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14-Heaven On Earth

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 2, 2013
    7:00 PM


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I think I will keep heaven on earth number fourteen number fourteen believe it or not we are past the halfway mark no going twenty five and were up to fourteen halfway was right there between twelve and thirteen world the downhill side but hopefully things are going downhill hopefully they're only getting better and better and what I want to show share with you tonight is the message that I truly truly truly enjoyed presenting because it's such a fascinating topic is about the sanctuary and God 's intent that in ancient Israel anybody think what on earth does ancient Israel and tenth in the wilderness have to do with us today on a powerful part were just setting the stage in fact this is the part one will see tomorrow or not tomorrow work together on Tuesday it could be that fulfillment of this the completion of this work is that a framework and I put a structure in your mind from the Bible they were to fill up and give substance and significance to tomorrow forget it okay is it tomorrow I like it when I'm accidentally right here fantastic it will have all the workings ready going to find on your just that the big Bible study got no problem but were to give the structure in this presentation and fill it out more fully at the next person to lose that makes sense okay that's a good start but before we get started with this list with begin with WordPress heavenly father thank you thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and especially for this particular particular topic what we want to understand how you operate it want to see what you've revealed to us how we should operate as your people the Lord teaches knife we were helpless to see things perhaps we've never seen before the Lord make it clear the Lord let it not only be the practical application that we can take what we've learned be transformed into the image of your son Jesus where he prayed in Jesus name have been on earth please took me in your Bibles to Exodus chapter twenty five three page seventy five in your pew Bible Exodus chapter twenty five that second book in the Bible way back in the Old Testament Exodus chapter twenty five of course the term exodus means to come out to exit in this story of Exodus the book of Exodus chronicles the experience of the Israelites after they come out of the land of Egypt the Lord has called out to be here distinct people is a holy nation the fascinating history when they went into Israel and Israel went into Egypt there was about seventy people the Bible says two hundred and fifteen years later they come out of Egypt including the mixed multitude close to two million people and so they come out of the array that the people in the Lord leads them out take them out of Egypt at the Exodus leads into Mount Sinai which we find an exit chapter twenty when he hands down the most is that ten commandment law but here we are five chapters later Moses is still on the mountain the people are still at the foot of the mountain and the Lord gives further instruction than just the ten Commandments I would imagine that most Christians would have undermined that Exodus chapter twenty the Lord gives the ten Commandments and that really know enough about collective thoughts about right you leave them out of Egypt bring them outside I guess in the ten commandment law and then undergo some other stuff let's see what the other stuff is that the Lord had in mind specifically Chapter twenty five it will start with verse one the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak to the children of Israel that they may bring me and what an offering they're going to bring things to the Lord something that the Lord wants from them very specifically says from everyone who gives it how willingly pay with his heart you shall take my offering and this is the often what you shall take for them any less stop all a lot of materials stuff gold silver and bronze blue purple and scarlet thread fine linen goats air ram skins dyed red badger skins and acacia wood oil for the light and spices for the anointing oil and for the sweet incense onyx stones and stores the sentiment you thought in the breastplate so if the whole list of items of material that he once collected freely from the children of Israel what's he going to do with all these things verse eight and let them make me a what sanctuary let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them now let's take that verse and digested for just a moment let them make me a sanctuary as we look at the structure who's been a build this building this edifice the structure they are right through that have them collect all these materials were they to do with it they will build this building is the building for for me I say will build me any call this place a sanctuary sanctuary sanctify means to make something holy this is going to be a holy place it's good to be the Lord 's own dwelling in fact he says it right there with the purpose of the sanctuary that I may do what well where one pennies that I want them to click all these materials and they will build me a sanctuary for the purpose that I might dwell among them is that I want him to make me a dwelling place in our common vernacular we would call a dwelling place your what your house where they lived in tents at that point but their galago Lawrence sent as his dwelling place is a boat is what he called sanctuary holy place because God by the way God the only thing that makes something wholly right to talk about that when he said the Sabbath airport God make that holy we spoke to Moses at the burning bush is a take off your shoes of the ground are standing on is what holy crap what made the ground holy the presence of God is not just some areas that are quarantined about that fully that was fun the is the presence of God there in this tent made of these materials was able to be inherently special know but it's inhabitants make it special I he is going to dwell on this is good to be the Lord 's tip is to collect all these materials have been make a sanctuary for me but then it goes on in verse nine according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings just so you shall make you the materials are to come for the people who believe to be put together by the people but the concept of what it's supposed to look like comes from the Lord the pattern were given to build a house with the plan called