now now you think you're going to rest you're going to sleep and then you will arrive hi begin on the age bilateral value but I could sleep the natural sleep with a sleep of death and Jesus came to me if they don't worry I'm been awake you up later fair enough Daniel God not understanding all the prophecies but he knew he would arrest he would sleep in Jesus and he would wake at the end good way to go to sleep good way to go to sleep first Corinthians chapter fifteen page eleven ten in your pew Bible first Corinthians chapter fifteen the apostle Paul speaks of this death again and once again Old Testament New Testament everywhere the Bible you see the consistent use of this analogy that death is like first review fifteen verse fifty one behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all what we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of by the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed notices language once again when he talks about some people are going to die other people are going to be alive in Jesus those who are refers to his having gone to sleep but then we will outweigh the same language and Daniel use the same language that Paul uses the same language that Jesus use the same language that they would use it consistently in Scripture death is like sweet so to experience death according to this is not to be transported not to see things up to get things is simply like going so the question is what is sleep like if you want to know death is like apparently we know what sleep is like now for someone with your suite might be a very different things in a slightly twitchy and get up and walk around and I can do all kinds of crazy things and talking with those what you do I'm not that one I sleep like literally the day Lily one positions later wake-up eight hours later okay I guess I thought I have no idea with little my wife can get away with murder I'm so glad she doesn't if she doesn't not aware of it but shall tell me all kinds of the wild you know that you know Henry Kamen no note ever note it is up to me they would just be cried all along and I be sleeping like a baby well in fact better than a Navy family but how how good how analysts how deep is the sleep of death are you kind of alive kind of data you restless are you wondering are you haunting someone are you thinking are you living a productive week when you don't how deep is the sleep of death let's turnover the page Ecclesiastes again please yes these like the focus on things like that the purpose of life and you think page six forty four and if you Bible Ecclesiastes chapter nine verses five and six again the question wrestling out how deep is the sleep of death are you somewhat conscious are you here floating around what happens what's it like to thought how deep is the sleep of death Ecclesiastes nine verses five and six notices for the living know that they will die but I thought the happiest right everyone is a lesson Jesus comes why were still alive every person here is going to experience death I'm not trying to bum you out and try to make it bad news on to say if the fact that unless Jesus extend your life by coming a giving of that immortal life it were to be promised until that happens everyone in the subject of the Nile not happen sooner or later I don't know what means will be brought about but the same experience will be shared by all in the living notice everyone's alive understands this fact is what the wife medicine your for the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing all the debtor to be raised again at some point yes even when Jesus comes the first onwards into the thousand years but do good to think about that are they knowledgeable of it are they conscious of the fact that their dad and in some data into the alive course not you know why not consider that and this is his basic point for the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing because of unexplained and they have nowhere reward the memory of them is forgotten verse six not only their memories are gone selective thinking recalling and thinking about things right versus also they love their hatred and there in the half now what they're all the emotions are not sitting there in some placement of thinking about things in a ruminating pondering considering they're not loving things or hating things that are just done their asleep in their love their hatred and in the now parent and by the way do they come back and haunt things but never more will they have a share in anything done under the sun barely wants your dad your debt that's it it's not like you go to the grave and then come back up and start thinking and wondering if those people you dislike or hate in your life or love you like to come to the according to Scripture when your dad you're just that told you that was a punchline for the very beginning and Scripture rewrites is over and over let's look at the book of songs just turned back to let the little bit two books that was Psalm one forty six B page six zero one in your pew Bible Psalm one forty six versus three in four dear David speaks about not trusting man because he simply a mortal just like you you want to trust something something that you have put your trust in something important like God knows what he said some one forty six for three do not put your trust in princes nor in a son of man in whom there is no help why is that verse four is spirit departs noticed the same thing with your spirit departs he returns to his what her and in that very day what else dies lands pair you know whatever you had on your calendar for the day your notebook you're planning your Day timer delay filming a timer so that a thing I don't know your Kitty trapper keeper your son did everything stopped right then and there plans for just done before one more Psalm one fifteen just back a few more pages someone first fifteen or seventeen can I know the picture the most people have is the will when you die if not you're just the breath of God the fact that your soul goes back writing you can't kill us all and so you go to have any float around the cloud a new kind of sing songs the appraisal lording your on this book with the Bible says someone fifteen verse seventeen the dad do not praise the Lord sent me to the debtor all enemies of God no why don't the dead praise the Lord is not because they are against God it's just simply that they are dead they simply aren't any more for the dead do not praise the Lord nor any you go down into surveillance right but we will bless the Lord from this time forth and forever more we can talk about that forever think of last night until we are silenced by the grade as well the living brave the Lord and the dead pain how deep is the sleep of death you completely completely done promotions plans phrases whenever you had going on stops when a separation occurs the body goes back to the dust in your breath goes back to the Lord Elizabeth Revelation twenty noun pickup kind of things we mentioned last night Revelation chapter twenty one start with verse five remember this is the when Jesus returns when Jesus returns visit great destruction of the wicked and Satan is the only one left living is bound for a thousand years that it was going to burst for what happens during the thousand years and I saw thrones