the call that blueprint right the Lord has a plan a blueprint in mind for his own house these days you make my house and you can make it according to my specification very rarely back I don't know that I would ever do come up to a total contractor given all the monies they go by materials and I want you to build me a house but you make it how you like you just okay whatever you think you would like all learn to like it no it's my money my authority given to make my house according to my specifications the Lord says that he was a big there's a plan there's a pattern to the blueprint and I want you to build according to my plan of what you see the universe not according to all that I show you how would Moses know what to belt according to the text how is he going to know what to build God 's going to show it to the recording all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all furnishings just so you should make even the furniture itself they make it generally like this is that I want you to make it according the pattern just so even down to the furnishings every detail of this dwelling place of God was supposed to be built on a pattern that God would show Moses is that making sense of our okay let's continue on by the way the rest of the book of Nexus the entire rest of the book about this movie only exception being the apostasy and exits are thirty three with the golden calf the rest of the book of Exodus is about the construction of the furnishings and all the different elements in the final configuration of the entire tabernacle the rest of the book about the rights of first uninjured after forty when the Lord actually comes and takes possession moves into his house it's all about the building of this sanctuary which is fascinating almost half of the entire book of Exodus is dealt on this building and it structures apparently it's pretty important to the Lord the ten Commandments very important to Lauren there's one chapter devoted to explaining the same what they are but the rest of the book by and large is about this particular building it's very important to the Lord so we'll start off and knows what his very first thing he says is very first piece of furniture is called the Ark of the covenant of the first eighteen Skip down here were not regularly every bit on the highlights of the things of a first piece of furniture the Lord wants as part of the covenant you shall make two cherubim of gold of hammered work you shall make them at the two inns of the mercy seat now if you go back to verse ten it would give the basic structure of this art in an arc is simply a container right Moses Ark was a big boat that held all the animals and the people who are faithful to this art but no better noses no edited on the tape toward Noah's Ark right with the big boat to contain all the people to keep that this arc was supposed to contain something it was supposed to represent something inevitable golems the edit describes all dimensions of it basically what it is of the box of a particular length and height and width and depth all the different dimensions is very clear about it and he told them to make it award and covered with gold and in verse seventeen was back here on server sixteen and you shall put into the ark of the testimony with a T which I will give you with what is the testimony but the Lord gave to Moses on the mountain the tenth amendment law is that this is the box it's going to contain the ten commandment law which of course the law of God is the whole basis of his government talk about that the law of love number seventeen you shall make a mercy seat of pure gold to a half cubits shall be its length and acumen and happen with so it's only on this box is our inverse eighteen as we just read he shall make two cherubim that his angels of goal old hammered words you shall make them at the two ends of the mercy seat made one chair that one in the other chair of the other and you shall make the chairman at two in the big one of one piece with the mercy seat by the way this is supposed to represent this is the very very heart very middle the innermost place of God 's dwelling place of course to find out that his dwelling place has multiple rooms there is a most holy place then there's no holy place and then there's the courtyard three distinct areas or divisions of God 's house but this piece of furniture was good to go in the innermost in the most holy place and it inside of it is with our commute inside the arc is where the ten Commandments go and nonetheless at least two Angels and see later on his wings are manifold over the creates the space on the list represents the throne of God the very seat of God 's government in the seeds fascinating is called the mercy seat I will love it it's called the mercy seat the mercy seat is on top of God law if not call the seed of damnation the seed of the seed of always call the seat of mercy God wants us to be wants to be immersed in what God is a merciful God he describes his throne is owned dwelling place in that way well we continually lets go to the next limits could exit twenty five numbers thirty one wiki going out of sight verse twenty three the next piece of furniture in the holy place you shall make a table of acacia wood two cubits shall be its length and cupids with the decubitus have to type you shall overlay it with pure gold and make a molding of gold all around okay so now you can make this table which is called the table of showbread a number thirty seven and you shall set the showbread on the table before me always so basically what were seeing is God 's furnishing his house from the inside out starting the most holy Place is only one piece of furniture ascorbic Mark of the covenant of the ark of the testimony because it contains ten commandment law of God and if the seat of God 's government one piece of furniture in the most holy place moving out which by the way it is a diagram of the bottom you can follow along there's this table of showbread if three pieces of furniture in the holy place the first one mentioned in the Bible is the table of showbread but now we go to verse thirty one the next piece of furniture in the holy place you shall make a lampstand of pure gold the lampstand shall be of hammered work if shaft branches of bold ornamental knob and its flower shall be of one piece first thirty two continues and six branches shall come out of its size three branches of the land of the lampstand out of one side and three branches of lampstand out of the other side you have essential pillar you have three branches out of each side giving a total number of branches at seven six of the branches and the one centerpiece three one seven this is what we have is this seven branched candlestick the lampstand and what was to happen within it would burn continually before the Lord you can find that annexes Chapter twenty seven the analysis of chapter thirty of Exodus resuming a very quick 's overview of the different pieces of furniture because God was very particular about the building of dwelling place in chapter thirty in verse one you shall make an altar to burn incense on you shall make it of acacia wood so as to make an altar of incense the third piece of furniture that goes into the holy place to Denver six and you shall put it before the frail that is before the ark of the testimony before the mercy seat that is over the testimony where I will meet with you so apparently if you have Google diagrammed at the bottom the most holy Place has this one piece of furniture which is the Ark of the covenant where the testimony of God is kept in the mercy seat of God 's throne is there then this dividing line is like a veil there was a literal physical frail the cupboard of the separation of partition between the two rooms and you'd move out to the holy place where you would find the table showbread of the lampstand with a piece of furniture closest to the holy was closest to the most holy place is this altar of incense and so that's the one that comes right up to the veil between the holy and the most holy place in fact with contained in the holy place now it's about the courtyard exits chapter twenty seven the Cisco back a few pages exist Chapter twenty seven and verse one you shall make an altar of acacia wood five cubits long and five cubits wide the altar should be square its height shall be three cubits in verse two says you shall make its horns of its four corners its force to be one piece with it and you shall overlay it with bronze belt you'll notice in your in your notes there that that little pieces got up to save space that will piece was missing but please understand they made a wooden structure and covered it with bronze you would not want to burn things on a wooden altar without some sort of the separation between Rick Philip is the one alternate is overly broad but because the bronze altar where they would burn sacrifices on a altar of burnt offering on the altar of burnt sacrifice is a known elevated up to verse chapter thirty one worked on chapter thirty four final piece of furniture verse eighteen and Exodus thirty you shall also make a laver and his bowl or a basin of bronze with its base also bronze for washing you shall put it between the tabernacle of meeting and the altar and you shall put water in it okay so we can take this now could take a little outline where the basic structure in our minds that there are three distinct divisions three distinct rooms if you will of God 's house there's the courtyard within the holy place and then the what most holy place in the courtyard the very first thing you would run into is the altar of burnt offering on the altar of sacrifice very first furnishing you would run into beyond that it would have this labor they would do the ceremonial washing with and then you have a partition and you enter into the holy place but let me be very clear you wouldn't enter into the holy place someone dies then we'll get into that war was the continue to study but people would come the courtyard make the sacrifices that priest would going to the holy place and inside the holy place they would see the three pieces of furniture on the north you would find the table of showbread on the south side he would have these seven branched candlesticks and right up next to the most holy place divider the veil of the Kurt you would find the altar of incense were instance was continually burned before the Lord done unless you understand what it all means I just want to give the structure in your head back within a few passed into the most holy Place would find the one piece of furniture that there which is the ark of the testimony the ark of the covenant inside of which is contained within commitment law of God on top of it you have these two angels that would be their wings reverently bowed over and in its space it's created on the latest called the mercy seat and that's where God actual presence would well so we would go from the courtyard to the holy place the most holy place if you walk through Ixion ulcer for burnt sacrifices the labor for ceremony Washington you go through the next room and you'd see that table showbread the seven branched candlestick and the altar of incense when you go through another divider into the most holy place and you'd be there in the very presence of God with his ark of the testimony on which the mercy seat rests I hope that's clear that this is what the Lord had in mind these are the particulars that and noticeably just skimmed very quickly they went down to excruciating detail every little ring every loophole every little support structure every little ornament every detail the Lord that I want to make it besides like this out of this material and make it just so you shall make I go for the study agent for the structure mind also be the Lord was in credibility particular about the details and plans of his dwelling place and not just the rooms and not just the size but every aspect of it he had a very detailed plan for its construction does that make sense okay let's move on go to the other side of the page that now that was the Lawrence provision his instruction for his own dwelling place his ten news sanctuary as he call now this particular aspect from my childhood I've been aware of the basic structure of God 's tabernacle courtyard of the holy place the most vote each piece of furniture out of the picture in your head it's a very simple structure I was the three rooms and only you know what five six pieces of furniture how easy is that the Lord is now what I did not understand is that God had the same level of precision for ordering the rest of the camp that he had for ordering his own intent within the camp at the picture I was head of the Lord 's house was very particular of course it could be his health is a dwelling place any of the courtyard vote was mostly late eighties furniture every dimension every aspect everything taken care of right in the letter and once that was created once that was established the Lord filled with and in the rest of the camp of Israel discount of you know fifty ten on the desert now this guy go find to spot