and they sat on them and judgment was committed to them then I saw the souls of those who'd been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God who would not worship the beast or his image and if not received his mark on therefore had thrown their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years but the rest of the dead did not live on in until the thousand years were finished so notice that this is a week we talk about Alaska is reiterating up that when Jesus returns the righteous living are caught up and the righteous to add are woken up right there awake from their dusty beds if you will to extend the analogy they awake there a lot of their resurrected and they go with Jesus and reign with him for a thousand years but the rest of the dead according to Scriptures stay in their graves until the thousand years were finished so what you have are two resurrections and and watch this noble language the Bible uses right of diversified the rest of the dead not litigants of the thousand years were finished this those going with Jesus when he comes in going to reign with him for a thousand years this is the first resurrection and if there's a first that means by default there must be a second bike the first one to the righteous when Jesus comes in a second one after the thousand years know what this verse six Blessed and holy is the most part in the first resurrection over such the second death has no power the pigment a lot got if there's a second that they of course must've been a first death receiving apparently everyone righteous or wicked will experience unless Jesus comes first death but there's a second death but the righteous have no need to worry about first death is common to everyone just like we talk about unless Jesus comes as everyone faces the would-be writers will you wicked with your statement is that it doesn't matter everyone faces first up but second death is something that can be avoided by what is that how do we point thanks again we continue on Blessed and holy verse six is you as part of the first resurrection over such the second death has no power but they shall be priests of God and Christ and shall reign with him for a thousand years now is give down without a verse fourteen after the wicket are resurrected as a study last night after they have face the record of their life and every need is bounded every time you invested Jesus Christ is Lord with years out of repentance or out of the sheer weight of evidence now says then death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire this is the second death and anyone not found it written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire and the first death that happens in this world one of you whatever it is with his your car accident whether it's a horrible disease with a just old age whatever the thing that gets us were all going to get knocked right first step comment isopropanol for the Lord your raising of the body making the body piece of cake you get dirt before right no problem resurrect come back to life but at the end of that time there's a second bits of much more if you want use the term grave significance than first in what makes the difference between the two was to talk about that fire that destroys does that very thing it doesn't just harm it doesn't just torture the fire destroys forever the difference between first death in second death is very simple go to our worksheets first death is death that is merely temporary it's asleep to be awakened from it Christ can blow the trumpet command like back and use it can be alive again is like that second Helen is permanent death from which there is no resurrection France the idea of dying here on this world idea facing first death is something common to us all that is not a thing that should be feared the thing that we should worry about is being destroyed forever and second that this is what you don't fear him who can kill the body only if I can make a new body on the resurrection to life any evidence of that with the Lazarus right he returned with Doctor Watson aboard become first after Lord no problem at all second is that permanent death from which there is no hope of resurrection first just like you don't fear him until the body only you should be really worried about this concept of second death where you're good to be gone for ever I don't think that is best with confidence no problem this one is completely avoidable and notice who have to do with this evidence again come back to the same thing we all reread verse fifteen again and anyone not found written in the book of life was cast in the lake of fire so what should we do to prepare for avoiding second death that is not much you can do it sure you can do your vegetables exercise and you prolong first life right and happy to push that off as late as possible fine but no matter how helping about how happy no matter how great your life is at some point it will be ended with Jesus comes first right avoiding first step is not our priority somehow things got better money you must hang onto the flight and a friend is okay to downright Jesus can wake you up the thing we want to be sure to avoid is second death and how do you do that make sure that your name is written on the lambs book of life that's the great that's the key that's the ticket now people are disabled with little will is of the soul in morsel I hear that term I'm I'm sure I've heard from the pulpit I'm sure heard on the radio I'm sure I've heard it is just so commonly understood it's got a be true everybody talks about it at least heard of it it's got a real but he thinks it will probably business we go back to work she did for the term immortal soul that phrase is found nowhere in the Bible you will not find that phrase in mortal soul anywhere in Scripture just not there in fact the Bible teaches the opposite of an immortal soul apparently her soul is mortal it can and will die unless a written length book of life but somewhere it will get to visit a minute we came up with this idea or we bought into this lie that you inherently live for ever that you are in some way a peer with God that you are his contemporary you are his equal and that you both are eternal beings slowdown slowdown the second is that you look at Ezekiel chapter eighteen eight eight seventeen and your pew Bibles just before the book of Daniel we go to Ezekiel chapter seventeen chapter eighteen of the inverse for verse four says that the kids are crazy behold all souls are who mind that is even think all souls are equally fit at all I love vulnerable all souls are mine sold father as well as the sum of the soul is mine and the soul who sins shout what does the Bible teach that you have an immortal soul no Bible specifically teaches that sin the wages of sin is death and the soul itself will die now I didn't think Asoka die because you had a wrong conception of what a soul is biblically don't have a soul you are a soul he says in the soul that sins shall die the same thing we read in every part of Scripture the wages of sin is death sold in sin shall die first Timothy chapter six is the back of the New Testament rollover the Bible on this one first Timothy a big page eleven forty two new pew Bible identity section of the New Testament first Timothy chapter six here the apostle Paul Khanna