him around but what I want to show you now is that the same tear the same precision with which the Lord established his own tent the Lord arrange for the establishment of the rest of the tents of Israel that the entire camp not just the same thread of the entire camp was designed by the Lord for some specific reason and I will get to what that reason is that in the message but I want you to see what drew him to fail at next is the physical arrangement of the camp Switzerland the book of numbers numbers chapter two three page one twenty four in your pew Bible numbers appropriately enough begins with a census in the book of Numbers deals exactly with that idiot in fact the books of Moses are very almost un- creatively named Genesis means the beginning right and that's where you read in the beginning God created that it begins after this means to come out and got people coming up out of Egypt and getting establishes people Leviticus deals with the priests who were from the tribe of Levi and all the different reason all the different services and things were going to nearest service and here we have the book of numbers and it begins with accounting of the people in arranging of the people so chapter one is a big synthesis and there is a chapter to look at verse one number seven two hundred one and the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron saying every one of the children of Israel shall camp by his own what that word standard when he gets another synonym here beside the ones that next work and lungs of his father 's house they shall camp some distance from the tabernacle of meeting so again the tabernacle of meeting what is God 's sanctuary his holy Blazers entire again there his dwelling place is the sensor of the entire camp of Israel they button now he's good to go beyond his own intense and instruct the Israelites how and where to arrange their sense in proximity to his tent does that make sense so God started his announcement arrange the rest of the camp around okay now that in mind housing to do it let's back up now to verse fifty three of the previous chapter chapter one is back at the verse fifty three the website observers did you children of Israel shall pitch their tents everyone by his own camp everyone by his own standard according to their armies so again we've had this idea that everyone everyone pitches their dead according to their family group a announced that the persecutory thoughts is one exception the Levites shall camp around where the tabernacle of the testimony that there may be no wrath on the congregation of the children of Israel and the Levites shall keep charge of the tabernacle of the testimony so again we have this concept of the centerpiece of the campus the tabernacle of testimony sanctuary is the tribe of Israel the family group of Israel but camps closest to and in fact surrounds the cap tabernacle is the tribe of what Levi and the answers given a very plainly what was the purpose one of the purposes for the Levites being encamped around the tabernacle their daycare forthright of course the children of not all the Levites were priests only the children of Aaron were the sons of Aaron were priests but Erin came the tribe of Levi so all the sons of Aaron you find out later our priests everyone else are the physical caretakers of the tabernacle of meeting of course you realize that the tabernacle of the sanctuary was all portable it was built so we could be established and taken down and moved as the Lord would lead his people to the promised land and so these people the Levites were the ones who would care for all the different articles in different pieces they were put up at there now they were the physical laborers as well as the family of Aaron the sons of Aaron with his spiritual labors they were the priests the Levites were the caretakers and so they would camp around the tabernacle that let's go back to this concept of everyone else's posted by their own standard was back to verse fifty four of Chapter one plus the children of Israel did according to all that the Lord commanded Moses so they did and I would go back to chapter two verse one what was the thing they did again the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron saying every one of the children of Israel shall camp by his own standard beside the emblems of his father 's health face shop can't some distance from the tabernacle of meeting a think about this everyone was supposed to camp with their own family and each family had a standard warned him we can think of it as a logo or an icon a picture that represents their tribe their family unit okay so you had up flag if you will or a banner that would be planted in the ground and we were able to the air to have a picture on it that would look like your family know if anyone ever hear from Scotland all you know they have a specific outline a plan that goes with your family now all the different family you know partisans the look and see the different design will that one looks like my family the color represent you and even nowadays with Nations you have a worse state certified government you have a animals or some sort of logo some sort of emblem that represents your territory your nation if you were to talk about that the nation on earth represented by the Dragon whether the China right or if you are thinking of you know that nation with a pair of the Russia you think about these United States of America as an equal perhaps or Buffalo or something like that you get iconic doll that represents world from the problem the same thing happened with the children of Israel each family each family unit each family group each tribe had an emblem of banner standard as the Bible says it would represent their household now let's think about this just from a logistic standpoint you have nearly two million people out of the desert camping in tents and I'm guessing all look pretty much alike right that's a big group right at the end that is the potential to be a big mess right foot all of these people who have been enslaved for the last couple hundred years release a hundred plus years bring out of the desert and saying now or what even he gave any details Lords of the note only to build my house first and informed opportunity to anchor point and I want you to build the rest of the camp surrounding it in this way is first of all each family get-together everyone's got their own logo their own emblem or banner standard now this seems like a very archaic what you does have a stick in the ground he had a flag up there that's how you know this is brilliant folks think about I spent a bit of time in Central Florida lived in Central Florida for several years and for some reason people go there to vacation each to their own I guess but one of the things essential for it has are some of the largest attractions on largest theme parks in all the world we were talking about Disney World and an Epcot Center and Busch Gardens and all these different places the literally millions of people go to every year these places aren't enormously large and the parking lots that go with them are proportionally large to the venue so if you have a big big place it's been a whole tends of thousands of people at one point you have to have a parking lot that the tens of thousands of cars literally write these parking lots are so large that they don't expect you to park your car in a water front door you park your car and they come by with little shuttle bus and pick you up and drive you to the front door it's that big of a parking lot in fact if you were to get out of your car walked to the front door your day is done you go to a club that was fun and you go back to volume doesn't walk across the Parkland comeback issue so they anticipate that you pull up your car they come to Juneau trolley load trend will bus taking the front door and then you go have your fun in the amusement park and there's right and if the light flashing fingers music as you know very much not healthy things to eat eat funnel cakes your spitting upside down you hold the Avenue got sunburn and for some reason people call it fun but whatever so you come out after that day thinking as both be happy but in reality you're miserable you got a pounding headache and now you have to look for your what car and you look out over the setting sun and you see just a see twinkling shining little reflection I for instance drive compact silver SUV do you think the odds are pretty good there's another silver SUV I do they were absolutely bit and not in others one I was maybe two three four thousand of them right and you look at the great seed in your spending and where do I go and you know what you don't do you don't go looking for your car they don't expect you to find your car right and you disable these days others take up the key file but were talking about acres and miles the parking lot right in the range as only a couple hundred feet may be like you're looking to find it on your own so the bus comes long pick you up again as they were my taking and you don't say please take me to the silver SUV and that's ridiculous you'd be stopping every ten feet and so what you look for what they have anticipated this problem long in advance of your arrival when you park your car Disney World you don't look down and see where you want to park what you look up the good of the whole with a big flag on it near where you parked your car that has like Donald Duck in a funny pair sunglasses or something you or a silly viscera chipmunk or some sort of some sort of picture you're looking for your car you're looking for goofy in a sombrero or something that's what you're looking for you think take me to the dolphin and a lot that I don't and want to see that you like I I remember where I was aligned with it and you start like getting your bearings according to be flag that are in the parking lot it's the same idea from Scripture basically Gosselin might get my century my dwelling places can be the centerpiece of your camp with the rest of the camp is not involved in any chaos each family you can icon and an emblem of banner this can represent you and all of you to camp around it and you don't just pick a random place you could be aligned next to another camp and another can in another camp all the way around and I'll show you how to do it this is what numbers to get to is all about what's the step we start with verse three look here on the east side for the rising of the sun those of the standard of the forces with what tribe Judah now on the move this right now and make this if you will the centerpiece of the camp let's say that this is the sanctuary this is God 's tabernacle is dwelling place of the good on the east side will be Judah right standard of the camp Judah think about this there are twelve tribes of Israel and is a four sided tabernacle how many must be intent on each side three to make it even symmetrical I left with were going for you it says here on the east side for the rising of the sons have been the standard of the force was with Judah now not for you East would be this way if this latest automated from your perspective so hopefully make sense of it East Judah is not just Judah on that site is the main there's a cardinal direction can't write as one family that represents each cardinal directions but along with them they would expect to find two other camps right so those on the site verse five votes to camp next to him shall be the tribe of home Issachar Gay November seven then comes the tribe of Zebulon she had Judah is the main camp and right next to Judy have Issachar and Zebulon a that's east now let's go on to verse ten on the south side which she would be this way this way Republican bearings right only keep you straight and in order that you keep me straight on the south side verse ten shall be the standard of the forces with whom Ruben Ruben is the main drive on the south side coordinate their armies and he goes on a verse twelve those who connect to him shall be the tribe of Simeon and in verse fourteen then comes the tribe of Gad to have Ruben Simeon and dad represented the south side now moving over to the west a good inverse eighteen on the Westside shopping list then forces of Ephraim Ephraim makes up the main Western tribe there verse twenty next to him comes the tribe of Manasseh in verse twenty two then comes the tribe of instrument and the three undecided one being the main cardinal direction and finally on the south side of sites and on the north side verse twenty five the standard of the forces would then shall be on the north side according to their armies verse twenty seven those of him next to him shall be the tribe of Asher and verse twenty nine then comes the tribe of Natalie so now we have outlined all around the camp each cardinal direction Judith Rubin Ephraim and Dan has a main representative and alongside of those you have adjacent tribes the camp with them and I know this seems like my new should you like how does this change my life were getting along with you one more thing one more organization before show what it all means go to first