gets on a roll and he gets excited about what is writing a start describing God right is without a verse fifteen which he will manifest in his own time Quito is the blessed and only potentate the King of kings and Lord of lords who alone has what only be according to the Bible and all the universal alone has immortality is gotten so and I'm not a break it to you friends you are not God I am not I in his creation he is my creates or there's a big difference I'm not equal with God in my powers of my strength and much in any aspect not even in this concept of eternal life God alone has immortality and he doles that he gives it as a gift eternal life is a gift from God is not an inherent rights of humanity but don't good people go to heaven when they die you have heard this all my life to eye disease you die start floating obviously is lighter you hovering over by your conscious you're fully aware you follow your loved ones throughout the rest of their life you looking in on them as they do things whoever when they go through good times and bad times you take comfort in the fact that your ancestors are there with you because they're all still alive because the different place right is this what the Bible teaches well no I would say do go to heaven but only when Jesus returns until then in your worksheet may rest or sleep in the grave I have no problem the right is going to happen just whenever Jesus comes to get us and raises us to life again until then we simply aren't any see what the Bible talks about this revelation chapter fourteen page eleven eighty four Revelation chapter fourteen verse thirteen at particular time in earth history is is getting close closer closer than in the time the Bible outlines this time the trouble is with reference to and Daniel chapter twelve of your Revelation chapter fourteen we read first most of the first twelve here is the patience of the saints here are those with the same criteria get as those faithful remnant those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me right blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on that is not just a blessing for all the dad right but those who die how in the Lord right to die faithful disappointed son to die in the Lord from now on yes says the spirit that they may want rest from their labors and their works follow them so record of their life a record of their deeds a record of their book about it over the top of the books are opened as a record kept of your life but you don't physically continue to live but your record goes on ahead and you simply rest on Scripture makes that plane and those of the righteous by the way what are they doing until Jesus comes a resting they just sleeping in that accepted to perhaps the most definitive statement of Scripture I don't know how language can be any clearer than what the apostle Peter said on the day of Pentecost accepted to page ten fifty three interview Bible speaking about David Cook there was anyone who should go to heaven is to be the man after God 's own heart right the greatest king the history of Israel a representative of Jesus himself sure and type in figure he was most appoint people to the Lord surely he would go to heaven when he does but does the verse twenty nine says acts chapter two minute brother let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David that he is both dead and buried and his tomb is with us to this day he is dead and what happened and after he got he was buried where in the ground and to his tomb is with us is that right over there verse thirty four just be crystal clear for David did not ascend into the heavens but he says but he says himself the Lord said to my Lord sit in my right hand five make your enemies or footstool the person who ascends when it happened David was speaking that was not himself was Jesus Christ would come after them the true King of Israel right but David the individual is dead and buried his tomb is right over there and just to be clear he didn't not going to heaven patently clear right from Scripture so the question of what happens when I die is predicated on the correct understanding of what happens when on the life what does it mean to be alive what means to have a physical body is created from the dust the ground the Lord made from the same stuff that you broke your body done chemical particle pieces you would find the same stuff the same matter is in the dirt and rocks and trees all the stuff that the writer think but God put together the body and breathes into it his breath the I didn't take an immortal soul off of the shelf and put it in you was that by God 's way now you have something to do with his immortal soul the Bible simply teaches you are a soul and of the soul that sins shall die and death is simply the undoing of creation but praise the Lord the same God that created us is the God who is coming back to re-create so the issue is not avoiding first step in trying to live forever here in this world is not alone but what we want to do is make sure that our life is recorded in the Lamb 's book of life so that we can avoid second death of it regardless of what happens in this first life we can have the same assurance like Daniel had that yet he will rest but I will await you at the end of your days in the days of the powerful thought God 's Word clearly and repeatedly affirms as we come to a conclusion that when people die they are just dead so simple so your byway where did this come from let's finish off your Genesis chapter three witness mistaken concept of it is so clear from Genesis to Revelation where this idea that none and no we don't ever die from well she might expect it comes from the enemy of God God has a truth whatever the counterfeit is that comes from his enemy Genesis chapter three and notice here the Lord had said to them it to the man you will if you eat of this fruit you will surely die to look with the verse four says then the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die friends it is not God it teaches that there is no such thing as death excitement teaches that you will not surely die for the days for the God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be open and you will be like friends we are not like God we are his creatures the life that we now live is not ours inherently it is a gift from him and we each all of us forfeited the right to continue that eternal life and eat from the tree of life and go on Fox Jesus has offered to give us eternal life again if we find a names written on this book the appeal is very very clear don't worry about first step yes live a healthy life you have a whole nice message about but this life is nothing to be concerned about securing eternal life should be our highest and friends available to everyone every one of us has to face first after there's not a person here who has to face second every single person here has that out on the Lamb 's book of life so once you see the truth in this don't think how can I protect my soul the Lord how can I be written under book so that in the name of a human raise me up and I live in your immortality for the rest will resume clearly makes an already low a this media was brought by audio course of a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio 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