Chronicles first Chronicles three page four zero two interview Bible first Chronicles chapter twenty four now again the one family tribe with the Levites who camped the closest an account all the way around every other one had once placed one place one place the Levites were spread all the way around the tabernacle and enforced the sons of Aaron were the priests that were spiritual function in the tabernacle of meeting later on when they became settled in the promised land there was a further division of the sons of Aaron into the rounds of service so they would camp accordingly around the service they would be sequential this woman this woman is with this one all the way around the cat is like a clock or calendar going all year round in each one and ran around the service they would go all the way around it but noticed how many divisions their work I find distracting us show you why the first Chronicles twenty four seven verse one Duffy is the divisions of the sons of Aaron and again the sons of Aaron the Rob was to be the priest the sons of Aaron were named and abide new LEDs are and if the mark he had four children made by new values it at the Berkeley 's four sons but of course two of those died prematurely namely Nate Avenue by and read about that also Scripture that was a tragic incident that is that their numbers to an name data by who died before their father and had what no children so it's hard to divide up their lineage related and having so it's down to Eleazar and if so therefore says Eleazar and if the mark minister as priests and the rest of chapter twenty four continues on at least verse nineteen of naming off all of the offspring who would have these household and that would be their round of service as they encamped around the sanctuary it will skip down to verse with a verse eighteen is it just tells them up one by one by one and I would read it all to you but a not that particular interesting NBI can't pronounce the names anyway so it would just be awkward for all of us but notice your verse eighteen the twenty third to July the twenty fourth two Messiah NSB in the list how many people were in the list twenty four first nineteen this was the schedule of their service for coming into the health of the Lord according to the ordinance by the hand of air in their father as the Lord God of Israel had commanded him was this area the idea to divide them up into these twenty four divisions annulled the Lord it specifically told him all right where to take the sons of Aaron 's children here ever to divide them subdivided into twenty four groups for help we often happen that before I think that's all fascinating your thinking and thinking why does any of this matter galaxy let's go to the book of Hebrews Hebrews chapter eight back towards the end of the New Testament book of Hebrews chapter eight page eleven fifty two the first one Hebrews chapter eight starting with verse one now this is the main point of the things we are saying for the first seven chapters apparently are building up to this this is the main point of the things we're saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty where in the heavens a Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man I would go back to the very beginning of our study who was supposed to build the one that Moses was give the instruction for the people right there was bring the materials they were supposed to build in the Lord directed and guided but they would want to build but apparently there is a true tabernacle in heaven that the Lord built in .net date so where do you think this pattern this plan is a blueprint for what Moses was listed build on earth came from the one with the Norman okay now this is a powerful Sabina Limited says that the true tabernacle it doesn't mean that the one earth was the false tabernacle right it doesn't intrude Boston meet original versus the scale model or the substance versus the shadow of the real thing the true one is in heaven and that's where Jesus our high priest is ministering today apparently all of this tabernacle stuff is supposed to be a representation of what is in heaven spectacles on November three for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices in earthly ones do those things for their job therefore it is necessary for this one speaking of Jesus also have something to offer for if you are a priest on earth for if he were here on earth he would not be a priest in Jesus omission was just to come and be a another person he would not be a priest I'm guessing you'd be a carpenter right that's what he did his father Joseph did earthly father did but he certainly would not be priest why not look from the tribe of Levi but look at the local language or what is that what for if they were here on earth he would not be a priest sense there are priests who offer gifts according to law we already have plenty of earthly priests we don't need anymore that's all we can do but look at verse five these earthly priest where do they serve who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly thing so where they work their tabernacle of their century on earth is nearly a copy and shadow of what it is in heaven and that is this a diversified who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was the divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle for he said seeing that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain so the pattern he was shown on the mountain according the Bible with a pattern of heaven itself he was shown the tabernacle in heaven instead now you make it exactly like that case of the tabernacle on earth is merely a reflection or shadow of what is in heaven my level of popular one to say this Québec act chapter seven Exchequer seven you see Peter and uneasy Stephen just before his death giving this powerful sermon recounting the history of Israel page ten fifty nine in your pew Bible asked chapter seven will start with verse forty four says our fathers have the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness as he appointed instructing Moses to make it according to the pattern he had seen okay repeating this idea that but this is the third time the original and fun at the song Hebrews now with the acts they understand that Moses built this thing on a pattern that God showed them of what is in heaven goes on to say which our fathers having received it in turn also bought with Joshua in the land possessed by the Gentiles and got there about before the face of our fathers until the days of David who found favor before God it has to find a dwelling for God of Jacob for the God of Jacob with Solomon built him a house so there was the tabernacle the wilderness was the portable one Solomon ended up building him an actual physical permanent structure however he says is nice of the tabernacle Moses built was at his glorious splitters as the one that Solomon built however he said the most hi do not dwell in temples made with hands as the prophet says have been is my what wrong have been his microphone and earth is my footstool so those those tabernacles even the grand Solomon 's Temple all that was was a foretaste the sample of what is in heaven heaven is my throne and Earth is my postal White House leaned over me says the Lord what is the place of my rest as my hand not made all these things so it's fascinating you see twice to see the book of Hebrews and in the book of acts the writers there understood clearly that what was in Israel's history was not the genuine tabernacle it was simply a scale model of the real thing and where was the real thing located in heaven heaven is my throne no matter how beautiful the structs you make your it's just a man-made thing that there is one that the Lord made and not man and it's in heaven now why to go through all of this with the rest of the camp looked like was asked the question the statement logically the reason God was so particular with his own dwelling place on earth is because he wanted to be an accurate reflection of his dwelling place in heaven right since I had a throne in heaven I want you to build it like that here I have been only different furnishings is exactly what I have in mind I want you to make a copy or replica of the doubly crazy don't make what you want I'm telling you unwanted look like this because it looks like heaven so let's take a logical be before we get the Bible does think about it logically why would the Lord be so particular about the arrangement of the rest of the camp because he wants it to look like heaven all will Israel be in the higher encampment was supposed to be a shadow over reflection of heaven or if you will have been on earth watch good revelation chapter four Revelation chapter four page eleven seventy seven in your Cuba were coming closer but I want to show you this to understand the significance of God 's people in urban what he wants to do with them what's the purpose why did he take all his time and say so specifically chapter four and verse want government from Moses was shown on the mountain of view of the heavenly sanctuary and was told to make the earthly one exactly like the pattern even been shown here in Revelation chapter four page eleven seventy seven in your pew Bible revelations for another profit this time the prophet John is also shown heaven verse one after these things I looked and behold a door standing open where it had the Joe's on earth the looks of easy the door in vision of course but a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this notice come up here and I will show you things a in heaven Pierre Austro you think either way very simple rule for life if you ever see a door standing open in heaven and you get a voice of God say come up here I want to show you things go well John God what would happen here verse two immediately I was in the spirit obviously that physically transported but he's been in vision immediately I was in the spirit of the whole of course we hold means to look he's also bringing old a grown set in heaven and one sat on the throne with the very first thing you see in his vision of heaven grown in one sitting on the throne course there's only one person who sits on God 's throne at and that's not right is one of the one with the O one settlement grown and use that there was like a jasper and a sardius stone appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne in appearance like an emerald as the first things he brought around the throne were twenty four thrown in all the problems I saw twenty four elders sitting clothed in white robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads so there's the one main throne in the middle of course but around it are twenty four other thrones and their people sitting on those the elders twenty four elders that he on their thrones fastening they'll go back to throwing out first by and from the throne proceeded lightnings thunderings and voices what would you expect is the next that you're moving out seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God that you can look high and low in the book of Revelation you won't find the term the Holy Spirit however you'll see a lot of symbolism with numbers and colors and beef and whatnot and seven consistently always represents God some attribute of God here are the seven spirits this is the Holy Spirit of God this is the third person but God had the Holy Spirit right there before God the father was on his throne now for six before the throne there was a sea of grass glasslike crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures for Leviathan front and back upon three-year we mentioned how you in my hypothetical going to Disney World there's a banner and on the banner on the standard on flag was an animal or some sort of emblem and nations have the same thing and typically their animals typically that's what you find representing the colleges do this in August that he would represent all within with a fighting miss of the Hill probably not the peaceful that I don't know why not the Jewish history tells us exactly what these standards of all the different camps what the picture was that was on the Catholic and finally probably take a guess what animal would picture what image do you think would be on the flag representing the tribe of Judah aligned courses the lion of the tribe of Judah and you can go around and you can find that not only did shoot it wasn't represented by a lion Rubin the one on the south was represented by a man look like a person 's face right Ephraim was an ox or a calf and Dan was an eagle filling each cardinal direction around the earthly tabernacle it would be a family tribe with this big banner waving and you look up wherever you work and you know what stress was what South East or West regardless of the sun because they had these banners and using unicast without oxygen a clock so that eagle with a man or the lion thank you easy one of those and you know what your family is in relation to those and you can find your way home this is apparently based also on a pattern in heaven what system again for six before the throne of the sea of glass like Crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures full of eyes in front of the Mac the first living creature was like a lion the second living creature like that the third living creature had a face like a man in the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle that's fascinating to me but as a going chapter five if you notice chapter four is missing one key ingredient in the father on the throne the Spirit in front of the father but there's no mention of Jesus until he could chapter five and verse six and I looked and behold in the midst of the throne the four living creatures in the midst of the elders stood a Lamb as though it had been slain having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God but now if Jesus comes in the picture in heaven the seven spirits are sent out into all the earth now there's one more group of people that hasn't been mentioned verse eleven chapter five verse eleven then I looked and I heard the voice of many what Angels many angels around the throne the living creatures and the elders the notice the throne is the middle the art of living creatures yet the twenty four elders and beyond that you saw this great man a group of angels and how many were there was as ten thousand times ten thousand which of him not mistaken ten thousand and ten thousand is a hundred million is a very large number but beyond that it says and thousands of thousands is a very large number of very large number saying with a loud voice worthy of the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing so if you have any when Sean was shown was a throne in heaven the seven lamps burning before it twenty four other thrones surrounding it the cardholder each had four living creatures the Eagle align a man and an ox and beyond that he saw grapeseed of Angel for the reason that God was so particular about his own intense is because it's a reflection of what is in heaven and the same reason is why he's so particular about the arrangement of the rest of the camp because what God wanted his people to be was a picture of heaven on earth a think about that in the Old Testament times God wants to bring the people to a knowledge of things self he wants to bring the world to himself and so what he decides to do is literally replicate the Gail model of heaven on earth and of course it wasn't just the physical structure the loss of land were unique the character of the peoples with unique the moral code of best that about family great nation was supposed to be unique in all the earth so when they came into this is that we don't understand all the parts but it seems like heaven right here in the punchline of all of his friends is I firmly believe in order to see Scripture outline that God wants his people now to the reflection of him in heaven he wants his church on earth to be what some people will only see as a view of heaven the bill run into and say I don't understand everything about the doctor utters anything about this but you represent something I want more of him and understand what he wants his people to be a picture of heaven on earth by the way but that is one less text as we closed on this understanding of the heavenly sanction where you all things and all the focus on the middle of throne and right if you recall God 's throne of course is represented by the ark of the testimony and there are two Angels the cover that they are called angels are called cherubim right to chair of the cover the throne of God and the Ark of the covenant we've seen that language one other time in Scripture is good easy kill chapter twenty eight we show you one less thing for you a Gillette eight thirty resident bottom of eight thirty and eight thirty one in your pew Bible in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight when it describes Lucifer it tells us what job he had music of twenty eight verse fourteen you were the anointed chair of the who covers are established you you were on the holy mountain of God you walk back and forth in the midst of spidery stones you were perfect in your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found in you can you imagine in your new minds on when God started instructing Moses I want you to build this special building and he started talking that each element of the furniture we got to the ark of the testimony in the mercy seat and he said that on the mercy seat I want you to build craft out of gold which represents purity right holiness to Angels that cover the mercy seat as Satan watch that construction go on what do you think you realize swear I left the position I once held I firmly believe the ones that construction started when he was listening to be plans for the sanctuary this fallen angels Satan recognized every piece of been there in fact I was that friends when we work as God works were starting to remind Satan of what needs to be but there's no reason anyone needs to fall from their position anymore but Satan saw that being built he understood that this is a reflection of having God 's goodness try to take his kingdom there and build it here it reminds me very much of Luke chapter eleven when Jesus gave that model prayer he prayed our father which art in heaven how would be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth how has it isn't the ultimate goal of Christianity is to represent the God of heaven the fallen people of this or he wants to create in his people today a little piece of heaven on earth has made since nine principal bazaar has for worker Henry Fonda but I want to thank you so much for being a God who is a very big picture view the universe a very specific plan for how you want your will to be carried forward Lord we want to be your people on the earth and we want to follow your plans and Satan once as to what the dentist to diverge from her plan to your planet do according to our own will though we don't see the big plan we trust you do and would like you did with ancient Israel we ask that you do with us today turn us into your people on earth it reflects the principles of the character of our king in heaven let people when they see all the Christian church that the body of Christ younger help them to get a glimpse of the glory of God not because we're so great but because we serve faithfully in obedience of God who is great in his ultimate aim of retroviral would let us we even will write hereunder is a media was brought by audio errors early website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about anonymous on his life is more 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